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White House Daily Briefing March 7th

Mar 7, 2017|

Tuesday's White House press briefing

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He's live coverage from ABC news. Here is NBC news correspondent. In pitcher Steve White House spokesman Sean Spicer is about to hold his briefing with reporters ABC's Stephanie Ramos is there Stephanie he hasn't done one of these in a bit. Being that this will be the first one the first white house press briefing on camera in eight days the room is packed with journalists. As usual and against the first on camera briefing an eight days. A White House spokesman Sean I expected to come out shortly in from the podium to get a quick briefing now yesterday we did hear from him but it was an off camera briefing. Which happened to be the same day that the State Department. A canceled their first briefing this January 19 so into that they canceled their briefing also interesting that John Spencer did not wanna be on camera yesterday but. You can bet there will be a lot of questions today about. President trump allegations. That former President Obama wiretapped. Trump tower in the lead up to the election also questions about the health care plan Republicans have put forward and the travel ban. The second version of the traveled and they are still strong opposition to the new version of the travel ban up protesters were out out of the White House last night. But the ocean one another big question is what will the browns would it table be used for there is some sort of a prop. Thanks to the podium and we compete on by her walking out putting now. Answers to come here's the White House spokesman listening to live coverage on ABC news. Good afternoon. Irked over the top. Or acknowledge it. There's been an additional away threats. Used me. And it ties definitely are. According a report event over a hundred bomb threats on in Jewish nations since the start this year along. As a president at the beginning of his joint address quote where country that stands united in condemning hate evil in all forms. We announced the latest anti Connecticut April threat farms. It's incredibly saddening that I have to continue to share these disturbing reports with you. And I shared the president not the only vote that we don't continue to capture these reports. With you but they will. That you continue. Will continue to condemn them in. Look at ways in which we can. I'm now on news today. Our president yesterday continued deliverance who have asthma significant. Campaign promise. Protecting the country gets radical Islamic terrorism and repealing don't replacing obamacare with hatred patient centric alternative. We talked a lot about the executive order protecting the nation from foreign terror entry united yesterday. And onto obamacare. I'd like to introduce. The secretary of health and human services. Doctor Tom price ma and talked a little bit about the plan to repeal and replace obamacare that's right. Help is on services secretary after it priced at the podium now the White House and honored as. To serve as the secretary of health and human services on the third position out of 23 individuals have had the privilege of serving as secretary of health and human services. And the mission at our department is to improve the health and safety and wellbeing of the American people and we take that mission very very seriously. And for many Americans right now. Their ability to gain health care or health coverage is a real challenge. For most Americans they receive their health. Coverage through their employers about a 175 million vote those individuals. No significant change other than there won't be helping. An hour or not purchasing coverage. For the folks in the Medicare system there will be no changes at all in the current in the current law. But we're talking about those people in the individual and small group market. The moms and pops that folks who were on the corner groceries or in the corner. Cleaners those individuals out there are having huge challenges gaining here and gaining coverage. And Medicaid is a program that by and large has decreased the ability for folks to gain access to hear it we want to make certain that we address that this is about. Patient. It's not about money it is not about says something this is about nations. And sadly the costs are going up for those folks in the individual small group market access is going down and it's only getting worse you know the stories. Premiums increased 25% over the last year on average Arizona and an increase of 116%. Deductibles are going up for many many folks that era. Mom or dad out there and you make 405060000. Dollars your deductible in this market in negative individuals small group market. Often times it's 810121000. Dollars a year. What that means that you've gotten insurance card. But you don't get here as you can't afford the deductible and we know that this is happening by talking to the post up there trying to provide here. A third of the counties in the United States 13. Of the counties in the United States have only one insurer offering coverage on the exchange. I've it's only have one insurer offering coverage on the exchange one is sure is not a choice. So we need to make certain that we correct that in Tennessee this morning it was announced that their number of counties have no. Insurer offering coverage on the exchange insurers are leading the market on the exchange. Last year there were 232. Insurers providing coverage there were recovered on the on the exchange. Now there are 167. Net loss of about 30% in one year alone and all of this means that patient. Are not getting the care that they need. The principles that we have as our as our guiding our. Are affordability we want a system that's affordable for everybody accessibility is and it's accessible everybody estimates of the highest quality. And in an advises innovation in the health care system an assistant at him powers' patience through vote transparency and accountability. The president spoke last week last Tuesday to a joint session of congress and he laid out this is principles. Urged make certain that those with preexisting illness and injury we're not priced out of the market nobody oughta lose their coverage because they get a bad diagnosis. Terms of affordability health savings accounts were growing choices or patience is incredibly important. Tax credits. That allow individuals to be able to purchase the kind of covered they want not that the government forces them to buy. What we talked about. In terms of what kinds of reports need to be put in place that we need to equalize. Treatment in the purchased a coverage. Those again in the and in the employer sponsored market that attacks that it. Or buying helped average those folks that are out there in the individual small group market no tax benefit and that's what this plan would do. Date flexibility it's incredibly important that we allow states to be the ones that are defining when health coverage as the flexibility. In the Medicaid program. To be able to respond to their vulnerable population. Lawsuit abuse the president mentioned and it's incredibly important that practice the defense of medicine waste billions and billions of dollars every single year. And we need to make certain that we're addressing as well. The president also talked about it and I have an appropriate transition to this new. Two new phase four health care for our country and that's important as well so that nobody falls through the I'm buying across state lines buying insurance across state lines the president talked about this on the campaign over and over. American people understand the common and nature of purchasing across state lines and increased competition. And we need to make certain that that happens and in addressing. Incredible increase in drug prices. They're three basis of this plan one is the bill that was introduced. Last evening in the house represented at the start of second. All the regulatory modifications and changes that can be put into place. You'll know the previous administration is regulations to a pair they well. Act or a 192. The rules that were put out as they relate to obamacare over 5000. Letters of Guidant. And the like and we are gonna go through every one of those who make certain. That they if they help patients that we need to continue if they harm patients or or increased costs and obviously need to be addressed. And then there's other legislation that will need to be addressed that can't be done through the reconciliation process so the goal of all of this is patience that are held here. Where patients and families and doctors are making medical decisions and not the federal government we look we commend house from the introduction of the bill yesterday in the sport to working. With all the individuals in this process and ordered the question sir. Here and now out thank conservative groups like the Club for Growth inherited action pass with. What does it say about this legislation. These groups are already out with opposition to these. Well I think that this is the beginning of the process and and we look forward to working with Ammon and others to make certain that again we come up with that process that aligns with the principles. That we defined that they actually. Adhere to or agree that I went as well and that is that we need assistance affordable for folks. System that it's that's accessible or individuals that have the highest quality that in an advises innovation. And that empowers patients and so we look