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The WBEN Beer Podcast, Episode 4

Jun 15, 2015|

Willard Brooks of the Buffalo Niagara Brewers Association and Sean Lavery of Southern Tier Brewing get you ready for the Buffalo Brewers Festival at Canalside

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

My dad did hello big. My dear beloved big but brought out I am bad and they know I'm bad. Now at the end on this day ready out. We are not big gap albeit the. Welcome into another episode that they'll be. And here I can't find an answer Rusty. Yates with. How's everybody doing if you notice we stop saying that number yet so because we're at point now. Where we feel secure. That this is going to be aid IE weekly thing we have enough people and momentum behind us. We can stop saying episode numbers it is episode four you're keeping track of the progress is happens to where we can finally say. At this Phillies for the few months that we have plans. Is a permanent fixture that's right and a big week for beer in Western New York the big Western New York grew words festival. Happening at canal side June 20 we will talk to Willard Brooks who's organizing that whole festival also Sean slavery from southern tier brewing will join us on the phone so all hold shell packed full of guests will get right to it but first. Our. Weekly Arab bi weekly tradition of being your news. A later date in the year news the first. Little number we have for you is that in Minnesota. On Sundays. You can now purchase beer as early as. 8 o'clock in the morning used to be tan. So congratulations. Minnesota have you ever been to Minnesota running gates I am not content in soda well if you're ever there on Saturday I beard actually alma mine beer. Two hours earlier what is the official rule in New York State. Tune in next week for bureau knew was on the WB Ian your podcast for the answered that it's. That is ruins everything yes sorry about that night knowing that this was one of our items sec probably should've had that information. But that didn't happen. The other info. Your news of the week has to do with our next podcast which. Were going on the road I teased for this episode but things kind of fell apart a little bit we had to push it back a week. But were taking a trip. Heading east on the ninety. Sued the Genesee Reid and roux house and dad be your news for this week is that the agency brew house. Starting to sells some of their Beers they typically you could only get in the brew house. In six packs in store she might have seen them around and some of the supermarkets already. But you can buy them now originally they were only in the house so next week on the podcasts are going to have the man behind all of those Beers on the podcast. And it should be a good time our first road trip. Yeah and should be very pleasant time for everybody hating on the road trip which is just me. Right should be great time for him and say our first road trip my first trip so that's beard news. The plot. The beer on Sundays now Buffalo Bills tail gators definitely buy beer before noon. So sport news indexed out of do you like year's seniors got to. Remember that being deal it was I've been a big deal. But it was for mine drinking it writes you're paying attention to. I wasn't really paying beauties hiding him warning although it might come around this might be an issue this upcoming fall. Because the bills play. In London I 9:30. AM start. And bars and I know you cannot serve beer until noon new. So the whole game basically you would use if you go out to a bar to watch the game you. Won't be able to drink unless. They create some sort of one day pass switch it'll be interesting to see what happens and we'll keep in mind that for you but that's something that. Keep tabs on a 930 bills game what's gonna happen. Well. You can't serve alcohol before noon if you're having nice brunch. There's got to be some sort of exceptions. I think there are exceptions I've been CU a couple of Sunday ranches. It's this is where we need you listeners we need you to let us now. What the extreme rules. That's right and if you have anything beer news related you won again in the pockets any suggestions comments. Anything at all. Sent him to hit my inbox beer WB and accounts that simple also on Twitter at the man's one. But the year at WB Ian dot com is where it wants start seeing more of those suggestions because it's open my in box right now. These are my last three emails I have one from Genesee particulars road trip for the podcast tomorrow just confirming things Earl buttoned up it's gonna happen and then after that. The iron sheik just tweeted I appreciate the email really unnecessary then see hot new item and set the WW Wii shop. Tried some T shirts and then simplex apparel 25% off more wrestling T shirt so. I could use a little variety semi some beer news that will go in between the wrestling companies trying to sell at least the only thing that Brian spends more money on and beer is wrestling T shirts. Yes that's kinda creep its banking into. I I was on pause for awhile I've been very good about not spending money. I'm wrestling related apparel that's taken a turn it's in her Burnett's worse. Well OK so we're going to take a quick break come back the interview Yuba waiting for what previewed the big gimmick an outside ruling festival. That's coming up on the twentieth right after this. T here that's. You know instead of that silence that could be you. If you like to get the message out about your