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Dollar General seven presents or movie for a Sunday afternoon. They the last unicorn we'll have today's feature after these. While on channel seven non nice this movie shows cinema Bob May sandy beach you're showing your channel seven Ruth Bob I'll look a little Tom jewels action for that. I watched so many movies and on channel four. And channel seven channel two and later channel when he nine growing up. They used to be such a big thing the the movies that were shown by the the local affiliates. You're hardly ever see that and they were always on 1130 and it's a measure came and used to be Sunday. Channel seven channel on new veterinary promote a channel for yes. CB a channel four used to. Preempt the CBS Thursday nights and had movie for tonight on Thursday nights for years. And they used to show having Costello is in Bowery boys homes of 4 o'clock on Saturdays you never. See those on any more announcement in the infomercials. Well you and remember the famous story I've told a few times that Irv Weinstein was on channel seven and just that dynamic presence. And at 1130. He would introduce the movie that's coming up an ax after his last story. And he routinely. Put in different people's names as being in the movie who are basically his neighbors. So it would say standby if Oregon with a way and starring Clark Gable and Mira upsets. They didn't catch it right away because they've got owners is somebody who's further down on the credits I'll look for Meyer Ralitsa. And find out the audio. And he is he did that for a long time normally I was right or here's a little bit of trivia and when. WK BW channel 71. Went on the air the first thing they show was a movie. That movie was Yankee Doodle Dandy Jimmy Jack and the person who introduced it. Records are very I don't buy that but you were on journals and I I don't as part of the company. I would yes very nice those rocket ships seven days you won't see you know we have to go to YouTube and then and put that in their rocket ship seven channel seven. Buffalo, New York. They'll see some view in there. Yes they have that we have appeared there are few rush of some clips up there. It is actually today is my son Ben's birth symbol that is two years old an eight. He made his TV debut on rock chip seven when he was about eight weeks old what do you do the line this week who dwell actually kind of we have seen we had a story line. I played yeoman bomb on the show and I wore this purple. Rocked a challenge some beauty never premier I felt like I rocked the jumpsuit. And we had gotten are. But our eight in puppet version of mr. beat her beta he had an identical jumpsuit because we're all part of the crew. And I realized. You know role. Then would fit in that puppets jumpsuit. So we did a story where I'd accidentally drank this youths serum. And I wish trump backed down to a debate and Mike Randle band play it me. Ben I'm Mike Randle had to deal with the big baby. Who was me for the whole time and of course the complaint that everybody complains with when they have to work with me he said at one point. Bob you can cry all you want I am not changing your diaper. But a are you surprised to see you here well. Last week you get to me that gift basket of pastries on Thursday imminent. I hate them and Friday it was said Leo until he took over yeah totally get shell which tell me. Told me he said this was an addition sent and it went well one just fine last week and then Tony said to me don't worry don't work. He'll be out here on Friday's I don't know what happened I don't know I don't know and a very good time during the show its own zone imagined he enjoyed the show except the part we told them to reach into the pop court. I'm way down there at the bottom as more but what are. Well there are certain traditions we liked to keep going on this hour we'll main tradition and always ask the ignorance idea big box office there yet. Number one for the second week in a row split from M night channel on a bingo on. 26 mil billion dollars it is now at seven DE seven million after just ten days this is first film to stay at number one spot for two weeks cents. The six cents with that being a film that only had a ten million dollar budget especially nice news for and night. At number two a dog's purpose. Did eighteen million good opening despite the controversy I thought it was gonna do a bit more but eighteen million is still pretty solid for this sort of family film. It also had strong audience poll numbers people who sought like debt should hold up well for the next few weeks. At number three hidden figures continues to do extra really well. Fourteen million. Last week and that was a drop of only 11%. Almost never show you that kind of following Bauer. A 104 million dollars so far for that Oscar nominated film. And number four a Resident Evil final chapter to fourteen million dollars nearly identical opening to the last underworld film. It's done sixty million dollars overseas so far so excited and I can be a big hit here but it's gonna do just fine with the foreign box. And number five. La La land. Actually we decided last week it should only be pronouncements of Jerry Lewis who sang it like and a twelve million dollars it is now at a 107. Million. Expanded to over 3000 screens last week after getting that record fourteen Oscar nomination out. Out of those nominations and everybody I've seen the bidders