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Andrew Peters addresses youth hockey brawl

Feb 27, 2017|

Former Sabre Andrew Peters discusses his involvement in a brawl at a youth hockey game he was coaching on his WGR radio show 'The Instigators'

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

First I feel there's something I need to address. I think a lot of people. I've been talking about an incident that occurred. Surrounding our team this weekend and I'm the coach of fifteen new junior sabres hockey team. You know in the game resulted in a lot you know a lot of penalties in in on ice altercations. I just wanna say that you know most personable. There's no room for for what happened. In new sports fighting you sports is absolutely unacceptable. All sports doesn't not just hockey. It's about it should be about you know good sportsmanship. Developing skills. And being a good teammate. I didn't I didn't do a good good job this week in communicating. Any of those skills to my team I think. Going foreign I need to do a better job. You know and as coaches in general I think we need to do better job. I can't discuss. Anything in regards the altercation. In the incident. So. I just you know I'd I'd have to move on from that.