business and become a sponsor of the WBE and be your podcasts it's a pretty easy task. Just contact us at the year at WB EN dot com and instead of silence. We could. Hear about you. Welcome back to the WB Ian your podcast primus rusty here. In studio. With Willard Brooks of the buffalo Niagara brewers association that I keep that right I hope so it ya from my first track. Were talking about the second annual. Canal side buffalo brewers festival. Act canal side it happening on the twentieth of June and that is if you're listening to this this week it's this Saturday. So if you're from the senator all week from this Saturday when were recording it but by the time this is up for most people it should be this. Saturday so iffy if you're hoping. Going it's I'm yeah if you're planning actions am going to lead the responsible make sure you'd get everything in order because it's coming up. Really quickly this Saturday at camp outside and now Willard though. You're here to talk about it what comics practice either. Well the the ball will be responsible canal side is our second annual festival. We are. Hosting more than thirty New York State breweries as well as some Gasper is from around Lake Erie from Ontario. Pennsylvania Ohio Michigan. We also. Have a focus on our local farms and chefs so there's a lot of food in and beer. Angles to our that our VIP tent has a farm to table menu paired with. Local. Hog and other ingredients by post 3166. Paired with a all the local association breweries. We have to meet the brewer tent where we are putting food purveyors together with a local brewers talk about there. Their beer in their food together. And then we have a number of different food trucks and food food vendors and restaurants along with thirty plus New York State breweries. And then on top of all that we have. Four local bans. So awful completes all day tons of stuff to view it at four pillars says dear. Food music and agreement and you brought with fuel. A special last year via phone of southern tier reached on slavery I'm Sean thanks so much for joining us here on the podcast and you're going to be part of the big thing this this Saturday to. It absolutely important. How many beer festivals do you go to. Every year TT even put a number on hitters are too many to count. There's there's quite a few that we try to pick and choose a really excited about this one coming out. But every year yet probably good too but you know when you're thirtieth today. This does this sound like one of the bigger one steal away canal side. While I'm really excited about the lineup it's going to be there and you know talk of the Willard. About the the different participants and participating with all the other local breweries here salad can be great event. Willard just look thinking about canal side where some of these other events are maybe smaller places armories things like that to have. Can L side as we see today. Opened for this festival it's going to be different atmosphere from what you're used to a few used to going to these sorts of things. Eight well yeah. It's different in the sense like I said that it our festival has a great deal of focus on the local. Seen. It's the only possible Western New York that's put on by and for local breweries. Soon its its unique in that sense a lot of the other fossils EC done. Are done by other organizations that are not directly connected to the breweries as possible actually is is I'm done by amber associations I would say. A brewers festival aimed at at really accentuating. You know the dug tremendous expansion that we're now seeing in the local during industry. One we talked about locally sourced ingredients and things like that farming. Eyes a big part of the local beer scene now. This I guess goes more for Sean how important is that to you guys over at southern tearing is that something you. Pay a lot of attention to by no means say different things to different brewers as far as getting your ingredients locally. The ingredients are that part of the most important part of making your beer tastes good. And getting a great product out there. It's very exciting to see. Local crack let local craft molesters started to come back local cops on the grown here in Western New York. So excited you'll use this kind of ingredients who played with them and try to make some great tasting Beers for customers. You said starting to see these things come back it hasn't always been available for Perot trying. Yeah absolutely. It's is this this area used to be. Ripe with with monsters and growers in the back prior to the prohibition I'm sure we'll look at price billion a lot more on the history of it. He give a full history lesson when he came to an episode here to talk to us. You know few weeks back. Which is of a very eye opening for us. I'd like to do you like to do whatever we can't try to help bring that back and and support. The local farmers. With making products that people can enjoy and see that we can make great tasting Beers with with local greetings here's well. John we're happy to have you here over the phone we don't want it was take up too much for your time civil hit you with are tough questions here in the podcast before we let you go. Summertime with southern tier. Your most famous for a your fall time pumpkin now. What do we hear her what to weed tastes I guess it should stay out of southern tier in the sound. We'll summertime we've got some great seasonal rate now we just came out with with one has to be very successful socialite