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Jan 27, 2017|

Sandy was out today, so Tony jumped over from the

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Two options. You need to follow my rules to follow my rules compete thank you. I can keep doing what. That is the movie show I'm Tony Caligiuri who's filling in for Tammy Wenger whose filling in for Michael Capuano. Who normally is Phil and enforcing any beach who is out sick. You pick up that I got that I'm pretty sure now sandy I know. I think he he caught a cold from hall at times last weekend on the women's march hits it high enough but first let's catch colds I told underwear hat. Why did he was wearing one of those little rich girl and a couple of and it's island that we'll empathy and he feels better course and even more than that we hope he's not listening. That was stone. From La La land I think everybody should pronounce it like Jerry lose with non law. Let you lady laying EU nine I'm assuming you see. I have not seen a crime shocked. I'm shocked. Will we're gonna go over. Oscar nominations. Editor at big big response and to that fleck much. The flex in the movie right in houses right now number one. Nice big surprise split. And Night Shyamalan. Newest film. Number 140. Million dollars but it was only ten million dollars. This is his first number one opening in over twelve years so that's kind of feel awfully nice for him. And very good audience poll numbers quite often have a horror movie that does well its first week and but the reaction is not that great the people who sign this while it. And I think this is gonna hold out very well over the next several weeks. And number two triple X the return as Hendrick to I would I see it it was it's. It took me out. Of what split did. It was in here but course it paid fifteen dollars or did much better overseas than it did here. It just like is getting a lot. I'm not seen a lot of trailers are on and on TV they put. As big as the fast inferior so those are huge publicity machine and knows Europe. Released but two. Should should do I mean if nothing else go overseas box who's going to be huge for him to miss the third installment of our triple to right but only the second line with Vin Diesel diesel ice Q. Was xxx in the second one which could put the should go on. The the series or ten years there and number three in figures continues to do very well over sixteen million it is now 84 million saying. Another nine million it is now 249. Million US world why it took 428. Million. And number five long Aaland in another eight million it is now in the game in and there was a very. Very. Mild reaction to Michael Keaton in the founder. People weren't that excited about going out from McDonald's. Last week and only three million dollars. Barely squeaked and chopped. And it didn't get any nominations. A lot of people were hoping that he would get a nomination. For best actor but that happens to denominations quickly into the nominations help right now you know he figured let's say Denzel Washington I'm OK and movies he's in right now it's a surge absolutely absolutely that's a big part of in the Huskers started. With a bunch of producers in. The late twenty's and Hollywood who's that you know we've got these movies that we were really. With that they just in time as well. It's completely thing to bring attention right to these quality easily. To ourselves and board. That. Test so that's kind of how it's true. Is the biggest thing I mean it's show business and I Oscars do mean big box. La land is doing there well already got fourteen nominations. It now on holds that fourteen nomination record. All about EU and Titanic the only films that have man and he. Nominations now. All body though was even more impressive that many nominations because there weren't categories. In 1958. Sound mixing our special effects. Of the breakdowns there are so. If you want to adjust for inflation. Of categories. I'll be ready in his field. The game. Are able got eight million which is terrific. A lot of people were surprised that happens. Did not get nomination. Moonlight. Eight nominations. Now when my surgery last fall about the mood like Emma was. Captured and actually. When it came out. But then. Really wanted to see this movie complain here for the longest time went to see weekend before and after Rochester. We saw with the Tinseltown theater in the Rochester that was the closest place that it was play to run at film highly recommended. But it is this weekend this is the Oscar a regal hesitant about three of its cinemas. Four column us or show it's not showing all day but there are some 930 showing some 4 march showing that sort of thing but if you want us you can see. I X ridge it's bill. Out there in theaters that six nominations. Mrs. a big deal I mean because. Mel Gibson as a man persona non Grata for quite some time in Hollywood. This is his first Oscar