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It's a show over at the above the buffalo home shortly buffalo Niagara commences that are now open women's goal at 10 PM tonight what is that Bob that is Patrick Stewart. For on Logan. Who were over and movie that opens today as you can tell by the trailer. And shown too much like a superhero movie I did today it's like the guys coming up from him and Nintendo all night. The guy that's it's pretty. Heavy drawing. Heard course stuff and melodies on here that late Johnny Cash appeal yeah yeah yeah with that and heroism that was already in there they use knowing that they use that so. On the or I or selling film one of our guide them now as he recorded very little after he did. He's I was wondering why we're getting new stuff. Well yeah they've found finally admitted he'd be recorded while I was out Monday it because. I agree my idea my tendon here. And get bread greens and that is foolish and overhead screen tend I'm not much I like them. I like our soil I like them or not look at raw rock and highlight tape they're nice and fresh and crunchy that Latin I did not know you did different the Oscars you always do very very well it's not any human judge you on it because you use it ought to do. You're not always is for the most part with what one. And brought to I initially did. Seventeen out 24 right good I finished my paperwork. And I go and I and could I have the sheet with me in my little clip board like a real nerd. And die marked down you know what wins and what doesn't. And I got up and while they're given their speeches I'm putting my briefcase. And paid calls another room and just where made a minute run all of and and die yet turns out only got sixteen of 26 the underdog and Glen was gonna win. Best picture which to be fair it did. But then it didn't know so maybe it should still count. I find it funny that. Via accounting people just said that the two people that brought the things through now got a rewards Colombia's anymore. I think they're happy to hold on there is now. He now yeah this is there a way of saying well. He took care of that were really really. A professional players on top political price Waterhouse. Will now always be known as the ones who mess this up and they found out from from photos and Twitter record lines. That the guy was handing out the envelopes was busy tweeting photos he had taken of Emma Stone backstage. That's the problem. This would do anything that doesn't annoy people anymore I know there's no bill publicity for Twitter. Well but they didn't do they did do kind of a and an interesting thing. A cinema in London. On them. Moonlight. And the lights went down in the movie began and they started showing. While I am I or about twenty seconds and they cut it off and started our life which direct audience laughed and applauded. I was not not did you watch the show. I don't watch of four minutes of enjoy music hall to watch the four best and that's because I was I was a little. Here's a battle of Bob. The numbers are out the the speech by the president out drew the Oscars locally by ten points. Ten points that's remarkable. Well that's because the president. You know it doesn't do the in my more him in his speech it slows things down. I I was disappointed by Avant Jimmy Kimmel did this something I was trying to knowing when a TV host host the Oscars. And then makes it a mini version of his show they are routed the mean tweet he brought up that tour and there are they did that Matt Damon. The first thirty or forty times he did the Matt Damon joke where it's kind of funny. But about the 78 time we get it on a Sunday night it was wearing on me a bit. I was also sparked off the stage looked small. I thought they did a very odd thing in the design they created this in the Norris. Pro senior them. In Charlotte of the presidium. Which just kind of made it smaller. And they changed the stuff in the very middle of the cold here is in orbit and it looked like a small. Cramped place it looked like they were differently if I was not impressed by that I audio or the direction of it was a 2% and nine. I don't what to present in my eyes who are trying to unite and asks so that's it that's rare when you have any box I was you know from movies or actually shown and people crazy ass I do number one. The box office last week yet I don't. Did 33 million dollars well above studio expectations. Are terrific audience poll numbers are 20% jump in business from Friday to Saturday. The budget was under five million dollars this blue house pictures that the center studio that put out split last month. Which was also very low budget and was big hits and they're doing extremely well. An average two Lego Batman movie he did not in nineteen million and is now 133. It opens in China today so keep an eye on those numbers at number three John wit chapter two wounded another nine million it is now it's 75. And ever forward Matt Damon is the great wall continues to do not so great. Another nine million is now at 35. The