peeing. Oh culture change here result that injury peels. And some special. PA. Opponents that's very drinkable and good for the summertime. And some people action concerning with with a slice of Orange. On dispensers well. We've got other things like hot sun would get smoother very good seasonal that. That really encouraged the does this summer time feel something you can drink and be refreshing. Were very. Very popular for some of our very heavier Beers like imperial stout certain punting is on the comes to mind. But definitely during the summertime. We're excited to see the sun here we spent a lot of time in the there's no so when the sun comes out like good and have. In nice streak will be years middle of the lower in the bitterness something with more situation hop notes and finally get a good line up for that. One of the things so we're seeing from you guys more more in store is all around Western New York Keyes said the right away I PA in can you tell us a little bit about that theory if you pick it up what are you get yourself cents. Absolutely. Right away I PA is one that we started bringing on the market for reasons this year and are super excited about it. It's greet session will be here. Were right about four and a half percent alcohol on that beer reason Odyssey ops so it's got things like Centennial cascade. Columbus. And it's get the very drinkable approach. 22 bitterness from the session placate. It's very similar to our our parity which is the 7% eighty range and this is something that's much more sociable. You can have two or three in the outfield. Like you stepped yourself over the balance and try to do we get home safely. So that right away I PA repaired that was our pack of pills are for additional products or IPA to excite PA and our lives. To go and kind of showcase some very hoppy in drinkable style that we have out there in the market. Katie give us an idea of what exactly. You're making for the festival low what's it going to be like. Yes we need to release special special beer doing cattle sour using all New York ingredients. So we worked with the farmers and the pollsters that they grew hops and group of them to partly in the mall to we used in this year. And we did over the weekend about three days to me about it cattle woodlands sour with the lack of the so strain that we selected. Certainly to blonde deal wit two road Munich malts. Targeted about five point 2% a BB. And it turned out fantastic and it's got a very nice clean sour. Very you know entry noble sour for people that may be an ever try to hours before. And were serving it right now either straight up or serving it with -- by style with the syrup. So really tried to push. The local fuel. Also to have kind of a local experience on the dispense so he can kind of customize this here that you wanna cut and the dispense so we've been trying to stuff here in the R&D point. We minister here with some local honey in cascade hops. Which is gone over really well and it's been very committed. We also tried something easing some like tart cherry syrup from a local farms around here some peach syrup. I'll also look into other local ingredients like of rhubarb and strawberry. Because it in and accentuate its power to beer that's. Naturally a little bit out of bounds because it's it's creek with black tube bacillus strain and has the kind of lactic acid. Allowing you to bring a sweetness to it after the fact and have really grief. Balanced experience. With something that you can bring locally to the taste. If you don't pick it up. At the festival will you be able to get your hands on it. We right now we're only putting it in and take contrasts and what we're trying to do is. Is and Willard may have already talked about this is that doing a challenge to try to. To get him around two local local bars. Throughout about the region. That people contrite and feel the taste it so what gets some and take that we're going to be ready to do that with and work receiving its. Specifically for the New York originally. And Sean southern tier is going to be part of the second annual a buffalo brewers festival at canal signed on June the twentieth. We look forward scene there. Thank you Willard can you give us and an idea of what people look for. When they go to these two responsible is it necessarily just just to try every single beer or tee give people who go they're just because they see. One particular blue Reeve that they're not used to seeing on the on the list. That's a great question I think there's it's different answers that question there are different different types of beer drinkers. I think that the average beer drinker is going to an event like this for one simple thing fund. And beer's fun the main entertainment. At our festival is is the beer in the brewers are there. We we the wraps from the brewers the breweries themselves and this is the brewers themselves. And so you get a direct experience of the you know tremendous array of of beer that's made nearby. And I think that's number one the exciting thing. However it's also a canal side which is a place that people are flocking to it's a wonderful place it's kind of in a way to. The the spiritual center of buffalo us or buffalo really began down there at the canal the terminating point of Erie Canal. So having a beer festival there and a beer simulate buffalo is meaningful. It's you know it's part of our history and it's just exciting there's a lot others here. Other things happening in buffalo. That are pretty exciting. Next to