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11-4 The Movie Show with Cinema Bob and Sandy Beach

Nov 4, 2016|

Bob and Sandy look at Dr. Strange, Hacksaw Ridge, Trolls, Gimme Danger and the Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And I go. I. That's why Clinton talking to bell on Wednesday morning but that's another story it's remotely show awards ceremony probably sandy B we try do. Try to pressure and that we try to avoid politics. We go as best weekend. That was our official statement on the election as well where I ago when I do frankly my dear I don't give them I think it is time though Little Rock is beautiful and some of these election is on Tuesday that we should get out as art collection onto his bats. C didn't know keep abreast of Kearns. Affairs and situation you are you're ready. Did you know there was baseball on TV this week no come on your lying now baseball was on this week and there's an election on Tuesday I heard that Joseph dominant cubs win I heard somebody talking about laws and all animals played. But I heard some people Muppets we'll call machines keep yeah this early as light as your desk is right next the government. Yes yes VE. The official. Our political endorsement for the movie show for president this year. We do officially endorse Groucho Marx has Rufus T firefly in duck soup. Fighter alive for 2068. It's funny you mention that this is the truth I was so burned out with politics that I went home and I. I via I Google and then later went through a phase that not raise them it's a YouTube. And watched all of The Marx Brothers I could yet there was good there. Is we we haven't. To it lately mr. participants from the movies coming out we men died in two. The releases as much to do there is a new Marx Brothers released the Kmart a couple of weeks ago. Marx Brothers five Paramount films. Obama better on five best ones. Are now on Blu-ray in restored additions cool. I've never seen the films look this good for their still sections of coconuts that are kind of mascot looks kind of little wind and coconut because they found some new reels. It'll go for looking Christina and gorgeous to all of a sudden it looks like you're watching through fishbowl. But does that true show piece of it is animal crackers which is so. In an oblique crystal clear print but it also has replaced gags. That have been trimmed out of the well already years in the song her Rafer captain Spaulding here where an explorer mark undermined things. He is the only white man who's covered every acre well we've always heard. That followed by. Hurry hurry array and they go on this computer course but in the original cut that we're now able to see when she says. He is the only white man who covered every acre Arturo points to Marc LaMont says I think I'll try and make her. Iraq. Well you get a lot of my agent a pre code goodies like that surprises me when you watch films a measure on our good dancers. And because he really choppy. And unlike today's dancers which are usually read then. You know very well and the media China securities and thought to be fair when I launch an old movie with dancers like that. And I catch myself and mayor I realized the person I have the job. Really think our guys you are casting aspersions how about big box office knows in his version of a toddler Perry's. Well Medea Halloween. Did seventeen million dollars. It is hard 53 million it was number one for two weeks in a row. The idea films you to lead dropped sharply in the second week by Halloween. How strong this might end up being the highest grossing mama Medea Phil yeah I know there are few times when Tyler Perry has said. I don't put that dress anymore Hillary I think kids account no not saying all children that number is many trash is that you want we are you would you address. And number you. Know. Did not do mute Tom Hanks Da Vinci code movie opened at number who. Only fifteen billion dollars up eight big drop its third entry in this year's first film opened 77 million. The second one did 46 million and this one only did this team. I'm 75 million dollar budget it's going to be very strong business overseas to stamp out the rat. And number three Jack richer and acted ten billion dollars it's now forty million. Steep drop for another disappointing big star released. And number four the accountant 8000000 and 61 and number five we G origin even at certain it is now and 25. Million. Okay I'll bigness alone this is all this Hollywood news that's happening right here. The screening room cinema can say it's over in and applause there. In 22 years it's been over there. And have a situation where you can sit and watch a movie they have other rooms where you watch film for their own groups who have my private rooms where you want them. Nice way OK just checking and proper way. They don't you know marriage and able to show. I'm. I'll there is no way even as roll of quarters no no no it's not like at all not the screen. They show retro classic films independent features. A lot of stuff that won't be a big weeklong release in the largest theatre at showcase there and they show. A lot of older films there as well to. They're opening to the