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The WBEN Beer Podcast, Episode 9

Sep 22, 2015|

Back from Summer break, join Brian Mazurowski as he visits the new Lockhouse Distillery and previews the upcoming Ballpark Brew Bash

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's good to have you. Back here on the WV EN fear podcasts and be our best cast your summer vacation I say we. It's really just me Brian mess around ski here with you Brian Gay it's our producer he's taking another week off civil catch up with him. The next time we'll see what he did he was out in Colorado where bidders and in flux you think we have a lot of overreach here in buffalo alarming new things crop and up in Colorado it's crazy. So we'll see what he did there that coming up next week but this week we have a jam packed show no time to dude screw around and tell jokes. We got to get right to we have Chris groves and Doug Free Chris groves from consumers beverages Doug Free of the buffalo buys since. They're going to preview the ballpark threw bash it's happening this Saturday probably the biggest. Beer festival. In Western New York they claim it's the best you can be the judge but they explain why they think it's the best here in the podcasts after that. Scoring the Scott though of the lock house distillery. And no block house distillery does not make beer but I think it kind of fits in they have their grand opening. Earlier this week and they'll be doing some cool stuff later on too so without any further in eruption. Let's get to those interviews. This is Bob Brinker listen for money talks Sunday afternoons four till seven on the voice of buffalo WBZ. And where you're with Chris from rob because it is the rule bench this Saturday. Out it says Coca-Cola field and it's how how many years it's been. So there's six here. It as it passes that are fourth here moment. Actually get ES had this thing running before before we came on board it's been around for six years that are partnership with the consumers. This is against her work there. Six years and it's kind of grown into war I mean would you say the biggest of all the beer festivals that go on I mean there's so many of them are now. But this is still may be the one that everyone marks on their calendar. I would say yeah. It as far as base is concerned yes we definitely are the biggest. Our outlook for this isn't really to be the biggest is when you get to a certain level. Is don't have that kind of take that deal with everything. We're we we are the best however can't. And I. Have no qualms with saying it. We're all were all super big here people obviously there were in the beer industry route works. Food service and c.'s way. What craft beer desert. His clientele. And it's completely. The landscape yeah food and beverage especially in. And anyway this one's. So over all it's fantastic. You guys size six the same media on the forefront of all that serving some of the craft Beers in a setting where you might not expected in your introducing a lot of people along who thinks it's. I would like to think that we were here it via devices we are rolled out. Our friend here corner this but consider this consumers consumers striker corps. Five years ago. And we were the first ones to do it locally. And we we're. One other person Minor League Baseball for sure and maybe even throughout so injury days we go up phone calls saying hey how's it going. Outlet which is doing can give us a little advice and now. Obviously it's everywhere. But so we like to think we are on the forefront. What what was behind that is just you personally you said we gotta get this out and out there. It was we it started with flying nice and you know the grand oh look there there's and we. Society that we can take them under our wing and you know promote them as best we could. Here at the ballpark in this Christian Duluth so we you know we are big fans of craft beer here are ready. And we took there it started as little little niche area. And it's grown into its own huge trip corner who. You know we've sort of throw the ball. Her aunts great place to be especially Friday night won the buys into town and on the consumers and I mean we can to a whole show on this but growing from a place where. People go to bide your pocket nice to a place where you can spend twenty minutes from the cooler and looking at all these different Beers. How old I guess how long has spent. Process of expanding this election then going on consumers and what's that liked it. Work for us company now it has so many selections. Well there is it actually has gone through couples articles. There isn't boom in the mid eighties there's room in the early nineties and stuck around for awhile so it's actually growth and contraction. This is kind of the third wave Ivins is just stuck around. When I first started and consumers and 2001. I head. I don't know maybe 25. Breweries Atmos that I choose from. In his religious based on the availability of our distributors there is that there's a thousand literally thousands of viewers out there. But our distributors and it is it. This is this is me yes. Leaders and our industry and it's still it was kind of like. Well we tried that a couple times already and it didn't really stick around it didn't work. So. Right now it's it's just it's a solid. 