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March 8th White House Briefing

Mar 9, 2017|

Wednesday's daily White House news briefing

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah. Out. You and Charlie Sheen. I'll leave it. Good morning for apple acknowledged. As the president did this morning it today is international women's day. It's also winning his three month. I'll be holding several events throughout the month here at the white house on our. And celebrate women how their vital contributions. Advocate and you guys to be to our society our economy. Our family as the president greeted this morning about urgent hiring. In humans and office. Linked in workforce report they January February strongest consecutive month for hiring in over a year after. A new report from eighty. And yet this morning and on confirmed that it when he quote major investment. In US production facility directly citing the president election as an influence weather station. Initially invest is expected to reach around 300 million dollars. We keep seeing that the wave of optimism and growth in the wake of president pledges to help American businesses continue to produce real results. For people throughout our nation. Yesterday. I've got a you couple things in get yesterday's agreement a couple of yeah champion secretary of veterans affairs doctor David shock and and senior White House after. Met with several veterans service organizations. Including what commonly referred to that they X. It's got the president's commitment. Helping our veterans and modernizing our via. The meeting represented another step and telling the president's promise. To the men and women are our nation's. I know the president looks sports you personally following that meeting with the V. Also last night the president named several individuals who mean intends to nominate or appoint key administration. Court and in Ellwood and General Counsel Central Intelligence Agency. Knoll Francisco with her general the Department of Justice Jeffrey Rosen deputy secretary of transportation. John. And Tony I junior secretary. For public affairs department treachery. Back further announcement. Goes on. Now onto the events of that day mourning after eating his intelligence briefing. The president met with rain Powell jobs founder and president of hammer in collective. And organization dedicated to removing that there are unfortunately prevent on in the world. From achieving their full potential. They discuss education and immigration policy which are two of the area in collective focus. Then the president held a strategic affairs which focused on infrastructure. With leaders in the private sector. Infrastructure used to be appointed American pride but now overbearing ineffective regular system. Can keep project in limbo for years. The president has already started removing the regulatory roadblocks in the killing projects where debut in the gun. Executive actions streamlining the permitting process calling for each agency throughout the government. I Jenna by regulation cause undue burden. As the president and many times strong public private partnership also be key to revitalizing our country's ruined roads. Crumbling bridges and outdated airport. The government has way too much of the taxpayers' money and inefficient and it projects. By looking at infrastructure business person's perspective. As a president and these executives do we can restore respect for the taxpayer dollar and make. It. The president particularly pleased to equally meeting on the secretary of transportation now. EPA administrator Pruitt and energy secretary Perry are all confirmed and getting to work. In attendance at the launch as I mentioned we're secretary Chao secretary Perry in here crew it. And in Richland rock you know rock he brought the CEO and I don't really trust Josh Harris co-founder of Apollo global management. Bill Ford CEO. General and in garlic and managing director of the major concerns. Tyler to vault partners kinsey. And Ilan mosque. Later afternoon the president will meet with congressman Elijah Cummings to discuss rising prescription drug prices. I know the president's looking forward the dialogue started we found. At 4 o'clock the president will meet with your secretary Brian Inky senator Murkowski and senator Sullivan Alaska. They expected the priority that aren't in here especially. As it pertains the government plans in Alaska. The evening the president will meet with conservative leaders about health care let more details participants on the meaning a little bit later this afternoon. The president and vice president continue reiterate there's support. But how bail on obamacare repeal replace and look forward to working with congress QU. A new health care. Tonight the president Latin term crude and finally a couple of additional administration announced. Today the president and First Lady. And now initial veto for the 139. White House Easter egg roll taking place on Monday April 17. They are to continue the traditions of the past or creating new ones they'll play at lasting role in the fabric of our nation's history. Ticket to the rate appropriate public will be allotted online lottery. Further details on the lottery information on that game will be released later this month keep an eye on White House opera update. I'm also pleased to announce. Round that he shut Kenny Ireland will be visiting the White House for the traditional Patrick's day visit on March 16. We'll have further details on that this is a leader as they did this week with that questions David Smith of the guard. I've got. Presidents state visits and campaign event that's not what was your reaction to. All of that the policies prison saying the president does not welcome. SD. He's what I've read them and Texas. It's because it. The president as you know except it. Matt invitation. When the prime minister was here he looks forward. To going over and visiting the United Kingdom as we have details to share with you further we will but there's nothing further at this time. Caitlin. Why her reaction to the audience and within a hundred yards and eighties at the weekend. Aren't they on notice and what you offer anything beyond a verbal reaction out of all of question. I'm the US and yet that was. Close proximity is not something that the president has been made aware of the president's been very clear that this provocative action is something that won't be tolerated. With that I would refer you to that department and who is. Who's monitoring that situation and we'll talk about the appropriate actions and taking your next. I play to give any plans to revamp that age let me be a program by the April deadline. I am I think we talked before about immigration as a whole and there is. The legal part of immigration and the illegal part of an operation. The president's actions we take in terms of his executive order and other revamping. Immigration policy okay. On our border security keeping our country safer people say. And an obviously for their H one B visas or the other ones out of these us. Other areas student visas I think there is a natural. Desire to have people look at comprehensive look at that he just got the race act yesterday. With senators Purdue and cotton. We'll have more on that coming forward and I think as he has the read out mentioned he was very supportive of their efforts aisle with respect to how we view legal immigration. He mentioned in his joint address it were one of only. Handful of countries doesn't using merit base system of immigration and that's something that we need to look at in in his totality hunter. I take it. Are you aware of any women who worked in the White House worker. In the strikes today and we're generally. What the administration reaction to the protest that. Think it's an effective way getting an effective way for women to demonstrate their power and significant. On our part and not aware of any. They're not here I think. Everyone that. Odd that Al Arab China and and is working really hard to advance president's agenda. They're