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The WBEN Beer Podcast, Episode 6

Jul 15, 2015|

Ethan Cox of Community Beer Works welcomes Brian in to the brewery to talk cans, the big move, and finally say what we've all been thinking. Questions, comments, and suggestions can all be sent to beer@wben.com or on Twitter @BMaz1

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Ordered a look. New you partner. French Fries. Once you've been I would want beer. Some good news. Gruden. Upwards of W. Few pockets find answers. Gates and it's always him broadcasting. Studios we. Usually broadcasting from the east. Right now we're like the Steve. Spray a studio on the boards nights there's not even born in the other studio. It's true assuming that we are in the beastie I would assume that this is like. I would say is the bees studio I'd say this is probably the d.s studio in the studio we're normally in as the studio as a matter of fact she even though that's where they put all. The other podcasts to me it's the new economy I am I'm like in the studio apparently acoustics in here are a lot nicer your producer. I'm like an elegant and it's a little further away. It is a little further away from people witches so it's very quiet in here and there's not just men he. And gallon things of water. On the ground and there's other clutter like less than our bottles of Diet Pepsi hungry hungry as opposed by. And we can deal in Iowa have a little longer area postcards and maybe this is the new home with a WP Ian your hate this week. We took a trip to weak again look at me me. I took a trip down to community here works rang gates now road trips as for podcast policy. And that we talked about some of our favor appears the whale a little bit what goes in today to Rutherford B Haiti's. And a little bit about now community your work's got started and we are either going. Mean in the next few months years. Things like so it was Rutherford B. Hayes from buffalo Alex Millard Fillmore Millard Fillmore is the president who is from buffalo Rutherford B. Hayes was from Ohio. He was a week. Yes the all the way X it was a wig. So at a beer I don't know the bureau was so we'd earned cash demand for him but so we go to community here works right after this. This is Bob Brinker listen for money talks Sunday afternoons four till seven on the voice of buffalo WB EN. Phases of level. Right. Do you. He finally made it out. It's a six finals. It's only six shows but it seems like a place that we should've gone to may be earlier. But it is going to be here it's pretty big box of community beer works here with me Brian mess around ski the WB EM beer podcast. Ands. It's kind of a crazy time for you guys write it is every time has always been a crazy timers now may be more crazy than. Others. That's in question actually heard tell all know I think there's a little crazier than usual but it. Working over the top on this kind of sort of par for the course for us but fear is is a little bit seasonal industries that. All of us crank a little bit harder in the summer when consumption. And trust right now. There's that going on plus. About three other projects one which it has kind of enormous magnitude those are all kind of going on in the background as well so. What are Harrison and return her that this should. I was wondering what to start with first and I said well while we start with the new place show or a new place that's going to be a new place sometime in the future arm. Was it your intention. For awhile to find some new place and it's a move into a bigger response. Yeah I mean at least allow last year struggling with with that decision be entertained a lot of different potential. Options as far as placed ago we saw a lot about how we could squeeze more capacity on into the space that we already have which is obviously that. The cheapest option force. All we care with some hybrid plans. And I'll. At the end of the day you know we we finished up last year can feel I think a little dejected frankly for not having you know come up with a really solid idea and we start off when a fifteen yard are well. Crap I guess we'll just we'll just we'll just we'll just jam much commitment here it does that. And then within like a weaker to enlighten first week or so January is second. Not one but two really cool potential spaces and project concepts you know made themselves known to us. Which is great I guess sort of like a late Christmas presents on. Think that all that frost that really helped us get a renewed sense of like you know excitement and everything else we took some time deciding between those two because they're both really cool awesome spots that with great viability. I'm finally made decision to go down to the corners of the teachers there. So we're pretty excited to have finally you know crossed that path. And and move forward. What sets face gonna be like few guys that you kind of have a unique field here. Is it going to be the same just may be bigger adding new things. Yeah that's right I mean I think that when you think about the money that we need to spend on expansion. We really want to spend the majority of that money on equipment. On mechanics on really awesome first street ingredients. And done there will absolutely be a temperament to be far larger than the one we have now. But I wouldn't expect you know a whole bunch of medicine balls and exposed brick necessarily