boulevard. They're gonna have a much bigger location. They're going to be in the year old bone comedy club. Spaces available to grow in all the upper. Drive entrance there and I think the loss of hand. Down an entrance from the mall shell sells now. Are you. Food in this sort of things. The goal to have us animals there and I Mary guys that bin where it sounds nice that they show a lot of really cool stuff they want a word test our movie Cuba but nothing. Would would we usually have an. Tilda Swinton. She's taught. Please. You and one. In the new marvel film doctor's story. But so new Scottish. And the following. One tomato of hers growing. Did she go to school with a regional vice. Be princes Diana. Or see. David Bowe. All right it was 64 point 9875 the prize a movie pass it's outta when he did some that are valid through December 31 16 man. One of our dollars in derivatives exempt doors Pete's Munro on those sport on transit no expiration dates already 43 bucks general Condit has rules apply. The movie I cute show movie and show where we're not that's march from Obama side. The movie at your question. Tilda Swinton. Who was one hot mama. Plays the ancient one in middle marvel film doctors range in the comic book the characters Tibetan. But Swinton is Scottish. Which of the following was a classmate of hers growing up and with that there. Princess Diana the true that I attended west Heath girls' school and later went to France edged up. Very nice thank you all for raising the standard of the show. Big bullies hitting the big screen you just referenced doctor strain. Doctor Stephens strange thank you very much. It is just I do think though. It should always be sent to doctors drew. The glad to be married Courtney Love he'd be Dr. Strangelove. Will this is true but. He's also the we kind of depressing stuff. I'll. This is the latest film that is part of the latest Marvel Comics movie. And marvel has built up its universe as such that these movies are not just an introduction of character. But we will now see this character pop up in other marvel films as well as having their loans equaled. They've done pretty remarkable job building universe it's almost twenty films now that this this overall inter connected where. It's based on a couple character from 1963. I ever read the comic book myself I would fear the comic book. On the stand with the other comic books and you know is Doctor Strange with these. Weird little goatee and swept. In there he was always suspended. Air with a huge red cape. It Norris were at least psychedelic things. Some Billy was saying something to him that took about 75 words and he was saying something to the villain that looked like it was about 200 words in the cartoon balloon. And every time I looked at the books I would think. Oh that looks like too much work ruined where's the bad man or tax that's act comic book bear him our audience yeah. On this is basically EU. Marvel. On mushrooms. This is very near east psychedelic. He is a brilliant. Eric stunningly talented nor search he has an impeccable success record for two reasons why. He's he's in most urgent you aren't too. It makes. Them. Which I think there's terror it regards. Keep riding high you looked at them and I moved here. And and oh my soul he's he's going on in is is air gateway here in miniature. And car accident. And heat were earth. And now. Just don't have the dexterity that they once did Trombley fumbles now and he can no longer be surgeon. People won't even call him doctors strange anymore they just call story. Are you don't agree on every Obama Don Knotts that's right. You don't absolutely you don't you're Gruber Cabrera a Clinton doesn't care. So but luckily. He eats. Tilda Swinton. As the ancient one now. Take a break. Or very little film history here. Yes till this woman is playing. Ancient one which is a character in the in the content books was an old Tibetan moan. That character. Is still dressed. Like an old Tibetan monk. Only in middle aged British Scottish white woman. Playing her this this does a lot of people complain that this faults in two. What they called yellow things black case it's a white actor playing an Asian character. It's happened once or twice in Hollywood. Here just a few more people. Who who had slant eye make up an element of applied to them Marlon Brando. Katharine Hepburn yes. Katharine Hepburn as an Asian John weighing. Anthony Quinn and cherish and Linda Hunt Loretta. Young Asian Loretta Young surge on deal good old gray. Or sellers Boris Karloff David Carradine who can forget. Mickey Rooney's. Coat. Bob oh yeah that awful loud but it typically terrible. She is well that was years ago I don't do that sort of denials and people are much more sensitive. Let's don't play. Chinese. Hawaiian. Girl and aloha. Yes blue eyed red haired and a stone. And coming up soon. There are doing finally film adaptation of ghost in the shell V classic manga. Japanese. Story of course the later be played Scarlett Joseph and while famous channel own actors. So. People are a little upset about that she does. You is she does not play the person as Asian. She just kinda happens to be a Scottish woman dressed up like this