committed to it moving this country forward. Those who join the president throughout government. I think my hobby is the president today how we wanna recognize contributions that women. Toward his family's tour economy toward society. And you know it's a free country people have the right to express themselves but I think it we cheated on a daily day not just one game a year at 360 fighting here. Appreciate the contributions that women make all the categories are not shouldn't be a daily thing and it hopefully we can help. A little bit more John fun and it's a groundswell. That is obvious this week. How here Alberta fine leadership in the House of Representatives. You mention the president's going to be speaking with the conservatives. What is his message to those individuals are exempt at Hopkins. And read all be there. And you know what the president intends to do you turn around. That opposition was quicker and. I am so a few things on that one as I mentioned we'll have a list of participants later. You I think that there has been a lot of I'm from business and conservative. Group have been very important is whether Americans for Tax Reform American taxpayers union the medical device manufacturing association. US chamber of commerce at a mad one nation health consumer health products that Asian. The association. And I am a Mac the national association of hole distributors American. Legislative exchange council and others there's been tremendous support for this we had people throughout. Washington she going to different associations and grew up that day last couple days talking about this. And we're gonna continue outreach he met as you know yes it was a house with teen. And unwavering support for the bill on the prop about counter to mention who work with these individuals tonight. And we're gonna have a full court press Martina is throughout the administration on local radio or television. Get that message right the American people. To talk about both the things we talked yesterday of why. We have a crisis right now health care and why obamacare ailing and secondly why this this solution at the president's work out how is the right one to bring down cost. And read your choice so that that's gonna continue to get delivered. Both today. And for several weeks until it ask how and it. Come back to but then again one of the important messages that I think those on the conservative side need to understand. News. Right now there isn't any is an uneven playing field if you get your insurance. Through Medicaid Medicare through the government or employer based health care you or contact your employer contact. It is those self employed individuals. Those small businesses that are paying the penalty. And that's rating we have to remember is it. We we talk so often on the on the conservative side and on the Republican side about the importance of entrepreneurship. The importance of small businesses our economy. And yet there don't want you suffering now with an inequity. And attacked and I think it by leveling that playing field. By giving them more options and driving down cost. Who were actually doing very conservative thing I've by removing the mandate. Of a government mandated you might buy this program or you will pay a penalty. And eliminating choice we are enacting I think very strong conservative values in health care. They give all Americans more choice and lower costs so I think that that should be a very high. I'm. As it as a regular federal employees. I'm sure you're aware current and welcome back. Yes well at the moment thank you I'm sure you and your family are aware that off of personal management offers very comprehensive health care. Program called her employer's health and currently. You anyone in this building on the hill their staff and friends not difference. Well maybe who knows they're very generous security is its studio. The individuals involved in the health care. Situation right now debate. About how place. And they really have that kind of empathy empathy for individuals who may not benefit. Nearly as much when they're negotiating this. All these plans and chalk. In what will what will act well I mean you're buying your cover Sharon and it's unfortunate. First off I'm not fine because I think because of Obama care premiums on everybody's gone. No if you regardless of what you pay federal placement contribution of their health care plan as well. And I think it's the all premiums have increased over the last whether you're an employer may not. So one of the one of the big. Issues with obamacare was in order to fix it a problem that they you know 1529 people is that the entire system got got shattered. And prices on everybody got ratcheted up people who are on Medicaid suddenly lost their ability so the issue was is it in an attempt to all the problem. That affected a very specified in decline group of people we affected the entire healthcare market. That is so so whether or not get it from an employee or not. An employer or not but your question that that's part of the issue. Well look here's the issue you're right your app right. Right now of your federal employee and a lot of aid he gets open a book and you get to look at what planned matters to you what what planet are you. Or your family. What how much you wanna pay how much coverage you wanna have what the company willing to rest what services are benefit you want as part of your plan. Absolutely. But the issue is so many Americans don't have that choice for a third of everyone in for a third of the counties in the country they got one choice one. In a lot of regret you know not there the exchanges are becoming fewer and fewer the number of doctors implant it Medicaid. Fewer fewer so your point. I think actuary unique place because we get to understand what the average American should get that we shouldn't be managed we specified number of people. Appreciate your argument. Very well aware. I'm gonna come here and Jia fibers. Give them certain caution. And they're negotiating but they do they really have that kind of action that kind of empathy and people who backed maybe throw off the end of the health care. I mean I think it just because somebody has health care doesn't mean they can't empathize and somebody who got. You know we all have family and friends there are operating that's like saying because I have a job I can't be empathetic somebody who doesn't have a job. And we all have dammit I think when we watch a friend or family members offer through terminal disease. Because we haven't suffered through it doesn't mean that we can't have compassion towards that person or be concerned on on how much that bill costing. Mean that that's actually. In some ways you know. You know the relationship we have with that person you can even feel worse you can feel guilty about how much you have and how you're not able to help that her. I think and in any case that's what drives. You know that there are options available this summer Americans and I'll. Thank. God. Heard that there is a criminal investigation into this. Let's. That. Siren. Tool from the CIA we humans what in the White House tell us about the situation particularly back this seems like there's another week for intelligence. Community. On the scale Edwards. Can you assure the American people these tools were used against them. Well there's a couple things in that number one for obvious reasons it is our Paula yes government not confirm. The authenticity of any kind of a disclosure pact that would be. Highly appropriate. For us but you don't all of these occurred under the last administration that is important quality out alleged. Issues and I think it's interesting. How they asked this way about the damage. Could it occur or what tools can be used in light of what's been going on recently I mean we had. You know Euro network's correspondent James Rosen is Petit. Phone multiple phones. I've tapped what what is what it was not appropriate action I think there's a lot of concern out there about alleged leak and there's there's two got. On. And it ain't what