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The WBEN Beer Podcast: Return Guests!

Oct 23, 2015|

On this episode, Brian Welcomes back both Matt Kahn of Big Ditch Brewing, and helps Dean Jones of the Genesee Brew House introduce his new beer. Contact Brian - On Twitter @BMaz1 and via email at beer@wben.com

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back everybody another edition of the stuff. Here podcast client mess around here with few in the WBE and studio were in a new studio. Every single time we do this podcast now last time I was next door this time on here. None of you care you just wanna get to the interview we have to. Coming up for you today first met count of big ditch sperling we talked with Matt in our first episode and now it's been one year. Since they've opened up operations. Only eight year it's kind of hard to believe that with all the great beer big ditches come out with the only been around one year we top with Matt a little bit about how things have gone indeed rule how's that new place on here on street. If you remember our first episode. He was about a week away from opening up that place and now we get to revisit and see how things have gone and if you made the trip out there. You know it's being gone pretty well. We also bring back Dean Jones of the Genesee brew house dean is here to talk about the new salted caramel chocolate Porter it's coming. In stores soon it's their latest special batch pilot test batch whatever you wanna call it. Of beer to come out to brew house and hit shelves all across the area. So you'll be able to taste it soon nimble top with dean. A little bit. About exactly what it is all that's coming your way so while it out of the way and will head to the interviews. This is Bob Brinker listen for money talks Sunday afternoons four till seven on the voice of buffalo WBZ. And. Actually hear it on your round. Show us and now we're revisiting that her show. Lineup I think it's just before you opened this place maybe a week. Before it went out and I was and so aren't you waving a dance that question it seems like everyone's talking obviously severance and exit. It's been certainly a little bit busy. Are narrow opening was back in May and we had six solid weeks we're pretty much act all the time. Has gone all things following a little bit but that's that's binds you were preparing sort of the next phase this season on things that victory ominous time if you happen. Better time to get in there buff here it is it everything you a mansion displays elements on the list and opening up in all the people. Came to visit so far I think it's rallied in much much more than I imagined playing the and we you know we thought we never really nice action. And mediated but. You know that. People have enjoyed this latest case that's have enjoyed it. We've got a great staff working here just fantastic and really hard to achieve some really proud earning less apt to use them. And the gears and received really well you. You know we've we've been able to do lots and you find stuff here on the scanner powerful weapons and numbered years robbery in. Everything's received grades I'm gags it's it's it's more than I've arguments in the food you might take this as a horrible himself but I was so surprised at how good it. Laws when Nate you're the first time. What do you have what kind of magic yet moment in the kitchen are you impressed with the staff that you have brought on it seemed like. It was a new process for you guys and up pretty well absolutely. When we first sort of match in this space we knew we wanted to happy because. Food goes well a beer here as well with these. And you wanted to have a reason we'd like to recently eaten ones need here have a few drinks generated these common. We initially envisioned something very simple but as the space Rio we knew we need to expand the menu a little bit. Regretted or general manager Johnson agreed that he sort of you know the prototypes of the main news. And then we went and found a great chefs name's Mike Mike Conway on the seniors who spearheaded that affected our menu I'm running greet staff as well so yeah these guys on in the kitchen. And we have had a lot of people. Comments they like you know I can't decide what's better than beer attitude and that's we think I am pretty good things. You mentioned some new stuff. Being in this bases body news here and a little bit since any thing. We should look out for coming up in the near future on yeah we actually have a year coming they're gonna release next week it's called all black. It's actually sort of par version of an October fest a bit darker than a bit riskier but also might drinkable tournaments out here. We have just today groceries and experimental fun stuff in the very small batches were putting him. I fear that when harbors created sorties and oatmeal Allison spice. It's a dark dark multi year Austin Mason it will Friday forgetting gearing up actually 4% cursory. Which will be submitted to the middle October its say and we're prepared to meet our. Full scale that like yea it's we've pretty much all separate accident that should be pretty exciting. And I get your quick hits and it's moments app absolutely usually are my prototypes of Indonesians theories that usually sells at about it days. It will be tapped today. Both see what happens after that today gone tomorrow it could happen yes that's not a good thanks. Because he's so they can go swing and you'll lose them the right man is. We have teams you know. Back with the sun the WB CN your confidence and. Dean the last time we talk with you you had the imperial. Black IPA selling really well you add the Scott shall selling really well and now something new. Absolutely thanks for having me back it's really fun to be here are we have released that salted caramel chocolate Porter. That it was so popular. The last time we get a pilot match that went out for the capital project. It's sold out