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11-11 The Movie Show with Cinema Bob and Sandy Beach

Nov 11, 2016|

Bob and Sandy look at Arrival, Moonlight, American Pastoral, Almost Christmas, Shut in and the Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tribune is we're zone in Iraq new rule everybody else's pain can live on NBC and that's all we know inside. As the movie show cinema bother me said you beat since they you know fairly familiar caption from the movie it's that means. From. Bill acts are ridge. That is currently playing in theaters it's. Film I highly highly recommend I saw last week and I urgency before last Friday show when we discussed it. If you're if you're looking. For for something special to do to give a little contemplation. Two everything the veterans do forests this film is one of the most powerful. War movies I've ever seen as far as. Just the sacrifice that people make and the enormous bravery. And integrity that these men had. One thing that really struck me as well when I was watching it and do it one remind people biscuits and some members sensitive to sort things. This is very much harder this film. Really goes into the gory details of being Matic. In world war issue in major battle so it is not for the squeamish but it is also very. Much. What we've come to call a faith based fail. That really struck me quite a bit is I was watching it there have been so many movies got to not dad and then films that are usually. They're terrible low budget. And often don't get the best reviews by this film is very. Very much about how the power of freight can inspire somebody. Two do you pretty remarkable things pretty remarkable thing that was our spread I didn't think Mel Gibson. Had this sort of storytelling. Left him as the director of this I kind of felt that Mel Gibson had gone into that. Oh kind of crazy TMZ Lindsay Lohan and Charlie and kind of rabbit hole of craziness. But. Personally I think this is the best film he's ever directed really eldest is gorgeous and so enormously powerful and highly highly recommend it. All right box office news from what is playing will fork over the money in well number one of the box office no surprise here was. Doctors. Too are. And. Eighty environment. Five million dollars. Terrific reviews. Great cinema score grade. Gotten way. Because of the dynamic visual effects most people watch those 3-D or IMAX. Which of course translates to pitch and could change your anger absolutely overseas it did 240 million dollars. Now. I saw this also we saw acts are one and Doctor Strange text and while I was so impressed by. It. Is bored to tears by Doctor Strange yeah I realized. And how much before. Mystical low no movies. Of all that magic mister bill yet. If if they give us a movie in which David Copperfield is an area superhero that's gonna work for me I mean everybody was. Fine and just felt like OK in the cities folding into itself and another repeat thing. Didn't quite work for me and number two neutral holes. Opened at 47000805. Overseas. And number three packs a ridge opened at fifteen million dollars doctorate her view is very strong audience pull reaction I would think. Being that this appeals to an older audience in some ways and word of mouth should keep this in theaters for awhile. I would also hope that it will get a second wind during the awards season. But I'm not sure I'm not sure because of Mel Gibson's reputation ruined he may be frozen out double. Awards consideration world will have to see what happens there. At number four. Tyler Perry's boo. Medea Halloween did another eight million dollars is now fixed the yen. And at number five inferno. Dropping like Iraq six million dollars in the second weekend. It is now only 26 million it's gonna need the aid overseas. Box to to do well at all. And I do want to mention. Or trick questions or anything like that. We won't be having a movie show for a couple of weeks. Be off the air you might call this kind of tie in to something that was covered on the show. About seven years ago seven years ago. My father Allen cinemanow and she. Slipped on some ice. And broke her left she Arkansas. And hit a plate screws put and and all that. Joked about it on the year complains that Archie had laundry in commending you for me force and it's OR yes I hope that she's not gonna use. This broken arms a measly excuse we teased her innate. Good natured way in of course. Karma very promptly bit on the ass and I fell on nice and broke the very same. Or game. Just a few days after we did that show not so I yeah yeah and I ended up having a plate. And eight screws put in my unit of numerous as well tonight as humorous as you used to you know I don't know that I know that is a group of them ex racecar riddled Padilla. On the blunt. Oh after all she's a lot him. While my mother. It worked well with plates which is doing just fine with earth. My plate and screws have decided. They're sick and tired of going to music and amount. We're taking them out can we get more well. A lot I'm sure we will I'm doing this on the intercom health plan. Which means you have to pass the point well it was you know Mary river oh no oh now now it's far more sophisticated that. Dominic cork tees will be with Howard drilled on the screen is. Shall all be on the men very black. And white movies for awhile and all via. I'll be back first week effort Friday December. Good that I wanted to ask for a movie or Cuba I would love to. Amy Adams. Plays a linguistics professor in the new film a rival. While Amy Adams grew up in color know what country what she Borman. Was Amy Adams born in Canada. Beat Italy eat or sixty. Engine. I think that I'm not a give us called out 6449875. They winner will get a movie pass for two to any dips in their valves through December 31 when he sixteen. Point five dollars in debt forgiveness and doors pizza pub and grill on those four are on transit no expiration date total value. 