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The WBEN Beer Podcast, Episode 3

Jun 2, 2015|

Alex Jordan of Resurgence Brewing joins the show to talk one year at their Niagara Street location. Questions, comments, and suggestions can all be sent to beer@wben.com or on Twitter @BMaz1

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Oh that's that's. And think that the use notice that you recently decided to add more hopes to. Right how's everybody doing well. Steve Bryan gates is not here because things are switched around a little bit this time. We lost an episode. Were filming this on a Tuesday. Last Friday we had Alex Jordan from resurgence brewing join us. Monday we walked in the episode is gone. Gone from our computer systems gone from where ever we and it's saved. And day it was accidentally deleted we know who deleted it. We're not going to shame them who went I don't think that this morning news person. Wants their name associated with deleting the podcasts are really. We we don't want to embarrass John snack on the podcast so we're not gonna say who until we needed. The podcasts. Bots. One reason why you should go check resurgence brewing is because Alex's. Kind enough to come back again. To our studio on film another podcasts but as things happened here. It happens may be tipped probably every person who works radio that at some point you're gonna lose some tape somewhere or maybe you didn't hit record maybe it got to leave did. But when you're trying go back it's never qualities could never capture. I'm not gonna call this podcast manager by supposed to say OK what you never recapture what you hat because someone whoever you're interviewing so it's turned at one answer that better when they say the last time and you're asking the questions like what did they say last like here number. Subordinate switch it up now usually we have a little introduction we're bringing you win right off the bat Alex Jordan resurgence brewing house ago. I'm doing well thanks for having me add yet again and that. It's unfortunate deceit things go the way they did let them you know life happens out. I'm just glad became can get this thing gallon in in. Have some fun beer talk for your followers I'm glad that you said that now what you really feel which is super fast act and come back here again let's just say you're lucky there's a four fertility US assets that the width of the army so low the reason we bring in here Morgan up plug in a million times because you're so nice not to come back again his resurgence hitting its one year anniversary of the Niagara street location. What are some of the things you're doing to celebrate. How well you know as you said it's it's a big weekend coming up here we get the one year anniversary fallen on June 6 the Saturday. And it's it's exciting to me we got a champagne beer coming now and and pop those bottles when that the time comes and there will be a missile clam bake gallant. You get all the information on that on our website or social media will be blasted out throughout the week. One year at Niagara street just feel like a year for you guys. It's it feels longer. And just the way things have gone in in the nights we've spent. I know they the guys over there right now our. Working hard to weigh in and and probably taken a nap on the green bags because of side just how crazy these next few weeks are gonna be for us being that. We're going to be several wholesalers newness and just make napping jump and and the one year writer on that back corner it it's crazy to think that 365 days as band between. One of those first nights where Jeff the American diet were run in the glassware to and from the dishwasher and and pour in the pints and taken to cash and change in the tanks and scrub the floors and toilets it's yet it's it's been crazy one. Now a lot of people say on now you know it flies by doesn't feel like a year but it really kind of does feel longer in your sense because from day one. You guys were hopping at that location people were flocking to resurgence on Niagara street an area where people. Probably weren't hanging out a lot before but ever since day one you've had people there so it might feel longer. Luggage and out definitely sell and and you bring back some memories so because of that the imminent have to cracked this crawler in order to. Get deep into it but we. We have had that first few months coming across and they were you know like you said very much topping. Niagara street quickly turn into place where you know you wouldn't find very many cars on Friday night and and you couldn't find a parking spot for your car on a Friday night. And that's dog couldn't fly enemy we're we're very excited to see what's going on over there on the west out of buffalo with all the new business coming back. And yet it's it's an exciting time buffalo. So like you you brought your crop will get to that in just a little bit one of the things we do year before we usually get to the interview. Is Bure news. All week in a beer in news and cents. Were switching things up. You're in our beer news usually it's just mean gates but on muscles and spend. And so this week in your listeners I you might be wondering why can't I can't make Jenny lights. And it characters I'm so this we can be your news is it's not really this week I think news broke on this maybe a month ago. But it was just. About a week and a half ago where they've officially unveiled. Their new packaging. I'm Eric Genesee. So new cans you won't really see a difference on the cream now and the regular Genesis. Butts Jenny lights is now Genesee light. That the Jenny and bring it looks more like and there are other cancer and I think of the Genesee ice. As the scene kind of motif it's a sex it is yet. I know it's really sleek simple and I mean I think that cnet's attractive for most consumers is. You while what you want I think definitely changing the packaging of of Jenny I mean that hurts my heart but I'm sure it will be great for their sales. Jenny like just holds a