craft Beers so an eight day they gate to get along really well like I said there are a lot of great local shops. There are tremendous number of new restaurants opening up in downtown buffalo. We have post 3166. We have ocean we have hold on chalk we have cheesy chick we have off francs gourmet hot dogs. And and others and that's that whole that whole thing together with the venue in the it's this it's I think it goes bigger than each minute any part. You know. And it's this is just a lot of fun relays where it is it but there are a lot of people that to answer question that they look for certain Beers. And and look for something rare one not we have some of those Beers. At this hustle and that we do actually have one that I was just like I was just text that I can actually mention made by southern tier. That we made a few weeks ago. And it's called a cattle sour that's a style Beers type of beer made to be similar to the Berliner vices style Beers say. Mildly sour beer that is dead classically served with a different types of fruit syrup. And we made that with locally produced mall from west from a New York craft mall so Atmel also Batavia. In out we made it without some local hops and so it was a 100% local beer served at a 100% local festival in. The more one of the best localities so. I think we'll have more and more that kind of beer here after a year it's possible really grows. And you know we're looking for this festival to be around for a long time this is really end up being something that. Will be recognized outside of the region not only here in the region. There are certain festivals are on the country like that in. The beer is part of that you know having no special Beers getting number usually behind making something special for the event like southern Jeter's done. That's kind of one of the keys to the event. A couple episodes ago we talked with Chris her overeat pearl street and he mentioned that's. He has a picture now of basically. Everybody who was involved in making now one particular beer the pacers and that is says it. The farmers. Himself it's basically five people. And you can source. The appearing your glass. It goes back to just those five people how rare it is. To be able to have a picture picturing those five people because usually scattered across the country may be across the world. It that's becoming the a more. Desirable thing for drinkers and for brewers to right. Absolutely. You know beer and Weiner are two different marriages and typically you know beer is not thought it was an agricultural populated. The way to wine is good. Beer is absolutely an agricultural product and you know back in the nineteen century Western New York was literally blanketed in Barley fields. And buffalo was literally filled the small losses we had a lot of breweries. Had a height of about 38 breweries in buffalo back in that time period. And but the multi industry was even bigger Erie Canal. And the malts and the German immigrants that'll buffalo was a major multi hub animal planet's history. And the last small house closed the buffalo in the in the late ninety's late in 1992. I think. And so it as a metal law hasn't gone for the along that run across from their buffaloes a place opening up called queen city mall house. So there there's a new models opening up in buffalo it's coming back the governor has gotten you know. Really involved in various initiatives to help. Support local farmers local mall sooners will flop stories and rumors are used those ingredients. Can you give us an idea that the buffalo Niagara. Rowing association now what are you guys to. Well are our charter really is too is to bring together the local breweries to promote the local industry through events like this that I can outside. In addition to this possible act can now side. We do buffalo beer week. And it in the coming year re we intend to be putting together. Three or four annual that's so one of our annual events is the sky outside of that another one as awful theory which I can tell you more about. Next year you'll kick off with a festival. Awful Geary this year is September 25 through October 5. Next year it'll be in March late march. We haven't announced the exact date for next year it. Both will be REIT will next year begin with a with a possible. And SO arc arc charter as an organization is to. Do events like the Savannah canal side and and really. Get the message out to let people know that hey. There's a lot going on with beard Western New York. There's libraries on the other side of the border in Canada just on the other side of the border some of them are may begin to get involved of one of our festivals. There's a lot of stuff going on there are millions of people it that are you know excited about peer. Within a few hours and we're relive so you know we really X that we want them to know about that and that's our goal is to let them know. And in all these different brewers are not adverse to working together readers that's one thing I we get from talking with all of them as they talked to each other it's not necessarily it's competition but it's. Not necessarily a cut throat competition between these guys. That's a really good point I mean you know the Buffalo Sabres association grew out of awful be responsible period is going into its sixth year. The lawful and laborers association is is in the midst of its second year. And so when when I and some others were thinking about. What to do we notice that we needed a bigger organization we thought well we