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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>"The American Side" Makes TV Debut - Tim Clark

"The American Side" Makes TV Debut - Tim Clark

Aug 1, 2016|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is Monday morning in time for Monday morning at the movie is the America. And did something yet the twentieth century most of his ideas were suppressed it's all politics. It's designed to be 25 years we'll play you know what I would do if someone tried to steal. Okay and that's a clip from the film up American side. Most of which was a film around here. Let's talk about it was Tim Clark with Tim's with the buffalo Niagara film commission former assistant to social B Demille. And before that he used to feed the MGM Liam. I believe that's true but you forgot the part where I was assistant to Randy bush over and Orleans county. Well that's true too I'm sorry about that sorry I missed it okay this film most of which was shoulder on here buffalo Niagara Falls. Is gonna be on Netflix now next. He actually did starting today and that's. Netflix and then tomorrow it's available on dvd Sony is releasing it tomorrow whole and the dvd form. But it's follows are really successful theatrical run. You know around the country in fact it was extended like four times and Chicago. You know on the run. There but so they also had a on iTunes and Amazon and and Hulu and you know all of a sudden Netflix pick that up which is you know really great news for rough for the filmmakers for sure. Yet what is it the story if he can I know we heard Nikola Tesla. Well yeah I it's got local connection and of course. It was written. By a local. Guy yeah great stir from Eden. Tech is ten runs the yet cafe out there at the four corners. But Dennehy and or Jenna wrecker who directed the home wrote this story. And I wanna get too much away but it it does have a little bit of Nicholas Tesla and a lot of Niagara Falls. And sort of very intriguing thriller that it's really really good story. Economical Lou tussle. He has a sudden I can't right now. I mean despite his incredible. Accomplishments. He got a little truck to back then and Newsday the leg late nineteenth century I mean he lied to the pan am exposition era here you brought electrical power to buffalo. Yet it's funny because. As you know the that Tesla monument up at Niagara Falls is sort of moved this year. Two overseas you know to look out over the falls. You know for. A long long time the monument just appeared sort of in the plaza up their by the cave of the winds but. Now it overlooks the fault so it's almost fitting that with all this new sort of excitement about Tesla and his story you know that he that he actually gets moved a little closer to the falls which which has a pivotal. Part of this movie. Of course it. At some brig in big names. Pure well actually great stirs stars Kennedys the sort of the main character but demand to Broderick Geneen drop for lol. All of boy. Robert force better you know a number of you know sort of iconic actors. Iran and for sure and you know back in 2013. So what three years ago. They shot all over you know buffalo and and done Niagara Falls and of course lock for a that the caves there and the canal area. And you know this sort of the fruits of their labor is now going to be CN CNN Netflix starting today and you know on dvds Terri tomorrow. Okay good news Tim we appreciate your time this morning Tim Clark of the buffalo Niagara film commission. Great to talk you guys see it don't.

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