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Sam Radford- Buffalo Schools parent council

Feb 12, 2017|

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It's hard drive nine newsroom at 930 WB and this is Dave do both. We are talking this morning about education now for the final segment Meet the Press comes your way at twelve noon. The of course wants back into the immigration debate to some degree with everything that's happened in Washington. But I wanted to start out looking at Washington and education and some of the things that could be happening locally. For a long time on the buffalo school board people like Carl Paladino. Have been arguing in favor of neighborhood schools more private schools things like vouchers even charter schools and it's something that intersects with the debate in Washington now. Because Betsy do Voss has been picked as education secretary. To vause has have faced criticism from my teacher unions civil rights groups over her support of charter schools and some of her. Iraq conservative religious beliefs but nonetheless earlier this week she was confirmed as the secretary of education of the United States. Vice president Mike Pence had two out toss the tiebreaking vote. All of this comes by the right. As the state emerges out with new. Graduation numbers for the entire state including buffalo where the graduation rate is climbing with 64%. Of the class of Tony sixteen graduating on time. That's up last year from 52%. I think it would be a good time to bring in Sam Bradford to talk about both of these issues said who's the president of the district parent coordinating council the parents group in buffalo schools one of two of them actually. Sam thanks for joining us. Tell me do you think that. The advancement of benching of us now on the federal level will mean changes in the buffalo school will. Will there suddenly be a surge of interest now in charters or is that still kind of resistance because the state has to approve them and hasn't approved as is many of them. As as needed. Well they give them the because obviously both Lowell and New York is such strong views big. Indians are evil that we get. Anything that you know shorten their membership so. All of epic battle underlying reason why are we in New York State. You know bomb off the water. All of our Catholic Charities who. Low in the country went into onto the number charts and so on I think both lord has been able to benefit from. You know efforts of the Paris and your picture of children in a while that Casey vulnerable that is what public. Do you think that's this stage of New York will prove more charter schools are our expansion of that. Because of the wind maybe blowing in from Washington. Well no actual Internet at this point not been bad but it W maybe being. Well obviously I think the political winds are movement and where we will be in position where. Children will be able will be able to get a quality education where we can find it won't be. Go to any particular look at all the public private charter you know where ever our our hope that we get to a place where often lead every low income parents. Have sprained right at every little height compare where would you bet we made. Beside it get shot back in the probably particularly hectic and go where their money can afford to take them to get a quality at this particular. ML BJ you seem like charter schools make the argument. What what does it mean to apparently cure or those who work with. The move everything to me if you think all it'll be shall. You know for low income parents a bloated workforce leakage and you only option well the public school in well basically. You know it. Won't be able to say that if they are in school district are what what what effect I'm people over happens look who. They were you can do doubles who you think what we tried a lot of reflection of the model built schools can. Who didn't get her most all of these are really haven't go to school in good standing so be it transforms you know when we. You know all over 20% about what charges will let you know they are needed an ops. You know all you can't wrap was shortage it probably not as well what. And I don't want to play the race card but I think for you it's relevant in Europe stay in the new numbers to just came out on Friday. 89% of white students in the class have grabbed 2016 were all graduating on time. But only 71%. Of black and Hispanic students did. And I think that the underlying issue I think that's. We troops single with two over the last year you know with Obama I don't know Aaron you know. Gotten in here on the prairie don't really look being back graduation rates are. Declined being from a though. Our shared between break our own because remove the right direction and that direction which was. About this and they all match you know we will continue to see that at all. No not all will work fire rumble so I'll know probably about the security is not a vote Obama. Talk about vouchers is that something also you see advancing at the at the national level. To the betterment of the local level. Again that ultimate goal in the net but I don't think it's illegal limit form the option prepare. What sort your children get a wildly into the America without the no the white vehicle go by the set up. And ramadi are tracked about how well you know wherever that may give it up if it was so quick stop being done you know that the I'm open would be out opposite. We all got out safely because if you look at it historically there who have not served well minority you so. Probably wouldn't pass the limits of your the traditional public officials and others who think that other person we think we very proper look at this little pot while. Album on the crease we all lots. Yeah off in the Brentwood