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The WBEN Beer Podcast: Winter Beer and Big Expansions

Dec 11, 2015|

Brian Mazurowski welcomes Flying Bison's Tim Herzog and Pearl Street's Chris Herr to talk what makes a good winter beer, and looks at the Genesee Brewery's planned expansion

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I think everybody joy and we're back here I didn't forget about it that W beat you and your podcasts. Back. After a lengthy absence I think these are becoming more we'd do it when we feel like. I hope that's okay with everybody will come to you may have something to say about that this podcast Roxio buying nobody except me. It's brought to you about kindness of my heart so keep that in mind when you're listening no corporate interest in here it's just just me just mean you guys we have fun showed today a few different interviews for you here we have Tim hers on the flying buys in. Chris horror. Of pearl street grilling brewery and I just got off the phone number according this on the same day it's going to be put up in my Pia first forest. Chris for cheer the CEO of North American breweries and had big expansion project just announced at the Genesee. Marie before we begin now our first two interviews we'll hear timbers on flying buys in Chris her pro street. We're talking all about winter Beers because it's the season it's that the Christmas season holiday season even on sitting in the studio. Baking from the sun shining in through this window that callais Ares I I hope. This sounds okay because I can't cede this screen. The suns go layer is just too much are sitting here on the few days away from Christmas I'm I'm a sucker for packaging as you might know. Already you give me a beer even if it's one day don't really like. And you put a cool label on it. I just wanna have it. I'm terrible in that way so Christmas. Is a bad time for me spending money I'm Beers time may or may not like my fridge right now it's full of holiday beer we have the the southern tier two accidents it's got to a couple ornaments on Alec L looks festive let's bring it in here I have the Christmas out from Breckenridge Marie. A very good beer I like that one a lot this first time I've had it is this year and it says Christmas on it it's got a wreath. Looks pretty good I might sneak a few those under neat though little tree I have on a table top because it looks just Christmas seek. And of course of flying bison bison warmer that sound and the label looks like. One of those ugly Christmas sweaters. And we talk a little bit about that would simmers on about the label who came up with that ugly Christmas sweater label it as well as abouts. The beer buys in warmer so we'll hear that right now so let's go today interviewed simmers up flying buys and re right after that. You'll hear Chris terror talk a little bit about Al what he's got on tap as far as winter stuff and then now will be back here. In just a little. Davis Love at 11 o'clock level. It's it's it's traditional when a woman's file fear such deep amber to brown color here. 68%. Is usually where they've also. Went right on the middle of the 7%. And it's got some places to a to add a little or that which are warming type sensation about what alcohol it. So we've got a little clove little ginger. Little cinnamon. A little mean it's enough to put some balances and put some flavor merits not a big punch in Canada. It's a nice balance to it it's definitely beer. That's spices it is it tough to get that balance me and this type of the year because it's all about the spices. With the winner right absolutely it's trying to make its place here's what trying to make a good idea. You know years. You don't want to beat people over the head with bitterness but to one affirmed at and it's also want a lot of slavery there. So what we went more with the spices was to take out a little bit of a considering and puts into injury the oil. And that lol. Start to build up flavor and Anderson and a little later and a close aerobatics so you know we went soft if somebody says while it's not quite seen uploaded. Okay we can turn it up a little next year but if you go too much and employers and wallets like a pilot Christmas cookies and it doesn't taste like here at all. We wanted to appear that adds spice accents not a bunch of places that by the ways to solve that there. Are there other years you've had in the past when her Beers it and it trying to modeled this after you've taken something wrong. Probably would probably draw influence from everywhere whenever anybody for some years you're drawing influence from what you've had. From what you've tried and and ours really as much beer and Holler true winter lost hold that you haven't England's. It was a big model for us. And that's that's where the the cinnamon clove combination really came from from me I've made out with some restaurant front line for your dinners before. So are really I don't wanna test to get into that rather than. The honey. Ginger honey combinations that you know greatly sort some of the other places had. We really wanted to to get more into that non. English tradition if you will in all the lost souls on the fire at enabling out more than one of the things we tried to keep who's leveled out. Which would keep its points for being over the top. But still have the noticeable there. We came up with a bottle this time you see so many creative on Christmas designs. And you'd think that Christmas sweater which in and out there already readers beyond wanna see. Accidents one other one from a much larger national branded payments but ours was not hurt. I want to emphasize our conference the design was solved mark O'Leary whose one above marketing people at networking company. Utica but our partners and miles will be at the brewery tonight if you wanna translator with a little bit trite distributing. But he came over your idea of the Christmas sweater right away at you know we thought it was really clever we just jumped on program that. I'm a sucker for good packaging so that's an important meeting on last question for him that is around wintertime you see all these winner appears. And they're all kind of along the similar lines humans in the spices it's a darker here do you find people really going gravitate toward those fears in the winter or do they stick with their favorites here. Are among a lot of craft beer drinkers