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1-13 The Movie Show with Cinema Bob

Jan 13, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Friday. The thirteen. You may only see. And enough. Aaron a couple of cells on the weekend. He's always. Hudson to put his house once that was enough though that now is not the man of mystery. Is the brokerage with some economies and beat him what was that. Was there. Video original. Friday the thirteenth now I'm not certain. But they might have made a dozen or so sequels I have to research that I didn't happen I can research that point but I'm pretty sure I'm measures they might have done a follow storage and a writers. I am not superstitious. IA. You know. A black can't cross my path on the way to the studio Sammy Davis junior was here. I walked under a latter. No lie I said the name on the path out loud you I don't see how I'm not afraid I am I'm afraid I am not superstition. I don't think it might do something bad everything will go horribly. See I think. Everything will always at all hardly slow it you said your hero is which and that's my motto in life. You can always set the bar a little lower bar a little lower we have a lot of movies. Coming out coming out this week I do what I make one mention before we get into the other films of a movie that was not released this year that's going to be playing at the regal cinemas on fun day. Singing in the rain. And up on the big screen. On on Sunday in various regal cinemas they're gonna have a matinee and an evening performance to ruin your well hole. Unless. Roach on my second pause for a bowl of Wheaties. But. Terrific of course you know two terrific film all want to roll way to pay tribute to Debbie Reynolds surprisingly enough. This was scheduled long and it meant this just. Happened to fall yeah this is this as ever and yeah this is Ben singing in the rain has been scheduled to play for for quite awhile part of the Turner Classic Movies and the collar on in his stunning. This is fabulous as its agreement and enjoy it say when the biggest surprises about singing in the rain the people forget. Is how. Funny it is it's one of the great musicals of all time it is also one of the great comedies of all time and time. Tried. And February they jump on the couch. Put it rightly go back at a college and until the coaching keep them I've tried that for years of networks say I've tried that just yesterday admire how. But unfortunately the back of our couches against the wall it is or it didn't work out work had to go get my glasses adjusted after the big box office knew that they hope with big bar. Yes indeed it number one hit in figures did 23 million dollars. Women expanded wide last week. It is now 25 million. And it went from 25 screens at 2500. And greatly exceeded studio expectations. Terrific reviews I I saw this film and I enjoyed it very much on last week and a just. Really interest in film wonderful performances all around. Should scoring. Eight plus that is very very rare to get an a plus pretty much every who sees this movie's really enjoying it. It is a family friendly PG. Ratings so I think Richard do very well over the three day weekend. By all means take the kids you'll enjoy it and number choose Star Wars rouge no rogue one. That dead 22 million dollars it is now at 477. Million dollars here in the US it opened in China. Over the weekend get 31 million dollars opening weekend they're the worldwide box office is now 900. And a thirteen million it is now the second highest grossing Star Wars movie of all time. The number one is still a force awakens from last year to bill. I don't think this one got to hit two billion. But it'll definitely passed the million mark. At number three weeks and continues to do extremely well not a twenty million now 213. Million. A number for. World blood wars. Did thirteen million dollars. The lowest opening so far. For an underworld film this was the fifth one they usually do about 25 million. Horrible review is it only got 10%. Positive for rotten tomatoes when it opened last week. Although I've got to say. There and I'm always in the surgeon anyone hours from the first one probably art great reviews first and only got 31% to rotten at sites it's. It's okay good reviews at all but they do make money most of the monies made overseas. And then number five the lot of land to have you back at all odd yet no leadership you hate that. Why don't like it at all. And I won personally it. You be able move who've liked it or things I liked about it but I was not and chanted in this movie supposed to mention Cuba did you doing. We'll really well ten million dollars this weekend. It is now at 52 million set a record Golden Globes once seven Golden Globes nothing's ever won that many before. And this weekend you can not only see yet. And non traditional screens but it's having a one week IMAX runs so you can see. Ryan Gosling. Fifty feet tall I was hoping I could. You want access to move Cuba I would love to a Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Was born on this date in 1961. The future Elaine Bennis made her movie debut in which 1980s. Horror film was hit me Friday the thirteenth. Be troll or CU nightmare on homes. You should also explore horn I haven't five V