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12-02 The Movie Show with Cinema Bob and Michael Caputo

Dec 2, 2016|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A troubled cross country overall maturity he's got a problem. Damn right I got a problem whether. No way these. Two million bucks. Yes indeed that was. Everybody's favorite Santa Claus Billy Bob Thornton from bad Santa two it must be the holidays you. It is the movie show all. On some obstacles and I have returned. After a few weeks off. With my on the men and everything everything went well with that and you attempt to us via I have two arms and we weren't sure for a while there whether my nickname would become lefty but it turns out. Everything was able to stay attached and radio you only need one. That's true but the Euro. Just one by one arm for the dump. Is the movie show the week after Thanksgiving. You've courts can listen we shall online and time on demand and WB and dot com or you can just continue listening right now. Let's take a look at the big box office knew it was big big box office. Thanksgiving holiday it's become one of the biggest. That five day period is becoming one of the biggest of the year pretty much nearly nearly as big as. Christmas and a fourth -- line now and then Memorial Day. And this this year had a lot of money crossing hands. Number one more on although I still I know what's called wanna feel the commercials saying wanna. But every time I see the spelling of it am OE and I think Cole Mona. Are you might might actually took my former Tennessee. Is with long. It's like for it what. Would. Courage tour. For an animated film but I know what you think it did 82000002. Biggest Thanksgiving opening of all time for Disney. Frozen was still number one for them with 94 million. Great reviews audiences loved it I saw it over the weekend to. Sierra creepy old guy in the back. Now. Taught I'm a cartoonist. I try to hit is cardinal into the picture are epic knowledge level. Two are and I thought it was. Okay. It really had. If it felt humid for me like it was very much following. But Disney formula now to a certain extent it broke in some ways but as far as. Funny animal side here as an act that's stupid to root autopilot here now. Don't. Whatever you do don't go past the reef well she's comical past the reef. I just I Labonte I thought I was sitting there there were giving these hints of environmental theme this thing and I'm winning I don't know. And here comes another Hollywood. Global warming story but it wasn't it didn't go there. It wasn't at that it was it was under arrest it was it was kind of an undercurrent that something terrible was happening to the environment and I've never even said. Anything about it. Well I think part of the reason though was because of the the village. And all the characters and they really didn't have any technology. They they didn't quite a hurdle yet there was also homered and and who had eyes that bothered me after I want to bother mile like OK okay. I thought this pars that action. And all that. It felt somewhat repetitive. There are only so many ways somebody can be thrown into the water. And boy you get it over and over an hour in the majority the picture takes place out there on the I've. If I Anemia I thought it was just fine but I didn't feel anything really. Popped a Dwayne Johnson was buying I thought errors in nice amount of laps in their visually. Stunning. But it didn't. It didn't have anything that relieved when a million a big way who really stood out here on the very familiar to me. These these are true. We left the movie and my daughter did not ask for one now while that's she's I mean. I'm just talent that's Reuters she didn't ask for a and I tell you that's one thing that low with the the the reason Disney's CGR features. That I'm a little uncomfortable with it's I think. I think. This is not an accident. If you look at the characters in tangled. If you look at characters and frozen if you look at the characters and wanna. Look at the texture. Of the skin. And flesh on all the human characters. It's not quite flush like they all look like molded plastic dolls they really do have a machine. And feel of dug holes rather than people. Which of course makes when you buy the merchandising oh it looks perfect it looked exactly elector is because that's what they look like. IE can imagine reversed and they're all yeah yeah. And number two fantastic beasts and where to find them this is kind of the spin off series by JK Rowling. Harry Potter and acted 45 million dollars. It is now at 156. Million here in the US worldwide grows 474. Million. I saw my family's. Has its filled with hardcore Harry Potter fans. I like about it OK I'm not I'm not a huge and I enjoyed that. The handful of books I read to my son's. Earlier I enjoyed the books more