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The WBEN Beer Podcast, Episode 7

Jul 28, 2015|

We head back down the 90 to Genesee, where Brian talks with Genesee Brewery Brewmaster Mike Mueller about a WNY institution. Questions, Comments, Suggestions can all be sent to beer@wben.com or to @BMaz1 on Twitter

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

When guys as new in my perfect night would be I told the truth beer and board games. They thought I was kidding. I was not kidding. Back here for. New studio which I think this our permanent home isn't. This our permanent home Brian masse around ski grind gates. I had a lot of notes is gonna be a little bit shorter podcasts but I think we're gonna make up for it. With a few of the things we have coming up around the band including one that I'm not sure I won't. Say right now because I'm not sure if everything will work out. But we should have a pretty special episode coming up for US sometime in the near future things might get a little. Area at some point with our. Different vacations and travels full trying keep up this every other week thing that we've been going on. And we should have a good one coming up for you in the next month or so around there. But we've been holding on to this episode for awhile I had a lot of notes. That I prepared. I'd lost them. Because it's been a little while since we don't done this interview. Now we're these paper announced or was this tactic known mounts like Kenyan with Britney accessible on yours. You know he's probably still in our systems because I type them notes. Butts. This was. Maybe two months ago that I did this. And I printed it counts and I don't know where they are right now. It's unfortunate that it is very unfortunate so we don't have them but I'll try to remember my talking points for after. You listen to this interview it's another in your view from. Did Genesee brewery. Find out how your grandfather's favorite beer was made. In May be it will turn into you or fever here we're gonna head over to Genesee right after this. WV and wherever you go with the WB and iPhone apps powered by cal this furniture and Calvin slather gallery. Were where here with Mike Mueller Genesee road what's your official title I don't know if I ever got your official title official titles corporate progress there from North American breweries. Corporate for a master for North American breweries does what you do I guess sound error Siemens says big is that title that's a pretty big title. Yes it is it's been a recent promotion. Into about a multitude I was in her mastery of the Genesee facility here. And that being given that title because we do you have to other facilities that were responsible for one of Burlington Vermont it won at Portland Oregon. So I kind of keep in Iowa there's guys do although they we have great great staff of both of those facilities and it's just more about. Overview recipes things like that we all get along work well do you Bennett Genesee for quite a long time. 38 years was 38 years June 6 this year. Can't hear from us of course worked in Columbus, Ohio for about a year and previous to that worked in the trove in. We'll tropea where Ferrara or father it was a progress there excellence and kind of family business. Family does that's a great family business to get it lets you. We just took a look through the big Genesee brewery it's that you can tell it's not made for two hours so when they laid this whole thing out they were thinking that some day. People are gonna be so interest didn't hear that the wanna walk through this place. Absolutely correct or is it something that. Have always been a problem because people love dear sir if you birdies but you're right arbor was never designed for that we of these space. Wherever it was available. And that's what the blue routes that we built next door has been great tool mean people can come to museum. They can see the pictures of what's going on inside the hurry so it's thank god said so you're one of the fortunate people that we take through. I feel very fortunate today have gone on the two hour especially Genesee. Who were buffalo base but still throughout Western New York buffalo Rochester. Genesee use you know it's one of those names it's old. I don't wanna call though legacy name but it's a big name in Western New York. Yeah I agree it's part of the history of Western New York when you think of this area. Rochester at certain landmarks. Like hot dogs Tennessee here's the Rochester where red wings say when buffalo you have say analysts Hamas and you have. Your baseball team devices and the Buffalo Bills and it spend a great. Local beer for working people of the area mean buffalo was huge remarkable effort started working here. Yeah Al steel mills foundries and buffaloes and we're trying to. To achieve those numbers again. Oh and is part of them via I loved the new packaging that you guys just came out with about a month ago a month ago or so now the new packaging. We're kind of all it takes the shape of Felix followed the lead of the at Genesee cans in the cream ale cans and now it's an extending to Jenny lights and Jenny ice. That new packaging kind of evokes that old time feel. Yes that's that's a much this it's just let go back to our groups. When people always remember us by you know it was a great fear for him I'm sure a lot of people growing up the father dragged into a grandfather trinkets or. For a long time in the beer's taste and better than ever did and now. That's kind of the goal of that package. It better than ever you guys they're just. What this group house I'd say. Your foot princes. While you're in the