CNET doesn't like where owls. People are saying you've got to go see Lyle all to go you gotta go see it visually that you don't like. You're gonna like it. OK I'd I certainly wouldn't like it wow nobody I know it was like it I know a few people like. But I think they're alcoholics they're mayors. Of new article and it's doing well overseas as well done and over hundred billion dollars out of the zone. There was a deal way that I arrived last week out of the bankers Matthew McConaughey he's latest film that he put on forty pounds. Shaved his head for. Opened and I'm over 2000. Screens I didn't open the show I'm real pleased and Beaumont and Jeremiah. In a whopping. Three million dollars as it. Yeah a little less than. All right all right all right. Good not you are trying to test our movie Ekuban indeed Danny DeVito stars with Robert dinero in the new film. Look at media. Before becoming a successful actor producer and director what do you do veto do for a living. Was dipped eight did he run numbers. Beat any work of a hairdresser. Or see that he stuff. Olive it's. The or get this stuff. The prizes they believe that's a joke. Tony Gibson bitter battle through march sort of verse forty sevens and what about dollars and have against San towards beat the public element was more on transit or expiration date. Total value of 43 bucks general gone there's rules apply the movie I guess the question. With so Bob May soon to be extended to veto stars who have Robert Janeiro in the new film a comedian. Before becoming a successful actor producer and director what did the veto do for a living. Kenny worked at his sister and she's beauty salon. How do you get to the top of anybody's had what I keep wondering. That how could breach or not he also he not only did hairdressing at the salon. But he also did it for a local funeral parlor to the ruling does not condone animal in there they don't complain and it is a little trickier. Because you have to. Do their hair while they're lying and gravity is working against you but at least you'll be able to reach the hair easier and they were changes. And we're glad that your name true it will assume hey Bob I know you're a huge sports fan. How well you know me sports. You can with a big deal today and then. Edward Jenner the reality come Iowa defense no Paul I know. And yeah op patriots are the best this isn't just. Here or does everybody in the country hate the patriots and I know that's a share or most nurses they hate the videos have been doing. So Tom if if Tom Brady. Word to. Just the keel over from enormous constipation stomach that during the game and had to be taken off. The whole country would be thrilled and right yeah cheer better than any serious injury went out. Yes they have to describe it as a lower back injury. Well yes indeed we know lower back in front depending on how bad the credibility is so you're rooting for Atlanta. I'm rooting yes yes I'm rooting for whoever's against the patriots that's the all only thing I know about sports is. I'm rooting for whoever's playing against the patriots well but I don't. Surprisingly enough even I want to Super Bowl every year. Option thank you so much know it's true. I thought I mean I know you're like a game plan you set out the game plan and everything and and grow your bottom of them. And TI mean their commercials are big deal but for someone like. Media big movie buff so many movie trailers and movie commercials are introduced during. The Super Bowl we're gonna and new commercials like us for guardians of the galaxy to. Ghost in the shell. The Japanese. Animated character where they said GA for the movie version. Who has got a really good Japanese look I don't Scarlett Johansson. So us she stars that. There's going to be a most likely something new from star or worse the latest Star Wars the last Joanna I. The past and theories eight if your manager. I don't I'll see here's the thing with those titles. Them need a first. One of the re boom it was called the force away Putin's. The spartans called. All flash she high and fans are going win. They formed sentence. The force awakens the last July and solar matched one continue to set that just like a ransom note weigh in about it I only good news yeah but we're gonna and the new fast and furious trailer it's gonna be called the H of the furious. Which I think is just a delightfully silly title. The really weird one is going to be the new transformers film transformers last night which of course as Mark Wahlberg returning to the film. And something I never thought I would say. About today and transformers film sir Anthony Hopkins as Winston Churchill. I. End. If you say I'm RC a trailer for transformers. Well I have extended footage at the super bowl of the big fight. Between you know opted this private bumblebee so all that's gonna be. Deep shoe yeah right picture if we were looking for a reason to law. Superpower and I was a very well again as some movies. Robert De Niro playing a comedian he's done it before he's doing it. And this is the passion project that rock juniors from working out Taylor Pickford for a minute any. Many years. And the reviews are in Ford and they're just. Horrific as a matter of fact let's just get this out of there in the way for so we've got. Great big movies opening this weekend the comedian rings and the space between us. And these three. One of these films. Has our current rating of all person and well too made a couple months. Wolf I know we get to the movie. These three films are all just getting savaged by the critics this is a weekend for. Partying and watching football not so much going to the movies. Robert De Niro. This particular film currently has 22%. Positive rotten tomatoes you would think now he's such a great actor yeah I mean if you if you look at some of his better films. Taxi driver. 