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So. Allen of Jenin after blowing out and heavy rotation of it is the only chosen a Bob movies that we've been servicing about king. Oh yes the new movie King Kong while just. Cong Skull Island opens today David and cartel I grew up I'm sure Tony. Watch that a lot as a kid most Canadian TV it was called king Cong who is made in the mid late sixties. And as is usual with cartoons of this sort in this story. King Kong be friend at a young boy and that too would have avengers because all adventures yeah King Kong where it's very helpful in Sweden writes. Now I know he said the show Visio adjust the werder true about a man who was magnificent in his job and his job was telling us about movies. The passing this week ago Robert caused more. Not. Along stall wart on. Turner Classic Movies. Did so many interviews and introductions. The film and all that really. Interesting career as far as starting out as an actor. He had gotten some small roles he did a pilot for show. That he said. Was so silly. So dumb. I just you know this was just the job I was gonna have for a week I didn't have to worry about. Being involved with the long term and that turned out to be the Beverly Hillbillies some of June and up first isn't yet the first. Rob born is that a lot of those that goes he left after the first season I think you worked at the bank with mr. drysdale and some. And so it was. Acting in various things he became friends with Lucille Ball did a lot of work on the Lucy show. And they would talk often about filters is real passion was movie history and all at. And Lucy my gosh an amateur and Angie haven't worked that mark's brother I don't stooges shorts or Alex judges this amazing amazing career. And they would talk a lot and Lucy who mom. Really it was not one to mince words who was not. One does speak politely move it over yet she we she wasn't big on that she's a block. And I'll as a manager. What you do just about anybody else can can do. But you're good writer there are an awful good writers in this town Maryland more than enough mediocre actors. She said you should write some books about movies and all that nobody's really written anything good on on film. And he get a big big book on the Oscars and became a film historian never lose he's the one who said. Give up acting you should be writing and doing what you love his voice was magnificent. Down and you hear their voice and you don't mistake everybody yeah. EE he really did and his voice. And his nature was this sort record I think he seemed. I'm sure he was. Absolutely truthful and perfectly knowledgeable on everything. That he discussed on the show I don't doubt his integrity at all. But his voice was so authoritative like water running somebody like that. He could've told me anything anyway yes yes he I got done watching it and if he had said. Few people know that The Three Stooges were actually women who dressed up as high. You know launch should look into that could be true yeah it was just amazing huge loss. And I just gonna be doing couple days of a tribute on your article was biggies would they continue using him and a or would be you know these pastors not use that bomb I'd. Think they'll use. There and have a lot I assure you there there are some more heat. Goes in depth content I could see them doing like classic Robert Osborne his presentation of what I don't know and he did so many interviews. With stars and that sort of thing I bet you they're gonna find a regular ice on the schedule for that you guys are sharp gal as a big box covers those who have regular money about all wool hurrying and Wolverine Logan. Was number one last weekend 88 million dollars in its first three dates well. The studios. Prediction of sixty million dollars. People have been wondering gee. Our audience is gonna come out for an. Well dead pool and Logan has shown that yeah there's a big audience for that. Which unfortunately. I think means we're gonna get a lot. Our read superhero movies coming out soon audiences also we're very happy with the film got a solid A minus on cinema score. The worldwide box office in its first weekend 204. Have a million and they cut the budget under 100 million so this is big big hit android user. They kept the budget under a hundred million no. I want it's always impressed. When we you know what we do things in our house like you know putting up a new gates for the driveway or something I'll usually she's the perfect. If we can keep the budget under undermanned under a hundred billion that you return a profit as a pet numbered Shillue. Get out did another 28 million dollars. That was going to be movie battling from sign felt but knowledge not it's not gone out yes. But 28 million dollars in the second week. 78 million dollar dollars in just ten days. One of the most. Newton well reviewed popular horror movies of all time. Usually you with the horror movie that people like. Usually still dropped 45 to 60% in their second weekend. Out dropped a mere fifth. Team percent and the budget was under five million dollars extremely impressive big big and very happy for a Jordan peel. His first film as partner and director. And number three they and faith driven film of the chat opened up at sixteen million. I'm very poor critics are used but I have very solid rating from the audiences who sought. At number four the Lego Batman movie the other twelve million dollars it is now 149. 