same place it's almost like your footprint is expanding do you ever feel like that. Yeah I think the growth is so does that help us re introduce. Jenny brands of people thinking come here and they can experience the history and remember. The beer from their past that you tried again for the first time in the end they can also try some of the Kraft offers that we. Are people surprised when nine BC Genesee and craft in the same sentence. Definitely. In the two Beers that we've been able to ten scale where result of that. To the most popular Beers made over here deeper routes where Scotch jail on the black guy PA. And we work diligently McCain chose progress that the opera house to replicate those fears and scale them up and launched them. To the public. Full scale take concerts and toward him. 01 of the ongoing debates on the show our producer Bryan gates we always give a shout out to him when I go out somewhere because he's never invite him so we speak I never bring a mom with me. I'm one of our. Big debates is it crafts and I ask you. Do are people surprised when they hear Genesee and crafts and in the same sentence but to me I hate that term craft beer because. Jealousy is a craft beer that's not easy to make a beer of consistent good quality. In that huge of a scale. I think that connotation craft spirit came from. The fact that recipe development more than anything else. The majority of deer was pretty stagnant for awhile and everybody made the same style of the area as the brewers' MillerCoors Genesee. It was a very similar style beer and then the term crap is. They started experimenting with different greens don't then edit any new hairstyle. This doubts in the quarters in the IP is they've been around for a long time some smaller guys. Tried some different ingredients and different style also they considered burger Ingram handcrafted. When people think of Genesis I craft beer you're absolutely right there was some connotation that. Someone that makes very good lager beer wouldn't be able to make those cells appear it's the same process. As long as you pay attention to our energy gels and use the right recipe in the skills than our. Don't we saw a little bit in two were. It it's difficult for some of those smaller breweries to make Jeff Garcia now logger because. They just don't have the proper equipment that you guys have here and you're able to do it on a big scale. Yeah there's some unique things that you need to make our locker mirrors that mean number one you need. You need tanks to store the beer until walker the term locker means to store. Most craft birds are dealing with the UAL east would formats. Little warmer temperature and their process is a little faster they're not interested in storing their beer frame like the time to let him mature and age right. And then there's the issue of getting in nice and bright and clear. Some of them don't have the energy capable of doing when I say energy and you refrigeration and controls those type things here coolers. A lot of craft guys do great jobs they make good here just maybe different styles. T hang out in the opera house a lot and see people drink in Genesee and nagged it may be suggestions different things from people around. Personally I don't. But we didn't test for us we do it tests fruit for Tampa upstairs we call it test IPA we ask for the consumer fees Barack. And now we'll make good decisions based on. Hope we. Are going to talk with dean here a little bit about some of the appears he's making that art. Transported if you will over to big Parikh and made on a scale to distribute all across Western New York. Eight is that a difficult process for you guys over there it's in tape that beer that's usually made in a smaller tank and expand that scale. It is and it isn't that the main key is that we get the details right we made the small batch. If we get the right ingredients in the right process down we can transfer over too large for. Are you pay attention to detail. We can do but it's not a one and done we did quite a bit attesting to do the black eyed view it. What's your favorite Genesee beer create an Internet does it ever change. I enjoy a lot of craft Beers Jamaica I think this guy itself turned out really care and I'm a fan of the and he fills in the remake. Among reliable. Go to there's pleasure as always Jenny cream. And that's what we're having her here. It's. I haven't had one in a while and I said when I arrived here that don't create an ounce from me and a couple of years ago. And every year right now. And my mind is maybe change what do I taste in 19 entering the cream. The difference between Kreme challenge and it appears that this is little freer a little sweeter taste it's got a little more aromatic Stewart. And that's from the Yale portion of law and that's the big differences in his lower body into any fear. Put them that's why I prefer to slow more flavor. Very driven. Point I'm willing as my. Phone is going off in the middle of interviews such a pro here. I yeah I'm willing to give I'm willing to make second chance but now now that I have a little glance here of cream now. You know pick up some next time I won't write it off anymore don't appreciate them. Yeah I did everything affairs sure I did all right hey thanks a lot for joining us ignorant as to me you have my pleasure. T here that's. You know instead of that silence that could be you. If you like to get the message out about your business and become a sponsor of the WBE and B your podcasts it's a pretty easy task. Just contact us that beer at WB EN dot com and instead of silence. We could hear about you. Jeered. Tom Bauer late weekdays three