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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Trump On the Defensive - ABC's Brad Mielke

Trump On the Defensive - ABC's Brad Mielke

Aug 1, 2016|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

ABC news correspondent Brad ability joins us live to talk about the race for the White House the trump campaign and particularly this time. Brad here's what it seems like a chance that Donald Trump once he gets into some kind of trouble. He only seems to dig himself a bigger hole I mean this appears to be what's happening here on this flap over them. Muslim mother and father whose son the US soldier died serving as the American comrades what do you think. Well you know you we seen this from Donald Trump in the past I think this comes in this most resembles his comments about John McCain right and he still facing up to those comments to this day. We you'd still have veterans that shook town halls asking him to. To apologize for what he said about John McCain very rarely do we hear anything resembling an apology from Donald Trump about anything. But but this seems to be summing it could ask some legs in a similar vein however. If you recall you know in the thing about John McCain he still won the New Hampshire primary that he said that before and he still won the Republican nomination so there is always that lingering question of exactly who will this hurt Donald Trump with them will those effects be lasting. However you know. We would that the backlash we've seen this weekend over in this Muslim family to cons. Is sort of rivals anything we've seen to this point so. Did this could be something you know Donald Trump tweeting actually just a few minutes ago that he was viciously attacked make it easier Khan said that the father of this fallen soldier. And and Walcott your con himself that is been sort of making the rounds on TV so we'll see if he has a response and self while okay and where Republican leaders and that's when they say. Well first of foremost I think you have Donald comes running mate Mike Pence putting out a statement this that it is Donald Trump and I believe that can who we UConn what was a war hero and that he deserves to be treated as such. Then you have people like Mitch McConnell sort of doing doing everything to disavow these comments without saying. Then he won't vote for trump right that's the thing both he and Paul Ryan who really distanced themselves from these comments as well as. The proposed ban on Muslims or at least people coming from. Countries where terror RAZR is running rampant and they're distancing themselves from these policies but not from voting for trump that still stands or winning a seat. If if and when there's a tipping point. In a trump potion mainly also has a knack to quickly change in the subject now. But trump claims that he has made sacrifices. In life that are comparable to those sacrifices of the confidently. Now they've lost a son. He says trump but he'll sacrificed. By creating jobs for Americans a lot of good comparison and little games. A mean L let you decide but yet this Tuesday in an exclusive interview with George Stephanopolous where. He noted the confidently on stage asked Donald Trump would have you sacrifice that have been George but that questions Donald Trump personally said what have you sacrifice and he said. I think that a lot of sacrifices most of had to do with his business with building his business up with creating jobs. But I I think you'd be hard pressed to find someone that would put them on the same level as. As losing a son remember the Stanley came to the country when who we UConn was just two years old McCain from Pakistan. And in this response to Mike Pence gave last night he actually doubled down on this ban. That would probably have prohibited the con family from moving it from Pakistan to the US it prohibiting who we come from actually becoming the war hero depends described him as so. A real mishmash your and that's. Be beyond you guys. The other comets in this injury you said he had a penchant for changing this unchecked in in which he said that. You know he trusted Russia not to invade Ukraine I think the people of crime you would have sent in to say about that already so. A lot of things happening this weekend when doubled to disposed to be a little enjoying a little convention battle. It's yet now we're just hearing some some first polling following the Democratic Convention looks like CBS polling that showing that Hillary Clinton is getting a bounce. But that was expected rain. Yeah and she got a four point bouncy according to this poll Donald Trump got a two point bounced. Of course her bounces more recent so to come down nothing too earth shattering here especially. When he compared to when you compare it to Hillary Clinton's husband bill he got thirteen point bounce coming out of the 1992 convention. Nothing has really changed that much accordent this poll except is interestingly. Hillary Clinton. Had 67% of it is a 67% support from Bernie Sanders voters going in the convention. That number now 73% so at least she helped herself with the Bernie bros. Vary her interest and stuff ABC news correspondent Brad Miller okay joining us on the race for the White House.

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