nomination in 21 years. Second Braveheart. So this. And I think he's got room made this bill might win a few technical categories and l.s gonna win. But. I hope more people sue them because it's it's to rip the picture. AC you know we use every year you go through when you predict was gonna what categories. So a lot of people are like huge big kind of movies okay you find out what's being nominated let me go out to see this this week I can judge for myself. Look at the actors the effects would Arab costume and then won the Oscar come around the ready to sport. Yeah it's. It is tricky because you always end up with with two lists your of the list of who you think we should get it who you think should win. And who. They're gonna pay because there are a lot of things there's a lot of politics. That goes into the decision right now there are certainly certain films that were snubbed this year for instance that people expressed. I think many people are surprised it's all. It was pretty much on out I thought that would have been a slam dunk it guys a couple of sound. Nominations but. Just tell. No no nomination for Tom Hanks nothing for a Clint Eastwood as far as directing. Martin Scorsese's new films silence completely. Got shot out that while it did get like one technical but that didn't get many awards he notes that some very strong reviews. Annette Bening did you do anything for twentieth century women. But an interesting. Your this is gonna be one of the toughest years to make choices when it comes to pick those itself. But here's my IQ question let's laid out before the break probably yes indeed you can win. Cary you can win a movie expert you. And he gets in theater that was through march 31 2017. And 25 dollar certificate descent towards pizza pub and grill on Miller's work or on Trenton expiration date. 43 dollars general contest rules apply it. You know the answer this question while Holland is just one of three films that I've ever been nominated for fourteen Oscars. Which of the following films was not nominated for fourteen Huskers eighty. All of party. Be gone with the wind or C type two gets the call at 6449875. And you could be a are about let's take a break when we come back we'll have weather and we will check out big movies hitting the big screen all that more. I'm WB EN sit up Bob big movies hitting the big screen. First let's take care of our move oh yeah I do question get people. People to sit on the edge of their seats waiting for we'll look at her fault I think a lot and one of just three films that have been nominated for fourteen Oscars which of the following films with not nominated for fourteen Oscars. The answer was beat. Along with the wind. To bear should. With the wind was only nominated for a mere thirteen Oscars. And in the end he hit only one tan so that's pretty match and it. Pretty set an agenda it's less categories back debts. Written. There actually were remarkable Tuesday. We have gone. Some interesting films. This week one film that has been one of the most controversial. Of the year and I think that has surprised a lot of people is a dog's purpose. This is based on the 2010 novel. It is. A dog movie. For people who who workers crazy about me or something novels and books about dogs dog people bar. Just adored their talks. Where dark family at our house where people. Were aware of can people you know they're confused in this. And like having pats that think they're jerks. Dog's there happy to VMware image you all the chairman of the does something wrong I'll tell you that two. Day. It's just something groovy about dark but there is a problem. Dog movies. Yeah most of it. If you did move me like. Each year at a dialogue that sort of film or TV show well at the end of the show the end of the movie. Everything was fine to me was not well. The dog was happy that people were happy and you know V and splashed over this concept except for one dog. Well nowadays. And movie. Have the dog are all four. I mean Marley and me my dogs apple you Eller that's where our states you know of all the dollars just the worst but yeah. And me. Was very very frustrating. For me I mean for people who knew the novel. New the new book dealers was nonfiction to a certain extent. They were from you that they showed your entire life of the deal. This news release stick Christmas. And the commercial showed nothing but Moody's which can help ease the whole act you naughty dog rule use. Dueled over the bowl of cereal you've licked it off the floor below funny funny wonderful dog. They didn't know that'd be the film you get the most graphic. Dog being put to sleep seen in law any movie I mean it's very effectively done if you don't cry at the end of Marley and me. Well you should probably see doctor. Or you might be an android either way you should be checked out but a lot of families want to this film making all the kids like this is the and that whole week you