you saw. Over the last week in terms of that this should be a major concern to people in terms of the leaks that are coming out and the desire to get to the bottom of whether or not. Not specifically with the accident and since the closure that you're referring you. But I think the idea that we are. Having these ongoing disclosures of national security classified information should be something that. Everybody is outrage in this country this is the kind of disclosure that undermines our country our our security and well being and you've seen. Over the last two years you know depending on the leak it depends on the outrage it's interesting how. Whenever the weather the leak occurred in the last administration you had. Member after member. Talking about disclosures that occurred. I am. During the last administration weather's members of congress you know Elijah Cummings expressed concern during the last thing last administration in terms of the Americans that work you know when when it dealt with Hillary Clinton that was complete outrage about the league and cart members calling for investigations and we. It's interesting how there's sort of a double standard with when the leaks occur how much outrage there. And and and so I do think it's important why don't wanna get into confirming or denying this particular thing I think it is interesting. Com. It how different subjects are approached. This one everyone is immediately rushing chill in there should be a lot more coverage at. This alleged leak. Should concern every single American in terms of the impact it has on national security. The Portuguese. Rashid team has been in prison and a lot since last October collaborated with the cost of government that government being the United States of America. I'm he's on hunger strike apparently has helped supplement that is the president aware mr. Cheney's wife and three other Americans are being held a lot. What if anything might present you again. We're aware of the situation. In case of pre. I. Well I mean we're on day two. As I mentioned we've been out and locals talk radio and local market. The president yesterday met with how happy with today. He's having there is an additional meeting. With conservative groups with others are taught to insurance agent and we talked about the lead up and with the insurance executives at companies with various members of how it from both parties now with governor attorney general there's a group lieutenant governor is coming and I am we're going to be aggressively. Going after the talking about illusion that we are out there but they need you repeal. The current monetary system and need to replace them in the Q patient. Choices and cost they need as you mentioned yesterday can't overstate this there's a difference to having art and having. Being told you have coverage and knocking at the use it is no good. And that's the thing that I think is really important. It's. One we get the questions how many people are going to be covered. That's not the question should be asked how many people care adding. And an innocent or not having a plan that allows you to get the coverage you need. Or forty isn't real coverage it's a car. And I think that's the big difference in the approach we're taking here how do we get people and the affordable care they need. That there's more choice more doctors coming into the system of leaving and that is a big big difference in the approach now. I think you'll see a lot of travel a lot of activity. By the president and all of the administration in not going to be the president is going to be you know secretary director of administration staff. The vice president actively engaged. In meeting on old I'm I'm top radio on local radio local television. I'm Gloria. Meetings with outside interest. Op Ed plane problem and engaging. Group. And Asians and it happenings in in an industry leaders but this is going to be very very aggressive comprehensive approach. Making sure that every American understand. There is a major problem and that we're here. Well. Again I don't wanna. The allegations. He's been very clear about that can Ernie has leaked. That. Well again yet it fight. I think he's very concerned about the allegations that are out there in terms of what happened in days. It is an allegation. That we are not confirm this but as you can imagine from the president's previous comment. He's extremely concerned. About about these allegations about the him. About the potential that something if this were true would have our national security. And they don't think about it in the president has talked before they anybody who leaked classified information. Will be held high degree of law. We will go after people who leak classified information will prosecute them to look at the law is playing with our nation's national security. Is not something he should be taken lightly this administration. On its. There's a big difference between disclosing. Had a job now Gmail accounts a lot of back and forth and is undermining. Hillary Clinton thoughts on her personal nature and the leaking information there is a massive mass difference. Between those things and I think it is again. The interest in the outrage occurred last year by like Democrat came leaks is interesting hearing. Not as much outrage now come on our security. On that question. Congressman I'm talking. I was coming. In Alaska house of confidence. Schumer. I'm telling my. What happens boom is over and and what is the conversation would be only you know find time high cost of prescription drugs. Well I think it didn't nature of dead. The meeting ends from the conversation I had on the phone which was on prescription drugs. And and and I am sure that it is. Carson comings and presence brings up the subject you know I don't illegal or not we'll try to have some sort of react afterwards and Monica but let you know it. Did the nature of is is an area where they green if you remember one of the things that they talked about I'm always say that there were probably several more areas. That they would agree our eyes and find that they would grant threat conversation. And I hope that that conversation. You know does exactly what they said they would in terms of I am. You know getting getting to those areas of common agreement with a can work together all additional problems in our country faces. What happens smooth it over and I know I know our genes were in touch with. His is office I mean it fine and as you know there are a couple times when the meeting. I had been tried to get on the didn't work out and and hope luckily now it is delta. And there. If you think. Happening I know that we've reached out. And we're looking pretty on that as well what that there's so we're pleased that this was able to come together. And then now we'll get tonight. Yeah yesterday there was compare and contrast. Let them. Vigils and now. Yes all yeah I. Oh in comparing and contrasting about how you want without counting on the station went out. I'm one difference it made you know what it costs. They have his exit you're doing what they want things that you did not think. Heck they're able. And you can work. Sure is being court. The I don't mean luckily it with all due respect that this is aimed at who who passed it mental as we could read it. I need this bill is online for every American. To go to redevelop that GOP eyes on the speaker's web site we linked to it I'm on several accounts that was it I understand and again. The complaint same group that didn't let anybody read it did get it jammed it through with no bipartisan support. The president's reached out about the Al had governor here senators here to get their import. There's no contrast between what we getting what they do this was a little effort to reach out and members and how and it is going through regular order and how. Every member of how and it will be all have their opportunity to have amendments operative that what the committee prop on the floor. I'm so the idea that they can impair. That day that the court is pretty reaching deep on 'cause there's been