I think it's it's been done one thing but also. You know are feel as a little more DIY are feels a little bit more in our neighbors by two guys figured out how to start brewery and the main thing is the beer. My real hope that people. When they're walking out arcs and like man that place is cool look and that same night happier I can't get enough of it except I've had enough and I got to know. When when can we expect is there any day. Comment move it to you and remind yeah it's all email I mean it's a little bit further preliminary for news even be out there'll it just couldn't be stopped but on. We're not at a point yet where we can really give a deadline that I feel has much in the way of firmness I mean I I think at least a year. It could be less than that and it could end up being more than that on the that a couple factors that would drive that the number one is you know get money together. Once you've got that I actually have a better sense of how long things take. Okay so we're sitting here and 2015. And you guys are about to move into a new space did you ever think that was gonna happen when community Bure were started and he can you give us a little bit of that story of however think started. Now I think this is kind of surprising for all of us and that's one reason why it took us awhile to work it out wrap our heads round that I think when we started. I'll be kind of nice usually thought that you know this was a lot of space a little amount of space I think we thought. That. Accompany you could produce enough beer in the space to be used or sustainable in the long run in thinking that just goes to show. On new lot about making beer but as far as business without knowledge of the industry all of that's been kind of gained you know on the job on the fly. So we've had to adjust our expectations and things like so it wasn't too long after we got up and running. That you know I came to realize that okay this is a case we need to get out of the scene as this is really possible because it's way too much work. For him on the other but. We are just you know seven scrubs he kind of figured out how to get birdie on him and so. Our options as far as fund raising you know initially were not we're pretty limited. Having operated for two years by now three and a quarter even. Now I think are a lot better position we've built a brand people kind of what we're about we're not social an unknown. But yeah way back in the day I mean I think we thought it is going to be this tiny little you know arsons small library and I would be fine. But in this industry man economies of scale they really matter. They don't want to that decision happened from going to I can make the year two. People like to be your make and they might wanna buy it for me. You know we can we. Did the different guys in the beret come with different background histories as far as their home gringos. Are Edgar really has never had ten years behind him I'd like when he. Pumped Greg has so very you know a little bit so it various arm. This birdie grew out of actually failed attempt to put it harboring collective together. So I metal on these guys for the first time when I arm reached out people I've seen in the harboring scene and in the in the good years in. And say hey you know what if we are rented space. Together where we can put all of our hungering equipment and leave it there so we're not constantly having to drag it out of our basements are out of our garages it would effort setting up. We believe our audience there if you need to borrow accountable for somebody to do that as a vehicle that common area for him. And so mom be put out suppliers and you know couple meetings and didn't take too long to realize that. Any space that we found was going to be expensive enough even if you split it ought to split among enough people so ST the cheap. We'd all be fighting for time if you split it and are among the right number of peoples are not always by each other's toes that it's going to be expensive enough that most people like him. That's two batches were your ingredients. It just didn't turn out mile. I'm really viable idea. But the other thing I thought that this congress space would be was something of business incubators I was already kind of thinking you know brewery might be a cool thing to do on down the road. It hasn't happened even that we never did it it. Turned out to do business here and so and that really that way and and I kind of our view but he was on board with that project and I'm Greg. Came on board because that interest to. And so I was kind of left with the guys who seemed most motivated to get that I don't like. About to business Tuesday. US. Army and that is really the Genesis of this of this of this group. Are you guys kind of came on win this whole thing started to explode he went from flying buys into. A whole bunch of different breeze announce growing even more every single year. Are you happy to see that and happy to be a part of that initial explosion. Absolutely and am. It was a wonder to me that there was still opportunity for perjury involved flick if you think about in the craft. Peter revolution you know it's arguably thirty years old girl or war. I'm so we're pretty behind times here about floated in you know I think finalized and makes great beer I think Tim. Is really excellent ambassador for craft beer. You really knows how to to hold a room wise guy