forward to working with them through this process. This hair. We'll tell you I've to pay for health care I think maybe two. The administration agree that whole American. And what they need to maybe sacrifice another good evening health care. There's an important question because what's happening right now is that the American people are having to sacrifice in order to purchase coverage and as I mentioned many individuals can't afford the commit the kind of coverage that they have right now. So they've got that insurance card but they don't have here. What what our desire is it is to drive down health care costs for everybody and the way that you do that is to increase choices provokes increased competition. Return the regulation of health care where ought to be witches at the state level not at the federal level. All of these things that that take it in their aggregate so willing fact decrease the cost of health the health care and health coverage. And that would allow folks to be able to purchase the coverage that they want. Answer and I had to take questions. Perhaps you wouldn't guarantees you can make as the administration's point person on legislation. Can you guarantee that whatever legislation emerges and makes it to the president's desk. All out. They like their daughter did he do not her parents he has. Can you all guarantees that health care premiums for individuals will come down there isn't much. And again a remarkably important question because as you'll recall the promise from the last administration was if you like your doctor you keep your doctor like your playing and keep your plan. Both of those promises turned out to be not true. We think it's incredibly important for the American people to be able to elect the physician and the place where they are treated. In themselves that and that the government ought not be involved in in that process. So our goal is absolutely to make certain individuals have the opportunity at their position. In terms. Premiums. At Wheaton we believe strongly that. Through this whole process and as it takes effect that we'll see a decrease in not only that this the premiums that individuals will seek. But a decrease in the cost of health care for folks remember that this that was another promise that that the previous administration made it that you've seen decrease in 2500 dollars on average. For families across this land in fact what they've seen as an increase of 2503000. Dollars so we're gonna go in the other direction we're gonna go on a direction that empowers patience and holds down costs. You know you are quite a distance away. From conservatives that this plant in Central Park. Group. These is yet another title very similar to the title with a little bunkers are different for it how do you convince them. Kennedy tax credits to make this work. That they need all of this and and move forward and build your yeah a lot of opposition. Central Tenet this sort. This all about patience. And in order to provide that transition in order make it so that nobody fall through the cracks we've got to have a system that allows individuals to gain the kind of coverage that that they want. And we conservatives and and and others have had for a long long time that we believe it's important to equalize the tax treatment. For those purchasing coverage gaining coverage through their employer. And those not in the tax credit is the opportunity to be able to equalize that tax treatment. Folks have talked about this for firm many many years actually so that there's not a distortion in the tax code. Or who's able to gain an area a benefit for being able to purchase coverage enough. And a secretary of yeah. Sure people don't. Let's illustration of Obama here folks you know maybe we should understand it pardon. Patient looking at. Eight you have to make sure we sure people don't. Beyond attack. I don't think it would be under certain important part many are male partner program that market pull apart. This is extremely important as well and it and and that the current estimates you likely now. For those vulnerable in our population especially in the Medicaid population this is a system that that's broken. You've got a third of the positions in this country 13 of the doctors in this country that would be eligible to see Medicaid patients who are seen Medicaid patients right now. And it's not because they've forgotten how to take care patient because of the rules that are in place that make it too onerous or too difficult for them to see Medicaid patients. So we believe that it's important to allow states to have that flexibility to fashion a program for their vulnerable population. That actually responds to that population a way that gives them the authority them the choice then the opportunity to gain coverage and the care that they believe most appropriate. That's not happening we need you need to fix it there's some type of punishment source and type of he is an opening plays and make sure that happens they followed through on doing. Gathered there and look there's accountability throughout the the plan that we have that would allow for the secretary in the department to be certain. That the individuals that we believe in need to be cared for are being cared for and at in this state at the appropriate at the appropriate level. But we believe this is a partnership is about patience and partnership. The previous administration tended to make it about government. We believe it's about patience in partnership and we want a partner with every single person in this land who wants to make certain that we allow the kind of choices and quality to exist as. The aunt of president Twitter or if he's spread his villas our wonderful new health care bill. There's a lot of confusion does represent the administration's bill and is there anything in this bill that the administration Hamas or. This a work in progress as you know that's been going on for over over a year. The work that that I had the privilege of participating in one answered in the House of Representatives in the last congress. I was it was open and and transparent and now we we invited folks in two to give their ideas and tens if not hundreds of people input into that process. This grew out of that in the over the past number of weeks we've been having conversations with that would. On the hill. In the house and in the end it and other stakeholders as that this is a work product that is the result of all of that all of that process. The president and and and the administration's support this step in the right what we believe isn't in the right direction. At that repeal obamacare gets us moving in the direction of those principles that I outlined. In the it's up. Where this is a work in progress and we work will work without in the edit in this process as you know it's a legislative process that occurs. I'm Gretchen white apathy. The bills on the table there. As yet as you'll see this go right here was the bill that was introduced. In 2009 and by the previous administration. Notice how I think that is what you'll recall that I actually turn the pages and went through that piece of legislation. And he you to the bella that on the right is is the current bill. And what it what it means is that where we are making certain that the process that the decisions that are going to be made gonna be made by the federal government. They're going to be made by patients and families and doctors. And I. But today. I've already need to be outdoors in your view it hangs. What is it that you know but what happens with these things that be you start is started a starting point. People engaged and they get involved in the process. Sometimes to a greater degree nothing focuses the mind like a bill that I currently on the table and and that has as a as they work in progress. Are in process and and now well will work through it that this. This is this is an important process to be hat. The American people have said to their elected leaders. That they the obamacare processed form then gaining coverage and care is not working that's what they said. And so we believe it's important to respond to the American people and providing health care system that allows for them to purchase the kind of coverage and care that they desire. You set your letter to house chairman. That. Buried and incorporated. Monday teammate. This builds these president's desk so what is this changes is the White House and administration looking pork in this bill. But as I mentioned there are three different phases to this process one is this bail this legislation that's working through. Under the rules of reconciliation which is a fancy term to mean that it that it there are only certain things that you can do. From a budgetary standpoint has to affect either spending or or or revenue. There are things that you can't do in this bill and those who we plan on doing in the end and across the horizon in face to. Which is the regulatory portion and then in phase three which is another piece of legislation. That that I would be going through the house and the senate to. With a with a majority supermajority. In the sense that process swilling couple will incorporate all of the kinds of things that we believer absolutely necessary. To reconstitute that individual is small group market and to get us in a position again where patients and families and docs are making these decisions. There aren't you yes or it again. Can guarantee that this plan will opt out of markedly negative impact on our results in millions of Americans losing health care. I want my can say is that