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Monday's White House briefing

Mar 6, 2017|

Monday's daily news briefing at the White House

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The president acted to protect the national security by issuing an executive order. That addressed the courts can aren't some of which merely involved clarifying the intent of the original executive order. After reviewing the facts in and thorough consultation with the cabinet the president has included these actions are necessary to protect the United States. Who knows who unfortunately. What to do us harm sanctuaries and wanna highlight in the executive order. There will be uniting Nate tiny gate suspension of travel to the United States by nationals from Iran Libya Somalia Sudan Syria and Yemen. During which time the department at eight and hope to our state and Homeland Security. Will conduct a review to determine how we can improve screening. For foreign nationals seeking and through the United States. These countries have been preview identified by congress and the Obama administration. As presenting heightened concerns about terrorism. Specifically. I ran it and hear it been designated state sponsors terrorism Libya is an active combat zone where. Violent heinous crime group pride and on governed territory. Portions of Somalia have been a haven for terrorist group. Countries don't even recognized Somali document. And Yemen is night and an ongoing conflict between the government. And I and I ran backed armed opposition both ice and al-Qaeda in the Arabian and haven't played a conflict. To expand their presence in Yemen Kara hundreds of attack. These governments can can't simply cannot or not adequately supply. Information. About their own national and the absence and adequate information from the government the president has had to act to protect security the American people. After the original executive order Iraq government. Took steps to increase our cooperation with our immigration authorities. And improve their batting crown leading them to be removed from the list of countries covered by the temporary travel budget. We know other countries will also take proactive action to share to ensure the security of all of our. This is proof of both the need. Or any effectiveness. The president's actions they're number of exceptions it is temporary travel expansion. The order explicitly state pension does not apply to. One green card holder to. Foreign national currently in the US. Three foreign national currently holding. Valid visas for foreign nationals who are tools that is and I think designated country traveling on passport. Issued by nine designated country and last. Foreign nationals who have been granted asylum or admitted as refugees previous. There are also be a temporary 120 day thank the United States refugee. Admissions program. More than three eater people who have entered the United States refugees are currently the object counterterrorism investigations. By the FBI. We must find it that way you better screen refugee applicants to maintain the safety of our own communities. This national umbrella of reduced the investigative burdens. On the agency's approach is main refugee program allowing them to properly review ordered by standards and practice. In regard to both of these provisions. The president place his ball and faith and trust in the parents' knowledge of the secretary date and secretary of Homeland Security. This order makes it clear that they have broad authority to grant waivers based on their expert judgment. The suspension does not apply to refugees already scheduled for travel by the department date which is explicitly stated in the tax and the executive order. Additionally the suspension does not treat your records he's different than any other refugees. It does not separately address the persecution of religious minority but does permit waivers in the cases of undue hardship. This order was trapped in close consultation with the relevant agencies it also includes a delay effective date of mark dean. Giving those involved in it enforcement even more time to facilitate an orderly roll up we welcome those. Come to our country wishing to contribute and share earnings and prosperity and well being but we cannot allow our immigration system to become a vehicle for admitting people who intend to do a car. It is the president solemn duty to protect the American people. And president trump is an important step in securing our borders it is order moving onto today the president had a full day of meetings at the cabinet and members of staff. The president received intelligence briefing this morning he had a call earlier with the Israeli prime minister Netanyahu. Where they discussed regional security challenges the prime minister thanked the president for his strong stance on anti semitism during an address to congress week. The president has left the vice president and hasn't speaking to you now he is beginning meeting with secretary eight. Later today held meetings with his National Economic Council. And secretary of action there schalken. This evening gala dinner with OMB director more grainy and secretary of health and human Ayers is Tom price. Where he will talk about that repeal replace efforts regarding obamacare. Which that I did not take questions. What are the odds and told John Roberts thank you yeah you told us me produces just again. So many times the president was gonna continue with the case yet at court you paragraph thirteen of media since he's gonna regret viewers what changed. As you know he met with his team over the weekend. I doubt MR Lotto. General Counsel secretary actions secretary Kelly. I even know or other members of the team where they got continued discussing the current executive order. As well as. Didn't this strategy and they made a determination that it was best for you this track and again I think as I mentioned an opening remarks we continue to maintain. The order with only lawful but there are some legal hurdles that we have it potentially crop terms and enjoyment in things like that. So it was. Discussed with the president Saturday. And immediate decision that this is how he wanted to proceed. Going forward they mean by count. Game you DOJ has informed the ninth circuit of the existence of an executive order to remove him. News reporting cases that are basically or. The question you know that there's there's issue both. The ninth circuit and and the other ones and I'll have to get action I don't know what pot years there. You know what local sports market. Outside I'd be glad that everybody. I. Don't know him. Margaret. Actually I like it. The other picture. And clear. On. My house. On. Do