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ABC News: America in Crisis Special

Jul 17, 2016|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This is an EBC news special. America's pain crisis. Yeah yeah it. Yeah. He was running down the fans back at the runaway from the seniors. Running towards me definitely semi automatic and Freddie and darn good. There's already been on the scene and threw the work of all levels of government. Justice will be done here is NBC news correspondent. During pitcher ski. What President Obama called it cowardly and reprehensible assault claimed the lives of two police officers and one sheriff's deputy in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Eyewitnesses on this Sunday said they heard dozens of shots before the gunman a 29 year old from Kansas City named Gavin long was shot dead. Officers had been responding to a report of a man in a trench coat carrying along gun. Police did not say whether the officers were targeted or shot during the commission of the crime. Whatever happened the governor of Louisiana called unjustified and unjustifiable. This latest violence came less than two weeks after a black man named all in sterling was killed by Baton Rouge police. Followed a day later by the Alando can steals fatal shooting near Saint Paul. And days after that the killings of five Dallas police officers by a gunman trying to avenge the other deaths a pattern of violence. That the governor of the we Ciena said just passed to stop. Tonight the sheriff of east Baton Rouge said all of law enforcement is grieving he's had all six of the officers shot today worm married with families. One of the city cops killed was 32 when had been on the force all of his adult life. ABC's Chauncey Glover is on the ground for us tonight in Baton Rouge Johnson what's the scene there now. I guess leaving the scene here is of course you had a lot of media here. And most of the roads here in this area are also still blocked off. All the businesses here in this area also closed or the night a police have a very visible present it has. Several offered through and also act. We'll unit out with their long gone wrong still art security. And police's ability it actually hi this evening as that this investigation continues to unfold here in backwards. Chauncey initially there were concerns about an active shooters still on the loose police quickly put those concerns to arrest do we know anymore about additional accomplices are suspects being sought. We just confirmed that baton route police do have two people be paint like yeah Alpert at this time they're only calling ghost people. Those two people persons of interest and that's all they will stay about that we've been pressing them because originally written originally we had. Reports say backed it was more than one shooter. We begin to act that did it die at a pop it right now their only component that they are cheap people dictate your back route. And they're only calling them persons of interest. ABC's Johnson Glover on the ground forest tonight in Baton Rouge Chauncey stick close thank you the suspect DeVon long. Serve five years in the US Marine Corps. This eyewitness described Forrest hit his apparent familiarity with combat tactics and his weapon. Yeah that ultraviolet chemical laughed and act entry I gunmen dressed them all blacks from a are there full of kids. She used to everything but like a hole I Danica would come the old and he would hold at some kind of come out so why rifle. All he would get to randomly shooting and just flip. Tiny you know that no one got you know shatter injured. I immediately called 911 action and told them what I pet you know she in. That would occur and actually it's actually act literally believe what Alec wit action that we didn't employ you wore what she or he. He did he not only car but humor like Egypt as. He heard what he or some kind of tactical training because he knows what he was the when he was the heat. He looked like he had been hurricane finally here he knew what to do it do what that Barack. Men eyewitnesses. Who. Who saw the gunfire and we had heard from other eyewitnesses that there were dozens and dozens of shots fired ABC news consultant Steve Gomez formally the FBI is with us now. What do these clues tell us Steve. Well clearly indicates that the gunman had a some tactical training and that we have been able to determine that he served in the US Marine Corps or. And given that he would have had experience with the salt assault weapons. Rifles he would have had. No training depending on what is that hosts this X specific gut expertise was he probably had at least some basic training in. I'm movement tactical movements making you know entries are depending on where he served. A how you approach thing is and and also having his gun very close to his body. It's almost something that like military and swat members do when they are moving around and trying to conceal themselves so it clearly via its trading. He had training and he knew what he was doing what authorities haven't told us Steve is why he was doing what he was doing. Where these officers lured into an ambush. It eight. That's something that they definitely are going to look at in the investigation. There's that there's a high probability right now we have not heard anything. About there was an attempt robbery or that this gunman and ways you know dare to you know for some kind of workplace violence or some friction with somebody. We understand that he is from Kansas City, Missouri so with the questions that have to be answered what is he doing in Louisiana. That re specifically we're here there has yet the police shooting involving the once billion. And that really has gotten. You know everything every once stirred up