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6-15 David Bellavia Hour 2 JEB announces his candidacy.

Jun 15, 2015|

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And we got Jeb Bush has taken the stage he's at Miami Dade County community college. Let's tune in real quick and see what's going on in Miami Florida Jeb Bush formally announces. Its intention to run for president today. So here's when it comes down to. Our countries on a very bad course and the question is it what are we going to do about it. The question. The question for me is what am I going to do about it. And I've decided I'm a candidate for president of you know. Okay. I. I. Okay. I. I. Okay. Okay. We will tell me that our future once again in this country. We will lift our sights again. Make opportunity comment again. Get events in the world moving our way again. We will take Washington. The static capital of this dynamic country. Then turn it out of the business of causing problems and we'll get back on the puck on the right side of free enterprise and freedom for all Americans. Okay. I know we can fix this because I. Done it. Yeah. Outside. His run for president just more of the stand here talking about his record in the Florida governor you know Julia ariston. The crowd here is massive you could see the the that the party insiders support that this guy has this is no. Soft launched like Lincoln Chafee did George Mason University not even his own state league in JB restaurant regret. For the nomination in front of literally his own family to ensure what we can JP. This guy's got hundreds and hundreds if not thousands of people inside this convention center. And they are revved up the jabs signs are waving you've got the very very careful the way it's been orchestrated if you look behind him you see African Americans he sees span X. You see a lot of women he's talking about life but he is also talking about defending women from domestic violence as it is Florida governor. He's talking about bringing the economy back let's listen we're in a little bit more and the we'll get back to look Cuomo in these inmates. I. We made Florida number one and job creation and number one in small business creation. One point three million new jobs four point 4% grow higher family income. Eight balance budgets and tax cuts eight years in a row that saved our people and businesses in nineteen billion dollars. I. Yeah. All this plus the bond upgrade to AAA. Compared to the sorry downgrade of America's credit in these years. That was the commitment and that is the record that turn this state around. I also use my veto power to protect our taxpayers from needless spending. And if I'm elected president I'll show congress how that's done. I. I. Okay. I would actually. Heard any mention of anything other than himself. Started out congress IBM will do their job. Total contrast to Hillary Clinton going right after the Republican Party after the rich. Her speech was about 20% positive in and attack dog for the 80%. Jeb Bush seemed to be talking positive again the big slap on Jeb Bush forget his last name. It's on the fact that he's running for president in a primary. He's ready for the general election in a primary. When these other conservatives are fighting for who's the most right wing Jeb Bush seems to be playing the right of center moderate approach. In a primary. And that's been the negative on and so far but today. He's trying to hit these these positive notes and I met her yet heard Hillary Clinton or president Obama's name mentioned. At all let's go back. The IRS EPA in the entire bureaucracy have done with over regulation. We cannot do my act of congress and order of the president. He. Federal regulation has gone far past the consent of the governed. It is time to start making rules for the rule makers. When we get serious about limited government. We can pursue the great and worthy goals that America has gone too long without we can build our future solvency instead of borrowed money. We can honor our commitments on the strength of fiscal integrity. With North American resources in American ingenuity we can finally achieve energy security for this nation and with presidential leadership we can make it half. And within five years. I. Yeah Jeb Bush talking about energy independence these are all calling card for the right. And the crowd is just. It's almost like a varsity pep rally homecoming game it's it's a little bit out of control here certainly not what you see from the McCain it's in the Republican primary so far. All of this if we do what relentlessly. And if we do it right. We will make the United States of America and economic superpower like no other. You'll also challenged the culture that has made lobbying the premier growth industry in our nation's capital. Look the rest of the country struggles under big government while confident. Bull complacent interest groups in Washington have been driving on. A self serving attitude can take hold and any capital just as it once did in Tallahassee. I was the governor who refuse to accept that as the normal or right way of conducting the people's business I will not accept. Standard in Washington either. Ask Kendall to listen to Jeb Bush he does not sound anything like his brother he's articulate he's fast you know he speaks. Smoothly he doesn't bumble around he give me any comparisons to eating food up children or is fairly. He