could organize it along different lines with bars restaurants. You know distributors retailers all these different pieces there were no tears in the industry and for that reason brewers that. Collaborate that lowers brewers collaborate it made it made sense for it to be. A brewers association. And also if you look around the country at. Or around the world at you know quote unquote world class your destinations. Most of them although they have great restaurants. Great great bars as of Arkansas and they also have draperies and so really it's the breweries that lead the way about the great breweries. We have a great Beers and already there are lots of a great beer bars and great restaurants in buffalo. But to be noticed as a beer city we need breweries in the breweries need the recognition of of for what they're doing it's that's what we're about. Are you surprised to see you mentioned great peer borrowers who we have. Quite a few of those but do it seems more and more every single week almost that. When you go to bars that you might not think of his of Bierbauer is just maybe it's a chain bar something like that that. You're seeing local Bruce I'll vote on the taps is that surprising at all do you. Gil is it is I don't know if it's surprising but it's something that I've nosed as well and it's evidence of of the fact that you know that it's taking up is taking on and it's catching hold. I mean I mean I've been working in this arena for a few years now and were for awhile there it seemed like there was a small subset of people kind of interest citizen in in craft beer and buffalo is suddenly everybody's interest in and and that includes a lot of bars that might not have traditionally carried that kind of beer they are now realizing. That hey. We have something to be proud of here and we're going to feature it because you know it's something that's hours you know not only. Is it made here but it might even be that the ingredients for me here so maybe the next phase will be able sourcing. Bars and restaurants. And breweries are on the area just featuring beer may for 100%. Local ingredients and getting that in and out there and really. You know establishing our region as you know wave. Very unique region and and that sense that we can do that it's not every reason around the country can do that I mean I don't think stone Berea and in San Diego would have a great deal like growing Barley in San Diego. So yes yeah. We wanna get snow a little bit more about you so so at the one question we ask him pretty much everybody on the show always. What is your favorite beer right now today as were filming this or excuse the taping this podcast. Now on Friday afternoon which are favor appeared to drink right. Now my favorite beer to drink right now is the cattle sour that we made for the festival. Mixed with a local syrup. Made from singer farm natural sour cherries. It's a mixture it's like a lemonade beard makes it's a very refreshing summer drink. And I think he when you tasted at the possible you'll realize. That you're very lucky because it's not going to be Iraq prolonged. Maybe don't make more of it but it right now it's a kind of a special release and it's delicious whole. When you say sour is that like the big ghosts salty sour at different units and lemonade is it different counts now is actually had you know this artist from a a beer this Howard in this way is from lactic acid from from lack of bacillus is a bacteria that is was inoculated and in the peer to produced electric gas it. And goes is made this hour and a sin and goes a is also from that same that same bacteria so it's a similar type of soreness goes obviously has sultan coriander and it. Berlin or vice etc. please me with more wheat than we used but. It's a it's a very traditional. German cell appear loan alcohol high carnation. Very refreshing tarts. TARP it's hard is probably a better word this hour. But I and then in in Germany makes it with the syrup in Germany is cheesy wall grocer upper raspberry. But we're America we interpret things we have enough freedom to its chip tried everything so I think it'll be served with a locally produced a sour cherry. Syrup at the possible very nice tarts is probably a better word than sour sour probably turns a lot of people law. The star yogurt everywhere that people love I don't think anybody's gonna buy sour yogurt they don't sound or sour cream it's good it's that there's a good point. There are you know a lot of people that say that it's ours the new bitter. So among a bit slower small sort of subculture of people that are. Really the earners like me. You know Nate Nate Nate they like a certain. Kind of special type of beer sour beer is one of those kinds of special type severe that has gotten a lot of attention among beer geeks. As has. Bitter beer I PA's you know really massively op the IPA's. So. Yeah I think that you know sour beer isn't kind of a new trend that people are really getting into. And cattle sour beer is a really interesting innovation that allows a brewery. That is not really. Ready to get. You know into a sour program because you don't wanna put. Those bacteria. If your primary we're here we're here you know beer made with normal brewer's yeast is because the could be cross contamination could find your your other peers being. You know. Negatively impacted so. Kettle sour laws to make it in that kind of enclosed area in in the group cattle and and heated up and get rid of the bacteria active bacteria. And and part you know kind