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3-4 Buffalo Means Business with Riviera Theatre

Mar 5, 2017|

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OK welcome back to segment number two buffalo means business sun news radio 930 WPE. And Manny was what he Shula if you would like a local business service anything local and there are Western New York area. Featured on the show you can also feel free to email me at body. At WB yen. Dec com we are here with a ready Riviera theater and performing arts center. And of course you know the Riviera theatre they are historic built in 1926. So they are celebrating nine years. As home of the mighty world that's your we're gonna talk more about that. Riviera is also listed on the national in New York State register. Historic places go to their website at Riviera theatre dot org. And around all the social media as well so first Obama to bring in my partner in crime for the segment. The one only Dick buy hourly. Nice to have hearings but he's going to be good you're sick and I know it could be good your musician too so this is going to be extra good. Were also here with the folks from the Riviera theatre Jim Pritchard who is director of the or operations. And Gary rue low. Who is the director of development welcome guys thanks thank you the first time man non buffalo means business could end here and honored to be your body if they gave you guys and just sanitary is serious back. Because most of the people you know. Get Roloson at the show. Well you're on Saturday nights and and we're usually pretty busy Saturday. Tuning in live as gonna say it'd be nice if we had a couple listeners have you guys you know. Oilers and it is eight she's the one she is a bloody shoe right she's a listener always in my house Saturday night and we actually we drew the shall trying to Mary to come to the theaters he shows which you'll accomplish these figures visit listening to this picture right now are up teller I appreciate that she's the one listening to it so. Art Riviera theatre. What a great. What what are great Renaissance story soul. Tell me about the theater itself of people who've never heard of that are never been there. Why should they know about this place. First of all where it's. Webster street north title one which is just a hub of great activity. Right off the tune nineties so it's easy to get tumor of the 19 year river road. The 29 he would go or you can't miss getting to the revered theater. Probably one of the easiest venues in Western Europe to get two free parking. On Joan writes it doesn't matter. Lots not a great opportunities opened on Webster street not just at the theater but great places to. Have a bite to eat or drink after the show Aussie can really how awful mud out. Never have to move your car. And it's it's a great great opportunity for for an item under payment. Go ahead of the theater was built in 1926. But more importantly in 1989. A group of volunteers banded together and saved the feeder from the wrecking ball maybe all Wal-Mart or parking lot. The other options actually yeah and it's kind of a fun story Rick James was in abide theater. But he was giving got used to sell the organ used ago the seeds and turn of the new recording studio which eventually built in Orchard Park. But when the the year round tears in the organ volunteers found out about this that and together. And he is having a little bit of trouble. Been in the United States to use probably an end up in jail feed combat the states of news on on the Lam in in Japan. And actually we understand he was negotiating to sell the organ to two an outfit Japan. And the volunteers banded together with the mayor at the time but he Hoffman and saved the theater they applauded and the non profit organization. Which was the Niagara frontier feeder organs authority is now the Revere theater and organ preservation society. And that's what led to all of the current great things that are happening here it in terms of development I carry. What he's seeing in terms of what's going and how we you know you continued to evolve things like that you are evolving correct. Yes it's it's early interest if you think back to what Jim just said in the history in the 1980s a theater basically a small community theater now and not a lot of events happening. Possibly demolished in Iraq involved not a lack going on in the area surrounding it. And you think about now just what has happened this transformational the last few years and the state agencies local foundations. Patrons. Volunteers. Community stakeholders. We've done a lot of work over the last few years and we have transform the entire area. And if informants and then the demolition ball to a regional destination. And quality life and you and a 100000 people we have over the last few years annually visiting a theater of our 175 events over three million dollars. And economic. Positive economic activity. Dozens of new businesses that have opened up. We have you know we have the Erie Canal there. Rape and walking distance of the theater in the Niagara river right. And you know with that offer events we have become a year round destination. And just the catalyst for the development around the area. You know and agreements since I'm sorry that the edge of your mission to three million dollar economic impact and I think it's important to emphasize that does not include their show ticket. Or anything they spend inside the theater that's an impact to Western New York outside of the Revere theater that's for our patrons are doing. For Western New York when they come see you show. I'm just gonna say that you know along with. The positive influence that that the rift has contributed to two Webster street in this area. I often