43 dollars general content rules apply. At a movie acute question Amy Adams was a linguistics professor in the new film arrival while she grew up in Colorado what country was she born in and that would be. Red headed fair skin Amy Adams is officially. Italian she was born in Italy her father was in the army and that time for bird he was stationed at two Sara ma. And Arab League. And believe her Doctor Who delivered her way as I yes doctor told OG GO got a dark matter truth it's very meager growth enabled by. I I'm all right big Mo is in the big screen. You wanna see Amy Adams she's in arrival. Yeah this film is getting. Tremendous her readers. It's getting pretty good reaction if it's interesting that certain. Types of films. Almost become. Traditions. And at a certain time of year and it seems that in November. For some reason this has become time for. These big budget intellectual astronaut flex gravity interstellar. But martian it's becoming a regular thing in. In November. This is. Finally though. This is the big special effects. Linguists that professor blockbuster. Everybody's been waiting all our yeah go to these cop movies these war movies the fact movie Star Wars Star Trek like. What. Each and no story. A lot of linguistics for a and of course everybody knows. You linguistic professors looked like. I know Amy knows looked just like themselves here. You get that situation and as. Director of the director is. French. But. It's news. Team capture. I guess. Missed pronounce it with an attitude that's the way I I believe he's activated and it's. So but he directed prisoners. With Hugh Jackman years ago from Enders thriller. Odds Mario just love that. Greg won the public and he was just hired to do. Blade runner when he forty now so he's got that these were house he's a major major director. Right now. In this film. A dozen. Black. US follow news huge. X ships harbor around the world if you took any football. That's a football field. Content and a half. And harbor perpendicular over the earth. So these things are twelve different places in India room. And you've got the situation as ours. Army and government and all this stuff going. Well old. One they walked by you have it. Well I think so many do I always. There they're not quite sure or what what that it is. Aliens. Are in its chips. Allowing people. Ships. They're letting people. Don't really see what they look like you're on the other side of the black. And kind of kind of a cool open house thing as long haul fiber optic Icrc. The role it's all cool theatre and blows animal on earth but still. Aliens to use that fresh baked cookies sprayed him at its home and aliens. So alone. Well that's what we do and the army are the ones that that I decide when it and it. We need I'll whisper assert its own opt out. I'm not talk he's gone wells chart where Amy adams'. World around him. Lemurs to professor she Smart strong independent she also vote. Fat hairy friend she lost her teenage daughter's cancer. So she's. The somber so people are thinking of this that is. Independence Day. Type blockbuster August a lot of emotion Mel it's a lot closer to like close encounters. And that's the colors are making it look like a bit of a thriller. But from everything I've read it. Isn't. As for the aliens themselves there are two. That she starts him making initial contact with the wrong. They've given them names they call them Abbott & Costello. Has the one's a bit taller and thinner than the other. They look kinda like being X squeeze the big load. Should eat things all they sound like Wales when they talk. And Nady they are able to like right kind of gas in the air this sort of thing. But she's able to work act fortune some sort of communication. Which you would think. Is tricky I mean. Communication. The species isn't something that's happened quickly in our world we understand that dolphins talk to each other rulings can be taught to. To speak and communicate. Slow process and we have two hours here but I guess there are able to to get into that. The reviews. It's very very Smart. Very well told surprisingly. Emotional. A lot of critics of change yet on the big screen. If you're interested in seeing it but. There have been a handful of reviews that have said. Kind of admired it. More than light did I didn't feel as involved. As I thought it would be. Which state it's is this is probably a bit closer to like interstellar. Program that it would be to the martian