about police shootings in the country. The news comes just ten days after the shooting deaths of five police officers. In Dallas I mean this is it at an alarming period in this country Steve. Absolutely and it's clearly there's a huge divide between the community the African American community are forced the community. And that the bypassed be reached immediately because. We are now looking at a number of police shootings two very very significant being in Dallas and now here in Baton Rouge and can't have it. Steve this also comes as after those shootings in Baton Rouge and then again near Saint Paul that. Police had been warned by the FBI. That they could be targets by protesters seeking to purge or kill or attack or rage against police officers how serious a concern were those warnings. Well at I think those warnings given that the FBI put out a bulletin. They had to have been receiving chatter intelligence from various locations across the country. That there was a concern about cops being targeted by certain criminal elements are certain. Groups that had tea propensity to commit those type the tax. And so the Intel was there chatter was was on going to pushed out the bulletin and I'm particularly with regards to Baton Rouge. And and the warnings were there and so then it's a matter of how does law enforcement approach every. Call that he received any incidents that are occurring in in this case. Yet a man with the gun they're gonna come in strong I mean law enforcement can protect the community especially the think that there's a suspect. With a gun could kill people. And and that might have been deployed that this individual used to get them there and then try to ambush. Right because we were told by the authorities that the officers were responding to a 911 call that reported somebody in a trench coat we have some kind of long gun walking behind. A beauty supply shop on a commercial stretch in Baton Rouge. That could have been the perfect cover. Exactly and we did hear from one witness who said that she had seen hand in all black. I'm with the rightful. And and that she called 911. That that might have been the gunman's intent knowing that always got to do short to a certain place. And and the people are gonna call 911 and it would be only a matter of time that. That up please respond to the other question is where their police officers that were already there at that. That convenience store and was he looking for where police officers would congregate. And then he made his move from there. It just walking around in a trench coat and a long gone that was enough to draw someone suspicion. The call to 911 the officers respond we're told this all unfolded in mere minutes Steve. When the officers responded. And then by the time more backup came that's when they were able to put down the gunman. Exactly so eat eat we've got about six officers that were shot three year dead. So he have to have. Spotted maybe we still have to determine. How did he come in contact with the initial officers that the firefight with him. And did he surprise then and then from there the witnesses see him you know with the with a rifle. Steve. Gomez formerly of the FBI ME LAPD and now on ABC news consultant on the events of Baton Rouge six officers shot three of them fatally to Baton Rouge city police officers one. A sheriff's deputy in east Baton Rouge. Coming up we're going to return to the scene. We're also going to take you through a timeline of what unfolded on a Sunday morning in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Stay with us. First the. Some boost from cross the asks. He's been right there. Shots are on the line. Season. Reports to. Every single person has their own thing everyone thinks he's human. There is no one break we could be the straw he kind beat there. B class B unafraid to be exactly when you walk out of where it got to own it it's time to be an example and together. We can stop apple. The amazing thing different this fire just kind. To find out how you can make a difference go to abc.com. Slash B inspired. Spinning through the nature includes kids' fitness. Creativity confidence and other important skill. Needs Iran helps families get out into the chair and silly neat places to go what to do ignore it to get kids outside and really haven't gotten. You can see it take to keep spending eight and available or even whether. Playing in the chase bid for the whole family so visit featured outdoor feature rock for helpful tips in recent. And then get outside. Its brakes are talking about. Coming out there. BC news radio he's there we swarmed that house. Of the suspects apparently battering down. The door when terror gripped San Bernardino to patrol cars are went screaming by down this city street probably a hundred miles now ABC news radio a hundred with the prestigious Edward. He BC news radio. Among firefighters and teacher I'm a farmer and the barber await checks I'm miles. We're all part in the community and every day we moved in and now and each other's busy lives. It's easy to take for granted I'm a little moments that make up our every day and someone could. Others not so much but that's nice it's when you experience and moment of uncertainty and something I someone's behavior that doesn't seem quite frightened. These are the moments to take upon us and because if something doesn't feel right. Valley now. It's not about paranoia or been afraid. It's about standing up and protecting our communities one detail at times because a lot of little details commit coming out. The week. We each week we trust our instincts just like Q Suzanne just has only you know what's not supposed to be in your every day. So protect your every day. If you see something suspicious. Things come into local fire yeah. Day