just got your heart. Ripped out. I'm not going so this movie is set up for those people who were crazy about dogs and want to talk stories in the sort thing. But here is where the premise it's absolutely twisted. The movie begins. With seeing you know a young pup young dog. Voiced by Josh gad he's the guy that voiced a laugh a snowman I am frozen. He's a very happy go lucky eager you know type dog. And it's soft Pallet hole just like look who's talking about with the dog instead of a baby. But that dog. Lives with this boy in the boy grows up to be eighteen and all that and they're very close and and the dog. You know. Dies but it's pretty early in the movie. You then see the dog. Has. A corgi. And the same voice and the dogs like well how much smaller than I used to be and the dog is reincarnated. In these other dogs so this dog is like like serving people being good people but it's the same dog it's the same voice. He's just being reincarnated over and over again which. If you have a story of reincarnation with the dog. And if you get to have a lot of dog deaths there if you can't. Angela dog definite movie look. This is like a dog gap all you can eat affect our power yeah yeah it's so little it's a little on the the twisted side here as far as that goes. It once to be a funny and heart warming and answer thing and it does it achieve a certain extent but. It's. It's all should know a bit rough for dog lovers. You have. The dog as a Golden Retriever. A corgi the court he lives long time. A Saint Bernard. The Saint Bernard though is abused changeup in the yard man and that gets kind of rough and ugly. Most striking though is when the dog is reincarnated. As a German shepherd. The German shepherd becomes a police dog so he is on. The job. And it it quickly turns into an episode of NYPD blue for awhile there. The dog at one point he is chasing down trying to find a twelve year old girl. Who's been kidnapped. By an armed and dangerous relative. The dog meat to an end to that is. Well it's a little on the rough side. It's a family film. Yeah yeah yeah it's surprising not so you've got a little bit of trick you a little bit of preakness as ours. As far as that goes but last Wednesday. The situation room got a lot more complicated. TMZ. Had a video that was taken by somebody on the set of the film. That shows a German shepherd named Hercules from the police start sequence. Being dragged and get into rushing water inside the movies that. The dog obviously does not wanna go in the water is kind of being forced overthrew it. The film cuts that a few times and that the and you do see the dog. Under the water and being rushed through through the water there when they say cot. You do see many people rushing towards the dog days of life jackets odd and they are helping to dark and deserved it but it's. It's not like you're seeing the dog. Physically damaged or physically hurt. Your setting. That's in society there are just looking at the end of the movie on this film was observed to make sure no pats were harmed his third thing which. Some people feet. Feel is just probably rubber stamping that they don't want things that carefully. Humane society has suspended the represented him on the set thing that the situation should Denver or purported. Of course Peta. They they called for a boycott of the film Peta is planning on that picketing. Theaters that are showing it. How many people actually show up today to to pick I had no idea. That actors. Who were in place to promote the film we're in a very. Odd situation in that this is just nine days before the film's release they obviously put this out to hurt the movie. Josh who did the voice said he was shaken and sent to see any animal put situation against its will. The director loss and cultural barriers erected director said he didn't witness the actions he was very disturbed by the footage. Analysts entertainment. Put out the film. They said that on the data shoot he didn't want to perform and we cut filming short gay. That now Hercules is happy and healthy and everything's okay. Universal though. Canceled the movie's Hollywood premiere they canceled the only via premiere and they canceled all talk show appearances. By the the cast members Dennis Quaid Peggy Lipton Josh people like that. They initially were talking about canceling. The screenings. For critics and preview audiences throughout the country. Things seemed to settle down a little bit below. And later this week you did start to Dennis Quaid and people showing up on interviews and I know they did do local preview. Showing here where people were able to see the film. Review wise. This certainly has colored. People's reaction in the movie but the reviews have been pretty rough for not particularly good a guy thing. As a dog lover. I'm just not comfortable with the whole thing fairway although it does not seem that anything horrific. Happened. To the dog in this