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Mayor Brown at Peace Rally

Feb 4, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The lord every low end. Organized. These. And there. Here. City comptroller mark Schroeder. Gary county legislator Barbara Miller Williams. And. Desperate cult member. Ulysses. You know all the city of Clinton. And it is important or and well. One yeah. Are not right and that's it. Earlier yesterday. I was able. Birds of immigrant. Community. Actress here so welcome refugees. Because we are all well. It we welcome immigrants. And refugees. And newcomers. Our community. That won't tolerate discrimination. Of any kind. Community. And hatred of any. I won't tolerate. Bigotry. And our. Buffalo. We don't want him. And our community. Or. Any other community. And it's nice to know that but well. It's a community that. Oh as a community that's spanned the governor that. And he stands with its other. Our community. And all to here I am proud to stand worth. That hurts. I ask Edward judge. Ought to go to well. It's the law. Are well.