the goal in the desire and I know the individuals comment on the hill is to make certain that this does not increased the cost of the Pentagon. Yeah well nationalism bill. Questions about how they can hold hostage. And Medicaid. Look at the clock. It's. Sort of fundamentally different. Problem obamacare regime dedicated. Terms stating access and in the second point why does this bill. Do away with the the cost sharing community ratings. To that for capita cap that Medicaid again as it is a and that doesn't work for patient. You folks out there who need care who need to see particular physicians who are able to see. All Americans should be patent by the situation that that that we have when you when their patience out there and can't get the care that they need. We believe one of the key stream to providing appropriate care in the Medicaid population is allowing the space they have the flexibility. To address that Medicaid population Medicaid population is important for different demographic groups. It's those who were able to those who are seniors it's helping moms and kids by and large those of them forming democratic groups and and we the federal government. Porsche day mostly to take care of those individuals in exactly and why. It if you describe that to the folks back home on main street that make any sense at all. You need a program that different or that for the healthy moms and kids to respond to their needs that's different than the than folks who are disabled and and and seniors. And so what we believe is appropriate is that state of the state you know your population bad you know best. How to care for your vulnerable vulnerable population we're gonna watch and make certain that she did so. But you know how to do that and how decreased costs markedly in in in in the Medicaid program wasting significant amounts of money. Not that folks are getting too much care. For wasting it because indication and there are significant. Abuse in the system so. In terms up up up the cost sharing the precautionary measures are are being addressed it's important that we that we run through that process this is the idea. The process where we felt the previous administration was spending money that they didn't have the authority to spend and congress is working through that to make certain that the rightful. Holders. The authority to spend money in this nation which is the is that congress the United States. Exercised that authority. The I'll let others from my description port opera vertical outpatient care this is about this about patience at the end of the day. This isn't about politicians this isn't about insurance companies this is about patience and patience in this nation especially those in the individuals small group market these of the vote. I had the privilege of going to Cincinnati last week with the vice president to a just small business roundtable and one at eight Monday business are the small business owners there said he had eighteen employees last year at this time. This year it's fifteen employees not because he doesn't have the work but because of the cost of health coverage for those individuals forced him. Forced him to let three people go. How they're being forced to let three people go because the federal government has put in place rules and regulations that make it virtually impossible. Folks in the individuals small group market to provide coverage for their employees. And that's not working for people. So if if you're if we focus on the patient top college patient care you're focused on the patients will get to the right answer. Oh yeah here. Exactly. And there is. Why you hear secretly added the badgers. That way about how you're O o'clock in mind that morning that we see in either. War the story. That's something that you won't eat it threatening to do through executive action and eight years so that's something that you believe he's legislatively. They're they're they're different aspects to the purchase across state lines that will allow individuals to gain. Again the kind of choice that they want. That some of this kid might be able to be done from a regulatory or rules standpoint. Some but it will require legislation and that's where where where we're gonna need to the assistance of our friends on the other side of the out. The American people have demanded that they be able to purchase coverage across state lines purchase covers that they want for themselves. So whether it's through association health plans which allows individuals who were in small business groups like the fellow that I just mentioned. To pool together nationally to be able to purchase coverage. Or whether it. Mom and dad who who don't gain coverage through their employer. Through something called individual health pools that allows folks to pull together solely for the purpose of purchasing coverage even though they're not otherwise economically aligned. That that allows people eighteenth there eighteen million folks that individual small group market. That would allow those individuals should be able to purchase coverage you get the purchasing power of millions. That's that huge power and authority that we wanna put in the hands of people that we wanna put in the hands of patience and some of that may in fact require legislation gets there. Secretary. Thank you. Two questions but first congressman John Spratt of York has hit the issue. Nine federal funds to Planned Parenthood should be separate. From whatever health care bill finally emerges from congress and signed into law by the president. That the administration's position is well my second question is this you mentioned earlier. He grew at their health care plans canceled when they thought they keep it and leave your state of Georgia more than a million people had that experience. We'll see some of the bands that work here. Evil compact. Under the old here. Yet terps have. Planned Parenthood which we think it's important that the legislature work at it work its will on this process. It's incredibly important that that we not violate anybody's conscience. Now we want to protect the conscience provisions that that exist it's also important appreciate that through community health centers the bill that's being proposed right now would allow. Greater access for women to health care in greater numbers of facilities across this land and they actually proposed more money. Or for women's health care than they currently exist so I think that they're they're working their best should it to address that issue. Terms of whether or not whole plan that that were available before Mike. Might be available. And it absolutely and we believe that that it that the the the opportunity. To provide a robust. Market a robust choices or individuals across this land. Will be secured and again that's one of the keys to bringing down the premium costs of bringing down the cost for health coverage so. We're excited about that and look forward to that coming to pass it and I. Plan calls for her healing revenue generating tax and penalties but keeping the entitlement how. That that though the worked as somebody mentioned earlier that the Congressional Budget Office gore and and one that wants the congress receives that score than they'll be working through that to make certain that in fact it is fiscally responsible. Imagine if you what however a system where work work that the green and it is within the system are all to drive down costs. To provide greater choice and competition provokes and respond to the specific needs of patients and in so doing what you do is actually get a much more efficient system for the provision. And the delivery of health care system we don't have right now because as the previous administration felt that the government ought federal government ought to do all of and we seen what what what came about when the federal government. Does all of that that is increasing premiums increasing investment deductibles decreasing choices. He got a car that's as you've got insurance and you walk in and you can't afford what it is that that that's trying to binoculars trying to take care use up. This is not a system that's working for folks. In that individuals small group market and in the exchanges. And her arm. And emergency room we'll be all happy. One of the things that that that the previous administration that was that they were going to be able to drive folks away from one of the most expensive areas firm for the provision of health care that is the emergency rooms. In fact they did just out. And and much of that is because of again the rules and the regulations that they put in place. So it from our perspective we we believe that if you if individuals are able to purchase the kind of coverage that they want. Then they'll have access to the kind of doctors and other providers that that that they desire and won't need to be able to be seen and neighbors room they already have that that they care. Emergency rooms ought to be or emergency. Not for the standard here that individuals tend to receive right now so we believe that if you put it place the right system. That number to zero as a members' positions will be able to have the opportunity to care for those individuals that appropriately at present to their department. And interest and I'm here on an important element. On anything that violates their conscience. I'm federal funding our caddies for questions. They are using administration hasn't changed on condition of birth control. Centers and secondly. Is the administration to actively. We are finding team plane apparently easy. Continue to