situation. If you want a piece scared. Go online and check out to the adventures of Milo and artists. From that eighties about a little kitten and puppy and take a little journey and that movie I've made in Japan. That had some Mary upset and very documented. On things that went down in that moment through about twenty kittens. Through the making of that movie. Yeah. Yes I managed I don't think I would enjoy a movie that as dogs. Any pat dart in and I'm just too much of a softy when it comes of that I don't think I would enjoy it yeah yeah. I'm I'm I'm not a big fan of the fan of those either especially if it's just being done. And if you have something Michael Geller. I think it's a terrific movie. And I think these situation all you elders very deserved at the end of it really works it works for the story. We're just being done to make you cry for no reason other than to make you cry nap now and after me let's take a break for bottom of the hour news when we come back. More from big news are big movies hitting the big screen. You'll listening to the movie show on WB GN. You're listening to the movie show Tony Caligiuri filling and how you know usually I'm producing on the other side of the glass. What sandy was sick today hopefully he's feel better. Tim was dormant for the first two hours he had a meeting go to. So they went to the bullpen Bob and they grabbed me I'm I'm I'm used to view on on the other side of the glass it's all looking in your face and and not seeing a bit of player that. And Bob we do have a deal of the day save half hall harm Buffalo's largest taxi company. Today's deal of the day from my buffalo purchases to 25 dollar certificate to liberty camp. For only 1250 liberty cap is always ready 24 hours a day seven days a week. 365. Days a year go to my buffalo perks dot com before the break we were talking about a dog's purpose. Up next goal of what Matthew McConaughey yes busy travel weekend and it. He I don't think heat is how you need to struggling and it's an old one okay because this takes place and in the eighties. Are our first on retarded to Berkus. Didn't do very well critical reviews have been pretty rock on NAFTA and about 30%. Rotten tomatoes ratings only about 30% of the critics like that. Gold doll. He's doing much better. It's rotten tomatoes rating is 31%. The wall and all 31%. To reviews were good for this most of them. Are pretty pretty raw. Matthew McConaughey in this film is is doing one of those big. Oscar leaps where somebody does a physical transformation. Who to show there really dedicated to the world Charlize Theron in monster did to narrow fact that the new year to Niro in raging my goal. Matthew McConaughey in Dallas bar club that he won the Oscar for you lost. Frightening and wait for for that film. In this movie. He goes the other direction he gets himself a big old beer belly. To prove he's a great actor and here's airline is receding he's got hardly any era on the topic is and what's there is extremely wispy. I wish you contacted me. Because. I have a beer belly and hardly any hair on top of my head and nobody thinks I'm a great actor Matthew that's just not the way it works. All you do is look like you're from buffalo had a cold for you. What's all well Assad is that so often when people do that did that big physical transformation and it's because they're playing a real person. Now this is based on a real story this is based on a true restoring and then make a lot. About. It's stark actual events a true story. But they change everything. Rich and everything in this they changed the country that it takes place. They changed the decade. And it takes police. Under the names pretty much are the same here but why Matthew McConaughey thought. The only way I can play this role in some proponents sixty pounds ensuring that compromise had. Okay is he dictate shattered the director Essen to IA. Director might have suggested. It. But. Unless Matthew McConaughey is on board. I mean any marriage I'm doing that's what's odd is that. This film really wants to be American hustle and wants to be like wolf of Wall Street American Consulate story. Just American greed gone ram things and con man in this sort of thing in. Why old lifestyle. Christian Bale was supposed to play this role regionally Matthew McConaughey world. His character in American homes sold. Had a lot of weight on them had a beer belly and he shaved his head for that to a lot of look like he was losing his hair so I don't know whether. Christian Bale went wait a minute I just played this guy. Or if Matthew McConaughey thought all I wanna do what he did in that movie it's kind of odd I heard the story takes place in 1981. Matthew McConaughey is the son. Of a guy who runs the mining company. And things are not going well for the mining company at all there in rough Financial Times. He meets ago a geologist. Handsome Latin geologist. And that you have them find