very dear dear place to me putts. No that's that's really funny and and honestly you look at that now and you'd almost think is that is that a craft beer is that a macro beer run and I. Now that's that's brilliant on their end. It's I liked the packaging it almost reminds republika. Like an old hockey Jersey got the blue with the whites to write it got through the middle of it. I personally I don't think I've ever had. Jenny light in my fridge except for these new cans so it worked almost soccer firm marketing a new package right yes Alexander are you. The same why I'm yet very much so I mean five if I saw that on the the shelf and they were like college Tennessee's new I would even think to associate it with. You know Jenny light that the repackaging kind of thing but no I very much of a sucker for that and I think. That is that's a pretty equal plan what they had going. And now they're just bringing that uniform umbrella of their their marketing you know to to the market which is cool I. I think it's cool to have one of these brands and so close to Western New York because see you mentioned as a fun place in your heart yeah it's really one of those it says very here on the candy York's oldest brewery. It's one of those kind of heritage you know my grandfather drank Jenny thing. No I mean absolutely I went to school on Rochester as we talk last week you know both being grads of Rockport and yeah I mean that that. Drury is more so A museum now you walk through and it's the whole first floors about the history the company and then. You get the bar in and it takes on the second floor it's it's a really cool vibe all the way up to. Roof paddy would rise. So on in stores this week on some of the of the year that they make in net new room house or tap house would have Colin. The star and package some of the it and send it counts on six pack and store have you ever been seen inside the the big re in Genesee not nargis that like accidentally museum asked Anthony knew what the new part if you ever have a chance it is it's not made for two hours adds pressure and yet there's a lot of tight spaces I think when they were building Barbary however many years ago they were thinking now people through here. But it's really it's a really cool place com and to see albeit different years that they make there because there's a lot of con trick roots there some names that I think it's. Made down ninety. You might think all of its maiden. Vermont's or something it's it's actually register so super cool. That's this week in your news agency. New canes. That your few statements to wars yet so keep your route and don't get lost at New York's year old annually packaging. This changed your Stiller guys it's a deal this I can't really speak to say if the Beers those name now manage and light drinker butts. And ages it is it is a beer. It's objects he missed it's the same. Packaging. And so am while we're on the topic of cain's. You brought in your Crowell we raved about last time you agree yes and you can hear that it's. In Europe mansion. I. To see if there was some weights do extra you know when you delete things sometimes. That the recycling now. He's just go oh wait for forever but note that it bears including yourself that you wanted to do for the right answer. The flip side and there's this time is it that I'm. You bring in a Crowder another one another reason search and it is so nice to expect him act in neighboring more year forced it during. But the crawler law I love the idea of the crowd or explain what the crowd or use. The crawler is an alternative QE 32 ounce glass so the idea behind our jumped to this and annually goes hand in hand with yours Ryan's debate of cans or some bottles. Which night's game I should know about Cannes persist how's the pay. While we have discovered so much in realists and yet empathetic. And considering the fact that I was able to convince Ryan on there see you go to the cancer had they in this miraculously loss this interviews so. I think there might be some collusion with the bottle argument I don't I don't wanna get into it but back to the crock it's our alternative to a 32 outs and Europe's thirty to a class. It's super portable. And cans or just the new face both of craft here I mean although we don't like to consumers article that just came out this past week. They've got their little extra on the side of the page that reads. Kraft in case it's it's the only part of the paper read. It here to Adam usually being added backer. Opinions. On this guy's really equal Oscar blues drink company actually the ones that came out with the original. Crawler machine and you can find that other web site under separate tab that he will walk you through the whole process anywhere from you know just look in. To re buying and insulation I'm really cool idea and definitely will take off and yours to common CA. And a couple bars as one in Rochester since you're speaking of it. Gone that the guys of their tap the melt or words okay you guys should get this for the brewery you know maybe when we do an almost hands you know. But were so happy we did because it's a lot of fun I mean we had people come in. Ira before there spring break vacations down tackled and the family. And grab like twelve crawlers for for the week you know eyes Soes is pretty cool to see that our bureau is making further it's more. Sustainable and now likely touch last week the fact that. Here light and down. Temperature at three things that killed beer. Being and it's now in any pre act can we rid ourselves of here. And light on their for the Beers you know fracture for longer and personally I just think it's it's cool to drink a 32. It didn't it definitely is it's more convenient for drinking too because most people I think. And I have no statistics. Anything to back me up on this but in my head. I think that most people when they go to Philip the ground are going for the big joke. Because says that's what's they see Dave okay big jug appear 64 ounce via let's do it. Know for sure it's not