than the film's. I didn't feel that the characters were quite interesting. This time around the production is very nicely done but. These this film to me and this is apparently going to be 15 movies. When these fantastic beasts. It feels like the hop. Films to me The Lord of the Rings movies were fantastic. The hot movies man it felt like cash grab yeah I just felt like something where the fans will go see it. Biden don't end up being anybody's favorite movie I feel like that's kinda the situation with these movies well. Doctor Strange for marble continued to do extraordinarily well under twenty million dollars now 206 million. This fourteen film of this new marvel universe. Out of those fourteen. Have now made over 200 billion dollars just in the US. And fantastically successful series of films the gold box office is 616 million at number four ally. Did eighteen million that was on a Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard. Pretty weak reviews and audience polling was not a very good either I think the rumors that the film may have led. To to break up of Pitt's marriage. Really hurt the film with the target team. Along negotiating. Yeah yeah I think a lot of women who might have been in Rome and then no I like the cold in the Greg periods to open looks great. All the rumors about Pitt and Cody are I think a lot of women like now I'll I'll skip that. I think that there they expect fairness I think. And that may find out that Brad Pitt makes good on the fantasy. When they want I think what they don't think they're actually going chew on the people think they're actually going to hook up there just wind which I think there when their child is like myself. I've come to grips with the but OK with that I can still I can still enjoy the films I think that's the way women look at Brad Pitt. Number five. A rival to sixty million not 63 million we had. A DO eight. And number seven bad Santa two. Only did nine million dollars. Boy they have a big marketing campaign for that movie and the nine million dollar return is not particularly promising. It's doubling attic coverage costs and commitment on the money on video and cable now there are two movies. Best buy will it would be able to have the bad Santa box that yes nothing says Christmas program. Better than a bad set top box set and didn't. A rehab also have a really. Ideal way. At number eleven. Warm eighty new film rules don't apply. Opened on 2500. Screens only made two million dollars. This averages out in attendance to about. Three people per shelling. Worst opening for a large release in 20161. Of the lowest of all time. If I can squeak in the trivia question before we go to break mole want to. Is only the second Disney princess who goes through the entire story with out a romantic. Interest. Name though one other Disney feature. Featuring prince let's princess. Is that eight Aladdin be brave or see the princess and the fraud. You call now with the correct answer you grew and moved to Paris to any dips in theater now through January 31 27 to 25 dollars certificate sent Torres pizza pub and grill on Miller's port and transit. Total value 43 dollars and contest rules apply. We'll be right back. Cinema Bob took me here for the movie show Bob take it away now you you're telling me that you went and saw Milan but you. Had a rather unusual circumstances. Might likely to go to movies as much we should move which is shameful it is but we do go get out to war here. How you are theater is wonderful it's a great place it right don't you agree that we were. The state walk former house in the year if it is that the Aurora theatre were probably knock Garcia got a lot of loyalty with him. We just laws and make it for from movies. Bet you'll these meetings and just as important. Awesome popcorn definitely a popcorn at or shortly after safety waivers. But we one with there so we went to I think. Of the one of the Munich re. Yeah and you know I had been there for a long long time we we walked in and I said in one don't want to we were thirty minutes before. In basic that we don't have to together. I'm with a four exit are you kidding I feel like the guy which there was a period. Activities. And in with a four year old and there's been too easy to get on the plane. I don't think cricket isn't over an hour and 45 minutes. Alone I'm I fear for her safety of your. I may say well you're allowed to sit together in one chair. School so I grabbed it took her in. And that icy they have parties requires yeah. Never do that and I feel like you know the guy who just discovered in the Google fight for the rest but I show new. I'll tell you about cell phones they're really excited they are out there we sat down she's efforts it is after sit down with expo in her pocket. And could not keep the bottles of water from following the whole time but