an opportunity for members at their input on the and talk about their concerns get their input on especially the governor who left on the sidelines. I'm and you have such an important role in administering health care Medicaid. The idea that anyone talks on one score was should be Cornel and all the time but the other thing is let's be honest. The irony of the Glor is it to be always way off the last time I don't think it. They were waiting that that that's a big issue to us right now. Cause matters but look how off they were last night. If you look at the CBO for actors looking in the wrong I mean they were way way off last time in every aspect. How they scored in projected obamacare and you know that you did today mean last if you look at the number of people that they project it would be on obamacare they are up by millions. So the idea that we're waiting for gore it will be scored. But the idea that that's any kind of authority based on the track in the creek last time's a little part that got. And today and I just was curious that the timing that I'm. How much pressure their way to get that's going quickly and secondly yeah there's guidance from the White House about what kind of vendors and on the wall. Especially an international. I think. That prop this is working through the president has talked about before we are trying new move Hank. And on the attack us. And then we'll continue to do creating a timeline to ask congress went yet that that funding. We're not we're working with congress on that. And then you know I don't think it'll be any surprise to note that the president is gonna favor American workers and American company. When it comes an American project that should be any surprise late. Increasingly likely that the Federal Reserve next week we'll high interest rates. It's a great question why does the president feel about that. Secondly does he have the full confidence and Janet Yellen who he described her campaign is too political to lead the Federal Reserve's monetary policy. I get back on Alan I don't have any comment on on the Federal Reserve I'll I'll look at team what I will say it. You know as I mentioned that the out that when you look at hiring in the jobs in the manufacturing and CEO. Indexes. That are going to have already come out in the first month we hear resurgence in optimism in the economy. By job creators to wanna hire here if you wanna manufacture here. Who want to grow here. And I think that our economy is clearly on our swing. I think you. Coming out and sharing in the president's vision. For moving the country forward and truth renewing the optimism in in building in being part of an American resurgence in terms of our economy. On. October I I'll get back jumble outside. Oh yeah. It my way. It's funny how the groups that. Why didn't you punditry if you can speak. It yeah. American causes in both organizations have nothing strongly opposed to this proposal what's your best particularly quick air speeds. And they gave pagers really good deal came to you prescription drugs in particular. I think this is a patient centric bail it's about. Patients about people about the Americans left behind look at what those deals got people last time. Mean for all those people that are on Medicaid in particular. They don't have choice anymore so I would argue that the president has put the American people first. As put patients first he can talk about you know we're glad to have support. No make no mistake about it. But I think that the support that the administration think how focused on. Is getting every American thereby and their support that. You know obviously we look I'm not we've not to have every group on board. But this isn't going to be YouTube every single deal we heard about getting that the court ask your cornhuskers kickback is an. Over and over again it was one deal after another to get to buy votes to get through it. So if you wanna align upcoming national interest paid off last time are now. They'll probably win hands down this isn't a lot that did this isn't about tracking how many national interest in Washington we can get. Paid off. It's about making sure that patients get the best deal that lowers prices were back out but but again. I think what I'm trying to guys were at some point you're defending the indefensible. Nancy Pelosi put up three criteria for what how they judge obamacare and buy their own gain or fail on all three caught were up choices are down. That it's there's no other way you judge that. By every account every single premium. By every charity is up choices are down across the country as there is horrible deal with the American people got wiry old. And what we're trying to do was put patients back. Accept this proportionately it's a fact people who right now or low incomes. Subsidies and obamacare anchors and according to the air he's estimate. Thousand dollars and her name is easier when he's going to tax credits are sure to. I think. Brett and the message for the president is that we want you to get more choice and lower costs. And a and I think as we work the veil threat do. Through daylight. Not units in the middle of the night. Did they are gonna eat as more more people will. That this is a deal for the American people that can put patients first lower their clock and give them more choices but again I don't there's probably not a person out there. It themselves. Or a loved one our friend our colleague that has a choice is go down premiums go up so what people are dealing with now is not acceptable. And I think that the idea that anyone ending the current score and even in some demons immigrants they admit that there's a problem right now. And so my advice to those people that join the process share your ideas share your thoughts. Let the process work its will that is a bill that has import but the bill the way it was on last time is not something that example and it. I don't worry though that every major doctors here the American medical vision the American academy of pediatrics the American college position. That'll all come out and your parents for all the talk of doctors and patients enjoy the doctors' groups are all so far in it that you cannot. You know I think. When you look at a lot of doctors verse is the nation's. Here in Washington. We have had tremendous input from doctors and sell doctor pride in out eight. Doctor. Is the one who crafted. So you have a doctor. In charge of the the administration's effort to work with congress you've got several positions and other medical professionals in congress. They're talking about the experience they have in fact many of ran for congress. Because the concerns on their industry. Oh with well I I'm not I have respect for some of the work that some of these. Washington DC based association at the end of the day this about patients. And I input from doctors who are on the front line seen patients talk about the care that they're able to get. Not again to people Nia. Well I do on you kind of don't. He you talked about people aren't you kind of car. To help not deductible and only time talking all night. We'll end but I didn't nothing cancer car. Maybe they actually I don't think it's no surprise that she can't act that evil choice. Reduce the number of people who actually happen I don't think you can yeah. What candidate will do boy by ensuring that more people right now you've got more people not you know paying the penalty and I don't want health care I'm not gonna pay the penalty. Because Costa July. You know and it was it probably 57 years ago before alana Kara when it plays single. Individual young individual person on that on the open market can get. A premium. Plan with a premium you know 10050 bucks a month. And high 300. And I think that there's a big difference you're not for young people just entering the workplace for example. You your your example they don't get into an accident right now you've got a lot of individuals get off the parent healthcare saint unhealthy. I know desire to go to health care and other you know a few hundred dollars a month and