easy to drinking especially if you're just trying to do it alone does the second you open that. You're losing whether it's as some of the carbonation whether it's even some of the labor now it's in that earlier it's. Going as soon as you twist that topped off with sets you don't have to worry about it as much because it's a smaller hand and I think with McCain you're more apt to finish it now wants. I mean there's you don't have the convenience of receipt ceiling. But I meanie act your point that. Even that the second Dampier comes out of the tap in goes into that crawler you know it's already being oxidized it's party scene light. And no matter what you do from the time that its award until the time consuming. In all those factors are in place peak cries it's. Itself sealed. You know glass crawler. Even more so like you said you're go for those big Beers you're looking at upper EB ease or bigger bodies whatever it may be. And it's not you know. Cheney lite you know it's it's a lot harder to put down four pints of you know spot in east out that it would be of any. Deals that are right for me is it's tough if I can honestly say that I accomplished that task on numerous occasions but that. We don't need to get. That yet it's not something you want to have to force yourself to do that's kind of what that Crowell there in my mind at least. It takes you away from plus. You mentioned the beach it's a lot more portable he combining its wherever. I mean am I think it fits even junior golf car couple others. It's you know like it just all the way down to that and and that's where you see this shift towards cans. Because you don't have to worry about in the backseat buy you know a fifteen packet that. Communion storage and walking home and throw homeowner fridge they all fit. Well because you can stack them I'm you know you know the worry about water on the backseat because America and crack open and there's just there's there's a lot of things that go into it for sure another thing that you guys do that I like he should put that gates. On the hand won its failed because a lot of times they'll be whether it's just regular. Case Buren bond Horry growl or that outfield whenever. You might lose then your hat when denied by this I'm not sure it's likely to build its its and then there are watching drink this right now if you don't have to worry about that you put it right on the camp it's a place for. Right yet know and it's it's it just goes you know that one step further Q back what were all about and that's you know the experience of great peer. If if we get to date on the air and you know EE eight you put on your fridge in a month you're like oh this was canned a month ago when he tasting like now maybe it's not the same. It absolutely should be being that it's in that portable canned but you know kinda keeps future but it sure acted consuming the beer with them. Length earned a reasonable time I should say. Freshening states are also becoming more more popular mean I'd I know I personally look for them whenever I'm on now and and barred from the market. But it's. It's becoming more more of a necessity as our consumer becomes more more educated so that's that's a fun and also it a challenge because we've got to we've got to move the beer in and in a timely fashion but it's fun because you know the consumer. Cares that much or you know they're not just looking for copier they're looking for the beer they want. You know in a fashion that they'd like it whether it's on track after crawler. We talked to bounce the Crowder. A great idea you can pick it up a resurgence. Another thing that looking at this new Genesee Cain has me thinking about just. The logo. Just the branding of the company and you guys camera surgeons have kind of and now I won't say iconic because it hasn't been around before you know a billion years but I bet buffalo head is certainly striking when you see down on Tampa somewhere else. When you CN buffalo had you know you're getting a local the year Christ and awful right how long did that take. To come up with that logo and that brand I guess. Well the the brand itself was a work in progress for a number of years I mean like we touched on last week Jeff. Working for Sam Adams down in in New York City and doing sales and at that time he was going in quality spear guardians in in the league like open area bars. Which had Wiki huge buffalo vibe I mean you know. Everybody's outside during a tight it's laid back casual you're shorts and T shirt. When it's forty degrees outside and that's that's really the epitome of buffalo. As soon as this snow melts far enough back Rica walk on the sidewalks without shoes. I'd everybody's outside do and and they've got their shorts in the short sleeves on and moms make potato salad dads on the grill the kids are running around in the yard. And it's it's something that buffalo hadn't had for such a long time and he was really excited to bring that back here and showed that. To buffalo and and it's been received I mean very well from everything I understand. The logo itself. Was. A design that he had. Thought about and contemplated with the help of a group called fifteen fingers which is a marketing company and it's it's a really equal buffalo ahead because it's got that classic like you said almost iconic feel. But it's got a new spin on things very much in in tune with our name resurgence there's a resurgence going on in buffalo. There was an article released the other day about just what's happened over a canal side since 2009 I mean you look at the pictures and it's like a band in warehouses and broken down buildings and then you look at it today and it's a totally new finished canal side with patio seating and Iran deck chairs it's tough to take an Adirondack chair into the old on and to sit in the into decrepit yet exactly yanked it feels right right right if you're to do that it would proudly for more of a like a Halloween photo shoot than anything else now it's you know of one of the hottest places to be in downtown