studio is saying it'll probably take a loss of about 75 to ninety million dollars off. On this film. Number 550 shades darker did eight million us over there oh yes it is now 140 million people worldwide box office so far. 330. Million dollars poll. Invest in panels and whips folks because. There obviously much more popular than you may have fought. We had to deal is dead on arrival yes yes and number eleven rock dog. The sixty million dollar Chinese animated film about a dog once threw a rock star. Only did four million dollars so that's going to be taking it pretty big loss. And number thirteen. Collide jolt for silver produced action flick starring so admiral Oscar winners. Only did one million dollars how about to say our movie I can do Hugh Jackman best known as Wolverine yeah. One said he went to become an actor as a kid because it. Would play the lead character in a certain film series which role. Did Hugh Jackman want to play was at eight James spot in the double 07 movies. B Jason in the Friday the thirteenth films or seat. Moment in the that man who else. The rise Emily best of jubilant that some bitter ballot through march 31 wanna seventeen point five dollar certificate the sand source pizza pub and grill on Miller's court or on transit. And no expiration date total value 43 bucks general contest rules apply back after this movie shows that Obama me sandy beach street. Movie argue question Hugh Jackman Arizona's law over and once said he wanted to become an actor as a kid. Because you want globally character and a certain film series which film series was. Jason in the front the third allowed that apple does is it hit it he thought. While you just have to walk around when that acts on near you the let me ask and you don't have to be a very good I could do that Mario has come the end. He's much better actor well messages that big leagues hitting image bring you Jack as Rome Logan yes this is. Is big. Big films that had a lot of a lot of push or import and the reviews have been. Very very good for the most part I've got to shake on and off I'm just getting old and contrary. Or or cranky but I found myself lately at times of some of these films and getting these rave reviews. That I go sing and like new. Look I get out okay fellows we didn't while net solve. And lo and I saw this story came out and down. I tell you. Right now it's at 93%. On rotten tomatoes 93% of people have seen really really liked it. Some people are calling it the best superhero movie of all time. I didn't care sport there's a small. Handful at The New Yorker did like at times Chicago Tribune. I found it dead pretty dark pretty depressing pretty rough stuff if you or your kids. Have seen a lot of movies with Wolverine and this is huge and the ninth time playing the character on screen and he says this is the last. Make sure you understand this is very. Different the the Wolverine character. Started about four years ago in the marvel comic books he he's one of the EX man he's a mutant. His. Skills. Are. He can now when he fights he's going to observer mode in which he liked the Tasmanian devil when he fight aging just really ago was. Crazy he heals instantly. If you shoot. And if you show them. His skin will actually. Push pop low bullet out of his stand on its own which relapse comes in handy feature and he has enormous. Sharp razor sharp metal claws. That burst out of his knuckles for fighting. As he says. I'm the best at what I do but what I do. Isn't very nice he's very much even within the X-Men the reluctant hero he's a Humphrey Bogart Clint Eastwood guy who. Doesn't wanna stand up for the other people doesn't wanna get involved when push comes to shove. Stuff really goes down now. He has always existed in the PG thirteen world. So. When he fights people would these razor sharp claws. Till may be stabbed them and then Mel fall over. Without a lot of bloggers and happens or be swiped somebody. You'll see them swiping. Then main shirt. Violent effect will happen just off screen that's the facts. Will tell you a lot of what just occurred ripping and tearing the flesh and yet. Well this is I think dead pool happened last year dead pool was the first. That it was very funny very filthy. Very sexy and very violent. So this morning that kind of decided made 800 million dollars worldwide to prove you can have a big big hit with an hour read to your field. So they decided census was going to be the last Wolverine film with Hugh Jackman. They wanted shoe. Give comic book fans the Wolverine character they knew existed because your hard core. Comic book geeks you know the cast the Big Bang theory who live in their parents' basements they eat. Know that the characters a lot darker than the movies have laughed and beat so now we have a Wolverine. Who when he fights. Draws. Buckets of blood I mean just. Incredible incredible carnage he. Takes off limbs. I hear dole. Literally leave an opponent so he doesn't have a leg to stand on loan. Our. And you've heard the expression and all of a huge fine he ripped