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I go I'm. You. Yes that's president trump talking to Nancy below sea and I think that's very nice that's a modern up to date some by thank you for that. It's the mummies show was cinema Bob and me Zambia reasons you. Our Bob I am completely. Distracted. But. I'm a picture in classic. Holiday Hollywood films yes starring Donald Trump Donald Donald Trump as Rhett Butler or actually value of that. Earlier we are wrestling. Around and it could've made not that bad on her that way and I can sing and dance people as he's saying babies. About Bertha no babies that would be perfect as you would be very good in that indeed now it's the movies show it cinema Bob do you have high box office news I. Got a little bit a little bit a little bitty bit a little bit and goes it's all hole when it comes the box office there's really only been two headlines for all of 27. And Jeanne split. The in my chime plummeting dog movie. Number one for the third week and grow it to fourteen million it is now 99 million dollars. For all of this year so far the number one spot has been held by only two Phil Jones. Hidden figures and split. I think this week we're gonna see yeah. That changed but those two films have dominated the top slot so far this year. And number two rings opened up with thirteen million Mary loan numbers for major horror franchise reboot. An open and over 3000 screens. Of course had terrible reviews and even worse. Audience poll numbers. Let me see the quote the people who saw it said. It's actually I thought. It she'll fade pretty quickly a number three. Dogs. Purpose. I know in the jerk Steve Martin had a special purpose and I think I think dogs we know their purposes well. Eleven million dollars it's held up really nicely considering all the bad press that it's had it is now at 33 million. At number four here and figures another ten million dollars it is now at 119. Million and number five. Possibly. The most controversial. Divisive film in the nation in the movie that just breaks out and all sorts of arguments was that Bob La La land over a people. Say it's brilliant. And the others the ones who would you solve the ring saying. It's stark a seven billion dollars it is now at 118. Million the worldwide box office. It is 268. Million so far. But worldwide box office he's gone really explode next weekend because on Valentine's Day. It's open and and China broader base closing hole. Indeed. We did have a deal way down right yes indeed. This space between us. Opened up on 3000 screens. Last week with a thirty million dollar budget. And brought in a whopping three million dollars. Ouch human couch just barely. Eked into the top ten that came in at number nine. But. They looked great Mexico compared true. Not comedians where is Robert Lanier hall finally. De Niro playing standup comic people have been asking for this for you want and demand that it that's right that's right. This didn't make the top ten now. Didn't make the top fifty to get up and zero. In the top twenty ups. The comedian. Opened at number 21. Only 878164. Dollars Solomon Lisa element it was a real. Plus in school my good. I crunched the numbers pigeon no. I am a calculator. And that comes up to approximately six people. Per showing over the weekend Mike July is hitting the table if it was not. The movie people but. If the New York has some very successful. But he has had its many films that have done really poorly. But he still be bringing in a big paycheck for a remove. It's remarkable but he still these goals. Estimate that's an amazing number yup we're doing anything with the marijuana okay Yemeni big box office goes beyond that. Yes a little bit of casting news. You know. In the old in the olden times. You know you stop quit with certain conventions and people just accept it sure they never questioned never. All sorts of movies. About Santa Claus. So many people when they go CD Santa Claus movies they go all courage. Another movie where Santa Claus is played by a man. Yes. Yes we are getting Anna Kendrick. And is this all of pitch perfect Anna Kendrick. Who. Is about count five foot one weighs about a 102 pounds. Sean jolly. She is she's actually very jolly she's a wonderful person. Quite adorable and funny and I'm good at comedy and all that but she is going to be playing Santa Claus. Females on clause in the upcoming Disney flick. The movie's going to be called Nicole. Saint nick August 4. And I'll hold very and I got it now are you more for most jobs Disney's doing one other very exciting bit of casting ones that dared to re doing dumb ball. Who got he would play dumb bulldozers. So there of course glowingly of Will Smith. Yes yes it's gonna be a live action adaptation now I am he's he's doing is he dumbo. Yeah oh well I'm I'm. And I can all agree that it's gonna be like the jungle book where I will have CGI animals. I hope it's not just going to be. Will Smith and gray face paint this is there's a big but they're not that they really I mean I he may be here have been double as a white elephant. And he wanted to play one I don't know if they're gonna go with Will Smith as dumbo asked for Timothy amounts now. Go away from. Oh. The guy was and ride along and all that I'm suddenly blanking on K okay. Where did not have the as the miles if you go and you are bringing in where else all right this ceremony IQ he's Jada Pinkett Smith who won't be on anybody's case of the yet another job well that extra jets in my house that's true I what's