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March 13th White House Briefing

Mar 13, 2017|

Monday's White House briefing

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And John. It's Hillary crowd. Good afternoon everyone out got a great weekend and president spent is weekend and here is meeting with White House staff and advisors. Planning for a full and productive week. I Saturday's navy off the president had a working launched several members of the team including Homeland Security Kelly Treasury Secretary munition. Commerce secretary Rath. Veterans secretary shock and and members of his flight out. During what they got immigration reform and their efforts to repeal and replace obamacare. Over the weekend and vice president went down to Louisville, Kentucky. He was joined by governor Matt Evan are listening action with over a dozen small business owners from Kentucky discuss the burdens. That obamacare has inflicted on their business. The Kentucky business owner shared each I'll Omnicare. Negatively affecting their business is in reiterated their support. For repealing our current health care system and replacing it with one that actually at war. This morning after receiving his intelligence briefing the president let another listening session on health care with secretary of health and human or doctor Tom price. The president and secretary price heard from nine concerned Americans. From across the country who have been failed by the broken arm obamacare. As well you doctors who have seen their patience opera in the law misguided rules and requirements. This listening session was another important that in the process of crafting and implementing an effective patient under health care. Americans have been watching their health care costs skyrocket. Whether choices of providers insurance that insurers have dwindled for years. They received that can't elation in the man so many as three time. They've seen urging care in emergency room filled with people who can afford the high deductibles and resorted to you in during the same thickness. Until they have no choice but to go to hospital. They've had Stanley members with chronic preexisting continues conditions cost of health care is more than doubled. And they've been forced let go valued employee or frankly unable to hire more due to staggering workers' compensation increased. The president campaign and a play history of repeal and replace the unraveling them. The American health care act is one part of the healing has pledged is far from the only one he used administrative action to provide essential regulatory relief to insurers. Increasing coverage choices in providing lower premium options individual and family. He will continue to work with congress on the additional legislation. That part of this three prong strategy to increase choice while decreasing price including allowing health insurance to be old crop dateline. Adding to the list of health care related caught patients conduct with their health savings account. Streamlining the props the FDA. They'll lower priced generic medicine get the market faster. Inviting mild to band together to negotiate for lower health insurance for all their employees. And reforming the medical malpractice. System that doctors are not forced to perform unnecessary car are eager. In fear of future litigation. Our health care system is large complex and critically important not only get health vs. The and health of our economy. Through common sense patient focused reforms the president will work with congress creating new system that doesn't impose a one size fits all. Government knows that vision the American people. We will empower the American people make their own choices about health care. That make them that work for themselves their family that will bring caught. Or for every one down after listening session the president had lunch with vice president and secretary of transportation chow. Later this afternoon the president will welcome all of confirmed cabinet member of the White House for the first cabinet meeting. This meeting is an important opportunity for the president to share his vision with a country with his cabinet members providing direction than to bring back to their agencies and departments. To ensure that the entire administration. Is working towards angles and fortunately at communion he meant shares are on the table. Representing the president or nominee who have yet to be confirmed by the senate. Secretary of agriculture designee governor Purdue secretary of Labor Day Alex Cox. Director of National Intelligence has any listeners coat. And United States trade representative designate Robert light Kaiser. Senate Democrats of trying to higher crop or wait too long. And the key agencies and departments will not represented the president first cabinet meeting. The president is confident that he's questionable abilities of the confirmed cabinet members that will be sentenced. He is confident and demonstrate qualities or individually. Individual who will not be able to. Their absence will clearly be felt this administration comes together for the first time to receive guidance. Prom and provide counsel to the president on the unique Ares have jurisdiction. Filing cabinet meeting the president signed an executive order to reorganize federal government. This order requires that thorough examination of every executive department agency. To identify money where money's being waste and I services can be improved and whether or not the programs are truly serving the American people. The beginning of the long overdue reorganization. Of the federal government. And another significant stat course or presidents often age goal of making it more efficient effective and accountable to the American people. This evening the president and general secretary of eight election. And national security advisor master. Also EOZ. Arm seamer Burma confirmed as the administrator. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services another unquestionably. Qualified nominee and shamelessly from and it. In her position at a critical post. Let me just kind of touched on the week ahead. Tomorrow. We based on the current forecast we are currently conversations and contact with official in the chancellor's office in Germany. Regarding that visit will have an update regarding that desert later today. On Wednesday the president will visit Detroit portrait focusing on job creation and automobile manufacturing. You'll meet with auto executives and workers in manufacturing fires highlighting the need to eliminate burden regulations it needs weekender meaningful drop growth. On what the president will visit Nashville where he'll lay a wreath at president Andrew Jack unit attached. And as I told you last week on Thursday the president will welcome that he's such a Ireland for the traditional Patrick's day visit. I can also confirmed that they deputy crown prince Saudi Arabia Mohammed and lomb. Have a meeting with president on Thursday this week. Further I cheated on Thursday and outlook further details on. And on Friday