his face off like that well if you have raisers coming out of your knuckles. And you did again. Under the chin and up through the face yes you get to physically see somebody's face ripped off more than once a year. You could see heads roll off. This is tuna yes yes. To make it even more special they were kids you also get to see all these things done. By an eleven year old girl. Who has the same power's on now sells it's it's dark it's it's like the difference the old Wolverine vs this Wolverine. It would be like watching a double feature. Of Rio Bravo. A wild boar all man there's a bit of an adjustment there is a bit of a change year. Now this particular. Film takes place in the near future. Course which the near future is never good memories can be no fees earned on. No it's 20/20. Nine. One worry is older as it turned out wolverines actually much older than you might have thought according to comic book war. He's not 200 years old Jazeera yeah bound and quiche slowdown will bet. He's got I'll let. He drinks a lot of Limbaugh Maria if it's not like the ultimate weather also live there he's not limp himself he's a little shaggy and craggy. On the mound when he wants to burst out of his claws to veto. Well we don't always all burst out one may stick at times I'll have to grab hold of couldn't pull it out so it's out all the way. I am but when he fights it is still just as ugly the only a character from the X-Men movies that is with him in this. Is Patrick Stewart as turtles eggs here. Now in the past X-Men movies. Charles's great skill. It's he has mental. Ability Dooley told him he says she can create an earthquake or he could you know move car or tank up in the air things like there is enormous mental powers. Well he is very old. And they don't. Spelled out specifically. But he's essentially. In early onset alzheimer's. And suffers enormous dimension now. If you've ever known anyone who actually does have alzheimer's don't talk about. Dark periods where the personal just get very angry very irrational. And they cannot be reason to well. You see this with the Patrick Stewart character only if you have somebody with the mental ability to lift to build in your toss a tank in the air. And he starts going through a mental freaked out. It gets very dangerous. All around him. Are we having fun yet meant. Should all. Worry is basically into a land where all of the the other mutants are dead. They're all dead and gone all your favorite X-Men characters. And he believes he and Charles are the only ones left and on his eleven year old girl. Who has these powers other trying to get her to a place where she'll be safe I think you're going to Canada actually Obama. We think it's basically for the coffee crisp bars and the free health care. And they like bingo shall there on their way to Canada. The army go along with several other. Evil old. Organizations are trying matriarch. I'm evil nation. Well in this in the near future apparently will agree. Apparently they they portray this this might be a splinter group okay now because rogue then it's their role. And they're led by Richard E. Grant. All who is basically doing everything we're going moonwalk. All. And twirling his must and I everywhere he is he is out to to kill them pretty much everybody they run and true. Just meats horrible. Horrible fates. There is one of innocent people. That has an extremely. Upsetting. Sequence happened to them the Amish. No. No no I don't wanna give anything away here. Just as La La land kept referencing Casablanca. Tip off the ending. This movie has shame on its mind for the whole film that unit on Shane at one point match today which does I gotta say when they're watching sanctioned and I sat there and theater thinking. Gee I wish I was watching chain instead or pets we've never sick comebacks in QB. Well a whole life not just had that out game. It should it goes along in this very very dark. Fashion a Hugh Jackman says this is his last film as Wolverine. But. If they were to work away for Wolverine to be the managers he could be talked into that ring gets a good bargains races again. Now yes she did first it was a dark night I didn't care for and I grew to appreciate it. I don't settle avenue this one but I kinda darn it is a dark depressing affair. LA got other big bullies did in the big screen right after the news on news right and I'm thirty. WV. And. We are into a movie show us out of Obama may said he beach and the big leagues hitting the mainstream but I've told you about Logan what you grow into a bigger one next up both Shaq. This surprise a lot of people this I think we'll probably do. Pretty pretty well. As well maybe not as big as Logan this is based on the best selling. Christian novel. Of the same name as does a little larger than usual budget. For the faith based film and stars are too obvious things to correct hiked alias Spencer. From buy him figures in the help and Sam Worthington from avatar. On. This you know it's this book was somewhat controversial. In mad at present some