one out of every four American kids Hispanic. That means many in the future doctors won't care. Engineers will build cities scientists and entrepreneurs of our country can be guardians we all know how hard it is for medicine. This is why when she didn't do enough low. Every day more people support you. Many sponge and Hispanic scholarship fund helps her hair planned on paying for your kids. It's it's receivers. For fifty million kids school's out for the summer. Out for months. Leaving out kids with no way to go and nothing to do better. Putting three quarters of them at risk informed my home. He's a whole new meaning to Victoria Clarke belt doesn't. That's who's out for summer and Boys and Girls Club stores are open. Support the boys and girls clubs. Visit great futures dot org. This is an ABC news special. America in crisis Ceres NBC news correspondent. And pitcher ski. A call tonight for prayers for all of law enforcement and for a nation in need of healing. From the governor of Louisiana after three police officers in his state were shot and killed while responding to a report of a man with a gun. The authorities have said nothing about the motive but President Obama said today there is no justifiable motive for an attack of this kind. We'll hear more from the president in a moment. First we return to Baton Rouge ABC ABC's hit a pilgrim is on her way to the scene now. If I know you've just arrived any immediate sign of a tension in the city. No immediate attention there is an increase patent that plot or at your at it very clear. That lot force at all its gate is healthy how bad is that they sort that. This city eerie at eight app to app out. Near the Louisiana state police took charge of the investigation leaving the Baton Rouge police department in the east Baton Rouge sheriff's department time to focus on. The officers and and especially of those that were killed. We heard from the state police corporal today even that there was no. Active shooter situation putting to rest any fears of one but it it's still seems as if this situations rather fluid. There are no act its editor at haven't named any aspect that would op at that point but there are. Our deep question that our it was Philly is what it all those people played it. You know pilgrim just arriving in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Getting in the place set at the scene which is not far from Baton Rouge police headquarters still on lockdown tonight. As police try to make sense of what unfolded in that city. It it all began little after 8:30 in the morning on a Sunday when many people in Baton Rouge would be getting ready to go to church. ABC's mark Graham Allard takes us through the timeline of events and won't get to mark in just a minute. First I wanna turn to ABC's chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross. Brian the gunman is Gavin long 29 years old Kansas City, Missouri what do we know bottom. What what we can tell us he has no no no previous connections at all to Baton Rouge or to Louisiana. Today was his 29 birthday yesterday chose for what authorities are calling an ambush situation. We don't know much more about it is. Background other than he did serve for five years in the Marines including the jury and Okinawa Japan. Brian it seems as if you can hardly breathe the for the next thing happens in this country and it's quite it but a tense time. From law enforcement and and police not knowing where the next attack is going to come from. Exactly Aaron there's there's a temple to the violence taking place I was concerned about a crisis with concern about. I attacks on police and look concerned that's happening now in the black community they're concerned about what the least likely. The tension is very very high issues today. Jon Cohn who worked in the Homeland Security national security at thirty years old he can't recall all the time in his thirty years. Where the Accenture has been so high. And the apparent antagonism towards Belize has been so I go back to that late 1960s and 1970s when. There was that kind of sent the company like that until this past. Markets. And and is police had been reeling from. Threats of violence from crisis and calls by crisis to followers to attack people in uniform. This now seems to be a different turn this event like the one that Ford in Dallas perhaps to avenge police killings of a black man. It seems as if now authorities believe that this gunman lured the officers to their deaths. Yeah it's hard to know we we know it started with a 911 call he was walking around being store we do day assault rifles some sort. A police responded that they did they were they were shot down. They it's hard to know what the motivation at this point we don't know how we do you know the FBI and police are on the scene on its. Only and not Kansas City trying to learn from that Stanley and neighbors and friends what may have led to this what led him to this decision to do this. Which assets we can tell there's no known association with any sort of radical groups but we're not clear on that yet. We do know other than the number of groups calling for a checks until the east and this have been a great concern to of the FBI. FBI director James Conley testified last week that there are closely watching a several groups that have been calling for attacks on police. Any leader told. People in a free and private briefing not on camera. That among the groups being closely watched at the new Black Panther Party. They showed up in Baton Rouge last week and as you know the FBI from the New Orleans office put out a warning. Two police in Baton Rouge and Shreveport Louisiana about multiple groups talking about riots and or violence against law enforced. ABC's chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross Brian thanks there were eyewitnesses to the gunfire. Their stories from ABC's Trixie Ritson. Just like the girlfriend of the Minnesota a black man shot to death by a white cops live stream the aftermath on FaceBook was their phone. In Baton Rouge this eyewitness did the same. Adam had the right. I don't know it and he. That's really semi automatic and ratings and aren't as well as well you know from the shots I've heard there was there was rapid fire. Brady events sells says he heard some of his gunfire as he was driving in pulling into a job site near the car washing convenience store on airline highway where the shooting began. And I'll witness has not walked around defense and ball. A man laying on the ground in a redshirt that was in the police stopped there and in the parking lot and empty parking lot. Was another with another government run away. Then sells says the man looked like a pedestrian running with a rifle in his hand rather than someone trained to move with a rifle Annie has a similar description of the gunman. As he was born and down offense against a Ronald Layton as being used running towards me he was we wasn't new and just start or military military that at all. He was in all black he's a black shorts or blacks or via mass. All this some what was it clear quiet Sunday morning Daryn. ABC's chuck Seaver it's in a clear quiet Sunday morning in Baton Rouge shattered by gunfire yet more of it directed at police officers in total six shot three killed. We know one of the injured is clinging to life in critical condition the others are stable. I wanna return to ABC news consultant Steve Gomez those eyewitness descriptions are fairly vivid a man in black perhaps in a mask. We now know this was his 29 birthday. He led a fellow officers soot into an ambush. Exactly and the fact that it was on his birthday. He has no connection that we can tell to the Louisiana out of Baton Rouge area race from Kansas City, Missouri. And day and then he's dared dressed tip for battle. Basically in an all black and with assault rifle and and it may be another handgun. The heat he was ready and day and and that just indicates that he was there for an intentional. Attack on on law enforcement of some type in you know what the motivation is still have to figure that out. But those are such unusual circumstances for him to be there and to be having that firefight with enforcement. Steve we've just been told that Gavin long had a cellphone on him at the time he was gunned down by police so they can. Scrub through that rather urgently and and five find potential ties including one. With the more Irish science temple of America. This is a line of inquiry were told that's based on the shooter show of support or interest in on social media for the group on FaceBook. Anything we know about them other than they're an anti government movement. Well not not off hand I mean it's definitely going to be something that's that's going to be pursued now the FBI they categorize. Darkest groups. As domestic terrorism. I'm organizations a debut it in net. Cents. If they are mostly confined to the US and not necessarily insolent spy state sponsors outside the US or foreign terrorist organizations. So this would be. Potentially a domestic terrorism. A group or a matter as the FBI would view it. And then now it's matter of what the what is that groups. You know what their objectives were there believes what kind of rhetoric to the spouse and is that something that would include dead targeting and killing cops. ABC news consultant Steve Gomez formally at the FBI as current FBI agents scrub through the phone of DeVon long could 29 year old. Marine veteran who shot and killed three police officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana three others were hurt in the gunfire that lasted just minutes. Coming up this put law enforcement on high alert all around the country we'll get perspective from coast to coast stay with us. But this ABC news special. Lease NBC news special America in crisis continues. After this. When news breaks. Are not. I he seems to ring you know he's there swarmed that house. Of the suspects apparently battering down. The door when terror gripped San Bernardino to patrol cars don't quit screaming by down a city street probably a hundred miles now ABC news radio a hundred with the prestigious Edward. ABC news radio. Every single person has their own thing every one that's easy and there is no one right we can beat these are the kind. B class B unafraid to be exactly when you walk out of where it got to go and it's time to be an example and together. We should stop apple. Do you need to be a friend who inspires she's kind. To find out how you can make a difference go to abc.com. Slash B inspired. I felt like you go to school huddled on the big stuff. And my hunch I get tired I don't hunger is unkind and hunger isn't the only pain lingers on a couple. Hunger is everyone's problem Kobe's I love what I'm particularly attractive or Panama. Honda is you okay he's smooth hunger is all sorts and help unto. Go to hunger instantly. Get their thinking all the different. Good evening from Charleston from Philadelphia from California when history is made. Do you have a message for America. When we're all searching for answers good evening tonight from Hungary TV more when there are gonna ask the secretary here she's apple faces first and when American jobs are on the bottom of the barrel mark that there was a stylus and is a memory protection. He's the Joseph. Because you. ABC's world news tonight live seeded New York. Your body it's up to 70% water. It's what you learn. Recharge your body. What's your. You drink up. More Americans turn taking BC's Good Morning America event and please tell us in the