once we got bottled it was point I lost all feeling my way way. At about an hour fifteen minutes. Boy it it was ice is big enough for me before that when she's five. Yeah I'm not to be it was a week we've got to the solution is to advise them on line to get there early if you don't you got by him like the day before yeah the theaters that. Have. Have the recliner seating which more and more of them are turning to sandy I know walk if they don't ever Kleiner Sheehan. You know I don't want to talk to you don't wanna hear about it. I can't imagine what the movie would have to be that would bring him treated without a recliner at this point and it's like. And I'm not crazy about myself because I'm of the feeling as I've discussed it. Previously. All everything that they would do to to fix the theater. To fix up the cinematic experience. Was done to make it ran under the new computer he was a bigger screen it was better sound 3-D. All sorts of stuff like that. To me you were Kleiner shows. All right the hell with it. We're gonna turn the theater in your living. I'm also it's like you capitulation finally being in mind. Late fifties. I'll also now if I'm in a recliner. Well that's tricky reads there where it better be a good move on so even with. You eat go to. Theaters with the requires. I. Offset upright usually a media put my but I usually setup right so I don't I don't get to drown the but the thing is we always if we are going to go to a theater. That has the recliner ash actually. Especially on holidays. Well it will usually at her her seats at least today at a time because they say it would work miners. That you can sit in the front row. And it's still you see the film perfectly in the signature in the front row it's overwhelming and Trace it it's hard to see ya and a four year old. Ya yeah I mean if I went and had my kids on my lap. While they're both taller and iams and we're just being. That would be awkward. But. You also run the risk of getting sold out completely. Tim was telling me used to talk about this earlier this morning about this he did see the movie V accountant. After they've been out for nearly four weeks on Saturday night figured it will be able to skating and it was sold out. Couldn't even get into it that's one of the trickier things now. Because they're a client or allow soul. Such a smaller number of seats in the theater you really run the risk. Of the theater selling out which hardly happens anymore since every theater has. Eighteen to 27 screens and it but now with the recliner you do run into run into that risk so if you are somebody. Who maybe only goes to the creek to the movies around holidays are just doesn't go that often you might wanna check. To see to see where. The recliner seats are to find out if the theater you normally go to has switched over to the recliner seats to the may be a bit trickier. You to get it you may be frozen out and you also want to see that you want we can do your time. What you find. You'll find two people Obama I'll see people will get there are seats at a time. And I'll see people walking in who just bought a ticket it's their first time in her recliner and they just go and sit down in any seat. And then realize oh no explicit and specific seat could somebody else comes who's got like theater seating. Where you know where your shades or something you've got specific specific features posted. By two mission is the pastor. And being and being away stick our respect with there were fear I think that's fine idea terrific theater there. And this is the week after think this is the week where the studios pretty much thing. And yeah now. Everybody is gonna keep seeing the big releases from last week. Gonna feast on the leftovers it's usually a pretty small group. Movies that come out and you can tell. That it is a small weak when the big east this week big leisure is. Income net. Yes it's an exorcist movie. Aaron Eckhart who played two phrase in the Dark Knight he plays a scientists. Who has the ability to enter the subconscious minds of the possessed. So this is kind of like. Exorcist. Only are able to walk. Into the mind. Of the person who's possessed. And battle the demons. Physically. Inside the mine. So it's like taking. Pixar is inside out and saying let's listen to a horror movie. Kind of a bizarre concept and it gets a little weirder. And errant courage character. Who is the other axis to assist here doctors at amber. In in real life. He's he's got a beard. Rang me hairy looks like now homeless guy he's all. He's alcoholic. He east cripple he's in a wheelchair. But. When he's inside the mind well these young athletic clean she made an error an actor art. And you just be put into a near coma. To being able to enter the mind. Of the boy and of course. Who says you know what you guys need you've got this. You know little