provide abortions at and reported. And we're working through all of those issues as you know many of those were through the rule making process and and and we're working through that so it that's not part of this piece of legislation. Right here. You on this break on taxes and you're talking with the health care if you. Let's dance for me yeah what what. What we're doing as they say is working through the rules and the regulations to eat where the previous administration let's see how they did it and whether or not it needs to be addressed. With the understanding that what we believe is important when we look at the rules and regulations is to define whether or not the rule that rule or regulation actually helps patients. Or I or and decreases costs. Our harms patients and increases costs if it does the latter amendment that we need to do away with it but does that former that we ought to accentuated. Conscious and talking about. Your conscience. To make certain individuals in in in the market. Are not forced to do things that violate their conscience it's her. Well the small business leaking into the any message that. Well I I I think that that this is the culmination. And years of work. It's the culmination of years of concern and and frustration by the American people. They knew at the time that the that the previous bill Brady's lob pass. That it wasn't gonna help them they knew that that. That that cost we're gonna go up in fact we predicted. At the time that cost would go up and that access. What would go down. And so this is the culmination of years. Hard work by. The electorate by the citizens of this country to say that we want a system again that respects patients and families and doctors in these decisions. One more thing here they're here in Britain we dollars. He's working on plan he's have prices come down way. And how he feels a little bit about what that meant when he went fine girl are these days in the second question. The bill also includes a tax break. Certainly didn't expect that make more than 500000 dollars just about patience lines that thanks very important thing. For the latter I'm not matter where look at that drug pricing is really important. So many individuals are now having significant difficulty being able to support the medications that they've been they've been prescribed. So we. Whether it's it and not able to be addressed specifically in India and in this phase one because it's not a revenue or spending issue for the federal government. So. It can't be in this phase one but in phase two and three. Which may be con current. In along with this is one that day to entry that we look forward. To bringing. Solutions to solve the remarkable challenge that patience him across the line with that with the increasing prices of drugs. I've got to run you've got a guy right here is answer the question. So much that question. Live from the White House his health and human services secretary Tom hi Sean Spicer returns podium now a city to live coverage on news it. Secretary is making is that. Obama care sought to cover 49 people and I drove up caught everybody. Whether or not during the change or not. Most people get their shares to their players older populations get there health care through Medicare low income populations get there I'll get through Medicaid. And veterans get their insurance tri care so we're talking about here's a very defined amount of individuals. That we're trying to it's not back the entire system obamacare turner health care system on its head to address the pool of individuals. But don't Bonnie a bucket mentioned that our planet we're talking about today with how we're sure that those individuals receive the care that they need. If they want an affordable cost one ending rate skyrocketing. Obamacare was an over complicated bill that our special interest not the American people. These over 974. Pages. Or passed and then we're told me to read them are filled with carve outs by over one billion dollars of health care related lobbying. It was an on the year that obamacare was crafted our plan far fewer pages 123. Smaller air. Found. So far where I am 57 for the repeal plan that it made is for the replacement ports well and do this in remember. Half and it 57 of those pages are that are the repeal part we really get onto our place pages long. Half of what we actually out there. How will want you to master of disaster and replaced with a plan to return health care back to the patient. As a president outlined his choice joint address expect. Five core principles to guide congress is out there. First ensure that the American people with preexisting conditions have access to coverage. Second ensure a stable transition for Americans currently enrolled in the exchanges. Third provide more equitable tax treatment through tax credit. For people who already don't receive tax advantaged health care from their employer and other than that secretary prices talking about for the vast number of people. Who get their insurance through. Through their employer they're getting tax rate. They are not tax on that that benefit. Which is something is not afforded people who are in individual market in the Iran while business. Are are so pro hires. Sports we should expand our health savings accounts to return control to Americans over there health care dollar incisions. They should be able to achieve the plan they want not the plan forced on them by government and finally we should give our state governors the resource and flexibility. They need with Medicare to make sure they know when asked out. This is the okay obamacare replacement plan everyone's been asking for the plan that the president ran on and the planet will ultimately say the system. It's also culmination of years of dedicated work. And careful thought I Republicans to find a replacement or that I'm due to damage caused by a chronic care by assuring that all Americans at peace of mind. During this stable transition period. These are the principles which conservatives have been fighting for for years. President trump looks forward to continuing the dialogue between the administration. And Helen dating health care system. What's important remembers that we're not going to be able to do all the when bill. As secretary mentioned there are two other steps as well that allow us get more of the president's plan accomplished athlete at this first important major step. The second piece is already underway and that was secretary price commute through executive action. He's already ruled out a handful of important actions including a major market place stabilization regular state regulation. To help bring stability to the collapsing insurance market. He'll continue to enact a number of policy changes in the regulatory administration face administrative space to achieve what the first step. Cannot because that's the nature of reconciliation. The third piece I executing the president's health care plan. Is not require sixty votes I've legislation Nady maybe more depending on what we can do and land. That's how normal Florida and Paul is purchasing across state lines lowering frightened truck I just came up. And repealing any of Obama cares premiums liking insurance market distortions. It can be done through this current L. Also yesterday. Guys in addition to speaking with Israeli prime minister Netanyahu. The president all that separate calls whip prime minister of Japan on bank and South Koreans acting president Juan. During both of these calls president reiterated the United States ironclad commitment and with Japan and South Korea in the case of the series rat. Posed by North Korea. He also emphasizes the administration is taking a step further enhance our ability part Egypt are. And defend against North Korea's ballistic missiles using a full range of the united military capabilities. I'm moving on to you today's schedule this morning the president had a call with president can ya Kenya. He'll have a readout that call into the army out. The president and First Lady also announce the official reopening a public torts here at the White House. You may have seen the president not buying you surprised agree and of the first visitors on their tour. We're looking forward to welcoming to people back to the American people back. To what is actually effort people how. We are the world only executive Brett is an office of an eight. That all of us are in means am free to use the people. Visiting the White House obvious inexperience uniquely American and we encourage a volley come visit the White House there. Also this morning secretary of commerce Wilbur Ross held a press conference announcing that Chinese. GTE corporation has agreed to a record high. Combined criminal and able penalty of one point 19. Billion dollars after the company illegally shipped telecommunications equipment to Iran and North Korea. In violation sanctions. This civil penalty is the largest ever imposed by the commerce department's bureau of industry security. And pending approval from the federal judge to combine county between Commerce Department. The department and the department of treasury would be the largest fine in forfeiture ever levied by the US government in that case. This settlement tell the world that the days of cloudy US sanctions. Regime or violating US trade laws are over president trump is committed to ending the disrespect of American laws American workers. So back to the schedule for second on this morning the president also receives his daily tell it and rethink. He had lunch with senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina. Who