almost seems like he's. Completely from a different lineage then HW or George W a lot of trouble. Giving this exact same rah rah speech Jeb seems to be a thousand times more polished. That's the in speeches the chant of USA comes out of nowhere. You can't they were governor not just another member of the club. There's no passing off responsibility when you're governor. No blending into the legislative crowd or filing an amendment calling that success. As our whole nation has learned since 2008. Executive experience is another term for preparation and there is no substitute for that. Not gonna clean up the mess in Washington by electing the people who either helped create it or a proven incapable of fixing. In government if we get a few big things right we can make life better for millions of people especially for kids in public schools. Think what we all watched not long ago in Baltimore. Where so many young adults are walking around with no vision of a life you on the like they know. It's a tragedy. Played out over and over and over again. After we reformed education in Florida but low income student achievement improved here more than any other state. I. Stop processing kids along is that we didn't hear because we do care. And you don't show that back counting out anyone's child you give them all a chance. It's a little wink and a nod to the No Child Left Behind speech the President Bush gave when he ran for president but notice the way he's doing it. He started while Baltimore without getting into the race issue. This is this is a clean and polish came that this is almost empty. Ted Cruz for what you've heard so far Ted Cruz doesn't care what he says he just speaks the truth. Going to be upset people so be it Jeb Bush again is running for president in a primary it's important. Every school should have high standards. And the federal government should have nothing to do with setting them. Nationwide. If I'm president we will take the power of choice away from the unions and bureaucrats and give it back to parents. He. Knew. That's your common core audience right there that that the big thing that you hear about Scott Walker in that Governor Huckabee is there. You know that the coach Scott Walker stood up to the unions Mike Huckabee is the father of common core Jeb Bush was able able to. It would developmental challenges got schooling and carry attention. Just like every other girl and boy. Okay. We didn't leave them last in line. We put them first in line because you're not a problem there are a priority. That is always our first and best instinct in this nation filled with terrible parts. Yet these have been rough years for religious charities in their right of conscience. And the leading democratic candidate recently hinted of more trouble to come. Secretary Clinton assist as insists that when the progressive agenda encounters religious beliefs to the contrary. Those police quo have to be changed. That's what she said. That's when she's here. That's what she's ahead in I guess we should at least thank her for the warning. Notice that Jeb Bush were we're gonna get back to our topic. Jeb Bush what this entire. To this the first I mean magic Clinton president corrections Secretary Clinton by name. And he has not touched anything on foreign policy all domestic issues. And he really hasn't hit any of the hard core conservative until. Just now when he got in to the media the religious freedoms and what Secretary Clinton had to say in her re announcement. That she had over the weekend. So Jeb Bush making his. He is he's talking about Obama kept back Republicans. It comes down to a choice between the little sisters and big brother and I. I'm going with the assistance. I. Okay. Okay. Okay. It's still a mystery to me why in these violent times the president a few months ago audit relevant at a prayer breakfast to bring up the crusades. Americans don't need lectures on the Middle Ages we were dealing abroad with modern horrors committed by fanatics. Okay. On the beginning. Our president and his foreign policy team have been so eager to be the history makers that they failed to be the peacemakers. We're careful and I didn't foreign policy. The Obama Clinton teary team is leading a let legacy of crises uncontained. Violence unopposed. Enemies unnamed. Friends undefended and alliances unraveling. If you. Part of his of the speech is the first time which form policy that ultimately risk adverse administration is also running a straight. In the direction of the greatest risk at all. Military inferiority. It will go wrong automatically. Until the president steps in to rebuild our armed forces and take care of our troops and our back. Jeb Bush. The first time he got into four policy. About 1520 minutes is beat we've been listening to. Governor Jeb Bush has formal announcement that he is running for president officially campaign starts today. He. Started out very odd domestic oriented. Did not mention secretary Clinton's name until probably eighteen minutes into the we see started speech. He went about ten minutes in the speech for you mention of the opponent or present bow by name. Again taking very I wrote a platitudes. Talk education. His record governor governor of Ford. Create jobs the bond rating. In comparison to where we'd then with our economy here now he's talking about troops and veterans again he got nailed for for mispronouncing vocal Iran. For