you know great presence and he's passionate about beer. All so it's surprising to me that you know fly byes and founded in 2000 and we got going in 2012. How is it that nobody else you know was willing to jump into that that pool I mean yeah there were some economic you know things that happen to. Here's between 2001 it no but I'm. Yeah I think a lot of it was just that it seemed intimidating it seemed like very complicated and very expensive and I think Tim struggled you know because there wasn't the other breweries around and so you sort of on its own. Home. So us coming along I think it sure ain't you know just you can do it. And be that there's value in having a lot of players around because we support when and others to answer sort of the first your question I think it's great to have all these other guys around. You might argue is that competition but you know we all of us still take the perspective that we're just trying to woo drinkers away from. If you're U cores and you lose your side. Com and if any of us can get anybody to drink any of our Beers likelihood of them drinking somebody else's fears considerably higher. Craft brew the easiest thing to be fairly promiscuous drinkers they always want something new and different to. So for all of us to survive we kind of on need to be found. So that anyone drinker can be like I had resurgence as acts yesterday and then next week and of New York is put out double appear very excited about that now evidently damaged. They're not like the kind of people they just like I think for every time terrorists Segovia by frank senator frank frank. I think we'd all love to have more. Drinkers like that because it's it it can be difficult for us constantly have to a provide you this flagship products but also continually house in different. But I think right now for us you know the breweries in buffalo middle supporting one another we like hanging out with one another sharing tips and tricks and ideas about two years. It's like anything at the beginning there's a lot of excitement and exuberance and there's a lot of camaraderie I think we're years away from cutthroat competition. If you did mention intimidation there and it is they're still. Some sort of intimidate because you guys are continually trying new things I think that cans there. As somewhat of my new part of that where now you're entering a space where okay say before you were. That community be works as somebody had to drive out here but them and they are here advocate orders beard now you're in about our work. Okay you have a lot of other choices but they're right there and handles buffalo let's have that. And now you want to restore aware every time you go into one stores it's almost like headache there's too many choices it. Is that intimidating is that still there. You know it's funny I. When I get when I get asked about like sort of consumer perceptions I know that I'm ridiculously biased and I don't act like a normal consumer even went all it was was consumer I wasn't very normal consumer and now that I've also brewery owner. Where I engage with the product out of out of retail I just called product does it appear that. I do think though that the the preponderance of brands. How is a little bit of an intimidation factor for people see you walk up to that wall of beer when listen it was while you're at every street until recently. And it is like kind of and it is sort of I guess the wet field and I want him to wind storm right that have any of that team Akron comes to one comes out of Newark star red white metallic. So I can imagine that the proliferation can be a bit of intimidation factor for people I think the best place to introduce people to me appearances on privacy bar. Then they can go get to that wallet here but they're actually looking for something specifically that way yet that their six million things doesn't really bother them and that makes it harder to find that look before. You kind of follow that what what was behind the decision to kind of join this big ditch resurgence and in these can't see yet one of them yet. One of yet. Fifty of them standing out here on the outs. It has grabbed Jason you're welcome to take one on. That project was brought to us it was it was really borne out by dozens of field house by Iran for me and Kevin Parkinson. They talked a little bit to mile consumers about whether or not he'd be willing to. 25 then resell those fears I don't think that's tough argument to make and then they went and talked to breweries to see him lose interest in. I jumped at it I mean I. I don't know if I was the first person who or what but whenever the camera to me and said hey we've been tossed around this idea would you be at all interest cycle. I would say. In a way it's a huge huge compliment to us that they want us to be involved because for us to be involved was actually a little bit logistically fraud because we don't make. Twin girls spirit times that we did have to to participate we have to except a huge favor and it was huge favor from big ditch for us to be able to brew our bureau there and so. You know that Beers kind of collaboration in the sense that they absolutely when they're away. To make it possible for me be a part of this project trustee approach parts projects. Nothing but thanks to those guys and to the ballpark into consumers from wanting something like this to happen. Really it was there