99%. Mean streets 98% of got by the archer 9710 raging bull 97%. Goodfellas 97%. Did do a 194%. This guy must be the greatest actor of all time. But then we move into this century. I am really and it isn't different story. Here are some of the ratings for movies of euros from the past ten years this is his most recent output. Righteous kill. 19%. Little Walker's 10%. The bag man 9%. Dirty grandpa. 10%. Chilly season 11% there and big wedding seven. Percent while Phil actually between 2% for the comedian her very good job and Wallace is this one of his past situations. This. Is the story of an aging nightclub comic. Who. Has some. Troubles on line. And tries to stage a comeback. Of sorts. He yeah it's starred in an eighty's sitcom. Called daddy's home. And it's kind of a married with children. Tight king here's the catch phrase recalls his wife's name. And our lean. So it's here's a little later. And ever see who sees them just walks up tournaments as the catch phrase or ones in this area. And he's not pleased he's not pleased about this at all and then now one night a very small nightclub is having. A nostalgia night. With other watched sitcom stars. So if that's Jackie Burke. That's Jackie character witness Jimmy Walker and Brett Butler. And to the nearest character is as usual. Abusive self. Get into an argument with some. Who's filming a minute to be in trying to get him to yell at do video. And he decides to. All right. All yell at the guy and then gets mad enough that he starts eating with the microphone. This this doesn't go well he gets a very short jail serves its patents with any other for hours of community service. So he he meets up with Leslie. Who while Judd Apatow housewife very funny actress about thirty years younger. And didn't care oh. And she pretty much plays the girl she's also doing community service all we don't find much about her she is pretty much around just to let that. And each year eventually. Start to do things on my. Cinema community service. With homeless people. He's installed comic doing. In salt chains were at home most people goes to a nursing home. Where are he. Starts ripping apart the people at the nursing home. This is where he actually won all star are having some success. Because he is huge hole. This is it right now has lie ins like here's why this whole area stand up lines. Marriage will suck every speck of life out of your soul until it's of big festering sore. Pump up. And that's a joke that joke when he's at the nursing home he takes the song making it won't be. And changes that into making. Who've beaten. And this is videotaped. And goes far. Most of the time they shown in front of an audience they are laughing. Hysterically. Which we think well that's what people are laughing every time he opens his mouth. Do we really a did not think in this part through at all. In one credible and incredible supporting cast in this bill. Danny DeVito Harvey Keitel Cloris Leachman Billy Crystal him Wilbur EDL Patti LuPone child's growth and Gilbert Godfrey Brett Butler Jimmy Walker as we mentioned. But not not that much to laugh. All right I'm not a ringing endorsement we have others of that will be opening it might be more to your liking on the movie shows cinema Bob of these sending me. Okay thank you however much Alabama the movie show I said above amazed at the beach. Big movies integration and Bob is not through telling you about because they got 22% approval rating yeah Robert dinero and the comedians. Yeah this is round. Just a few things that are very peculiar. About this movie one of the things that I think is odd. It is de Niro plays. Jackie Burke. Whose original name is Jackie Burke awaits on the united now on Jewish comic and I hope cut it down. Now Robert De Niro to mountains and a email because he's playing a Jewish comedian down. His voice. And his man. Mannerisms. Of doing and access our John in the the style of AE working class Italian guy the same as every other character that he does. And his brother. Is played by a famous. Jewish actor. Divvied up I also. Plays the old. It is normal. He did no work and play in Iowa he always does he runs it gently with his Jewish war. Who's of course played by the famous Hebrew has beaten. Paddy loophole and cool and it's all it's all up. I think Biden these children and she isn't just Italian I think Jesus yet so. Apparently. It was impossible. For them to fine and be older Jewish community and so in the country. So they decided to keep your Jewish. But have. Rushed into it like an Italian guy I tell you it is always different you and I Aran. Both I I would leave ego so pars to think we're both. Many aficionados who got married we love how many current comedy we love comedy. From decades ago I think I even go back and I like a lot of silent comedy. And any time. You make a movie about comedians a drama about comedians the biggest. Problem. Is how do you deal with the comedy. He'll have a movie like punch line or mr. Saturday night where somebody supposed to be this big successful comedienne. Yet you see them