fliers. Netherlands. Yeah Ottawa. As it was definitely couldn't read it. I think the statement that teaser trailer president Donte' trop this request is part of their investigation of Russian activity. They congressional intelligence committee exercise their oversight authority to determine whether it executive branch of it are refusing to sixteen. Is the White House the president will comment further or continued you want congress to looking at this I think I've spoken to the president again today he would. At that they additionally. Looking at this issue of leaks of classified in other information coming from the government. He believes that it undermines our national security. And congress the intelligence community in congress using their oversight authority. Looking you. The pervasive leaks of national security of classified information. So you do that I would note it's interesting that when you look at. What former united clapper said on meet the Pratt when he was asked. If there's any evidence that trump campaign colluding with the Russian government. While the Kremlin was working influence the the election his quote was not to my knowledge. I think we continue to see. People who have been briefed and are aware of the stories and it exist it. Car and chairman unions and intelligence committee. Tom cotton. An intelligence committee which Ingram. Marco Rubio union on and on and on. Has said that the information that they've been provided and I I guess there's two separate issues here but I think on the first one. You saw over and over again the continued. Comments by people who are in the know or happen and now on the situation saying that there's no knowledge conversely you saw former. Attorney general with hazy. C'mon talk about that it is pretty clear that there was some sort of surveillance and wiretap. That had to have existed. All that being said I think that's why the president is asking congress. Intelligence committee user over site authority to further understand. What's in. I. So I'm sorry but yeah. I'm pleased that until it is over for now the president does not have an. Planes too now and I imagine only in the meantime. I guess why did you not. Yes I'll be honest I did not see anything aside from another a report based on anonymous sources that that actually happened. Don't hide from. Anonymous source as saying that conversation happened. I'm not aware that that occurred I don't know that were aware that that occurred and I frankly don't see anything on the record that show. That that actually cards I just just to be clear. I think. This is one of the problems they think occurred in April 1 and doors people start taking things back. Because a series of opera are off her record and on our. Hey do we have started to become a series of believing. All of these stories and yet. You know I've addressed in the past. There's there's no there's nothing there to substantiate in fact all of the people. From opening clockers comic quote not to my knowledge and quote. He's all right Nunez rubio all the senators and house members that have been briefed by the FBI. Coming out saying we're we have not seen anything either at some point you know I would ask people to take on the record sources. And quote as important as the countless numbers of of of anonymous author Zeke. I was. Yeah I that's I just the top of the head out and yet you don't worry right now as my dad. So if it's me. What is the source of the residence and I. Believe. Them. Are they could be Isaiah could be surveillance. Cameras and are down. Eight let ID he's made it clear that there are there's continue report have been out there I'm not gonna continue to I think the president made clear yesterday. That he want did did he want congress to go and look at this. I think there is substantial reporting out there from our from. Individuals and from sources think Sarah you're not on camera you don't eat that junk then we'll get your question intern. Alana and the the answer is that the president's made it clear he wants congress looking. And that. And and we're encouraging house and senate intelligence committee to do their users their oversight capabilities. And McCain and John is no matter what kinds of wars why I think that there's no question that something. Happens the question is. Is it is it surveillance is it a wiretap or whatever but they're gonna not reporting it strongly suggest that something occurred and I think it that's why. What you said yesterday is that he wants congress to look into and I think if there's enough. Out there now. That makes one wonder how all of this happened without the existence of imbalance. This week right. What all John like I said I'm gonna put it in an innocence at his data came in yesterday made it very clear he wants house and senate. Intelligence train average user oversight already. To look into the situation John is. John and present it is the ears. Hypocrisy and double standard in the reporting of things for example. About. Alleged Russian involvement in new us elections and then the other hand. Relatively little attention paid at least being conversations with world leaders that are classified. And does the leaking of his conversations with world leaders. Bothering him and make him want to investigate that as well it's. That's why yeah I mean I think he is very concerned about that there is obviously. Information that affects national security instantly out. That can hurt him I mean it in eighty when you use some of the leader calls being leaked out that. Are sort of congratulatory. Are are not necessarily doing a secret or not security that's wanting to map but it gives you pause and concern. To realize that if you're talking about. Something out of national security. Something that affects you have our different economies and countries. That data whether you know China and North Korea where they actually talking to them are talking about them with another leader. That there is obviously concerned that get those calls are getting leaked out and I think. That's why you know the president also. Now asking congress traditionally uses oversight authority also look at that those leaks and wonder why that's happening. So. I think he is concerned I think we added several times of four and it's obviously something that is of major concern and frankly when you recognized. The potential that they could have on the safety of our country if she ever applause tally. There. How has the president spoken with the FBI director allegations he made Saturday morning to get competence is asking us. Like I had the best of my knowledge. And one on 100% certainly has not but I'm not specifically ask I'm not aware that that hurt. And yet give myself and I'm glad to get