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3/11 Buffalo Means Business w/ Century 21 Winklhofer

Mar 12, 2017|

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Okay we're back to segment number two look buffalo means business on news radio 930 WB yen and U2 and a body Shula. And death there's a local business you'd like featured of course he would be easy access to Armenia body at WB Yan. Dot com and welcome. My partner in crime here Brenda. A lacy. Ares I's body always a pleasure to be with it and you know emirate of plug your show first off thanks buddy I Jewish or every Sunday morning caught slice of life. And it airs on AM fifteen to planning and tell lifestyle shall we talk about everything from food. Fitness are realists say. Derek meaning anything that falls under their brought on Breaux of lifestyle. 1030 to 11 in the morning Sunday sunny and 1520. So tomorrow listen speaker real estate you just happen to have brought in a great guest and I appreciate that. I mean we winkle offer. Who's the broker and owner of century 21. Winkle offer remember that name think wink since 1965. Here in buffalo. Forty years. Of real estate first of all I wanna welcoming on the show of course Amy thank you so much for hand catcher classy approach a grass is out now is is aboard different locked. The board different locked. So. Your. I have broker and an owner of century 21 winkle offer. Erie and Niagara county pretty safe to say right that these general areas are talking about here and you have two offices we've won clearance and winning Grand Island. But we do service all of Western New York. Now there's a lot to talk about with real estate I think everybody. Everybody wonders about reinstated if they don't own it they want alternate if the own it they wanna sell it if they mean there's so much talk about realists it's I'm just gonna. I'm just gonna first of all I ask you about the current market Ian in Erie and Niagara county. Has it been traditional means slow because wasn't wasn't the winter usually in the past you guys have been in Solano slower market. Normally we slowed down during the holiday season during Thanksgiving and Christmas but as soon as New Year's hits. We're back at it blows always have a steady market. Which thank god because during the housing crisis. We were not. We get hit really never had a big bubble so there was nothing to burst of but recently in the past couple years. The market here is just been growing and growing and it's on fire right now if you're a seller now is the time. So. When when you say that do you see areas of buffalo or neighbor coney. That are hotter than others are riches is just all around. It's all around but definitely the city north buffalo would village Allentown. Those pockets are errors. Insane right now Weis is so high. Truth. I'm not a person sure I think more people are staying in buffalo I think. Downtown. Being revitalized as helping so much. All the new restaurants things like that it's a great place to live. Our housing market is normally. Affordable. So. More people are are looking to invest in real estate. Any am I've heard your tag line think wink you have a unique class named winkle half percent think point is Lindsay yeah. That the kid I'm sure where you're growing up it was tough to if you let's allies correct me yeah right after. But think where you can certainly memorable and why should people think wink or what do you bring to the table. Your family run business that perhaps some of the larger firms don't bring. I think that's my parents. The business in 1965. We've been doing it over fifty years. My brother and I are both involved were both second generation realtors. You're not just a number with us you become part of the family. With the century 21 franchise I like to say we're national when neighborly. We have all the tools that a national franchise has to offer. But yet we're still mom and pop in buffalo were not like the big two or three that are out there so will hold your hand we'll take care of field. Make sure that nothing happens and make it's sale or purchase of your property as painless as possible. Do you help people buy sell and vast. All of those things no matter what position they're in a life of therapy and perhaps first time home buyer. Our may be an older couple looking in downsize can you help and all stages of life. Yes definitely. Glee first time home buyers are a blast to work with because they're building their future in their dreams. But then again you know when people are downsizing when the kids are gone. It's great we have wonderful peddy arms in this area and condos. When someone's older and they don't wanna deal with cutting the lawn anymore you know we can find out wonderful association can take care of all that stuff for you. And so many of our neighborhoods buddy her staple I think you know I live in Williams and I grew up in the city and are you live in the Lancaster area of body. And you can see this can kind of continued stability in our neighborhoods in my wish which I think you're so much a part of our if they ever got her life I mean you know everything about south buffalo being a very close knit community. North buffalo has a lot of ethnicity