I don't have or that brother and I think if we get that cost down. And a lot more sense and get them plans that are tailored to them. 12728. Year old. Individuals don't need to care that's for folks you know that that talks about certain things that a plan that has certain things that are toward the end of life. But right now you've got one size fits all government run government mandated plan to offer people a week. Medical services that they do not eat. Because there's no choice and it's a government mandated them I think offering more choice more competition. Allows people to pick a plan. It is more elegy and this goes back to a John asking that. If you can get. If you can actually pick a plan in across state lines I want it to you as an individual. As a postal you know maybe there's a family plan it's more comprehensive it has dental and vision and all the things that your kids are gonna need because you know and of all things. You speak than not that's a plan that. You know I ate a young family might need vs in an older person a single or younger person just entering the workforce but right now there's no competition there's no choice. So it's not an either or situation where we're facing a situation where more more people are getting less less and paying more and more for and that's the wrong way to go. Mara. My apologies millionaire tomorrow. And I. It exercised at oh okay. And it was prepared for. An. Entry there that won it ministry. Here and what. About used act of war. Well. I would just I would bet that particular night at best and oranges is it rather regular exercise cars. As do many of the exercises that the military prepares for a whole host to continue operations out. That is a routine. Military operation. Now I'm not gonna days there's is a routine military operation. I'm as an irrelevant you with our art our partners throughout the world. We plan for random you know continue to Naomi happened that job of the military to practice for continued he's in the area and whole host of issues. But try to ascertain. You know. Well it. Or perhaps there is nothing to consider for I think we're we're fine right now. There's nothing that we would need to use it for. But again I mean I think. Part of the goal of preparing the military go through various exercises. It is our whole hosted on refugees. They prepare for natural disaster. We're not prepare we're not anticipating natural disaster. But we prepare form. We acted the White House when we were coming in as administration we did and it Wheatley breached during the transition period we did. Because right he left the operation with the outgoing administrations we sat down and talked about. Cyber attacks in and natural disasters and the whole of government response in some of the doesn't mean we anticipate some it doesn't mean that we want them it means we're gonna prepare for. I'm in the same way the game many organizations you fired not that you anticipate or expect to fire you prepare form as many Stanley. I'm prepared this is the key to execute and I think that's all we're doing well. Nearly. He Louisville media is reporting that president can't be here on Saturday night. Can you confirmed that any news about health care he's he's he's just Kate around. Yeah I would and that report we have nothing to now with respect to time but as I mentioned earlier in the that we we will have earned him. Somewhere in this area hot button. We will have an update on president ghetto bit later this week but I I do anticipate the president to be very active. In his support. Four for the repeal in place effort. And so. What you should he should expect now mark. Yes scores yeah. It's called into question her credibility. I can't quite so we're clear I'm just I'm just saying I preach I can answer. I'd hate their record is what I'm on the question when you look at the number of people and that costs. On what they score the last obamacare bill Lott is way off that's not that's a fact that's not any more than that. People base their vote unless they happen to the costs and addresses that is there any. Analytical organization that he would. Work. Well I. I think that there's yeah I mean I think I mean all your college grads are. No I cannot say but Maher hello before all of you look at what the CBO's record is on our obamacare. He backed off I think they they projected twenty million people behind Obama can assured me the numbers twelfth. They're they're way off in terms of the millions. No I not a question whether I'm questioning anything. Anyone that can actually do basic mask. Can understand that their projections for obamacare the last time where. Way way off the mark in all my only point is is that I think when they come out with the war we need to understand the track record when it comes to health care. And I were. There are a lot thanking members have to look at a lot of things to cast their vote on the the they gonna look at it out either bail the support there constituent. The current state of things I think that there's no question look. When you look at the trajectory of the cost right now in terms of premiums. You can say an end and and not just the premium. But obamacare is gonna collapse on its own weight. Very you know and the president made very clear I'm in press covers and a lot of previous state of politically easy thing to do you let it collapse. And that Democrats come back to the table I don't think that's the right thing the president has made it clear he doesn't think that's the right thing this is an opportunity for him to show the American people. That the right thing to do care about their health care options and cost there. And. He questioned deductibles that. Lauren how how they're going under about 30000 people that are currently on this plan. Everything that we had then. Led to believe about how does is is yes this will drive cost out when you talk about opening up cooling when you talk about driving cost down because you can buy over state lines. Everything that has driven up costs. All those market forces deal comment and I think every. Leading economy is look at this as a wheel drive cost down John gets. On. The premiere argument I'd ever acts notably former President Obama today is that Batman. The we're. Illustrated yesterday. Would lead to many people losing their health care. Certainly heard that Democrats. Public all over several of the Republican governors were here for the next governors association. Booting. Strong allies the president governor Bentley of Alabama. Governor Hutchinson of Arkansas boy this thing and earth. They did not want any plan that would lead anyone losing it for us all here what is the administration's. Days. What is the leading argument against the plan. That I have a follow up question. I would say that any governor that concern about people losing care right now. Should join they're losing their right now they're losing their options and they're paying too much. And the answer is that if you're concerned about those principles. And you should be concerned with what's happening right now. And you should be concerned and want to join in administration. And work with this congress again the big difference here is I. Jamming you build on congress and not allowing the American people to read it until it's passed as was done with obamacare. Was then speaker Pelosi. If this goes out in the open for every single person in the world to reach. It is open for people to let their member of congress feel share their thoughts to share their ideas. And news on out in the open. I think that is a vastly different approach with how this is all about then the last time that that makes a big difference. What with the approach and it gives people an opportunity through the process. With a call regular order to have input on if he can be made better in great. But I think this time we recognize that there's a lot of work that needs to get done on behalf of the patient. Then there are having trouble getting care elect. I'm sorry if my question is a follow up question about all. During. The region's