will be continue to be an important partner is that president I'd nominee for the supreme high court judge court that I begin confirmation. In a couple weeks. At this moment the president leading a discussion and immigration or cotton and senator Perdue and members of the White House staff. The president senators are expected to discuss the merit based. Immigration reform that the president mentioned at last week's joint address later this afternoon the president will lead a meeting with the house deputy whip team. Focus on repeal and replace obamacare that vehicle brain at the top that meeting to gather time to reach when he. The president law and meet with Richard Trumka the president the AFL CIO either expect to discuss important than that country's infrastructure. And reignite renegotiating trade agreements like NAFTA either all vehicles at the top of that meeting and further details. This evening the president will visit with a group of boy scout. Court in Washington to participate in any year century old tradition of sharing doubting achievement Bjorkman officials. Looking ahead I wanna you know that the president will be welcome it we do four meters in the coming weeks and expect additional announcement. Additional meters later but first I next week chancellor Merkel of Germany will visit the White House. And apply only the president will welcome prime minister I'll volley. Iraq which that. He's got a question and Carl if you throw it's John Holden that he yeah. Short amount of traffic. Hello there. It's awful three days as the president. Said that President Obama had his wiretapped phones tapped out trump tower. In those three days the way to eskimo any evidence whatsoever that I'd I'd address this multiple times and think. The president we put it on saying that we have no further comment and we would ask him how Intelligence Committees to looking at is can learn. And report back. Just the FBI director I mean I look I don't. Now the president has not and I think it you know we we've gone back and forth you guys and that I think. There's clearly a role that congress compliance oversight capabilities they need it very clear that fans at the resource in the process I think that's appropriate place for the handle. I think if we were to start to get involved you wouldn't write stories that we're getting involved it's a no win situation I think he's marred. The most deliberative way to address situations ask how and it. Intelligence Committees who are already in the price of looking into the a look at this and other leaks of classified information. That are troubling to our nation's national security. So as the president and the statement on Sunday. We believe it that investigation. As well as investigation of other classified leaks and other important. Information threatens our national security. He looked in you by the house and Senate Intelligence Committee and then we encourage them to report back. And again that's Q question asked. My job is represented president and talk about what he's doing what he wants and he's made very clear. What is. What is goalies what you would like to have happen. And so I just. A leader at that I think we've tried to put this team for not here to speak for myself and here's the the president United States. Seek. What is need is great. Reader to other billionaires people right now who like their doctor when I publishers plan. Is the White House polygamy commitments today that. When this when this movement is replacement bill is passed if it passes a deal on the outs on the Internet you either got to keep it up here. And secondly obviously she hears that we wanted China overnight issue them. Some strong rhetoric housing consequences for the club that businesses and South Korea threatens my. I'm. I'm the first piece. I think look. One of the things it's important understand this process that is very different when the Democrats. You call then speaker plus that you have to read the bill. You know what's in it I think there's a big difference this is the bill is right here it's on the web site. We're going through regular or go to the house of reps last night because Paul Ryan's website. Everybody can read it and it's gonna go through what they call regular order not jamming is stunning race route to a committee prior. Up all parties involved on represented how we have had input into I think got a way to conduct. The price is due to allow people to. Watch the process happen in the committee's. Allow members of congress have their input and to make amendments. Either we get the best bill that achieves the goal the American people. When it was done the last time is jammed on people's route. And look what happened. You had. 974. Pages that people struggle to read afterwards and figure out what had just gotten past. And the consequences were frankly got. Your point about keeping your doctor. A lot of Q you've lost your doctor. For a couple reasons one in an effort to maintenance plan and not take insurance at all anymore. Should they may not take Medicaid or three and Medicaid. In the list goes on not. About Y name I don't eat or your plan the plan you got is no longer accessible. As secretary mentioned 13 of all counties in the United States no longer. Hate Medicaid in or excuse me have only one plan you can choose. So it's a factory now. That you in case you have no choice in many case as you've lost that ability our goal is actually add more choice more competition. Right now the government elegy you must have this plan or you'll pay county within a plan here what you have to half. We've lost the element of choice and competition and healthcare and by bringing all that back I think there's a higher degree of likelihood that you're gonna get the plan that you want. You get the dock you want because it'll be your choice. Not the government and that's a big big difference this plan was jammed down everybody's around. And the consequences of their plans that way it took their doctors away and it drove up caught this plan. Allows more competition. More people and tripped him the American people and patient. To make a decision on what plan they want it being a planet doctor they liked in the gonna choose a plan that allowed to continue with that doctor. But there's going to be more competition more choice not less and that's frankly what you have now with respect to China and the guy dressed yesterday. We stand shoulder to shoulder with Japan and South Korea. In doing what we can to protect that region in particular from attack from North Korea we understand. Situation we continue to work with him as I mentioned the president spoke to both. Both leaders. Yesterday. We provide re out of those calls. But we ought to understand the concerns China with the national security. Answer. How are the president's troops. North Korea currently. Well I would I sanity we were very well aware that. What's going on in the region president on had a conversation with in your acting as South Korea last night. And with respect it was gone and again I'll refer that. Security committee and Sheryl holding. Shall I know right I forgot yesterday. I. Health care. Round and it does not her you know Adam graves. Or act. Like. Well. I'm not gonna get ahead in it secretary presidential let's not get out of the out going through but I think. As imagines he can mean one of the things important understand there's. This this is this bill has he done in the state that has sued to address the repeal part of it and replaced part of it there are only certain things that we can do reconciliation. Another of the regulatory piece that we can you through through actions that secretary. He's in power did you frankly under obamacare. On and then third is is an additional piece of legislation it. But there are cost. Saving measures. That in competition. At that of this there have to be included in Chu and they were three because they're not allowed in in the reconciliation bill. Because of the nature of how. Reconciliation were on Capitol Hill so I think it one of the things we have to understand is that. How that score comes out from the Congressional Budget Office will depend on what they what did it look at it specifically with just to face wanna whether they look at his totality. I am confident that if you look at. What's going on right now Cheryl on Dana I mean premiums aid after state. Doctor price mentioned there a point 5% on average Arizona's a 116%. Think you know Oklahoma and fifties. Minnesota in the forties and this is unsustainable for families to continue to pay the premiums it app. And for individuals small business owners etc. so the question is. Can we allow people to go on a trajectory. Were more more of their paycheck is getting eaten up any plan is frankly not giving them choice doctors are plans that they want. This plan I think. Clearly achieve those goals a lot better get the price cost containment down because I control under and it allows doctors and plans. To re engage in the marketplace as they work prior to any that that is a any major Africa. I'm fairly. From yesterday I had nominations question it there's nothing is preventing the White House. From a admitting nomination is not good for agriculture. And out constantly are. Hadley out it cost that was sent out to help. Earlier today I wish I had an announcement officially out that sometimes there's a little bit of a lag. I apologize for in my office but valance off and I'll check on Sonny Purdue I think so that coordination with that with and it oh. Pardon my. Time right. I have two questions for you