till 7 NEWS radio 9:30 AM WD EA and. Aren't backing here is studio B or studio Beers rang gates' call subprime mess around ski here you just heard. Our interview with Mike Mueller of the Genesee brewery and their during a lot of cool stuff over there in Genesee. But he still keeps an eye on the important things you're Jimmy's you're Jenny lights the cream annals. A new re branding. Effort went around people still like them and as you heard there I have my first cream mail in maybe three years. Now then. You enjoy that. I enjoyed it and not very picky. We know that I'm not very picky when it comes to beer I was expecting because you know what quite frankly. A lot of people dog on the cream ale. Well you'll have older people who will swear by it. A lot of people say you know the cream now on Jenny cream now so you go in with this kind of perception in your head. That it's gonna be so so words you won't want to drink another heidrick and other I'd buy case wanna. I mean it's it's in your price range it is definitely. In my price trend that's another good thing about Chan and I got to go on every two were again. The second time and I feel so lucky mentioned it's like Willy Wonka chocolate factory going through. That ruairidh and it's in my second go round I got to see a couple things that I didn't. In my first time one of them was that he sting room which is pretty cool because. Covering the walls of the tasting room are these notes. And tasting notes basically of all the beer. That they may. At the Genesee brewery in mimic a lot of beer yes I'm definitely a big production there it's a big production cell. Will be at noon incidents second but. These tasting notes they have. Basically. A section for each individual. Know. Her each individual thing that could go wrong with the B year. And it's say you think it tastes earthy. And then. Bill explain what goes behind earthy and why you might taste that why you might think that maybe it's not her feet maybe it's. Something else I don't know maybe it's too sour. And the whole tasting room is just covered. It basically Michael wallpaper with these tasting notes in that they have all the Beers that they may. At the Genesee brewery they have won their flavor profile it's so when you taste whatever because. They're tasting. It's not just Genesee all the time if they're making there. They make a lot of Beers that I don't think they're allowed to talk about but we can't hear they contract through they make. If you've ever had a magic had anything. Chances are it's been made at the Genesee brewery. Brooklyn a lot of their Beers and blue points. They are Beers army air some Labatt Beers of course all the Seagram's which is another thing that now we have to get. But all these different Beers. They have their individual tasting profile you might think it's an easy job going through tasting beer. But when you think of you have to know what all of these different Beers are supposed to taste like. That can be pretty difficult. Yeah I and they definitely have a expanded Palo we discussed this before we have very. Simple Pallet on the show we don't really know how to describe how. Like the words you year was earthy. I'm really know what tastefully done it tastes like there is that what earthy as I guess. But yeah we don't have meal like hoppy sweet soured. The basics yet your basic tastes that you teach a four year old pre K we know those yup and these people. They have to expand that may have to go much further and really died and. And they have detailed notes so say their tasting. A magic can electric appeal. That you can see in the store and I think that's a seasonal magic camp may damp the Genesee brewery and they have to taste every bench. And so though have electric appeal and then all of these different things that it's supposed to hit on your palate what it's supposed to taste like. And that's how. You task for equality for all these batches you know when you think of via amounts of different beer it comes through peppery. CU. See that it's all of the same the quality is the same even though it's a lot of different flavors to try and get right. It's pretty amazing the other thing they make there and we didn't really talk about this in the interview I don't think. But it's. Seagram's they make on the Seagram's escapes there. I don't buy it goes. I used to like those when Alice youth under Ager. It they're not for me. Very sugary very sweet but did you know that their technically beer. Yes I didn't know that they're technically it's it's a malt beverage it's an adult beverage so it has to be made with pops. With Barley. It has to be made like beer it would be a lot simpler. For them to make Seagram's. In a normal way water alcohol sugar whatever you would put no Seagram's I guess. But they have to make it like the year extract. The alcohol. And that liquid. And then go from there and make their Seagram's fillets with you know pineapple and watermelon and not Megan whatever there. Cramming in most cancer now. But it's all because in New York State law if they didn't do that they would only be able to sell them in a liquor store as opposed to a supermarket. So because. Seagram's starts off as beer. You combine them in a supermarket or be your story and not just a liquor store did you know there are certain states New York State not among them where you can buy liquor in the grocery store yes I in Illinois woman got so knowing exactly the place I was thinking I'd the last time I was in Chicago. Stop by a 7-Eleven. Hungry late at night. Now get a solar B may be and a pack of Swedish fish. And cashed again. What Ian though you walk out with. I think it Jack