liken it mean if if I like analogies and such you know to me. Webster street is so alive now on any given night but he it it's I would call it an adult chippewa street. Sure you know in this sense it like the kids go to chippewa street gang out. Or Webster street has become law. All of great destination for you know people that are maybe you know thirty you know that aren't gonna go to chip while there's a lot of great bars most of them feature wide music. Thankfully usually after the rich shows and so there's a conflict there and I can tell you you know being maybe the older remember this panel. To show you again from. You know just visual perspective you know my my time in high school I mean I went to calories as did Jim course. But you know Paris different air at well again I'm I represented the sixties era and I can tell you that. You know what you know when your kid your first learning to drive me nor China want is like you know the other side of the universe so. You know along right frost is going from you know cold and in Brighton to like North Carolina. We were aware. That the Riviera Peter existed but there really wasn't anything going. I mean there was not it was like. Oh there's a coal Peter so what. And that whole mentality that entire perspective. He's done. A 180 several times over now because you know thanks to some of the things that we've we've done together the three of us. It it truly is speak a destination and it does we've right into the to the Renaissance of Webster street avenue guys really should take a bow and then I mean. Everybody contributes but you know there's got to be a focal point and I believe to review the Revere theater. Is that big magnate that enables some of these other businesses to grow and prosper along with you guys we appreciate. UN and we do in a civilian who are nonprofit organization our mission is to preserve the historic Riviera theatre in the mighty Willis or organ. And and we are very small staff lots of dedicated volunteers we college team rooms. Great partners. Are always looking to expand our partnerships with with the business community in sponsors and things like that. But it's it really has become regional destination and and you know a lot of emphasis sometimes with the local media as is centric around buffalo on the waterfront which is great there's lots of nice things happen and thereby. But you know there's a lot of other things happen and in the region and were rated between buffalo Niagara Falls in between those two destinations. And bringing in terrorists from all over the internationally come into our bands we really have become a catalyst for development in the region. And that's why we're you know it's it's it's easy for us now to say were regional attraction where. Just a few years ago we had a street with lots of boarded up buildings are marquis was following up the building and we barely did any events so it's been a very quick turnaround and transmission by. Lots of work over. Many years for restoration work in the theater and a lot of support. To help our nonprofits removal on. And what we you know we haven't talked about you know the the elephant in the room here your big org. It. You are with Sotomayor let's equip our mighty are gonna answer. Right so. You know I mean this organ is something else. And and two people come into it to the river just to see the organ absolutely. Mean its search for the fact that this world through theater or in the muddy roads or is the reason reveres the standard. If the organ wasn't there the volunteer group would not have taken the interest in saving the theater and so we're so lucky that. We had that dedicated corps volunteers back then. That really started in the forties but continued to grow. And and provide that service to maintain the theater organ. Candidacy of theater but we do we have our eight times a year we have a mighty worlds concert and silent film event. First Wednesday of the month during the the the better weather months. March April may June and then October November December. We've we've over the world are we also. Every chance we get we have some of them rose or whether it before. Austin over concerts or even during some of her concerts and live events. Most recently Steve side. A featured the muddy roads are and one of the songs it was a fantastic. Oh it was great in and every time. Any of these national hours to come through feature the the organs almost to show stopping moments audience appreciates. They're off focus on on the history of north tunnel Wanda. But that's just it the world or is the history of north tunnel on the world through building. On Niagara Falls or that's where they they were made and and some of these national artists the tour in the world and in the so many theaters that still have a world are organs. There in the United States their fear than there are are on the world. But they appreciate that. They were made right in north want to. 51 it and look at it this and the brochure in this organ is something else I mean. Three manual organ donors there's three keyboards plus the foot pedals but they're sound effects for silent movies. It's X. Seventeen range of plate in the 63 points and leave it cracked my amendment the law but a lot of pipes and outlaws who hit who had so this organs that are different and here's a guy who. Can you think of any famous people who have been behind a keyboard here launcher on Hugh Laurie they agree. Comedic actor and piano player is he's got a jazz band and so Jasper and the copper bottomed and he's played the theater twice. In the past five years and it started to show a couple times on the Marty roots are rising there coaster that. And a poorly yet it again it really a phenomenal experience. And