first what the president offer correction to a street this morning that it's a 120 prisoners. Released from gitmo by the Obama administration. And then return to the battlefield. Did you first. Yeah I ID ID the president meant in totality the number and it released on the battlefield. I've been released from gitmo and and individuals and generally that is that correct. My question is the White House concerned about this it. New information cannot WikiLeaks today that US intelligence agencies are potentially purpose providing. I'll abilities to high tech products here in the United States. I'm not gonna comment on on that I think obviously that's something that has not been fully evaluate it wasn't what nine comments from here on campus. President and ask what is England building surprised when it comes to health care. The White House feel that ability presented today should be known as come here from here on out it was asked secretary. And at what point do you think that the transition going from a volunteer students. Plus it was repealed taking care of that I think that'll happen quickly. Secretary price mansion I think we're less concerned with labels right now. I and more in terms of action and results I think that's what what our focus is an eight that cost at and choice act that we mentioned yeah. It just reportedly considering decorating. Is across the border illegally hunt the president. America I and that's it DH a matter I mean we don't get involved in you know cousins are RI four I think that's a question. Battery serves too much about each of Jan. Thanks. Thought that there is always these cartels. Individual mandate because it allowed insurance companies to increase. Premiums up to 30%. People shippers getting it should. And have them. Plus I mean that's not me me the difference is under the current build it here if you don't buy. Insurance you pay fines. Under the current ballot you don't have to there's nothing at mandate you to buy insurance. That's up to an individual. So I mean by by its very definition is on king street consider that which. You don't think that the actual mandate in the sense that I candidate penalty and place. Not my heart. Right but there's no there that's I mean I think you original question on our. Share and playing the Britain then we'll plug you cabinet. Last Thursday these falcons actually calls. Called recessed early previously. Adjourned on those countries is toward. That's apparently old hat heavy winds of over seventy. I mean as soon perhaps it's a decision until later in nominee and make even. That this is that this isn't. A Republican issue I mean it's not Republicans that are. Playing beat the clock on a lot of these nominees. As and we got a transition time indoors several nominees. That frankly weren't even that are controversial. Either by Anders. Senate democratic leadership. And yet been held up over and over again I don't think that that's a very different. Scenarios and going back and being with its. Which was on it I don't I don't think that that's not threaten to do we have Michael magnate ready to go on first questions. Michael. I'm shocked thank you very much I obvious it was. On the air which is proved how important the American people. But it it seems that too often in the last several weeks the administration has gotten distracted and media have gotten distracted. I talk about wiretapping trump tower or the president on its predecessor a bad for this guy. Are criticizing the ratings Celebrity Apprentice. Think the White House could do a better job of focusing on issues that really matters reforms that mattered the American people. Rather than getting your act and gear conflict. As we move forward in coming months. Thanks Michael. You know respectfully I'd say that we have been focused we're here talking about obamacare and they need it. Drive down the cost and access for health care for every American I think. That's a pretty significant. Going to be focused on yesterday we're talking about the president's efforts continue to keep an agency. Make sure that people aren't coming in you. The country. Who are here or be purposes. The president's talked to achieve world leaders. We had thirty plus executive actions on all sorts of stuff from regulatory. And that things and create more jobs. I think that's it fairly focused effort that being said I think that whether it was candidate trump present electron Pernod president trump. The president has always made very clear. That water or not Ime or reading the voters may and one of the things that they appreciate about him. Is his ability to be authentic and speak very forcefully and very directly to the American people. And that aspect that I think was central to lie and he was elected is because he's not. I can't politicians gonna give the scene eight answers over and over again there. It. It. There. Oh. The the de. La yet. As good as I mentioning. The first half of the bill that we put forward repeals it. There are three things hitting each phase that would talks about these at least in theory there's a repeal and replace aspect to each one. I'm but Republicans and conservatives have been talking about. I competition. And try to cut down for. Decade. Selling across dateline's. Small business pool all of those things have been part of conservative plans for a long time. I'm thinking knowing that competition and it allowing more act mean. I think there's a big difference when there is no you know we have for the longest time if you're conservative. And you think about this right now that you have anyone who asked. A an employer based in their job comes from the players to get some health care. They're getting up at how they're getting a crack it they don't pay taxes. On their health care and their employer doesn't either. That's a huge disadvantage. To anyone who's Oprah Pryor on small business and so frankly to allow the playing field to be level. And allow small businesses which are frankly the job creators in this country. To allow entrepreneur orders and our starters to get the same tax treatment and a fortune 500 company gets you. He's a very conservative. And again I think look one of the things important errands for all the people who are concerned about the especially on on the right. Look at the size. This is that Democrats this is not there any that you can't get any clearer and turns it this government. Has not. And I think that part of the reason the visual is important. Is that when you actually look at the difference you realize this is what big government guy. Crowds out competition drives up prices. Stifles entrepreneurship and innovation doctors leading the market more more people not taking Medicaid or tri care. That chicken or people. When you've got veterans they can't because not that time Medicaid and tried hair tied together. So when you have no system is not accepted by doctors that means the lowest. Of are the people on the low income gal and Eagles served our country have fewer of your choice that alone should be a problem concerning many people. But the premiums by another problem because again even if you're in the exchanged machine over and over again that happen. You're seeing young people decided they'd rather just pay a penalty. Because the cost of those basic program is out of reach for a lot of young people who are just entering the job market. But again I think they're great illustration of the difference in the approaches. Is that size our bill which is a tenth of the size does repeal and replace in what they're built just data in massive government bureaucracy. And that is a big difference can't. Askew with yet health and human service secretary I'm here to talk about this Republican bill as the Democrat. Is that the president's bill. That is a bill that we have worked with with congress. We feel very good about where it is we are looking forward as I pray and let's say I mentioned earlier the president is meeting with a whip team to encouraged and supported a bit out. I don't think. And that's pretty cute here and I think it's not his ability or does it build that we have worked on with and gather. We're very proud of where it stands now on the big difference jam is that unlike before. As I mentioned when the Democrats jammed down people's wrote in a way to get that sixtieth vote before senate with senator Kenny all around. And then. And then basically said literally you'll have to wait he would looks like before we ask. We not only posted it out there for everybody look at book by sending it through regular order. Not just putting upper house though but any it through the committee process allows Republicans Democrats and independents alike. You offer up amendments or suggestions. And it and and the house will work its well know we will continue to give guiding thoughts and suggestions. But I think the president's core principles or what's gonna guidance as we had through hell on that note how an instance of follow up. Aren't Jonathan Karl's question because the president AD here. Serious allegation over the weekend and and I think we would all be remiss if we went news briefing. And I try to get you want cameras that these offers some evidence. Where's the evidence clears the group. That President Obama book. President truck. Well I answered this question yesterday on camera on your air so just sort clear I know this is now beat twice. But I think I've made it clear yesterday yesterday since yesterday not crazy now I know it is not a question. It's not a question of new proof for last proof for whatever it. The answer is the same and I think