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The WBEN Beer Podcast, Episode 5

Jun 29, 2015|

Join Brian Mazurowski as he travels down the 90 to the Genesee Brew House to talk with Dean Jones, the man behind all the Brewhouse beers. Questions, comments, and suggestions can all be sent to beer@wben.com or on Twitter @BMaz1

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm not having a glass I'm having six it's called tasting and it's classy. Do another edition of the WB the end here podcasts out on location well not right now. Back in the studio that's where viewers in troops now throws things like that Brian masse around ski here. Ryan gates sitting next to me. Behind the controls and we're excited to bring you this as special we took a road trip on the WB Ian your podcast keeps saying the word week. I do keep saying the word I took a road trip here on the WB Ian your podcasts out eastward. On the ninety over to be Genesee brewery and we actually did too great interviews there. The first of which you will hear today Dean Jones the brew master at the Genesee brew house and you might have seen. Some of his peers in stores by U they started to distribute. Some of the Beers that they make inside the upper house. If you've never bent to the Genesee grouse let's kind of lay it out for you right here it's right next to the Genesee brewery. Which is not made for two hours. So on new owner payment and they decided you know what we kind of need a place for people can hang out and joy the beer. It tasted of Marie. So they opened up right next to it on the first floor some museum the second floors or restaurant in the back. A very small upper house where Dean Jones makes beer and you can order. Crawlers like we talked about on an earlier podcast flights things like that of the normal Genesee Jenny cream mailed shinning light. And also the special beer that Dean Jones makes in the back now to those Beers. You've probably seen in stores the black guy PA and it's got channel. And you might have wondered Genesee. That's not the same news Genesee cream. While and its its maiden this chamber he started by Dean Jones in the small opera house transferred over to the big Parikh. Just in uneven across the street really right next door. So we went out there and we're not gonna take up a whole bunch of time right now we're going to get right into the interview because I really enjoyed. My sit down with Dean Jones. Brew master at the Genesee per house coming up right after this. This is Bob Brinker listen for money talks Sunday afternoons four till seven on the voice of buffalo WBZ. And the. T here that's. You know instead of that silence that could be you. If you like to get the message out about your business and become a sponsor of the WBE and your podcasts it's a pretty easy task. Just contact those that the year at WB EN dot com and instead of silence. We could hear about you. We are accurate W beat Ian I'm at WB Ian your podcast you'd think after four episodes like the name of the show. It was that you're right Franco were with Dean Jones who is set the Genesee Korean Genesee brew house. Which has say you might have seen in different stories or wherever you shop for beer. Bear beer is popping up black guy PA Scott shell. From the agency through how senior might be thinking Genesee that's the cream now place and now there. Is a black guy PA. How did this all come about and we're we're sitting with a man who made it happen Tellme the the story if you will of how we go from. Cream ounce of black IKEA in thousand stores and it shocking in its outlook for people to swallow pun intended. And back in the day about three years ago the agency group house didn't exist at this building was being used separate storage. And we were really the only large regional rig with our tour. You couldn't get a tour next door you were lucky enough to get one today and she's cute and that we are what are the factory. You couldn't get him in the pocket and make it out if he did. Exactly you can get out. And so. All he is these people were really wanted to find out about Genesee and we have all these these questions before we get it tour there was constant. Questions via the web site warning tour and and so they thought you know what we need to really connect with it with the general public debt purchases are product and in have a reception center so that turned into the museum. Well then the second floor was a or B and into the second floor. And I thought well what about having a restaurant you know we can have employees is a great spot was right your faults so then at a restaurant. So then they're like wait a minute while we just turn this into a group club and let's a microbrewery. Clippers. In that we'll take it. So when they had that I had that thought they called me up I was a consultant for for many many years install and restrain her masters and then moving on. So I knew the Willies and delivery way back in the day in his papers all over community. So they call him that you adjusted in being does he mean it was a first beer drinker in my life and invest. So hearing that is all that we've been running now for for three years and it's really been a lot of fun. What was the idea originally to get these Beers in store or was it just lets make your for the restaurant absolutely not it was let's just me here for the restaurant. And it appears that we produced from day one sold out in three to five