I had the fortune of actually like being next to him is he's getting it was at its souls are real that that I experienced that myself. And it just it was a show stopping it from the from the moment the show started he he'd just won the audience over and deservedly so. It you know Jimmy guys that you the fellows that you have major your house organist. Those fellas really know the ins and outs how to maximize. The many many sounds that does. When that when I go to a show there I I love that early part because I'm just captivated by how incredible how many big full. Sounds an arrangement you can actually get out of that thing. You know got a great group of 45 guys that will play for about a half an hour before almost every event. There's the occasional event like the the rocky horror picture party were we know we need to have the the organ covered up and protected. So we we get that wrapped up in buttoned up before the audience comes and but it's few and far between Iran and red organ area. And not hear the worlds are. There's also computer attached to the organ problems so we can play it if there's not a life person there. Oh we captured the activity that an organist does it's not a recording. There there is a speaker attach the organ but that's the simply amplify the operate piano. There's no recorded sounds of New York is actually the actions. That's the organist did. Get re created by the computer systems and back through so it's still air blowing through pipes. And sellers releasing triggers makes sound effects and and that it really is. It's in the process so we always can play it even if we don't have someone to play. So let let me just give you some information and catch up here and now where we are we're here with the Riviera theatre in north tunnel while leaving credible Riviera. The rid of as Dick buy hourly would would call it we're here with Jim Pritchard director of theater operations. And Gary room lol it was the yet director of development adding it's very important to mention that that they are celebrating ninety years. And you can become a member of the Riviera family you can show your support. Getting advance pre sale ticket opportunities things like that. Free admission to the MT bank film series. And of course of muddy were blitzer concert events free popcorn and more I mean you know I walk in the air probably about six months ago. He and I was I was shocked I mean I'm I'm looking at this place just from the front doors when I was in side. As a to myself boy this looks like support from. Phantom of the Opera and their community really. Here really you know it's funny you make an analogy we this summer lifetime movie network filmed a movie at the Riviera theater and these days that premiered in my time movie network the director. Put on social media that it is his homage to Phantom of the Opera so it really was kind of agreed statement of just how it resembles that old era and it was nine years ago was the agreed aero theater construction. You know an interest in him probably sadly at the same time both Jim and myself actually got part suspect in Paris in this movie we were security guards. Really no Oscar no enemy yet but it just aired so it aired in February. And we look for a delirious after Dion and you rather have happen I saw somewhere OUN thick sweater guy unless. You know. As wanna say that we are talking earlier about via the Renaissance of Webster and yeah we are talking about of course the restoration preservation of the theaters up. I I consider myself to be do we blessed because I have a chance to see it. From from both sides of it obviously is a performer I've I've performed on that fabulous sonic stage. And will be doing so again in May eleventh shameless plug shameless plug news at eleven that would. But what really wanna talk about is is the fun part about pre show. I'd seen it at night in there's just nothing like the thrill of you're gonna go to the Riviera for a free show in UC. That murky lit up all the activity of people hanging outside in anticipation of coming in to see a great show. I mean that it's it's just so cool I mean that the the vibrancy. The sense that while this neighborhood. Is happening out this place is happening and I can't wait to go inside and see a great show. It's really cool to see it from two perspectives and you see the excitement and the faces of the people waiting to get in. And you know and I don't think any deliberate anymore what the realist when you're on stage in new look out and you see that gorgeous theater. It it's super inspiring what can I say it's it's just the past. Gary what what are some of the events that you have coming up in now later march and April. Oh him. I know you have one of my favorite guys Jack Hanna. Yes bringing his circus over there right you gotta you gotta cover up the organ for that want to. Revel in Oregon and backstage. And don't tell us at a time when animals that are coming into the theaters. The interest in the sea and hopefully win. People get tickets worth and income check it out. We have we have going eerie voice coming. And march 17 we have Tom Chapin for our children show men and children show and evening adult performance. We have The American Legion band musical backs encore presentation. Authorized they Peter Gabriel bass Genesis music you'll ever hear seriously cannot miss huge Genesis dear Annie into Peter Gabriel's Genesis and those guys he's a box and musical black. We had an injury he went the last time I still don't just here in February is sold vote you're a student with two and a half weeks ahead of time that shows sold out. Austin ruled add this encore presentation in April are they from buffalo no they're from there. Yeah much nickel back then