as you know. In a matter of days everywhere and people were holding authenticate it and capping it later just to keep excitement in the crowd going. So it was definitely in the player he. To make it on the full scale batch but it's one of those. Really really hard packages to heal up so it took a little bit but we've probably made. And tell us about though what we'll see soon in stores now I haven't tried yet. Idea I just saw the note that a new one was coming out said we gotta have dean on right away and I still haven't tried it. But Tellme a little bit about what we can see soon from the John Seabrook house. Well I can definitely use some of them held a cure that problem and collection will be shortly. But you know of these default to cobble talk reporter again within collaboration. He missed artisan chocolates. Than they were thrilled to sell that amount Chocolat that it was almost 40000 dollars a child what could be at the actors year. From them so it was quite quite an undertaking but this beer will be out almost in seven states. Com and I'm really happy to announce that. On the way he has picked victory it's all Mad Magazine. So it will be an every wegmans. That they own. Shortly. It it seems like a perfect match right there you have the Western New York store and you know Western New York beer. Absolutely and you don't I'd love to note collaborations. It was just an absolute blast to go down there. Find out about how beast shock quotes were made on and what care and expertise. And artisan capabilities. That Keaton as parents to make peace salt to Kabul. On which were just so amazing and it blended so well the beer I frankly just cannot be happier with the outcome. It sounds like a good pairing can you give us an idea. How what you're going to be tasting if you pick up before pack. All you know what it is amazing because everybody count it as you know is different so com some people are more sensitive to salt some people more sensitive to Kabul and chocolate. On the every little subtle new ones is in the air and that's the gist I'm taking out of the feedback on that we have so far is that. It really is appear first. You'd get that its move chocolate roasted character. I'm with the east can Golding cops. Our other a reporter. And you can really taste based beer and you know vendor initially. Formal role what is just waiting here notebooks. It's such a sweet. Carmelita like a robot arm which is Rashid and it appeared that really blends in with the chocolates. Odd that we added in the cattle. And then when you swirl that surround an amount you get everything you'd swirl it first persons to carpal. And it's the chocolate edits to the year and then he swallowed in Egypt assault on the finish. It's really it. Really quite amazing. How you can pick out. All these flavor characteristics in this appear in. I'm even more amazed that a lot in the general public can do this as well. Not everybody has their craft beer constant worrying can pick up these flavors in but that seems to be consistent character that I am. I'm catching is that everybody is getting these subtle nuances that are all blinded and they're together making this relief yeah spectacular product. And a Porter for me is a colder weather theory is that the same for you wind is that why you decided well you know it's gonna come out in the fall winter time let's make a reporter. Absolutely you're spot on the money it's definitely a fault beer. I know craft beer drinkers that. You noble during imperial stout middle summer I'm one of those creepy people. But definitely Porter fits this season. And you know with the chocolate in the hall at least he's coming up we saw what better time. And then two other you know release a nice party beer rate is so fault approaches. This is in a four pack what went into the decision to make a four pack instead of the six pack that you combined Scottsdale. Well they were not happy with because it was incredibly expensive. Are we talked about it chocolate. And yet. Assault crime that went into this year mean it was upper 40000 dollars and and so they had to do something by they definitely want it to be value conscious of this. So they've really price to be in line with. Scottsdale in the black if you that you mentioned earlier. On May just decided to make up the marginal little bit in the four practice and take away two bottles. On and that covers it in and not everybody can have a hard time paying nine boxer for. And we are still. Way more than incredibly competitive. Which appears like this would exceed. Com other you know larger craft breweries that are put out a similar product it would be 1499 or act. So we are still on our value and listings. We could on the speaker so in its sales are any indication. We basically. Under prices here for sure. While the other two Beers deep black guy PA imperial black 98 the Scottsdale they didn't taste it's but they were pretty boos he Beers today you could drink a couple and you don't really need to many more. Now what are we talking about with this one. This is greater openness six point seven alcohol range Oates not real huge. No it's got killed you know being up around eight. You know and a and a black repeat Nazi ranged from work every student and that's kind of what I'd like to to really make you appear are really pleased that we I'd like to drink come. I'd like a little higher alcohol like a little warming sensation in the air but I don't want to be anywhere close to overpowering so it really half. Have to raise the gravity up. Took talent that. So really it's somebody made a comet immediate you know while this is as easy to drink as has been ESPN. And that was my whole intention. So you've got this black IP David's just silky smooth. Calm and very very drinkable. With the stature that it has and I think he sought to pummel Chaka Porter and the scratch heal all have those characteristics which is really how I like liberal. I don't want one