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3-4 Buffalo Means Business with Zimpfer Maple Products

Mar 5, 2017|

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It's time from buffalo means business with funny Shula on news radio 930 WBE and that thirteen final law office of Ralph Hillary go complexion spot by Western New York dermatology. Window world Jamestown metrics Jamison electric heating and air and now. Buffalo radio veteran and local business advocate who bloody shoe lover. Welcome back to news radio 930 WP he and miss buffalo means business every Saturday. It's 6 o'clock your WP you know there is a local feature. Or local service a local business that you would like on buffalo means business you can now feel free to email me at forty UWB yen. Stacked town. What march is a great month you know a lot of people think about basketball. In March I think about maples Europe but I know Greg does hear Gregg is with me. And after water way you know we think about maple syrup Gregg is with exempt for maple products. He and Eric Gregg zipper endo also with the Western New York maple producers association in maple weekend. He is in March march 18 and nineteenth and in March 25 through 26 from 10 AM to 4 PM each day. If you wanna know more about maple weekend you can go to their dedicated website at maple weekend. Dot com but this is going. Now for a long time Greg Craig this is maple weekends of the year. And we were talking a little bit off the air stream and this is will be the 22 year. And we're gonna obviously be talked about me sir a couple of things like to be obvious things. Put let's get right to the bones years on the people sort by me what these guys do what I've always think in the at that. I always picture like people giving Naples or from a tree is like pounding a nail in the air and delegates were growled and at. Buckle is that with the stuff. Basically we start out we drill small hole. Bottom half an inch in diameter three to the nation diameter. About an inch and a half to two inches deep. We have a plastic or a metal spoke with a hole one at that you can't into the tree poker if you are collecting. Sap. Awfully bucket. You would then have a bucket and that the court to step into the bucket. Most producers nowadays are moving more towards a modern cooling system. Where that spot will be connected to a tubing system kind of like the network of roads down to leave main collection tank. And then the sap would then run of the main collection tank and then you have to have mean can you drink the snap so the sap is the maples. Know sap is about 2% water it's clear has a very Miree. Slight hint of a sweet taste to it. We then Boyle laughed or we put it through we reverse osmosis machine to start with. The reverse osmosis will remove about 75% of the water before we boil it. Coming out of there it'll be fourteen or 16% sugar. Global war was sweet taste but still basically clear. I and then when we boil that in chemicals are prevail operator that would finish boiling it taking it up to 66% sugar. Give middle of a turmoil is nation from the heat and give it the color bring up the next maple flavor. I feel like such an idiot I actually thought that may have served came out of touch. Men may not able theft from a tree. While that is something else and then it goes through stores or who sells you maples or anywhere is from producers selling directly out of the house. Craft shows players. Hamburg fair. To wegmans tops all your supermarkets. Producers. Have product all over the place and and and people like you were like the people in your association who seller may be directly and and you and your property near Dallas. So what are you guys like you have treaties in your backyard or something you just go out there and I have about 4000 trees in my backyard. I don't have a named Anna but there can and their maple trees there maple trees. Great soul and you tap everyone of these trees yes. And I kept a tree. Typically thirtieth fifteen years old minimum age tree. About twelve inches in diameter. If small the net. If they're just not quite big enough to produce a set that you need leeway to about twelve inches in diameter to cap the tree 4010. How many acres is that the hard. Really I'd love to see that this. And Asus maple weekend is this so this is what maple weekend is is that is that like. Your firm and older older it's about 170 farms across New York State. Federal from the public that weekend at the chance you can tomorrow will be boiling sap tourney in the syrup. Will have samples of products. A lot of producers have wagon ranger walks in the woods you connection eagle. See the trees and see the sap running if this if the weather happens we can do so with a sap is running. You can actually see all it first hand you can show us made now this happens. Now for two weekends in March and it's always in March trade guess where I was to maple weekend in March by gay is to set better in marchers some planner bombed it's typically geared towards almost the middle or season. So we have a better chance that we will be making sure bundles weekends so how we've had a warmer. And it kinda different winter. Here in Wyoming county united I don't know if you've had more snow up there than we have here in metro buffalo. But I mean all around it's it's the winters are becoming different inning Mueller obviously becoming warmer and and less. You know when snow right how does that affect the trees as long as we have a freeze thaw cycle. And it doesn't stay. A continuously Wong who warm for long periods of time we're doing just fine with that the biggest thing is worried the acting by tapping earlier and earlier in the winner. Traditionally used to tap third week of February and February some B purses. Waited till the beginning of march to cap may serve into fifteenth eighteenth when he of April. Now were tapping. Fifth sixth seventh of January. And and making spare through late. March and so Natalie Eddie is that the syrup is provided in a lot of things as well like. Mean