possessed eleven year old boy. We know. An alcoholic guy in a wheelchair. Who really could get inside your kids had an helped out the Vatican of course. The ones that hook a mop on this I still as a former altar boy I'm. I'm amazed at how much interaction the Vatican has with the dark arts in these actors as the movies. This is the sort of movie. Where Aaron Eckhart. Pass to on. Say lines like. I go in the minds. And be evil. Spirits from that side he literally has doors and windows that he pushes people out right now went out the door. It was three of them and get them out ya know Brooke you are a little mixed. There and very few years. This thing's been sitting on the shelf for awhile here's an idea how long it's been sitting on the shelf. The little boy whose his first year is David missed poster of young actor. On heat plays Bruce Wayne. On the fox TV series open. He's like fifteen years old now. Well. Movie he's obviously younger than he was at any time not adopt them so those things obviously made. Org and even started building and problems in its third season. Is done on the shelf. For a little while but if you're looking for good. Actresses and movie. With Aaron packer running around somebody's brains and Jim Hubble I don't know would jump out the window and out he income and it is the one. All right back with the movies are here on WB yes. We. Welcome back. To WP yen. It's 1137 were talking. About movies here's the movie shows here each can be remember Sandy's back on Tuesday Michael Cooper who would pursue and you'll hear me one more time on Monday. Have a right. Now we cinema op with a and we just got another 21 minutes of the movie usually. Yes indeed we just talked about incarnate. Via an action to conflict. Which will. And I computer's very quickly this weekend we now have the second new release of the week seasons. A French German production. The original title is of course less has halls sounds like and don't miss well it is a nature documentary by Jacques power on Angie. Shot close on. If you go see nature Jacques documentary make sure at least one of these shocks are involved. They did winged migration about fifteen years ago very highly acclaimed nature documentary. They do and oceans as well which was. Just gorgeous. Did eat. This studio really is is the place at the start of Elvis in the forties with a true life adventures living desert and films like that. And I think most people in when it comes to nature documentaries. There is so much available on TV. It's it's hard to really if you love this genre it's hard to decide whether you know it's worth going to see something on the screen shot in jock two point. Well that's is what I'm saying. Where you got not one but two shocks. At the Helm I'm not on this one just outstanding reviews this is one of those films that really is worth seeing on the big screen. This focuses on European. Wildlife. They filmed for over four years in Poland Norway Romania Holland and Scotland. Yes if you wondered what stylish wildlife is like you get to see it here. You've got wild stallions good mice don't angry like yeah let's. Billy goats wolves were hugs cats or dogs on the big screen as nature intended them. What they do it's don't they try to do. A historical. Perspective. Of the past 151000 years. Of of these animals in in Europe. As far as going from the the Caylee or time to the president as far as where they're migrations went how they live. And and how Mendes. Influence. Has affected you you're grateful that there was there was no commentary within marijuana. So much here just in that this film does say if hero war dog. In Poland. And man really has not been a terrific influence on your life your life is and how much more difficult. What Arthur delicious treats it's been so long since I've had. Ever sense. McDonald's job making them a wart hog sandwich I don't really haven't had a I don't mind the mayors in these films such talk about him so where is the ones that preach. This is in a preacher ago. Well I think this is basically saying if you're Billy goat. You would have been better off if if nobody had moved into Norway another Billy goats. I don't think that's a crazy thing a crazy thing to say I've always thought whenever you Singapore dear. On the side of throwaway we think the gears when their running along and they suddenly get this patch of concrete it's gotta be this feeling of I suppose this. Is craziness. Wasn't here this is not my genetic memory. Tough situation for them. If you are thinking of taking the kids to this movie it is beautifully filmed they loved nature documentaries. There's a lot to enjoy in this movie. But keep this shouldn't. Seemed you know your own kids. This movie does show you that may be wolves little wolf pops pills they are just adorable. When adult wolves. Hunt and catch a dear. Things