days and as everyone knows and in the your community. If it takes upwards of thirty to 45 to sixty days to make some of these years. And so we were running out of your from day one it was incredibly popular so with the bat. Being said. You requests for some of these years over and over and over again by the public here. Was really what drove us that. Hey you know what we've kind of got something here com. People are coming in they're asking for for New Year's in what's new what you gonna me acts and on on as well as all of our urgency products mean bock beer the Genesee cream man now. And people were just coming in droves for that is what else to get it right from the sorcerer members. Is it something you keep track of how many different Beers you've made in this space I keep track and outlook to about I think eighty differences. Run through about three years sought out how did you land on these two for in store you know what we actually that's got chills what 12 years and I'm known for it was one of the first medals at one of the great American beer festivals for strong Scottsdale. So I guess my reputation what is it pretty good Scottsdale. And initially the black eye PA was for Rochester reviewer week when you first open. So in that went over extremely well and people just kept talking about those two Beers over and over and over and we had our tapping it forward project where we brought in the local craft accounts. From a distributor and they love those two years. So really it was just more. Consumer demand. For those products that actually made it to the market. Can you give us an idea for. People out in the buffalo where you have made the trip yet what can they expect to seat we'll beat these two Beers a lot Montana hear anything under the sun depends on the day well you know what's cool is. I really have carte Blanche to brew whatever feelings grow. So I can come in here and I can make some kind of crazy sour beer can come in here and echo those doubts and religion would ever want. And that's the really fun part. So who knows what's gonna come next. There are Beers that are being demanded by the general public here. The first year round and came out was the Scott jail weekly your fault it was the imperial black eye PA which is seasonal. And I I joke when ICC's nobody has an imperial black he would spring but. The craft guys couldn't craft guys don't really care what season and as though they're leaving it as I view myself it's not such a degree that jewelry in the middle of summer. So that first batch of black PA's kind of one and done and that's selling extremely well on the market that Maria is out of stocks though when it's out in the retail it's gone so inward eskimo well you know so. Unfortunately or fortunately. I just brewed beer and we have a full. Scale brand team and marketing teams that actually get feedback from that public. We. Listen to and decide what your c'mon. Well when you talk about the marketing team it's a beautiful package I'm a sucker for good packaging so I enjoy them we'll talk a little bit more about these two Beers but. I wanna get a little bit of your story. You mentioned your first beer. Was it Jenny cream now when you're 21 I miss him oh absolutely I was eight. I've grown up in Erie Pennsylvania and my grandfather we go on the garage my grandmother all that pottery and and so we are on the right pondering doing some woodworking and I Mississippi his beard finally he just gave me one. And it lasted me all afternoon big heavy sixteen ounce return herbal bottle and I remember like it was yesterday. And out there everybody had a fridge in the garage bacteria was always full of beer. And so that was my first experience with your loved it and cream ale is been in my fridge for 25 years and I've only works at the very for the past three. I'll look at that. How did you gay hero where did you start making here was it a garage like so many people Lauro was a place long before home marine was even cool. I actually got out of the Marine Corps and I was in Princeton university and there's a happy valley brewing company downtown. They had would've fired pizza and so I was downtown studying and I realized then at that point in time that the guys that I was were working it on store actually. After got ovaries out kind of fitting in I got it kept coming in buying guns are realized was brew master. And where he waved at me hey come on back in the c'mon back turned into it through what are you wait a second itself big guy who's the brew master which your best customer they don't step was one of my best customers of the guns or OK so he collected firearms which I didn't realize there of course I love firearms from the reason. We really hit it off and had a good time and didn't realize that you never were there so. And I went in for the wood fired pizza and saw him in the I've been brewing ever sense so. Started my apprenticeship in the went off to the C loans to brew technologies in Denver when I graduated there in 1992. And I have been brewing ever sense. And for anybody's ever taken afterward whether it's here. Or a lot of other room houses Marreese. You know anywhere across Western New York the equipment that you work with. They don't call brewers med sciences for no reason you have to be a scientist to be emperor ranked. It's really key you know half sciences hash. I was trying to taste every single one of my ingredients. And evaluated for aroma and