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The WBEN Beer Podcast, Episode 8

Aug 4, 2015|

On this Episode, Don Spasiano from ECC joins the Podcast to talk about a new curriculum that can turn you (yes, YOU) in to a brewing pro. Questions and comments about the podcast can be sent to @BMaz1 on Twitter, or emailed to beer@wben.com

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Buffalo Bills but like that they can brag that they and the other ignore an eight you're going to find out why did. We will get all of the above above and all but obviously you can't get. One of them felt Gordon Cooper and literally it's the here's completed all of garage while we're at the buffalo. And who in my judgment of the junk yard dog. The day I couldn't about it. The governor Rick Maher a better fit. We welcome thousands upon thousands upon thousands of dollars they're going to be America through your bullpen did you get in that. Case I'll tell you what I'll get jolt target than to be your guest who's Joseph Ferguson. I'll come off quarterback for the bill for the Buffalo Bills yet you're the guy to keep it in the right. Welcome MW EEN. Here podcast and do word mixing up the schedule a little bit. I'm going to be out of town and going to Tennessee next week so we won't really have time to you post anything. So we decide to give you want a little bit earlier than what you're used to breaking our. Two weeks on and off change here now is as surprised as any view listening if I had no idea I told you about its. Twenty minutes ago that's true that we need to you in the studio two days. And report this and you gotta run and go catch Andrew Cuomo that I don't have to deal on CB governor. I like saying that I have to run and see the governor excuse me I don't have time for this. But that's literally what I have to do in abouts. Fifteen minutes from now. Yes so we're going to get right to were going to send. You lost to this interview that I conducted just about an hour ago with down spots you know. He is a professor Erie community college and put together. A curriculum our program. That you can sign up for. That will teach you how to be. Room next year basically the ins and outs of making beer the ins and outs of how it works. How to run a business seat the retail side of things. He teacher long that it ECC it's a whole separate program now we topped a little bit about it. With downs Marciano who put the whole thing together will do that right after the break. T here that's. You know instead of that silence that could be you. If you like to get the message out about your business and become a sponsor of the WBE and B your podcasts it's a pretty easy task. Just contact us at the year at WB EN dot com and instead of silence. We could hear about you. WB Ian your podcast that Allen's Fazio who. Has put together in interesting program. Over it ECC if you wanna be a brew master you want me beer you work at a brewery. Maybe ECC. Is the place to start down. How aria and welcome to the show thank. You very much for your age are so when we get started with the title of the program. Brewing science and service. Tell us what it's all about. Well as it was that CNET. It is science and service. In addition to individuals. Interested in going to work and it cracked through. Operation. Of course our curriculum is also designed to hear them. Towards retail also be going to business grew up. Where you if for example places like here. Consumer beverage. Premiere. And a big assortment. Here's center. So I think it says it's sort of broad based curriculum that we put together. What was behind the idea to start this was it just you know this industries expanding maybe it's something we should explore or. Was it just something you really had a passion for that you wanted to see him. A college. Most if not I'm not home brewer and never root beer. And with citizen aspect of all the drove me to put this together was in point. There's just. Large. That you need to brewers the retailers the wholesalers. Are always contacting us with regard as individuals and an interest in going to the business. The last two years ago when I started doing my homework it was research with regards cracker industry. It was a no brainer. The numbers just just blew me away so my goodness we gotta put something together here. Your heart out of dollars that it's just a one year certificate program. Courses that are being offered. Are offered in that traditional times evenings and Saturdays. On line. And in terms of philosophy most likely in the spring and summer semester. So that's one of the things I want to ask you about was is this. Maybe in addition to a typical. Associates degree program could you do this program by itself and not worry about any other classes get a certificate at the end. Correct that's exactly correct yeah you can just do this is a one year certificate. Program you would just received the certificate or through it yet and doesn't have one that put this course curriculum together. Truly to say about. Fifteen of the twenty craft brewers in the region the westerners region assistant and helping me put this together. And that's that's important when you talk shop policeman thinks like a very important very very important and it reserves other curriculums that the law for this other colleges. And we found one was close quiet Latin America and Canada. And a couple of days there visiting and meeting and effectively. And then doing a little bit more search for other schools within the United States and found that dealt with tragedy. Best of both worlds that. It