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It's. It's. Celine Dion singing me Oscars on earth was just dropped it hurts a little lower over the year but she's a great big money show that Obama me sandy beach in the Oscar addition first of all let's let's see what they've taken him for money what's the president's been edition of the box yeah three of four days is last week there and number one. Four or second can roll the Lego Batman movie had you gone to see the logo that I know I'm just playing Legos of. Home well that's good term that's good to deny the three million dollars is now at 107. And and number 250. Shades darker curse smacked another 23 million dollar projected deficit dead and it'll liked it. I'm 92 million so far worldwide it's on 282. Don't you saw that. That is absolutely and another hit for the hawks universe there. And number three the great wall. Did 22000250. Million dollar budget though so that's not very good but overseas it's done over 250. Millions are. Actually I'm probably gonna just about breakeven on this one not to hit they were hoping for a number far. All one of my favorite films of the past year John wick chapter two. Take a pencil and see it with someone you love nineteen million dollars in its second week it is now at 61 million in just ten days. It surpassed the total box office of the original film. If America ever merry go yes. That at number if he killed much more than six I don't know if you get a game of this yes at number five fist fight did fifty million dollars. Actually one of the lowest openings ever for an ice cube comedy. And deal way bet on a ride ball. A cure for wellness which opened up on about 3000 screens last weekend. Didn't make the top five didn't make top ten came in at number eleven only five million dollars. Horrible ratings from the critics even harsher response from audience. Poll is not good not good not good let's say you wanna test arm over Cuba yes indeed best actress nominee stone. Was cast in the four times nominate it'll all Aaland after the director saw her perform on Broadway. In which musical. Wasn't did she play eight. Roxy Hart in Chicago. Beat Sally Bowles in cabaret or seat chat via in Fiddler on the Roof a Ottawa revered. Other prize Abel investor to go to any dips in bitter battle through march or reverse 47 Jane funny five dollars and Vivian descend towards beat the governor element was Aurora on transit. Nor expiration date total value 43 bucks in general congress rules applied. Now the rules. For the show itself today are different because it's the big Oscar show were both here. In our tuxedos are you look good lie thank you very much and your evening gown is spectacular fireworks she did I I am I'm grow our Maury besides that you view. Not a lot of people can poll at all like these jewels but it works. I've always admired your drill I've met here sold you gonna do is we'll go through the movies that are coming out this week in this break and then after. The commercial break we will go through. All. Of the the picks Hulk okay well my picks for all be the nominated films and we do. Every category big movies they're big strain though one of my favorite actresses Catherine Keener is there and get out now. This is a film. Debut directorial film. By Jordan peel half of the comedy team of key and all I like he wrote and directed this film but it's not comedy it's a horror film. It is pretty much emerging. A mashup between Guess Who's Coming to Dinner. This stuff for wives had to body young black men who comes home to meet his white girlfriend's parents. In and upstate New York suburb. And there's something peculiar going Aaron. About the black male population in the area rarely I don't wanna say more than that this is. Are very clever. Dark satire. It is the reviews have been wonderful forward this film is currently at 100%. Rotten tomatoes. Every single review has loved this Mo got to see ya ya very interesting I mean it's all about. The casual polite kind of racism it's tough to we're it is a sharp satire. But it is also fixed really entertaining. Jordan peel so one interesting thing is that it's not comedies but you know. Comedy I've been writing in and doing comedy for years it's all about pacing cure and when you reveal information. And he said. Comedy and horror are pretty similar has horrors the same thing the pace saying well you reveal things very heat but that should do. And stuff textual and bears collide if you asked this as a complete direct to video vibe to it the kind of film you stumble upon at 2 AM on showtime. An amazing cast. Nicholas hope for mayor Max fury road of felicity Jones rove want and theory of everything. Sir Anthony opt Serb and can play. Essentially Nicholas hopes. Is. Works with Ben Kingsley. Two steal and smuggle some drugs from Anthony Hopkins. So they can afford to get and very expensive kidney transplant. For the lovely felicity Jones. Thanks obamacare. So all. This is getting just. Horrible a lot of if you wanna see it hurry if I like your let me play in next week if you're like your kid near you gave it that's right next ever draw. This is last week we have the most expensive live action film ever made in China. This is the most expensive animated film ever made in China it's based on a graphic novel written and drawn by Chinese rock star in June. All this cost sixty million dollars to make. Days a year released in China. And it was flop it did not do well on China at all so they've added Luke Wilson and user JK Simmons Lewis Black humor