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SPCA Radiothon: A bird named Bobby Darin

Dec 9, 2016|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This PC game radio's John presented by Geico. These on the here it didn't take long for not be Daryn if we compare it to win every one owner with his beautiful singing voice when he arrived EST CH. Now named nano he had the same impact on the shelf from Lancaster. Michelle why can't I can't take his tiny very hang. He first came to my house he was very skittish. So now I've learned to speak softer. Quieter and not rush Kansas cajun slowdown I gave him time to come around and now become some of summit shoulder. He's learned this in my dog's name which is diva. Do you consider this little surge that you can hang in at least ten people he is amazing he's getting very sweet with us on his game better with my daughter. I have an elderly mother Elizabeth so she's home all day with him and she can talk to him when she walks by and stuff too so he's companion for her as loud calls. 873 ask PC acorn text donations 20077. Message and data rates. Angel for the animals.