get a little less adorable so all. Keep the realities. Of of nature in mind if you're thinking of taking you know your three year old. The seasons they they may be a little bothered by what happens to them. Next stop speaking of Grammy we have the latest film from Shia led the peace and again Shia led the that's who started off in in kid shows who's on Disney's even Steve and three years and then he went on to watch. Great success and transformers movies some. Disney comedies. Was getting very much a traditional. Hollywood. Career. And then he kind of decided I want to be serious artist Iowa woman makes them you know bold movies and that sort of Allen make interesting choices. I wanna get involved in art seat stuff and his career has kind of been all over the place sense that. This particular movie man down. Good intentions. Interesting content. The protection is not and that great. This was originally shown at that Rocco and Venice film festivals. In 28 if she it was a full over a year ago that this was shown at those festivals. It was three hours long. And it was greeted by audiences at the festivals with both. Boos catcalls and lots of walk outs. The film was also color tinted. They had kind of brown muddy color over a lot of bitch tried to set certain moods. So the studio basically spent a year trying to decide what to do with this thing. First thing they did was try to fix the color. Although the movie still has a washed out. There were muddy out of focused look in much of it one critics that looks like it's on bootleg copy. It's kind of tough to look. The film also has been cut down from three hours. To an hour and a half. Chop it right in. The rotten tomatoes meter which gives you an idea. Reaction of critics. Is current day at 14%. Positive. Which actually it's a big jump for because for the first half of the week it was a 0%. Positive on rotten tomatoes was almost never. Happens you know it's it's interesting lesson here Tony by the way is that that we understand now that that make it's gonna have to change things. Because he's chain maybe ten Mickey Lou book it Shia LeBoeuf. We can't yet what kind of a name would be we give your son when he becomes an actor while trying to redeem any thoughts as who's gonna watch Nicholas Caligiuri who is gonna watch it. Means people that would listen Tony challengers then and that. Shy oh the book I mean it's we we got someone for whom. We got some time the next Wednesday when it knuckled as something with the screen test. Before that he's gonna commit this new name she's going to get tough for Rosen first though it's just at the elite counter. Look I mean look it's not now. That. Ago Erica. Well that we now know Cano and right right to that we that we learn from. Absolutely and will we'll talk a little bit more. About men down and just why it's gotten such extraordinary. Reaction from critics. When we come back with the last session of the movie show right here on newsreader and I'm thirty WBE. And here's your last WB and 71 work forecast today it's breezy and cold rain and snow showers. And that looked like rain and snow showers in the moment here. Beautiful downtown in her studios when it's cold enough that movie watching whether Michael that's movie watching weather 41. Tomorrow lights and Ohio at 37 Sunday partly cloudy high of 39. Monday lights in Ohio 41 Tuesday cloudy and high of forty degrees and here we are back to the movies show. We've only got a few more minutes we've got a lot of ground. Yes we're talking about a man down the the new film starring Shia LeBoeuf. Gary Coleman's in there as well Kate Mara John Courtney it's gotten very very rough. Very rough reviews. On its director I deed oh Montreal who. Is perera very strongly with movie called guide to recognizing your saints that Scheyer was and as well. This movie has Rory plot lines running it wants and it cuts very quickly back and forth between. So here are the stories that it's. Boom boom boom boom cutting between. Within this film in the first one you follow Shia as he goes from boot camp. To Afghanistan. And then bet he's he's a marine in this movie. The second story is a piece session with military psychologist Gary Oldman. And then the third story. Is Shia and his best friend roaming a post apocalyptic. America that is now overrun by Islamic terrorists. You see act chemical attack killed most of the US population. And he's searching for his son. It's not Christmas movie well. Hopefully. There's all sorts of situations where there. All I can hear right where are ya daddy can we see man down the post apocalyptic mass market situation a lot of complaints about. More. Both CG. It looked like a video game from 1992. Shia LaBeouf. I tell. Critics are very split on his performance there are some people who. Own. But kinda liked him just as many people thought