what's video movie I do question. Well fifty shades darker the the new fifty shades great movie opens today in in the 2015 film. There was a number. Of explicit. Sexually milk yeah now it's true. What it does cinematographer. Decide to do on this. To make the actors. Feel more comfortable during these shoots. Eight. Did they have the entire crew work make it as well yeah beat. Did they use remote control camera so we all port city did they have that camera men Wear blindfolds. And today. And will relate well they go to Libya for cinematographer. All right pretty good number to call 6049875. You know answer. The prize they movie bass with Google and he gives them that are valid through march 31 money seventeen point five dollars in dividends and doors speeds pub and grill on those sport or on transit or expiration today. Total value 43 bucks general content rules apply. I'm I am I an important Bob on famous movie quotes Donald Trump saying vote for me now because if you don't you'll regret it tomorrow and for the rest of your life. The empire as a blanket and Casablanca all of purpose and that's I tell you win and I think movie romance. Yeah I think that's. And Donald Trump in his in his relying on the beach way it's going through his hair I candidacy that I can picture that. Of that number I don't think I've seen her quite like that since Betty great. I. It's very light and our eyes shot bemoaned our question. Be 25 game film fifty shades of gray include a number of explicit sex scenes. What did a cinematographer decide to do would zoo is set to make the actors feel more com. The answers beat they used remote control. Camera really. I wonder what drone was involved guys that are under age they did I not think about the sexy news. You do see eat. Little bits of pubic hair. At times during those scenes but those were all added digitally. They added yes they're I have read. Yours wore patches to conceal their body debts. Ads all they had to CGI you get it seems from the patches and decide. Rico Brasilia in the state that's prime accuracy of our demand the real thing I will not have a substitute. I have I think that's. I think that's admirable I think that's why and I expect at Wembley when the actor said that it go to Johnson I can't believe it's about. I have I mean Jermaine. That's a reason this they have but the digitally added extras don't forget to do yes it's that he's ready and digitize them through used organic and sharper and water rest. Very good Fabio. Yes Fabio and it's a duck from this race. All right let's hope that they were used C yeah. What's the big there weren't that explicit. Porn no. Now I can barely snowing during the did you see myself agency that the the first one came out where to go to Johnson and her mother were being interviewed at the same time and her mother. Avenue where Melanie Griffith. Obviously did not approve of the things you don't movement which though there are a little tip on its dead but it was kind of ridiculous considering all her screen career did you actually it was a non. Movies there that. I'm sure raised the eyebrows as if he had written absolutely. And tipping guide hit by the birds I was watching them again the other night. Of the birds stow away. Well Oprah do or mastered bird. And the I. I. It's kinda then they find us and Daria we got to leave when I look whenever there's always more birds in my version now. Some huge huge huge. Tractor trailer semis now where it would come up there'd be like that. Problem and then major. All well all is and not. Thousands of cats already your host rush out of there like that would take care of the bra like that I think that this equal weight and and I knew that's why. Opening weekend 85 million dollars. Just incredible incredible worldwide box office was nearly 600. Million the reviews were horrible terrible they're like 25%. Positive. But to. So much money it was such a huge huge huge. Bubble has won the first one there. They were original novel was written by a woman and the screenplay for the film was written by wouldn't. It was directed. By a woman. So sensible woman and her partner yeah still it was this enormous hit. And sense that it made all this money with all these women in charge they reside deceit well. Let's be written by men and direct environments and tossed all the women out. We're just like. OK I don't know why you're doing that but. The director this time around is UB graduate. James Foley program who. Start off his career with some big movies at close range with Sean pan. Was very big film he also directed. One of my favorite movies all time glengarry Glen Ross I'm amber Lee did it pregnant yeah it's a tremendous job and a favorite movie and it's kind of slowed down so he's. Back around for this one he was quite as far as saying. Now the first movie I thought it was kind of awful so all. Well I thought he could go. That was kind of approach would that's one of the first one minute 25% positive reviews on rotten tomatoes. The new one has now been very well reviewed and it is now. 9%. Yes he asked not i.'s first one. But I didn't see this one you actually saw the first one I saw the first I didn't I would never gets them with a notepad. And a pencil. And a Polaroid I thought I could use that to go to like a period. And what it. Reversed now where you're at the then coach. That's right after cell. This shot. Good I thought it was just awful so they'll slow. Do all it was the most boring. Paying. An employee I could imagine you're used to eat