taste and flavor and bitterness and so I've chew gum pop pellets I've you know done all that. In and you really into you know you're reading you really can't screw that comes from the shaft part. Background that science parties that hey every part of this. Technically changes the flavor of the year so to be consistent in me great here all the time you have to hit all of these same parameters. Over over and over again and they give programmers freeze your style so we've got to be very very familiar with as well. But it is it's kind of like you know you're down here in your own mobile lab they're not going crazy making chemical concoction. Your own little lab you've been able to kind of work here at touch all the beer every single step of the way for the past couple years. What's it like to giving up a little bit of that control for some of these appears to be distributed. It was interest thing you know everybody asking what's your favorite you're like well gee I'm trying to pick my favorite child without her and to go next door. And and relinquish that control because I am much absolute. Control freak with my beer. And I guess that's why I'm over here working by myself. Because I really I want to beauty perfect it's a pride thing for me and wanted to be exactly perfect. And next door I realized that these guys are exactly the same way so when I took the recipe and I worked with brew master Muller assisted brew masters. And we went through the whole entire process. Numerous times and try to adapt that large Maria atmosphere. To this small handcrafted beer. And those guys did a bang up job. When dispute came out and I tasted it all along the way. I didn't micro manage I'll let those guys run when it and they just in absolute great job. They sent me numbers all along the way I I was I was like I'm a mother and you know what I did about. It is rage at her record numbers and so they were really ya accommodating to us tonight worry and but really it is they came out so close to the years that I mean here I was I was astonished. And really really proud of those guys they did a great job. He you're a control freak with your beard like I'm a control freak with this podcast that's why. Our producer Ryan gates isn't invited on any of our road trips so here's our every episode shout outs rang gates who's here on the road trips. This you're chasing right now. Is this. Out of I I'm assuming out of the big burrito this is this is all I'm being greeted on cap now the Scot Shields in the black guy PA our on draft from the rematch are so we will we'll do this one that tiger will take the Scottsdale first because. This is a style that I am I go back and forth on it really depends on the beer in this one goes down. Very easy compared with other. That's got shall serve different fears of a similar style and taste it before yet. It's. Description was. Deceptive piece move and this fear is is cranked up around about seven point three alcohol. And you get harmful it should we but yeah. Clean and Chris. I think that really makes it drinkable. And when you have that drink ability you're gonna injuring more than one when you have two or three of them at some point three yeah. Hey wait a minute. That was so good I had no idea it was seven point three it was so smooth. You can drink a lot of and you know that that to me is a pride factor is that is that true ability. Drink ability I think it's so often. Overlook it's five people a lot of people like to spend time talking about one notes here are some different part of the year. This is you know really greater role mind when you drink it it. Doesn't go down smooth it out this one a U matching karma you can definitely. Tastes that's on the year. Is that something going for in all of your Beers they drink a building number one or is it somewhere around there on the list. I think I got the drinking ability from the wing that was train. My group after it was fairy Germans so he came from that German. You know Ryan haight Scoble super. Clean drinkable water kind of back. Which. I think really why fitting here really well is because world large group with a number six for re in the end in the USA. Making him a loggers. And I wanted that factor. In the years me. It has Genesee name on it you wanna take it carries him absolutely and the history we have here of producing. You know high quality. So appear here Beers. You know Jenny might not have the best reputation fur. For the appears to put them on the market in you know it's it's a college a year or are what have you ever you want to describe it. But. Getting down to the nuts and bolts of this Jenny is one of the most well respected peers that I found for for quality and flavor. In and taste test Jenny wins left and right. And so that contribute to our our quality of our rooms out next door which is absolute wrong. So that is the Scottsdale which if you're unsure on the style. Pick up a six pack. And if you still don't like it there's five more to share with that everybody else the next one here that you can see in stores is the black guy. Black gets thrown a bounce. A lot tech feel yet black bloggers and it's kind of it's hosted. Darker. One of the things that this I should mention this before one of the things that this podcasts is that you don't have to know the difference between cascade Thompson. Anything else to enjoy good beer. And I certainly don't know the difference between cascade and Centennial