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President Trump signs new executive order on immigration

Mar 6, 2017|

The Trump administration announces the new executive order on immigration.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So he's live coverage from the BC news. Here is NBC news correspondent. Aaron pitchers can. Members of president comes cabinet. Make remarks now about a new executive order on immigration the president just signed. To replace the one blocked by the courts the new version removes Iraq from the list of Muslim majority countries banned from sending citizens to the United States. But the next ninety days here is secretary of state Rex Tillerson. Good morning. Thank you for joining us. The executive order signed by the president earlier today. Protecting the nation. From foreign terrorist entry into the United States. The bottle measure for strengthening our national security. It is the president's solemn duty to protect the American people. And with this order president trump is exercising his rightful authority. To keep our people site. There's registrar security continue to evolve and change. Common sense dictates that we continually reevaluate. And reassess the system room rely upon to protect our country. While no system can be made completely infallible. The American people can have high confidence. We are identifying ways to improve the vetting process. And thus keep terrorists from entering our country. To our allies and partners around the world. Please understand this orders part of our ongoing efforts to eliminate vulnerabilities. The radical Islamist terrorists can and will exploit for destructive and the State Department will organize with other federal agencies. And implement these temporary restrictions in an orderly manner. Our embassies and consulates around the world will play an important role in making sure that our nation is as secure. As they can be. And the State Department will implement the provisions in this order that allowed for the admissions are refugees. When it is determined they do not pose any risk to security or welfare of the United States. Upon the president initially objected border issued on January 27. The state department's consular affairs and diplomatic security offices. Immediately undertook a review. In coordination with the Department of Homeland Security. To identify additional measures that would strengthen our vetting of those seeking entry to the United States from 79 countries. These early efforts were concentrated on Iraq. Iraq is an important ally in the fight to defeat ices. With their brave soldiers fighting a close coordination with a America's men and women in uniform. This intense review over the past month and in a budged multiple security measures. That the State Department. And the government of Iraq. Will be a committee to achieve our shared objective. For visiting those with criminal or terrorist to content. From reaching the United States. On express my appreciation. To prime minister all of body of Iraq for his positive engagement. And support for implementing these actions. The United States welcomes this kind of close cooperation. With countries in every region of the world who share our commitment to national security. This revised order will bolster the security of the United States. And her allies. Now we spent the morning briefing the congress the press the we will continue to talk with key stakeholders this afternoon. Expert from the Department of Homeland Security the Department of Justice. And the State Department hosted an hourlong call with the media on this topic this morning. Our collective teams will continue throughout the day to follow up with the congress the media and stakeholders to answer your questions. I'll now turn it to the attorney general for his comments. Thank you mr. secretary. And good morning jogging. Where have the Justice Department's top priorities is to protect the nine days from threats to our national security. Therefore all want to discuss two point. First the national security bases. This order. And second that apartment or just a role in defending the lawful orders of the president of the united. First as president truck noted in his address to congress the majority of people convicted. In our courts for terrorism related offenses. And not eleven. Came here from abroad. We also know they mean people seeking to support our commit terrorist acts we're trying in our through our refugee program. In fact today more than 300 people according to the FBI. Who came here as refugees are. Under an FBI investigation today or potential terrorism related activity. Like every nation the United States has a right to control who enters our country and to keep out those who would do us harm. This executive order of age to protect the American people. As well as lawful immigrant operating employees and enhanced screening and vetting process. Foreign ministers from six countries. Three of these nations our state sponsors of terrorism. The other three have served as safe havens for terrorist countries. Countries where governments have lost control of their territory. He terrorist groups like I saw Laura al-Qaeda. And severely. This increases the risk that people aren't muted here on these countries. May belong to terrorist groups on May have been radicalized about them. We cannot compromise on nations security about allowing visitors injury when there aren't governments are unable or unwilling. He providing information we need to vet them responsibly. All when those government actively support terrorists. This executive war responsibly provides a needed pol. Weekend so we can carefully review how we scrutinize people coming here from these countries of concern. Act the Department of Justice believes that this executive more. Just as the first executive order is a lawful and proper exercise that presidential a RT. This Department of Justice ruled that bandanna and forced lawful orders of the president consistent with the core principles of our constitution. The executive. Is empowered under the constitution. And back congress to make national security judgment. And your enforce our immigration policies. In orchard safeguard the American public. Terrorism has clearly a danger for America and our people. The president gets briefings on these dangers and emerging threats on a regular nice. The federal investigative agencies. Intelligence community. The Department of State the department of homeland security and the united