out about this. This rumor about this big gold deposit. That's down in hole. Where is Atlantic wanna. You know I think it's in another country heritage in Indonesia or something like that it's in some someplace where they don't sell Perot peace. And today basic believe. Hock everything that they on to make this one laughs. And it. And they find this enormous. Enormous gold deposit were just. Billions and billions of dollars and basically lead. Things grow up and down and up and down and there's all sorts of problems that. Run into from suddenly having that much sudden shiny. Well now along with being a bit of a visual. Character Matthew McConaughey. Is is just kind of easy wild and crazy guy in this movie. He has helicopter Sachs at one point. He holds a neat isn't sex with a helicopter he had sex with somebody in an act that I can see where that would be confusing sheriff I'm personally would never have sex with helicopter. The propellers. It's just too risky is dangerous yes yes he now holds a business meeting. Naked. Standing next to a hot tub. I don't know why doesn't everybody. Three and not count or I'm Ken more unnoticed like in Niagara Falls but not so much in and morehead because it my way. Eighty pats at tiger. At one point. And for some reason. Just like Walter White in braking there he is often shown in his wife each IDs. With a big old beer belly hanging out over it but what. It gets more unappetizing. Those Whitey try to ease. Are often went. And cleaning OK. You think active McConaughey is just a eighties dream dreamy kind of looking guy. This is not the movie for you. There were reviews have been ready rough on this it I can't imagine why. It was originally set for our release in crime December awards season are released is that those guys have all sorts of nominations. Then. A few people got to look at the movie and they said you know. Let's put this out just for the Super Bowl let's go and January were this one's kind of shocked to hear one complaint people. It is the support cast. Bryce Dallas Howard Corey Stoll rich Greenwood Stacy Keach courage Nelson rapid supporting cast who all get. Hardly anything to do. The other them economy everybody is really. Underwritten. In most cases is they ever seemed. Scold McConaughey for being a jerk and then accept you get to see variations on that scene. Over and over and over and 00 that sounds like a good time count me out to. I optimistic break when we come back we'll continue looking at. Big movies in the big screen maybe take a look at what's coming up on the release new release shelf Rush Limbaugh at twelve. You're listening to the movie show on news talk ranked thirty WB Ian. Price at about where we leave off here. A film that's gotten fairly rough reviews. Resident Evil the final chapter now these films this is 61. And they are insisting. The final one sure unless this one makes money. Which it can make money it's kind of like The Who farewell tour these yet yeah I've seen. Three who farewell shows in my lifetime and I saw one of joy and this this is based on the video game in which people try to do their best to stop. A global zombie apocalypse which is good as most people are not gonna be prepared for this global zombie apocalypse but. These movies helped you get ready for that. It's a business wise they're similar to the underworld films we have the latest underworld with Kate back in sale. Can amount to few weeks ago. The terrible reviews. But they've been very loyal. Audience especially overseas and they are both. Focused on. Very attractive stars Kate back in Salem underworld Mila Jovovich and these. Doing a lot of really. Incredible martial arts fighting in gunplay. While wearing just has remarkably tight clothing excellent yes yes so. Of the five films that they've done so far. The budget is about 250 million for those on film if you ran. Lie wise acre about a billion dollars so far cities are very very successful films. In this film it kind of guy that tries to do a wrap things up. Alice Alice character needs to get to the center. Of the crater beneath raccoon city. And reenter the hive. And you've seen the movie so I guess that means something to you. But this this is very much and then management's terminator Romo topped by mode. Most of the along Australian. Critic I think wrapped up the feeling of most of the fans. If they should it's an enjoyable popcorn flick that's dumber than a sack of monkey trousers. Bonds on the last. It's. A very terrible. Accident started to accidents during the making this movie. College bitches stunt double a lineage action. She was doing. Stock on the motorcycle. She collided with a camera for. Left her in a medically induced coma for two weeks. She gets rebuilt from crushed faced severed artery Internet paralyzed arm several broken ribs. She uttered skipper broken clavicle. Torn fingers and I need to be amputated along with. Nerves. Out of her spinal