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Khizr Kahn On Trump, Muslims

Jul 29, 2016|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

If you wanna see the best of America. You need to look no further. An army captain who may you didn't come. He was born in the United Arab Emirates. And moved to Maryland as a small child. He later graduated from the University of Virginia. Before enlisting. In the united states army. In June 2004. He was serving in Iraq. One day while his infantry unit was guarding the gates of their base. They suspicious vehicle appeared. Captain kind of told his troops to get back. But he went forward. We took ten steps toward the car before it exploded. Captain con was killed but his unit was saved. By his courageous acts. Captain con was posthumously awarded the bronze star. And purple heart. He was just 27 years old. We still wonder what made him take those ten steps. Khan's father said in a recent interview. Maybe that's the point he went. Where all the values. All the service to country. All the things he learned in this country it again. It was those values. That made him take those ten steps. Those ten steps told us we did not make the mistake. It moving to this country is either damaged it's time to stand up and say we our America. We will not turn on each other a return on our principles and that's what we do here. That's who we are. That's how we will win and that's the America. That I know makes us all so proud. To be part thank you very much. Please welcome Kaiser con. From Charlottesville Virginia. Okay. I. Worse. Vote hawks. And prayers. But we're going residents. And Dole's. Who serve. Today. Tonight we have honored. To stand here. As parents look Upton remind you and Kong. And beds. Patriotic. American Muslims. It. Pads. Treachery on the American Muslims. Whip on divided loyalties to what countries. Okay. Life. Many immigrants. We came to this country. Empty handed. We believed in American democracy. That rip hard work. And goodness of this country. Read courtship and and contribute to its blessings. We are blessed. Good days followed three sons. In a mission. Wherever they were free to be themselves. And follow their dreams. Hello son. In my own head. Dreams too. Of being a military lawyer. He portables dreams aside. The day. He sacrificed his life. To save the lives of his fellow soldiers. Okay. Henry Clinton was right. When she called my son. The best diplomatic. It. If it was. Bob good Donald Trump. He'd never would have been economic growth. Donald Trump. Consistently. Samir this democratic true Muslims. He disrespect other minorities. Rehman. Judges. Even his own party leadership. He walls to build walls. And banned us from this country. Donald Trump. You're asking Americans. To trust you with their future. Let me off skew. Have you even read the United States constitution. Don't remove. When the word. Look for the words liberty. And equal protection of law. It. Have you ever been drawn Lincoln cemetery. Bullet look at the grave help bring it back tears. Who'd died defending. United States of America. You'll see. All faiths. Genders. And ethnicities. You'll have effective qualities. Nothing. We cannot fall. All of the problems. By building walls. Soaring. Division. We ought to stronger together. It. We will keep getting stronger. When Henry Clinton becomes a what president. We're. In conclusion. All I mosque ever read that cute American. All Muslim immigrants. And all immigrants. To not take this election. Lightly. This. Is an historic election. And I request. To honor the sacrifice of my son. And on Election Day. David that trying to get out and vote and look for the big either. Wolf put the strongest and most qualified candidate. Hillary Clinton not the device. This new thing new.