which was a lot more of an audience pleaser popcorn movie. But. If it looks intriguing to you. Most directions and really good all right maybe you know through that if you wanna see more on line. This is be there for a serious. Somber. Piece that is getting. Absolutely. Outstanding. Reviews. And many critics have already declared it the best film of the year it's going to be a lot of top and lists and all that. It's at 98%. Right now on rotten tomatoes. On the meta critic website. It is the third highest rated film of all time on the error area. This tells the story of a young man. In in Miami. Growing up in port area of Miami via he young black cared where is like Richard linkletter. I'd just a boyhood where he followed acute in real time by filming through many years. This does a similar thing appalling this follows sixteen years of this boy's life into manhood. But on. It it is done with three different actors it's in it's in for it in the first section in Miami. The young boy is being raised by. And abusive. Single mom I'm. Who struggles with enormous. Drug and alcohol problems. He is befriended. By. An adult male in the neighborhood. Who all soul. It is neighborhood dealer. And he also sells the drugs masses as in himself but. He's about the only guys who's looking out for this cared or helping him out at all. The kid is also being bullied for certain extent. To which the mother. Almost takes the bullying with the feeling up you know when you but he expects the way you. The way you are which is kind of puzzling. But you realize is regarded such an action where he's a teen. The boy starts to realize that he is in fact gay. And. We believe anything out of this. You lawyers abuses of and today I mean did they leave anything. I don't know I transgender cousin maybe I don't think I have had a better as a team he comes out and he realizes he's gay. Gets in romantically involved with his best friend and then in the third segment where he's an adult he is now. Vary. For a very well built physically he's built. Summer's almost built a fiscal he's my arm around him up there. He's strong he's independent he visits his mother to drug treatments under. As far as what he's going for a living now. He's successful drug dealer of course. Saw the film the film goes in to a lot of areas. That are. Usually not looked at in that I'm being just a movie where. The most positive and pollutants in his life is. The drug I drug dealer and where at the end of the film it's like well at least geez you know successful of all my body is successful. As a drug dealer. All of it is a rare film that. Covers the topic of homosexuality. In black culture which is not something that is usually explored very much about not serious fashion usually it's doniger arch in mocking Asian. It's also an unusual film and that it looks at homosexuality. Be getting from boyhood. I usually date you leave early childhood out of stories of that sort. So it is a bold power bill. The only complaint icing from a few people is that the time to debate the proposed based on the play. But. This is a film you are going to dominate. The awards. And it is not a frothy wrong it's not a prophet are good however bad Lamar be able overjoyed at samarra movies opening today otherwise we'd all be at the same visitors. Those vampire but it's the movie shows that I'm about these energy. This is Bob Brinker listen for money talks Sunday afternoons four till seven on the voice of buffalo WBZ. And that is The Daily Show send above stills and minuses humorous and big sandy beach I have fun I know I don't jinx myself. Where's your humor is right here here you know that your marriage is here your upper arm and arm between the shoulder no I don't I'm not gonna worry because of people are going to show us today. You know this one I don't have a humor bone in my body. Did you like now there are critical governance Gregor I'd lie on my best material but it's it's Friday I have in my mind humorous. Has been fortified. With spikes you know a boom but now it's gonna have holes and and it's you. Going to be decide I have ever rest recoup expect more ponds and things but if you're so resilient and grain bug though Dubai arrival ammonia line next up American pass the world. Well all this film. And just its world. Premier. The Toronto film festival based. On the 1990 east baton Phil Roth novel. That won the Pulitzer Prize that year very acclaimed novel. And the movie itself. Not so acclaimed. I heard ya ya this is kitten pretty rough reviews. And it's 20%. Right now on rotten tomatoes is looking to its work among the only good news. Right now. Our problem of Fresno year. And ARP's. Movies for grown ups and rally up. This is. Room takes place in nice in 1960. Takes place in the sixties for most part. Ewan McGregor stars Annette. And he also directed. This is the first time he's he's directing the film is his debut. UN is playing. Apparently this name Sweeney limo. He is yes a speech Steward here Scott issue in McGregor right is a Jewish guy. Who's assorted names so what do you eat. But it gets better. Or know or care he's also a former football hero. Read you lol you McGregor. Yeah. Pinky out British she'd drink and she is