is the suburbs you know and Ken time is a stable area working class. Q4 seed it's staying pretty stable because of the revitalization. Of the core buffalo now I think it's got to do with the people of buffalo. We love our city we love this area and we're proud of it and we maintain our neighborhoods. You know I think so too weren't and I think it's a lot of pride in the area. Now you're always looking for real terrorists to righted sic and you're always looking to grow and train people like you said with the national. Tools that you may have a century 21 and also with year firsthand experience you or your brother your mom and dad or always look. And to have members join our team. Like I said before we are family run and operated and owned so you've become part of the family. Not only could you call me you could call my brother my father my mother we have managers. Our agents who have worked for us have been there for years and years and years. You become part of the team and everyone helps each other routes were not the kind office where you have to. It's not competitive where people are gonna steal leads from each other we help. If you get shot households that Korea if you need someone to have an open house for you will do it for via word of wonderful team and it's something I'm very proud of and again no one call the that your talking about what is the phone number. Our sheriff's office is 6346220. And our Grand Island office is 773483. Injury and. For people want more comprehensive information do you have a website that's when call offer only a seat to one wink. Dot com C 21 win that come. I gotta tell you do you think wink for real estate that's what I'm saying right now wink wink. What do clients expect now from real estate agent. A little bit of everything. We'd be calm your teacher. Your her mother your hand hold third. You're right your nerves cheerleader. People don't know what they're doing now anyway wouldn't we have to help every step of the way. You know the person selling or buying a house in a lot of cases. They have nowhere to start. So it's with this phone call or walk through an inquiry in your website. That the process starts right I mean if they could be listen in this show right now. And saying to themselves whom the markets I have a house I wanna sell it. But I don't know the next step and he needs someone to guide me through the whole process Unita real to her right. Which is which these mediocre questioned by AM I'm glad you brought that up Amy why should somebody user real sure as opposed to trying to do and and their own right. Even an epic can you need someone on your side needed to make sure that things are going smoothly to make sure that your protected it. To make sure that all the t.s are crossed and the I's are dotted. If you're doing it on your own how do you know that that fire is pre qualified and has actually talked to a mortgage person. You need an attorney you who you need a real estate attorney. You know you could get someone who does trial all bites you really need someone who knows real estate law. So those are the kind of things that we are there to help and make sure that yours steered in the right direction. And help you find a home inspector all of the aspects of the sale. It's funny because I one think of doing plumbing on my owner turned to fix frank carrying out we have people can call reconcile my house ominous say there commensurate. It doesn't work your way there so many layers are so much complexity I think particularly in New York State. You really need are real turn to navigate you through all of those stages. With my clients I was somewhere at step one or at step two more at step three. And you take it one step at a time and cross that bridge when you get to a kind of thing. Let's talk about the steps. What's the what's the process so somebody calls you. And you discuss what with them all of here if you're looking to buy a house probably the first question would be have you talked to a mortgage percent. Because even though you might be qualified for alone. Thank you might be qualified for more than you want to what you wanna spend. So find out what payment your going to be comfortable way then what happens is up which into the system and will start looking at house's. He'll get emails every day of the new listings that come on the market when something looks interested local look. Then the next step is you find the house of your dreams and you'll know your eyes look at Vegas and as you walk through that door you'll get bad you know warm and Fuzzy feeling. And then that we do the contract. After the negotiations are done and you have a meeting of the minds the next step would be to hire home inspector so it's crazy at first because you from the house to do the contractor fire in the home inspector. You apply for the mortgage and then you setback can you wait for about six weakness and so. The mortgage person's gonna ask you for all the information they need. They're gonna go over everything and then after eating your mortgage commandment usually it's about two weeks after that for the attorneys to do their job to make sure that the title is clear. That the search and surveys are updated things like