Tibetan monk. So she teaches him how to on exist. And and live with and all of these alternate dimensions. That are happening. At the same time. In its. Film's content. They are all these dimensions that are layer on top each other only you can't see them if you open your mind if you haven't on learn what you have learned. According to this film right now in this very room. There's an alternate. And he. That are talking on Sports Radio show and give it. Out yes yeah about that. It's scarier than anything I want an all about the there's good barring injuries. Well who absolutely. We can probably get a sponsorship on the as well. So there is a lot of. CGI in this and this isn't the type of CGI where they're trying to fudge reality they're trying to. Create huge explosions or buildings falling down international Michael's some big disaster happened here. This thing is buildings fold into themselves. This is more of psychedelic. Had trip. You. You guys and holds news used to enjoy a mother nature's herbs before going to see the Pink Floyd and I'm like all planetarium. Might find a lot to enjoy all my Doctor Strange. This bill is getting. True it like it and some of the bad and come bench who personally. And it that. He's fine at the very peculiar. Case which just makes you name etched his name is Doctor Strange. He's I think what it is that this race. He's days. Why so. They're kind of far apart my horse not not not quite are almost like. Where it just gives him this kind of blank look it's kind of tell what he's making certain blindness I hit him and Eddie were. May I read me. And even got. Eddie read means the day one. It's so that it will be talking about him next week with fantastic beasts and where to find didn't. Always rain or when they first came out Academy Awards didn't she win one play an Asian yeah yeah good the other order I thought. So yeah. Today they are somewhat sensitive to that situation. And it belonged plays the character of warm who. In the wrong way wrong one remember long to congressman never made her write in it right. As one as long. PI and is writers dread moyers. Asked. An account books. He's an Asian man servant to dark street in this film and human. He's also another you gotta get a promotion stick type type when he became goes for a man servant to equal Murray and oh and so is there ought to be it looks at the visuals and passed all ought to inception. More than matrix of all kind of an. Old look. And all that. Is. You know something they really delve into. People moves I've seen it in too deep. Perhaps that works really well it's quite exciting. 3-D version apparently is even trickier story is two dollars better experience. That's what players say they're saying it's too they're expecting this to you like. Well over seventy in the should be very very big primary mission debrief three glasses each said there are two post credit sequences. One in the middle and one at the vary and so keep great performance. By. Doctor Strange is how much time do we have about ponies there. And that's not the first and Powell. Oh. I yes. We'll talk about that with other. This other film here late about terrific next year racially Adams you know who Egypt or from twelve years Slaton and Mickelson. Who's the bad guys and neck in right now Benjamin. Pretty. Our I would be back where a movie I'm planning agency. If he doesn't just savage. And his revealed on newsletter arrived there and maybe again. Because Western New York weather can change in a minute I'm always watching this is 71 alert meteorologist Andy Parker miss and for my forecast weekdays on news radio nod thirty. WB DNA is a Malaysia seldom above those enemy sandy beach big movies hitting the big screen. He already told you about Doctor Strange next up. A movie that I hope to receive depending on the review Pixar courage I'll. I hope that much to you over your life in your hand you hold control of whether I'm by ticker for this and and I tell you to vote for Tuesday and no and all the fanfare at the movie. Enough. Mom. It's Aldridge this is directed by Mel Gibson this is the first films he's directed. In ten years and for a while now he has been persona non Grata in Hollywood for various. Scandals and problems. And just almost kind of popped up out of the blue. Premiered at the Venice Film Festival. Last month. And received a ten minute standing ovation hello. You know Gibson is getting. To the best reviews of his life. For this film it's that 9% rotten tomatoes. It's based on the true story of Desmond dose. He was in World War II American army men. And Exxon outrage. Was HDX department. At the battle of open now. There were 50000. Allied casualties. Particular panel 100000. Japanese casualties were one of the bloodiest and most horrific. War battles. All time of all time. Does windows as a shock failed. They start film starts with him his job he got in a fight with his brother hit him on the with a rock. Two kids fighting induced tooting his brother in the war and it was a nearly fatal situation. Which terrified. A time his father. But it also in violent. Alcoholic man. Suffering from a lot of PPG. Type problem from serving in world war on. And at a fairly