morning so I'm. 1 morning show that helps to know what you want in the morning and we know because if it's important to you it's in. And Robin Roberts. What the news you want it back. First and write a report to get from George Stephanopoulos you want breaking news. His making exclusives taken from Lara Spencer weeding out you wanna know nap act here and love he can see you. You won it all in the morning that's where Good Morning America. It's going to warmer than some of the. ABC's Good Morning America Good Morning America Good Morning America you are best warning start right here this. At the dinner hour we'll see why more Americans are now turning to ABC's world news tonight live. Wherever the story is deep it is right there from all across the globe to inside the White House to lightweight in this city where world. Next week next turn to ABC's world news tonight which DB anywhere. There are ton of social networking web sites but one stands apart for very special reason this one saves lives it's matching donors dot com matching donors dot com links organ donors with people in need of kidney and other transplants in the US in nineteen people die each day waiting for an organ transplants most of them for kidneys. If you've ever considered becoming a living organ donor. Or do you have someone in need of an organ transplants. Visit matching donors dot com over the greatest gift of all the gift of life. Matching donors dot com. This is an ABC news special. America in crisis here is NBC news correspondent. During pitcher ski. Tonight officers across the country head out in pairs. A command adopted in many departments ten days ago after the fatal shootings of police in Dallas was really issued after three officers in Baton Rouge. We're shot and killed by an ex marine from out of town. ABC's senior investigative reporter Josh Margolis joins us now know solo patrols and cities nationwide just. Yet New York City Daryn Chicago Boston. The police chiefs there have have issued the order. You know they they typically say in law enforcement that police are sitting ducks they Wear uniform they're out there on the street. They're the most visible sign of government the authority but in a situation like this. It really drives the point home you know in Los Angeles one of the biggest police departments obviously in the country. They already don't do so patrols but the police chief there. He's instructed the the aviation force helicopters that are so ubiquitous Los Angeles they're going to be doing an extra patrols. Out there looking for possible snipers. On rooftops of buildings. In New York City being want all the station houses to be locked down. It's just a very very scary time it's scary time for police uniform but the scary time in general because you know everybody depends on the cops. I was struck two this was preceded in Baton Rouge by something in Milwaukee and officers sitting in his patrol car. Was so was shot and wounded. We've seen something like that in in New York City to officers so on patrol together. Had been had been shot a year ago or two years ago I mean it. We've seen this before it's the tempo that seems to be a really ramping up the alert. It really is an. As Brian Ross said between. I Asus. Encouraging people to attack law enforcement and government officials and that's happening a lot and then this kind of thing and this seems to be happening a lot. 88 you just can't keep up with. What ten. Police really do to protect themselves because they're been encouraged in this time of reaching out to two communities where crime is they've been encouraged. Two to get closer to those communities to do the kinds of police work that brings them right into the path of danger. What that really is is the irony here you know police police have been encouraged her to work with the communities to get it closer as you say. But at the same time. These kinds of incidents lead police to two record oil and and and cops of people to get nervous. They don't wanna get killed if there's there is on some level. There's almost nothing they can you police when they when they do a routine traffic stop the routine traffic stop at night news. Consider to be one of the most dangerous things a person can do you pulling over somebody you have no idea who you pulled over we have no idea what they have in the car. What's a cop can do about that. You know it did on some level does that make add to what they are doing is. So they're telling the cops. There are no more solo foot patrols in New York City on till you until you have further notice in LA they're putting the helicopters. It BLE sheriff's department which patrols you know roughly half of Los Angeles county area. They they're telling the captains in each there. Patrols on to beat extra cautious figure out what you need to do in some departments they're telling. Police that are doing traffic stops they're gonna send back up automatically they're taking the precautions they can take that they're not gonna pull the cops and the road. So they're out. Out there and today the ones in Baton Rouge were responding to a 911 call who that reported a man in a trench coat and a gun they couldn't help but respond to that. Lord perhaps into an ambush by an ex marine named Gavin long 29 years old. Our thanks to ABC's senior investigative reporter Josh Margolis. Who's been monitoring developments in police departments across the country now going on higher alert. President Obama spoke about some of that earlier today when he addressed the nation about the events in that. Rouge as all of you know and this morning free of law enforcement officers in Baton Rouge were killed in the line of duty. Three others were wounded. One it is it still in critical condition. As of right now we don't know the motive