initiation that made it we just heads yes and figure out make up. I ask people a lot it feel like how cool is it to see the beer unique when you go out to you know. Our acts so wherever and yet it can be as far away is. You know for peered down in Hamburg gore you know from Hamburg up. In the north towns. To see that tap handle on to note that you have appear in this arm people can enjoy it but now. It's Ascot for cans and stored send me to see that logo on cam on the shelf what. That like oh it's really awesome I mean I went out to buy my three sets of cans exactly this just not as early as a kid but they went on sale I think is that that consumers are after they opened. They told me that people have been lining up that people are lined up when they opened. I thought that was really really cool. On this one project I think by now actually almost all this that's probably sold and they're gonna do a second no brew masters series I don't know if that's going to be whether or not will be involved so we'll see what that. What form or what shape that that takes has figured out on the road. The arm but yeah no it was created is certainly a mean. I think the best feeling I've had so far. Since doing this was when the first time we've tapped one of our case and there was or handle bad calls. That was huge that was huge thing that that April 20 2012. On that got second best you can think about perhaps walking into you and consumers and seeing. Not just the cans but the display and yet at opal bunch cases out you know and yes we don't have a lot of posters or point sell stuff you know it was really just that the camp it's like so cool yeah that's a picture. Does that kind of open up any. New ambition to start making it available in stores in the future. You know we we we absolutely have to get to packaging and in our expansion project we have on the money set aside for some kind of packaging time we haven't made. We have made a decision really between all bottles and cans are for ourselves yet this project as it was. Proposed to us was Kansas but for what we'll do we we don't really know yet com. But there's no question all of us pitchers surgeons. If you think about plan buys into you know they. They had made believed packaging for the could really maximize their potential because people certainly buy beer in bars and people certainly buy beer tapper is the most people buy beer convenience stores and pressures are well again the stuff. Bring it on something really interesting all interesting to me and to our podcasts in the end our producer Bryan gates. Who says never allowed on road trips mobile so always say. They rang gates how far shout out Rhine gates. But we have the bottles cans argument what goes in it to you while one kind of in the beginning stages of making that decision between battle seeking its. You know I. First of all I mean I would say. It in a way it sort of doesn't matter in the sense that I don't I don't believe that a consumer would be like a lot of community here works but not binding and on campus. Column in the sense if we get anything in any count package that will be good for us regardless of Fortis. On it's hard to make a good decision between those two because there are pluses and minuses to both that sort of seemed to neutralized one another in my mind so. On bottles. Have the advantage of being made of sand which is sort of after nearly endless resource modeling bauxite restrictions need to make aluminum which is horrible right if you ever see him bauxite mine it's it's a stain on the earth. And when he recycled bottle you recover 100% of that class we recycle it can actually in the recover about 7% of them. Sue you might line based on the outs that that bottles of the greener option but then that's offset by the fact that they're heavier. Music take more fuel and move around and honest hackable C can't hit as many of them into a truck. And for reasons of transport. Can actually come out ahead. In terms of green sustainability stuff well that it serves are very. Cancer I think actually superiors bottles in terms of taking care of beer because there late impervious you won't discount beer cans. Because they're usually a little bit better she got decent enough can't seamer they should be better in terms of oxygen. So bottle caps blew a bit oxygen sooner than that and kenwood. Cans obviously have the engine going places where we're class and can't see you wars you beaches of votes. Hiking biking whatever else cancer or preferred. And I think I lean towards cans because of this isn't Colorado I do feel like we have this is sort of an outdoor. Culture around here and wanna be able to provide peer to that. But then they gonna give back I can you know I mean there are certain styles of your that I can't really imagine as can be yours and I don't mean PO whales because that's obvious I think they work fine by it. You know we'd like to do you know cool shower Beers like we've got a barrel 55 gallon blind girl out there with plumbers are ready there. Don't think you can flourish our enemy could technically can put it can't. I think that would be very strange format for people who want Belgian. Flemish hours yeah they're doing. Yeah you know. Or if you want you know something that's a little bit more refined her upscale four and restaurant situation I think we've done a lot of work. Over the years as an industry to get people understand