45 degree angle up. Hide terrorists you're not turn it crap that's that's a scholar who you and and word for somebody entering the store today here somebody who's just turning point when your little it clearly faced with 2000 options. When I turned 21 layers and there's no money. It it's it's it's crazy. Is that do you find people walking into your store no matter what the age and just going. I don't know what to do here we we see that all the time we see people coming in. Who are heard from being must educated here consumers who somebody who has absolutely. Just very. Basic knowledge of yellow. Stuff and it can. So it's it's crazy it's just it. To see all of that. I think a lot of this stuff that we do is. Kind of take away a little bit of the pretentious less. Craft which I think inherently comes with any sort of it news thing. That's saying practice really hit ward new for only a matter. We knew we don't. We've really makes people feel welcome. Yeah question I'll believe it was asking if we don't know the answer Wolf Blitzer right now. You made a distinction. About biggest and best when it comes to this here fast there's a lot of beer festivals and I'm sure. Our listeners and spends the day have their choice and now festivals to go to. Throughout the entire year what makes it in your mind. Best. Well there's a number of things. First and foremost we're about quality as opposed to quantity. We're not gonna give you the same old fears that you can find. Other vessels we like to do our research and reach out and get some unique in different Beers here and it's because I can find. And other vessels or sometimes you can find in the area that matter. We reach out with a lot of favors and we get some really neat stuff. Also. Where Morgan events. There's more to do here than just. Cummings case really program here is we have. Some. Privacy cutting edge kind of crazy stuff nothing is off the table for us and this year we're gonna have a giant Jamie again. We never fight foot tall ruby excuse. We are going to feature an area code. Your father's beer lounge where we're gonna have some. Beers from the eighty's that you might remember like stroh's insurance and stuff like that kind of make a little. Kitchen area that's kind of cool to hang out and get some lounges in there and just chill that. We have. We're out of other games going out and surprise wheels and stuff. There Pete Rose so fast. Featuring VW's barbecue. So we'd like to do a bunch do. It was. It is important it's all about in my mind at least you go to one of these things it's about trying something new way and you might be a little disappointed if you walked in and solve well. Had to force had them before I'd seen that just about everywhere before you wanna be. Different. That the theory here we we. We changed it be C fives at 90% realist year after year. And I our partnership with the Verizon's allows. The unique stuffs it to really comment I mean you guys have lost relationships with your distributors but we have. I don't even know how to say wherewithal to where resulted today it made me sick that the cool factor happen. You mentioned that. Your grandfather's. Bureau of our attention he'll have fair and it's. Kind of weird because you have a whole group of people like field it will say you know I wanna try as many IPA's as possible I want tries many discounted Beers long as it's you know above 65 by the use outright here. People might look at a slits and is okay they're your obvious it's the same old stuff that's been around. I don't think. How many people of had actually it's in the year 2015 day and probably if it might be one of those things new to try out for everybody exactly. When you look at says this is a part of that. The greater buffalo beer week it's gone on kind of crowning events. Of the entire week is it as done in the past. Are you. Happy maybe happy is the wrong word do you enjoy having the input of all the area. Threes in your festival and having them around being able to do cool stuff with. I think this picture girl so what we do you know we work hand in hand with them. My you're familiar with Thea. The all part brewers series. About the brewers series that we did have protective pants. That we featured their resurgence big fishing community they're worse. There was kind of a liberal love where it us consumers. And industry breweries come up with something really unique in the area. They will each be making a special beer for us for our VIP area. As he the group matches located invited owns. So that'll be something that you know people may have garments all these breweries locally but not gonna get something. That they can only get here this. For a beer festivals this kind of cool so. You mentioned the Cannes where did the idea for the cans come from and it's only been what two months now when they were introduced that would July 1 and yet at that time it seemed like man is the first time I've been able to get it can have this fear now it seems like everything's kind of changed. Over