particular. Perimeter of that peer to stand out in your case I would really like to have series smooth transition. And be happy to be able to pick out all these little nice subtle nuances that worked so hard to do and there. Hey it's worked well so far I'd love the other two Beers and we can still see discounts jail in stores that's. Here to stay right. Yeah absolutely it's got shielded a year round product on the ticket sold extremely well. All to wegmans and as well as the black IP missile which tree well we're getting now demands. Com for the pac. I PH but it's gone so I don't know organ put in another batch of that are aren't they are actually talking about that now. Being editors now colder. We released their beer at the start of the summer looked which destruction don't cancel really really well also. That was telling me to craft your drinkers were definitely accepting a large heavy peer. Two at the onset of summer so. Why have to latency what the upper hand teams come up with such a decision that'll maker and not even really involved in. Other than yeah I'd like to see many veterans to as possible so. Not currently threatened her children pre you know it's it off and see ya go out in the market and in your feedback and which is another part of this job that are really enjoyed. Why it one more before you go were over your buffalo we've got in on the phone now from the brew house if you word this stopover. Right now what are some of the things you're making. To serve in the brew house that you might not seem stores by the if you stop by Genesee you can have a taste of. Really cool right now it is companies. The person doesn't first figured it our best that next. The next step forward Peter that's gonna go out of the 25 select craft counts on is that Mueller's marvelous harvest it'll. And I made that now every years we have been here the hawks came from mr. Mueller's garden in his backyard. And they were all cascades. So I made this beautiful ESP beer. That's got a very nice Kabul multi backbone to it popped right up there to about sixty be used with a very very large. Rationally competition. On taxes you're a minute mark in the world pool so it really is this wonderful smooth wet pop the year. On that chips went on tap today. On and that will be out in bars and restaurants schools 25 capital accounts. Probably on into retreat. A brew master Mueller's guarantee that sounds like a fairy tale that's a real thing. He they've got is just so passionate about beer. He's so Smart I mean he's been here forty years. Arm and you know grows crops at home which definitely. Is attributed his passion for her for craft beer. And his wife and himself that outback Circuit City creek mail in and picked all of these are going off there for me and got me absolute wonderful you'll. In their. In the twenty ground in in the twenty pound range. For these fresh when ops enough so I was absolutely thrilled when he brought men and he's he's very proud that it crops grow really well so that's part of it. It is. On BR type series B group masters fears that he doesn't have an extensive popped card and so. Our Dean Jones of the Genesee brew house and it's a funny thing dean we're gonna let you go because as you were answering that last question. Literally coming to my desk in a package is a four pack. This whole word alight though so that we can crack one open. Currently doing what we know people are shabby defended. Perfect dean thanks so much and and we know will be talking again in the future. Are used to. Okay very used Dean Jones always fun to have on the show and if there's ever guy passionate about the year dean is it and I think it comes through. Now when we talk to him just then it came through in the last time we had a mine and if you haven't listened to the last time we had Dean Jones someone. We took a little too were at the Genesee Marie and the brew house the top with dean about the last few Beers he hadn't stores. Seton go back into the archives and shirts on the same page there. And take a listen. To dean talk about the Scott shell. What he does have the brew house and if you're ever in Rochester. It's a pretty cool place to check out what we and dean on talking about that salted caramel chocolate Porter which apparently. Sold out in just seven hours. When he first brought it on tap into the house now he says that and most Beers. When he comes out with something new. Sellout pretty fast. But seven hours seems a pretty fast so they figured hey. Let's people like this a lot. Let's see gated out there for everybody else also of course want to thank man kind you heard him I just before dean talking a little bit. About what's going on a big ditch brewing how the places then since it opened and their one year anniversary which was well. Last week a ball laid happy belated one year anniversary too big ditch brewing here buffalo. We got fed up a little late I hope you can forgive me everybody I promise we will be back soon with another episode. I don't know where will be. Will be somewhere and we'll bring you was somebody knew this is kind of an repeat guests episode which is fine because we love talking and these people but. Next time we'll bring you someone new. They haven't heard on the show before it should be on time if you have any suggestions. Contact me on Twitter at the man's one it's not that are. Or on email. You know email that thing that people used to do our beer at WB EN dot com. Email me as suggestion. Comment what do you like what don't you like. I know you don't like me but guess what I'm not going anywhere Sarid tele. So at beam as one on Twitter and hey let me know what you drink and feel free to send me you know any review of anything or hate check this out. I'm always receptive always looking to trying new things unless it's a pumpkin beer. It's all pumpkin Beers terrible that'll do for this episode until next time I'm Brian mess around he will see you right here. On WB EN dot com.