of protective so. Breweries can make that beer and then add on different kinds of fruit adjuncts and flavors. That gives like endless variation. You know it's it's a really really fun beer that's not pretentious at all and that for enjoying summer. It's it's different I'll say that our producer and myself rankings who's not in this term right now. Now we went out this past week and it's funny that you mention sour because we I don't know if that was our goal in going out but. Now we dabbled in sour this week that was our thing and it is. Difference and I'm not sure firm myself a final like it or don't yeah that's it might take the one or two were twelve more to figure routes. But it's. It's a different. Beer and I would almost say it's for people who want big beer fans. It might be something that they'd drink in really like in our surprise that they liked because it's so different from a lot of the other things EC. Yeah I mean I think that. For a lot of people a quote unquote sour beer. You know is navy in some ways a little bit more like wanting no one has in the cities to it that it makes it go really well a certain kinds of food. And I think that sour beer. Can be. And can be looked at a now weighs well but. Just like. The word beer sour beer is it's actually very multifaceted. There. Hundreds of different types of sour beer and many many of them. Our. Are you are different. From the other and so I would say that if you had a sour agree that you navy didn't care for there's probably ten more that you would taste and really like. And and it but it isn't may be a bit of an acquired taste and you know so if you don't like it that's totally cool there's plenty of other choices out there. Are both see that's how we get to learn a little bit more about its about you. By seeing what kind of beer here and has it always changes how often does it change for you would do what theories your favor appeared at any given time. Well you know I kinda like a lot of pale Els on my in my yes that'd. Daily life a daily beer usually has Hopson infamy I have actually been drinking. And Hispaniola this time a southern here and they sort of influenced me I've I've really been drinking a lot of their barely gotten. And there's two X one with a equinox tops as a single hop beer WPA. That's really delicious their Tangier which actually sort of got. The original version of that Peter came out and muffled eureka awful local beer that they made a few years ago which was. But that was a belt tonight PA it was a very different here than what they what cancer is that it had tangerine and it. That was a tangerine Belgian like PA in a tangerine pale oil such noble. At tangerine I'm not really a big fan of putting. A slice of fruit. On the glass I mean a lot of beer snobs I'm not either I'm not yet it's sort of not seen as traditional and by. Putting a slice of Orange and lots of Tangier. Is just really awesome I I relates to so summary and delicious and you can. Could drink a lot of that be are not really worried about you know being. Or really you know impacted by the alcohol content. And you know it's just a wonderful beer but buffalo has. You know community beer works resurgence. Old first ward flying bison big ditch. Big dish has low bridges and on one of my flavored Beers again session highs such noble. Somewhat hoppy beer by its four point 6%. Golden golden pop eagle details of the call but it's I don't think it's really that copy and you know. Community eager to that I PA I don't know I love that I love that resurgence has an analyst variation of beer. They're just having fun with all kinds of things that they may make it that he made a beer was. Fruit loops once not recently he they brought in last week at their summer series and that was says that's a very good hearing you know you can tell that we have talented not just. A lot of new breweries but we have a lot of new. Talented breweries because they're able to and now. A lot of these different lighter summer styles which yet are trickier I don't know the first thing about making beer but I do know bets it's trickier to make that then. Some of the more bitter and copy style. Well there's less room for there's less room for. Any sort of variation you might introduced in the peer to hide. If there's a mound of hops and then. You know slate slate you know. Variations beer might not be as evident. Whereas of a wider beer like that you know and asked to be perfect routes will yes they are I think they are more difficult to make. Before we like to go one more time it is with June 20 everything that's going. June 20 canal side the buffalo second annual buffalo brewers festival. Go to buffalo brewers festival dot com and and get tickets and we'll see you there are. Perfect thanks a lot for joining us will be right back after this WB and wherever you go with the WB and iPhone apps powered by Calvin furniture and Calvin slather gallery are or back here on the WBE and beer podcast and we talked a lot about sour the year. In the interview. We had an experience we get our own sour beer experienced my first ever was a year for sour beer experience it was definitely in my efforts are beer experience we L went out to a place over the past week and tried some new stuff that's going to be our thing we try. Things that we can't gets in our fridge because in our fridge. There's typically the same five. Styles some rotation give or take a couple bottles here and there. But it's typically you're getting the same thing when you go out you can