Daniels because it's just behind the register there so it's amazing it was weird for me to see that. And so. You have to do I mean when you see something that's not a place you have to do. I went to the grocery store I was going before. Festival that I was going to we went to grocery store. And I saw the liquor there there's the liquor store. Also down that was in like the same plaza. And the prices. At the grocery store were very marked up let's just say that though. Much hype but I thought the liquor store to you could buy anything almost anything there's beer liquor. Smoking. Things cigarettes. Lots of us are still at the the liquor store it was an all on one. Steward of duties I guess you could say. Can't do that New York State though cotton and so that's why those Seagram's starts off as a beer witches. I thought it was pretty interest thing when you've seen that you don't think beer but technically. It is yes thank you were governor Andrew call it's like forties. The ball mop averages yes but their bowl from its its like the same thing as Seagram's and a afar hurricane. And hurricane thank you okay. I think we covered just about everything at Genesee. So move on to a couple beer news items first off you might CNET you probably have because that spend. Couple weeks at least Hamburg beer. It's now in stores in beer store supermarkets. You can find six packs of they Hamburg I PA and also small town which is. One in my favor peers you know we like that summer style the end of the Cezanne and send the now when I'm looking for years via. The summer weeks. Things like them all now you can get one of them a locally made good Peru that's that small town. In a six back in the story news so that's a super exciting when another local brewery. Gets into with Stu. Yeah no mood to go along with that I'm an article here that show us. Other growth in the craft beer industry and last year during the first half of the year. There was ten point six million barrels of quote unquote craft beer sold this year up to twelve point two million. And about 700 new breweries have opened up in that time as well. So just continues to show how via the craft beer industry is it's continuing to build on only. 9% of the market the way it says here last year was the first year they grabbed a double digit share markets I'm sure they're going to be. Still gone up maybe this unit 15%. Award 12% or fight for fifteen by fifteen this year fight for fifteen. And the other beer news is. If you know me if you follow me on Twitter at the Mets won you know on that the pirates and in this is new for this year. The PNC park beer passport. Bruce embargoes or is it but those numbers no it's ruse embark goes. You combine a ticket tell me if you think this is worth it and and I'll give you my opinion and buy a ticket to a pirates game there's two Thursday games in a one state game. It's a 65. Dollar ticket won of the games is against the cardinals though that's it tight division race. And you gates. Your seat obviously. A ninety minute beer tasting from 530 to seven. Plus five dollars which. By dollars c'mon. Five dollars in. I guess spending for concessions. So. Craft beer tasting. Five dollars a ticket to the gained 65 dollars. For one night one. For a. I don't know I guess I would have to have known what kind of peers are gonna be at this tasting how much beer were allowed to taste. I would assume a limited. Then yeah I think is probably worth the radio. You he'd probably guess I'll buzz wears the seats depend on where the seats are saying well. Iowa's figure per day game for going to see the pirates you can probably get in there for fifteen dollars. So. Effusive tracked the fifteen from 65. And now you have fifty dollars. For basically an hour and half of drinking. I still think it's probably cheaper to do that with a cooler in the park. You have. I don't think anyone was arguing that point though. Well name then to me you know cut on the price a little bit double talk maybe make it a Saturday game so. I wouldn't have to take a day off work to go. I think they're worried about people like you from buffalo they're probably now. That's my opinion but I know there's buck goes fans out there are so there's a little bit appears. What do we have coming up 40 yeah a big secret also quack too big secrets and yeah on the August mark your news. Go blue moon. Releasing the night PA. So I think I've seen that might not your gonna close our biggest craft beer in America. I think you're going to give us an update on the end of the lawsuit. A lawsuit that we talked about on your news and many many moons ago many blue moons ago. About our own Holland suing blue on suing MillerCoors. Because they thought blue moon while on it it's up for debate. They said blue moon is not a craft beer but I thought it was. While they are selling IPA's now sells. It's announced a white idea so as opposed to Jenna seems to lack IPA this is a white I've appeared. I think you willingly beginning in game two yes heavily I want to keep. We will leave you now. Until next time maybe a special edition will keep updating you know how to stay up today. Follow us on Twitter. And a demons won and it news radio 930 that's the WB Ian Twitter account now you know do minuses. Shares and stuff there too. If given suggestions things you wanna hear. Just send them all. Over Twitter at the Mets won but also email beat here at WB EN dot com it's that simple theory at WBE. And dot com and if you click the link to loosen his podcast I think alternate contact info. Is rate their two for running gates I'm Brian mess around ski until next time we'll see right here on the WB Ian beer podcast.