prize in movie pass to or policy a movie pass toward true at any debt. I'm all right take. And that's what you want it gives a bitter ballot through march 31 when he's Evans in. What about dollars and Debian dissent or is pizza pub and grill on Miller is foreign transit or expiration date total value of 43 dollars general content as rules apply we're back after this. The movie IQ question Julia Louis-Dreyfus was born on this date in 1961. Usually in Venice made her movie debut in which eighties horror film. She was in the movie troll. She played the coveted role of Jeanette and then. You're feeling it right is a character who skimpy costume consisted only. Of strategically. Placed leave. Call I've got to get my blow our end and fun and maybe it's at a Reynolds job near me. I big Mo he's hitting the base rain at last we actually have movies were saying this is Kolb patriots they would Mark Wahlberg. Yeah this is the third collaboration. Between now Mark Wahlberg. And writer and director Peter Berg on a true story they did lone survivor released on. In this month a few few years ago that did very well and then last fall they did. Deep water horizon. Which is also based on true story and that. It. Was very well reviewed but. Tend not many people wanna see which was kind of a surprise. But that is that is available now on video and on demand they always kind of do. When may he have a new movie out in the theaters quite often. Their previous films coming video of that week's sell. You see all those commercials with the they actor in bed and if you happen to be choosing video or fundamentally all I'm in over Wilbert I've seen all these errors that can give back advertising. They've been doing that for ever Wear this sort of thing. Now this is. Based on the the events leading up to the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. And the aftermath including the citywide manhunt. After. The event occurred there were three projects. And immediately went into effect. One was gonna start Casey Affleck one's gonna starter Jake Gyllenhaal. Those two eventually you were dropped I believe one of Casey Affleck was kind of melded. Into this one. Com. Every character in the film is based on a real person. With the exception of the Mark Wahlberg character. His character is officer who is a compass he's kind of a mixture of a lot of people. And he is kind of the connective tissue. Who's able to be involved before the bombing during the bombing during the capture the idea. The final bomber in that it is remarkable. Remarkable sequence that played on live TV. He's kind of like a Forrest Gump is Alley he just kind of our power up everywhere in it. Not this. This is very much a very straight forward. Procedural. Melodrama and added it's very much you see this all the time on the law and order shows well. Where they'll take something that's true story and though they'll just kind of play it out and Peter Berg here is is. Interested in just telling the story in and straightforward. Manner as possible. Review is why it's. Upper seventies low eighty's it's gotten positive reviews for the most part. Not surprisingly. Few of the worst reviews I asking for it. Have banned from movie critics in Boston ocean roar whoo yeah yeah the LA area is not exactly perfect there their little ticked off by that. Remarkable. A remarkable cast supporting mark world in this. John Goodman JK Simmons. Kevin Bacon Michelle Monaghan. On the film is not that concerned about being. Particularly shovel. Your call there was day here a couple pair of newlyweds. Who were severely severely injured in the bombing she lost both feet he lost one of his feet. And we see them. At home. Snuggling in fooling around in bad the morning of the marathon. And Peter Berg. As the camera kind of pin down and just kind of stay on their feet for a moment. As if to say see. They really like they're feet and now look at what you know it's like okay well obviously I don't think I. I don't think you have to sell that they're gonna be upset by means losing their feet. There's also some rather ham fisted product placement. Don't condone what shows up often at one point. An officer goes into a Dunkin' Donuts orders a cool lineup by name. And he's been shot by terrorists on his way out sell the air you uncomfortable. Things like. Headquartered in Boston and so yeah yeah. And it's not she is that it didn't have a but it won't like that and it take you out of the film a little bit. They're review it I mean but. Is this is a dramatization it's going to be I think for a lot of people I think most people probably gonna who are persons in this are gonna fear. And like hit. I'm myself from everything I've read. I would feel it's exploiting the situation a bit I don't think I would be as comfortable with it even news. Critics that like the film all. All suggest if you really want a good feeling. The full story there's an excellent documentary on HBO right now. Cobbers. All right though I think you'll lose business. Thanks to a game now is live by night live by nine that's the problem I don't should never have that word at the beginning of us. But I saw that there and you and the previews I had the break is it beyond and I see it I gotta remember how to pronounce it for the move