red Clearwire are very much about it. But I can't believe that. He has his world does the red room in that movie. Which is just filled with you know it looked like it's all done up by Black & Decker it's just an amazing amount of points in chains and you don't have a little. In the legend. We don't we living can more its own bounces low around you know I got a broad picture out we think someday and maybe we put and then coached as well let's face off on work up from that. So the in the movie and all this stuff and he finally gets animals have a treadmill. And I don't everywhere in the Ryder Madrid Rio front never judge your legs. But. They physically. In the first film she's like okay. Give me your worst so we takes her in the room closes the door. Takes on a panel in. Panels are like four times. On her rear end to which she just turns around and is like. How dare you know she's gotten and she poured Hamilton. It's like it's like nothing. I got worse when I rob. Cookie from the cookie jar when I was a little kid major wanna young Brett Musharraf my mother was should I. And that is a woman's bone hurts more than you know battle that's right I try to panel to meet most of following well yes that's that is the problem. That is the problem the meat balls will fall off that's why I say you make square meat balls they don't well. The polls and the place it's gonna collusion eyes. I'm currently in talks with shops about developing methods but so she's all shocked and upset 'cause you spent time. And she will. Walks out of his like he later closes and he's crestfallen so let's begin this movie he's doing whatever you can to get her back. And infant that was cited the interest of it about what I don't use open. She. He's saying and take and send her flowers. And ice picture every Miguel free and she says no way no how brought all right. Oh they should get exited so they get the other then and she says. If we're gonna go there we have to have rules. And these guys nine. Geez guys OK then. Yeah I was just ago but. And like the first minutes of the movie so the rest of the movie is basically these people retreating. Happening. Fairly normal boring facts I am proud hurled girlfriend his old girlfriend chose up or threesome and she's like. Three zone allowed you an old girlfriend. And he's like yeah we don't see each earn more okay so go overboard cents. Com and it shows up. And she's like what's your pleasure during hearings while she showed me how to use the whip and a panel and a better life while. And while that's. I'm getting Joseph involved with this movie so we're going to go to knows maybe will hold them down and we come back -- always show under is 930 WB yeah. And back with a movie shows cinema Bob Emmys and he basically. Movie IQ question we already answered yes and their words on the author of the jays a darker or are we done with those. Briefly on fifteen straight start blow things people attacked in the first room. While a monopoly really with how bad the dialog but the island was really hackneyed and corny. And somebody else wrote the screenplay for the first one which hit some funny stuff and some stuff to futile clobber. This time around though the screenplay was written by the novelists. Husband. So he's really treating every word of birds like it's sacred text. And I that is one thing a lot of people have been complaining is that there's just there's a lack of fund and playfulness. This time around it was there in the first one other thing the reviews are horrible. I'm sure if I sat down and watched this movie. It would have a terrible time or that 12 times I would get a good two hour nap in. I bet you'd be wanted to do it for your art where now all. Link. But I do anything for Art Linkletter right but I'm. The I talked to somebody. One harsh sales people here. Who went and saw the film with a group of girlfriends. A bunch of grown guys and girls night out eyes nose wicked women and up front robbers and they loved it. Then you have a blast she said it was a hoot and had a real good times I would say it's obvious. You and I audience this film is made for if you look important thing it. And I hit a good time. There's not designed for guys to go look at this it's designed for women to look at other women. Mood that makes me wanna see the sound all that and this guy India hunk. And you'll see me with my shirt off like that it's an hour's arena I've par tried to poke my own eyes though before it happened us. It didn't work out that way now he's Jamie guardian for a according to women on T he as he is all that bag of chips yes it is hungry and they should've put a man with finding dory going to be hunky dory. A lot of it features that John went chapter to all okay. First off. If you haven't seen the first John win and I am wrong with you I'm. Wick is just dynamite. Film was absolutely. Tremendous. It was Keanu Reeves started as a reason on the lip. Yes John wake recently widowed man. Who has is 1969. Mustang stolen. All Ramiro. And the people from the month Russian mob who steal is 69 mustang. Also. Kill his puppy. That his dying wife gave him I did see them over yeah now I know armament he had visited yet so. Keanu Reeves then decides. I was gonna retire but. Maybe I should kill these guys are all stole. The heat as the town in a remarkable. Way the film was directed. By Chad stay mostly it was his first. A film as a director he spent the majority of his career as a stuntman he worked with. But you know Reeves in the matrix movies and the thing