he is pumped completely unbearable in the movie he does very much and method performance. He spends most of the film mumbling. Speaking very quietly the one word that kept popping up in reviews over and over again was. Unintelligible. It's just hard to see what he was saying. And the bill is meant to be the U thoughtful meaningful meditation. On on PT SD and how veterans are treated in the United States but just about every critic agrees it is clumsy. Heavy handed. And has a Twilight Zone twist towards the end that. I gotta say you formally everybody hates everybody is just furious at the weird twist that didn't toward the end. The maker. Is trying. In trying to defend it. Has had. The arena are in trouble when the filmmaker saying. Will look if you're confused watching the movie if you're disoriented. And don't know what's going on. Well it's important. Our. It is for these soldiers dealing with the easy really there sucking movie on purpose if you hated this movie. Mean if you really want that I gotta say I've never heard that defense used before and I'd give him credit. Give him great credit for or you and that's who you really need that you NC. Yes yes. A few other movies that dimension here that came out we get to discuss wall. Out on sick leave. The picture of seventeen. Starring Haley Steinfeld. Who we first saw which is about ten years old in the movie true grit. She and handful of other films here she's now nineteen getting fantastic reviews for this this is a teen comedy. Teen comedy drama it's kinda the same zone as June oh. Juno an easy day but it's not stylized it's a bit more realistic in the what they deals with. The kids this is the first time out for writer director Kelly Fremont and Craig. So often these teen girl movies are not made by women so that's one of the things that helps this stand apart. It's also produced by James L. Brooks gross terms they're as good as it gets hurt him more show the Simpson's. His latest films directing wise I have not been immense storm but he still nurturing terrific talent. Woody Harrelson plays a year history teacher whose. Very sardonic and cynical in the flick. This is along the lines and if you like film or your team likes movies like sixteen candles The Breakfast Club a lot of those those John Hughes films. This is a movie that takes its teenagers. And the situations. Rather seriously. A lot of movies about teens and not very well done. This is one of those nice exceptions. Definitely worked searching out if not the theaters then later on streaming and video. Also while we're out we talked about this one briefly. In and box office. Rules don't apply. Warned babies. Latest film war is 79 now and it's pretty rare. For a film maker to still keep making movies in their seventies a lot of filmmakers had. John Ford Alfred Hitchcock. Jack still still made movies when there were in this and often they were not doing. Very best work there's this feeling of oh good for them for still and then there isn't very good they're gonna few people low Clint Eastwood. Is still doing tremendous work in his eighties. And with American sniper sullying Million Dollar Baby Gran Torino. He says some of the biggest successes of this entire career in the 75 plus years Woody Allen. Is is getting up there as well and still has the occasional real big hit that is not ban the reception for this particular film. Apparently Warren Beatty. With in a hotel lobby ones in the 1970s. Archer honestly nor. And I saw Howard Hughes and he's been. Fascinated. By Hughes and has been working on this project. Cents the early seventies. Which quite friendly if you if you've read much about Brady's work you know that. Forty years preparation on Warren Beatty build it that's about right. This is somebody who over thinks things to do that. The movie takes place in 1958. And the majority. Of the screen time is taken up by. He is his driver played by Alden Ehrenreich. And and I aspiring actors and our players you played by Lily Collins Phil Collins and starter and chief organizer actors. The rest of the cast is filled in. Why a lot of people either you're like others to do or why I haven't seen them in forever. Candice Bergen heart Buckner. Paul Sorvino. Tony Coleman. Any and cold and wet towel studies show our remaining Al. Warmed who's able to get him out there. But Warren Beatty plays Hughes and it looks like he pretty much just wanted to be able to. Play Hughes and his wacky fashion as possible. This though being big box off the points and this might be his last time. His last movie before this town and country. Cost a hundred million made six million. Bowl worth before that cost thirty million may twenty. If proud about the end of the line there is growth thanks for the show cinema Bob Michael proto you'll hear me on Monday. On beach company in nuclear activities WB.