order one at a time let's try some new stuff so. I tried a he'd go so I would've said ghosts because this is America. And match how which should be pronounced but it's ghosts. As so we talked about a little. In the interview with Willard Brooks and it was the assaults he kind of finish it was different. And I liked it a little. And so. Big aren't great bartender. Came over and said while it if you enjoyed this you dipped your toes in the water. Why not go all win. And so we gave us it was say Westbrook. Go so and it was the difference. It was definitely different I the first set that I tuck. And I'm a big fan of sour so me personally. I like the sour beer. Com definitely not something I think I could drink a lot of but this reminded me. Legitimate lead of the first time Allison nice young lad. Eating a war. Except in peer perform not expecting. They're there are certain things. I liken it to. When I first took the sip. Of this ghosts of the sour Buren likened it to this onetime family picnic. Burgers were being made. But they were being made out of meat loaf meets. There meatloaf burgers now I have nothing against meatloaf meatloaf is good. And a meatloaf burger sure you know whatever but when you're expecting a burger when your biting and expecting one thing and then you get something that. You know technically a meatloaf burger is still a hamburger. But you're not expecting meatloaf. Can you take one bite nearly blow. What was that. That was kind of like the sour beer you warm up to it'll be your own on the meatloaf file on drink in the sowerby which. We you weren't sitting in on the interview but Willard denies said the better word Ford is maybe helped. Salary gives kind of a wrong expression hearts I think it's pretty spy on down yeah I would say tired I guess this is right him. Like those hearts yogurt its. Hard yogurt you never heard them. Get. But that's that's kind of what it was it's more about carbonated. Feel it's a little lighter and it's it clicks it's crisp it's almost like a champagne mixed with you know different from. Flavors in its strange. It's definitely not. Here every day if you're just your everyday average beer drinker and blue light. Spotlight you know your typical American Beers this is definitely will fairly fairly new loop it's very bubbly like he said kind of like champagne. Definitely the tire hits you right on the tongue immediately. But it is crest I did find it refreshing. And overall. I thought it was pretty good but definitely. Definitely something. Straying from your typical beer drink. It's Hong. I'm I think we would both recommend that don't recommend to I try it and you had your chance this Saturday if you're listening. Before the twentieth you're heading out to canal signed on this Saturday for the big brewers festival these special southern tier brew is a sound work. And not quite as much as so we had which was of theories work. But it's a special sour it's only available for a limited time so if you're heading down there. I would recommend getting a taste you're down there you're drinking beer wine not the one thing I will say though is when you drink. I would say a more traditional beer next to it. Kate's face very sweet. In comparison. This will be your drinking I forget exactly what it was some sort of weak beer. And Brian had a sip of the week beard directly out there. I could have you all signed he he was like wow that is way too sweet I can't even have half of this pier that you would wish to share with me. I can almost taste like reappear at the time. For me so events so watch out forming B Clint yourself eat a piece of render whatever it is the only team pretzel pretzel. And wash out your mouth. Before you would go back to. Drinking your normal beer in between them now before we leave here I do got to say that I know this is the WB and your podcast applied through wire. WB and overlord escort some free tickets to the wine and cheese festival Niagara wind trail. Last weekend's events and die you know sampled some lines I'm not really. Big into the wines I can't really tell your family and your. About wines but you know get free tickets you I'd get some friends to gather we had a bunch of the wineries you know. Grab some have some wine had plenty of tastings from. Dry wine sweet wines. I I learned a lot really I really did learn a lot about the wine and I think that may be why it's never going to be my number one option. It's never going to be my number two option. But once it's there I believe that three spot when it's there that three spot where it's relegated to. I well. Bee more keen. To enjoy it more. That and I would have before just because I expanded my knowledge this week. That's good one of us expanded there now which I'm not a wine person. Church every now and then that's about as close again even then it's you know it's this miniscule mountain. It doesn't really count as full collapse. Anyways if you missed it from the beginning of the show maybe you listen to the show we like to skip right to the interview final point panel analysts and Aussie either. That we are on the road next week gas heading east on the ninety over to be Janice. Talking about they're. Not really an expansion butts more ways you can get their beer and will talk to the guy who makes at all. That's what you have to look forward to the next time were up. Thanks for joining us once again the WB in your pocket as prime mess around ski Bryan gates questions comments concerns to places. Beer at WB EN dot com or. On Twitter acts.