not knowing enough about what's happening rack. Today you looked polished. It's a clean speech and is rambunctious crowd support him lots of women behind him lots of you see Hispanic individuals with the the an upside down exclamation mark like in Spanish. It's African Americans all throughout the crowd trying to shield it. That jab can unify the Republican base and bring more people into the party that haven't been there before that's what he's really pushing for. And but again Jeb Bush announced his presidency. We will take your calls at 330 start at thirty while still talking about the governor who's to blame. For the other prison break. Jeb Bush's speech is still going on. I'll stay viewed the the the blow by blow with a quick called real quick Mike Cheektowaga Mike your on WB and I do today. They've been doing it for your service should it. Thank you real quickly Jeb Bush is one of the godfathers of the common core and particularly our local control public education. I didn't year dom a public education in the constitution. Are about the poor pitch there really isn't this great city that rather than it is nothing but oil morning. Well just let's slowdown take this piece by piece you've got the architect of Concord if you wanna talk about the person started coming cortex agenda pol tonne choose governor's own. Not come accord does have roots. It does have its fingerprints in No Child Left Behind which was it George W that that was his first bill but he pushed through Teddy Kennedy. Never good idea when you work with Teddy Kennedy. And and trying to come up with something for small government. But if you're gonna find the architect of comic or you're gonna have a lot more fingers forty Huckabee. And Apollo top of that you what did you bush if if any think bush is guilty of it's taking the No Child Left Behind national. Movement and localized in that Florida but I don't think anyone would call an architect he might be a supporter lots of governors are. But to say that architect to count of course things a bit of an extrapolation. Well I yeah as a condom money invested in the common core and down here. He is part of the basic fingers Nam there is there's any grass on the Internet. I'll better scholarly included. On it wouldn't surprise build a kind Greg is also involved in it. I'm sure the most and the invests in part. It is nonetheless. Okay this. I am not a fair listen I'm not a fan of comic court at all and I would think it's actually one of the worst things that's happened to. You know people control their destiny especially when it comes to school systems have to be told what to taught we're not getting educated. We're we're back in the best out of our education become a core. And it and it certainly needs to be repealed everywhere but that being said. You know I'm just I'm calling a spade a spade here with Jeff B I'm my guy. I'm not hunt but certainly not you know trying to do commercial he is announcing right now. I'm just getting to the point where he is doing a very good job of distancing himself from the actual debate. And and kind of pointing at the platitudes. Of let's be honest the big thing here is can Republican defeat Hillary Clinton. And organs do what you're gonna have to bring an African Americans have to for Hispanics. And you're gonna have to find a way to beat a liberal education. And so far in his introductory speech he's done a masterful job of tiptoeing on rain drops to get to. Those sort of moderate platitudes. Most definitely believe it just seemed to come in and Hillary are involved in fact that they can hand down the common cold unfortunately she took money from its. So its interest in. She's taken money achieved a lot more money from from them that I mean I got to go to break my but I appreciate your call you know she's Hillary's taken money from the Soviets and these. Think it but it. Worked it out but I agree Mike I'm not a panic on the court. But adds that if you're gonna find the governor that was a governor between 2005. And 2010. They're gonna have to albacore so even Governor Walker. You know again he stood up to the unions he did his best to try to make government small but he still. You know took that federal money in and skills you you could say involved all the governors sent down and talked about this stuff says analysts you'll find someone outside. That the governor and you find someone outside of congress. You know you gotta go to what Ben Carson or someone else to fight Sony isn't involved. In the Concord movement Huckabee though I would say it would be. More guilty of that and health and he's pretty good job of distance himself admitting mistakes. And before we go to break we come back. More of the top Bartley program we talk about Jeb Bush will be at more than speeches still be going public also focused on. These two convicted inmates are on the run who do you blame for the almost complete. Match that this investigation in this recovery effort is. Turned into Cuba and the governor of the state police what do you think it'll 30930 starting thirtieth Dave bill be be back after this quick break for thirty WB. Welcome back we're gonna have. 6 o'clock hour. NAACP. President. Buffalo. Talking about the recent issue. Rachel Dole's well in Spokane wash in your pocket interview. Him alive. On the program at six. So be interested hear his point of view. About what's happening with her resignation from