that your guess very well student that your should be there at table where willingness to. Not saying once Sox if it does. But I think that. I understand finally someone said oh. I'm gonna say that I do these they would everyone. That there are times when that presentation matters you know if I was going. On in Gator anniversary dinner and I want to order a really nice here to go with meal. It be nice if it came in court here presentation. And likely guys so. Well I think both have their advantages cancer absolutely on fire right now mom and that's kind of what we lean towards. And I also think it's easier to happen I scanning machine and cheap bombing line for those few things we want evolves and where. That's a cancer are. Seen never our idea. I can't imagine how much people around here in their heads spin. Can't thinking about that question you've kind of laid it out said the decision and without even mentioning money and things like that now which I'm sure coasting ever. Okay I'm costs a little bit more to begin with but he actually do save money in the long run is playing cans and cheaper than blank. Bottles are two models. Plus for whatever reason you have to buy it like tens of thousands of cans at the time which makes for really cheap. Whereas you know you can violate you have just regular Peltz bottles shrinks more expensive but so that that that means with cans of force you have some stores days. It can stack up pretty high that. As as seen right here over on the desk before we set down. You support me rather for BC soon what do might tasting right now I love it. Oh thanks. I'll rougher it is our Belgian style summer beer so as befits anything's sort of Belgian style of the east plays a fairly large role in your your flavor profile. This Belgian history and throws predominantly a little bit of an and I. Jenkins now. A little bit of spice units which some people interpret as a clue penis. And then on. The rest of the flavors really has a lot to do with. We too it's in there are so we use of multi we use them on multi we've been recently told normal. That you view that might this cutie flavor that little bit of almost like him to obtain constant beat. The lightness in the body is also partly a function that we. Hoster really play much admiral in the spare. In this case the hops are really only there to offset the album on ferment the sugars. There were any bitterness in their it would it would be calling sweep that would be very refreshing says in this case we used to minimal hops that we need just keep it. Not better but it's. It's definitely a refreshing. Beer. And I go back and forth the kind of switched to a prefer summer the lighter more refreshing Beers. Or in the winter of the darker things stink of the way L as kind of a way insert the year and beat guys surveyed all year round it goes well I mean a good Beers include beer no matter when you drink it. What kind of goes into that here it's one of the ones I want to talk about it here. The rails create you're right it's it does have a seasonality to its sales you know not a huge surprise people do drink less darker beer in the summer other than that there's no real need for that. But on. Too little bit thicker at the has little bit more about feel a little bit stronger. You. Which means it's got a little bit less streak ability right arm. That here is is really all malt poetry it's sonics just five different kinds of malt. It's a whole bunch of Canadian to root for the baseball. It is the right amount of British. Round mall which is is a lot of the favorite character. There's two kinds of chocolate malt and there are an American chocolate mold and British chocolate malt both of which given a lot of darkness and some of the roast character. And I think the only other markets and there's a little bit of a possible which is really only in there to control the PH straight matches there for flavor. On hops. Some northern neighbors and much and and pretty neutral L east seen these enemies serve refrain for the Baylor. Team. Arm. I love that here actually think actually it's treaties. It's his best. Astros and know that we're better known for a few days it is right now. Yeah. A lot of the name of the game is can I get that we are all enemies god again with that doesn't have a name yet still experimental -- you know XYZ PFW seven. He gets people pleaser crap blue. Mom and I would say that reasonably give props but. In the whale it's just just picture perfect here. It is it it's one in my favor peers it's one of the reasons that we came down here right away is because. Of the spear we have to talk to cook the company makes it sends him grow and Motorola will ask you about one more beer and that is. Because we're so hip you know that two weeks ago the scans came out and stores. And they're probably gonna be sold out guy. You know 8 o'clock tonight when this hopefully goes up must take it lacy then it's 8 o'clock tomorrow morning. This yesterday unless they sold out yesterday when people buy those cans and IP. Though what. Is that like is that. Similar recipe to one of the Beers you make here but called something else because aware he made it. Quite the sort of we've made so we've had three different well that's different anxious like we started out with the the IP gods name primarily because we hadn't thought to name it. And we realized we needed label approval before we sold it in really