buffalo. But the logo is got those the fourth Lawrence to which being the buffalo horns and Q being actual. Goat horns that we put on to that the logo by. It's TV show that we're not. The same old buffalo where in new buffalo and we've got to we've got some that Tina we're not to be messed with any more it's it's a new town it's a new time and were. Were coming back with a resurgence to show people that. It's it's happening. But there some attitude you have to like it hit. You we have mentioned before we talked about it a lot on the podcast because gates was in here he's a fellow. Rock for guys yeah right right rock for alarm on the rock for Europe Rockport guy. But giving in sued the beer business and getting into. The good beer business. What was that like for you because that I remember you saying last time that. This kind of stuff was not what you were drinking when we rowand Brock for now at the music content. No no it was not and that right and I held each other to that we would dad generally see each other on the lawn somewhere drinking very well possibly Jenny light. Or a number of other discounted beverages. Which is is funny because now you see this shift I have huge shift it to me it's been happening for years but even so into the college demographic where. The art their drinking craft their spent in the couple extra bucks on it something that you know. If somebody asked me. A year or two ago I would've said no way kids and Khaled tool for ever take the cheaper beer over the quality beer and now I mean it's happening again there's no denying it. And for myself coming back to buffalo. What is. An interesting change of things it was a really sure I'll get a deal. I just being a long time fairly fretted and reached on asked for help just doing little stuff for around the periphery and then like I said it wasn't long before the four of us were. Spreading around their mean running glassware and and scrubbing toilets into and everything and then the tapper was just. A very. Successful. Venture last summer so we were all kind of all hands on deck over there and then as we progress towards. The market side of things Jeff asked me to step in south. Craft beer wasn't really something I was thinking about until he gave me homework assignment of of trying new beer every every week so when the first things I did after the united first that was head over to the gallery. And get a flight like Gordon Biersch and just go down the line and try everything and powerful Weis was once ballot that we stuck out to me being that it was just a lighter style. Donald nice flavor profile too little demanding clos. That really helps bring out some some lighter styles of of appears to yourself. Some flavored dental X nine exactly and I you know without knocking on your view but to order. Or wrecking your palate. Dan is the best home war. I've ever heard of them outright and has talked about that last week thanks still had a picnic but it's going I cannot believe. That his homework for job was to go and drink a bunch of the year of the great hey it's a top job that's accurate that's assurances. So you go from bats who now every our ego doing you're just coming back from visiting on two different places. You see that resurgence tap handle. All across Western New York what does that mean you. Who creates. It's so cool to see. And Natalie the buffalo had. But everything it represents the company that you know everything we worked so hard to do being self distributing for for whole year. Has been bitterly back breaking labor for Jeff and I. And now it's it's all in good fun and we could not be happier with the way things are going in and day it. The amount of work we've had to dude do you choose success. But it's it's it's such a relief you know walking to a bar and Thursday or Friday night with a couple friends and seed handle up there and know that. You know Jeff Frye sold it in an and one of us delivered it airing and now we're gonna promote them about my friends couple Beers that. I was a part of you know it's it's really cool and then to go one step further. NC the resurgence handle up there next to the big ditch in the flying buys in the community bureau works in Hamburg brewing. It's it's all local and it's all part of this resurgence in buffalo. So it's it's really exciting to see bars that are making that shift towards. All local Beers. On you know they it's it's. Really cool to be able to go out with the guys from the other places like flying in and big ditch and community and get a pie with them and talk about. Exciting part of what's going on the way people's. Preferences are changing how the desire to get that local you know they walk and brother does have it and they demanded and then on Monday you know. One of us are all of us have and voicemails because this farm manager is needs local beer and it's. A really cool feeling and it's an awesome sight to see that is cool. You going toolbar now and if they don't have. A local. Brewing company or any thing kind of off the beaten path. It's almost a joke now isn't it that you're going to some of these bowers and they still have the same five taps that they did played twenty years ago I guess I always think how do you compete now that every other bar the F as. Any option you can possibly think it's crazy on so one full year for you guys that tells again what's going on this weekend are you celebrating. It's yet. We're celebrating one year this Saturday June 6 for kicking things off for over at the tapper around noon. Have a clam bake all day with assorted seafood provided by crow he's Brinkley in grill. On and yet it's it's just going to be generally good time with some good guys down the brewery were like I said. Some champagne Beers will be popping off and honestly just kicking back in in enjoying a year in review. Like I said it's it's kind of crazy to think. That's good you know and this weekend I think the wonders boasts neat hearing nine sewed patio frost yet at the patio is going to be the place at the thank you for