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The WBEN Beer Podcast, Beer Week Bonus Episode!

Sep 24, 2015|

Get ready for Buffalo Beer Week with Brian as he speaks with the Buffalo Niagara Brewers Association, Gordon Biersch, and more!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello everybody wants this yes. A bonus episode a surprise bonus episode of the WB yen the year podcast I'm Brian mess around ski here. To bring you a show. All about buffalo beer week that's right. Buffalo beer week kicking off and we want to do something a little different to do you rate forts so what we're going to bring you today a couple of interviews and then I usually. Don't do this this isn't really what I want the podcasted before. You know my data big job working at WB Ian we go to a lot of news conferences a lot of press conferences and a lot of them. Are pretty. Boring it's a lot of politicians they give up there they read off a piece of paper. A lot of them are saying the same lines they said last week and the week before and the year before in five years ago but I did go to a press conference recently that you might be interest it and it was the buffalo beer we kick off that big ditch growing downtown it was a pretty cool that we had their Willard Brooks the buffalo and anger brewers association met on the big ditch you've heard him on the show before Jack Quinn talking about ECC's. Brew master program which you heard about on the show before you noticing a trend here Neal Kavanagh of consumers beverages and more all speaking at this news conference that we have that at the talent of the podcast before we go to that though we'll talk with Willard Brooks a little bit about buffalo beer recount it's grown. And Derek or wade head brewer Eric Gordon Biersch right by the gallery mall. They tapped a special passcode one of the Beers they made specifically for buffalo beer week we'll ask them a little bit about that hands what he has going out and over Gordon Biersch. All of this to hopefully get you ready for buffalo beer week I hope you go out. Try a few new places. A lot of tastings going on then I'm sure you've seen the pamphlets. The magazine site column because they're so thick now gone paired try some new stuff and hopefully this feature ready a little bit for that so without any further ado will go right sued the interviews. On this bonus episode of the WB Ian beer podcast. Buffalo Buehrle. How big is a grown over the last couple years and how much is this really humorous signature. Well in terms of the size of the publication that we put out with theory it's gone by about one Iverson here and and judging by the very busy. Tap rooms around buffalo. All the new brewers' opening up. It seemed to me to be the case that. There aren't a lot more. And love interest in craft beer than that. Seeing uses that the market has expanded. I don't have any statistics on it's that feeling. We'll we'll see how those of you read any theory is definitely symbolically. The high point of the year anyways. But we also have similar events in reading. And you look in our in our public hesitancy what we have planned for next year's goal is to have core annual kind of marquee events. It's going to be winter blues began eligibility January. It's going to be. Wolf will be a week. There's a summer possible culpable and responsible. And then we're also planning aid cross border possible tonight calls. That's tentatively being on the Canadian American business. That's intended to be a rather large your possible involvement wolf and and United States. Both the army kind of marquee events and then we're also plugging with the buffalo but the root out of the ballpark. If you had to pick one events and I looked through the Agassi Agassi college now how big it is what would be your favorite event. That's a little bell yesterday which of my children hyper. I have to say. I mean we you have to read. Marquis events that would commodity provoke you read. One his home ground kind. Today collection take passports. And passport is pick up and taken to breweries against him. You can find these passports apple ovaries. These these Beers and you get the stamp we're all made from locally. Locally sourced a malt hops and that's an attempt to really educate. People love about. Where vehicles. And who makes. Then we have the group that. On Saturday. Number points next this coming Saturday. And we have well well Saturday which is October 3 at a number of different clubs. Are participating in different regions and finals. And it's about this website we'll we'll hear me dot com and fans out there and sealed with him. We're Beers you're part of buckle your week what's this week likely guys. Exciting that we were going to be talking inside this American dream now that'll be part of the armed clients and everybody come and trying. Mcginnis anchor for your passport woods but surprises it enough breweries. Odds would be a part of the world has seen a sobering news in buffalo by. You know it's cool to see what's happening to you. Pretty Cuba now. Then you can bear some of the things that can hop around the last two years are you going