she is Jill texts we do whose. Formerly a big brawny guy. On the football field okay and little part of the areas like it's played by Jennifer Copley. And his daughter. Guys played by Dakota. In the years fortunately teenager. The daughter is in this area. Stubborn bury you politically motivated. In the sixties. Hand to ones protest the Vietnam War. She calms the post office on. Well not only is she blowing up. Government property by blowing apple blowing up any you know and I yellow also a little bit you know it's that. But bystanders also killed. It's all the more all the more like she. On the world. It is just gotten. Horrible reviews many people are complaining. That McGregor Kerr has paid problems with tone. In that some people are playing things really really and other people who are you very underplayed and it. Feel like they're not even in the same movie like close honorary. Motel owner the companies are often a problem a lot of critics. Has said his mistake is director watch what's casting himself in the league. But the the mayor he originally was sent to us. And Filipino eats. Was going to voice director are there. And clear and present danger are serviceable job the job done. He dropped the film. And Ewan McGregor said I'll always Garnet I'll direct it. And then the folks at the studio said if he'll make the coffee to Liu added Jill who saw lie he did and the reviews have been really rough direction wise and performance wise. Most. Most agree though that Dakota Fanning is probably best performance in the movie I say. She was like four years old. Dakota Fanning get a bad or she is a remarkably talented actor. Parker's and is doing dialogue throughout Edwards Molly Parker is in this. Who's who would do. Christ I shall oranges are like crazy she's in the cement them is David straight and there's a that is your computer read her. And which right there having Peter Reid Kirch. And Ewan McGregor. I think Peter Reagor it is rather. So you've got. Who is and I'll be like. Hello all I'm Jewish and Ewan McGregor sting nets who have thing. She is still isn't there it's Catholic league and neither of where the hall of famers and exactly foe of the great George. And rush hour with with Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan. And having them be Brothers who were written. Own. Isn't quite making fans. I think the majority of your views. We're we're past. Exemplified by the Daily Mail. Describe the film has a turgeon lump. Oh man yeah it's getting kind of be not good enough well maybe knew we were preferred. Almost Christmas. This mean. We just finished the last pieces. Of candy from from all involved in ways that means it's time for Christmas movies where. This is. About eight dysfunctional family. There always are in these movies they gathered together for the first Christmas sent them. So. This is. It from this past year. Danny Glover. Omar Epps Monique rubbing alcohol Gabriel union Jesse. JB's move who's very very funny guy. And I'll tell you this is hitting very interesting reviews. In the act it's 43%. And it's all interviews are saying this is yes lousy this is no good or just really bashing it. But I'm surprised people like that are just so Mary. Herself that's spot in Atlanta this is kind of this is pretty enjoyable. I think personally. Christians movies have to be graded on a curve anyway. There is. It it seems even even films that certain. What you normally considered a straw movie if they. Christmas family grew bright people will still enjoyed an enormously. I would base this personally its larger interest through it. If you'll like the people in this cast if you if these people make you do you enjoy that you're probably gonna have a very good time. At this movie. And yes. Just so you know Danny Glover at one point. Does noticed that tees. Getting too old for this well you know we are getting jewel I know I can tell but. If you liked it and JB smooth both of JB's move and Monique. Are getting the best reviews out of anybody's cars is being very very fundamental and Jamie's movements. Funniest guys in the country. All right so we'll be back with a final section of the movie show right after this. It is the movie shows up when he had Texas Bob wanted to know if if while arrival. Yup yup I can I face it is it's not a remake it's based on the short story. By kitchen called the story of your life. I can see where they might have wondered though if I remember correctly. There was a film in the late eighties called. The arrival. Okay he arrival not a arrival via rival that if I remember right. Starred Charlie Sheen that was also an on site I movie not connected to this field there was also another we're almost there. Well yeah exactly your arrival but his quote that was with iced tea I picked the guy he was great in that. And XIQ. I get my pieces Naomi Watts beer and shouted and I want my immune shutter when mail. It. To rip. Kicks cheered and Armey watts Charley Eaton from stranger things Jacob tremble they. He was the little boy in the movie room Oliver plan. Let's take a look at the reaction. To this so far review wise. The other men and he refused. And reduced actually been just one review 11. The Chicago sun