and Thompson. And Sam Elliott as fleet would yak. And got all these people doing voices Ford and are the reviews have been pretty deep repeat bad I don't think they're gonna cover their budget with what they're gonna do here. A lot of the animated films are entertaining for the parents as well as the kids. This one. Is only for the kids and even bats now pressure. How about the salesman Bob. This is one of the films will be discussing. In the Oscar predict hundreds. Here this movie is and I ran French co production. Nominated for best foreign language film. It is about today a couple in a ran. Whose relationship begins to turn sour during a performance of Arthur Miller's death of the salesman. You know black couple does a production of death of the salesman it's just growth fund a couple of that's no surprise there. This is one many many awards. The writer and director on won an Oscar previously for its film a separation. Filled with 90% rotten tomatoes got an extraordinarily. Good reviews. The director of the writer director will not be at the ceremony eight. Because of the travel ban that was put on weeks ago. And he made a statement at the time that even if he was given clearance because the term ban he will not be going to. The Oscars in protest and the cast is. Doing this thing. I should be your Fareed and I speeches. If you question and best actress nominee chemist on those gas in the fourteen time nominated Al loud and after directors are performed in which musical on Broadway vote. Salad bowls and K how about that will hash all this I'm review who's set Bob's fearless Oscar revisions and he is good. He usually gets like 37 California importing the Exxon. Will be backward bat and ball our newsroom and I'm thirty W via video cinema Bob. Peerless Academy Award picks you are very good at this most of the time you get about 37 out of forty. I think this is a very which is which is very tricky because there's only 24 but our card birdies like this one well OK can I can I. I think I'm gonna predict the Jackie Chan will get an honorary Oscar. Already I'm already won that one or just. Below me getting that mama yes round. But I. This is the top fewer to predict I think is that if I. The political. Climate did you know I mean the politics always we were talking about it earlier in the morning Joseph. I even nine years where there's nothing political going on. That always becomes a part of this is all trying to make a bare bones there on stage you've got to go worldwide thing that. Yeah Timmy on ABC. Not 830. At 8 o'clock it's starting a little later released at 830. On Sunday night against him though it'll probably be ending at 4 in the morning on something like that. They'll be doing red carpet coverage on ABC starting at 7 PM. I think Asia I think it'll be an interesting evening OK let's start right at the top. Best picture arrival fences tax our religion or high water hidden figures La La land line and the Manchester by the C in my own life. Terrific terrific group of pictures. This year and oh La La land certainly. Is is the favorite with fourteen nominations. That you know only one of three films. That is ever to unmatched. It should not only. A musical and original musical which you do not get very often Laura they make a musical it's gonna be based on Broadway hit this is an original musical. They gambled. On doing that and they want this has been tremendously. Successful at the box office. And that. Always helps and there's of course the other factor of it is about Hollywood's favorite subject to them yes yes indeed. Argo burden and the artist all of these films are about G Hollywood people are swell that urges the best. Look at how much they struggle in trying to be entertainment. And so this year and this is one the producers guild were directors guild award after. It's done extremely well. But it also why. The politics are gonna play into this is the question is going to be you know that those speeches are gonna get political. Were people. Thinking of making a political statement when placing their vote. If they decide no we don't go political. And why Aaland is pretty much a lock on this. If they wanna make a statement about diversity. In terms of both. LG BT rye eights and racial issues. That move light each. Absolutely. Could sneak up. And win this thing and it's a fantastic film I've got to say it's the Wii that's probably stuck with me more than anything else likes all last year. Just many of the visual images and moments that film really. Keep coming back to me again and again. So it if they decide to go politically correct go moonlight. But they wanna split the difference and go with the popular film. It also celebrates diversity. They can go ahead and figures. Which is a much more palatable mainstream. Type of diversity flick. My piccolo. Is La La land I think La La land will end up about winning best picture I think the momentum is just too big. OK next best director Lotta Lotta land hacks are ridge moonlight manages about Brazilian rival. Surprising to see Mel Gibson yeah taken back into Hollywood's good graces I think Roman Polanski call him up and said just slightly away just wait. Or help us straightaway. He called up Woody Allen and what he said oh yes yes just give it time. All this is Mel's first nomination in 21 years since Braveheart. And I thought hacks are rich with a fantastic film he didn't just a tremendous job on there. If I were able to pick the winner I would go Barry Jenkins for moonlight. Match. If he if moonlight wins this