states military. Report to the president. Knowing the president would best is that that's extensive. Information. Our founders wisely gave the executive branch the authority and IDD to protect the nation. This executive order is a proper exercise. That power. Now Howard turned things overture I able secretary John Kelly. And the Department of Homeland Security to our. Thank you that you present. Well like Kia searchers think the attorney general yesterday. My comments will be relatively brief last week the department of homeland security's celebrated its fourteenth anniversary first opening its doors on 1 march 9 2003. Is secretary it was established responses devastating attacks have eleventh. When foreign terrorist turned a beautiful but ordinary day into a nightmare. About those attacks taught us that we could not take our nation's security for granted. That Homeland Security must be our top priority. And that we needed to overcome our collective inability to take it. To connect the dots of intelligence and arranged them into a more comprehensive. Picture of the threats posed to America. And our way of life. But much has changed over the past fourteen years both in the world. Is more dangerous and it ths which is much better. The fact remains that we are not immune to terrorist threats in that our enemies often use our own freedoms in generosity. Against us. Today's executive order which president trump signed this morning will make America more secure. And address long overdue concerns about the security. Of our immigration system. We must undertake a rigorous review and are undertaking a rigorous review over immigration vetted programs to increase our confidence. In the decisions we make relative to visitors and immigrants that travel to the United States. We cannot risk of prospect of a level and active using our immigration system to take American lives. This executive orders prospective in nature it's focuses on preventing the entry of new foreign nationals from the six designated countries. Accordingly it is important to note that nothing in this executive order effects existing lawful permanent residence. Or persons with current authorization. To answer our homeland. Unregulated invaded trouble is not a universal privilege especially when national security mistake. The White House work closely with the department of homeland security department of justice and Department of State. To create an audit that addresses previous concerns and protects our homeland. And every one of our citizens. The men and women. Of the Department of Homeland Security. Like their Brothers and sisters wrote lord force meant. Are decent men and women of character. And conscience. There are no less so than the governors of our states and territories. Or senators and members of congress. Of our city mayors in various activist advocacy groups. These men and women are sworn to enforce the laws as passed by the United States congress. And would be in violation of the law. In this war gross. If they did not do so. We do not make the law. Put us want to enforce it we have no what eruption. We are going to work closely to implement and enforce it through mainly. Respectfully and with professionalism. What we will enforce the law. I want to thank the president for his leadership on this issue for its steadfast support for a import lower enforcement security. And counterterrorism missions. Again. As previously mentioned I've spent much of the day today on the phone. With members of congress the leadership explaining the ins and outs of this you know what I did the same thing last week. So there should be no surprises. When it's in the media or on Capitol Hill thanks very much think your time. Live from Washington Homeland Security secretary John Kelly. After president trump cited new executive order restricting immigration for refugees in people from six Muslim majority countries the cabinet members took no questions. After a chaotic rollout of the initial version today secretary of state wrecked Edison promised the restrictions would be implemented in an orderly manner. Citizen called rock an important ally in the fight to defeat I citizens that it would be dropped from the list of countries banned from sending citizens to the US for ninety days the provision on refugees has also changed. The new version puts a temporary halt on all of them. No longer singling out refugees from Syria. We also heard from attorney general Jeff Sessions who said more than 300 people who came to the US has refugees are under investigation now by the FBI for potential terrorism activities it the first time we heard that number the attorney general did not elaborate. Revised executive order takes effect in ten days and easily the White House said it was needed immediately so people would not blood in the country before telegraphed date. Aaron could too risky or listening to live coverage from ABC news and straight back to the White House now and ABC's Karen Travers. Care and everything and out to me first though legal focus here at the White House saying that they believe that this new executive order has been crafted so tightly that it will we can't legal challenges. President trump wanted to keep that first executive order. Gil in court and not revoke it and then issued this. New one as a supplement but his White House team of lawyers said that is not the way to do it you have to rebuild the first of that is what it's gonna happen. Second the optics of this the White House has that a photo of the president in the Oval Office signing these executive order. Very different from January 27 when he went to the Pentagon had a signing ceremony. Standing with the Defense Secretary and his vice president that this is more of a hands off approach from president from. Letting the people out there talking about it B cabinet members also Arum morphing the implementation is very critical for the White House he did not want to see a repeat of the chaos and confusion. At airports and other locations around the country like we saw that first week in February a significant emphasis today from the cabinet secretary about. How this will be orderly and why this is taken so much time because they want to prevent that. ABC's Karen Travers for us live from the White House indeed heard the Department of Homeland Security secretary John Kelly say there should be no surprise I'm Aaron give her ski. And you've been listening to live coverage from ABC news. Miss honors winner for the third straight year with Edward. It's.