obviously the maple syrup but maple sugar maple cream maple candy maple jelly. Even maple mustard. And end and the list goes on and then now and again you can go to the website at maple weekend. That count for more information. And this event the Western New York maple producers association. As we talked about maple weekend with Craig is infer who is the owner of zoom for. Maple products and tag were firmer as one of them. That you can go to these two weekends march 18 or nineteenth and the 25 through the 26 tender for each day admission is free. Do people ever care about traffic every Saturday they try can't but I we do have people tailgate. You don't yes people Kamal is especially on nice days daily they would sit and have their lunch and maple beer people mere ripple line. So you know in addition to tapping in boiling. At maple weekend. A lot of the producers have a variety of activities including. A horse and wagon rides are right. Kids corners walks in the woods like you said so this is definitely a fan we event it's yes it's excellence and the event's champion outside go for a walk. Take a wagon ride get to see how first team and a lot of people bring a small camp up to put on display so. It in terms of your proximity. In varies burger a lot of them around you. In women county we have about seventeen producers for maple weekend yes. A what other counties can people go to frivolous in recounting nagger count he should talk locator August's. Allegheny. Monroe almost almost every Tony in New York State he has. Sure houses open for maple weekend ruin and you can get a list of them by going on the web site right yes again maple weekend. Det Karen tell me. About maple syrup in general and New York State in our region. You know Western New York. He is this conducive region. Does everybody around the world produced many polar no. Maple syrup is produced in about fourteen states basically the northeast of the United States. Quote back New Brunswick Ontario. And that's about it. And I it's just if that is where maple trees are indigenous to they just don't live outside of the northeast US and southeast Canada sold you know when somebody wants maples or is maples are popular and all of the country yours is just I notice here in wave off by maple syrup. Most anyplace in the world for sale but is that maple syrup and probably may be coming from this area yes. Really. I had no idea about that so you use sell it you under the big names or demean me you know I. What are some of the big name is rapists are in the stores. Maple syrup what you're thinking of would probably like me Jemima that is net maples here. That is core answer that is artificial flavoring but there were talk about the real real maple serve would be sold directly under the name of maple syrup. There's probably a thousand different store brands Lotta stores wegmans tops all your supermarkets have their own brand. You know be private label for them. So how lung. Eat get when you're not doing maple weekend which is two weekends in March. And you have your farm. Anyway what else are farmers doing who do this if you do maple syrup full time you do it year round really you start working in the woods about October. Fixing my name's. Getting trees off the line they came down your work through the winner until it's time the tapped. And when you're done tapping you that a wash everything everything is be cleaned up. And then you'll spend the rest of the summer processing. That's served either into containers consumer packed containers. Or in two other value added products whether it be your maple candies maple cream. Granulated maple sugars mustard whatever were making we pretty well process product your round and and pretty much these two weekends are what you. You say RV. This is prying peak season for the syrup right actually that is the prime two weekends to have a good chance. To be guaranteed we can be making product for republic come visit. So what what other types of maple products are there. Bastards that a barbecue sauces hot sauce. It's something about the need a hot census is big hot side show here maple hot sauce is excellent it's a good very good spice to it when you first taste that is starts at panorama sweet side and then cannon turned drone slaps you in the head. Aerial got a real good bite to it excellent flavor do you ever get sick a maple flavor. Now after like you don't notice so much of it when you smell it and eat it seven days a week. There's just something real great about me in subsidies just. To me it just seems like America. It's it's a good sugar. Yeah if such a thing is a good sugar maples a butcher. What are some of the other products you have we do maple coated nuts Mitt patent candy. Maple coated popcorn. I knew it all the Tony fares so we're all county fairs under the name of Wallach Erie county fair will be the while McKenna maple producers were open grange building. This new York state fair where there's a New York State maple produces association. Probably forty different county fairs that. Producers or produces associations are selling product I in right everywhere and can attack did realize that Western New York with such an important part maple. In in the country today just that something you just talk me. Wyoming county I believe as the third if not the fourth leading county in New York State for producing the poster. Can you get products online can guess if you boredom you can go to maple weekend that camel or you can go to NYS maple that cam. And you can find a producer. Probably 50% of us all have online stores because purchased product correct. Tony people being you were general region how many people come up for the event. We get anywhere is between. 