picture almost lightly see this win best director. It's pretty rare that you see those two separated this also would beat. The first black director win and get to have a black director win best picture so that could be a best directors and I can play into as well as Jada Pinkett Smith Noah. I think she does I don't think she does but might pit iron I've got to stay in lockstep with law land. I think gaining inches Powell is gonna win best director for this as well. He's won several other awards he was an academy favorite with whiplash. He's already done good work and if he wins it'll be pretty remarkable copd youngest ever director to win best director he's only 32 years old is he really pretty around. And ship that way because that'll be on life it's not for him I think he'll probably take the next best actor Casey Affleck. Andrew Garfield Ryan Gosling video mortenson and Denzel Washington. They don't mortenson is so good captain fantastic music I get a chance to rent that. And I wasn't crazy about the final third of the movie but man there's some good stuff and that film. For quite awhile Casey Affleck seemed like a lock. For this particular award he won the after critics' choice. He however. Has had some bad press in about the last 67 weeks. Stories about sexual harassment allegations. That popped up during the making of I'm still here with Joaquin Phoenix. Gave him. Some. Of the kind of press that will not encourage other actresses or actors don't go forum. And I think he might have cooled my pitch. Is Denzel Washington who loved and so this'll be is third. His third Oscar Mayer he's one. Bernie is extremely well Specter in Hollywood he won the sag you wanna tone on Broadway for this role. And he is like people like Tom Hanks. Clint Eastwood he is somebody who is extremely. Respected as far as being. Fine actor. And I Smart businessman. Denzel Washington knows how to pick the right projects for himself. So many other actors if you look at their Phil Mogg Freel see big hits and big flops and libraries that lost a lot of money. Not see that in Denzel Washington's Phil tomography he is a very. Savvy guy as far as understanding. What good projects form and I think he's gonna get number three. Next best actress. Let's say is that I know who our roommate. Natalie Portman Emma Stone Meryl Streep. A lot of people felt that Isabel who pair was gonna get it for now. She won the Golden Globe but keep in mind that was by the foreign press. An inch every now and then every seven or eight years you'll see. Somebody wind in a subtitled films sure. Marion Cotillard. Like her robber Greg mean. Disappeared from the face of the earth this early kind of figured you weren't sure. But I don't think. I don't think she is gonna get it to first nominations and elections this big history with the academy. Meryl Streep this is first year nomination learns breaking her own record if she wins she'll tie with Katherine Hepburn the four wins. I do not see her getting an Oscar for Florence Foster bush. Then again I consider getting one really aren't laid eyes like you're an adult now and I liked her in the movie I I think it's gonna be La La land I think Emma Stone is gonna win for all all well and she has put in wonderful performances. In a variety of films over the years won this and warmly after a the draft and she's done a terrific campus don't wanna say she's young yes well. Will result businesses hard Anwar hundreds radio I'm thirty WB yeah. This award joining Bob again best victories shows them hello I am best director Carlo Landis actor offenses. A dens though. There's actress Emma Stone for wallow and now we get to supporting actor. Mosh Alla Ali. Jeff Bridges Lucas hedges dev Patel and Michael ship. Well once as as per usual with the supporting. Sport and rolls each year. Just tremendous performances. All replaced Jeff Bridges. Are terrific and hell or high water with a machine this character before from them. Lucas hedges who plays the young boy in Manchester by the city. And plastic fantastic. Former chairman I feel it's it's a lot. Four my Charlotte Ali in moonlight. And he gave an extremely eloquent moving speech at the the Golden Globes. And his performance in the film is. Absolutely outstanding term rhetoric actor. This was just one of those perfect merging of the right actor and a right world. I think that that's one of the few this year that I think is a lot. All right supporting actress Viola Davis Naomi Harris. Nicole Kidman Octavia Spencer and Michelle Williams. This is low block part two because I think. Viola Davis absolutely. Is is going to win for that she's won pretty much every war you can imagine. Our former film performance in fences she also won a Tony. Four when cheated on stage with Denzel Washington. One sheds statistic. This nomination mean she now holds the record for most nominations for a black actress. She's been nominated three times a while Fleury is the record for nominations viable actor actress. I think she is is actually absolutely gonna win. The one cabbie. You have a gimmick. Yeah if you traded hands Obama pals I'm gonna roll the top and generally pretty out today it's trying to pull revenue gone and Reynolds 100. I think this role is not supporting role it is actually lead. The studio it's in the performers decide. What to put. Them up for they make decide what it's going to be when she won the Tony for playing this role it was for best lead actress. But they decided to put it in the supporting role but tremendous performance. And also and a side