to business and I've only been used to live. All of these facilities. While annually winners it's alive and I'm sure you can explain what. It needs to tell everybody what you mean save on the minds of our reply is yeah ideas and use local ingredients and once we're local agriculture local business. So that we can to distance away whether. Our local farmers are producing this hour. Quality moment quality quality Barney. And quality cops and all those ingredients hour. Becoming more help you guys absolutely Yang inequalities forget. So it's I'm happy he'll get through it and make it here was this will be a taste way. Reasonably well our. Our hearts are ours like ours. What what happened recently but when you when you say that to beat UC. Their faces dormant period saves. Locally sourced things like that everything made in the area what's the reaction if people really appreciate that they do yeah I think hey you know about a sense of pride for. Wait what were able to lose it. Especially after there's so many people that care about what did you very passionate about and you hear him being disease. Is full of passionate people. And you can really taste and quality ingredients are here. RA might be put in the spot here but you can't give it some of the things that we're Mears is doing for awful your. I assume you would do in the farm replying we do about. Dinner coming up there's there was dinners people who come game. And CE including beer pairings for people in and we also. He. Like music. On Tuesday. Hey this. Level. The riot. You'll be. President of the book so. Here to talk about three things here before we start first. Two talk about celebrating the history. And heritage of brewing in buffalo with the kickoff awful theory. Second to highlight the economic growth that's that you place as a result of the expansion numbering industry. In third to thank all of our friends and partners who make most possible. Buffalo Erie is going into six year. There's a tremendous expansion going on Newbury news streeters. Not one injuries now. When this started if you back there're two in buffalo. It's drawing others when he now there seems to be in a great number of more in the process of opening. Is in the nineteenth century there were about forty or reason anymore palaces in buffalo operating simultaneously. And whereabouts experienced something similar seems like history's repeating itself. And with muffled theory we're going to be highly along that along that growth and excitement. Second. Cropped up so SP as a result of these. A lot of these put. Changes have been made the last few years since two dollars and twelve music farm overreact that was passed from voices we've seen the opening up lots of new Barley fields hop fields mole house's own eyes. From a house in buffalo others who lost to Western New York. It's now possible to make beer that is percent made in buffalo both grown and root. Or history there actually be proud of it's that we have twenty breweries. We have several world class beer bars retail shops. Waters just a tremendous amount of excitement. Around craft beer buffalo. We have the luxury of having a 4000 dollar grant from. On Thursday development corporations hoping its market. The awful match and both will be read in southern Ontario. And that that is getting a lot of attention our traffic on our website shows. The proximity ago our region's news stereo is a big asset that we got your region. And you can expect this is really focused on the next few years. Last basically what we are seeing here in this room is everybody makes this possible. We have. About forty members of the buffalo my neighbors' association. Buffalo Erie is going into its sixth year. And that that has been made possible by the participation that tree of pretty much every meaningful. Industry player. In the region and keeps getting bigger every year it's drawn by about 25% year over year in the last three years. And it's it's getting to the point where you need to Allah objects now to make it bigger so. Without with a lot further a deal to talk a little bit more about what we talent out for possible theory. Just kind of run through a few of these guns. Throne throughout Thursday night we have on what Michael your Wheaties and shuffle board determined here ditch. Which is native hello ovaries are going to be competing against each other and it shuffle board turner orbiter the shuffle board. Range and what is called. Table not at. I guess I'm more friendly with gulf console port. And the next days my wife's birthday. Slow PO. Albeit through time which actually is having events all week long. 120 six's the progression of the ballpark prevent. It. And that's going into its sixth year there expecting 4000. Enthusiastic. Beer lovers to show up via peach and is already felt well build up solid. And that's in the very exciting event. The next day for those view can stomach the additional the year honors the be burnt barbecue birdman appearance cigar dinner out of me skip its library. That's a fund raiser for towards based theater. We have vines in mines which is a beer and wine Perry dinner. Block or so away from