we should never. Use the UC doesn't you don't know what's gonna meet Tom Jones and I saw blood there I saw Blake the lovely woman if she Blake lively. Our Jeanne Blake lively that's Ra I was easier. I don't care if she's lightly or lately. However freshly scrubbed. And zero. And pronounced live by night it is mine live by night Arctic is. And any Warner Bros. crime drama. Warner Bros. has no tradition and that kind of film. James Cagney Humphrey Bogart an orgy Edward G George raft on every amazing. Amazing films in. The thirties. This is based on day densely pain novel. And starts. And a lack. Written by an act black who directed by. And a lack no yes yes I even worked. I'm a pianist Lang piece before the movie gone baby on the first film directors during his brother Casey. That was based on densely pain book from epic fail period you've never seen that one highly recommend that. This is at lax for a film. And as a director and this is up first time that he's kinda getting raked Oracle's. The reviews have been who were anything average for this one. On me he basically. It takes place in the roaring twenties although many wise guy critics have been saying. In two days. Moral like the bull are saying twine. Oh yeah. Who. Says in the voice over I went away at soldier. I came home and now law his father is Brendan Gleason he's police commissioner. But his son Ben Affleck is like. Extra error all of whom. Well we have it you have before shame. He falls in love with and all who is he in love with your health fanning he's involved with her she's the sheriff's daughter she's a dental Lucy goes Hollywood. And becomes a junkie. And then becomes a little bigger jogging becomes the Bible preacher like assemble MacPherson. And is always felt Don Tuesday. Cuban molasses parents who held it was a bootlegging Iran. Multiple. Asks if you ask Chris Cooper is is that sheriff. In one of the problems everybody's praising the look of this film it is gorgeous Leach. ABBA the lighting. Of the bravery it is just a beautiful beautiful film. Amendments got you know machine guns and is in gooch the cake eat those babies. I'm just tired now here's something to do it's really unusual why usually eat. When you go from this are there any older you have all these if you're not only all in perfect condition. They all look like they just walked they just drove off a museum I don't know world. In this brewing here they will eat but sure that workers. And my father was wanted this film like. Well the car that's amazing and banged up he would have worked really well. And again. But. They'll fill one of the things that people are complaining about aside from industry complicated meandering plot is really a lot out of the book. It's two hours eight minutes. So many critics though have been saying it feels like it's twice warned that just doesn't hold together. Ben Affleck even though he's doing all sorts of gangsters. And shoot all sorts of people and stuff like that. He still works really hard to injury seen as good. Stale which. Jimmy Cagney you know that's not the way you do know Jimmy Cagney Bogart. They were not worried about our audiences are and that's what many are worse yet made it work they were real people because of that. And people are wondering because the month of conduct if there is a much longer version may you'll see for our version like once upon time in America and politeness that's. Osgood OK we'll be back Lamar movie show with a similar problem is that the league's. This is the movie shows that I'm a father in the movies and the beach next. We're waiting for this realm for a long time Martin Scorsese goes through its goals silence. Well scores she's only been working on for thirty years. You think of Esther on the faster at this one night. This is a big passion project he is there. It's it's a fun film. It's up out. Two. He jesuit priests all of them in the mid sixteen underage. Who'd traveled to Japan. And it's like go hope and Crosby. A trip to Japan. To locate their minter. And also. Try to spread the word of christianity. The tricky part. In Japan in the sixteen hundreds. Religion was outlawed. And there was an inquisitor. And if he. Found out that you were priest. You would either have to switch over to Japanese buddhism and on your religion. Or you would be tortured all. Your followers would be tortured. And watch your followers be tortured. And if he keeps him so we year and denounce you. And in order chew prime the pump but getting people excited about being heard this X it's wonderful enterprise. Anybody who turned in a priest got 300 pieces of silver. Which in the it's like 16100. Which injured jar you teach. Our hockey mom. And apparently the and so this is very much passion project. Scorsese's. And I love. Mars sources I go to a music store and at his best he's urges. Japan is just amazing director. I am not always gotten excited. About his passion projects. Will admit. 