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BLIZZARD of 77 MEMORIES with WBEN's Lou Douglas

Jan 27, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

What I remember most Susan was the sense of isolation. These smoltz started to come in. For the city. We had been warned that we didn't expect anything like that and what happened was that. Lake Erie it's frozen over they're literally tons of snow laying on that late. We'll wins came in and they whip that's Owen whose city above all all crossing Western New York. In Cheektowaga the snow was piled as high as houses. I believe it was a Friday afternoon. We sat there are stolen. Than we realize the enormity. Of what was happening. Then of course the people started to be stranded. And they started to feel lobby of WBM 2077 no more than avenue and the old wound care department store. More and more people crowded in the night started becoming. The whole structure. Of the city was paralyzed. The mayor. And that was standing Murkowski got the time was a battered man because everybody was demanding for him that he do something and of course. In retrospect nobody could do anything. So as we do so often these days and it's probably absurd we start to look for you know political solution. And vote. Mitch has stands who came from Rochester was a special assistant to president Jimmy Carter. At that time on that Friday afternoon I was. In. A position. To get into the White House and speak to midge to stanza. We were trying to get the president to declare state of emergency. So that buffalo would get especially. Because as the thing unfolded. We found that people were being thrown out of work there was no gas. And we didn't know what was going to happen. So. When the governor declared an emergency and then. President Carter. All told Mitch who stands and she told us what we are on the air she had gone into see President Carter. That buffalo was going to be declared a national disaster. And whoever heard of the national with the mastery over optional. But here was. As the weekend unfolded we found it during the coming week. There are long lines of people because there are strong our work there was. But genuine panic. The president allowed. An emergency disaster. Relief for people in the amount about a 160 dollars I think it was in poor start and people lined up. I mean it was like that it was a it was a disastrous thing to see. Fondly in retrospect on the good side and it was it really brought out the best in people.