back but I aimed. I not known that that'd amuse myself the ability give back to you on the but I am not. An and all of you who are making a list. But I am not aware that that actually happens out. Yeah. There's nothing that I had been told by him that would. We need to leave that anything is different than when it was prior. Out there you're talking about president line that congress. On a liar. And that is held. By the executive vice president. It didn't say it again and I'm not gonna. I outline in my wheel house here but my understanding is that the presidential racking. That department just do something with with respect to an agent may or may not occur where that may be seen as trying to interfere. And I think you were trying to do this in the proper way in the price that's not doesn't interfere with an investigation. And it. President backing Gingrich in. One week and it's probably wouldn't let that. Right this particular revise or go to Pat Perez and look what happened under the undercut your argument that he knows that red. Well I mean. I would argue that the court trying to undercut her argument. By not reading. The US code the way it's intended. But I think we lost the element of surprise way that will ever issued second executive order. Lou I mean I think we set at the beginning the whole reason that we did it in a way that we did. Was because if you started how it happened but I think that when we started talking about a second executive order. Couple weeks back I think that that generally took away when it was done on Friday or Sunday or Monday. Wouldn't matter and people have been able to under we have telegraph what we're doing. The last couple weeks we took that away and the president as you've seen mom has been very methodical about making sure we talked about this. I'm. You know the last week talked about talking right but talking about implementing it correctly I think Saturday night. If you saw the group of individuals and outsourcing and this part of that. Implementation process that we've been talking about that we were continuing to tweak it and get ready to be. Overcome a lot of issues and concerns that it added in or out on in nature that the government are the credit but but make no mistake we lost element of surprise. Back when we and it went to court. In join their in the ninth circuit and an and we had to go back the prime Mort we talked about a second order that that was and that the entire time. You lose that accent he. This go back to India. And others. That the president calling for congress investigate. These are issues that the president is willing or is commuting out of acting conclusions. Obviously congressional investigations and what they say on any incident of egregious because he he's now calling this investigation he's now committing to accept the outcome. Well I don't I don't think. You would average blank at least and at any outcome that doesn't matter what it is you can go to you know court. And and it doesn't mean it if you get found guilty in your acting outcome means that your green at the legitimate. But I think we're gonna let congress work well. And I think if we have a problem with one of the conclusions. Will let it be known. But I think for right now. The issue is that we think it's appropriate place to be looking at them and an aunt that resources and made him out and and a elect. A I. One responsible for. Their recommendations come back to adjust. So check out the question again with the president that's recommendations and legislatively. That potentially laws were broken and those accusations. To the Justice Department and. I think it's hard to pre judge what they're doing obvious the reason that he's asking the house and senate intelligence committee to go through this is because. I think they are the appropriate venues in the appropriate aft. To look at them and I think it's appropriate way out. I mean at separation of powers a few hours I'm asking. Telling directing the department just do something that they may or may not be the one conducting. But then again I the reason I don't wanna give up like eight not because I'm trying to prejudged but I think that. And depending on. On a lot of things you don't wanna say I wouldn't at every single thing they do I think we definitely you'll have a lot of respect for what they how what they doing what they're looking at. But I think it's a blank in the except. I'm just say we're gonna accept a naysayers you might be bit premature and and and not exactly the way. Nothing like that it was reported that it has it was interesting how the White House counsel. Pursue information that would help support the president's argument that hey yeah. Under surveillance. Isn't the case that president that he passed on again to continue doing that or is he dropping out. Donna again it was never asked all Don again was ever ask to do with you that you. We view what options if any were available that's it just review internally and telepresence this is let's. But we've made very clear to anyone who app and it if he know John and the team here. These are unbelievably talented players are very old and an understanding there. Where the bounds iron would understand that any type of interference would be as they it was eight internal review. Of what options it anywhere available to a full stop. I got indicted was was made available to the president. Okay. It was reported. Higher speed with C. I don't care act that is it. How to keep the ball on these crash. Eight did you hear. It to complete that work it out. Who's in charge actually leading is it worn out and evolved. Court quality. And it is working together I would do about it and it's still coming up as. I believe it is coming I am very tension comes out this week. But I can do is a joint effort I think secretary prices obviously lead HHS but structural zany you know I mean both her and how. And we're champions of budget issues obviously there's a huge. Budgetary impact on that and he's understanding of the budget role here and obviously his understanding congress. Make structural rainy great partner on that not a question of you on the same issue to cannot drink the transition on trade. I think we have an unbelievable. Unbelievably talented team everybody from Robert light as a when he gets confirmed as you trade rat. You've got you know will overwrought commerce Peter Navarro here. Not an either or thing it is I think bring the best in the right together to get something to obamacare repealing and replacing it with something that's more accessible affordable more innovative. Is is not putting that just landed one person's hand. I can be covered you know I think they're great partners and great emit. They thank you Sean. I'm