young age dose. Swore to become. Seventh day Adventist he said you know I'm not gonna fight him remain true to my case. In 1942 ago. He decided he really didn't wanna he wanted to do his part in the war and he enlisted. Voluntarily. And became. A man when he got to the basic training he's I am a conscientious. Objector. And it was very very difficult for him. In terms of his basic training I mean as far as abuse from his drill sergeant played by Vince Vaughn. Getting some of his best reviews ever for this bill. He was always I will not use a rifle. I will not shoot anyone. And he of course got enormous pressure from the shelves and his fellow soldiers and you know response to protect each other. And this sort of and he would marked beaten up on a regular basis. During training. And he ended up working Matic. So the film follows a lot of traditional. Old war movie. Troops and that sort of thing leading up to that point but this is it Mel Gibson film. As a director. He has never shied away from violence. Popular ago. Braveheart. And passion of the Christ certainly the most violent. Religious film of all time. And while the first film does follow that kind of Norman Rockwell and GM movie. Situation it really leads to. And he fights a battle sequence. That takes up the majority of the end of the film that so to be one of the most graphically gruesome. War sequences of all time as far as the realities of war. Dismemberment of bones partial decapitation. AV club has called this the glorious war movie. Effort come out of Hollywood is really it is and this is an. I've seen reviews where they've said. Age it goes as far as Saving Private Ryan opens in Tibet and then goes beyond that. So it is our raw film. Be prepared for that. Very well acted film Andrew Garfield gives it to rip her performance in this Hugo Weaving Sam Worthington Rachel Griffiths. Teresa Palmer. Milo Gibson. 26 year old Milo Gibson's son of Mel Gibson making this film debut. Boy does he look a lot like his dad looks like Mel and one of his older and Australian films now this action I don't know I don't know how you can consider this a spoiler. Because it's based on a true event and historically. This is. Soldiers. Story has been covered but I mean he was a conscientious objector and he was awarded the medal of honor by Harry Truman. He went into the one of the bloodiest battles ever come lately on our. And. There were major major casualties with in the 77 infantry. And why is this steep and that's kind of actual words that these these guys were getting hurt at. And they were really separated from the rest of their base in the rest of their troops there were 75. Casualties. In the battle. And dose Cary. Each and every soldier. One by one. To the skirt and and lord them by boat to safety while the battle is going on. All around him absolutely. Expect there should he when he went on to win a bronze star purple harper. I'm gonna show how surprised this is one of the only times I've ever seen a movie. Trailer. Make me choke up where I shut it is fighting back tears at a trailer. That won't mean during the battle. Dose is is cranky it is very it is very very strong very much part of his life. And he is praying at one pointer battle and it is not. To save himself. It is not. You know to end things or Joseph whatever. He's just saying please lord help me get one more just help me get one more man bad. Pretty remarkable. Really remarkable film. And it is. That is getting tremendous truth but understand. It AA is. Rough it's so rough ride. Well you just sold one more tickets for that movie is sounds and is it Mel Gibson is quite a talented filmmaker he's terrific film don't call my office on the road your ticket but put him behind the camera fabulous yeah yeah here's the patriots are talent and I'm like this guy now. I don't know and one is an excellent neighbor no goods as a moviemakers something's special OK we'll take a break and we will return with more big movies hitting the extremely cinema mob it is remotely shows sort of above -- and these sandy beach big movies hitting the big shrimp Bob told a bug Doctor Strange and tax our ridge next up. Finally a documentary about the WB in management team. Holds. I Bob is a Leo this is. This is actually. The latest from DreamWorks Animation yeah. And homes and shoe rack and all that trolls what about it and the troll and I do I have them home. And grown up to us this Danish what worker. Worth noting we all around and debris harm them in the late fifties. Guy's name was Thomas. M cell. He used to make them and vinyl. And he you know Amro while they were very debt and damned well and his company damn thing. Opel and knows them miss. And DreamWorks purchase the rights to patrol all right so now. They've they've got them in this this film in the can do all the toys and Italian. I don't know why bother buying meaning they don't like anything like I drill holes. Day they look more like a cross between summer since my little ponies there that multi car all me you miss the last meeting. Our L. My putt. Great voice connect Anna Kendrick the only rationale of a Justin Timberlake Kristin Burr ski. Christine Baranski every hamburger. James