do material and a funny and it's not very good now yeah. And you've got all these people better on screen the other actors saying. Home garage. You're so funny yeah that so I want to have as our I think they have to tell you that. Rather than actually show it to you. That was the biggest problems I think Erin Sorkin. SNL series on studio sixty on the Sunset Strip had. I think that show would have been better off staying backstage. And never. Showing the sketches. Any time they show one of the hilarious. Company sketches. I just felt like who's who's writing can be your Tennessee Williams do you have an Oriole. Beach is just stuff that would never ever play as comedy. And it's. It's frustrating and beat Dinara has has been in some good comic if you can handle can analyze this is an extra really funny film with a good script. He can be very very funny. And we've seen him do well in the dark side of comedy with the movie king of comedy but this building. Just has no real attitude. Reports that take I mean could've I know you are not supposed to do well to whom should have been in this recruited him that but I couldn't help with just one. You made a film about how an insult comic. Exists in a PC world I mean this is something a lot of comics talk about I was getting more and more difficult. Two to do edgy material a look at this intro said he wanted to play a college campus anymore because they can laugh at at exactly. What if this was a case of a no talent guy. A I'd greatly not funny. But he did to a sit com. You know and the sitcom was funny but just stand up is still arable so he's able to get paid foolish optimist about it but it doesn't drool. Or he could have been a one spore comic. And jest isn't funny because some people. Lose your run out of some people like I I think Sid Caesar was one of these guys who in the fifties. Was just on fire he was they were able comic talent but when I would see him in the seventies in the he these. On TV shows I would just feel like this is a meat I don't his stuff just didn't translate. This kind of law that that also. Would have been an interesting thing watching some neat deal with the in the movie doesn't dome there. With Caesar and I'm me oh my goodness if you can't be fun to rebound. Yes the credit anybody in our next ring news. Okay not wings ring no room no not not. This this is the film though this is rock bottom this week this is the movie that currently has. 00. And at all. Positive. Beatrice as did in 1991 as a Japanese novel. They did. Fill me in Japan and TV series. In the US in 2002. They did the ring. And it was about do about 250 million dollars very successful tour of the picture was scary movies Iverson I love that movie. And then in 2005 they did the ring true is good but it's still big hit 160 million so this is the first one. That they Dong in this series in about eleven. View yours. This movie begins. If you're not familiar. With the legend of the ring this movie begins with a man on an airplane. And he's talking to believe sitting in the seat next to and Asia as well you see here's what happened to me. On this videotape. And I watched it I shouldn't watch it but I watched it and then rang and somebody said seven days. And it turns out that he watches videotaping you get the phone call and they say seven days you die. Seven days later. Unless you show the film just nobody else. And thank you all got. You have to show the films a majority so it's a whole movie as a pyramid scheme pretty Narnia. Are still on the he's like. On the play isn't so this happen but it's got to be a bunch of hooey because in five minutes it will have been seven days and I'll. One of my throat feel weird. And so all things go well for him. Not only don't go well for him they kind of expand the curse situation a little bit. But plane goes down the whole the whole play and the people there and watch the video for it in the rule I just don't think that's right. Sell a lot of that video. All. From the first film very creepy looks kind of like an old a Nine Inch Nails. Video black and white sketchy this girl crawls out of a well hole and I should like open portion as the they got somebody creepy. Combing their pair in this sort of thing. So let this guy dies. You've got Johnny go Lackey from Leonard from the Big Bang theory he's a grizzled old college professor which is a little bit of a stretch. Who finds a copy of the tape and a junk shop. And decides. Hey I'm gonna start showing this to my students. And then we'll see. How this passes along its it'll be scientific proof of the immortal soul. So he starts this grand experiment. Doing match and I'll have to explain the rest of this really terrible movie. When we come back there will be back for a after this. Bob told about the comedian and he told Joseph bit about rings look for Scheffler of similar rating now this is horribly reviewed film. I was originally set to come out in November of 2015. And moved to April 2016 in the on October 2060 OO. And then if I decided oh let's just dumping on Super Bowl weekend nor would mr. Ashe yeah the first one. That they released starred Naomi Watts. Brian Cox. Sissy Spacek. This one stars. Matilda lots. Alex Rowe. And Amy eat tear garden and at all yet so they went all out dipping just the biggest gain easier fusion there's a young couple. That dumb. Sees the tape and there they're trying to solve the mystery. They go to with small town paper apparently it