just wondering is it that it's pretty clear that that was the intelligence required tests and that's what we need to move prudently and investigation and that's. On people beaten on the record or anonymous source. It on the record I think general in the case you very much on the record. When he came to that conclusion. I think it when you knew I will leave it you. You you congress it's a further follow up on that yeah I think. The president has yet been on the vast majority that is. Other cabinet level nominations. As investors and does the White House have a long term and I heard all the rest of these nominations. Yeah I think Egypt. There's a a bunch of sub cabinet. Individuals ambassadorship that should be coming out very soon. One of the things I think you know my unit option touch on personal. There's a report Saturday that up like in 19127. Positions and went through they wanted to give up recognized this week we talked about the lack during the transition. We are 600 members the speech at teams that went in under special you. Hiring a I that there there they are able to be there for a 120 days for the most part what the people transition to schedule the positions it's not a given. Is not. That a default meaning and I think we made it clear in transition is not just if you if you Shara the first 128 the day but sort of they were chosen specifically. Because that's there understand the issue their expertise and their desire to serve an optical. And so we actually when you actually look at the numbers. We are we are well ahead is not on par with. We're well ahead of him every modern administration. An equal right on par. With with Obama 08 but you know you think about the Nigerian 27 or so positions we got over six under those individuals in. Most of whom so far look like they're fully gonna convert into each with their performing the duties. That that would be done my schedule they sell when it when you look at the totality of what we're doing. We were well ahead on the cabinet and an again what are the other things is you know. You've got. Congress still holding up the cabinet getting a point. And so I think there's a degree to which. Senate Democrats before we get a lot of stones thrown out of about where we are the wrath having finished the job at hand. I'm getting the full cabinet John. There too much. Questions on the executive order we've refusing to order. There was a lot of stand there and the president signed an executive order in the Oval Office today not so much that the president of cameras we'll. Well why didn't he wanted to show. Hi all in on it as an executive order. Between pitcher and we. Hear. I think they did Eric's. There are 38 cities that are there are dealing with. I think we see your point we went through. We talked about the court issue we we talked about this ad nauseam. President got asked about it over and over again. I'm I think today was it was about the implementation. Was about having three department that are Brett Lee name to implement this. Talk about what they're doing in common I'm and I think you know phenomenal job and that's what we want to highlight. Is is the government getting it done and the way it department the department of Homeland Security Department change. We're implementing the measures that the president laid forth again if you think about the principle of the executive order remain sane. Is it we looked at with the court that we've put together I think we can all that. With the relevant agencies and departments we talked to congress we have morning of briefings that the call to the press in about an hour again. And so we we made sure that everybody knew what we're doing we sent them out to make sure that the American people can you that there are doing. And oh. You know I just wanted to clear it I think we get a phenomenal job pulling out making sure the American people on the faces of the department. There were instrumental in implementing it. Anyone with John. This. Would. Rise burst executive order that. And honor. On president entry. For them. What is not. All. Grow one countries. In the ninth birthday and life. Element of rise in all I. Okay now and evidently I thank you actually in question I think part of it is that we feel confident that during an IE eight period. The process he can be put in place now remember there's there's two key things are important one is. These are these six countries of the ones that we don't have the information. I am currently that we feel comfortable and as I was why I mean there are some that literally on terror. And I think when you recognize I don't think any American want. A country that is a state sponsor terror to be sending their individual here without. Properly vetting he talked by Yemen the documents to people using Yemen are not accepted by hole holed a countries because. They lacked the the integrity. You ensure that they dare not compromise. On and I think that there is a big difference in that. But we can't. At the end of that ninety day period. We can let a country all we can analysts country's weak it. In definitely. A threat to countries are on the list we could mean and that country that list to other countries that are on it. But there's two things happening one is we're putting eight. A ban on on those countries takes Ernie. But two is we're looking at an entire Lou. At the rest of the entire world and all of that. Procedures that we use. It took all country and so at the end of that period we could add country. We can't attract countries we could just citing definitely continue with it with one of the U one of the ex brother but if you look at the case of Iraq. After the first order they kept up with four very specific. Things that they did to ensure that people traveling from Iraq we had certain things that you know whether he biometrics and others let us ensure that people coming into the country. We felt confident and and and knowing that they're coming but that that's important thing is not just those. We're looking at that time edwards' young with toaster and an even while looking at everybody all the same period came. Where president people and he has and Kurt Warner from coming in at Hendrick has learned that aren't people who got. I was asking if there's appropriate steps have been taken. I during that period to ensure that the homeland has been protected. I had an idiot. And I. I'm just gonna say as a president noted it would elect congress and that. And then we're back here we'll we'll discuss it after congress goes by Aaron. And that he and President Obama like each other he did not call president on the average or eat at him. Indirectly before accusing him publicly. I have not I'm not aware of whether or not that topped