times. Reviewed it and day today. This is eighth roller. Kind of horror film called are pounding thriller. Apparently. The only watts plays the child psychologist. And her husband and Owens' teammates on the husbands killed. And this on the teenager is now paralyzed. Angry bitter Moody's somewhat to brain damaged and and a bit of educators. And put an iPhone in front of them. The teenager but. A much harsher state apparently. Well. Horror. All winter storm any big blizzard harsh and bad luck again. Jake and try it one collector from Rome he plays today. Boy who's lost in the snowstorm. And and while they're stuck. In the in the house and now we want to your teenage son they start hearing strange noises and things and wondering. Is that the ghost of the little boy who's come to bother us. She well should the us dollar plot for it appears. Earlier this was set to be released in the February. This year and excited. We're not done in June and then we moved to September. And September and number Arcandor in September that I decided block law. Just put on November this way we can write this one all on the books for 2060 to arm. Get it out put it on November thrown away. Well all around the curve is Thursday and some wise that's kinda what they do except where you're talking last week about B buffalo dreams fans as the film fest the vote. A week earlier we talked about credit on this is the the final weekend for it. Whereas. This weekend and throughout all of this past week that during the films eastern Osama. They'll be showing them movies. For this final weekend through Sunday. At the screening room and the north town plaza that screening facility and its a 105 movies. Lot of stuff shine here in Western New York documentaries foreign films or county. Big wide mix if you go through. Go to their website for the buffalo dreams film festival you go to schedule of what's playing. And she's and the reaction to some stuff a lot of very interesting. Neat stuff. Ever doesn't feel who have been listening to the big movies hitting the big screen and thought that arrival Malone line was announcing your intellectual capacity. Maybe you prefer written thing. Sausage party guests. For those people that are saying. I as an average American viewer am not interested in the fair Hollywood is presented to me. I've grown bitter and tired and weary by all of the political discussion and infighting in commercials. I want something. A little. Different this is finally through that movie in which hot dog. Makes plans to run away with the bond. And grew up hot dogs and buns do. Hot dogs and buns Lou. All the sandwich. Little mustard. Tool and a monster anymore they go at it with realists and law they Duhon guys thank you it gets re image program I think we can finish shortly and I realized so yeah I'm go straight lose. I doubt this is. Filthy it's hard to release all of this year and perhaps any year. And this is Britain. Produced. By Seth Rogen. Who plays frank. Believe hot dog frank very good hot dog Chris didn't wait is that bon. Salma Hayek. Ways that Rocco. Edward Norton is up eagle. They're crumpled Michael. Here Paul Rudd are just amazing group of really really funny people. And it's about supermarket products who are excited. About being purchased. And going into people's homes where they assume. That's the promised land that's where everything will be happy and nice and all that. And then when they get to those homes they realize that there. Going to be sliced cooked devoured in Eaton. And they say to each other. It's Tony Caligiuri he's gonna take us all right they're very happy to see Tony until. And pulls out the night and it's well Oprah. Once the bark shows up it's just not on mark. So that's it it's a good party Star Trek beyond the object at around. Yeah well that's what I tell you I am sure it is darker movies a lot of big and regional series. Here all memorable this movie is. A month ago. I said cinema and now. Should really look to see if we can see the Star Trek movie. Seen on the fingers and could see you later on video but that's kind of introduction re seeing him at the theaters and I haven't seen this one yet. And it looked to be instead we weeks that the week and he came out he didn't remember how to while. It if that isn't glowing endorsement for a movie hero as memorable once she gave me you Bard each other like a dad that. That was this good that it's going to be so. As usual with a whole lot of Baxter's Star Trek stuff Tuesday. There deleted scenes and making out in the building of the enterprise and how that me a little Starker miniskirts and all. Very very very very seriously well after they have to do well as we have time for Batman and return of cape crusader. Is so neat this is an animated home. And it is done in the style of the 1960s. Batman TV show in two straight down power feature length comedy. And because it's made the that man is voiced by Adam West -- Robin is voiced by Burt ward and Julie Newmont voices can't tell parliament and the movie is very funny. Very nice thought a great weekend Ellis aggressive new Monday and nine under Israeli and I'm thirty WBE. It's. They never had to music he's certainly let you know I do give it him.