are doing that's seasonal to seasonal seasonal thing and take on a proved out point. Somebody came into our sampling last Saturday said. While you know you've got you got up once a strong gears up there and Johnson well it's it's winter beer season but it was also sixty degrees and sunny outside itself. But we can land only watch. I don't know if it was snowing out right now. People examine qualities are great but but the other the weather has something to do that and hope you feel about the season has something to do it and so. As it gets colder and it starts to snow more. We'll see blizzard bought them off itself faster. But the bison numbers doing just fine because whether you're ready for Christmas or not. Christmas is going to be ready for doing that's. Winter's fury even though it's not really snow years you can only cold outside looking at times over pearl street here in India it's absolutely we're we just through to our our. That we have seen cult looks at Scottsdale I seven point 3% rich multi. Slightly smoky Scottsdale. Great. We just released our gingerbread cookie grown adults actually is a brown I'll spicy ginger also place close and Vanilla. Legislated to integrate computer class excellent. We did a collaboration with the public coffee house over an American remember you are we did a coffee Vanilla cream so we're actually. Aged the cream style arm looks out. Whole coffee beans and whole new Levine's came on an excellent. And then we just hosted a party recently tuner we actually had three other breweries in town bringing their cookie Beers along with them and really big Christmas cookies beer party. We had 42 north bring their oatmeal raisin cookie beard we head community you were suffering post them which is digital displays note. And we had. Well we get this right big ditch bring their fresh baked switches that are there to keep here which is a cinnamon and Vanilla space program. It was awesome integrates Rockies hit there. You mentioned a gingerbread beard and I've heard some people it's hard thing because if you overdo it's it's not good it's a fine line for share I think we nailed it. Beat the after cases to streak took this Billy. Not over overly powering overly sweet overly any of those place Beers and sometimes get the winner but ours ours landed two mile an hour and landed. Right right next that mid zone being displaced but not overly so. In your mind what makes good answer yours does need to have one certain characteristics. I would say who's no some got to keep him warm rates this year and here. In effect to that point wrecks they're releasing anniversary owners soon. Which will be 88 point 3% version of train wreck which is our best selling beer industry. My working in forestry Iraq it's era where imperial train wreck. And and its excellent. Now what I think I think generated winter people are starting to look for a little bit displays little bit of blues then. In the jovial spirit is this spending time with their families for better or worse. And and and frankly we're right at the tail end of the apartment scene so a lot of really good it is this season it's the it's that. The late fall October fest is a celebration of the harvest so. Now we're starting to get all those ingredients that harvested and means really excellent news episode now what do you see when people come in and when it's cold outside people gravitate toward new work New Year's seasonal stuff for you did you stick with what they've been drinking your. Bit of both I think I think art teacher an old dog new tricks but. Certainly the craft industries is based on the very nervous that that's a lot of what we're doing. And we do see a fair amount of our our good old regulars being sold. But we also see a lot of people are willing to try new things and want to try new things. And and part of the reason we have. Fourteen homemade spears before of them as a rotating seasonal so that we can always be trying new things. We even have a mean chocolate stout returner toughest out of doing mean stuff for. When seasons so. People are into the space here's a little bit more I think than and that that season and a little bit more willing to have water choose something a little more interest thing. Our media little outside of what it would normally during and just because of. For years Tom Bauerle weekdays three till 7 NEWS radio 9:30 AM WB yen. All right how did you like that Tim hers on Chris heard talking about when it's your the year I get into the seasonal stuff sometimes and maybe now more than ever as far as drinking with the seasons. And you drink your festive stuff Christmas beer. A around now but I have to say with the weather. The way it's been. If these. Holiday Els these winter warm words. Didn't have those Christmas the labels and I wasn't such a sucker for packaging I wouldn't be buying them it's too warm to drink gas heavy. Darker Beers for me right now and the only reason I'm doing so is because says Christmas on it. So I I Nomo little insane butts. A wild deal with the are coming up right now we've got Chris for chi of the CEO of North American breweries talking about a big. Expansion project at the Genesee brewery we visited the Genesee brewery before. And it says small place not really meant for two words we've been lucky enough to go on a couple two or share with you a couple photos from the inside. Now they're going to open up a little bit more some more areas that you can. I'd travel long learn about Genesee history of the year in western new York and especially the Rochester area. So we'll throw it today interview right now I just got off the phone with Chris for GO CEO. Of North America breweries. This is Bob Brinker listen for money talks Sunday afternoons four till seven on the voice of buffalo WBZ. And not the jealous bribery it's it's a big place a lot of people enjoyed a lot of the beer the comes out of it but it's never really bend. Visitor friendly you guys added the brew house a few years ago and now all your opening it up even more. Yeah and you know I can't speak to the past but I think we we looked at folks come visit us we have over 200000. People that are. Coming to work in deep routes most of those from India obsolete your Kyrie and now a large portion honesty so. We're very very excited. Books commended reduction try to create pure that would bring down here. To bring more plot Stewart's. How can you kind