the last two months but. At the time that was really something to be able to get a beer you were only able to get. At the place sometimes. And having your fridge and can't. Here there's what it was an idea that we started well over a year ago and if anything did the whole concept came from. Sports. Sports is always spend an integral part. Beer anyways. And down. Was it. I think iron city and Casey's. Facility featuring old time. Picture editing and I don't know how many people and granted in this series but it. It is cheap kind of team that ends in the area to area. Just an idea it hadn't really ever been done buffalo before. And stinky it was a perfect partnership having. Baseball in beer together and awesome friends meet us here. Will we see something like that in the future now only two months later you have a resurgence cans in stores Hamburg got bottles and stores will we see maybe something like that in the future a different ballpark a series. Well I was the ball park brewers series number one and so I think it's fair to say though be something. Stay true to their name it's a series they're asking me and them want you know. When you mentioned the special Beers for VIPs there VIP tickets still available and though what can they expect. As far as a special beer. We might have. Maybe a handful VIP tickets available we're just still aren't here yet so depending on when this when this answers yeah. Monday June 21 we cut ticket sales. Very. Were right about there and it's. Google's yeah pretty close now is that typical of the past few years it's grown each year. I think I'm. You know it was something really cool we did the first year. And by word of mouth thing. Just doesn't appear community talking about it people know that this is something you really. Accounts. So you know we expected it so it is. Agree it's a great part of Britain's. What kind of a special figures are we talking percent under wraps no it's not under wraps the peerless is now appears to speak to some of the really. Would you take care of the yes the best of the best trained. Hot hot items and any beer beer festival. Little money via IP section harder to always just really hard against our peers. Your fan. It's different it's we we didn't episode not to long ago talking about sour Beers and it is if you're. Mindset is to drink I put it. Similarly to eating a hamburger made of meatloaf. Meatloaf is greats and if you knew that you're going to eat meat loaf. That would be awesome but if you go into it thinking I'm gonna drink a beer just like I always happening you drink a sour beer your mind isn't connecting it you're not getting what you bargained force a sour Beers are good. If you know you're in fourth you're not tricked by unnamed. Bartenders who thinks this summer as some of the leaders on our list are. Tip top world class Beers room. Can't you know from entry Fontaine. And Ellie gash in the states. It's it when it comes down to you is it's actually our favorite breweries. And we're we're we just use the event to facilitate. What we know dean is good man what we know people will. Having really good time drinking because you simply can't get. Is that. Do this sour beer is kind of fly out maybe tap out a little bit earlier than everything else because they're. Harder to come buy do people really go foreign people yet they do they do flock to them. They're a little less taxiing on the appellate TC can actually get. Into. A flight. Sowers is we're not certain place for it. You can you can drink more of them and I got 13%. New Russian girls our actor Peter any sort of big big beer like that. That's are you a sour fan is that we are going to be flocking to him I am I coming around. I'm. It is it is presented it it it is much more palatable. Started as a Nike guy. But you know after 45 minutes of crushing your pellet with IPH really couldn't taste anything. After for the rest of the offense. Several Beers that are Ellie killers to. They're also they rule also. If you. You a lot of or drink a lot of acid. It's gonna read a little bit attic onions it. Where we're Nasser. In any any any any. Large quantity. So. I think I think there's a really really gets spread between sour imperial stout. Really hop forward. Barely stuff. Cast condition Beers there is who is actually probably more spread out than it has been in years past. Sorry as we've talked about the sour Beers and talked about what you can taste if you had doubts in the group bash. One thing we always ask people on our show is what is your favorite beer at this moment for me it might change by the weaker of the month. But for you guys at this moment we're sitting here on Monday afternoon. Your favorite beer right now we'll start with you at least it. I was. Let's get these big they're cheaper now. Accessible it's local. It is severely injured it's got a unique flavor when we add many months ago it was mentally and on the show. And that beer halls it's an IPA it's identifiable as an IPA right away but as enough of a unique flavor where you can distinguish it from any other IPA out there accessible and unique I love paper to. I don't know if it's my favorite right now. I never have