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Feb 23, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The prior arrests Tea Party scandal and currency the controversy over seizure of phone records at the AP. It's piling up in Washington let's talk about it with Alan Colmes this morning liberal political commentator post of the Alan Colmes show weeknight ten KB radio. Morning Ellen. You grade pay how much of this in your opinion is legitimate. How much his political. I think amongst a lot of it is very political I don't think the good guys the issue was legitimate. They could try to use this as before the election. Pitcher to get Obama unseeded didn't work then they've been at it. And there's no there there and other. Administration released a hundred. Emails and I you know legacy to try to invent the scandal I think the other ones are much more serious. Through the IRS happily every just target a particular group based on the political ideology. But I certainly get rigid liberals are being targeted which they have been by the way that we had or show last night. It was the BJP we had on the pastor at a church in Pasadena which targeted between anti war servants. A few years ago during the Bush Administration this has happened the end of the NAACP was targeted its frontman Alex and the question is how far. Up the Fuji does it go glibly the president did it do about it no. But he. Apparently White House attorneys did back in April and the president should have been informed that he should have gotten out ahead of the story. Resident wait for it to find out about it oppressed like everybody else the other what is the peace scandal which is also quite troubling. Very possible that national security was compromised if that's the case. Then obviously. There is a case to go after the records but again today exorcise a president I don't know. But I was troubled and Eric Holder and his test the quality often just punted and said he didn't know what he's saying or he recuse himself and that was not a very impressive. Set of answers to those questions. But you know all the stuff is piling up now I just at a time when the president was hoping to work around advancing his agenda. With the cooperation with a lot of Republicans now all of a sudden all these Republicans have tools and they're using these tools to attack. Well John I think the problem for Republicans is they are seen as the party of attack that so they seem to do. You know recent survey showed that I have been gusting 49%. This is a public policy pulled the kind of admittedly democratic polling company 49%. Favor Hillary Clinton on the good guys the issue of 39% agree with congress and they want congress to go and do stuff like immigration and gun control. And it is gonna do nothing congress and well in the long term I think it hurts Republicans that they don't focused on getting the work done for the American people. And they just wanna see the party of attack. It'll there'll ice it does is investigate. And it's about time they actually got there goes to the grindstone and get something accomplished legislatively and military which hurt them but they don't. You know Allan why does it seem that there is no accountability or responsibility in this administration. With the Zurich broad statement say there's no accountability no responsibility we just. Had the resignation of two top player as people the question is how high it is ago and Obama's fault he can't micromanage. Every part of the administration. The accountability and I was in the book does stop with him he's got to take action is going to be proactive and not come off as a passive observer. And I think he's not getting ahead of the other stories the EP one so to be determined. Because you think is a pure political playbook Republicans were trying to get practice of the president but it Hillary Clinton is the first volley and that's when he sixteenth presidential race. Okay and others guy Stephen Miller who was the acting their commissioner of the IRS know he's gone for now but. He was he acting commissioner because President Obama. Never got around to making an appointment to replace the person before him as I correct. No actually what directors are up for the Republicans in congress refused to approve. Any of his nominees of Republicans actually you know he keeps putting up these people to be permanent. Heads of agencies like. Stephen and the they don't approve it that the Republicans have not approved enough judges deceived everybody who Obama nominates they sit on the nomination. And have there been a more permanent head of the agency perhaps it would have so many of these problems. Judy we're gonna get any clarity at all from Stephen Miller today. I roadshow pictures nobody could say. I'm sure he's got the story. But if I had a dream of when his followers have apparently said there was some wrote. Employees in the sense that the office you know the question is how Politico. When he was questioned yesterday Eric Holder the attorney general. A can of saying I don't know I don't know I don't know it's sort of left Americans were the impression. That. You know a guy and a high position is isn't aware of what's happening around them. Well I guess alluded to that a few moments ago I don't think that really served him well to keep giving those kinds of answers. The rumor has been this is reported in the Chicago sun times yesterday that Deval Patrick the governor. A Massachusetts may be aligned to replace older although yesterday the president affirmed his belief in older. And that my thinking is that because they are good friends as well political ago now so we can. If he does leave leave with some loses credibility and and his image intact and so maybe down the road there's an opportunity to replace them. He really nice talking with you this morning thank you. Alan Colmes liberal political commentator you can hear him week nights at ten and KB radio.