35 years since it came out. I still haven't seen Kundun. No fighter and I'm a movie yeah no news in goodfellas about 45 times of casino about 25. Raging bull probably fifty times its driver. Couple dozen times at least. Haven't quite made it couldn't and yet now and this film I gotta say I am not really rushed to check this movie Ryder. Under our field and the driver. You Neeson. Editors who plays the priest who disappeared. The film at a particular set of skills. And they were of no use to them that's. Things go badly pretty much for every. You missionary films. You find things can be rough especially when it comes to cruise fixes this many people are comparing this to the 1986 film. The mission with Nero. And major irons decent and also and if you were all there was a fee and where missionaries. Wise. Put on a crucifix. And and the crucifix was put on river and over and in this waterfall. As opposed store. Going over the waterfall in your in this one if you watch the trailer you see it go a different route. There are several guys attached to fixes. Or put in at the water's edge and that ties due solely rising. This movie. Is for people who saw the revenue and and thought. It's too lighthearted for. Hard. Something great year something more serious and our rental revenue and all that was practically you know and Ernest goes to a profit yes yes this is about three hours long. But it moves slowly when I understand the first hour in particular. Really is in no rush to get where it's going. You the people that have liked it at 2%. And tomatoes. A lot like it's today. Who gave a positive reviews that I admire. What's that like to. Admire her craft from Asia EU review and Lotta reviews and brilliant deeply moving. Consummate filmmaking. But there's also others that are describing it sluggish. Over the long and self indulgent the movie goes in you. It. Questions. And is it right to force religious beliefs are another culture. Do you still honored. When your actions. In his. Cause death and torture and others. If your true believer. And you leave your saving them. Does that justify. Everything that occur so it all these weight eat. Applicable to many ages and Hines and in this sort of thing. In a lot of people don't feel we reaches its conclusion. And then goes on for another. Just kind of drags on there and some people are frustrated. They feel rather than leaving these questions in the air to ponder. That's where they took it comes down hard on one side and says some things that many people feel. Better off now. I know he was going to be of trees that I was reading an article about this movie annoy him religion and catholicism. In particular has always been such an enormous. Part of his films I mean especially like raging bull Durham of guilt and deserving punishment. Are about to hell. This is the latest from from Paul mayor Holden the right it did basic instinct Robocop. Dutch filmmaker this is his first element and years. If they French language film stars. Is it bill pair. This show is about here. She won Golden Globe for best actor it's. However Merrill Streep is now over the film and the actors are one con. The critics' choice award this films and so many top ten list. It is day harsh. Cold fascinating. Film that is very much. I comment on violence and our culture. Misogyny rape fantasies. She plays. Somebody who runs a successful video game company. That does. These kind of Grand Theft Auto which ordinarily island. Home games. At the beginning of the film she is attacked and raped. Her home. She. Gets up afterwards. Cleans it up changes are closed takes a bath gets checked for STD east. Gets the exchange and then goes to dinner with her ex husband and some friends and pretty much as a matter of factly. While I had a bad afternoon. And it explains that. She is harsh cold calculating and pragmatic usually in a film like this that deals with rape and violence against women. They'll have the character who's been attacked the very sympathetic. Very much a victim. This character does not one or PD. Her staff that she works for admires. And is scared to death of her. They even though they do things like taking a video game one of the scene going to be a game where. A woman gets them attacked. And sexually assaulted and beaten they place her face on the character and leak that on line. It's it is. I hate cold film. Often darkly comic. It is not a movie for every one it's not a murder embodied is. It is a strong. Strong. Film with a magnificent performance. OK next up well we come back as a will be Tony is going to wanna stand in line to buy tickets more on newsreader and I'm thirty it's a movie show. It is a movie show and here is a Leo moving though I'm sure Tony will wanna say it's column monster truck. Packs. Them a fascinating. Situation. This is directed by Chris Wedge. Chris Wedge is an animator I had one of those ones did you. Yeah no I didn't I had to return immediately. They just trying to keep point in my pants I was not happy with my Chris where. He is an animator overthrowing sentry box. He worked on the ice age movies. And two watch film he in fact. Voices that prehistoric squirrel scratched. You know successful I sanctuaries. Yeah. He's a pretty big deal big video yet still this is his first feature film as a director of why action. Only this involves a lot of CG. As well. Corrections to this situation it. A teenager in high school here. Lying is neat. Or truck from a junkyard. And he wants to buy minds inside. Is kinda this alien creature. That escaped. From one some oil was being drilled by a big nasty corporate company