big pitch at ocean oyster bar. That's going to features even Beaumont Tuesday. Well known beer writer who's from Toronto and he's going to be Perry up whipped in Reno shop and ocean as well as John. Jonathan oaks Tuesday winemaker. Wondered oaks states and there are going to be Perry each course it is six courses with me. Wanted to theories none will be an educational opportunity for the for the guests. On the next night Thursday broke up with culpable mom mash they selected this sort of Michael Jackson Michael Jackson esque. Selection of a rare Beers that will be served in three flights the next night pizza plan that's on the thirtieth. And and on the third of October is pub crawl Saturday we have seven pub crawls actually six excuse me. And they are all around the region and it's sort of a regional beer festival it and that is going to be a featuring neighborhoods responsible. Enjoyment beard because people are walking. And keeping that are their business and local favorite pubs and that's something that I think we'll see getting bigger and bigger year for they'll take place more lessons in time. So you kind of choose which it. So without without further review it like it is neck on he's the president of bigots. And AD NBA board member. Matches I've seen Matt over the last two years. Go through the process of opening big ditch one of their favorite Peters outraged members. On being. Privy to early proved that in his garage and series they can garage to garage. Partner. And and this is what's came out and so for new America. Think he'd. I'll speak very quickly and let my other esteemed colleagues speak a bit more. Com we're honored to ever won two big expert company to kick off your week. It was only just a little less a year ago we are just hopeful Hillary could be Tom preparing to open answer your for the first time. And I remember thinking then as a as they do now that buffalo appear re always beats US. About the potential problem one of the greatest yours cities in the country. On it wasn't that long going that far would have been unimaginable. I'm now as we look around at all peppers have popped up around the area. I'm just over the last few years you can feel old that you're seeing growing the cultures very strong here it's very supportive. And you can really feel that us being audited the best your cities and countries not really out of the question. That's a great feeling for us for a one year. Were have a bi partisan agreement supported your town we hope government takes its time to meet you look over this week injury entries refresh. And delicious local yours thank you. I have other opportunities to employ the regional president of the emperor's state. Development corporation. It's with Sam points. Support over the last couple years we have been sort of come to this point of having this program. I was allowing us to market off will be Rica's southern Ontario. His colleague Sam killers and instrumental and they expect countless hours to prettiest of the process and believe me it's been a little bit of a challenge for us sort of do you manage the complexity of getting getting into the getting into the system but we did it. And soda has given us you know some money to spend on wedding part of the world know that there's a world class beard as a nation to sell them. In buffalo. Thank you. So. A couple of observations. I'm standing next month ago Jack in here he and I have been in government. For many many years in my case close to thirty and I can say this. I haven't been to a press conference. Where everybody in the room is drinking pints in a long long time. Maybe ever and I think that's great number two Ivan had a beer in in 26 years and I have to tell you. You know when I drank beer Jenny cream and I think Budweiser were the options and there's a degree of jealousy. I have to work. State right now arm and and finely. This observation. You know with partners like Jack Quinn with Willard Brooks all the great rumors here my good friend neo Cavanaugh. You know Willard mentioned. That were repeating history if you think about it and we're doing that in a lot of ways. Obviously we the incredible growth we've seen in this industry yes. Buffalo once was. You know one of the premier brewing destinations and centers. In the United States and North America. We seem to be coming back to that point. Once again and similarly. Buffalo was once one of the great economic engines of the world. And we've seen. Just an incredible turnaround. In recent years and so the two are parallel each other and I think it's it's evidence that. Them we can be great and we will be great again I'm Governor Cuomo. Has done a number of summits. Over the years and he's brought. All of the experts and people in certain industry to Albany to have a discussion about how steep government ate canned. In hands that particular industry. And see how state government can get out of the way. That particular industry when it comes to growth on their bin a number of beer summits in Albany and it's resulted in I think my colleagues here would agree a reduction in regulation. And an increase in terms of legislation. Has