of the killed. We don't know whether the killers set out to target. Police officers or whether he gunned them down as they responded to a call. Regardless of motor. The death of these three brave officers underscores the danger that police across the country confronts every single day. We as a nation have to be loud and clear that nothing justifies violence against law enforcement. Attacks on police. Are attack on all of us and the rule of law that makes society possible. Earlier this afternoon I spoke with governor had worse than mayor Holden. For them the full support of the federal government. And reiterated my full support for law enforcement in baton Roche and for police officers across the country. I also spoke to be attorney general the FBI has already been on the scene and through the work all levels of government. Justice will be done. Most of awful our hearts go out to the families who work reader. For us go out to the officer. Was still fighting for his wife. This has happened far too often. And I've spent a lot of time with law enforcement this past week. I'm surrounded. By the best of the best every single day. I know. Whenever this happens. Where does this happen. You feel. Your families feel. What I want you know today is the respect and gratitude to the American people for everything that you do for us. President Obama earlier today at the White House making remarks to the nation on the shooting deaths of three officers in the line of duty. In Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The president also noted. That on the eve of the national conventions he said political rhetoric is probably going to be more overheated than usual over the next two weeks. I'm joined here in Cleveland on the eve of the Republican National Convention by ABC's spread milky. Brad the president heard the words and actions that unite this country rather than divided further. But. The police here are also bracing. For words and actions that could cause further unrest yeah that's right there and authorities have been worried about possible classes in Cleveland for some time now. Between pro trumpet antitrust demonstrators are between protesters and police and that was before the attack in Dallas and now the shooting in Baton Rouge here's the thing. Open carry is legal here too that means that while police and crack down on knives even umbrellas and sleeping bags at demonstrations. Films will be allowed many of these demonstrations sites in Cleveland. So once the police chief here. Heard about the shooting in Baton Rouge this morning. He called for banning open carry for the week governor Don Casey says his hands are tied and that has got everyone here very very cautious Aaron. Cautious and needed more than seven the law enforcement departments represented thousands of federal agents the city's pretty buttoned up. Yet that's right you can't walk around the area near it the currency without feeling the security presence is it's not just the Quicken Loans Arena the cute it has been locked down there's a nearly two square mile stretch of downtown Cleveland and is locked down. Cleveland at like you said has brought in 2500 police officers from out of the area it's ordered 2000 sets of protected here we're talking. That's on its flexible handcuffs. Just today it was at a demonstration. With people who would say they were determined to shut down trumpet was a large protest was probably one or 200 people but as they marched some more and more police mobilized there were some of the regular uniform. Others with spikes others with more intense election guards and masks. The mounted police came all the Sunday were blocking a street to the arena some hotels there and have hired private security would that the riot shields so everything is calm and everything went well but it gives you the idea of just how serious people are taking any sign of a demonstration here. They're very nimble and can respond quickly and I was also struck as I walked around the streets about the reception many of those officers are getting. We've seen parades of police on bikes. Being applauded by citizens as they arrive by yet a straight citizens and visitors here as well I happen of pumpkins and governor Mike Huckabee just before I came in here. And he said he's been going up to troopers from around the country all they sing to thank you for what you do because you do put yourself out there so much but there's a disconnect I think. Between some of the people doing these marches. Through the streets of some of the people around this convention. On the some people say that the protesters are sullying the good names in the good work of police officers people from the black flies are matter movement told me they don't wanna get their message hijacked. By a few killings of keyed by people they say don't represent them they say. One of the problems has been police have been killing people with relative impunity for years and that's the disconnect that we are seeing. A large gap. Still needs to be closed with a dialogue in this country and President Obama called for. Opening our hearts and tempering our words. Still to come eyewitness accounts from Baton Rouge and we return to the scene. Stay with us. Makes ABC news special America in crisis continues. After this. More Americans turn to ABC's Good Morning America than any place else in the morning so how. 1 morning show that helps you know what you want in the morning. Because if it's important to you its import. Robin Roberts Hewitt and. First ever write a report to get from George stiff and. Willis you want breaking news news making exclusives taken from Lara Spencer weeding out you'll I don't nap acting here in luck because you can. Won it all in the morning that's where Good Morning America