subcategory. Best performance by a runny nose or really if you've seen the film you know exactly what I'm talking out aren't. Index next up adapted screenplay. For the movie's arrival fences hidden figures lie and moonlight and behind the green door. Now. Offenses. If if this does well and we're not gonna see August Wilson. Come up and accepted because you know. He wrote the screenplay editing he adapted it but he died in 20050. Saw ya ya he won the Pulitzer. For the play and all that. So it is possible. Four sentimental reasons that he could get it. Hi will be stunned if we don't see this grow to Barry Jenkins for moonlight. Especially if he doesn't win director this will be a way to honor the film. Just. A fantastic piece they did took this is based on a play. This is the movie here moonlight is divided into three sections you see this this person as a young boy. As a teen and then as an adult. When they get this on stage each. They told all three ages but they hit the ball going on at once already so you had to parts well. What was happening at what age in this sort thing which had to be a very understated. Stage experience could be confusing and not done well so in adapting this he really restructured it. And it's terrific terrific screenplay. Okay original screenplay twentieth century woman hell or high water in La La land the lobster and Manchester by the city. If La La land wins this. Game going to be very upset. We. This this is the one award are like. And really does this script is awfully slender. On this. Not that many characters that. I think it absolutely. Should go to our will go to Kenneth Lonergan. For Manchester by the c.'s been nominated before for gangs of new York and you can count on me. That's where my money he has. Except animated feature Kubel in the two strings bought the mile I've risen zucchini the red term ends utopia. Now the big shock here. Courts in the movies that were were snubbed an enduring to Pixar picture was news here saying and the secret life pats from illumination studios in enormous hit that they did gotten knocked it in nomination. And that shocker. Is when I look at the list where is sausage party. And none of the east and he's nominated films. I have off the ball on hard core food or GMM. I thought well maybe my life as you can as a zucchini does but doesn't know it doesn't. I think this is that almost certainly. Gonna go to this utopia. It did a billion dollars at the box office it is one just about every award it can be up for. And it is also fill the knowing our taste years and years to make an animated film. But to it's it's the right film the right time and that it says a lot. About racism. And society. Without being preachy still being wildly fun being an extremely. Entertaining. The biggest dark horse here. You might seek Kubel and the two strings. Pull off an upset I'm gonna go to utopia and to Slobodan trivia. The animated feature film will be presented by the Simpsons. About that yes all right one more before the break a best foreign language film Amanda called reason. Land mine town on the salesman and Tony Erdman. I'm gonna go with this sales and on this in this tour this guy did decide whether they wanna make a political statement. Being that the director in the cast are refusing. To come over because of the travel ban. Tony Erdman is a possibility if they decide not to go political wicket. There's also all Hollywood remake of that film in the works with Jack Newton Chris two weeks and that's got a certain amount of buzz but my money is on the same element. And Morgan back Lamar remotely British citizens job under Israeli and I'm thirty WB. The Academy Award prognostications. In cinema Bob. We are up to let's see best documentary feature. Thirteenth piracy I am not your negro life animated and OJ made in America. Return is my gone well. I did Tatum like LS fare that's. I can talk loud here and I can't talk padlock. Mom. OJ made an American news or use on the excellent. Adjuster I started out I started on watching it myself just last night actually. It's one so many awards this is. The favorite absolute favorite to win no one is questioning. Its. It's excellence but dumb. It's an eight powered TV yeah it is miniseries. They did the theatrical showing. So it could apply for this but. It's kind of crazy that it's up for this is 467. Minutes long who is gonna sit and theater. Four hours to watch as thirteen. Terrific documentary. That's a hundred minutes long a bit more like a documentary feature on picking OJ made in America. I'm not questioning it hurts quality in any way but I think it's races. Think given way around it if it wins will he be able to break out in and then and except themselves. Dong I don't sell it directly Oscar and Shiv. I think you chop whole show up together and I happen ever short subject yeah shop. OJ I villages. Originals are jacking up our landline and moonlight and passengers. Port Thomas Newman this is his fourteenth nomination. For the soundtrack to movie passengers. He's never won and he's not gonna win this one. Well the chill big contenders here are just an arrow it's for Lyle all land. And Mika Levy Ford Jacki. The Jackie scorer. Has been quite divisive. There are people who say it is absolutely brilliant and and just groundbreaking and all that and others really hate it. I'm on the side that really. Really hate that score it is kind of bizarre I think it's gonna go for a La La land it's an original musical it's gonna Wear. A pair original song audition cancel out the feelings