been put forward that allows this industry. To grow and prosper so. On the industry vote provides jobs and attract many visitors. In New York State and witness your weekend there's some irony of people on both truck. Your week is your week here in. OK so were emphasized little bit more. This week. But as mentioned earlier Willard the governor has recognized the great growth. This project or. Very well. The governor and empire state development war market mean to this extraordinary. Population exists. In the north of us in Canada and made a pitch that we've got a product that if we showcase if we market if we advertise it. To our friends in Canada. Who like to have a beer case like us what's New York they'll come here. Now learn about our product and it will be more of an economic driver. Bringing people across the border. So he's pleased to announce that he did dedicate 40000 dollars to ruin associate in association. And that money has been spent. It's been spent aggressively marketing the southern Ontario market not only to bring them to all of the events have been articulated already. With regard to. Appear weak but. To put buffalo on the map. When it comes southern Ontario and the opportunities exist here or not only having high quality. Craft beer but to enjoy all of the other entertainment recreational. Cultural opportunities. That exist here what's New York so. My applies to all of you been doing such great job producing what I'm told it's such a great product and keep up the good work thank. Before I moved back here after being on the city for awhile IE became mesmerized by the history of awful memories for him one of the things I was struck by. Is how. It wasn't just the brewers lose it was beer gardens it was breweries it was more ounces it was. Equipment manufacturers are risen architectural firm that did nothing but build breweries there was a hole. Infrastructure holes in the buffalo was in the sense they Centre of excellence for brewing. And one of the things I always thought would would be needed for that to be come the case again would be for there to be an educational component to. Are offering and well now we have to. There's one up in Niagara county and one here and ECC and there they're both going to be training. Young young young folks. In in neighboring industry so easy c.s are today he knew brewing program brings science and service program. I believe it's launching now and Jack Quinn is one of the folks instrumental in the founding of that institution and the like introduced Jackman. Thank you Willard and thanks for including EC's Ian in this great space and it's always good to be with you anywhere. Especially in a beautiful place like this Mike congratulations to the folks at it this places them. What were neighbors down the street and it's a wonderful wonderful spot our minute the college you know but seven years. And that Don spreads you out always with a hiding in the back of the room is usually does is really responsible for this ruler but. As president I get to handle the complaints and the good news days as well and better about seven years we have. Over a 103. Majors courses that are of studies that are at the college now we do a lot of training I said despair is now coming over here. Finally. We've got to corset BCC that I know something about. After all these years they found something that might be able to comment that. Seriously and and Sam is right sometimes jokes back and forth. It'll be carried away but this is big business folks congratulations and in week. This is big business for the region the governor that Sam points off his designated time. Heard pitches he hears all kinds of pitches for money all the time believe me we're in line a few times but. To get to this point. Willard in the rest of the team. Two be recognized by the governor of our state to come up with some money after being recognized in the State of New York is a huge deal. And I it'll pay dividends as it is certainly will pay dividends in the economy in the tourist business and we believe in our college. Balanced as you Arnold started out modestly we thought we're gonna have about 1215 students. When we advertised of course we go located teacher last year toward the end of the school year. Well twelve to fifteen route 125. To thirty. And now we've got interest were probably thinking about starting the second lot of course work him. In both culinary school which is our restaurant on the streaming north campus so. We're happy to be a partner at UCC we we believe we have a footprint here in the city it's always going to be here and as this for you revitalization. Occurs. Your business. He's going to be a great big part of it it's that we've got the Kevin off family after. A lot of years in the great things they do up by the way my Brothers and I are wives. Rented one of those little paddle things you've got that. You ought to put disclaimer efforts that people under thirty. I thought out and have a harder than they actually had a goal and have a beer world it's finished we all went through to make sure that I have enough. That that demographic threat and any event thanks revenue