258. Million worldwide so far a lot of markets still haven't opened up yet. And number 51 of my favorite films of the year John wick chapter two. Did not five million dollars it is now at 83. And it not 66. Book for all the young adult Groundhog Day mean girls try to mash up. That only did five million dollars which is Mary Mary weaker opening for a film. That opened on 2500. Screech about drug testing our movie IQ. Slightly. Martial arts and action film legend Chuck Norris. Turned 77. Years old today. Now the film in which he made his screen debut. Was it eight return of the dragon with Bruce Lee. Be the wrecking crew with Dean Martin or C buffalo 66. And a half minutes. And I'll love that was a career stopper. I call 6049875. A prize they movie passes through any distance that are valid through. April 30 Tony seventeen. Whatever goes interpreted as mentors we've spoken grow them I was born on transit. No expiration date total body of 43 bucks general contest rules apply the movie IQ question. Marshal our cards and action film legend Chuck Norris turns seventy sevens today in these console with his leg. A name the film which he made his brain to be doing the answer would be acting crew with dean Martin's I thought it was playing background and almost hit records and number of America. Grew is also a singer yes as played a mean bass guitar return of the dragon the Bruce Lee that was his second field. OK yes let's say big movies hitting the bigs Graham com. Skull Ireland. Yes this is. Big big. Film not really. A sequel as much to the 1933. 1976. Or 2005. Versions of this is kind of reboot not really connected to previous stories that a monkey right it is. Among big among game big monkey. It is of course available in 283. 3-D IMAX. Theatre in this budget. So you want a director. Who you know pretty remarkable so they want hired. Joerg Vogt Robertson of course. He'd only done one move before kings of summer a little indie coming of age movie about a bunch of teenagers. It seems kind of odd but you know once roomed with Jurassic world they took somebody would only made a small little independent film. And put them in charge of current world worked out well for them they're kind of doing a similar thing here. Now. This is a weird little movie this is a weird little movie I I assume you've probably seen some commercials four yeah it's okay. Did you know that this is a period piece where it appears. It's in Vietnam movie is if it's in 1973. Do not. To let you know that this is a period piece it was filmed in Vietnam. Four of the most part they did a little bit and why little Australia but most of the filming was done in Vietnam. The shut up here. Is that it is just mere days. After the end of the Vietnam War. And a group of scientists and soldiers fresh from Vietnam. How are being sent over to Skull Island to look into. Reports of something that is amiss so you're doing a King Kong movies so the director decided well. You know I want a look at the proper influences for movies this sort sure so the movie references. Platoon. Apocalypse Now. Pretty regularly. Are the skull crawler characters that are big per movie there are a lot of fights with Kong. They inspired by the character Cuba home from Pokemon. And just like you know that this is a Vietnam movie. One of the soldiers. Does get to say. Don't worry we're here drew job. Killing Cong has a war we actually get to win. That's right and every hour on the yes yes and you of course also get. You know big war late sixties early seventies rock soundtrack. A lot of credence Clearwater revival. Maybe you even have just so it seems integral to the plot. One of the soldiers. Is carrying around a turntable. So he can play as records out in the jungle while fighting to try and monster. Are they also. Spend a little time in case you didn't feel old enough just by getting up in the morning. They show. Certain they fill certain. Artifacts in the movie as if gosh can you imagine people actually use something like this. They have a reel to reel tape player I know my all rule on how did they do that and then. They show a telephone. In which there's a little round just withhold Torre after soft here. Question yeah I worked and it's filled you know you're looking at done. Leonardo Da Vinci ease helicopter plans it's just looked at as an amazing thing. They can last year. Is. Any terrific. You've got Tom hit Olsen very British. Home Harrelson and she I them. So how did tell him that this was actually. Set in 1973. He decided not acting more in 1937. A lot of her views seem to feel he's channeling Leslie Howard in gone with the wind. He's got a rather fussy British ness about him that is a little odd in the jungle. Brie Larson who just won an Oscar and oh best actor Oscar for Rome and she is now doing traditional. I just one day best actor Oscar. Now I'm getting paid yeah I don't normally after you in that big one. Yeah no movie warrior to get my big paychecks and good for her I say she plays. A war photojournalist. Who is also. Mutt. Oh well then. My gosh and she's. Angel