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Full Dallas PD News Conference - Friday Morning

Jul 8, 2016|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This is live coverage from ABC news ambush in Dallas the police chief has just stepped to the podium at City Hall for an update on the latest after five officers were killed in a targeted ambush hurt. BellSouth is hurting. We are. Heartbroken. There are no words to describe. The atrocity did occur. To our city. All I know is that this. Is must stop. This device that. Between police and our citizens. To update you on. What transpired since we last spoke. Let me Walt who. The standoff. That had occurred at that was occurring. El centro on the second floor. The college there in downtown Dallas. Weak corner one suspect. And we tried to negotiate for several hours. On negotiations broke down we had an exchange of gunfire with the suspect. We saw no other option. But use our. Bomb bomb robots. And place a device. On the it is its extension. For it to detonate. What a suspect laws. Other options. Would expose officers to great danger. On the suspect. If this seat. As a result. Of that and detonating. The bomb. On the reporting that the suspect. Kidd himself it's not accurate. With confirmed. That he's been to see because of the detonation of the bomb. Our hostage negotiator. Did an exceptional job. Getting this suspect at all before. He died. 21 hours of negotiating. They eventually program. Now we're sure what you some of the comments from the suspect. The suspects say it. He was upset. About black last matter. He it was upset about the recent police shooting. At us but say he was upset at white people. Suspects stating he wants to feel like people especially white officers. The suspect stated he will eventually that we will eventually find the IDD. The suspect that he he was not affiliated. With any groups. Stated that he needed. This. Alone. The suspects that other thing that. A part of this investigations so that we can make sure war. That everyone associated with this. Tragic event. Is brought to justice. So as the mayor say we won't expand on. On any further on what others suspect. We have interviewed all looked at other status. Until we get further and to. This investigation and get closer to a conclusion. What. Who. All involved. But let me just state. Just some closing comments about. Dallas police officers. And darkly. Some of the bravest men and women. You'd ever wanna be associated with the he video footage at the video footage of them running war. Gunfire. From an elevated position with no chance. To protect them else. And to put themselves in harm's way. To make sure citizens. Get to place. A security. So please join me in. Applauding. The brave men and women. Who. Do this job under great scrutiny. Under great vulnerability. Who. Literally. Risk their lives. To protect our democracy. We don't feel much. Support. Most days. Let's not make today. Most days. Cleat. We need your support. To be able to protect. You from Meehan like the who carried out this tragic tragic. Event. Pray for the families. I spoke with the families of the deceased and injured. They are not heaven at that. Time trying to deal of soul of this trying to understand why. And they need your prayers. So police on us and helping. A comfort. The grieving officers' families. And I trust that soon. Because we're working very diligently in processing the crime scene finding. To find evidence. To bring in a suspects to justice that were reported this. But please pray for our. Strips. Through this trying time but he. Dallas police chief round. Now the mayor Mike Rawlings. That. There are public safety officials. That. Protect our cities and our institutions. All across America every day that aren't police officers. And we lost one of those last night. A dart officer. Was one of the victims. And I want to take a moment and say the profession was on the start organization was great. And I appreciate. Better. School police officer's. Cap but college police officers. Standing shoulder to shoulder with a or police officers and that's the way we war. Achieve brown told the victims'. Families last night in the police officers that he was a man of faith. And I'm Amanda Pate to. And that we need prayers. And prayers go out. So today at 12 o'clock. At Thanksgiving square. I leadership group of interfaith ministers. Will be leader leading us in that prayer. I would ask. That if you're at your home. Or it sure office. Purchased school. The join us today at noon. And that spirit of prayer. To bring our city together. And our country together. They heal wounds. Not create them. Thank you. In me any questions that weren't. Not off limit. The injured officers have. Most of them have been released. There are some that will the follow up. Obama appointed the LO what types of injuries their families have been very private for obvious reasons right now. But again. These me. Was the quote or. Yes they're doing better some of the release them some some of their status is that their deal needing. More. Treatment. But they're being very proper bow. For the details about the oil. The so we have to be right un send time in the way we police. Suspects like this have to be right won. It on the corporate art. To do cowardly acts like this. The night it. Our officers from elevated positions. Ambushed him. From secretive positions. Around corners. All that hall or is not for alt. This. City has shown great support for a while mayor and council met office. What is so department officers and we expect that to continue. And in this community humble and race here now dallas'. A great city. Officers. Will continue. To put it sells homes way to protect. These great it is. The most worthwhile. On a practiced for a second or. For if anybody hasn't heard us say this. That's police department. Trained India collection escalation. Far be before. Cities across America did it. Where we are one of the premier community. Of policing. Cities in the country. And this year. We have the US police. Office are related shootings in than any large city in America. So. We are working hard to improve. And there's always room for improvement. But we are best in class we feel. No no I'm not going to be satisfied and two week. Turned over every stone. We've got some level that this one's suspect the it to some of the shooting but we're not satisfied that we. Exhausted every lead. And we're not going to be that that's that every lead is exhausted so if there's someone out there deals associated with this we will find you and we will prosecute. And we will bring you to justice. Oh. Not counting our expanding alone will Khamenei. We were gonna keep these suspects yes. Yeah. It's but obviously he. I don't know what she ground make any strategic decision. But I think it's important for. So this is to realize that we. Wanna give everybody. There freedoms speech we've been through several protests and the last five or six years. And they've all gone in a manner. But the chief makes decisions. At times. That. People could be critical. Yet elated. Too much. You put too much body armor. If world being critical of those things. Just think about today. This is what you're risking if you don't you're right. And so from from a policy standpoint. We are we believe. In the right to protest peacefully and bit these were peaceful protest. Told that happen. But we also have to believe. In keeping our police officers say. And I know I'm gonna redouble my efforts on that. You're listing to live coverage of Dallas police. Briefing this morning. On the ambush last night of twelve police officers and that city it five of them are dead this is Dallas police chief David Brown. And Dallas mayor Mike Rawlings. The protest freedoms speech freedom of expression. All freedoms we fight for without lives. Is what is what makes us who we are Americans. So we risk Schuyler hospital's right. So we won't militarized. Are policing standards. Well we will do a much safer. Wait every time but like we hope to do it this we had adequate amount off this thing. And we were blocking traffic into all the things to protect people's right to protest. And in their free speech. We are not elect how. Would ambush. Police off. Change our democracy. We're not gonna do. Our city. Our country. Is better than it. And oh yeah. We'll be. Hope. We'll need the war. Although question but would just be speculation. We can't get into the animal person that was something like this week negotiated with the person. Named Lou it. And negotiate. He he want to kill off. And he expressed killing white people. He expressed killing white officers. He expressed anger. For black last matter. None of that makes sense not that is the reason a legitimate reason. To do omni anyone. Know the rest of would just be speculating on what his motivations were we just know what he's seen it. That's at least that on a ghost. Guys thank you have a lot of work to do we're gonna. I've from Dallas police chief David oh brown and mayor Mike Rawlings staying officers are hurting after the targeted killing of five policeman in the wounding seven others toward the end of a protest march. On main suspect is dead after police detonated an explosives where he had been hiding in a downtown parking garage. But before he died police had been negotiating his surrender during that time that the suspect that he was upset about black glides matter. Upset about recent police shooting upset at white people and wanted to kill white officers. According to the chief the suspect also that he was not affiliated in any group. And did this alone. But several others had been taken into custody to chief declined to elaborate on what role. They're believed to have played I'm Aaron gets her ski you're listening to live coverage from ABC news.