is it strange for people who. Meet you talk to in the industry because a lot of these guys got their starts. Not in a classroom but in a garage during a basement somewhere to think that you know now word. The industry's moving to this a level where people are going to school for it yet see. Perspective this is from from my side of the table is the fact that we first met he met personally the craft brewers. One of the first things they mentioned is that these individuals must have some science that. Betty chemistry country brewing beer also microbiology. And it's a whole different ballgame and home room so that was very important craft brewers and emphasize that in bringing individuals and. You know it's amazing when you lockers some of these Marines and meet some of the people here. Just outsmart everybody seems to be and how meticulous she really have to be about the ingredients. It's. You know people say aching it's kind of like chemistry and brewing seems like that ten fold almost. You're absolutely right is a place we have culinary instructors as saying exactly that that the interface your experts in the we have is truly science base. There isn't a lot of it is you know coming really realized that very first week of class it. Do you get people realize this. And say you know it's it's it's. Exactly do you actually think that's not for me then assigns us. But it also canceled classes is its. History class you might have to take. Yes the chemistry of the news that's required courses temperature growing here. I remember is from the chemistry department at the college he also as a brewer so there at lucky. As it heats keeps going. The word that's that's one of operas but. He truly. Realize the importance. Chemistry brewing beer he too has met with several groups to make sure that all of our curriculum covers all of the bases. Four individuals that need to learn as much as they can't have children here. One other costs. We. It is true interoperability which is is an idea of the history of Bruins specifically here Buffalo, New York. Rooting greens classes just to for a class. And also. Three classes that we have a sensory evaluation class which where students will actually your route here at the couch and small. Note theaters malls get up at least forgiven if you hop group here certainly the home group hit the that we utilized to really excited about that. That particular course. That's important sued to get Canada first pitch out of the way because people don't realize how. Time consuming in. How much work goes into making something takes. You know a night to drink currently depending on how much you make. And he had a fever over into the sands evaluation. Class. When they they root beer we're going to find out what other culinary and our hotel restaurant management curriculum and actually offer beer and food sampling. For students and guests we're really excited about doing it for the very first. Second semester students will be moving other courses. And they kept on activities for the curriculum will be there in terms of experience. In part of course hopefully. You know that their own and be willing to accept insurance. All prayer brewers in question here reasons really excited about that will what are some of the activity she hopes it. They get to do during an intern I think this is in the Florida I don't really hear you know it's going to be definitely hands on experience for the individuals are gonna get dirty. I'm gonna find out what it's really like to work and crack through operation. It's gonna be very very interesting. Perspective of the curriculum. We're really really excited about that and sort of the craft brewers they did so helpful and help me put this whole thing together. Very area. So we're excited very very. You mentioned you don't brew beer and yourself did you get input from other home brewers may be used said hey. Your boy and he saw insect. That. Very existing nymex data into the wrong route today I think I did have and he conducted a couple of symposium with the preparers. And that's too and I found other note very very little about Revere personally and I myself and I'm teaching a class. He's and he that your plans. Why classes need another beer glass so yes actually found out that. This is something that this is well beyond my. My knowledge there is prudent. Can you give us an idea I know you mentioned some chemistry professors some people like that is who who were going to be teaching these classes are you bring in. Maybe soon guest speakers from the outside. Yes absolutely. We and the fact include keeps going isn't mentioned there chemistry teacher and an individual that truly hope you're right the entire curriculum that's the professor Eric Tanner. Third individuals in the Peter whole way and Peter is known. Through the questioner region is that your crew. He's going to be teachers censored valuation. Beer course really really set him. Three wonderful individuals teaching curriculum olives are extremely well qualified to be doing exactly that. Truly excited about this next key that he is of course that. When you mentioned sensory evaluation brings us back to the podcast we did last time at the Genesee brewery and we go into the tasting room. And you'd think man one that you'd sit around your taste in your time and you think. Exactly you guys make different beer here. How do you you know differentiate though here's this here's that you can't remember all these are supposed to taste in the walls work harper. With these little slackers. That tell you how not only how each individual years posted