I didn't asking and find out and get back there. This first executive order in college admission it just didn't go right around now. I think the first executive order we've made clear time and time again I mean you look at that how the court adjudicated that they they're facts were wrong. There is an interest in terms of how many people come to the country they've based off of off of several things I think we're not actually accurate I think we recognize. That we could have been in litigation front to a year on this and I would allow the country exposed and I think it that. There is a there is a goal here that we that we such as she is the first time after maintain. But by no means it we'd we'd 100% maintain that the executive order as initially drafted is completely constitutional and legal. And that what we've done is do the best of our ability based on what the court court. Still is tired and. Radicalization. After he color here just went deep test just recent report went. Examples cited. Ian yeah today on me and now McCain child with rats mice here's what this quarter due. About. The people that are here. With a concern that each race has warned that sent people who. Here in. Stopping by eight. This is what we need did this isn't a one stop shop I think that we have to look at this the entire problem this is one piece that the problem that we're looking at to make sure that. We keep the country it is not a either or are only this van but I think you're gonna see continuation. Of the president takes it'd. Make sure that the country's protected. 11 small fraction that I've been made aware it Somalia not Yemen is set to travel not accept my apologies for you. Yemen justice Alan thanks Jack. Think he's on you've you've mentioned a couple of times refers come. Earth formerly. College. Over the weekend Russia. Why are you urging people to take those comments seriously enough comments were present there was no wires. No I well first audio that he wasn't aware he couldn't speak entirely. When it came to wiretapping he said that he wasn't aware. I take as we're that he wasn't aware that doesn't mean that it didn't exist. And so. But I also think that it's interesting that did double standard that has existed for so long when it comes you you have the source is over and over again who have been briefed by the FBI. They say saw I was briefed there's nothing there you have clapper saying quote not and I'll Wear out and yet. We still have stories over and over again citing anonymous sources. At some point is you have to question how many times. Are you gonna take that didn't see anything there. Before we are seeing stories get rewritten over and over and over again I think that is a valid question it's interesting how. Everyone's taste asking what sources we have and yet we've been asking seem question about the sources for these anonymous sources in story after story the last six months. And it just don't worry we have these try and anonymous sources that may or may not be true at the bottom of every story has a kind of copy yacht that. However there's been no formal evidence presented I think that there's been an among lineman for so many months. About what may or may not happen and yet now I shred a single truth is actually com that shows any anything. Any evidence that existed except for anonymous source after anonymous source of. This on an issue yeah what the White House react to create. The launches are. It was North Korea's long history of provocative behavior the United States can't or their allies in the face this very serious threat. The tribe administration is taking steps to enhance our ability to defend against North Korea's ballistic missiles. Such as through the deployment of attack battery choose South Africa. But is on the circle back around it competency and he's getting pretty buys it could be surveillance. So are you saying that the administration is can he get somewhere or is evidence presented before a judge that shows are could be collusion with. Campaign and that it was OK to. Who are pale and. Now what do I guess is it as a and that our goal is you. Let congress do his job yesterday millennia and and the follow up on the on the new order and that there lenders that it didn't inspected. And how many total. They came in. 30100. Refugees. It hundreds of rare earth rigorous and many cocaine an easy thing I have to and asking it talks department actually only area. I know that the top. Well yeah. Plus. Or. I get action I'm not aware that the schedule at the time but that. I don't know I know Ian apron and a where can. I ask what is it. It. Yeah yeah. It currently on. Her. That's what I think yeah I I can get your act that. India. Rock and how they're not quite there not an executive order any. This signals the other day and other countries that they can also get rid of the week. They called her a whack it did it work proactively. Having their own actions and. I think what I would say I think the way you phrase is phrase not just the countries. Countries throughout the globe I think that we are. It's in every country's best interest to know who's coming in and out of his country. I'm in it to do things I think. There are things that we've ask countries to do and is not inclusive not he hit four I think each country is a separate case on AP do the warrior and I'm but it but. Absolutely I think there's now is okay is it like anything I'll need it may be easier for one country to achieve something. Then for another but at the end of the day I think there are certain things. That. There's certain that in Iraq went through including things like I metric. And turning over list updating list rather people within their country that have that pose a threat. And that they've agreed. Do certain things after the first one was ordered. They give us a much greater degree of confidence in knowing who's coming in app at a country. When it was a president's reaction to it. Hearing about vice president and his email. Yeah personal email her government is my ass obviously because it's a neat thing about Hillary Clinton's personal look at this. I don't but I think look I don't. I think there's a big difference the vice president comply with Indiana law turn over all his emails nature that everything is gone now say. It is very big step there's no question. I'm that I made aware of eating everything in compliance with Indiana law. There's a big difference between doing what is common practice within a state government in what is in compliance with that date law. And setting up a private server. That he specifically. You. To go around that the government protocols and and and the federal record there's a big difference between but it means the governor at that