the NAACP. Of course she was the individual. Was claimed to be an African American white it's really. Odd story. But to hear the way the NAACP handle it now other leaders in the nepalese feel it. Be interesting to stay tuned for the 6 PM hour we hear from him also talking about. The announcement from Jeb Bush. If the president gave a speech record. Back to this topic and fascinated with this entire search for these two inmates. And Cuomo that your post has played Agricole game involved. We've got all these other agencies that things aren't allowed to get involved in this state tree blocking. You'd think it'll 330 start 930. Who do you blame for the lack of these guys turning up is the state police that are sort of you know stealing the information so that no one else is involved because they wanna be. Pickings on the block or that the governor that's trying to make this thing political thing in and steal the spotlight. New York polls puts blame on both parties. What do you think let's go to Franken can more fracture and a BB and I don't say what's on your mind. Good. I have an opinion on this full escaped thing. These guys. Came out of the sewer expecting a right. Now there's no rides what they'd do they had frontiers would. They don't know where they are I doubt they have accomplished. Probably don't have GPS so what are dead just wandering around in the woods aimless. Because you know they did not familiar with the terrain there is no market no additional trails the pick surprised that these guys are still. In that general vicinity of the present itself maybe 2030 miles. That's you know what they could be dead as well I'm going to be all don't know it just. You know I mean I'm sure you've probably been in its time been job would consider behind enemy lines. You read. May have you had coordinated you know exactly. Yeah it themselves. You know what the train was and everything else these guys don't walk around blind. There's been no credible sightings no breaking no carjacking. So they tried didn't get away with the stolen Karen think they're hungry. He's coach offered their frank Ebert of a point that the actually US marshals brought up on Friday which is that was the thing that was the most jarring was that there were any reports of break in her car Jackie or anything else like that that's a huge sign that these guys. Either have their morale depleted. Or they're moving slowly. Or they could possibly be dead or just stayed you know sheltered in place where there which could very well be a short. Right right where they you know but then again we we do know that she provided some sort of material support we don't know what that support was. I mean we can extrapolate could be accomplished it could be able to break it could be something. But ten days into the search. Exactly. Isn't running didn't run well in the general assembly don't walk around aimlessly about the walking around in circles not even know. And you talked about you know what I think you're implying is that you know the weather has been hindering. The search. But it's also hindering them I mean their I gotta be wet miserable and tired. Be miserable piece about I mean I would be surprised it may be one of them finally gave up and that it says that had enough time and if so then. They committed a total blunder by. Outbreak in America hijacking. Not a cop surrounded Joseph Maddon knows exactly where they act. A freckles are really good points and appreciate your call. I'll tell you what if I was getting rained on for ten days from. I don't know it's been awhile I don't. I don't know how much. I got left in the tank for ten days of no food and walk around like that. But you know there's there's a whole host of of of questions we have I guess what I would sit frank is that you know my only issue is that the confidence and of the leaks that have been orchestrated towards the media. Yeah well there's nothing wrong I'm sure the public is is alarmed that live in that region and they want this thing over with of them understand there's. There's the one hand we got to tell the truth than the other hand you want calm people down. As a way to do it without implying that these guys. You were trapped in an a fifty acre lot. And if they were trapped in fifty acre lot on Friday during a press congress that could have said that we really don't know where these guys are. But they implied that this was about and shortly. Of course that. That is not the case at all rich on a cell phone your WP and I do enriched. Well pretty good. And I think output you know I was good at 12100. Pop up 12100 votes. Prison guards there who knows how many sergeants and Sutton and charge that he's well on bird close all the administrators. And you only want they can blame so far as what what what are sewing machine. While they they have but today they they were announced that there were the possibility of other people that we're going to be arrested in. In short term. So that there were other people that they're obviously looking at talking to and and questioning at this moment. But T will. You know I got to I would be I'm not gonna rule anything out in your opinion just as valid as mine will be really super shot. To see a corrections officer and got caught up in this. Just because you've got so much to lose and these guards see these murderers and their you know look at their life and they look at what the danger that