taste flavor profile. But that all these different things okay that's our guys are working its what causes all this. My head was spinning I'm thinking now are tasting room finally cool part. And I get out of there and once I don't know how these people. Do you see our our kids can walk away with me to that scene kind of appreciation. Absolutely they will listen cheat sheets that they can work it. You're absolutely correct. I am I saw from from alto to a liar tells her to a stuff that he truly. All of those are just there. Names ages sort of took for granted to enjoy it physical enough and something that I know that I'm gonna enjoy Whitfield with the chicken head. So I think yes that's definitely yours and it wasn't that it is going to be very very surprised specialists are really wrong here. Yes and that's going to be key. That are fair brewers here in the region may think about the resurgence as dozens plunged eighty beer than it is about a month ago. No way I enjoy that I lost a game in and it appears it was a great combination yet that was wonderful. Not your acting drinking all night that is you know is that sixteen ounce there was absolutely perfect. We'll talk. Kind of focus on that first second and now we ask everybody what their favorite theories that this. Particular point in time because it changes for everybody not just with the seasons maybe by the weeks. As we sit here right now on Tuesday morning what's your favorite here. The tough. That that's really tough I'm not sure I can really my favorite beer mysterious silent fear media and and I do enjoy I was again this man. Up until maybe about this year to go. Truly enjoyed my guess. I think I'd say now let us remind them more appeals there those guys. Some of the flying nice and selections are really. Just wonderful places like. So it like this summer so hard pressed to pick one particular. Operated that I enjoy. I will say it if you look at my appointment reaching who have that night coolers and truthful with just crappy. Not that I don't like the the name brand items Molson. Indy the other ones truly regret here. It's. Everybody's. Promiscuous drinker we will take it from eating community bureau he says that quite a bit. You're promiscuous stricker you have to try and all when you walk incident here's sorts of little. Overwhelming need be you wanna try a little bit of everything you almost feel guilty while in office back with the same thing that you all last time right. Well let's say I envision a beer. Down the road insane is one. Truly I don't go to many many liquor stores as we all know the senators stores just fill it. Wine selections from every country in the world produces WiMax effort to stick. I envision appeared it is eight. Maybe 1020 years from now and I think that's something we can really boards and of course we have to sample. Yeah that's one thing we do and what beer is simply don't spit it out of this well ultimately. It's why it's that that's. Right. Do it. When now when you look at people signed up for the crew and curriculum signed up for army the a couple of courses is there any. Sort of trend may be is it. In older crowd is it kids who are nineteen years old. That's a very good point there point. First up must be eighteen or better to Norton road for a majority of its students that are there currently. Are individuals without college degrees. I'm looking to make a change in your career or just looking to do something different. And majority aren't there over thirty. At least thirty. In the majority which are working full time. What other jobs so that's why we had to change our offerings whereas we offer versions her courses on line. And that's really you know not just for this curriculum but everything with the ECC is made for I don't know how many people I know who. Are really using what they went to a four year school for they wanted to dip their toes and something else. As the place to learn. Absolutely in the and the good thing you know defensive on other job opportunities. And actually what's driving this entire group is really good drive owner group considered. All right we're fortunate to have this is really. You on the edge here I think it's exciting. There by name he's in his interest in the curriculum unfortunately. That thirty. When you start slowly. It. They're waiting list people and doing well we don't normally it's tears me. Much they've all been accepted so it's gonna be first come first serve next next semester courses are offered again. We're to people go from Warren. More capabilities easy. That edu. And they to school go to our freedoms is under hotel restaurant management hospitality management and you'll see the entire curriculum offered at that point. And then they go through the admission process through your theories and. All right. Perfect thank you so much for joining us we'll be right back after this this is Bob Brinker listen for money talks Sunday afternoons four till seven on the voice of buffalo WBZ. And. Hey this. Level. The fly and I will be. Back your government be in your pocket Ryan dance around ski in here we have Ryan gates we just heard from downspouts you know. Professor airy community college. Who is put together aid. Complete everything you need to know about making beard get you ready to work in the beer and history. Some really good guy that was there is that around when I was going to college I might just on ECC for a few years. Is there were class where they'll teach you how to do an interview on our show. I think I can be against professor. I think he yeah that would be all the