it which is that I think that that there is concerned about what happens when you election how Senate Intelligence Committee. Have the staff and capabilities. And the process in place look at this in a way that's objective and that's where should be done and frankly he's seen the response from. Especially an on the house side as well. They they welcome and so let's let the senate do their job. And the House Intelligence Committee and then report back the American people the president withdraw the music is here and he. Anybody would draw in Chile I mean and does adjudicated that's what we're asking is for them to look at this year there's. No reason is absolutely not. And I think that what you want to do is looking you. Wire tapping other surveillance and and again as I mentioned before the other leaks that are threatening our national security seeing the leaks and over and over again. They come out throughout the administration. Throughout government and undermine national security uniting the appropriate thing to do is ask the house and the senate to look into it Glenn rush. Time so it just to follow and vote. In terms. You get an opportunity on here. President who knows we're here because the president support. Oh inherently wrong. I see no reason to leave he doesn't he's not suggest that it. So now to the not follow up to. Seen any evidence yourself has evidence in share with you or other numbers to your numbers out. Ask you why you made this particular position. That is hardest neat now I'm not a position that would be regularly part of my daily duties. For the president to go through that probably level mob. My pay grade but as I mentioned as I mentioned I think the president believes it. At the appropriate place for this to be adjudicated. Is that senator tough and he's got the clearance is the staff props he's got to go through this look at it and report back. Didn't hear it I'm not gonna get as as the president made very clear. I'm not as the president said in the statement Asian and we're not gonna have further comment on that until this is so this matters. I'll I'll I'll. The appropriate thing he indicated. He congressional committee and others made it clear statement Twitter so I get. It is the White House and that presents. Can't make it clear statements. Include. And then the congressional committees committees looking at me. I mean I don't know. But yeah that I would take issue with the question approve it. I think as I said now ought to follow to file out. That is not push improving is that they have the resources and Clarence is in the staff. Judy you fully and thoroughly and comprehensively investigate. And then issue a report as you as to what their findings are. Are. Church and of course we want to know. I there's nothing as I mentioned jennies not that he walking anything back regretting. He's just saying it did they have the appropriate and you. And capability to review this Margaret start. Upon all one people on here please. It'll it'll be patent that you needed this legislation. To clarify either. Can't cut the cost saving. He want a green light that I hate competition yeah let's not acted. And I think in order to fully come to fruition yet you act you all part. But it is the way that it was pac doesn't allow war. On the way that it was half. Is almost the same way that where we're going through that now which is. They pass certain things then the secretary of health and human nurses at the time hat was granted. Significant regular thought regulatory authority that allowed her to do certain things that time. To implement pieces of obamacare. I've that we now have to act backwards in go almost in in the ain't got to do what they did to laid out we've got to repeal it. And then we've got to replace it with a plan to do certain things can be done in the same way certain things can't you just. In literally depends on on how that was not John Frederic. Charm and the replay plan. That means that. Medicare. Money would continue to be on this. So what are you you Republican. State legislators that thought they were fiscally responsible. In rejecting Medicaid expansion and are great and now they didn't get it. They didn't get that that will ultimately Iraq what is your. I think well yeah I think what we need you. Is to make sure the president said in his his secretary price we've got to make sure that we continue to protect. People through this transition process. Let the bill work it's way but this is the first time. As we addressed the Medicaid pertinent question is. This is probably the first time we've really addressed and entitlement aspect to something in almost thirty years I'm Heidi we've got to let this she's and it worked its way through and how. But there is remember one of the things that happens through the Medicaid expansion. Was the goal has always been on Medicaid to help people. Who were able or war or met a specific number of criteria for the first time and obamacare we expanded obamacare. Are the Obama administration game rather to able bodied individuals that you know waited and never bend down before it was not a specific class. That led largely due to that the ballooning cost. I think a lot of the reforms that will be contained in this bill will address that but I think we've got to let it work as well the price collapse. I don't know how you. Questions on it. Because the president gave up Natalie great and instantly how about the experience that. And I went obamacare is going through okay. The president has Obama's advantage that these opposition to legislation. Was able easy. Opportunities. While it was being legislated. To create. Public perceptions about what was the legislation's emphasis on an easy day. What is it hasn't continued to prove his communicate. To be out there explaining what they had them down to work lawmakers that the prisoners and then it's okay thank you. On the first line as I mentioned I can Cheney's had and continues at significant outreach to members of congress. He's talked to health insurers and I think. We've ran out a lot of activities last couple weeks in literally just within an hour. He can sit down with the house deputy whip team to talk about. The legislative. Laser like focus of the administration. Over the next you know month or you get this thing and how in the don't act. But there's a big difference what were doing. I'm at the difference. They were at any government. Promising people something and I think what happened is there was a lot of there was a lot of difference with how they approached right now the American people no matter where you are you understand. That date the date of your health care the cost that you're seeing in the lack of choice that you know Albert presented. In any case you realize it when you're going to see the doctor or loved ones going to the doctor that they're not getting. They're not able to get in the united taking the Medicare the exchange charge they got. The cost of going out of control. And I think it's really and one of the things that doctor price mentioned that is so. Apropos that is having a cart does not mean you have insurance it's like candy sort of blank check it doesn't mean you have money in the gently check. And I think what we've seen over the last few years obamacare is you have an insurance card. That doesn't he's always gonna take. And it sure doesn't mean it's going to be a portable. And there's a big difference between having a car. And having health care that's affordable and that's the difference at work trying to solve right now and I think so when it comes to communication I think. One of the things it's really helpful is that part of Zell is done for the American people. Understand the data there how can they understand how much they're paying for they've gone this year doctor gone to a hospital or hadn't noticed from their carrier saying. We are no longer part of this or their players as hate whatever your particular carriers cannot connect. It is no longer available Porsche watching UN today. And so. For for so many Americans health care is a very very very real part of their. Other daily experience because they carried themselves again with an ailment or dealing with children or loved one or so how and the when they're seen firsthand. The data Asian and disaster that obamacare cause men in their personal life. I think there's a welcoming of the zucker and I think a lot a lot easier for us going because we don't have to explain the problem people are living it. And for them to understand what we're giving you is more choice. Greater competition we're incentivizing more people will be private part of the process and we're going to be driving down costs is premium you had a second. Yeah do they president. Or about liars. Yeah because the White House wants them to be on the entitlement programs. And it cost him a patient. Can't count on it yeah. While that investigation. It is easy to. Using Twitter and other public venues make accusations. That are in public but she will not respond to them. With respect to this particular situation. I'll I'll I'll ask that I'll get back on junkets. It. Our. Home here. 2013. It. Charged with Fred Upton and chairman of the house inner cities all over legislation. That put precisely those words. Into law. And you receive the votes than Republican member of the house and between forty and fifty Democrats. I edit with the administration's. Support revival. Of the amendment though towards putting him. The right key ones out here they are here and here she liked it today. I mean adding that the goal I don't wanna start