time. And now a vice president. Did everything in compliance. With Indiana law and I think that that's a big difference is that it's not a question is is a question of what was there along with their will follow in the case of governor and he did. In case Secretary Clinton I would I would let you know that the records speak for up and that there. Gallium. It's up out. Flood and we'll see that what's in. The country. So why and strange items to play. And partner to our. Very happy Jackson. That was let out yes earlier now promised in the back that basically that the answer that I need out there are years. I think the the first order that goal one of the goals for sort of was on a surprise. Implement it in a way that. That. Didn't allow people to get it right. And then ninth circuit acted we've been talking about acting executive order I think we lot element of surprise. Back in in. Needs early February when a ninth circuit actions when he did note. That that. That element what we do you now to make sure with that element gone and we implemented that in a way. That is that ensures that the greatest degree and a confidence that in order. One quick item I'm not done so you can keep what I I need someone asked earlier on turner who about or board DOJ was a eulogy. The Department of Justice FBI investigations. Action one subsection a each attack CEO note. You can check on the source who aren't Mac. This so it's doubled back. It's. Present throughout the key prisoner about a criminal conduct one can you tell us what his source was that Activision to. Can you tell us unequivocally that he was basing that on more than a talk radio report and a great art article about talk I mean it's. Why is that I had I headed over and over again I think. Did the president made it very clear and aiming yesterday that. He's not gonna comment any further on this in congress does. I'm not I'm just gonna say that the president made it very clear. That based on numerous. Things including Annie there's a New York Times story answers. Several sources then then made it clear. Or are brought to light and I'm not gonna go into anything further as a president noted instill until this is resolved Mara. One of the idea that it. Maybe is currently CEO on the Obama administration's fuel economy standards. On our you have video reversing those. And will that also an Indy California. I don't know I on your bacteria eyes and I. Not so sure that time I was looking at like eight but I I just wouldn't get. I don't have anything now time is generally how that an accurate. But just my question. Others. You know. Pointed rightly too Parker's comments and nothing he suggested that we'll address campaign bracket they then. That he didn't know and he. Wiretap. Order why are you willing to accept that that's what I asked. This thing is the president the United States and you literally authorities he say anything you want. At this week I just learned that he obviously on the kindness why not declassified. I think that I think makes clear there's a reason that we want congress intelligence committee do their job. Hahn in terms of making sure that there's separation of power news as we. Hear I think it again I'm gonna leave it at any thinks it's appropriate. Opera congress do this. And senate trying to point due to his own department to actually I don't have a lot of literature but it could shock us aren't. I was like how can. You sense that the united information and intelligence. And not. It's easier for not New York are talking about it you. It tangible added and so what can you talk that was evident is. Where he Ron and secondly how and it's why asking hundred. Plus. I just I think that point Italians make it times a president because he's president. Gets axed and in other intelligence documents. I don't know I think I did in the act transcript I can't. I I appreciate that thank you. But outside attacks Kelly and a not so I don't think that our. But I don't I can't physically. Response in terms of what she was referring to whether she's referring. You. The exact nature of charger weather generally speaking he's given information but. Again on all of this and go back to. You've had earlier that the president's goal right now is you ought to make sure how can you yeah. It I'm taking in the if I was pretty quickly. And it's exciting is that. I think that that. Harry yeah I think we're gonna work South Korea I mean. Obviously. North Korea. Missile launches. Present a danger you are friends are out and I think as a mansion and response we're gonna continue work. With the government of South Korea to graduate. Not an eight at this point ha we we're reigniting their conversations on this I think consistent with US policy mark. Q I'm very patient did the president mean and it makes each of the FBI group of law the other intelligence. The allegation. In in his tweet. I was gonna be experts are not can I get it I think that I'm not gonna try to. I understand I think I I will further clarification on the night for right now I would just that I'm gonna let beat you tonight different. Points perfectly clear that you can't you know I didn't want it really anything to you triggering event to be in the first place I. I want it is hard to play. The question was raised. Or the allegations areas of the present at the time it changed the topic and fortunately I hope that week. Can you address that portion of the question that this was deliberately about teaching media narrative and I I I don't. I mean I I don't. I have nothing illegally now. I'm not sure that he had a great week last week at a phenomenal joint address we had a great has done Norfolk talked about rebuilding. The military he's in Orlando Florida talking about how cool choice can help children and parents and create their school up. I just I I can't say that I've talked to specifically about this grading the president had a good week. An and I don't see any reason that he would be. Using that. I think it was an issue of concern. Softly. Let's remind everybody what president keeps. Saturday morning it's terrible just now there's Obama and wiretapping trump tower just with a victory he later called Obama. Stupid guy or whatever it was and yeah yeah experience. Ready here you're supposed to all I can certainly think that this is not the president of the United States accusing his. Predecessor while committing crimes. I think you're right it that way. I think a lot I adding the president speaks very candidly a.s these tweet speak for the sounds we had before and he's at an outside committee sent to us. So looking at Sarah. I'm mentioning his eyes resident crash I was yeah. I had it reconsidering at all I hope for a timeline preparing fresh catch my eye. C based