concert to go on to warmer than some of the. ABC's Good Morning America Good Morning America Good Morning America you are best morning starts right here. At the dinner hour see why more Americans are now turning to PBC's world news tonight. Wherever the story years. From all across the globe to inside the White House to light weight it's where world. Next week next turned Dayton BC's world news tonight which dvd where. Today one out of every four American kids. That means many in the future doctors who care for us the engineers who built our cities scientist and entrepreneur awards and our country into your kids. Don't know how hard it is its primary don't see why we want you to know you on. Every day I want people support and make it happen. Many support him and Hispanic scholarship money helps you prepare and plan. Your kids' college education they're more ready to set up. Its brakes aren't talking about. Coming out. BC news radio he's there we swarmed that house. Of the suspects apparently battering down. That door when terror gripped San Bernardino to patrol cars are went screaming by down a city street probably a hundred miles now ABC news radio a hundred with the prestigious Edward. ABC news radio. We all play a role and. Keeping our communities safe every game we moved in anatomy tethers did he lives. It's easy to take for granted I'm a little moments that make up our everyday. Some are good but others not so much but that's nice. It's something doesn't seem quite right that is Thomas pay attention. This has only you know it's not supposed to be into your everyday. So protect your every day if he sees something suspicious. Face something to local authorities. Francisco in New York City in cities and towns across the country join ABC and helps cool feeding America helping bring. Much needed food including fruits and vegetables fans and you. We need. Us hello. So. He had this leaves and feeding America org slash. And then they start thinking this is no point in trying. At risk of looking here. Here and she changed through. The rooms. Start for tech's defense than these lines. We had the Coast Guard foundation and we support our united states Coast Guard. We provide scholarships and grants to help make college dreams a reality we provide equipment and gear to promote fitness and health. And when the unthinkable happens we are there providing relief to families of the fallen. The Coast Guard foundation dot org to help support Coast Guard members and their fans. This is an ABC news special. America in crisis periods NBC news correspondent. During pitcher ski. The officers shot and killed in Baton Rouge were responding to a call of a Diet Coke with a gun. We're told they were met for the immediate gunfire no talking the police said just shooting. It wasn't yet 9 AM on a Sunday. ABC's mark Graham Allard now what more. Was shooting the boiled down to a matter of minutes that it brought me 8:40 AM. Several Louisiana law enforcement officers were shot. The airline Paoli old Hammond like state police colonel Mike Edmondson giving it detailed timeline of the shooting saying the scene unfolded after calls first came in a 911 about a man dressed in black carrying a gun. The men walked by convenience store when officers arrived in just two minutes later reports of gunfire. Just two minutes after that it 844 and mints and says the first reports of an officer hit as heard on scanner traffic from broadcast of five. Oh. Yeah. Following that more gun fires police work to zero in on the shooter at 8:46 AM reports receipt of the suspect. Again it was wearing all black standing air corps watched. Located right next to the convenience so officers on the ground still coming under fire while they worked to locate him. I lie there not long after that report another officer hit that. And for. Our. Edmondson says by 840. He amassed a unit started run obviously they were stated that they just thought. Approaching and getting the bodies. There were at the scene to render birthday shortly after officers opened fire on the suspect officers engage is subject at that particular time. And he ultimately got this thing that was our Food Network responding to the scene itself. The shooting unfolding in just a matter of minutes but by the time it was over three police officers were dead and three more wounded Erin. ABC's mark Remo lard mark thanks one of those officers is in critical condition were told to others are stable. Brady bans cell came I'd I knew with the gunman as he arrived at work along the commercial stretch airline highway. In Baton Rouge I spoke with the Brady earlier. And I asked him what he saw. I was actually pulled up to a job over here on the street behind this shouldn't. Kind of directly behind not all crime scene. And I don't pull up on the job we. We heard about a rapid noise right well well well found where we're going off and after about 20 that morning no ourselves and what that it was done or maybe it was seen as someone working that there. So you know I'm asylum do you have a better look at it as she was going on December summit sounds you know a bit bizarre. So all over to the street. And look into the parking lot. About eighty yards and economy are strong manly in the parking lot it and you whether there's been on since he was deceased third. Dead because he wasn't there wasn't movement in the heart of much of gunshots to tool. Brady then sell an eyewitness to the gunfire in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where three officers swear. Killed. And three others wounded. The police said. At first they were concerned about. The possibility of an active shooter but they they put that to arrest but they still may be looking at a couple of persons of interest. We'll get the latest. Coming up when we