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Taste of Buffalo with Brenda's Bites

Jul 7, 2016|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning everybody and welcome to another addition our brand is by they've a couple of lovely ladies here with me this Sunday morning. Talking about the taste of buffalo event chair Jack and me tree is with us. Along with Kerry Meier who is the executive director of the independent health foundation. And will be talking healthy options with fact carried ladies good morning welcome to morning thanks for having us. Nice to have you here well I've got my stretch pants ready because it tastes as kind and I'll tell you. I am I've been fortunate to be a judge Lance she few years and I so we'll look forward to it. And I'm always amazed that a city like off our market that's maybe 51 or something in the media market. He is the biggest two day festival food fest in the country Jen how do you figure. I'll you know what we we left food and more importantly we really where work great community we love coming to gather any any way we can come together as a community and celebrate her beautiful city we do sell. You know it and again and it prompts the question to I was at the press conferences tops on elm and avenue a couple of weeks ago and the mayor was there mayor Byron brown and he was talking about. What a great showcase the taste of buffalo is to show their Renaissance of the city for folks who don't traditionally get downtown or just from downtown on occasion. Do you think it's true yeah it's yet another way to showcase its happening along Delaware avenue around Niagara square and the surrounding area. I couldn't agree more I mean for folks who don't visit the city often enough it's an absolute wonderful event come down induce cell. You walk along Delaware. Avenue you you know locker on the squared the city Hollis our backdrop it's just it's gorgeous the mayor really kind of Kansas the keys to the city at night and lets us take over. Fair few days so everyone can enjoy the city of buffalo. Now the taste this it is this Saturday July 9 from eleven to nine and then Sunday as well also starting at eleven until 7 PM on Sunday the tenth. And I understand it a record number of our restaurants this year 62 eateries in knowledge and how to them. I come about need to do well every year you know the application processes is open for several months we have folks who apply a to become a participating restaurant or food truck on our committee gets to go out and do those taste tests is flick you'll be doing on this Saturday. With us at the festival. Are really get to see you know what kind of flavors were going to bring down to the festival on each and every year and then we vote on it as a team. And of grocers unfortunately always more folks who want to come down and be a part of it than we have space story you know we are limited of course. But this year you know we've we've. Kind of made it work we just added a couple extra acts are tense this year and we we do we have 62 which is our most ever in the history of the taste of buffalo. Lot carry out terror what I always do rather reconnaissance mission now I have to make sure that I check out the entire area first. And then Kenneth strategically placed are going to be and as a judge I ask to get assignments chimp I do you need people look for specific restaurants every year. Oh absolutely he's just into the game for the fan favorite or you know gonna look at the map and see where they look at and running a test and try out his as a weighted sample all the different good things. But they also looking for those restaurants that they've never. Then until I had an opportunity go to you know people are they get set anyways are afraid to try something new but what great place to come to the tastes buffalo he had 62 plus. You know restaurants and things happening the you have an opportunity try and sample all these different great food. Speaking of sampling when you talk about healthy eating in the taste buffalo it seems almost like an actually Maher and Rick you're involved with the independent health foundation. And it's a some think it's been non natural I don't know at the taste where healthy options have to be included in east each of the restaurant offerings right. Yes so we're actually proud to say that we believe it's the first in the country to mandate that all restaurants have a healthy options. Still we started this about ten years ago when we started it wasn't a mandate. And the first few years we had you know coming handful of Russians that took part and now we started talking to the restaurant owners and they seem very open and willing to. Look at their menu items and offer a hobby options and we do have registered dietitians that review their menu items. And help them tweaked in. Make some minor alterations he make them healthier version and once they do that that's something great that we can share to their arrest near community event every Russian has the option. So let's just things like toe for watercress for these really tasty items and look for those things still went. And again it's awesome and had to say that there's quite a variety or carry you right. Eight people think when you eat healthy it's about younger since salads and I ate healthy every day and I need to do a better job of that myself. But I'm not eating salads yogurt every day so here's some of the items we have grilled veggie and state combines there's fish tacos tomatoes cucumbers talent percent of pizza. There's Turkey wraps there's chicken wraps or so many things that you can eat and modified to make them