on. Not you Russia wants to join with us to fight I that's that's that's a great. Now. Active in our previous business communications between. The Russian ambassador and Michael Rains and Jeff Sessions and Jared Kushner. As we have done anything pro actively try to get it at birth and how special this day. Hey you have had contact election official enough. No matter where it. I'm not aware of any act and we say that there's one of the things it is interesting that. You know there. And of course people conducting their business. Here the White House or during transition car in house and senate. You contact a whole host of people. Diplomat government officials. You know association representatives corporate represented him in those are the kind of folks that talk to people in government. And I think that. There's one thing between talking to somebody Amy I think. And I get out I'll get back don't be prescriptive on this I think when he called me earlier today that there was something like twenty isn't that Russian ambassador I. Ten media I don't want pot point you know thank you. Hop routing check me out but it. But I mean I guess. It was knoller. But I think at some point. There's nothing wrong with. People doing their job right I mean that's that's what I think that there is a big difference between so it's a matte what I want there's nothing to disclose with a meeting by having meeting. With with a member of the media don't hate you know that you need him to report every time you meet with this individual this outlet whenever there's no work you. Report back there's a big difference between doing something. Areas or legal in conducting yourself. In a routine course business. And this is what people in the administration suggested he had not had any contact work that you like about any kind of contact they have this. Larry yeah and it's. Well I hate groups so in in one case. Michael Flynn was you know the president and the east and not being straight with the vice president he had to resign and the president dealt with it. But that was again if you know the president's comment that time he was very clear. That the issue wasn't think he's doing his job the issue was him miss leading the vice president and that's a very different thing I'm. So he had no problem with him doing his job and contacting individuals they were gonna need to be in contact with during the during. The the administration that got there they and that's why I think there's a big difference between a lot of sourcing did you know that someone that it is okay. That there's nothing wrong with people meeting with. Ambassadors or government officials or corporate represented as or you know members of the media. That's part of what we do in government. I think there's a big difference and in that question that you're asking about it whether or not always doing something. That's wrong and inappropriate or illegal is only doing what they would do it normal course of business. There. That. I'm. Not in any kind of contact. Trafficking cocaine and they are not listening. To. An end. I'm eating it. My clean balance there could not. Again there's two things he did the president have to what they have a meeting. Mean again I don't think there's countless meetings it members. Is and arrest people that I covered out of every day. That's why he's come work you. It facilitates on the meetings get up on there is no one you've just glows it. I don't disclose the meat. If they are I guess there's that put up what I'm getting there is there's a difference between being concerned about somebody. You know I can equally be concerned that if a member of the media that hail wanted to take a member of your staff out. And we're going to you. You know breaks and that will I be concerned about that. But I wouldn't be concerned if they say hey want to coffee with a member of the media they don't disclose all that are sent and I think with that that's that's an essential to your question. A meeting of there's nothing wrong with a meeting there's nothing wrong with. Meeting with a government official or a diplomat. Or member of the media or corporate individual or association are or constituent are and as an issue. But on any of those categories when they cross the line is something wrong and I think that the U question the issue specifically. Or the questions around an attempt to influence the election those are very different than people meeting also during a transition pair repeat to me people meeting. In a White House to pass but those three separate instances all of the stories I've heard so far. Previously alt key just action with respect of the campaign in Russia's chance to influence the campaign right. Yeah I mean that's. Great. Backdrop an answer I think in the one instance where it happened with a on that lets them what they were let out. So for you are asking questions about well what do these other individuals had a meeting while. What would they ever ask about it did it mean there's a big difference between it's on meet its own and he's going to leave somebody that meeting and that is a very very big difference. In no question and that's what is things I think is important to distinguish. People can meet with people the question is that you something wrong they need the money and those are all very very different category. So April. The question is under what could have. When he neck where it. And what did he. I don't know. And then under then went under. You know he's. Doing but then. Go to you know I will for so I'm not we're. Are you back pitches aren't just saying no understanding is demanding Adam he's. Testimony is in the Senate Judiciary Committee. I am from what I've heard. I don't I let it eat but I do think that. His explanation that he gave was very it was that he was answering a question did you have any meetings and anyone with respect to the campaign. And I think in his mind it was very clear that I'd ever met with anyone. With respect to the campaign I met someone in my senator off as much as I enter with and it staff. It got you know foreign Powell or whatever what. I think senator discuss this in his media conference. Last week Thursday. So I don't. I get the issue is with respect to what hock and that to him but I do think. The way he described it was very clear that he he believes he was answering. Senator Franken question with respect to. I am. Activity involving the campaign in any attempts to you know as they are like this whole idea in election meeting with the ambassador about an area for a half. In his senate office with his senate staff was clearly not. A campaign event. I'm talking about how. So these leaves are coming from people who know. Presidents. That excellently. In Iraq