city of stars the empty chair and Alfaro go. While well Goss went Lin Manuel Miranda. Who. Is from Hamilton and people are used to giving them wards if he were. You have a neat guy he will have that Emmy Grammy Oscar Tony. I'll be one of only thirteen people in that club. I don't know that he's gonna get it for this one though. There is a chance. That Lyle Holland could split the vote by having two songs in there. But I IE my gut feeling is still. That it's going to go to lolly and I think circus of starters as the song the way and even well audition. The falls that dream that's the song that is really central to the plot and should be the winner. But my money in sun city of star fits your stars are here we have it now cinematographer you what's up Bob. Ole gonna go with the law law land this. Not only was the cinematographer you widely praised. But. It's also showing off how groovy looking Los Angeles is which feeds right into the excitement of all those voters film editing Bob. I gotta go with Tom cross for Lyle all end partially. For the the job he did and also because. Film editing usually goes with the winner for best picture sound editing sound editing. And sound mixing our kind of tricky. They're all linked they often go to the same film. And they'll often go to either musicals or war movies. Sound editing is all about creating. Sounds I think they're gonna go with hacksaw outrage I think actually interest and actually incredible. It won the gold and real ward from our other sound makers. And I think by the same token. That yes it will also wind for sound mixing. Hacksaw ridge I'm saying for both of those grandpa our Kevin O'Connell. A different chairman O'Connell and whenever our man he's still doing whatever yes he. Yesterday 21 nominations in sound mixing with how to win I think this is going to be an hour here production design by. A whole lot while land. How people people walked home theater humming the production design and hello again I'm makeup and hair. Okay. Three up here a man called oh. Four in Felton not a lot of people saw and quite frankly in several of the reviews I read it complained that the make up what kind of half a key. And you got starch beyond. And then you've got suicide squad now I just can't imagine that Hollywood can live with the phrase. The award winning suicides. Are up so I was gonna go to Star Trek Star Trek also won best makeup. For their reboot in 2009 Kosovo and designs. This one I could absolutely. Be wrong on them might be another La La land longest people love color coded primary colored dresses. But my gut feeling says it's gonna go to Janet eat. Because it was so much about the look of film and the look of those rashes are up. It's kind of crazy costume design goes to us something were to re creation you know. I mean the design is already a major just kind of recreating it that my gut feeling is still that it's gonna Jack Jackie visual effects. Visual effects. IE there is one unusual thing eureka Deepwater Horizon Doctor Strange. Row 1 Kubel in the eastern jungle book appear. This is only the second time in animated film. Kubel in the two strings has been up through visual effects night before Christmas is the only other time that's happened. I think it's gonna go to the jungle book though I thought the visual effects were just starting. And you had the remarkable feature of only having. One human. And the rest of the cast being computer generated. I think it's gonna go there. Are okay. Just one match we're gonna plug. Holy cow it's OK so guys don't get enough vote animated shorts I sponge Bob square pants will be presented this one. Mom I'm going with piper it is the latest one from Pixar you with Pixar wins this all the time but they won best animated shorts since 2001. But I think piper will win the only other. Competition it would have it would be with a movie pearl. Which is actually kind of done in this 360. Google spotlight format where you can move the viewer round and how you do that and theater but if you watch it on a computer you can do that. Got a couple Bob bats at best live action short. And then there's in any errors by Salim as Ozzie. French terrorist interrogation and now. That's entertainment you gotta go with the Andre just projects yeah the best documentary short poke adding their two year that are possibilities you've got Joseph is violins. A holocaust survivor tale. But you also have the white helmets. Which is about voluntary rescue. In us the Syrian crisis you have a low ball war zone footage and George Clooney just bought the rights to the short to make a feature. Version of it I am going with. DOS white helmets why elements okay now yeah you're usually you don't miss more than a couple so this little critics yeah isn't. And those a year when will find out you just later Bob you almost didn't just make it as I watched the clock and go ordered three minutes. I'm thinking why well these editor for your Joan this is. This is like the grandfather clock on Captain Kangaroo though show that answers is moving all of the bout we have the old fashioned digital. We can always count on digital and luckily we have the old fashioned digital Tom pocket. Ads that are happening fitted Tom Parker. Very happy and remember and I'm sure you get several cakes were rover has Berkeley well he should and eat them at all. Good for him happy birthday to you to target. I was seeing a Monday at nine and Missouri and I birdied every via. Well it's they never have to music east's great leeway here have you given him.