bats and man you know finally we close and work with you every step of the way. It sort of is gonna ask do you give your clients you know and as a realtor do you give them. He should probably call us inspector here's a good recommendation for a bank couriers. We'll give them three or four and let them decide look at. There's wonderful look at for that yet again and again there is wonderful professionals out there that can help. With those kind of things we usually give at least three or four recommendations horrible things these days. With lending money. It's tougher than it used to which it should be. The let's why we got an idea exactly problem the first places it was very easy exactly. And it is a lot tougher spots. You just have to make sure I was so people that want ever use and the banks make photocopies of it and start a file because you're probably gonna have dissented again and again. But the other eight dipped and it's tougher but it's what you have to do in order to purchase property. And another reason he's a realtor to hop you you know caught through on their red tape. Amy. You should Bakes cinnamon buns from people I come into your door and make sure that you take on the water our way at but you leg and different variety. One. If they do not do help people with those little tips about how to stage a home and make a more sellable. And definitely one of the fruit when we first walked her house on the listing appointment will walk through and and tell people less is more your gonna be moving put away the clutter things like that. We'll help you move furniture while. During open house's we can do cookies and things like that wherever you need the market is so hot right now though. That I don't even think cookies are necessary to leave your underwear under an hour it is and so that pays its gonna sell anyway yeah that's how about it and so it is insane right now. And you know buyers. Are bind itself. Right here's Ernie who would they need somewhere to live that's true and days unfortunately. With the multiple offers a lot of buyers are losing out and palaces but I am a firm believer. When you find the one. It's gonna work out. Sometimes it might take you losing two or three houses before you actually get the one. But the house your dreams is out there. What what are people looking for what's the hot things and in house is right now what group what are the must stance. It's still kitchen is updated bathrooms. Mechanics. Are also. You know no one wants to put a new roof phone or new furnace as soon as they movement. They're paying out and I had the closing costs and things like that so they would like a house that's a little bit more up to date these days what about basement and options. Based. Or swimming pools are people either love them or hate them. So it's not gonna bring the value of your house up to to watch. It's all personal choice for those two. Issues that day in and in terms of she the great thing again that I like about real estate now or services to control your investment. You know you can put one unit you can make it more attractive he can't do that with a stack mark you have no control or rename and Koppel with real estate you can control everything. So what are the what are what are the what are the things that people are putting in it. To make something you know is that the Swedish hours as it fireplace is what little amenities like that. Are all depends on the neighborhood because you don't want to over improve your house. And that's but Alan Grayson it. For the neighborhood you're in. So. I always recommend mechanics windows roof. Furnace air conditioning things like that. They do not get me wrong granite counter tops and Swedish powers are fantastic. But it depends where you have to do. That's agree what book grudges. Ever run of the garage. So you have pain due feigning that people are looking for more space around their homes or is when I lived in Ken where our first task was in Ken Moore and well I love the community it was tough being so close to their homes that were next classic I don't wanna hear my neighbor's phone ringing and I cut and and it's just a little. Too close for comfort due for most people are looking at here a little bit of space around them. You know I mean that. Again as a personal preference either you wanna live in the city or are Yost. Closer suburbs around the city. Or you're looking to go out to Clarence new line two acres of land and each person is different. Talk to friend and happy medium I guess you know I don't whatever floats your boat yeah quality of it's true. And you know the old saying to buddy and buffalo everything is twenty minutes away and a pension credit to be true Amy that even people who are looking from say downtown to perhaps alliance now. Or larger targets twenty minutes to get there. Yeah one of the best things about buffaloes are through its system because that really has no matter where you are. And our traffic is fantastic you know people get upset when you have to wait at that red light for two red lights and. Because we spoilt. Yeah no I see like ten people have in January isn't different at it this stuff in Iraq as a sort upset if they got away for three seconds. Path