healthier option. And it's not about younger just down. It's actually turning a place at a bakery for example Chris cheeky bakery as. A sugar free brownie was checker for Paramount to resolve so you can still indulge in an accurate too terribly guilty. And thank you weren't you've got about how the walking fear I get my 101000 has surely there is not gorging myself on it tastes. And Jen you about the 62 restaurants being a record in terms of the number participating but he lost a food tracks as well. We do it does if fall into the 628. Does it does but you know a few years back we did have a ton of interest from from food trucks and we just. Gave no Worrell and there we've welcomed them and then they're they're wonderful this year we have a record number five. The most food trucks ever. So when you bring you know these restaurants include tracks used does the committee say okay we should only have X number of barbecue giants her you know Chinese restaurants and so we're. Do you try to categorize your bag cuisine. We limited as far as X number. In each category but we do ensure that every restaurant is bringing a different item saying you know we can have to barbecue places but. Amongst the two of them there are at least six different item so this way no one on the street is competing. Right I was I was fascinated privileges takes over too intense and is there science behind it who goes where and who gets assigned to a location. Is there something where so many longtime lenders get prime locations how does an hour. Most folks with anything they get that superstition right well this this is my spot missed my spot works for me so I don't wanna move but. Don't occasionally build me let me try this out over here this is my new spot so all right. Yet typically what we do is we you know folks can't come back a lot of times you know we have a family wedding or my wife asked me to please not do this this year it's a lot of work. So we'll have some mighty you know drop out and we filling. From there it just it. You spoke your stories about how long it takes to prep for this that respect your restaurant I can't imagine what their practice I even you know as a sponsor in given up to sponsor and the taste of buffalo and you talked about all the different booths in his they're science that we do have a Booth at the taste an independent health foods. Which is great and we tried to come with a plan that. You know we can't something valuable for people to come here attending come to Booth and step by sale you're competing against other boost civic Heidi if you come by your Booth and what's so great about your Booth this year. Still we're going to be hosting cents were all about promoting healthy option that's available at the taste awful and all the different. Locations in the different menu items but we also wanna talk about. How did we get a picky eater too you eat say oh we want you know families that come in and we're gonna showcase what you can do to make it more colorful more fun for the kids to eat healthier foods. We're also gonna be doing and she showcasing. You know one a one night and pairing last sentence like people needed. You know or want to know honey properly cut an onion honey properly you know peel some different fruits and vegetables honey appeals are open that are. Curb and pineapple for say that's. Is summer or ordinary skill is that you know iron is obviously is as you might think when you when you're ready disappearance are getting to work. Habits are part of your independent house demonstration is correct is it away issue stated Kenneth drop people Lang get them interested in these things and maybe if they're now 38 years now understand how to do a pint of a because it might be intimidating on the price correctly or. Saying you know my kids and you know even my own children yeah they don't need for a fight she'll have a place in a beautiful bald and they're you know put their hands in their spoons Elena to get at it but you know if it's in the fridge in a drawer. You know they have to work and a it today we want an easy and simple and and you know modified for you but we're trying to you know provide. Educational things that are fine and unique at the same time people know that the FD eat healthy. And they have to exercise and Jerry Reese as we all know that we struggle with it every day how to remain at IN. How to make it interesting speaking a fun and interesting. When things we're gonna time and T the taste of a fun this year is a healthy eating competitions and we're calling it a caveat. The world's healthiest eating championship. Which we are bringing and competitive eaters from around the country. I am are going to be competing and beating cal which is one of the healthiest nutritionist that's about as we have. And in leopard is excited super and it's so trendy use hail it seems and just about every menu. And how in what form of the cal being monthly co actor and it's a great question we are gone back but how does this work what does that look like would you have competitive eaters Cummins elitist and he brought can't help but it's going to be prepared biggest allies. So they're going to be having olive oil and vinegar and salt and pepper put on it that's about it and they're gonna d.s that meant and then they're going to put it. It's going to be we aid. Doubles or whatever containers every completed in front of the heaters and then each one will be able tuneup. Compete with an eight month whoever eats the most can I take here are putting a pound of butter and it. Yeah user an accountant took it as I am vinegar and some quick time is that Kayla cook