there are in and they look at the way that these guys live. You know why would you sacrifice your career in your retirement. Com for a piece of garbage like these two guys but then again I mean who would have thought this whole thing would have happened to begin with the. Have I wouldn't wanna be correction officer but no lag want want that job but. It's just not that nobody heard anything no one's seen a neatly. Well there was some reports early and again you know I'm playing devil's advocate but I tend to agree with most ways I mean it is shocking anything. That loud would have to be detected Fox News had something outside. The Fox News studio in the middle of downtown new York and they kind of showed the sound and they played. What they could there was other construction going on and they also allow its inmates in this section have radios. And they were saying that if you play the radio. And and were cut in you you wouldn't be here. That much and there's a possibility that honor weighing in all this other stuff was taken and we'll look. This was a huge problem. Very embarrassing and there's no way this can be repeated again so. A lot of these privileges that guys it's similar positions. The most upset people will be people that prison. That were given these privileges and were honorable. With these privileges because I guarantee you those privileges have all gone away for every one. This is deeply impaired scene you know situation happened for any for any person. But those guys in that prison now. They won't be too popular they find their way back. Hey you're right that the another thing to note and to look at is. It's taken them so long to find these two I don't know how many new cars currently are gonna buy after all the so don't go over time. I tell you what that you know we're we're looking at a million dollars a day but that I think that's scratch in the service and it's very conservative side just a million bucks today. You know exam we've got overconfident at the share of the Clinton county sheriff's department you can catch for the US marshals that are are you know. That were brought in to the region that I probably get government. The temporary duty there's there's going to be a pretty hefty check to right M and I actually. Which I don't understand why the state police are more open to hearing you know that some of these trackers and bounty owners that do this for a living. I mean these are guys that. You know our. You know skilled in and professionals why not use them as part of search rich I appreciate your call thank you sir. Let's go to bill in Buffalo Bill you are on WP and. David pleasure to talk. To view it's. I think you have to train I think they're gone. You know I think that she she she didn't comptek Kamal there was they said there was for a tractor president. I think they just get analog which radiating care or was golden. We Daly came and trade stop or they were they were to jump off. Make a lot of (%expletive) I would wondered why they were so many prisons near trains. I don't it doesn't make any sense advice soprano behind windy at all that there is here on out there right Guerrero tricks while they're ripped out now but wait there. Yeah I mean you still see trains not on those particular tracks if you go out 400 meters. You know continue to move there if that's an active rail line right there. I live in Lovejoy and I got a little tricks here on Broadway I've got to really are over here off William street IC global water on all the time and yeah I mean you know there's no longer do they know. And by the time they figured out where maybe we better check trains. They were either already garnered they don't may be right a couple hundred miles an adult often jump I don't know when you know. I mean that there are there are populace that theories out there that I've only heard and I'm callers to this program. That I am not hearing in the media and I'm not hearing from other people I mean let's be honest. You wanna talk about your blood hounds and how amazing these dogs are but they're that stent is perishable that sense only last so long. And you rain and you deal with the mod in the thunderstorms we've had. Sent. But the part that gets me is like you said Friday night they said they had him under fifty acre area and I'm not house. State police there but I was in the military like yourself that you know Aldridge search goes. Now one riding guys walking a straight line collider guys there's North Carolina guys by now there's lighting guys comment or do. I think they would've been following. There's no way they were in that area I mean they know aren't saying so why why even tell us. I don't know I don't know and I looked at first light. I. Want now. You know what it had adamantly think it doesn't make any sense that the state police would put themselves. Because they look so foolish. But Billy thank you for your service and appreciate your call but he. Died over a really good point if there aren't trained they know sent the world and follow. A guy that's making his way to Chicago. I mean that's just the way it is again you can't rule out you know you can't rule anything. Because you don't have any Terkel evidence that shows you that this is impossible to have happened now if you shut down all rail lines that you looked on. Either side but. You know again this is about public. That that the perception that we're under