after I got the best of all worlds here really you let me get the great laced get Niagara Falls Canada and another hole Clint I really just a couple of minutes away credible housing we have four seasons in the season's done don't appear to be getting any worse than winter. This year at least it means and I think people are taking note Amy your point that. There's so many amenities here and even national. Magazines are focusing on buffalo. It's being recognized that only force knowing chicken wings and losing Super Bowl spot for. The revitalization and they could be great affordable housing America and they just named number one for architecture yeah us architecture restaurants housing imagine trying to buy a home for example in San Francisco. It would cost you an absolute torture and people can afford it you know. It is the people of buffalo. Of course and that's the thing do you train Amy with people coming in to say the buffalo Niagara medical court or you have a lot of people who are professionals who are looking. To buy homes in the at downtown corridor area. Yes definitely. With the corridor is getting as big as it is. The higher end properties and the city are going. Because there's more professionals coming down there it's got to be so encouraging to know that there's an answer much of flight of young people. Heading to North Carolina Texas Florida they're seeing more and more millennium staying in the buffalo Niagara region I suppose they'll buy homes to. Hopes. Again we're here we're century 21. Winkle offer think wink Amy wouldn't offer with the city she is the app broker. In the owner you know this great company first of all it's it's you know in your back Bankrate names century 21. And then utility that and you take your family who was associated with that century 21 name for now. Forty years. And that's that's a great thing so I would recommend to anybody looking for an agent you know you're probably in the car right now trying to around. You know book about house's thinking about in the spring as it is really literally took days away now and you think it yourself point. I wanna either Brian house or wanna sell my house are looking around right now. I can't say enough Amy winkle offer from winkle offer century 21 thing quaint. He called her two locations. 6346220. We're 7734833. More importantly. Go to the website its seat when he won winning. Dot com I have not been to the website because I forgot my appeared today. But you have listings on your website yes of course. Eight and we have every listing that's available in Western New York. I do want to just have our personal listings for our office but it'll be any house that's available in Western New York brilliant and includes investment properties of land open primary goal. Yeah anything all on your UC and get through this all by this website seed. Voters seek when he won wing. That term stink wink Brenda. Yeah glove think when. I'm thinking when he counterattack and I love I love the idea wing thing they way it hit it becomes a track that it bingo I love it. Indeed nobody and what you said too because it it's the best of both worlds with a big century 21 backing that everybody knows. And then you give this family touched forty plus years famine Iran's second generation amien Eric. It's there it's a unique opportunity to learn about realistic and to participate in realist. And Amy you brought up a good point before I mean. I think fits over the past couple years. I mean these past decade or so with people trying to be either or real estate agents. Just to save a couple dollars let's let's face it. But their wasting time they're wasting energy there or they don't know what their dueling. RA when there's when they're trying to do this on their own they think it's just. Let's keep it real or out of it so we can make more money I gotta tell you personally. That I've known people who've done that. I hope they had to put on the role open houses who. It fails miserably I don't know the market so they don't charge as much as patient and are asked as much as patient from her house opted for a couple people I know failed miserably. Their house was on the mark with them doing it for like a year and they finally you know of the friendly did with the should nets get a real estate agents. So when that again that's where you come in you're the advocate. For your client yes you're their advocate. You're there you're there teacher your third cheerleader. To get them home sold or to get that home block rate. And for sure it's the American dream I remember when I officially felt like an adult is running in my first mortgage payment like it's our house we can do we want with it it's. It's a tremendous feeling to help people realize that American dream. How do you notice that the Internet has changed things Amy I mean you've been in the business personally now for almost two decades. And now our people are. At at bid unless you but Syria and hasn't even really. How other people are you now. Twenty years ago wasn't their first inclination to go online how is it changed in twenty years you've been in the business. Buyers are so educated now they have been on line for hours and hours and hours before they even call