road and that's why it was hard. Look at new look and go out. All the often they're the ones who who who. Who who equaled no public word for what part of our long term effect is so. It wouldn't it looks which you do that. The argument that was made against charter schools is not only do they take funding away per student at a constant movement charter school public school to a charter school. But it also kind of cherry picks off the top of those who have interstate and engaged parents. If we were to go massively into the amount of charter schools that were out there we would have a public school system. That's kinda left with those who don't care as much from our design and is involved as much grew up. Who quite frankly take a lot more effort to educate. Do you ultimately sheet charter schools being the the death knell of the public schools to the detriment of those that don't transfer over to charter. The truth of the matter is that black and gold on the ball accurately who. Our routes public arguably moved here are your op and maybe I don't think it's anybody. Oprah it's in body. The schools here are the possible. The lately all about the stupid. The goal for the school of the Riverside and a lot yet that senate seat belt though that's what happened to the public well well well are you living in house who. All about ball won't be easy to do something to solve that problem. But if it's bad when the magnets the CIA is doing is also bad when that charters do it. We'll let our people there are there are some bargain. Under what to do. You got what what I'll let you know all interest rates schools you know you've got what was important to bear in interest rates school we talked about Newton's law. I think that's the goal that we need to pay for all who what what chart. At all. When an. Who will be your receivers. Mr. cold out more about the we should not just put this book is sure that we know little about what it's all procedures in the the results are we should not so well. Well that's not what oh. They are once and circuit and I believe that is the alt pop star who. You're without all the boredom not mean who would not they've gotten a little about this. All that problem at all probably they are or what battle while probably won't say that no. But it was when it was what are we are on site. And 030930 there's a number Sam Bradford is here from the district parent coordinating council a parents group in the buffalo schools. But do remember after the break Sam I want to take a look what caused the Berlin before we go just quickly you used the phrase that I haven't heard much before. In the context that superintendent. Crying or cash uses that what is a community school what did you mean when you said that. We still won't vote with goal all in the you know wait you mean you're 0105. Miles. How all of also got on room. The other bit of a problem at. All with and we'll move people out of who. We're. Live there yeah. Sure a lot. But isn't that the system that led to segregation such that those the federal desegregation order. If if this particular neighborhoods Hispanic of that particular neighborhood is right and we're only drawing from one point five miles around that neighborhood. Then you're gonna get segregated schools get attention. Give up their little school which would go. Talk about what we're doing. There. Are a lot of what it's like. You're. I also present and they were we send them. That was also a little bit not well off off. We walk the walk outside a little pop out of you who who really what people should desegregation except for here. You know become. Well that probably definitely have a problem is about liberation of their us also. Aren't you know you're very process our children that this would that work equality at least you know. Upper body and the segregation double what it was the opposite. All right three on nine carries a number what's fed technical phone calls after this. Sam Bradford this year from the buffalo schools district parent coordinating council. It's hard right now news radio 930 WB and this is Dave do both. Sam Bradford is with us he's the president of the district parent coordinating council the parent group one of them. In the city of buffalo schools we're talking not only about an increase in graduation rates that was reported on Friday. According to a state officials right now Buffalo's graduation rate is 64%. Up from 52 point four. This comes during a week where bad she's the boss has taken over as the education commissioner excuse me the us secretary of education. For the entire nation she's a vigorous supporter of charter schools whether you that would both be a good reason to have salmon. Until I got to tell you weigh in addition to the cause here in 030930. And in addition to the calls people can go ahead as up with text just real quick messages about so what what happens what they're thinking and today you must be somewhere. In the Miller hitting a nerve on both sides of the equation. Because just in the past when there too while we're on the commercial break. Got an attack that says it's obvious that Sam wants the status quo. And at the same time someone says. I'm a buffalo teacher and a community school elated to hear. Mr. Redford is saying he's spot on so have Nellie if you're making their supporters and enemies at the same time you probably have to pretty happy about that. Well we are. You. Know I mean look we love well you know our. It would welcome both our children. Unconditional quibble we want you decide. Little quick you know all of these were obviously a more global sixteenth of what public and they don't have a people or. We all know stopped. What about wobbled but do you know what what what the book what will be what are we. All right let's let's. Let's squeeze some calls and