10250000. For visitors. Throughout Wyoming and her through what Western New York really in the two weekends. It's a lot of people. And so people can have food and stuff like that a lot of producers have pancake breakfasts or. Some producers will have hot Doug's and Chile all made with maple syrup. That's got to be. I am just picturing when you take when your tapping out the thing and it's it's sticky and stuff reels when you're tapping the tree knowledge. You have glove and with what do well that's pretty much water. You know it's 90% water and 2% share. And just intrigued about how this. From the start of the day you know when you wake up in the morning. So when you wake up in the morning have breakfast and you go tip the tree. Mean. Yeah when it's tapping season you'd get up in the morning you'd start out happened you'd Tampa about dark when sap is running there is no such thing as sleep. Because if step as a running you will be boiling set you can't just say I'm gonna let us safer and don't pay do that tomorrow it will spoil. What. Earth summit how we we you know we talked about that it's it's a good sugar. In her debt to effort that from doctors and I read that. From different sources that there's a difference between high fructose. Type sugar. Then it's not good if you're ready and real sugar and you know but they called god sugar and natural sugar right. What are they what are the benefits of of maples are high in potassium. I calcium. It is no fan has no cholesterol. And because it's not a process sugar to natural raw sugar your bodies better able to. Process that into what it needs. That's awesome New York what you said the second largest meat producing state. In the US sat 200 day or 2.5 one million caps. Producing 707000. Gallons of syrup now. Of course if people in metro buffalo don't know the location we're talking about. It's funny when you go into Wyoming Tony. You see what it it remains he always like. Planet of the apes where Earl Lewis. Those when minutes then you know they all are standing there early this year he and it's learning quite well today are they had a soul. So. That's the or were talking about for you in particular viewer and the women count yes you could head down the southern Erie county get over it can't or is counting stop accounting. How many people how many firms to people catching you were area. Million women count is about sixteen producers they'll be opened those two weekends. So I'm reading here that the maple Serb provides basic ingredients for dozens of products including. Maple he again we talked about this these are solar things that you can get outlined the maple peanuts. The maple content candy which were kind enough to Brinker WB in studios. And we appreciate that with the maple cotton candy. You know if you had him wave a magic wand and tell people about maple what would you like to I'll. Greatest thing an earth and a wicca. And elect an elixir yet does that mean it's there's nothing you can say bad about. It's got a nice flavor to it it's. Just just a pleasant product. And start love maple because your. Let's do it because you talked about it here our rates so other things that people can do again we're here with. Great to super firms and for maple products. And now we're talking about the maple weakens that are common appear in March with the Western New York maple producers association. You can call them if you would like to their phone number is 58559. 11190. Or you can go to their website which you can purchase items on as well. And get to know everything that's gonna go on it maple weekend that term when they go to the website they can get actual driving directions right from their house or were going to be. Kind of aren't tell me about your business. A little bit and what's it like to be maple Rourke. Than thirty years is an engineer maple serve is way more fun really were you an engineer who was up on was that. Stressful Sundays and we you know engineer when it was an engineer to do and designing machinery OK and then you just. An athletic people's hair is it's up to net weight haven't you get into that did you just say look near brickyard Wendy Sabo 4000 resisters. Rather one teaches how to make surface kids in. Didn't have a clue what he was doing. But he thought he was having fun showed us that a thousand became an addicting happy and few trees became a few more trees and all the sudden became a lot of treason. Now it's seven days a week year round so it's at the same threes or do they keep growing use the same trees you have to remove this out from the tree. It heals over just like if you were to cut or scratch yourself that would heal over. And and you would cap a new spot the next year it's like bloodletting. If it's very similar drawing a small amount of blood out of a person yeah yeah Edmund and to put that you know I mean this is this is really really cool. So this is a family business of viewers. Your particular business. I have heard of you you know I we we know couple people Wyoming county we sure couple acquaintances and you know. Doesn't get much better than that when your when your loving what you do and you IV seems. It's a fun job did you leave so you left your job just a desk at solid you know at maples are. You craft shows all around the country again. You go anywhere outside near state free craft shows George South Carolina Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Are there any sponsors that you have that you would like to talk about waters or anyone involved we really don't have any sponsors it's U. Just Ewing and association we raise our own money. And again we're talking about a 150. Different locations. Throughout New York State. So all right you know we we cover up pretty. Broad area with our little broadcast here in buffalo means business so you probably are in one of these theories of Genesee County Lima company Jiri should talk weather's. For all over the admission is free. Ten to four each day march 18 or 19 march 25 through 26. What happens of rain user is there any kind of protect over there you'll be there the trees opens trees or measles Hillary. We may consider it can rain and snow can be a blizzard doesn't matter really I will be muddy. It will be muddy and that's right time of the year in buffalo and his money. Well I gotta tell you this I what didn't tipped nature preserve the other day