talking about what we're gonna look. As we go the process we've now put our stamp on us and that's how it'll work its well as a man and come up through regular order. I've you know our team will weigh in on now. With with their staff and again the president meeting with a whip team today. I don't wanna start saying we're gonna support this amendment that amendment now but I think generally speaking obviously the goal. Is to make sure that people get a plan that they like. That's affordable that meet with they need to have met. That they shouldn't have to have a one size fits all government. In in ill health care system that doesn't offer any choice or frankly is intelligent it needs they have and that's an important thing. Hi John. Q coach or passing through our place and he's got more Republican senators. We're seeing it can't support the bill because it rolling back the Medicaid expansion for what you say to those editors are very concerned that people will lose coverage. That this does not provide stability to those people who rely on Medicaid you know. Well they're they're using John Warner is we're at day one we got to where and how are. Yeah a little bit time and I think as we go through that prop. These senators and not just the the additional human I think and hope that we'll get additional. They recognize that those people. You know Isaac and over and over again here it is if we do nothing. They're going to be any very very work scenario and are now. More more people if you're on Medicaid. We are domain low income Americans. They as I mentioned Dan Clarke. And that card is allowed in the go to doctor after doctor saying we're not in a Medicaid or try carrying. So I would ask senators what are you doing to help us work on a bill that would get him insured again because for too many Americans they've got a cart. But they don't have insurance and I think that's a very very big thing. I'm. In a distinction to make. It they they're the ones that the problem right now they've got to Medicaid card and nowhere to go out. And what we need you to make sure that low income Americans. Veterans. Small business owners individuals who desperately need health care have options and affordability. And the cost of the insurance. I'll through him it efficiencies and arrested the driver increased health insurance costs. The skyrocketing cost of that it. What in his world plan do you propose to do to either cap the rise were pretty damn well I hate. You've secretary mentioned the cost of prescription drugs. Is it that well no not a big factor I think it your your. Dollars. Pocket to get it right we get what do you figure out well let's get a fair enough but one part of it. When you talk about for years or drugs. The biggest thing missing in this whole equation is competition. There's no I mean we're down to one plan. In many places there's nothing for these places compete. I don't know if there's any that's fine but if they know they gonna aim reimbursement rate if they know that there's no other options have plans aren't trying to get people. And that's a big difference right now there's a lack of competition. I'm in the industry and one of the president's I get. In navy one part of that. But you're right it all over Madison. Procedures and such there's a reason now with drug executive and talked about getting those caught down. That there's a multi that's an approach and how do we don't competition how do we drive down costs but you're right we've got to do more to get the cost. That down of the procedures. To allow additional options. Everything is in waited again think about it's yours Sharon. Right one of the things that was driving up cost in the past was people or exercising the option of going to an emergency room over and over again for their primary care. And what happened is that you saw all of these you know quote unquote clinic pop up around and and and insurance carriers actually made it cheaper in terms of co pays to go see that. Then an emergency room driving people are more that didn't continued drought are clog insurance. That competition alone are taking the plan's money help keep costs that we've got to deal more aspects and competition. In Madison Jennifer. Average and one half hours of intense fighting regulations that it's actually been what you. I I think that they have had their workout form they started. As the president has met with different industries and companies. Corporations associations with that is he can't subject of a discussion. I'm witches those regulatory aspect of our economy they're keeping companies in growing expanding and hiring. And so I know that that domestic policy team and others. Have been working on that and if I can get further update on specific legislation RG specific regulatory action on a back Alley. You. Kind of get experience and my colleagues. US news president and the president awkward as you edit the administration wants congress. Let me be there and he found out from you and it president wants congress. Members of congress quietly at the White House passed word. To bottom line. Why would the president want congress had it right from your behalf. I think there's there's a separation of powers aspect here's and a giant and that we you know. It's not a question of what it's a question of appropriate. He he's. He found out now directing. Recommending. These. Every snap crackle like. That the president out of. I think there's a difference between directing. There aren't just which may be involved in an ongoing investigation asking congress as a separate body. You two looking at something and add credibility to to the look he's. And as an element that wouldn't really be there if we were directing the Department of Justice for example but again I think we've made it very clear how we want died and where we got their. President out of lazy Americans are not a tax returns right now the president commits early in his tax returns this hearing is still under audit has passed its miners any Arnott and file open question. Yeah. Question well. Yeah yeah you understand. What we've seen on the growing number of cases I think get him border opinions Portland and Canada with valid passport. Being stopped at the border and told. Just Google backed it won't let commandment in the US. I'm not aware that. I think that's something that probably should be addressed it department Kerry. And understanding of them and I don't know I think it's a good question it. Is probably as directed towards an apartment on security. Doctor one. Thank you. What I was gonna keep its promise to withdraw from the Paris apartment. Agreement and miss our understanding is that you divisions of opinion. That was what I didn't. You've got to must get out what's going on we keep that promise he. No one off yeah I think that I'm not adding that popular with Hewitt when I don't have anything on that right now I'm aware that fashion so let me if I can I do that you might. Not really well all of them related questions and it. Stuff that the nation's strategy will the president. Play public role and selling this bill to the public about the answer questions about it. That's good question I think that we are gonna have a very copy. As I mentioned just a few minutes from now the president is going you engage with with members how. Which team. I talked them and Stanford but I don't understand the human rights. There's a lot of times and we expect media and several weeks the be pleasant opportunity for the presence speak about that to engage with the public. But he is going to be a comprehensive. Plan that we knew we had. I can't begin I how many administration folks members of congress flooding the broadcast radio airwaves today. Both nationally and in local market. We were very very active. Throughout the country. Getting out the word on what we're doing why we're doing it. From national. Broadcast. Able to. The radio. We any very very aggress it start to this effort. We're working with with how in particular will continue to start. Really engagement and it. But any comprehensive effort working with the house and senate. Get this thing Don and other partners doctors and outside groups that share the concern as I mentioned earlier when the other there is out. You know there's a need by bike companies corporations who are feeling. The weight of additional cost to join in the effort and a and I just you know is obviously something that needs to outlet it. The escalating caught having significant impact on our economy. But on the ability of people to get hired or frankly people who are hired lose their job. Because the cost of health care is not allowing actually people in small medium size is. To keep up with those caught with that thank you guys very much I look artsy. The White House spokesman Sean Spicer who offered no evidence to substantiate president Trump's claim that President Obama ordered a wiretap of this phones at trump tower. Spicer says such evidence would probably be above his pay grade. Spicer said the president has not asked the FBI director whether there's any proof of the claim mr. company three days ago on Twitter. Now despite conservative opposition the White House appears to line up behind a plan by house Republicans to replace obamacare. No firm commitment from health and human services secretary Tom price who appeared in the briefing room he called it a work in progress but Spicer said. This is the plan the president ran on. I'm Aaron pitchers keep you've been listening to live coverage from ABC news. B minus honors winner for the third straight year with a Edward. And.