alternate. Interpretations of the gospel. It's about a man who is suffering a media crisis of faith. After the disappearance and death of his youngest daughter. God. Summoned him. To the place where his daughter was murdered. To talk to and there he. Need to and interacts with god Jesus and holy spirit but in this film got. Is played by a black woman Octavia Spencer. He has got although she's referred to as pop up. Geez this is played by Middle Eastern car under and the holy spirit is played by an Asian woman. And the majority of the film is talking over. A lot of the theological questions. One question I would have right off the bat for the failed Sam Worthington character he's the delete the father of mass is named MacKenzie Phillips. Yeah it which is of course the same name as John Phillips daughter who was on one day at a time and later was a singer of the Mamas and popular drug user yeah well yes the Mac after awhile. But kind of an odd thing IE I don't I think his wife yes his wife is named Danny Bonaduce. Odds of that also. Eight surprising. A surprising thing here. The film. Goes into a lot of theological. Discussions they talk about how a lot of the Shaq. In the story is actually a metaphor. For the house that you do for yourself out of your own pain. The mystery. Of who killed the daughter is. Kept up in the air for a while. He reviews of this film. Is usually the case for most of these faith based films. Is is pretty pretty dismal are pretty dismal night manager in line 19% so far I'm rotten tomatoes has been getting almost unanimously. Bad reviews. But. The audience score from the people who have CNET. Is 87% positive. So I think odds are. If you have read the book or you're aware of this story and interested in that. Odds are. You're gonna find. A lot that you like in this film and you'll probably. Enjoy and I think either way this is one of those movies that well. Lead to long long discussions of zero points after a lot online to get into I'm sure. I gave it a United Kingdom. You know it's all about booking. That tells you'll walk about a film now this is based on a true story. It's by director Hamas on today. No relation to Armonk disarm all through been consistent this is I'm not a Sunday who directed don't know. A few years ago did quite well by its that your story about the prince of Botswana. In 1947. Who is in England he's he's visiting in London. And he falls in love with a one woman. Botswana at that point is being. You know held by. England. And at the two of them get married and plan on turning the air and and people. In general in 1947. Are. Somewhat shocked. That a white woman and a black man went to get married and later when they go to try to ruled the country again. The feeling of much of the people of Africa. Is Alec really. Hurt the Blanche your shift and we are we gonna. I'm not sure I feel good about that. So this. Can you kind of it is very nicely acted. There is a lot of sitting around and lovely drawing rooms. People having. Sentences that include phrases like corporal of the book is a part of that yes this sort of stuff goes on in it. Very down and Abby. Very beat you very peavy as a lot a lot. Of noble speech is one thing that has several people feel is somewhat lacking from it noted. I think that is lacking it. I don't think there is any any nudity I think David. Leo Lisa's clothes on for the whole thoughts are and so does horsemen like. Mom but it you don't get a feeling of the enormous romance. That inspired them to take such huge risk. With their lives in their careers in the super thing everybody's very. Very polite in several reviews and they feel more like good and now it's August and people who just knew I needed to be too good all look for a good pal on our honor and well yes indeed. The she yours swell honeymoon to ought exhibited are. Well but here's why I say. Why book intelligent a lot of yes. It's based on racial conflict it's a true story. It's stars people who have been nominated for Oscars before all of this film. Was ready to be released. Last fall early winter to be up for awards consideration. But. They obviously kind of knew that the this wasn't gonna quite make that's what's gonna get lost in the shuffle this was not going to be one of the big. Oscar bait flicks so they decided let's just slip it out in late February early. Sugar go will be back with more big movies hitting the big screen right after this big movies hitting the big screen models about Logan the Shaq and they United Kingdom next up table nine Jane it's 18. From true it's can test. For this this comedy you've got to Anna Kendrick. From my pitch perfect. And into the woods. Lisa Kudrow courts from friends Stephen Merchant from the original. Office. And Craig Robinson. Is there from the American office. Tony. Wrote Lorie he was the star in the grand Budapest hotel. Ellen Karpov ski very funny guy from girls and June square who is in Nebraska and several other films. Tremendous tremendous. Cast here the reviews though have been extra re Molly harsh. This