Gordon went on EU John police while rob punches. If you don't know round punches as chicken and funny comic and beat them around. But. Vick's co moderator read this factor 82. Of them. Mom. But. Justin Timberlake was also along with doing the voice. He voices the grumpy just of all the trolls so you can imagine how grumpy things again he's grumpy group of them. Big pop music soundtrack here to single out earlier in the year. From this on the today and they do versions of true colors and Ross is coming out it's the sunshine day from the very bunched up like that. It's kind of weird. It'll dark. With that. There these characters all the burdens. Of these large monster type characters. And what they do it every year at trolls this. That is the holidays where they eat trolls and the only time that burdens are happy. They beat neutral. Happy for a minute and go back to being miserable. So it turns out the trolls don't like being eaten with it skate and all that plot kind of goes from there. And the weird part of it here's lawyer. A little weird. Message. That he tries to work words is the pools teach them and that guy you think Egypt Egypt troll. That's. Natural thing to be happy. Maybe just need to find a way to tap into the happiness. Inside to view instead of eating trolls all they're saying to kids. You think you need candy year need that new video gamer need to download that noose on. Real happiness is with you you don't need that stuff. Summer we're going to explain meant to you in a movie that will be for sale on Blu-ray an honest guy and ha you can buy all the tall he's in the soundtrack in the end user in the all out. Marketing our I don't object to our growth next up I don't miss anything with the AG dropped call me of fooled but I wanna see gimme danger. As well you sure this is a music documentary. In depth. And ended in depth look at the legendary pop this stooges. The stooges in the late sixties. Kind of invented punk rock about ten years before it happened. Narrow enough this experts those around him all those guys are doing a lot of people said. It's just like the stooges problems earlier. And the decade and he of course at a big cult following. This particular documentary was written and directed by George arm which. Acclaimed indie filmmaker he made movie only lubbers left line. With Tilda Swinton was a couple of years ago terrific terrific. This is his first music documentary. And done. Your typical music documentary a lot of terrific concert footage archive of Fallujah and seen a lot of older guys talking about when they were young earning interviews. Keep up isn't fascinating guy he is of course listed he popped here's a sprite isn't his real name ghetto and enough. The credit he's listed as James Lister Byrd junior men's Iggy Pop. Iggy Pop at one point. Talking about their lead guitarist. He says as guitarist. He just fuels the space like a drug dog going through your house sniffing every corner. You have to lead a specific kind of lifestyle and a kind of analogy. Your fingertips. But this is a terrific entered into an introduction to the band. Or if you're there's needs to see everything. That's about the stooges torture. I'm like that would who want solid my 33 document who we ago. All right next MV bubble drains fantastic film festivals. This is. That is going on. Pretty much now through the thirteenth it's going to be playing National Mall and the screening room doing mentioned one film before we get into it. That we'll have want to show as an awful connection. This is apart from festival is what it all the late. Bloomer it's from hamburgers own Ken baker. Based on a book he wrote it will be playing shattered at 430 at the north are. He I'm. When he got into his twenty's he wasn't feeling well turns out here for you to respond now turned out he had a brain tumor. That was leaning on his pituitary gland. What it did was delayed puberty. So after the surgery he suddenly went through puberty. In one month at age 27. This is kind of been made into raucous comedy directed by Kevin Pollak at its first feature film JK Simmons Marie Palo Jane Lynch who Malden Johnny Brittany Snow are all in it also. And now there's going to be a book signing with Ken baker after the quake. That's happening Saturday the buffalo dreams fantastic film festival is going on through the thirteen. 105. Movies all total. They're going to be films that were shot in Western New York every night of the week. You go on their website you can see full listing their documentaries foreign films a lot of pour a lot of scifi. Some family films as well they'll have to drop a true for one. This is an advance screening of this film Scott con Annie Potts. Stephen Henderson or and it. A New York City artist best friends. Died on September 11 he adopts their young daughters and moves them to buffalo where he'd draw. Takes place here in the queen city. And a are also just show able clintons are also full paw hilarious comedy about to get where walls. Oh how about best alt. Are that about wraps it up thanks Bob oil was it Monday at nine on newsreader I'm thirty and WB. It's. They never have to music he's certainly let you know have you given him.