and you know whatever worth throwing in there. But the black. When you put black and name it definitely. Gives off. A vibe you should expect this one thing and you get that with this beer but also something else so what what are we tasting here with this blank piece of the. It PA in and is. Not a fairly new styles fare very popular out west and it's supposed to be. And I PA. India pale whale that is colored black. Now every brewer has their own take on how they get it black or obligated dark. That of course mine was the very German version which was that care far mall from from here. So it's of firemen malt that brings a lot of color. And a very subtle roast yes. To the year so in I want them roasting us a lot of the brewers make a black Turkey and it doesn't he's black so it's just a dark. I've created a second yeah. And that's okay if you wondering can I PA. I threw it the way I like to drink and so if you don't like it there's tons more for me for so. I don't wanna I wanna produce beer I mean I wanted to flavor one that character one that hosting it's I wanted that Ruth Stevens. Because I thought it brought death of that year and being such a huge beer to a hundred IV uses eight point two alcohol. And has that seem. Smooth. Drink ability with this super clean finish that allows you to just sit there and sip. Swallow great flavor super we've finished and you can history over and over and over again. I liken this fear when you see a black IP and you mentioned it's it's a pop. Popular style secular to get one or the other either get the black or you're the IPA if you get a little notable here yeah exactly. And that actually was the original gravity being up around 23 and a half it was such a big year. That it tastes like a balanced beer tastes like a fifty do you. All along losses but you look at the numbers in a point 200 abuse and it is a monster. Beer that is incredibly easy to drink. So again that it's and it's a teacher deceptively smooth again but it really is. And you get that flavor I was tunes and Hastings. Our over in the weekends and you know I've told people the hole and are now in swisher around first and it was sweet at first. And then you swallow it's that long lingering beautiful hot bitterness that complements that originals weakness. And then just cleans up and goes away. And that was shocking for a lot of people and again there. Keep repeating over and over again like cream milk. Yeah yeah the thing. So I hate you might see it's been dean on to work for a little while you might see dean at a supermarket near you. And when you do these tastings is it tough to get people to take your giving out samples of being here and I can't believe I'm asking the question is it tough to give people the taste. This fear this is in new fee for candidacy and people are not used to seeing this. They look at the logo in the ACL agency group house now people in Rochester know what the Genesee routes is they know what did you and it's cheaper house is all about. High quality craft beer that we're entry into the market I was in buffalo I was sincere Houston people you mean creek middle Tennessee. Yeah look this is our logos is our pilot facility come on and try some years and they are blown away real die hard craft drinkers. That have not ever been exposed to these fears are shocked and when they try it. They buy it. Once you've had to sit in these fears. Everybody walked away with a one of each and now we ended up selling out pretty much every every establishment we were doing tastings. Chronicles the surprise me at tasting some of this year. What's the future of via power you said may be coming up with New Year's is that the idea the released different Beers to the market yeah I think so in this country was so popular in the beginning that you know they decided to me that you're around and it was a brand decision granting decision. And in the black XP was seasonal so. They've already asked me on to come up with something for the ball because this year's selling out so fast that it's not going to be around Newton in two or three weeks ago. Can be gone now it was a full scale thousands or that so sold sold really really well so now I'm. I'm under a little bit of pressure here to come up with another recipe you can cite a label and get it out for fall so I think that is our release date. For these for this next year I think it's September so. I got to hurry up next. We're all eagerly awaiting the last question we asked people on theories. What is your favorite beer right now because for a lot of people it changes by the week may be by the day. Right now as we sit here on the Tuesday afternoon. What's your favorite here drink. So. Beliefs that are not. It's not my own beer you teach your own beer every single day and you. You're so used to your own flavors and I am so analytical about fear. My wife just can't take meeting to order your exit of the table and so. You know my finger piers really at whatever group of local group public reacts stop on the way home I frequent fair or frequent rock throwing frequent or box. A frequent make it dumbed down and cynical also. I stop and ate my weight every single react and on the way home. And stop and have a beer and usually it's fairly Bolden fairly dark one. You know the Porter comes to mind and if it I love for box should go so electric when those when I'm over there the there's an actual order that they made her way and this is really