warns live. Go to don't get John and she oh look at junger Denver's John Goodman is a government official. Who often they use John Goodman do vary good effect. You know how on. I got a lot from a couple of years ago took itself very. Varies series juror. This is not that kind of OK this is not that kind movie this movie says you know a lot. We hear were not about characters. Were not about social commentaries. All that King Kong Beauty and the Beast stuff from the earlier versions. Forget that. King Kong is here to swat helicopters out of the sky and fight. Monsters apparently there are these monsters called skull crawlers who crawl out from under the years. And King Kong has to a battle votes. John Goodman is there to spout a lot of the bee movie dial. He gets to see your true lines that I just bone loss. At one point he says Skull Island. It's a land where. God didn't quite finish creation. Home to an end this island. Skull Island is where. Math and science. Meet you and somebody has got some chops to pull off line guy. And into Canada but the other MVP for this movie is John C. Reilly. Now he has you know yeah mr. Shalit saying he plays. A World War II pilot who crash landed on Skull Island in 1944. He knows nothing about what's happened in the world essentially that he's been stuck on the island. Each he's able to tell them some things about Kong like known oil though. You shouldn't kill conquers he is the only one that can keep the skull crawlers and lie and you guys are crazy you're in jail arm. And at what point when they're. Are all they do the standard thing in movies you distort where. All the people in the movie without dialogue. They get killed off pretty quickly so you got just abandon them laugh and at one point where they're gonna go pull off a very dangerous feat. John C. Reilly very cheerfully says them all. Guys your period group I'm glad you're here. All world it'd die right now I'm. He's very funny very off kilter there is. Something different about this though. The last. Movie of drug Persian King Kong was a universal. Warner Bros. has gotten the rights to. Warner Bros. and getting the right to it decided they wanted to start out proper franchise. But in all other versions of King Kong. Kong spend thirty feet tall and pretty standard thirty to fifty feet tall usually closer to thirty. In this version he's 400. Feet tall all warriors. Well there's normally is and he's 300 feet tall. Because. If you stick around them. Pretty credits for the end of the credit. You will see a a little teaser. For. A movie that's coming in 20/20. Called God's Villa vs Cong. They've got this movie coming out this year. In 2019. Godzilla king of monsters which is also going to be more of a popular movie or come out and 22 when he got Villa verses. I'll ask him up. I would be that would bar the movie show under his regiment third in WB. Well out of the hunger pressured today is available today for my level of works is they thirty dollars and David good to be yelling go restaurant in Lancaster for only fifteen dollars. I'm telling you Bob yelling go satisfies any appetite for once did our late night now washing gray birders award winning wings and toss pizza and more go to my buffalo. Perks dot com now analogy is one clear one thing though yelling go yelling oh they don't serve goes Tuesday and the gulf that they serve isn't. Freshly prepared is that let it go yeah yeah. Not quotas and me out of years of ago saying the out they yell at the goal is actually working in the kitchens and next next hopefully but usually head Larry King Kong. Yeah kill bit for us have you seen. Com Skull Island ya know I have no he didn't go to the premiere they held the premiere in Vietnam. Knew I was gonna ago when I went to Cambodians. A lot of people do and everybody go to Bob yeah. You don't go to North Korea to see any shows because they pretty much just have. Little shadow puppets and things like that they're not very tough I don't like there there are video hair styling although our acts acts that's a good look for anybody. But and Cong Skull Island at the premiere in Vietnam. A lot of movies that are shot Vietnam so they're really got big deal it. Outside the theater. They had. Any huge volcano. Sat there and all these dot torch dancer is spinning torched answer type. Appeal putting on a show and they had an enormous. Mechanical. Moving King Kong that was like when he 25 feet tall. So the torched answers. Are doing their stuff they finished their part of the dance in the day they go off and dumped. Apparently one of the torch dancers put his torch down before was out there and extinguish near Cong. And so on and beating his chest and all there's a whole crowd there. And suddenly car and burst and it seems to. Wish of course the audience then you're just went a little problem though earlier yeah I was part of the show until of course people's yards and hurry rotten rotten well I go and they had to they all rushed into the theater nobody got hurt but. There is some video and photos up with that is. I think pretty darn impressive. Cereal and a limb and say by yourself they're Kong as of glamour. I think evidence speaks for itself and so do if we turn to the video let go yeah exactly as a ticket yes next up. Emma