cord. A few months later. She let it be known that paralyzed left arm had to be amputated so that smaller bunker just horrible. And then later there was another accident. One of films crops. US army issue harbor. Kind of lost it's it's bearing and crushed one of the crew members and so. He's been very successful films Mila Jovovich makes them with her husband WS Anderson the two of them are important and these films together for. About fifteen years now and this is supposedly the last when they're going to be an open had to be pretty rough. And like that happen. On this that doesn't seem. Like people in the audience out there they've if you zombies or and the world type movies that that's like the in thing now that's popular. All of it really is it that terms mean walking dad. No. Just about any vision of the future. In two engines on fire and that. It's just horrible. People that I just changing it's really your. Things could be awful just. Awful in the future when you wrote terminator man man acts are Walking Dead any of these sort of things that's why from my comfort food I always go back to Star Trek. Star Trek always does and keep getting better than ever prove people are gonna try to be good people. And educate themselves. Learn about new thing so when I get too depressed by the world there getting some Star Trek. Or watch me and Andy Griffith show close you're gonna help me feel better about people in general. After watching enough Walking Dead or things like I just start to feel I am what's the use. The world and everything tore the world's come into an and little movie. That. Can ensure you want the a satellite. Major you and if you're a fan of thrillers and horror films this is the interviewed movie of the week the autopsy. Of Jane DO. 85% green tomatoes this is due. Terrific. Terrific reaction. If you see yes. If you want people who's. Watching the X-Files. But my favorite scenes are always win each and scalia's carving up a body on the table. This is the movie for you it's an all Willie. An autopsy film but it. It is a father and son bonding film. You have. And the Hirsch who starred in into the wild wonderful actor and Brian Cox the amazing Brian Cox. Any play for the dolphins he's not I think there was a different Brian Cox. They play. Utterance on corners. They're both corners. And they work together. On bodies she tick quicker for apple body well. They don't just carving up bodies together. They do it in their family business I own the business together and do the autopsy. But it's also. In their basement. Yes. Underneath the kitchen. In the basement wood paneling. Family photos around that sort of thing and ever body. They've got to work Iran is today here on the table saw right there because that feeling. OK okay. It'll never. Anybody comes and Jane DOE. Young woman and about the film is spent doing the actual. Autopsy trying to figure out situation. A lot of things of this by the do not make sense. The bodies pristine. Looks. Great shape except there's a lot of actors. Under the fingernails. And toenails. Investigating a little further notice that and at times missing. They also noticed that ankles. And rich the bones. Are pretty much all eyes. Try to scan. The split doesn't show that there's been any bruising or problems and even though this person is. Definitely dead. It leads as if it were stole. So that's creepy then and things get weird. At this and things get weird. The the conference on both look at things in a rather different manner father's very much of that tree out let's put the puzzle together on this but how could this happen. And the sun is a bit more pragmatic the young son is a bit more. We are here that you. Tell the situation. The police. Will figure out. We are not here to get involved that at all that is not what we do. And I think the father has a little bit about what you're taking all the fun of cars -- by this and why do you think we got into the family and that's from the film. I think surrogate debate supernatural. Round how's things get a bit darker the bit creepy here there is a shift in tone. On this is the first English language film by Andrei orbital. He has a Norwegian filmmaker did a movie about five years ago called troll ponders. And now there in Norway that got a lot of a lot of attention. And he's now doing stuff the US this is getting to rip your reviews it is claustrophobic. Creepy. And that corpse. Usually played by a robber. A days. It's played by an actress she is a dancer who specializes in a lot of yoga and it's very talented at birth control. So a real actors playing the corpse for most which is pretty unusual interest. I like the mystery of sciences sound pretty steep little only recommended. All right Bob thank you very much is a pleasure sitting here where I am. Hopes Andy is feeling is that. Yes absolutely have a great weekend everybody Rush Limbaugh coming up next we'll talk to you later.