costs so it it really has helped a lot. And they know what they're looking for they've gone through every single pitcher. They know what they want so it's helped us tremendously. Even terms of architecture right I feel like a tutor calmer rancher in town colonial. You learn announced terms and you can just Google I don't know how they did in the old days he's not it to animal books and they used to have just Polaroid pictures. That the offices which share. Do you have a lot of pictures on your website yes over the properties. In Arabic should patent laws that yeah yeah yeah it's an absolute most if you also have pictures of things outside of Irian mayor county maybe if someone's looking for something and one of the other counties a chastened when Tony you're definitely. Are ML system. Is. In Syracuse Rochester buffalo. So you can find just about anything you want. If you're looking throughout the country you can go to century 21 dot com as well and find anything that you need I think it's kind of interesting that if you go to seat when he won wink. That Tom. Would go off for century 21. And they've you can find any whole wheat and it's not just homes that you happening him and murky yourself that you listing. It's the whole entire market right. I thought I might add that's appealing to me because is someone who would be battling realists they were and I wouldn't know where ago. And our information is accurate because we are connected to our to the ML system here in buffalo. Some web sites out there. And violence and eggs alone or Julia. I mean I was at those unfortunately are not accurate. They don't have heard that before we had that discussion on the show they don't fluctuate. But there is estimates are wrong and they don't have all the information. They don't have information right from. At C 21 went dot com it is instant so if there is a pitcher change or a price change. Or anything that goes on it updates our website instantly I got a tea and. You bring up a good point and this is something. I I can just a test to be president but to me ends idol I wanna and there are from a personal home address just to see with the house is worth. I was informed that six months ago my house assault I think. I'm a little thing I know I don't know what thousand dollars itself or. Atom like it it's added sold. Six months and this is analyze how it really in April 20 as a box of like atonement went from like. I don't know we sold our house six months ago. Who have been limited by American you're getting you're aren't funny stuff happens more. Aid so that happens of the again this is why you need an. Experts yes indeed you want accurate information. Right I hate you know again if you travel around. Looking to buy sell. You have collect commercial or open property people are looking for property and went out and build Roy. Investment purposes investment purposes of order or to build a home which he said patio homes. Can you homes can be great I mean there's the Texas can be lower. The association fees can be low you can find really good they shovel your walkway in I don't know if it was the greatest thing. And so he would you see changing in the next couple years you mean not only nationally. Do you think rates are going to be going up. I think the rates are gonna go up a little bit. I don't think they're gonna go crazy. You know. In real estate you don't wanna look more than six months into the future because none of us have a crystal ball and none of us would have known. That the housing crisis would have happened in 2008. But buffalo we've been so lucky that we're always study. And I just for a seat in the next six months that were gonna continue that way. That you know once spring hits we're going to be even busier and we're gonna have a wonderful summer and then everybody can buy a house and hang out by the pool. And pay more taxes in. A it's glitzy aura began curry he's got a bright but you know what if you if you have a house hello of unfortunately yeah we listen to our taxes than it's been corrected it's that passion and a dynamite in Texas if I give us. I mean it's worth the you know it's nothing quite like it go to century 21. Winkle offer. Amy winkle offer on the show here with Brenda Lee C. You can call century 21 and Amy 6346220. Where 7734833. It's easier for you when you wanna know everything it's being sold. In Western New York everything. You go to seed 21 wink dot com. That will give you all the listings from all over Erie and Niagara county. Why would you go anywhere else decently it peace. So go to C 21 wink dot com. Brenda thanks for joining us here is a pleasure thank you by think link and you think waking U this is the first time we've met. And I'm very impressed I would recommend to anybody. And you know I think that that people should call you and because you you really have a very logical. Warm educated grass. And and everything that's going that the people appreciate it thank you so much it was a pleasure being here so Amy would go offers century 21 who is the broker in the owners 1965. Again go to the website seat 21 wink that. Think Wayne will be that with the buffalo means business next week 6 o'clock right here on news radio 930 WP yen.