really good. Robberies put out that those products so I really can't pick one again it goes back it is you know pick your favorite child yet I really am in love with beer in general so. I don't even really have a favorite style. Sometimes a drink half of iTunes and Belgian whites and Judy prevails in the end and south in the middle of summer of your floaters. So really. You know. Really is all over the place yet you sound like just about a report. If your or it's that question so our defense personal loyalty to brands and yeah I mean not even loyal to myself I mean I don't call my your recent. You're year old amber and I can't stay yeah I always I always want something new I want something exciting I want something that's different. And that's that I think is. And something to capture from the craft your community is that. These group masters in brewers from these places are putting their hearts and souls into their product and I think. That you get this year piece that with them and I think that's what I like about my job as I get to share piece of me with you when you dream and I hear what do you like it or don't like you know it's it's fun. We we've learned a lot about you in this podcast the one thing I will take away though. Is that you better keep your hands on some black guy PA now. Girls who might not be able to in the future so everybody if you see it out in the store you're taking me then maybe next time. You should probably pick it up right now if you don't know how long it's gonna Weinstein. Thanks so much training and now thanks for having a really appreciates that a lot fund's parent will be right back. Year Tom Bauerle weekdays three till 7 NEWS radio 9:30 AM WBA. And. Hey this. Level. Right. Do you. Our event here in the WB the end of the year contest that interview. He's going to be tough to beat Dean Jones it Genesee. Roux house. Makes all the beer. I actually got a tour of the big Jessie Marie for the second time. Which I feel very lucky. Who have gone through that twice because a lot of people don't get to go through Lawrence apple talk about the and a future podcasts a little bit more. But I got a two were through Gene Jones office if you will where he makes all the beer it's in one room. And he's upgrading the sizes of all of its tanks so we can make more beer because their. Going through it. Seoul quickly over at the brew house eight. Selling out of full batches. In just the couple weeks is he's telling me and the customers were demanding more beer. And I said did it take you with so long to get your new equipment as it took me to get like and boom microphone. I said you know I've to ask for six months may be to get a new microphone. And he laughed at me he says it took three years for him to get its new look brewing equipment. So while I don't feel as bad anymore after talking team by dean a what are guy in my my favorite story dean told was. For spirit eight years old. That's the mark of of operate. There that is and and it's funny that you say that because it was my first full beer but the first time I ever had tried beard. I believe I was in third grade probably. Eight years old I wanna say. And and sit at the kitchen table Tom my parents than one body from school goes home every night this is what you tell us and shrink three Beers of this debt solves like. Why are not able to drink beer with that many years old I'm old enough to drink beer and IE demands to be able to have beer. Smut it's like OK if you go here's a beer. I believe it was the jealousy if it wasn't agenda seals of Budweiser it was one of those two brands. Hands to accept. Absolutely. Hated it. Instead my parents this is disgusting. How do people drink this in access because it is the most disgusting drink I've ever had and now you love Genesee. I love Genesee. I eat you know what I asked you this is probably an unpopular thing. For someone who hosts a year podcast in the year 2015 to say I when I was there I bought a thirty wreck regency. Was it was comprised. It was at a great price as always and much soccer for the new packaging. So I had to get some of those new cans and that's kind of the reasoning behind it but hey it's. Another might region is usually always full with. A torpedoes and blue origin. So both of those are. Pretty standard defined in my fridge. I think the new packaging has really brought. New life to Genesee I've been talking with people from Rochester and buffalo area and a lot of people dancing. Men never really got to Genesee fan before. But Jenny lightly Lee has done just hit the spot and I do think it's because of the new sharp packaging that they've been using not only did new packaging but also those new Beers that are in store the black IP this gotcha L now I've brought back from my trip for you. A sample of follow a little bit of what dean brews up in his brew house I believe I gave you with the round now that's gradually then I did enjoy the Brownell nice and deep beard. Good good flavor not that I can really describe it but I remember that it was PG. And I felt very nights after a full crawler off the ground. They also do the crawlers there IE had just had the other nights. My prowler of one of bid to test batches of I PA's. And I had one of them believe it was number two. If there's a difference between the two dean if you're listening like number two. Can't really compare it to number one. But I really like number two it was and I PA but had