off happening here he got sick of the competition is going to be held at. City Hall staircase at 2 o'clock insanity due to line. To check it out because I'm sure I'll still be there this the air right I can't wait to see that I always think about the the Nathan's has died. And it's so disgusting they're not really ever watch it close in there dipping their it's now it's so gross. So I think that Celtic is much better idea. Cost of tickets genders fishy no admission costs right writer contact. The food prices rather range from a dollar to four dollars each on the we do everything in tickets are fifty cent increments. Seoul on the tickets are sold in books of five dollars. So any thing that nothing is over for tickets. They deal appreciate tickets for now outward hours and you can't topic yesterday and vigorous I have to by the tickets had a technique you can actually perched summit tops markets rate now and we're doing a promotion this year were if you purchased. Fifty dollars a fifty dollar ticket voucher. You get off and leave freebie work calling so you get four or beverages for free on site. To hell yeah I absolutely we can also pick up one of the Berkshire's a nice house here and has all the items that are going to be serves all the restaurants that are going to be available and most importantly the healthy options. Excellent well gee I think she's a little biased on his legs and where exactly where it Jen MITRE who has its share of its when he sixteen taste of buffalo. And also Kerry Meier from the independent health. Foundation. In this happens rain or shine right at taste goes out every parent lists are acting absolutely. Drizzle here and there are folks so holiday there's nothing to be afraid to me it is a signature summer event in buffalo and now there's some anything institute downtown as well just a managing earnings of flee back to your house fitness Vatican an outsider governor river works are. In out and there's any number of things just are greedy and all those are definitely it's happening in buffalo wanna do it under the city and it's phenomenal. Let's have some that averages today have some wind tents and also there's entertainment so it's not just. A feeding frenzy for people like me there's other key. Exactly there really are there so many different activities we have a culinary stage so unable days will be featuring soft spots Gil Martin. He will actually he kinda rocks out. While he's making gumbo for everyone to enjoy after the show. So that's a pretty fun thing going on but we do entertainment and that culinary stage all Delon. Smokers is bringing us an ice cream sandwich competition. Is there are addicted account carpet. Have different and a half ahead an anomaly indicate pop competition as well for the Canada hosts. So definitely lots to do and then in the square you know it's not all just all about the food but in the square will have. Lots of sponsored tent of L. Availability lately with Carrey's doing at the Japan golf foundation tan. The beginning and we those free carrying trays again which were sucked us as seriously hysteria walk around a couple items on it. We also have new Aristide space tents spread throughout the festival's you can stop and it cocktail table enjoy your food there. But again in the square we have so mean different activities AT&T will eons by. On so many free samples going to be available to honors agent local bands and things like generally absolutely. We have the new hometown beer tent and we'll have. Ford affirmed. Ears in there as well and and like you said wineries spread throughout the paths. If this wasn't just a half hour showed Janet could name all six teacher restaurants and I'm glad I you know I. At right here hit us now she's our Internet and right now because right. And as an aside I kept it has parity with since they don't you tag yet which isn't there's a fair amount of. Different cuisines represented here. Well there definitely is I mean from Asians or barbecue to Italian to seafood there even name it we have it. And analytically music theory too about how you can try some new places. You know it's great to see the standards there but try something new and different from his downtown. And it's hardly ever really got to invite first and other cities that's before you guy I must point out how. The taste of buffalo is generally a fun event with all sorts of activity for all ages. But it it actually brings. Some some real charity and play here and also scholarships to Jan how does that work. So yes we do if we are non profit but if there is any of money's left over after the festival we do donate that all back into charities each and every year. We hold back about 5000 dollars or on scholarships every year. And we give those out as five individual 1000 dollars scholarships for children who are pursuing a degree and either culinary arts or hospitality it's agree. The idea and you also hit young lady who won the design competition. That's the posters each year certainly is Jackie sees actually home school she's a senior this year. I got to meet with her the other day she's a wonderful bright young lady and at this the poster that she designed which is our cover art fervent guide. Is is just it's stunning she's a very talented not that corporate picture on my FaceBook page yeah I look at buffalo common Aaron gallery and again. Ladies and wish you all the best in how it's it's kind of work I commend you for all the volunteer work that you do on a signature grant and buffalo such a a wonderful summer time milestone inner city gen me treat Kerry Meier thank you so much for coming in this morning thinking.