that's really stood out about from that movie was brilliantly. Executed start sequences and a very like the closest American films common to classic. Hong Kong action films. Like Jackie Chan like Fred Astaire like Buster Keaton you watch the poetry of the body in action you do not have quit cots. Words put together from a million pieces and you feel like you're watching the strobe light that's open PGA agent known on or drill our interaction usually just remarkably. Remarkably cleanly choreographed fight scenes. In this film. Somebody calls in a marker. Two John which is look familiar iron that I need to kill. Did you kill my sisters so I can be heard of of this mob thing he doesn't wanna do it. You kind of have to do bad. Hits kind of brought out on. And seeing the first movie it's really not a problem they kind of bring you up to speed within the first thirty seconds. It's kind of all you need to know is a lot of people wanna mess up John wick. And here you haven't. Wow I didn't hear ended adamant yes the body count in the first film was 84 people. They don't have the count yet for this but from what I understand. It is higher. Although they still stay with the very clean very action packed choreography in this. You know everybody hands. Some talent that they're good you've got some Jewelers just haven't been before ever. It turns out your affinity is for killing a lot of people cleanly and efficiently. When you kind of got to go tortured good atmosphere at. Saying it's okay. It wears on you after awhile you start to question. Your career and this is situation John wake is in. And but he still does what needs to get it done. There's a big gun. Fight. In hall of mirrors and art installation all of Mears. Just seen Rita Hayworth and Orson Wells in the lady from Shanghai. Each kinda like that with buckets and buckets of blood are good yes yes so that's very exciting. John which still kills all sorts of people. And he likes to. Whenever possible. Killed when their own gone out and extra. A little bit of you you you're archery get away with something but just something to let people know ahead of time so they enjoy it. Yes he does have a new dog in this movie and don't worry. The dog lists all of that Spezza. Heatley is as. A big thing I may look with 84 people getting killed in a movie that I don't wanna see that. I remember seeing the movie and wondering out about halfway through I wish I kept tracked of how many people he killed him as always there was a before there's a YouTube video. In which they've got the film going on fast forward. And a number pops up in the right counting down he's she's now. Which came to something like 76 or something like that. The director actually came uncommon diamonds are now they forgot the people who were killed in the SS UV crashes yeah. Actually 84 man so all you have to keep track of the proper numbers in this and if you loved the first film. Odds are you're going to enjoy this one very much and you'll be pleased to know that the third film is already in the works great. Great reviews for this movie or yesterday on rotten tomatoes it was at about 90%. This remember Governor Cuomo also that doesn't resemble us the cola beer so. John where it should be more efficient and. I would think again we'll be back with more on newsreader and I'm thirty WBN. Big movies hitting the big screen Bob told you fifty shades darker and John wick next. I'm sorry. Though Lego Batman movies. That's right now let's say something about this week's movies. Fifty shades darker getting horrible arrears mirror really terrible reviews. Every other movie that opening in buffalo this week John which trip to Lego Batman movie Paterson I am not your negro. Are all getting tremendous. Reviews there are some really good field. This is one of them. Yesterday I was looking over notes that movie it was 98%. Positive for the white old MM. Man movie is hilarious that trailers. Are so. Funny. This is all by the people who did bull Lego movie. The breakout star from that was Will Arnett. Who played bad man and he pretty much just pleased that man is a big rich jerk. And they pretty much satirize. All the bat man's. Over the years. He is even numbers Wayne is even described as one at one point as. Film's most eligible Butler for close to ninety years in a row. A problem that Will Arnett is 89 pack have. That man and he explained he had an extra and put in. These films. This is the first featured folder by Chris McKay who do robot chicken. Robot chicken on adults might swim is just. The filthy it's animated stuff you'll ever see absolutely Larry is like a clumsy clay animation version of Mad Magazine on Matt. In which they use actual. Action figures and play figures and stuff like that to spoof pop culture so this is kind of kind of what they do here. Zach Galifianakis is the Joker he's very needy. He only does this to get their hands attention he doesn't know like Benton and won't admit that there's something special between the two grass which the think what I'm seeing a lot of super villains I don't know yet she doesn't wanna be tied down. Michael Sarah is Robin he does the voice Robin who's deeply silly and quite a jerk Conan O'Brien. Is the red alert. Rosario Dawson. Voices. That girl. And she does observe that you know you've been fighting the Joker for for decades. I have to think you're mediocre crime fighter you're good at winning battles but not wars. And she's not wrong there. You get to see that man fight the Joker pain Harley Quinn. The