governors association meeting governor rockers Ramirez. Was chairman of Mexico's. Association of federated co workers or. It continued destruction about all presidents talk building it. Might very well lead the election of mr. hope is over or is that makes old. Is considered the most anti American hospital where it. Are these any concerns that well it is all. Namely the impact on Mexican politics. Now. President. Forget. The president number one concern is safety of our country. Number you is the job that there are impacted by an affiliate. Americans get wage that they deserve. But again there's this national security issue having a frankly when he got with. President and Nina tell. And that there is at least there's a shared concern. About drug cartels drug trafficking. Arms arms sales over the border there's a shared concern. For the respect to the border. Because it means a lot to ball. No. Something that we care about from the national security point and not the president or around it both as wells on an economic. Collapse. Your answer was and he helped her film he made got hurt and he's. Could you clarify. What he needs the rest of conservatives and who are they how to get things about the legislation. Is he intends to talk about what they would like to change and hope it does change is now what is. Is that the most news in and out of that almost got hit a listening moment. I think he's in a very much omelet. The president heads in his team have worked very hard honest and very proud of the effort. And the product that they produced with in consultation. And it. But obviously going through the prop in go to somebody has an idea and that could be on the administration's side and I am. That we believe that after consultation with individuals or groups that there's a way to improve upon us but that's the beauty of going to the price that we are. But make no mistake the president is very proud of the product that we at Purdue we're apple sell mode. All around the country talking about how we think this is the best way to all the problems at the American people face on and it why we believe that that. Solutions that we put forward in this bill. Are the right one and it will benefit them at. You can work thought the president means what it. It is possible that we could even more important general multi fashion news conferences and outside speak. From the North Korea attitude health care rallies to. I really looks talks and get things done and I won't ask next I what I. I don't care that the answer it and I'm not is there anyone else. I I would be glad to ask itself and I thank yes. I've sat I will I'd be glad to have president. I share your request and what we can you schedule. And as you can you know that is. Very busy these days he's done a lot of ray continued with you guys but I would be glad you make it. Make your request down. Eight. Yes they have they're friends of the. Are starting to yeah. Deputies are on our. There's. Not negotiable and his tail he will not even. Katie and I think is as just and let it. The it is a starting point is going through regular order and how. Om and no part of that process is because of the committee mark up Kerry both ways and means and how commerce committee. That that by its very nature allows. For input on through both of those committee and ultimately on the floor before it was over in the senate are in the process. So I think frankly we're just acknowledging the reality of where the prop is but. You know what we're proud of the process we're proud of the import that we've received from governor senator from individuals associations companies. And we feel very proud of the work that that it is. Cast lead in the bill and the results and a yield and and so that being said I think the president understands. As a businessman had some with got a really good idea. I think he's gonna listen to a if he can be part of the process to help. Make something better there's nothing that's gonna include that we've been very open to the new people we're very proud that we're gonna go out as an example sell mode. But it there's an idea that comes across on where entertain that it to make it clear. Alex. Yeah. I'm. It has and others accused Democrats of rushing through your original law. Now there are Republicans in today. And into the past the president sent instantly timeline. Is revealing. The I don't going through the process can't beat him by nature we're going through the committee prop there you. You how committee. Yeah. Right but I would worry subject you how does it's well and then out and it's. I think obviously we would like to move forward there's a lot in the Q. We talked about tax reform this bill is attached and he apps like seventeen budget reconciliation. And I know that for a lot of Americans that. Means nothing. On in terms of the phrase and and nomenclature of the congress. Does it but is an important recognized that vehicle allow congress do certain things and not others with a fifty vote. With the majority vote in the senate I'm that's important there are certain things you can do through that. That you can't use through other vehicles. And it will take it you vote. And even to administratively. Note. Actually you heard doctor price talked yesterday. About the three phase. Actually multi phased going through regular order. But there is simply no contrast between how we are approaching this Democrats approached it last time. Number one there's actually an input from across the aisle both and from the governors. Who were here attorney general's. Outside group. How and it Democrats have been able to provide input to after the senior administration of president. An and secondly it's actually going through the price. So while we can predict a timeline ultimately going to be up to how. And in the senate to determine how fast it goes but their members on each of those committee and then ultimately every member on the floor. That has the ability give him. Senator Chris and I he's come out and expressed. His on key. Fill out and now is Malia and part of the top of the cars and that as you mentioned titans coming into mourning the president had any plans. To apologize to her dreams and visions mean I can't count. Yeah they're they're looking forward to a great dinner he's had. Hit Tehran. Witness that rubio a couple of days ago that we gallery it launch a senator Graham is. As I. Congressman Cummings today. This is eight a president who want to engage with. Members of both sides of the aisle and both of them both out. But also group business leaders union leaders. The AFL CIO and Richard Trumka is yesterday. This is the president is going gauge with. Everybody that can help join and proposed ideas and thoughts and opinions on how to move the country for so he looks forward to dinner tonight with terms cruised. As he has with several hours and I think you're gonna see more in a continuation of this kind of effort to reach out and get people's ideas market. It's not just president Lee Yang has been compromised and it. With respect the voters out here again I'm not an act. US government pol not confirm this I think. He is obviously. Then very concern is that it about the disclosure of national security on any level and undermine our country's security. And I think that. You know I just say I think there's all of any big double standard when it comes to disclosures. A national. Classified information in the the outrageous that that exists when one side hasn't happened vs another there was well I think it. There is there's been a lot of disclosures about. National security that occurred last cycle when there was potential with the FBI men and that's the certain information. The members of congress on the on the other side of the aisle Hillary Clinton and others talked about. How there was I'm so much concern about class and information with. Seeing it silence in outrage from the media from others with the current closures now. With with things it may have happened was twice election when it comes to these guys. They think there's a vast difference when it