of detail a little bit of the improvements that are going to be made over the next five years that look to bring some more people. Down to Genesee. Opening it up an auditorium in the air for people who look at expanding to brew house it's really going to be a cool. Place to come and visit when this is all said and done. You know we thank you we if you project that we announced today first projects. Is that a privately funded and that is what caught part one which is big brewery modernization. Project it will be modernizing our upper house. With state of the art equipment to be making it one of the most advanced growing systems actually the entire world. We're very pleased to kind of combine that with our. First you have decades and decades of phenomenal group in history to make concrete pier and secure our place and as leaders of industry going forward for the next generation to big investment and then. Phase two. Is the announcement that. You all folks hurt rugby. You are announcement that the Finger Lakes economic development council are very honored to be considered to be one of the partners to be funded. Where projects. To improve our area here and when you combine those two projects were were calling this degenerate seek equal brewing district. Were really. Looking to build our triple bottom line which is about continuously growing profits. On being great partners in the community. And being ups and Stuart should be fired this whole project these two days it's privately funded which will start January. And in the publicly funded peace. We don't know yet how much it's an all that we will be under were hoping all true that once you know the scope of that. We'll determine where we can build up from there but over the next five years who claimed to be investing certainly on the private side. Cute 39 million dollars. To improve our production and efficiency. And will wait to see how the URI announcement and a outreach plays out. But so we believe that this could contribute. And you know things go up 200 jobs for our area and as I mentioned earlier we bring already. Over 202000. Visitors from all of this country all of the state to visit. They get cheaper house burglary two experts agree here that were growing. Debt is a good news for the area and one of the things that caught my ally in all the improvements that you guys are making out there is. A kind of an area to teach. Learning center learning all about brewing getting hands on with the beer. Does that excite you guys as well kind of a fostering their new generation of brewers right there in Rochester. Oh yeah I mean would begin to triple bottom line record companies a world leader in leading sustainable company recognized by the World Economic Forum. And we're trying to do battle lie if you're in Rochester speed we build our company and but the key to that is community and whether upper house attracting a lot of visitors group outs. Other next phase in were really trustees to build shared vision in with people all around the high balls. Gorge area shift in the starting reached one of the Hyatt or fault in any urban environment. In the country. And we urban rural Community Colleges literally right across the bridge for a much. And we would look to partner with them to build out a curriculum to help their students. Bird out of Burlington to bring the next generation that grew worse and diversified Oates who like to groove it opened her how to make great beer and we're very keen to. You know breed are are liberated here as well or what happened. Diagnostics tools to help people are going to be creep here. Sorry Chris thanks so much for joining us were all big fans of the entire area the brew house everything that comes on Genesee so. Now we're looking forward to seeing what it grows to in the next five years and thanks again for joining. John. Thank you think you were grilled again and we means so much to swim coach in the community supporter peered under don't we were. Deliveries through which doesn't show. Google street view from the right measures. Are we think Chris per geo for taking that time out of his head dizzy. Corporate executives today to join us in nine Ellie wasn't the most colorful gassed. You get bogged down with some of these numbers talking about the number jobs how many millions of doubt did not necessarily stuff everybody cares about. But then you know that's what you get from some of these higher ups that CEOs. You get all these numbers it's good information and know even if you didn't care about trying trillion right now a little bit of exactly what you the beer drinker. Is going to get out of this expansion it's actually pretty equal they're gonna have a a larger museum. And dead things that focus on. Brewing in New York State seen others that museum on the lower level the brew house right now they're going to expand that a larger tasting bar. How larger pilot brewery we've had Dean Jones who makes all the beer in net. Jesse brew house before he said he would love to have a bigger plays when I was getting his wish. They're gonna have us small auditorium. And classroom. For hands on learning and that's what you heard a little bit they're talking about. I'd GCC. Bringing them on and maybe coming up with some sort of beer making curriculum. I'm two events Spacey can have your you know fancy parties whatever so it's gonna be pretty cool a lot bigger. I've seen some of the renderings I'll try and post those on Twitter. It looks pretty cool it's going to be a nice place to check out. When it's all said and done. All right I hope you elect this edition of the WB Ian Bure podcast still ways you can reach us you have an idea for a show you really wanna hear something. Were more than open to aunt bee man as one on Twitter that's where you reach me. Beer at WB EN dot com you can sending email there with you know whatever you want you can say how were terrible we should do more shows we should do less shows. Be your WB EN dot com. Aunt bee man as one. On Twitter. Check out it even if you're not a wrestling fan check out my wrestling column on WGR 550 dot com and Mobi factor Armenian public radio producer trying gates will be nice not from run in the whole show here jewel in the interview set everything up front and the board may producer running gates will help us out. A little bit the next average. Anyways thanks a lot for hang announce even listening to the wc.