red learn. Gremlins. Baltimore for Harry Potter got Phil come at all. And there are some milk felons like. That means not that impressed with like the economy can. He just squirt ketchup and mustard people out. In the end credits. They thank the thousands and thousands of Lego bricks from came together to make this movie. Is there a message for the K yes kids yes it's more fun to play with the other kids that it is to sit all alone in your bat cave. The pop culture gags come so fast and furious there's no way you'll get every one and kids. Won't care I mean I want the looney tunes cartoons and didn't understand half the World War II references I didn't care. IA you can bet you'll back in their goals this movie will make more money this weekend and fifty shares Dirk over. This will be number one that's a shattered country through them. I'm gonna win when fifty shades Camby the top bill or something well fear fifty Lego blocks of grain that. You realize she'd go Lego brick Lego. Now next up how. Actually back it up. Scene of that inlet the old man. Where Lego Batman looks over at that girl as she's walking away no longer and is like. Harbaugh hollow. You know it's just too little squares for her. And next up Paterson. Yeah this is the latest film by Jim charms a writer director needed down by law a night on earth. And he had a small indie hit a couple of years ago with the only lovers left alive vampire movie too was when Tom Middleton to record picture. But he makes you bear re quirky independent films that either you love won't. Are you hate him he is on this divisive now this. You'll eat. Has gotten into New Orleans minus 6% on rotten tomatoes as far as positive news numbness. He would want awards at common several other festivals. Is Adam driver. From month girls in the force awakens he plays our boss driver. Named Paterson. Who lives in Paterson, New Jersey. While he's deriding his boss. He takes down notes and observations of the conversations around him then. When he gets home. He takes the dog for a walk. Has a beer. Writes down poetry based on these observations. And his wife says. It's really good poultry. Do you should show to people or at least make a copy it. She spent your time painting clothing making cupcakes and taking guitar lessons. Our web wanting to take your tireless and then Merrill cupcakes so they. There are complications or with his dog. Watch and a mysterious. Japanese stranger. Critics are saying every frame is a beauty. It's a miracle of a film that's only here are treasured quietly transcendent best love story of the year. I really think I'd be so bored with this I was just gone I've read a dozen reviews talking about how grandma says but. People love it because nothing happens. Man because it is just observing in this sort of thing so many people say the pace is slow often hypnotic. Which to me. Unlike that makes you think Ben Carson here that makes me think drowsy I could love this movie. Or I could be bored to death derby. Have a little bit but you. I don't know how to art freedom day it is also interestingly enough it is from Amazon studios which the first streaming service that has room. Really. Dawn well theatrically this year. Manchester by the seat is from Amazon studios up for all sorts of Oscars love and friendship cafe society. Our home. Films from Amazon answers very big year ago passed our next up I am not your negro this is a documentary. About novelist and essayist James Baldwin. He did the majority is writing in the fifties and sixties and seventies. He was a black man dirty was the Iron Man is nuts okay. He said look I'm not going to pass them on he was also gay during this time he was always a black man who's always a black probably always. Always gay I would think zero to as far as dealing with. Acceptance from society. The 50s60s and felonies. Were some turbulent time or to do it and he it was. The major critics of popular culture and society in terms of race relations. In 1979 he started writing a book called remember this house. About the lives and assassinations of three of his closest friends Medgar Evans Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. is very close to all of these. He died go about eight years later before he completed the book. What the director Rolf pac has done here is he's taken what was written. Are worked up some other letters and speeches that he's gay and put together. This documentary. Looking after race. Samuel Jackson. Does the voice of James Baldwin in this and Jackson's getting phenomenal reviews. For this this film is up for our best documentary feature one of three films on race in America. That are up for best documentary feature this year thirteenth and OJ made in America are also report. But dot outstanding documentary you know catch in the theaters look for it on streaming. Quick update of the Academy Award nominated shorts festival. Yeah this is used to be Bugs Bunny Tom and Jerry Donald Duck when these but now it's really dark weird stuff and bonds stuff. But they've got these ugly the east hills mall Dixon showing these you can see. A program the animated shorts as well as the live action short. Very very interesting stuff a lot of unusual. A usual ideas and cutting edge the story lines and styles of film making juicy. I thought that about wraps it up thanks a deal and I go check out a movie this weekend see you Monday at nine under Israeli and I'm thirty WB yet. Well. Which they never have to leave it be used some leeway you know I do given him.