locked in and says we got called this that we got caught the IP something like the IP act. So that that's what happened on the Taylor realized it was kind of actually a pretty cheeky fun cool name. People enjoyed walking into Barnes and I want die PA in part and which I hear him IP the other one. So we we we this is kind of fun funny and decided that in probably be something like series for us. The hops that we used to died due predominantly some kind galaxy galaxy turns out to be very in demand hop it's relatively expensive pop it's an Australian pop. And as hard for us to get I'm not even sure why we have as much it has been dead. But we ran out and we are not getting more we have subcontracted. Early next year but we knew we weren't likely to get gets. Client two week we've been preparing for the inevitability of the next night PA this time we decided that we would you know we are gonna call had at times we were we were prepared to make about IPA. That I PA uses mosaic as its principal flavoring hop it's buttressed with a couple other hops things he this is one maybe some code again I'm in this remember there. Let your question mosaic is very different their profile from galaxy. In this galaxy I'm not huge spam music but people are. For the camera project on the we knew that we were only gonna get one shot for an. And if we wanted to make something that was treated brand francoeur that I care any thing. You know we knew that we actually probably have to prove it at least a second time to nail it. And we weren't going to be afforded opportunities so we realized early on that whatever we did this project 'cause we are using some bills brewery it would have to be one off beer. It's got to too bad because for her fur from big tension for surgeons to get to build brands a little bit. We are getting to build the brand of CDW but not of any particular beer. And I think it's to support for people who really like this beard find out that actually make it. On and IP though does use a whole bunch of this really obscure hard to get funny name pops like Galileo and I think there's Howard tell our home Allen. Palmer hotel block I forget which list you. And few others on. So you know it kind of fits the bill for what people want my kids I apologize a little bit that it's a one off but it really trust given the parameters of the project it made mustn't. Italy still care about can. We know it's made of I mean we can make it again today. If we ever find a huge supply of Tokyo Rio hops. On the black top market guys that. Either by a father grew crops to the press if the last question now Eskew is the last question is most everybody. I shouldn't I shouldn't say that because I feel like I say. Before the last question this is the last question we ask everybody but it's a different question every time it's just I can't remember the last question is but my last question for you is. I'm all not just your own but it's everything now at this moment in time on Angel 925 team what's your paper beer. Her. Com. Oh why I've been drinking this much and I kids I can get a hold of well less. For our Beers. Com. We're generally. You know I am I am sort of like that that customer I described pretty promiscuous streaker as well it comes to my buying stuff I very rarely buy the same six pack twice Perot. All of but I did find myself. Pretty excited in Hamburg where a bomb some of the session IPs that are out there and I found myself buying a couple six taxes those so. So my favorites right now on down I hit six. Under Soledad this is is is just to work of art series it's a it's a really good theory the session IPA's sometimes I feel like they're hit and miss and you can walk away from it thinking. It's kind of wandered down the PA because death has never lost yet you'd never get that from this year. Now and you know I mean I have a lot of respect founders is a very so long fewer for for founders as competitors so hum. And don't I don't love it when I realized that cash is going into their neck. That's a great Peter and M and from that and usual about it these for me. Is that I like it we better in packaged form the draft to draft of places like narrow it bottles and cans that are so that's one arm. No batteries that isn't getting quite as much credit as occurred but from Vermont long trail has really stepped up their game. I think has recently is for five years ago they are still on is being little backwards and stodgy and there's all this stuff happening in Vermont and seem to be part of it so. Can't help farm stand losses in the alchemist and all these guys who do really awesome call for Beers or. Complex hours and things like that. I'm really delicacy is obvious in here as you know long trail still pumped now Vontrell pale Eller Walter Ellis second alt. Home that blueberry viewers probably you know basically making the most money. And so. Somebody down there I can assume you know decided they wanted to part that seemed to him like an absolutely great or where the extreme Vermont why aren't we getting credits. They hire brewer they are out of her whatever in the east you start making these hops for beer can start borrowing techniques from his side. This daylight president and man did we do know right I mean. The IIP that they make this is actually when my favorite Peters out there's not right now I think it's more interest seasonal. Com they've got a session IQ that things