Emma so Juarez in yeah Julia yes this news. Written by Pedro all all movement in the bar. Oh good I always have trouble with his name Allen Pedro arteries hey these event. Elmo the whole are. No motor car. The car. Guys that works Ruger Penelope Cruz yes he's done lots of a penalty crude oil blame movies like tie me up tie me down moving on the verge of nervous breakdown. He's. And very visually dynamic. He does a lot of films. That center on women and relationships. With women with each other as well was as well as with growing girls of him. He's yeah he's speak a little evidence sure sure sure I this particular film is based on a short story collection. Called runaway. By Alice Munro. He must've been thinking about this film for a while he must have been considering. Because. If you. Go to his movie the skin I live in from 2013. Copy of that book is lying around there prominently. Is reading of between today and just shouted down but down. This is. Unlike his last of his last film was called I'm so excited. And it tried to go back to his earlier crazier more comedic films and was not very well received critically. Or by audiences. Felton. Is a lot more serious actually at all it's a lot more serious and somber than most of his pieces so people are complaining compared it to what was it Douglas Cirque. Movies like Carol are far from heaven kind of mood it's also a very reminiscent pitch Cox vertigo. It's about a what and who has been separated from her daughter for. Many many years her daughter just disappeared. For her life after going on religious retreat. Three chance meeting they they Ricky connect. And they could face each other again and kind of decide what kind of relationship they can have it and as usual a lot of deep vibrant colors. And gaga fans if it is will probably. Like this now don't think it's one good feel not one of his great ones. If you've never seen any of this I don't know this is the one injured just introduce yourself to but for the art. It's gotten pretty positive reviews and X bitter harvest. This is. This is kind of an odd one this is based on true events. Each takes place in the Ukraine indeed 1940s. And was actually filmed in in the Ukraine. Apparently. Stalin. And the mid thirties there decided to exterminate. A large group of Ukrainian people through match starvation. And according. To. History. Approximately seven million people died over a four year period by starvation. So writer director George mental block decided. This is the perfect setting for an epic romance problem. He's the director who's been around awhile he's Canadian director. He is and yes his career included things room episodes of Miami Vice to move meatballs three. Wait a minute this guy did meet all sorry and he's doing in Africa have been about mass starvation. Yet but much. I love my. It. Most of the critics say the good attributes. Have been just brutal on this film just about all of them seem to say you know it's hard just in the right place. But here's a handful of quotes in what people upset about the film awkward at an authentic. A wash in cliches. Painfully melodramatic. Told with oppressive earnestness. Feels like TV movie from 1977. Unfortunately. Occasionally. Laugh worthy surprisingly devoid of emotional impact hard to sit through. One person suggests that. Mass starvation. May not be the best backdrop for the romance. And my favorite critic says it's very proudly and defiantly of one point. You know they just don't make terrible movies like this anymore. Mad. A little harvest. While we come back after the break. I am in no mood for a good Turkish documentary I don't know about you and luckily Bubba has grown forest on to Israel and I'm thirty WB yet it is the movie shows in a global companies and DJ and as I said as promise they Turkish documentary called kitty. Yes yes. This is a film about dumb Istanbul. Not not confident not confident and now it's his gamble content and mobile. Why they changed it a chance I don't know people just like it better that way they want to Constantinople. Got the works well. That's nobody's business Bubba Turks. And all of that. You explained it. This is a Turk of those guys in their little thing going at the Helm and their money. And the work. Kenny you pretty stood perfectly. Because that means can't do in Turkish. And this is about the cats of Istanbul. Carrey's yes there are. Thousands. Of stray cats. On the streets. Of it is very long time well actually yes ever since all the men empire. You might remember they've got those covered litter drawing to defend like fall and over the Ottoman Empire. The ease that can't handle roamed freely. In Istanbul. The people in Istanbul. They have no driver recent Euro after treasury Eddie Izzard and I verbal side. As far as cats go. They have no feeling of of master and pat when it comes to catch Kathy talk about how what some people talk about how. Oh it would be wrong it would be cruel to keep the cat in house. For an extended period time to make speed there. There everybody. Feeds the gaps. Everybody else is it the caps to keep the rat population under control they steal food like nobody's. Business and there is goes oh well can't we got a two bedroom. They had they liked the fact that they are proudly