comes to how they disclosures are proud. I don't honestly and what do you get pregnant content on your hot hot dogs but yet if you want yeah. Feat that hasn't been in. China on that which. Kind of politics and. Policy well I mean. We're very troubled by the launch. And that occurred North Korea I think that's why. The sadness and that we've started to decline South Korea and important item will continue to work with the government South Korea. You. To make sure that they have the defense is necessary to protect themselves. It ate the deployment of that system is critical to their protection. As witnessed by the weekend's test. China and the United States in particular both understand threat that North Korea. Poses to the region. And I think that there's areas that we can work together. To protect the country tracked. Health care for women. Right well the president I commit to reaching out to female democratic lawmakers. As the next U basis of this health care bill. I continue in addition to what is the president's stance on access to birth control over. Across the country. Well I think that that question was asked and answered by secretary price yesterday with respect you when his house. The president has also made it clear that Ian and substantial. Increase in funding towards women's community community senators to find women's health services. And I'll be reflected in his budget. Mark. Are. Part of earth it's. I think that's what we need to find out. There's obviously a lot of concern and the week I've mentioned John. There is considerable concern last cycle when a reporter was. The target one. But it. Part of the reason that we back out to look into this is because and and I think. You know. It was interesting I think if you look at last week. All the suddenly these stories keep coming out of whack. The president and his links to rush it is it is continue to be the same old same old thing over and over in the presidents make clear is no interest in Russia. And yet a lot of these stories come out with respect and that are frankly fake they are a series at. They allegations and at the bottom note while there's no evidence that issue is the same unnamed sources. Quote unquote oh yeah. That he that we get tagged with and yet there is no evidence that continues to be shown in every single person that gets briefed on. Shows that whether it's Sarah cotton chairman Nunez who has done a phenomenal job of trying to get to the bottom of the but it's interesting I think that double standard that exists between the concern about getting to the bottom of the allegations that. We with respect the president. That there are on on how many other issues when you talk about. What. An apartment and a I think that's one of the issues that we ask how can I can tell you with respect the others you look at. And I class former unite clapper comic he literally at the DNI which is it. The DNI which includes NSA FBI did not find any evidence of collusion between campaign Russian agent senators rubio cotton are. I Germany has all the people who have been briefed on the situation had come to the same conclusion. And in it is it is interesting how many times a narrative gets repeated over and over and over again. And yet no evidence has ever been suggested. That shows the president has anything to do with any of the things Irving is at recycled story over and over and over again and I think. That there is a bit. You know it is amazing the president goes out last week as joint action. And then a couple you know literally 24 hour story aren't getting recycled about you know potential issues come up that literally continued offered no act. Nothing but the unsubstantiated. Rumors over and over again and yet what is ignored. When you have on the former unite clapper go out and literally a quote. That they did not find any evidence of collusion between the top campaign agent you have rubio cotton union. All the same thing that they agree that there's nothing and yet they there. Are. I don't know the answer. You know I think what I'm saying that there's a difference between that Meredith and in the narrative that has been perpetuated over and over again. The concern that the president hasn't why he and intelligence committee to look into this to get to the bottom but. Of what may remain out of occurred during the election but the interest thing Margaret is it when you look at every single person that's been briefed. They've all come to the same conclusion. That nothing happened during election time in. To rush and yet the state narrative continues over and over and over again. And the idea that it continues to be recycled without any substance that. Any evidence in he's not. Thought. And I I I understand and that's why we're very. No no and countless what I and lies at home run. When it is time. I did the president made clear on on. That he is asked house intelligence and she's a resource prior to him come to a conclusion Chris. Talking about. Better things around me ask you following a hot topic yesterday. You into it now present wrongly treated. At. Least by the Obama administration from it to earn the battlefield. It act it was ugly but Bush Administration. We'll Hebert trapped or even apologized. Given that I'll call it a terrible. By the Obama administration and given that that was incorrect and your old hat and no truth either we out. Britain over ought warrantless wiretapping. You know look. I think yesterday adding train asks the question. That the president meant the total number of people. And that and if I wish I understand that I'm actually explain. What you ask the question I'd be just. He meant that the total number of people released from him. Was 120 chip. What the president and but just to be clear there's a big difference under the Bush Administration most of those court order. The Obama administration took great that they talked about the campaign promise frankly from day one you closed get. This president is very clear the understand the nature of the threat that the people in gitmo pose to our nation. And the recidivism rate that there are among people that we have released that is a concern that he shares. The reason the Bush Administration get it was in many cases they were under court order the Obama administration made actually priority to let people go out. And you actively desire to close that camp and it released more more of the people especially in the waning days there's an. Eat a huge contrast between the pop art that posture and -- of the last two administrations. How they were young with get this administration understands. And the president has been very clear the understands the people that are kept in gitmo or pose a danger to our country into the rest of the world there's a big big difference between the posture than him. I do so I said that the tweet he meant that it was the totality of the people I have to trade yesterday aiding in each. Day. Well I think you upshot is that a totally different topic that. Optimal thing it is your your alma. All and I want her pregnancy. At a test of his ability to make deals something it he really talked about. I'm on to the campaign trail. Actually feel on him that I am going to show the American people. On. What gets I mean he is a dealmaker he's negotiator. He's an a world class business leader in he's been highly successful of anybody can get a deal on something. It's going to be Donald Trump. Mean that's part of the reason I think the American people what they on that there was so much broken with Washington. And when he came to the big problem weather's domestically internationally. If somebody could come in and work across party lines. Work with another country to get NGOs in the country's best interest he had to go that's quite frankly elected him president so. I think he feels very good about the product that we put out we aren't sell mode we want to get based on. But the president has an open mind he enjoys meeting with people and hearing ideas about how to make. This country better how to create jobs and created health care system