coming back for take to the effect of this episode. Nice and Hillary's aunts and you know we won't lose this I hope not. I really hope if we lose this episode. I don't I don't know what's gonna happen the show is going to go guy will cica when those things you like flip through the corner of it it changes. Probably not pop up book but you flip the flip it will make a post it flip book of how this interview went if yes if this doesn't happen again because. Yeah that don't I'm here and they hit it a guy Alex thanks for hanging out with us and I will be right back after this. T here that's. You know instead of that silence that could be you. If you like to get the message out about your business and become a sponsor of the WBE and beer podcasts it's a pretty easy task. Just contact us at the year at WB EN dot com and instead of silence. We could hear about you. OK welcome back to the WBE and beer cans Brian as a rescue this time here with our usual producer. Ryan gates to as we've said many times in this episode we switch things up a little bit panel lost episode. And so we think Alex shortened from surgeons brewing. Coming back in again doing another interview with us bringing us more of the year what it. One a guy who wish I was here for the second round on this sad wasn't here for us honest outs you miss doubts but we thank him their first anniversary at the anchor street location. Is this weekend this will hopefully be up by tonight recording this on Tuesday. So go. By me saying you'll know how fast Miami putting out these podcasts at least tomorrow. That's that at least tomorrow tomorrow is my self imposed deadline so we'll see how fast they get I had a busy day ahead meets so. It better be tonight because again now all thankful you're here when you were. We could be your news with Alex yeah she's missed out Hubble we talked about the I knew Genesee. Hands and I use you've seen this came before because it sitting on my desk as Caricom. I didn't know in looking at this a little further. The Genesee ice hands. Are changed to may now followed the same motif that black and silver. Instead of the blue and white that we see here it's great it's talk about the design of cancer podcast. Where no one can see. What were talking about. Yet your home it's a nice shade of pharmacy as sole. XUL it's like Tampa Bay Lightning blew that royal writes it is rigged but he's little light leading bull in between that Dennis C. And you've got the Tampa Bay Lightning Jersey literally right there I said it looks kind of like teachers because it has an old time hockey Jersey it's got that white stripe going through the middle. So I like the hands that was this week in the news I like against him I think they are very appreciated they match my eyes and me now. Match the whole line the only problem I have is that it's. A light can't I guess this might be a reason and did it but I feel like every single light beer it is Lou. Bob light blue light obviously. Lou maybe Miller Lite. Lou I think all truck I think the purpose of this was to give all of their Beers and looking pretty uniform. I don't have notes was Lou. The old hands at all on lists which. Pollutes. Connell yellow. Should say right now enjoying some of the summer season resurgence left over which we did enjoy a Lance and I absolutely which is which is nice double taste of the Cezanne. What you didn't hear that and like I said we're not mentioning who deleted. The podcasts. Because we just don't want to embarrass John stack on the policy ought to just jump on an apple and say it was me. Now you were about to take the bullet. Yeah I was about to take the ball well you don't need for dollars the wall man on the totem pole because Brian Alex jordin and meet. Mr. So I won't wrap things up here the WBE NN be your podcast coming up next episode. Who knows when I think we got the step up pretty quickly we're sticking with this kind of every week and a half or so originally this was a bi weekly thing but it's kind of turned in to this week and a half and I think. And our next guest might not be a brew war. Which will be different suites and three she rose three people who make beer on the show. And so I think we're gonna switch it up next time. That's that's Michael at least who knows what will happen made you'll lose another episode. And will have to resort back to something sales hopefully we don't have to face and most losses in our lives here. In hopes of two. In the meantime and by the way we were talking about the scanned. We talk about the scale blocked again they're money's worth here even though they didn't spend any money on us. Hey have you driven by I should've technique in a picture because I was in Rochester just across the water from. The Genesee brewery. Last week. They changed all their big can't see you know what I'm talking about it it's love posts and they make them look like cans I think it's a great idea that's what I thought of when they put pay it. Low as six pack. Up on the water I said you know the kind of looks like which Genesee dozen making their big route tanks will collector cans and it's. A pretty cool so they changed all those two. I didn't take a picture because it just wasn't thinking about it. Well I mean where would you posted anyways there appear podcasts. Twitter page mill but there is my Twitter page and a great way to wrap things sense if you have any comments suggestions questions. Just hit me up and being man's one or send them to be here. At WB EN dot com it's the simplest email address ever be year. At WB EN dot com maybe you have an idea for a future show that you wanna pitchers. May be you one to complain about how you didn't hear him lost episode. I'm complaining about well I like that it's Adrian episode so. Where we're all for broker remover not here moving on now once and for all eyes you have any suggestions once again that's on Twitter aunt bee man as one. Or over email. Beer at WB EN dot com and until next time I'm Brian mess around ski ranked gates is our producer. We will see that.