and creature lose. And got in these that the creatures very malleable cults and preach. And he's actually able to. Make that truck go faster and move around so it's a truck with a monster. And it. Some monster should. I think he had soul. Ditched Lucas too ill as the high school kid. And I out of shape from the clips I've seen he looks like he's about thirty. It is not look like guys who can at all but he's let me X-Men movies and various other those Greer. Jane Levy is the high school girl. Political star she was just in the movie don't breathe this summer Stephen line. It's done good stuff she's also pushing thirty so she doesn't like guys were kid in anyway. But got Thomas and Barry Pepper. Frank Whaley Gandy Glover Amy Ryan Rob Lowe. All reached urges fitness. It was gonna come out in May of 2015. They showed improvement aren't you moved to December and tinker with this thing and they moved it to march 2016. And then finally said. Look we we've got to write this let's just put it on in January 2060. Dish and a budget. 125. Million dollars one. It's absolutely remarkable it was released in Europe in a few countries where did. Her. Now anticipate. Such poor box office is already writing it off. At any cost of at least 115. Million dollars. The Wall Street Journal was stunned. You shouldn't partly. One and see the year's biggest money loser come out so early in the count a year but this is a real shot. It's kind of and I've never seen a studio. Booked long releasing the movie say. Yeah out or we're already taken a loss where Chandra and there you just lie lousy on the the plus ago. For parents who were thinking more. My kid. Like monster trucks. He likes alien monsters. And he thinks fracking evil this is the movie for you and so we want to have a goal. Kids standing in line for this probably mixed up and say Bubba and yes this is one though lose don't do it movies. Those don't do horror movies in the rain. And to watch that video. You're in trouble nightmare and street don't fall asleep Daughtry are the first ones immigrant sacked that's right candy man. Don't say is seven times and there are altar and troll so and still the man. The big tagline for this is I don't think it. To even say it problem is he sees. Anymore main key is named. Men. You every time you think it. The Bible and then become stronger and stronger inside view and eventually. He will force you to commit. Terrible horrible acts of violence is Merrill Streep is moving. She is not but they got away. Critics say well it appears that Faye Dunaway has entered her whatever happened to baby Jane stage in our career. So here's the thing if you've got the man in your. You can start killing everybody around you. The only way you can sense it now. Is if you. Kill everyone who's heard of them. So you'll have these mass murders. And it turns out no it was just because somebody said. And I buy man I but I couldn't get it out of his. There are refuted I bet it was nothing through that route is this. Book. There is really does our jobs. Horse you know it 14%. Tomatoes. A surprising some people they got into Michael true grow mentioned he'd done away Kerry and mosque. Erica trembling know now. Her brother. Was a little kid who starred in Rome. I. After that drove this actor and I've got to shake their reviews of her in the us all agree. She's nowhere near as talented as Brothers. His complaint about cutesy and in knowing she is usually execute and she kind of kind of but this the poster. Looks like. Hillary's Xerox copy of the poster for the Bob duke which isn't good horror movie she's on the scary. Watch the duke this week and don't see. I'm next actually yes yes this is saying. Remake of 2011 French thriller no need to own ego yes yes it stars. Jamie Foxx. He is era and he is not for pensioners they drop the whole cheek thing and that's one. Fox is account his partner is of course rapper TI. Fox kills. Two crooks. Shouldn't fuel. Now the bad answer Durham partially because he's now in possession. I kilos of coal. Which is worth seven million dollars apparently unless. And they sell that wegmans for about three times as much. Regular Coke actually don't quote. I have been Joseph you have to ask it is. It. It starts. What did you think did you fighter ever let them know our neighbors or go out your stuff well. Well the guys and kidnapped and Fox's sixteen year old here and you give respect and now the real clear and accurate yet now. So this is switched directors doing in English and education projection on everybody's seen it has agreed it's here. Oh wow well we have some decent movies that are going to be the owner got no other new release shelled by the way the accountant. Deep water horizon which I do wanna say a missile cruiser birth of an Asian Hitchcock. Oh and drew upon. That's the French version of its a hell or high water and that's sex exploitation. Hello what are your what are the top I would like drug czar he goes. A one week I've kept up on the list were close to a year now that's exposes. Our agreement totally different lessons. Are these motor baba is motor voter. Well. It's that old Bob waters run deep. Well I. Dignity I never although it is dignity. As they do until Tuesday morning at nine under greater amount of the people. Yeah.