Ellie and Clarence here on the air and hope. I gave. I infield. A couple of things that I can I'd like to say. First of all I don't agree regulation injury and I try and hopefully they'll try to let me. Kind for a non fiction here. And I know I guess is it would never go to graduate and make it. I really think they just push the number along. Q let me make it great truck better. Especially if they were incentivized under NC LB. Uttered ordered sealed my No Child Left Behind I'm sorry. Well I was leadership. I will push the wrong but yeah. Politics maybe you know to make an awful school I have a higher rate go regulation should make them look better. Okay actually I absolutely agree with PM on the neighborhood school. I would have bought it when they started appeared hectic work. I'm neutral buffer they expect it each year and it doesn't work they need to get the parent involved. No unity and you can only do that would enable quit school. Certainly I absolutely agree with the school vouchers appeared should now be. The ability to choose what school it Turkey should go to at a littered charity school serve. Private school at the beginning of the union. Do it more flexibility in the country's future establish go to charter schools. Hi Sam what do you say about there contention that then maybe that. They graduation rates on two real reflection of reality. Well me at that there is still the artery that were franc profit would you then you've got your little bit rate we're terrible. All's well at this point we have to accept that as. You know what. You know we're you know we'll be given up obviously you know your ask themselves do you know of the QB even when they're graduate of the people we're ready. So Joseph what we look at the standards and we got it all you're oh or walked up or that. That issue that we have to pretzel beat you she's like your net. To put you graduate. Don't necessarily be right now right level after copy correct and there are a lot in. Aren't like this artwork were reluctant figure that his palace the symbol. Port republic there are reputable that you have a lot of Alton you'll Orton looked so I think there's some new model is what. To Orlando and the graduation rates might be an imperfect yardstick. If you are going to be very Brad Bradford is not tropical we're ready you know a rapid retreat but not necessarily help them and probable Republican women like in late may be it that well. If we have right now we ought to discuss its we're using your children to school where. Your local bank and where we know where Reagan urban school district of the angrily murder and armed. Well the debate. People being the typical also Bertans moved to just sit here and old movie but we know the old way of your children in the couples who split up they warm all of what are what you're juveniles who. You hear how to like a different reiterate something that Sam wanted to hurt just said that I talk about his face they think. I doctor KS last year up in the dike Khaled said only twelve and here percent of the kids to graduate from the awful public schools. Our cal are you ready there was doctor KS just statistic not mind opting out and later on even walk it up there somewhat. To there were more in the union got residencies sanction. I'm employees in the that I live in the city at the same time all the other union. In this city are being pressured. Except residency rules for their employees. They're just another thing why does why won't his. The people there she can't providing the service volley use this service that they provide. To we still don't have neighborhood schools I would but beyond what district. But we can't send our kids to. The neighborhood school we only have a limited amount of seats for the neighborhood because they put it in gifted and talented. And this the last week and we intended to teachers who said yes where the gift with that connected people from the board of baton. The administrators send their kids up to. The old sense school up there and really hurt the fort figured there would be wonderful to hit the real transparency. On the criteria. And the criteria school. There is no transparency yeah. All right send their last point picked out a form if you can't. Well Oprah bought renewables like an MB at the school district they'll block or like get more transparency we capped what. So all of the about the backward absolutely tremendous progress if you look at the local car where prospects were further along where we didn't bear but we still got a long way to. Talk about residency doesn't make a difference of a teacher teaching the kid in buffalo lives in buffalo. Well on the up it caught the subsidy if you're watching you wanna do it do you want to joke you. Be sure it would be quiet about it at school who did however much quicker. Other than your children. All right and let's close the same when we began because I do my kind of cast this and that a national perspective especially with Meet the Press coming up and about a minute here. Are your thoughts on Betty de Voss a secretary of education. And specifically stem address what that could mean whether you seek changes coming to buffalo as a result of changes in Washington. Are you upbeat and from the book I am a little bit slower ball have a bat while in public education but you know. Didn't hear what it didn't get it would want to also opens up it will be on everybody's. New people to contribute and I'm hopeful. Bet we will get better all that at this point are we just sit them out and equipment results. What difference with the possibility that the so we don't get four or not we're on the other. Well they're fortunate. All right Sandra thanks very much for joining us good stuff this morning. That's Sam Bradford of the district parent coordinating council.