and trying to find himself not just top level. What is he's it. Tried to stop it or try to find out what's happened. Well I think the president made clear his comment when he should worry all the couple weeks ago. That his main concern is national security that that's when he keeps talking about the leak. His concern is the league that damage to undermine national security that we deal with classified information. That's what his main concern and I don't seem that that's not a White House that's sort of that is an issue that is beyond the White House or not. Don't know I think it's not that other at least don't matter I think his issues that he's talked about it as he's concerned. Is delete that national security's not been seen are that leaks are OK but I think the ones that threaten our public safety or potentially for our country harm. And once he really cares about Peter okay. Question. I'm president. From scout present couple President Obama. When he flies back and try. They are guilty. It was a great. There also people in the end. It. Obama can't carry these conversations about. Race. It. Now. It is. In one day. Yeah. So there and it was. Well there's a divide during the campaign issue. I don't think it. I think finish you saw the president's made very clear he isn't things not present present or not. Turn that campaign I think Indiana for the good country in cases where they can come together for a common good and talk about what's in the country's interest they well but. I understand your point listening. President. Thank you I think it they'll they'll be just fine. Hi Julie. We've been very patient asks how is your first. Welcome outside. Of all of it that are. And not and HL or anything. About it. The administration. Made it. Is the year I think I. I think we put out infineon is he on Friday on this. And I think we. Know what we have we have done we've been in communication with Stanley believe they were here. Or we are in touch with them last week. And obviously we continue to hope but the administration has been talked with him. Called Netanyahu look at them. I don't know if I'll I'll find out additional and what happened and a little bit. The prime ministers meeting later this week with what we couldn't do. President and prime minister talk about your fault. I don't know I know that they had a discussion about regional threats so. I don't want to have to did you. Call colleague and tell people this week Rezko and or he's worked at the department. This President Obama you know I I guess I am not. You you. Rate so probably call me as president abolish for a more. My question is that I don't think that we confirm that did practical need to say I don't I'm not aware I from reading stories citing anonymous source and I'm not aware that that actually happens. So that that's the first thing we need to resolve we trust it's I. Well with all due respect not you but I think that we had a number of reports. That about things that have occurred in line. You know forty some odd days I actually didn't occur but you know anonymous source advocate Peter Alexander. He said earlier. As an on the record source for the presence wiretapping claims he remembers former attorney general Michael Mukasey wanted to ask you declare by because because. Public comments on Sunday a day after the president. Tweet about this and even in his public comments. He says that he based his information hooked on news reports to crack but I that I am saying is. Some nasty weather is on the record comment that is that is on the record. Was there on the that you're being out was there on the record comment in advance the president we switched. He was basing his information editing. I don't I'm not. As I said before I'm not gonna get in here. It hit the outlets that house I'm gonna wait to show how. He's got out of a tough cover the president has made about. The suggestion that there were a claim that there were three to five million people who voted illegally in this country in his mind. More than a month ago I just wanna get a sense now an update on any investigation and that where it stands given the nature of such a plan. I don't. I think we touched on this but he has my president and task force on their. We have I'll get more poignant note that there's been some discussion with secretary of eight others. On on this note. Yet additional taxes come the last weekend remember the exact nature but there has been now. Further evidence that people. Have voted illegally and I think it Warner and asked. Looking Jews gather additional information what. Millennia. Of getting that has member's name. Or. Yeah or if I get vice president has. Been talking to folks. Potentially Irvine mountain and noted that secretary's day expressed. He's been. That's correct. Where. President knew what the streets. How appropriate is that poor president to make an explosive charge extracts. Penance and you folks out there who say it's navy captain and we should investigate. Well again I'd conditioning winds the president is tweet from now not. We're we're making that very well hello. And and the president is very clear as we needed it I think there's enough there that we want how. Is the reason they do. To make sure that they are looking at Mena that. There is there. Anyway I do not get at a where Jamie what is what they look at them and meet and the start radical. And I think we end up in. Very typical I look forward to seeing you tomorrow. Can you can bring your. Yeah. We can yet simple. The will right everything that we generally write everything in and eight hours I will. Get an out by the it. I'm sure it's completely open for a war something. We we I think that we have a pretty good track. A news. Monday. It. That I ideas I think that don't you normally media I've made it very clear at the beginning April. That was on something's on camera and off last week the president travel. With me every single day. There. President guy is a day of how many times complain about that. Angel. He signed an executive order we don't mean the president when he comes accessibility. And and and allowing access. I think I've heard from Gerald. We've gone above and beyond allowing the press in new of that. Race we had greater. So with all due respect I mean not indicate we have one day at a the last 41. And forty whatever and I think is present and extremely. Extremely. Hard. Signed an executive order morning. That we and put all meet at. Secretary there were elements and now. You know I'd be out tomorrow. I think we have an opportunity yeah. It very clear the beginning we we we act and every day we we need them. With all due respect that very accurate. And we. It. Republican but you could. All wrong. Easy. They don't have.