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Fire Chief Matt Giacomini , TW 715am

Feb 9, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

She meant jacket really is no updating us he is from lake shore fire to a player over here the fireplace. Old potter arrival. Fire is coming through the through the alpha side. Through the roof are off the bat we all went defensive. Nobody went inside. Surface water. The fireplace that the very flammable materials inside. At some propane tanks in there we got through the garage door cut the drug store open. Four water on it. Protect the from the propane exploding. How do you approach to borrow new builders. Potentially flammable material that I would guess it's. Just make sure and that we off you know protect our guys. Make it's that they were safe. That we got a line on the propane tanks cool it down. Indeed I've received business was close and when her hero no radar right now no injuries are reported. Thank god so. Good on that. The colts. And all issues with the hydrant. But. Obviously the traffic care about Saint Francis. What the problem through what Donna hammer police department did a great job. Directing traffic in and help well. Are just being pulled out that's basically it. Saw an all really malfunctions this. Just just the weather being able to. Oh number of them. What do you guys were can do great there's dozens of you that are you know round right. Track when you work right now the fire is out. Were overhauling or making sure that others know extensions. Shall we do leave here doesn't start start up again. Cars that causes concern and needed it's it's at the ballots on error please apart they're gonna do their investigation there in charge of the investigation sword is under investigation. At this time. I was a discovered. I that I don't know that. How many companies are here all right now I probably have about six companies from the town amber. Six. It. There is there's there's there's a lot of fuel and at filling that that fuel that fire. Another thing is broken and it's been. And so we wanna we want to make sure we protect our guys are guys are safe and girls are safe. I can't report on that. Open under another couple hours. No actually I believe we have. Two lanes of traffic. Open right now I am pleased that we went to traffic so. Just north bar where they'll on this close. Very chief match after reading hear from lake shore fire one of the fire companies. I'd seen here in Hamburg again Warren camp road in front of south towns fireplaces and stoves. A lot of concern there in his voice obviously with a propane situation. But they do that under control the shooting watered down on the fire from a overhead letter truck right now it's under control and nobody's been hurt out here that's a good news.

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