aspiring brewers spew like all right if you want to blog entry get a little. Experience in how to handle the media and how to treat the media right first things first ring be here. And it's in the number one thing and the only that's it that's pretty much. You know the worry about anything else are it's so that good there you if you wanna check it now Monday EC EC dot edu is where you go to get out and follow. Beer news this week. Troubling beer news on now. Still have a beer new sounder. That's mine that's mine now. All right so this is. Droughts is coming for you or IPA's. Next. That and sound. NBC news talked with hops farmers in Washington's. Yet chemo basic. I hope I'm pronouncing Yakima Cuba basin in Washington. It's the source of almost three quarters of all US tops. And said they're looking at Hopson loss across the board perhaps even a shortage. Starting as soon as next year all because of two rounds. Tom and misses from debt and BC article most cops are fairly tolerant so pollute less water can handle the heat but. Centennial. C Inco and Amarillo the Centennial and some code or use the lots. Tension not hold up as well and extreme conditions. And he adds that another variety the cascade. Which is also used a lot is in the same risk category 28. Slightly lesser degree. So. As we've heard before with coffee. Cocoa. Beef. Urban. I PA's hoppy Beers. Could be next to eaters here price. Hike. Or maybe there will be a couple lasts a ban on the shelves or on the taps in stores which. If we're being honest here there's a lot of different IPA's and if we lose a couple of I'm not sure yet but if they have a price hike I am going to outright price hike. At what I saw some lets loose some IPA's let's loosen my PA's let's not have a price hike because it's. Now just now I'm pretty sure to your. Big guys and even may be not. Big guys but it somewhat known guys like yours a year and a bad volunteered southern two year a lot of these other places. They have ordered their crops well in advance and build it others this war. Are these smaller operations I would imagine. Yeah and places where. Mine too. Two cops grown around here her house grown in New York State's locally grown tops locally grown. Our league grains they can and I have a locally sourced beer. One of the Beers from episode number two why believe. Not the one that we excuse me tried in studio but one of the other ones that being made at pearl street. Was made completely from locally grown ingredients. And next thing so they can still do that and it's talking with you know some of the other brewers around town. That's kind of where they're going next it is local. So maybe it won't hurt us as much if the hops in Washington. Our. Yeah I feel like a lot of the breweries around here probably nod giving their perhaps shipped in from Washington and now. And he is possible it's usually possible by three quarters of Hopson American Beers that's not just though we want to orders. On. So that's open watching. Take no price hike yeah I was looking in this this list tent cities were craft beer is taking off. And the criteria. Pretty much is the increase in craft beer sales in the last year. Apparently in Birmingham Alabama. Here's many 65%. Increase in Kraft Beardsley takes a look at what's behind the number increased from the past year. I mean Alabama. How many people largest drinking people are. Or acts. By the Gail and every six pack they sell is that 2% increase the year before. That's all literally only be two cases of the year difference from here yeah and that's that's the problem house gonna say is like I'm pretty sure buffalo is having a pretty. Huge craft beer explosion right now not even in the top ten. And I think there's no good looking hat. The proper things should be looking at percent of sales should be looking at breweries opening you know you don't go way to do would be. From payrolls. Rude. In their city city or area in the geographic area. That's true but it would also have to be. Barrels crude from year to year. Yes now that an increase of barrels through and then Tom another thing that I'd miss just came up off of the law and national. But in them. In Australia. There's many portrait painted. On the serve her way it LL. I hear that was the paint the piece was the beer the beer was used to Spain now Powell. Is this also all of you don't hops shortage is that alcohol abuse is are we frowning upon matter is that art. It's at the bottom line it's a fine mind so your saying arts is a waste of beer yes while. I mean you are bottle you wanna use the bottle for art okayed the beer is made for drinking. That's basically. Here's maybe with water to their starving people in China okay and your. Painting pictures surfers with precious resources. Yeah and it's I'm bonds to stop talking acting. On our rights. Rowdy Roddy Piper our feet. That's right before ago you can reach us at B man's one on Twitter. Erie WB EN dot com and I think next week we might start though little listener mail segment maybe answer question. That comes in every time listener mail. We we are full of listener mail nice fresh ideas I keep sending them our way beer at WV EN dot com. And it's happiness when on Twitter. And with that we will be with few maybe a little longer for break this time we'll see Ella goes but hopefully not too much longer will see him next time right here. Don't think I like me and while I'm all I think I don't give a damn about me about all I Baghdad don't give a damn about them in buffalo. Looked into myself. Why did they made it. He's got a great DC. Two group of people who.