just fantastic. And so I think that ridiculous it again. Try to buy a localism which they can try to buy regional after that I really want my money goes to two this places. But as the river brewery and as as a huge enthusiastic can't help myself and I got to buy stuff from from other markets and whatever else to yourself. On the twisted tension filled man. I'm I'm a big sucker for marketing so the first time and on anything long trail it was because the guy on the case. Remind me of the hiker from the price is right moved her. And that's the entire reasoning that goes behind. That'll do cool cans will also do and that's why I don't some of those I saved it for last night knowing I was coming here today and it's. It was screen Allison and I are hoping to get more maybe we'll see we'll see we'll see if they're sold out and am when I drive. Gap had narrowed they gotta be close anyway in his last time I checked and see how many sets for supposed be available I think so there's maybe 202 and fifty still so. Pick the right consumers. Yeah I am historical. Ari even Cox community beer works thanks for having this outs and will be right back. T here that's. You know instead of debt silence that could be you. If you like to get the message out about your business and become a sponsor of the WBE and beer podcasts it's a pretty easy task. Just contact those that beer at WB EN dot com and instead of silence. We could hear about you. Back in here studio B week this. I did on the WB Ian your podcast studio beer stick could go beer. Man there I knew there was a reason I and you win and here's the producer and studio here and gear us. The producer studio B. AK steel pier and beam has AKA beer masks and those are the only two reasons I'm producer Terry go he's buried ideal man. But I hope you enjoyed the conversation with Ethan Cox a lot of cool things coming up. For community beer works as well as you know just about every other place that makes beer around in buffalo but they make some. Great Beers and if you don't see them on Tampa anywhere. I mean there's super easy to get to write off Niagara street there on Lafayette but you can see the building from Niagara street. Fans. Go down there in a gray color. Fill up. Or if you see them on tap somewhere. Did it especially that Rutherford B. Hayes it's a good summer beer perfect for the summer no mobile you mean we like the whale. Look too hot for the way out like it's a nice winter here outside. Fights it makes some great things. Do we go out drinking this week. Do we did we did go to oldies. Now so now we didn't try anything new you know really who you have the Genesee tap house black PA the black guy EA which is I found to be very similar to lose CBWs the well as on a similar kind of taste to me. Yeah it's it's bit darker quality and it kind of multi. You don't taste as much. The IPA part of the black PA GAAP net beer. But you and it for the first time and you enjoyed it I did enjoy it I thought it was very go on its right up my Alley with the alcohol content on ask us a bit. And so I thoroughly enjoy a CBW's well. And I fairly join our agencies black guy PA. And I am the north and remember how we are discussing there was the canal side beer fast yes. There's also hold the cobblestone buffalo roof fast there are two different things and the grew fastest coming up in the first weekend of August. Producer Ryan gates with all the info you need to know that is perfect because I believe that's right before I head off to vacation. Tennessee the next week. So maybe we had been up and you are proof vests extravaganza. We should have a proves fast extravaganza that would be excellent I'll look in today over the next couple weeks we have a couple weeks ago and it's a two week that. Our roof fest extravaganza. So like you had I like how we're talking this podcast allow we've mentioned it. With Easton in the ballpark brewers series three pack cans which by the time you're listening to this podcast might be sold out. Accidentally consumed wasn't an already sold out DRE sellout they'd send out another. They around the there was a lot of them the year they didn't sell out right away but they have a lot of it sold right away and if you're listening to Alan may or may not be sold out it's kind of hit and miss depends on how much they were hiding in the back over consumers. And we're talking about the Genesee black guy PA which. Might be sold but technical so if the light Q any of the Beers were talking about. Give us other recommendations that they can try it and then we can via beacon give our opinions on the house but if it's a summer seasonal. Definitely area. Definitely hurry up because now is the time for that and so what's in two weeks that will be the fast. Yes pretty much on yes it's. Three weeks three weeks so maybe that's maybe that's our play the next time we talk to you guys here in the WB Ian your podcast. The man's one on Twitter. Beer at WB Ian Dak count on your questions comments complaints. Send them right there on Twitter at beam as one through email. Beer at WB EN dot com it's a band simple. If you have beer that you know isn't going to be around for a while it might be gone by the next and we of the podcast sedated him because we only talk about your she can't get anymore. Apparently. Are four. Running gates I'm Brian mass arouse until next time on the WB Ian your podcasts. Thanks for joining us. From studio.