NAND chick 83 anatomy hand. And it was money there too that was Colby and round nature and stuff like that. And you guys have a lot of deer and stuff Roman through the streets here and whatever else you wanna find one around out there rabbits what do you find out there it what's the word this animal you were found wandering out there. I don't know coyotes can make you wonder some days and again. I know bears and having that have never seen a bear. That's good thing. That's a good thing this is interest in learning about maple weekend. So I encourage show our audience to be there again lots of stuff to do horse and wagon rides kids corners walks in the woods. And it's far is your business goes again and people. Goal to your farm. 365 days a year whatever and yep and a mural and I've got a small showrooms that oppose that product available to any viewer of the people in these associations solar products in the retail stores. We do have some produces a seller of the Reese and in the retail store market. But it's almost always under a store label. Really got under the direct firmly able really because sometimes I'm going to supermarkets NC like little just hours. Of the only people serpents conflict fit in the syrups section. And you will find producers that sell direct to that the individual stores and stuff like that. Boca you're better off than you can find something that's locally made obviously. To do humming birds like that and humming birds like may concern I would think so because I'm with the sugar. That's. That's played it there one of their main foods and sugar. Dick you've got to get in the. Scarcity and over here come over here to bring Dick by the great Dick buy hourly in this conversation. We're talking about here maple syrup I learned a lot and just for sitting in the room a centrist and and and and Greg is talking about this. Are you big man a professor all the you know when my dad was working user purchasing agents and one of the perks he would get from some company that was trying to bribe him. Every year they would send him a big can of legitimate maple syrup for some reason he owned this always came from Vermont Greg was to deal with Vermont. Just on ordered by the Mickelson can you got to remind you by and second class and repair Willis is back in the sixties so you're you're in business that but I was in the business for that but that was my earliest exposure go to I mean like legitimate maple syrups. And it but we were talking outside it that it's a whole different world now I mean there's the comes out of the factory. Ours comes from a farm. Made right here locally. Armor c'mon visits and benefits are of the scenes I tip retreat share are can people do that if they come out the camp. So they can be part of a presidential pick we have a few producers. That actually you can adopt the tree while the tech beat three to set the inmate. Alice's very fast and how will this tree have to be before you're able to get enough thirty to fifty years depending on the site that's grown man. About twelve inches in diameter he's at 4000 trees. And so I would imagine with there's again there's a 150. Participants. In maple weekend. I mean it felt to most people have as many trees we have producers have anywhere in between. One or 200 trees up to twenty and 30000 trees. If I was this I have one giant maple tree in my backyard. But unfortunately the only place I have seedlings is in my daughter every year when those spinners off the tree goes at a premium from a maple producers. Well I would wanna compete with you you've got a monopoly on the market. We don't mind competition. I said its interest in not a huge trees it's really very bigger on its gotta be really old to ensure Everett as a kid I mean didn't you know why did I mean there's couple things I did as a kid. 10. One thing is it one bit scared and their goal stick. And I would just sit there and Nicole. And nobody digs holes anymore. I don't think there are expecting an answer that but I authorities to duke did you always try to go to a tree. And and try to see if sip coma and I always did Warner and into sometimes I would see Erica a car a black Tariq substance leaking what what's what was that what a defective tree. No that is actually pitched more like the cherry tree and add or any pine tree you get the sticky muy okay to orient. Seeing this is interesting nobody in on the answer this call. They're definitely cool that. You gotta go to the event and listen Greg I wanna thank you for being here. This is really really great event and I've heard a lot about it for the past when he two years and you know we appreciate you being in the show thank you for having me appreciate what you do. For the community in and getting maple syrup and stuff like that. And heading up on the Western New York maple producers association let me give you all the relevant info in here 5855911190. If you wanna call. But I would say most importantly can see everything. Every far everyone participating. All the activities. On maple weekend dot com so that's the website to go to and vibes again it's free hippie tactic. Freeze goes praised it so think what you think to be an assurance that it's fun. There's an we appreciate it problem. Things through the may cut can't buy into it so while. Greg this emperor from super maple products. In Harrisburg in Wyoming county Hickory Tony Wyoming I know that every company does this but them on the particular fan of one count. So I encourage everybody to go bring your family's. Make it a nice weekend for yourself. The maple weekend with the Western New York maple producers association. Eighteenth and nineteenth 25. In 26 stick interests through hanging out guys thanks for allowing me to take part that it ended discussion that was great and enjoy it. And Greg thank you very much could bring you good luck with the trees good luck with everything this year connect art. Israeli united thirty WP yen this is buffalo means business money and his body Shula and we will be back with segment number two next.