control. Don't freak out. We're gonna tell you right now whoa Prague is no point talking about the low probability opportunities. Because that'll freak out the audience settle freaked out the community. Let's just constantly remind you were in control we're gonna win this thing in the you can give up. Well that's great and I will give the benefit of the doubt to law enforcement every single time however. It's a good idea not to mention how close you. Because that would end up costing. The the head scratching today. Every one that's that's questioning. The competency of the state trooper leadership and the governor. The people the blame for that the state troopers and the governor because they've set up so many cards. Of of these leads nowhere where they would have been better off saying look we're back in default our investigation. But if you see helicopters in the air that's because we have. And let the let the media speculate that whole Prescott say. You know you're you're dogs came up with this goes. Let's go to watch traffic report. Problems I am looking at two different things we go to break we come back. More of the big program here and David Sylvia we're taking your calls about what you think is going on here who do you blame the state troopers the governor. Or is that just what happened and investigations bad luck things happen stay patient keep calm carry on. Your thoughts it'll 30930 start on 3106. Wants it to be via object though Vietnamese were thirty WP yen. Job share God's hands and everything from barometric pressure team wins in the south westerly. Guys. Of course you you also if you hold your party's vote work. Right gates teacher calls him. Appreciate the tag team that the can am connection. Securities. Radio broadcast excellence of their built in for hourly top. Accepting a big award in New York for radio career he's a talker 100 fuel that is. They are immediately radio hosts any million American cities. But no exaggeration there are probably. 20000 people in the states that old radio show terrestrial radio. But you've got the satellite guys you've got that the Blog Talk Radio people which they've. Ever got a podcast. My mom has a podcast. She's starting next week. But I everyone has a podcast of misery ratio to be the top 100 talkers is a pretty impressive deal. And Tom are relieved and tough talker states' war. Policy. Thirteen fourteen years for I mean fourteen consecutive years. Not too shabby and honor him every year and that's where New York accepted big trophies for news. His career in broadcasting which is pretty cool buffalo bread and makes it big and optional but local and still. As of with the awful holes labeled V. You know recognize that the national is something we should all congratulate him so you Colin. Tom pictured him and be talker 100 top talker in the United States for. Thirteenth street years it's pretty yeah pretty impressive let's go to phones were taught the print prison break. You think might have happened but also blame for the fact or ten days. Do you believe that ten million dollar number that the little shaky. I think it's going to be slightly north. Today when all's said and done. Legitimately locked for Jimmy been very patient WP going. We have been doing a great how are you I'm good. No one's really talking about late when it first came out that she drove forty miles to venture. So we took our hospital for anxiety. One back right Gretchen I mean so why are you is liberal leader Richie couldn't a computer drew forty miles. Yeah you know I read I read something I want I want seats in the polls are the times talked about the forensics that they did in her car. That they would done here samples in the fabric samples and everything else but. That. Apart and again we don't know what more charges are are being hit it. It appears that that part of her story did check out. But that's according to the I'll I'll I'll look it up and giving the exactly it's one of the New York based papers which by the way the New York City papers are doing a great job on this story. Which I never compliment them on but they've really gotten a lot of great sources and they've been able to really hit the governor hard at these papers and helped elect him. And you used your sound like. For a Laporte probable that TV and he said that they can be in my skull are. Now what is that all of and again it just you know a guy gets he's. Really just whore. He needs somebody to town shut up it's like Chuck Schumer showing up at this local veterans house insane. You know moved held high water to get this better and you know help after two years. Should opt in and fix it forever one stop expecting the group police February. Huge shot not your got as you're not going to make it worse and people everywhere and it that we all look like a bunch of fools and and eventually. So we'll just open at the federal level and say mr. governor Rick takes over this is he's crossed state lines announced a federal issue. So that was the whole wolf that that our prayer Jim thank you your call. I gotta take a break we come back more of the job are the program developing its animal we get to your calls as soon as possible eagle 30930. Start 930. We're talking about the prison break. Who you blame whether it's Cuomo the state troopers and what you're theory is as to how these guys have been invaded may be dead what do you think gives a call. News radio 930 WB and.