a sweet smell. And kind of a Swedish taste that you could still have the IP bitterness. With some of that suites. Now flavoring and it was similar to the black eyed pea that you see in stores now where there's still that bitterness but you get that. Roasting yes of the black in the black guy PA and both those Beers. Are tremendous and if you heard dean which country did it was only two minutes ago. Debt black guy PA is not going to stick around for long after it's done its course. And run through. He's not sure if they're going to bring it back for awhile maybe you'll only be able to get it at the brew house and who knows when that'll be because you have to wait for him and it. Go through whatever else he's making the Scott channel though will be a year round thing and I'm not a big thing in the sky channels but. That was pretty good. Can even call. Scotch I. Labatt blue Burton dale bird in L whenever it was not gonna bring urban urban barrel Al. I know why you weren't so much of a fan. And I have that experience I don't think it was that bad. And that I had it on a different occasion when I was. A few last year is deep and so I did enjoy it as. The podcast of course on demand and on the home page and get it now section during my two were of Genesee. I got to see some things that I didn't see the first time I went through a couple of years ago one of those things was the testing room. And we'll talk a little bit more about the tasting room when we do with the big Genesee podcast a little later on. But in the tasting room multiple posters and I took just one picture of one of these charts up all of the different ways to describe. How beard doesn't taste how which show earthy I I can. The only one that's six outs mis earthy right now and earthy was one of the words on their but it hadn't official name. So it had it in official name in the next two was earthy and if it tasted earthy. Then it was this. And you could pinpoint this was wrong with that but a chart you think it's easy being a beer taster. You should see all these charts and all the different Beers that they make Genesee. To be able to pinpoint exactly how they're supposed to taste. And then if there's something wrong if there's some variants to pinpoint one that variances. Used to have a really good pallets. That's something I don't process but I'll tweet out a picture of just a sample of one of those charts and put it up there. So you kind of get a glimpse inside the Genesee brewery before we do our league. Genesee. Podcast a little later on one thing we have to mention beer news this week. Is. A special three pack. Coming out. I'm not sure where exactly it will be available or maybe I'm sure and just wants a yet because we don't know war sponsors on the podcast area but community beer works resurgence. And big ditch two of those who pat on the show before are combining forces a special three pack of pints in cans that will be available outsource something cool. Because for all three of those robberies you were able to buy just the single pints of their beer on the she went there. Or picked it up at a bar nothing you could take home. So it's cool to see that and I am pretty excited to be able to stop my fridge. Full of some of those local Beers it's definitely nice and he did the full flavor the fold awful tore. Without having even the year pouch that's what's most and his nights I hate leaving my couch and can aggregate. It's oh it's perfect for me to have all of that in the fridge. It may be we'll hear from one of those coming up next time on the podcast. I'm in the meantime I feel like I'm forgetting things oh yes if you wanna reach us. And it demons won on Twitter beer at WB Ian dot com both those places. Comments suggestions. Complaints. Anything that you want to tell me or trying gates. You can go ahead and do it right there and demons won on Twitter beer at WB Ian dot com via email. And send this everything you guys one and a after we take this I'm on the weights the child to rafts. And this will be up hopefully. Write me Compaq just before he go did do you have anything to say about the term craft beer that you asked about that. Because he's kind of in both camps where he's mass producing the giant sea gulls go. Making craft Beers while Kraft. Air quotes beer I talked a little bit more about that in our Genesee podcast now so it's coming it's coming up that's that he's here. For everybody out there. But it's it is cool to see one we talked to dean how much. They had to kind of work with. The Genesee people across the street LC across the street really damning next door to get those Beers that are usually made in small tanks in small batches. And make them in a place that used to making. Genesee or cream now or later yellow Beers and how much they had to adjust. How they meet the year two wide keep that up and go in stores so if you see it in stores. I recommend the beer how's that for recommendation I recommend. That you recommend MC. And sees camp. I'm on Tennessee's campus and both the Beers given money can in stores at the black IPA in particular black accurately that's. 8% to and it doesn't taste like it and sounds down right up my Alley perfect for crying gates picture perfect for a lot of people while. Until next time. I'm Brian Ross he's trying gates our producer this has been that W beat the end fear podcast if this is your first time listening to the show open. This is more of a four. Going to.