to answer the question that's the best part about it and I show this this BS could change tomorrow it could change tomorrow it could change this Saturday. All right time as jurors well. I I have a little little tiny bit of a story on what is my experience and why it's there. So are we talking all time favorite nauert it's I don't use US what's mr. beard yes. So I just got back from India fishing trip I've been doing since I was it will walk with my dad and Brothers. My uncles everybody. Our Beers and I was able to drink legally it always done that it. So I will actually enjoy it will benefit the less video Tuesday. Probably more then I would really high and beard and nice dinner scene. Whatever four because I'm experiencing beer and thank you so right now. Meaning in the past 24 hours that fiftieth. There ego and you can buy twelve bombed for eight dollars you and you also. Where you actually can't do is the fifty mark so they stopped making it this is news to me yes because I think it was consumers you had. It seemed like. A lot maybe you're behind that you had a lot of Labatt fifty around. February. January that signed Drury did one last minute that was a last Iran. Yeah and it. A beard beard happens for me and all sorts of different context so I'm going to go to the day PE. This coming Saturday and an awesome time doing easing fears. But I probably won't have as good time during the fiftieth when out of boat fishing equipment. That's debts which in that time and place it's perfect. And you just dampen the mood here is telling me that it was a last run. What a way to end this interview will guys thanks for. Thanks drag me out here at the ballpark and we look forward to this Saturday and seeing what the prevention has in store this year. There aren't actual objective. Pages. Level. The variety that they'll be. Of course it's got to be locked counts distillery celebrating its. Grand opening today. How exciting news is that for you'd hear. Those words grand opening. This little nerve racking but it's finally coming to fruition and I eye candy contained. We have all been chomping at the bit the last few months from now when we're here it's very Israel. Let's go back in time just email when did you start with clock counts I always whitlock customs beginning. Originally. Hired him as just an employee and once we ramp up our. Production capacity I've really took the reins. The education background and went to grad school for breweries fermentation science. And management. Worked at a couple birdies are on the state. And found nice home here in my hometown of buffalo the time there's no glass ceiling no competition. And over and. The severe podcasts so. There's no shortage of people to talk to about beer in the city buffalo. This is a little different though it distillery break here and in the cobblestone district you feel that there is. I'm gonna use that terrible on that there's a real thirst for something other than just people making beer. Absolutely and and I think the the current trend of the craft spirits we see are really due to the craft. Here boom that evolved very. Are very aware of right now. Without that that really set the scale or where craft spirits are now. I mean it's it's really a return to old values and the way things are made before marketing conditioning took. America by the hair and showed them what they want now people actually can find out themselves what they want. Not all ears are created equal the same way that not all scarcity. When you come to a lot counts in the cobblestone district you calendars be you're here as I mentioned some may be able dangers that just about had him buyer but do you get to taste something a little bit different carrier. Yeah absolutely. And until you can go a step by and then we are actually the first place on the East Coast you have what we're doing. We not only are distillery that makes on I kitchen and botulism Belgian he's got four additional products coming before the end the year. We do our own also to businesses bar restaurant and any of the lakers that we carry that are searched sourced across from New York State. We consulted also. You focus on you're seeing products exclusively only serving hearsay your wine beer spirits insider. And resources much from the you're safer for me as possible. Right now we have about four local birdies on taps and the other three ring for a cross your state for near city Albany in the north. People know about lockouts and Kate Seidman liquor stores now when it's been around for awhile to Jin Soo what else are you making your what can people expected to come. So if you. Any of the listen to show up this Friday after 4 PM during her grand opening will be releasing our barreled Jane which is. And along time coming. It's a Belgian did I was the line between young whiskey in color texture and a very prominent jays flavor and aroma. It's got best of both worlds so if you on the whiskey drinker that'll really help introduce you to a different world experience. And the same goes for your own region drinker and don't like which people let's be honest because it's. Is that exciting for you because it's a younger place. Stuff