independent. The filmmaker. Seeded torrent. And developed east special street level camera rate. To follow the cat's more closely say you're able to watch the cat's under tables. Between her legs up's script no that's a different movies yeah you have your background of chrome. But this is they they had 35 camps. That they were hurt were filming they whittled it down in nineteen. And finally broke it down to us having key caps sorry do Mon bancgroup ferocity nominees didn't ease and psychopath. More and more expensive. Mortgages that are here Maury did not make it this is. The usual. Nature film. That takes place in the completely urban setting but is just watching cats in the wild apparently. A lot of the people that they talked to in this film who who live in the street they all have. Accounts with the local facts. And if the cat is you know hanging around their places seems it. They just take it to the vanity but they don't own the cat but they just take it there and pay for the cap and Kennedy to get better and I know you're a big cat. Garrett terrorists all always had that one person to dished out there registering cats and dogs. They said. Dogs. Think their owner is gone. Cats look at their owners. You know they're just the middleman. Who I may have they don't see him that way now I've always been a dog person. I know who think you and I were Credo of topical matter. But we'd I was at the SP CA recently. And and there was I can't munch Hannah. That just like. Looked at me from across the room and I want culprits playing my finger where that's all I want you don't. I'm I I used to be allergic and it's always been you know maybe I should try. Just checking this cannot discount so sudden so pentagon eight. Took a little room well in there with a catch to just hang out where they didn't like. Cat with absolutely charming but I found out that I'm sure my my allergies to catch pole and they've really gotten stronger. In my eyes practically clones to I tell you I was just so stuffed up and that but what I term kept. I'm sure Monty. I'm terror ever got adopted immediately. In his living goes on bush life's been adopted firstly trying to win them all edges to the alms or email let these green eyes these amazing green guys that are. I had no other new release Joseph for those of you who love Jackie Kennedy and Natalie Portman says how'd you like my pearls yeah exactly. National ID personally. Was not that impressed by her performance or in this film overall. Did pretty nicely. It follows pretty much the week after the assassination. JFK. For my money. One of the weakest things in the film was. Natalie Portman. As. As Jackie and I didn't buy her. At all I mean she does this creaky old lady voice that almost sounds like Martin Short doing Katharine Hepburn agenda at a high voice. Yes but she does she does thus has suffered a later interview but yet. That all and it times when she like does the re creation. Of the White House tour televisions a general. She does like a Rich Little ask impersonation that is so mannered and mechanical. I thought the best performance of the moment for my money John Hurt who passed away about a month ago. He plays a priest that Jackie talks to his wonderful in the film. One of his last rules. I know he died I believe it had pancreatic cancer. Boy he kept working low. I thought she was this his last movie and I looked into it. Now his five more movies that he filmed roles for a minute and then released yet but he's he's very good in the films. And a lot of people like this movie. I don't like it may hate me cranky. Your mileage may vary you may think it's just great. He's got to leave it there and experts is Malia and managers aren't here if I had mixed up Mauna. Yes this is the latest Disney animated feature with Dwayne Johnson. Finally. Finally ever race as. Who went up and saying. He does they were does say and it just escalate. I think he sounds just fine line this is given the typical. The Disney animation released treatment and that if your kids loved this movie. Holy how. And they are gonna have the movie and slow many Baxter's to go to run here as far as the making of the film and music videos. And commentary. In little gains and things like that. In one neat thing on this for a Hamilton fans. Panorama of the Houston. In though. I'm not sure can Hamilton's fan as is gonna like this very much. The physical Hamilton. A Lin Manuel Mora and of course started meant and wrote the songs. He wrote the songs for this as well. There's a delete it song that they have on here called warrior face they have the rock and a manic of what the animation would have looked like. But he actually wrote these songs while doing Hamilton on Broadway so he would be working on the Disney cartoon backstage. And the demo on here. The actor who plays George Washington and the actress who plays allies that. Actually do this on yourself Hamilton fans can find a neat little Hamilton group reunion in the moment this. Hanging George Washington. The exciting. Except Dolly Madison are that about wraps it up thanks Bob for the movie show those cigarettes there you Monday at nine under newsreader and I'm thirty WB yet. Well it's they never have to music he's certainly let you know have you given him.