is and we that is written and directed by Jeffrey blitz he did a movie called a rocket science about two years ago they got so so reviews. Since then he's worked on TV director for the most part. The majority of his work has been done in office the American version of the office. And that show. Very much. Just like say Curb Your Enthusiasm. Joseph too deeply. Into the comedy. Of discomfort. Feeling uncomfortable awkward news long pauses painful situations. He can become beyond that that is pretty much the situation here. And it Kenderick in this movie. Is. A woman who is. She's going to be the maid of honor in this this wedding. That she's attending. But she's also dating. The best man. Anna Kendrick scare dirt. Gets pregnant. The bass man decides. Yeah we should break up. I'm not pleased about that S so the best man jump circle and the best man says to the bribing grown. GL Phil really awkward. If she's the maid of honor. And I'm investment as we just broke up so maybe she shouldn't be in the wedding party anymore so they agree with that. And I went and Kendrick arrives at the wedding. She finds herself that table nineteen. The table that is farthest away from everybody that is filled with nothing but a group of people who really. Don't know each other at all and are just stuck there that people don't know what to do it. Lisa Krueger role and Craig Robinson are married couple. Who are passive aggressive to the point. Well practically kill each other. Stephen Merchant. Is an ex con who would prefer not to talk about what he's been doing for the past ten years. The kid from our brand Budapest hotel. Just desperately desperately. Wants to have sex with someone anyone. And Judas. Is in the me who were east. Though the bride's family brazen those kids pretty much was closer to them and their own mother but now. Is getting older and really doesn't have anybody in her life. And these very ill and her character is just about as sad and depressing as you can imagine has this comedy roles along. AV club. The boom move your views site called it. The Breakfast Club. With misfit adults. Every character is pretty much playing. A very much caricatured type. They don't really feel like real people and the film is way too crowded with so many characters that you really don't get into it in depth. With with any of them. There are moments where it seems to be veering towards traditional comedy or romantic comedy. Which is right over into very uncomfortable. Discomfort. Again the one thing that everybody agrees is surprising about it is that it's only 87 minutes long most of the critics felt it was much. Much longer than that. Well you don't see any of those how about before I fall. This is of interest strange situation here this is based on a young adult novel. Best seller in twenty turned to jury I yeah I do hollow millennium. So cool I hope these authors can keep up when Mayo Momo and how that's great did you find out about it on tweeters idea. That's wonderful. Sell. This essentially. What Missouri does. Is I think we can now officially say the Bill Murray comedy Groundhog Day. It's a genre. We saw without Tom Cruise and edge of tomorrow he made an action scifi movie that was essentially Groundhog Day. And we pretty much of the girls mean it's Groundhog Day with the there is a quartet. I mean I asked him high school group rules only two reached. Is he leader of the group she's army cared for her she was very good deny every once some from last year. It is February 12. Cupid de at her high school. And their having a a big party. She has big plans on that night she's planning on losing her virginity to her boyfriend and do it she's got a mug on the calendar yes it's her on her Google reminder is letting her go. And young for a bucket well that's true. I got another but fortunately her boyfriend. Drink so much that he he's not able. To achieve certain plan goal wheels and a scholar am Tony. The networks. And everybody says nasty things about shuts the Canada health roll their drinks on her and humiliate your doll. And then the girls all leave in their SUV and it crashes. Known. And then she wakes up and the day's starting all over. Almost as you are doing she's gotta re do so this is one of those situations where somebody gets on this time treadmill. Until they can slowly learn what they need to do. Now I know I hurt myself well that's that's why you should avoid this as well yet every minute of it. Problem. What you should do is he should ride a bike on the treadmill I'd throw that I the other ladies this is training wheels and you'll be fine. Are the early in the week it was getting very earth reviews but I think if you read the book or fury team. You probably will enjoy this very much and if you don't win something this week and moonlight Manchester-By-The-Sea are sorry to little avail of stretching and throwing throwing. Beamer Grigsby. Okay we'll see you Monday nine under his right and I'm thirty WV. Yeah. It's. They never into music he is certainly let you know have you given him.