all. You name it now you're now pledging to feel for. A small town just from the name. I opened my parents out there are friendly in my area youth I would expand the Andy Griffith Show many Berry who wouldn't want to miss it now maybe lyric it. The ultimate and is called sack from a back Alley. And they all lean and ruled that they have is you can only live in this town if you're super creepy. Vincent and opry almost wanted to go out there he's also blind and have been in enough bruised and usually creepy enough he's all blind and creepy in this sort of thing. This movie really. Huge mistake I think because it's the whole concept of the ring. And this clunky VHS tape that people didn't see it impassable or worked very well for the original film and all that. But if they haven't noticed we've kind of moved past. VHS you know eventually goes to a computer files. In this one in the final there's and other video hidden inside and at the new video. Includes a church flawed. A crucifix made of bugs. Are burning corpses and everybody's favorite snake eating its own tail that's our party yeah that's yet so that's how that occurs goes a lot but I. What they did not lean in to do. The computer virus things that aren't you you make your IT guy you were crazy. Have this big spreading to real lost opportunity this is the ultimate space and some deep post this video up on FaceBook. He would be it would be like the walking down all of a sudden your just it's huge that's an exciting I would like to see that movie I think the movie do you really scary. But Dade decided they were just more interest in kind of rehashing the original stuff. Wonder you know at one line that I kinda long. The reviewer varieties that home movie. Overall is pretty terrible. But they have to admit that things pick up in the last ninety seconds or so on as your underwear drawer here will know. If your will no waiver of that fire and only ninety seconds things that are about these space between us. You asked yes the the original title for this film was. This war world but they decided to go at the space between us this based on young adult novel this is an other film. That has been moved around a lot of originally was gonna come out early last summer and then moved it to late in the summer. Then name moved it to a Christmas release and it's finally coming out now. The reviews for this. Right now rating on round tomatoes. A whopping 13%. Positive. And this is a written. By Alan new poll. Remember that name Graham Alamo Allan Loeb he is the stamp of quality. He's the guy that wrote the Will Smith movie collateral beauty that came on Christmas that was just so much. A huge bizarre 00% and mental. Flop and this one is kind of like that. Com. Remember the movie star man yes Jeff Jeff Bridges and Karen Allen and terrific film John Carpenter directed that. Just picture stop it and starring Justin Bieber and so Lena Gomez and new. The feel of what we have here. That this woman. This this woman Janet Montgomery. She is and restaurant. And billion error Gary Oldman. Is gonna send a group of people LaMont ours. Two set up a place on Greece can't do loosely based on Richard Branson he type guy. So once she arrives on markers she suddenly. Holes of beyoncé. And says hey it looks like them pregnant. So all she's pregnant and on Mars. And and there's about fifteen other people on Mars. With her for this to for this particular project. She eventually has the day eighty. But dies in childbirth so that's she guys that said she died Andrei V lips aren't so you have this baby now that just stated. And was born. In March than to be about sixteen years old. But they find out because of the low gravity on Mars. Because his any doctor will tell you. If a fetus develops that low gravity levels well that's gonna cause all sorts of complications for a the child as they get older. So he just studies are. And that sort of thing but he has a girlfriend on line he's got this this girl. Played by and Britain Robertson. She placed Tulsa. And she's named Tulsa child because she's from Tulsa you've seen them. Oh if I sawgrass. Is so long he apparently he's able to. The secret to online relationship with her must have really good Wi-Fi I figured I ours dialogue the other guy and obviously does not have Time Warner we don't have an. Denny spew lock. There reporter every time I hear things. God. Just. That's like a mule doing it and it's. Our guys that's more mule and a dialogue while I'm sorry gotta get should govern in a meal more distance between a work them for next week shall. This is directed by pier Charleston. The guy who dared to great movies like town and country one of foreign Brady's biggest flops and Hannah Montana the movie. But so the kid is on Mars he's got his girlfriend. And he says gee I really want to go to earth so he goes to earth to meet the girl. And he's on the wrong trying to experience life with her but. Because of the differences in gravity. It's killing him but he's happy because he's able to enjoy one. Perfect day. With a girl he loves. Romance from no gravity of interest in the ass I thank you Bob another great fabulous movie show him where I'm not a movies are worth going to receive. Goal team that's playing. Against the three weeks as a sports but we'll. Dead guy's got the DN line and the fence in the other creditor go get gets here. He liked being black and welcome back we're are there Monday at 900 premier event earned a degree.