they'll improve back and they are calm day Arab. All of the original members of Genesis. Multi yeah that's just just they feel the Genesis knows about this yes it's authorized by appear to favor. Effective about a year and a half ago Steve Hackett played the Riviera and his agent called me and said. You're the place that does musical box in buffalo right said yes it I've got to show for you should bring Steve Hackett and that'd be of their original I don't go to go to upgrade or in Louisiana and we actually I think our our our musical box audience with a little bit of a special pre sell the Steve Hackett. As a thank you for all the support and it it was a great night testy packet at the roof of a year and half. And having you know an original and amazing guitarists and and a great musician having you you know bring bringing basically tributes to them. Really re creation on tributes at the right word but to sit there and tell Leo. They're great and then you give in you know a lot of things. You know people don't get to see when we have these no vision and performance there is Kansas about the theater. How amazing the sound acoustics aren't and the room and how they just love the character of the room. As they would say executives as a musician how the room talks back to them the it's just it's like the perfect environment it's like. All the instruments on stage sound exactly the way you want to hear your instrument. To bring out the best in in in your performance were you know I mean am I I'd love it stage you guys let the polio. Look at the look pretty. If they they love coming back on my time run into coming back from I think the third time in a year and a half and he loves coming back to the revered theater that will be and salesman for Showtime's the sell out every time we players that are so that helps. We have sergeant Pepper's album the beatles' yesterday with a sergeant pepper and I think it's the fiftieth anniversary of urgency is ever certain purpose. Yesterday live from Las Vegas coming in they played the river a few times Ando last year restarted. Adding some special Izzo is not the same show over and over again. They did. Early Beatles last year and now and in the spring there and you special celebration of the fiftieth anniversary sergeant pepper. Brightening kids' shows with a Little Mermaid coming up we have movies throwback Thursday movies classic movies. We do everything Clive concerts movies. Anything in her children extra business. So I gotta look beautiful yet the mighty rulers as you know and my US a counters look for those and we are talking about that a little bit earlier and some people might think that that sounds like a boring topic. But really if you've never seen the mighty world sir. And and a concert with a silent film it's it's. It's just a great experience and bring kids it's not just for the older crowd we have more more younger kids coming in to see it because of the fact Salant film I just. Interested because you know everybody is in this world of digital download instant everything and and and to have this history that they can go that still works better than ever. And they can just see the world's or play they can they watch asylum we see how that all works. And it's it's just amazing. Some of the reactors are concerts children eighteen and are under eighteen are admitted free to my world for concerts so law. If you're looking for an interest in night out if you cut. Kids or grandkids and and Wednesday at the first Wednesday of the month. He needs them to do. Ten dollar admission for adults and free admission for anyone under eighteen. How many members to hear about 350 members right now that number Fox's. Would you take advantage via the special pre sell to some of our offense is a good incentive for someone to join. Austin you can actually buy your membership during the pre settlement take advantage of it but we've found this year particular we've only been doing that for about two years now where it's been a real. Incentive to become a member to get a priest offers specific show but the renewals people are. Renewing their membership before another show that they wanna see. And get the pre sell for in the really taken advantage of the free popcorn in the free movie attendance. And the free world or concerts in other experienced their first one for free in the neighboring Fo folks with a decision one that's a bit of an experienced well what are the prices for memberships memberships started 49 dollars for an individual. And 99 dollars for a family. That's pretty good relief is it to me up and I think we haven't really mentioned so much about the the XP Accenture well you know we talk about how great the theater isn't it really is in the acoustics and the experience coming in the front door under the the gloriously restored murky and the lobby that looks fantastic. But then voters are. The not so nice things about the theaters that include. The bar that is crammed into the area behind the sound bruised in the walkway that there's really not enough space for and as as to your brother likes to to bring in authorities absolutely right the bathrooms at the Revere theater are prehistoric. It's their original the 1929. When it was not okay to sell food or drink at the theater. Before they realized how much money you make supporting your ventures with concessions and there her seven stalls for mend. And five stalls for women in the entire bill. And that doesn't make for great experience for patrons and that that bothers us whenever patrons don't have and we completely understand that because we agree with I bet there are absolutely right and it's it's a valid complaint and we can't hide behind because it's the absolute truth. Also were looking