how to create better schools and it there's someone comes up with a better idea that. Will help lower costs increased access he certainly can only to acquire. Dave lawyer John. President's meeting with the you wouldn't talk about his tax cut plan in place that is the biggest robbery in me even bigger. I know exactly what we're looking most of us know exactly the plants like my first question really easy to tell us about the plan. It is that what the planet tax. Well I think I'm gonna wait to thank you I appreciate the landscape. I'll leave it to him to work with Connors and we're ready to roll it out. We will we will do just that. We're not there yet so let's go on with the net. Nobody. Building on the jobs numbers today and a very positive. Obviously utilized CEOs of their legislative. Possibly tax cut plan. And yet the president has also expressed a lot of earth yeah. You're going to get a I don't know what we'll probably in order size tax cuts Perry could do that balance that these. Continued job roots with the concerns about that. How because I think that one of the best ways to get the national debt down to grow the economy. The more the economy is trying the more we can get it 345%. The more deduct it. The best way to tackle the job growth economy put people back to work. Created deeper manufacturing base in that is between that some of that. The effort the president has put into you make government more efficient. And effective. And save money at L level that those are that you things that I think I'm combined to hit to get the deficit to Jennifer. An important part of your country. Christians can't you anger at government acknowledges. Literally being. Wiped out and out. I wondered out on treatments and at times Atalanta. You review act marketing programs increased power is a minority Q is there. Well I think fit you you know that we talk first time at the end of order something that we acknowledged. There's definitely. In an area where it in the executive order that we just. Past. One of the areas that we talked about what. And I'm I have to go back and look at the exact phraseology that we recognize that certain groups and they can be religious in nature are being heard acute and I think if that Kennedy. What how we look at that program something the president as humans. He talked about it past is something secretary Tillerson has acknowledged in and that's not just refugees coming does anybody think one of the reasons that we need. Safe haven in Syria to make sure that. Groups and individuals. Whether they be part of a group or religion or being persecuted. Have had a great safety. That they can count on. I don't know yeah. Yeah anything international ones yeah. So other presidents on the saint that he supports some sort of legalization. Or. Many. People in the country and you know it's a dream is kind of raise an old Washington. Caught the president. Wants you answered it matters to talk about what it is. But some sort of the only agent. And it all went either. How the did president I think he's been has talked about. How you want to tackle this politically and back to Chris question second ago I think he's made clear that. They if there's someone who has the ability to strike a deal to get people in a room and acknowledged. We have a true dark and we can get a deal. On on a way to fix our broken immigration problem and we are not that Asia something he talked to senators about. And I think it. As we continue to move forward obviously the focus now is an obamacare repealing and replacing it with a with this program. But it is something that we're gonna do you Florida went in as a company has thing not just that they. The illegal issue with the visa issue on how we deal with the other folks that are in the country. But that age and we've got more to go on that will go further. What's out on court. Now there's nothing honest at this point. It didn't end. At the end of this month as. That's usually the other hand does the president think you know here intent on. I'm kind. Well I think that the president. Talked about this a lot during the campaign. It's about giving the authority. And and trust in general and decision makers of his national security team. With with executing what they need you to prosecute the war on terror. And the war against radical Islam terrorists so it's not a question of delegating authority there's certain things into the briefing. In previous weeks but there's a big difference he's not. Delegating authority in making sure that they have the ability. And Tynan an act inappropriate manner. You you prosecute the case in laughter terrorist. In a way that they probably wore on last time shining there's a big difference. Between the approach this president. And the last administration in terms of giving. The generals and the leaders and national security team in the Defense Department the tools and authority he needs to prosecute the case against. Yeah. It's hot. And a that's. Yesterday that US officials that interact morning's view and again. Annexing parts of I think. I want snow and howling out their plans and trump and it also it's talent. We're in the White House and in terms of reaching killing Israel on what things that are well Cummings. I edging out yesterday the president spoke with passion and Yahoo! that conversation largely had to deal with. Ares have regional security. I don't have anything further to mete out on that and I know that when they met here at the White House. There was discussion settlement and done. And the president was very clear about you know he's what he's desires which war. I think as we continue to follow up with Israel in the coming weeks. We will have more on. Yeah. You guys are high and hot question actually. Asking about the thousands of women who have chosen to straight today. And he's saying that it is a free country that's at channel five we recorded it on fuel in the districts that are. Closing as many women. Charles strike today so you don't disagree country that. What would be the president sort of reactions you if you will what is more important that students need to lose any work. About the woman's right she frightening kind of statement if you will on this. Thanks front I think it's important question and you know locally affects a lot individuals. Throughout Northern Virginia and Maryland and the district. No look I I think I'm and it talks of the present specifically about that I mentioned people have a right. Two I'll. In our First Amendment. The president is doing today by making sure that. We appropriately and that the contributions that winning makes this country but there's clearly an impact in the indicate schools. Localities are the country here in the greater Washington DC area. But I think it that. Concern is that utilized. By parent through their local school boards and through their city councils and hires. Whether or not they found it appropriate and for that it to a car. I'm not of the president about but I think there's about and I think it. I would hope that. We should use this opportunity. To recognize the role women in the workplace family. And throughout society. The contributions they continue to make it happening in the past and I mean in the country he's had a without one lasting just to clarify I think I'm chill but. I just wanted to really could earn one point which is there is no reason that we should that we have to think that the president is targeted any investigation. Whatsoever. On right now is Margaret I apologize. I'm. Right in and there's no reason to believe. I think he's a target of an impact of any investigation and he gets very important point to make. And no no no I don't know what I'm saying is that it like that one question dealt with. Whether or not they tweaked out with wiretaps during think the other is an investigation they are two separate issues. And there is no reason to believe that there's any type of investigation. With respect to the department of. You gotta present long thank you yeah. Not an act up thank you guys earlier this season is coming. Out who.