like that takes a wild have made him finally being able to release it and and people thrive it's gonna be pretty on. Absolutely and just like any for anyone that deals with products. When you're making it your very apprehensive and very nervous when news and some things though. At first today I had was very cautious and now that I've tried it packaged it. I can definitely qualities. And that's this Friday but this Friday from 4 PM to midnight if the public go from 42 am. And and going forward after Friday will be open Monday through Saturday from. 4:4. PM to midnight and will be going to launches shortly thereafter. This year we podcast is Terry is the first and only non overreach by the participating in buffalo do. We're part of their passport program so if you show up at Stanford passport and you get that much closer to getting something from buffalo Erie. This. For Saturday we'll have four farm to fine Beers on tap that is Beers made exclusively from year to Iran materials malt hops. And the following Wednesday and the thirtieth we'll be happy to specialty tasks. Made from Buffalo's own community here works with the public expresso coffee beans and it. And old first ward brings their deception. That starts at 6 PM and I anticipate them running out. Too soon for my liking. Year Tom Bauerle weekdays three till 7 NEWS radio 9:30 AM WD and okay Brian mess around ski back with you here in the studio if you're still with those cy appreciated joining us through those interviews Chris groves of consumers beverages. Doug Free of the buffalo by since they detailed the ballpark brew bench going on this Saturday tons of cool beer a year heard them mention the Sowers if you heard us talk about sour beer before here on the podcast you don't know what you're getting yourself into you don't wanna go out and buying a six pack right away because you don't know if you're going to like getting quite frankly if you're a beer drinker even if you like a lot of beer soured just might not be for you you heard jog. Say that he's kind of getting into it just now Doug's a beer guy and if he doesn't like Sauer right off the bat maybe you won't either so the brew bash. Is a perfect way to go in there. Check out a sour taste a sample. And just introduce yourself to a new style macros for all the styles all the different Beers you have over there at the brew bash it should be. A pretty fun time also scoring the Scott we thank him a lot the lock house distillery joining us for a few moments and you heard him say there it's not just. Gene and vodka. That could mean for our long nighter or not pleasant night they have beer they have low whine for those who wine drinkers even though I'm pretty sure we banned them from downloading the podcast all of that you can check out at the lock counts distillery it's in the cobblestone district might feel a little hard to find if you're not familiar there. But it's back toward behind the arena. If you follow the street the South Park avenue behind the arena in the cobblestone district you'll see lock house distillery. And they'll have their bar there it's opened a fun place to hang out a short walk. To the arena to canal signed all that great stuff so cool things happening there and of course you heard him it's not just gin and vodka this Friday and Saturday all over the weekend next week for the buffalo beer week Phyllis some cool Beers stuff going on as well some cast openings. And you can check out the place it's a pretty cool looking place I'll tweet some pictures. That I took there one in particular. I think it's already up at the man's one on Twitter. A Giroux lying. Basically their formula for distilling. And we talked many times before how I'm not Smart enough and crying gates are produced series not Smart enough to make Airpwn beer we'd just like to drink it. And it looks like vodka gin. These are liquors are pretty much the same way. I took a photo of this formula Corey said it's not all bunching gobbledygook I still don't believe them. But lockouts distillery eight cool place to go and check out also the brew bash not so much in beer news going on this week we kind of ran long with the interviews civil tighten in up here but I do want to mention there is a new feature at WGR 550 dot com if you know me I'm a big wrestling fan you can check out my thoughts maybe once every other week certainly wants more than once a month. If that makes any sense deal. The WGR wrestling roundup you can find it that WGR 550 dot com outs weed out the links at bee man as one on Twitter. And you can follow along we'll have some cool stuff up their soon because there's a couple big shows coming in the Western New York area. So if you're into wrestling check that out to be GR 550 dot com Mike Allen there any suggestions for this show as always send them to have been as one on Twitter or beer at WB EN dot com if you have a topic gore may be gassed you wanna hear on the podcast just let us know. That'll do it for this episode and I remind you summer break is over so another one coming your way. Pretty shortly Brian mess around ski for our producer Bryan gates. We'll see you next time on the WB Ian beer podcasts.