ACC with Saddam thank you for your artwork on this. Will be you are for some questions that are put great good good luck this is a far an important thing to do thanks. I selective amnesty bill Stevenson general manager of the night your college teaching brewery. There's there's a tremendous amount of excitement in southern Ontario around craft beer. I had the occasion few weeks ago to go to a beer festival in Niagara on the lake. And there were one is the Marbury there and just a tremendous amount of excitement and enthusiasm. Very well organized event and that organization. And and us have been talking about doing some things together that will accent the cross border element of our region. Soon there's a lot of opportunity for collaboration across the border. And we're very excited you hear more about that Steve. Well congratulations on buffalo your week and remain very. Alert and on your reporting CB which has been through clippers association. John all the president you'll CB could be your today's on your bring his regards and it is so witches. And congratulations on another successful start. What it meant to my day job or for an agricultural outlook for doing some things together with these. And we started area about your program and teaching brewery and Tony tan. It's grown tremendously. And the reason we started was the material crept association reports to us. Rarity had a period. Successful one program running and teaching winery they pay you approached us and said we tease ago we need infrastructure. And he's easy to jump on the area. Jump up to the plate and agree with the growth in video what's your. Who sings it that's great. And in order to mention that I would look at it from some. Festivals or something together but like to call out your poll workers. So. Again congratulations everybody and and years. Here are the reporters that's not a name we had in mind but that's a good idea. You know Cavanaugh consumers averages Neil is involved in so many different aspects of the local over an industry. Promoting many different professionals that opera local breweries if they're brand out. He's editor supportive of the brew about for the last several years and made that into the big event that it is but putting a lot of effort into marketing event. And zoo it's very difficult to imagine many of the festivals take place in the region well. It's a respect just think it. Miller thank you gentlemen for being here today I'd like to thank all the members of the press in the industry that are here today. Consumers beverages have been in business for 67 years and this period of time that we're in right now is the most exciting times in the last 67 years. With the re re advent of the local breweries but the association we Niagara Niagara apostle and act or brewers association with the court that Butler. Put into it. It's it's an exciting time for us to be involved. We vote be involved we've been we've been promoting all of the local leaders. Since the inception Butler mentioned five years ago there were merely to robberies and other approaching twenty in existence. And that's in large part thanks so. His team wanted to ECC. Look the support of that in the act brutally college has waited she was great with working right awful market. The launch event for buffalo here which will be held this Saturday vocal field. And apartheid years ago consumers teamed up with the ball well buys this with him Parkinson robbery. And each year the event has grown. And this year's Wheeler mentioned we expect multiple thousands of people beat Cole field. It will be offering only local leaders from local breweries but many across New York State it's a matter. If yours. Happy to support the industry. The word out to be part of western new York and buffalo and go -- Saturday the ball. Lately view of the law. The recording it was a Christmas it's pretty big. When Christmas is happening it's very evident that it's happening there's Christmas trees there's lights. It's very difficult to drive into this city. When it's Christmas and not recognize that Christmas. So like use our video off will be your Greek as Bob will be your Christmas. And so let's make the world know that bubble period is taking place what's fun ways to illustrate this by various symbols are posters. FaceBook that's now a new thing. You know as they become very great force in in marketing. And and in cities around the world where. Peter's been around for centuries. Or millennia in some cases they have these very you know old symbols that. In L illustrate certain regional festivals and annual things take place. You know Christmas trees for Christmas. The pierced the pierced are pursuing will be here in Germany. That's sometimes they have rooms. You know others CEOs beaujolais is all these regional things we need to start thinking about. How we're going to illustrate this of that when you drive down neighborhoods in buffalo during theory. You know it's theory. So hearings been around for six years really just getting started we haven't yet determined that. So. It was just think about that as soon as you go through theory and I'll get the word out.