return to the scene in Baton Rouge. This NBC news special on narrative crisis continues. Today one out of every four American kids. That means many in the future doctors who care for us the engineers who build our cities scientist and entrepreneur awards and our country could be your kids. We don't know how hard it is innocent. This is why they want you know you are not gotten every day one people support they can have. Many support him and Hispanic scholarship money helps you prepare a plan and your kids' college education and more at HSF dot. Its brakes are talking about. Coming out there. BC news radio he's there we swarmed that house. Of the suspects apparently battering down. That door when terror grip San Bernardino to patrol cars outweighed screaming by down this city street probably a hundred miles now ABC news radio a hundred with the prestigious Edward. EBC news radio. Real hope. Played a role in keeping our communities safe. Everyday we moved in and out of each other's dizzy lines. It's easy to take for granted I'm a little amendments that make up our everyday. Some are good but others not so much and that's why it's something doesn't seem quite right that just on the pay attention. This has only you know it's not supposed to be in your every day. So protector every day and if he sees something suspicious and see something to local authorities. In Cleveland and San Francisco in New York City. In cities and towns across the country join ABC and helps cool feeding America helping bring. Much needed food including fruits and vegetables to fans and you. Us hello. It's. He had in the cities and feeding America or it's nice to. And then they start thinking there's just no point in trying. At risk of the here. Five years and she changed to. Girls. Guards for tax descends into these lines. Near the Coast Guard foundation and we support our united states Coast Guard. We provide scholarships and grants to help make college dreams a reality we provide equipment and gear to promote fitness and health. And when the unthinkable happens we are there providing relief to families of the fallen. Political start saudis and other work to help support Coast Guard members and their fans. This is an NBC news special. A barricade and crisis series NBC news correspondent. In pitcher ski. The serenity of a Sunday morning in Baton Rouge, Louisiana which shattered by gunfire. Three police officers are dead and three others wounded. This all happened at a scene not far from the Baton Rouge police department headquarters and so we go to Betsy now would ABCs on a sack. On what's it look like. Now road Brady here are all closed down and you can see just police officers and their cars. Stressed out about. I I'd say probably about a mile and a half down airport road here in Baton Rouge this is not a sight of that shooting on that run from. Location of the shopping mall where the shooter was. All the way down to the police department and hasn't been noted. That has been the scene of many protests since the shooting of Alton Brown. And and right now and then the team just very growth and the opting to speak with some of the police officers here. And and just grim faces on every single one of them. All of law enforcement is grieving tonight we heard the sheriff of east Baton Rouge say today Lana and any signs of of that grief to any of the the Tolkien son or or expressions of grief that we might see after a scene like this. Oh right now it's seen in some way to just be acute fracture and two Neil. That this would usually be a bottling area in Baton Rouge today. A ghost town nobody is out here on at that is then nearby shops have all been closed everybody is sort of has been an. Staying at home with loved ones according to some of the people that I and I spoke click here who were out about. But for the most part everybody just eager to be at home with the people that they love. We. Had some details about the timeline from authorities but we're expecting a more detailed briefing tomorrow. That's exactly right and authorities right now are really going to be pouring into everything that they can figure out about cap and long background that he had. Had hit a cell phone on Hannah at the time they're going to be poring through that to find out who had contact work they'll be and there are already executing. Deep deep research into his social media footprint to see how they can. What what groups from he may have ties to particularly the anti got some anti government movement that we've seen him associated. With on FaceBook they're all good looking at the weapon but how would be able to procure those weapons. And we understand right now law enforcement working on warrant is home to trying get his computer and unlock more detail. ABC's lama's sack with a us from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. A city that had already been tense once again on edge. After the fatal shooting of plea three police officers by an ex marine named DeVon long who turned 29 today. And marked his birthday by shooting at the cops. We're told he had a cellphone with him that is now being scoured for clues so far his social media preferences indicate at least in interest in an anti government movement. Police are searching longs residents in Kansas City and trying to figure out why he was in Baton Rouge. Whether it was specifically to avenge the killing of a black man named Alton sterling by police two weeks ago. Since then there's been so much violence we overheard someone say it's a scary thing. When you see a flag at half staff you're not actually sure which national tragedy it's referring to. And Aaron pitcher Steve ABC news. Yes ABC news on that winner for the third straight year with Edward armor award for overall excellence in television and.