to. We're looking to do three things further expansion. It's kind of a three legged stool we want to improve the experience for our patrons and that includes. New bathrooms includes a better concessions and our experience that will be faster and get them back to their seats quicker. An elevator up to the balcony will be and other another spurs from an VIP lounge. For donors and and how will participants. People who buy a lot of tickets and in all of that. We're gonna improve the experience for performers are right now there's three dressed in in the basement underneath the stage. It's. Less than ideal. There's no shower there's no place to sit down and eat dinner. Possibly take care of that with with the address terms on this same level as the stage. With a full green room for our performers can. Gathers a team with the production staff and really meet and get ready in and do the things they need to do to prepare for a great show. And then before they get on the bus to go one of their next venue maybe they can clean up and take a shower in and get ready and and and have a better experience before they leave the theaters well. And our goal is to always provide more entertainment so the the third leg of the stool was a black box theater which is a flexible use based. That we can configure any way that the performers need and weathered at all Austin more local entertainment work with the the community theater groups and Western New York. On May be smears more school events but also corporate seminars and training and other music events jazz nights local music nights we have a great meeting with the buffalo musical fame and work started. Possibly work with them. Expanded program and as well so there. Going to be a lot of great opportunities to go along with this. And and it looked over to Gary years their development director. Because he's got some some like work to do is that as the team in the team rivers is certainly the reality. But carries kind of taken the reins on boundaries in the funds and a great job so far too. Right we've you know we're we're we're very close our final design which is we really exciting we're hoping within the next and and weeks the next month or two maybe. Of bringing it to the public and announcing and shine. It's it's gonna look really mean we're really proud of it it's gonna blend into the historic districts that the and historic Revere theaters then. And of people I think this is gonna look really cool and and I think it'll give people a real excitement. We're really we really archer entertainment district in that area and necessarily in a compliment that big time and bring in the modern amenities it's you know and our goal is we're gonna bring you know adding this instant expansion really in addition to the historic theater. On our goal is to preserve the historic theater for forever. For many more for another ninety years in more for people to enjoy it but also give them the modern amenities that we can't have we just don't have the room to do it. And we can't we do not want to Alter the to historic character of the theater. We wanna keep that charm and there's not many theaters like this left. And in them in the country in the world and we wanna preserve that puts bring you know the mine and amenities. Making a really cool I knew it as a nonprofit additional revenues. That we can put back into the historic theater for additional president preservation work our goal is to have this expansion belts. And then move back into the historic theater and Jamar roster restoration work. And you know that's always a continuing process. Believe me when I tell you bomb running and trying to keep an old building preserved as expansive and there there's nothing cheap about it. And so that's Toro is asking for support how from the community and sponsors and from local businesses. And things like that beef. Before wrap up here I did want to mention that you have sponsorships opportunities as well at the Riviera theatre. There are kinds of sponsorships for the main stage you know corporate sponsorships cold sponsorships. He should really look into that they'll come with different packages and things like that but if you want to work through what your business to be aligned. With the Riviera theatre. That is so an option for you and you can get more information. Offer everything register visiting their website at Revere theater. Dot org nine years this year. Of the home of the mighty world blitzer in 1926. Goes back to. In north title and at the Riviera theatre. And performing arts centers so wanna sank again nets him Pritchard. Director of the year operations. And Gary Romo who was the director of development also Dick buy hourly pursuit and today. And I think you guys. Are much thanks for heaven thank you buddy thank you decks for joining us and you took you know if you come to the theory you never knowing MIT Dick hourly with his lack strategists want gown theater when it does not with. What they've seen it it's. There are. You know real quick to. Don't under don't let's not underestimate how great it is to go to a venue with great entertainment with parking needs. Easy unlike downtown it's in Manhattan it is safe and it's easy and I think that's important. Are right will be back with buffalo means business that next week 6 o'clock right here on news radio 930 WB ENN. You've been listening to buffalo means business with money Shula news radio 930 WB and that brought you by the law office of wild flurry go complexion spot by Western New York dermatology window world Jamestown mantras and Jamison electric. Heating and there have been listening for another edition of buffalo means business every Saturday at 6 PM only on news radio 930 WBA. And. The EU and new.