the president will travel tomorrow a lot of the weekend. Finally the president is aware of the forecast when the storm that currently threatening the the president has been briefed by only security advisor and the acting FEMA administrator on storm preparations. He is. He has directed his government fail after remaining contact with governors and mayors and after the storm. He is correct he's acting FEMA administrator to me leaned forward. And be prepared to help state should they require federal. We urge everyone to listen state and local leaders and public safety official to follow their warning enclosure and they're the best. Source of information during that with that that taking questions. John. Shia and convexity US attorney for the southern district of New Yorkers who are. Who's asked to resign along with a four point five other US attorney's. The president indeed indicate not. Too long ago that he won this borrowers stay on in that job he was asked. Mergers and he says he was fired as. When he refused to resign. The president has changed its mind about keeping him on or was it always supposed to me pilot period opinions I kind of retreat at the department. Anatomy I know this is a standard. Operating per year war a new administration around the time to ask for the resignation of all the attorneys we had. Most of them are good chunk of minority submitted their resignation letter. This is the final law that individuals could not at this time but this is common practice of most and most. Administrations. This happens you can request from the view that the sanctity or connection he's been effective presidents have actually asked him. To stay on an important currently call him. A couple of days before allegedly fired can tell us what what it I don't know how much did the president changes another the president calling in for service. That Disney and and as I entered. Action takes place in my administration's secretary at that attorney general Reno identical letter and I and three. It. Bush administration. And one as well I mean this is a very common practice. For all political appointees not just that aren't just throughout government when there's a turnover administration tasks followed in the major. Obviously John McCain's presidential you can find information about Cuba Twitter. About hosting. Or or trucked in today's let president. Well let's be clear the department of John was that. You put. And information on that wasn't the White House that was. Just sort clear as far as what the request. But I understand. And what that we uphold that McCain is practically an inning if you look at the president tweet it very clearly quote wiretapping. Quote there's been an actual discussion in several reports. That did. Britain bear from fox and John. On March 3 talked about evidence of wiretapping there's been reports near times and the BBC and other outlets about other. Aspect of surveillance and it occurred. The president was very clear and tweet it was you know wiretap. That that spans all halls of surveillance. Of options how and it. Intelligence committee will now looking to that and and providing a report back. But I think that there has been numerous reports. From a variety of outlets over the last couple mines that seemed to indicate that there is man. Different type of surveillance that occurred during the twenty election. The president does have an obligation. And I'm not saying at all not at all when they request that was neat and how. With his apartment. I I think that that's appropriate question asked them. What I'm telling you from White House perspective there's no question. That there and then an abundance of reports regarding surveillance and other type of activity that occurred during the 26 election. Believe that the present. Evidence is the keys Norah that that that leads you to believe that I'm change. Right and I'm saying is that what we need clear on that. Was how an Intelligence Committees that means the price and the act going to look at the entirety of the evidence being presented to them. And they can determination that they can report back to. A couple of meters question. An obligation what's investigation. Is over you release them sort of statement in response to whatever the findings are. My first question. Op well let's let's get their first inning Arctic presume. What the outcome is gonna be before it out and it look at all the evidence. In information report presented him would be that presumption I think let's let that go to a little. Let them look at everything and then let them make some determination. I question where you can't do any paycheck. From the month of February. You promised you during the campaign. The president's intention right now I don't salary and in the year. And he has kindly ask that you are helped terminal with. That was the way that we can avoid scrutiny let the Prez or determine where ago. In all seriousness I think his view as he made a prank the American people want to donate to charity. And you love your help determine where you got out of course on Thursday and it allows them yeah great way to discount. If the Great Lakes it. I. So I want it well you know if you have questions regarding Michael Palin you know. Administration. There's I hear blog and it's been posted on all fronts administration employees next yourself and try to might. Split which could not be permitted to love you down. For my cause that agreement that line. And national security guys. I that would be correct I got it I'd have to check and actually figure out when. He signed or he's on form yet all administration official who come in require senate ethics clash. Banning them from lobbying for five years and a lifetime ban on lobbying on behalf of any foreign government. What are the repercussions it poorly but administration it. Lobby with I hear. Where he went what's the punishment that would impose. There drug administration. It get back I don't know where it went into an apartment just. Aspect or not but I will get back yeah. Has asked for artists on during their conversation position. I was not pretty conversation. Again I don't and I'm not really sure how it's relevant at the end of the day. They're part of this has already four ex. Then at the time that they asked all of them throughout the nation based on this kind of at the center remote. The Clinton and bush. Administration's term timeline just. I ask about me yeah. Visiting they are a lot so I felt. President talk about what we want to accomplish that takes them less formal independence and secondly the perspective doesn't it. I haven't heard ambassador who don't have an assistant secretary FC East Asia affairs how does that affect your planning inability to. You really properly greet president an injury gets us. So planning is is ongoing for a visit between president triumphant presidency. At a date should be determined we're not ready to confirm. I that we will have more details. I'm a purpose of this meeting. Of that kind of meetings help defuse tensions over. North Korea and the recent deployments that military. Battery. South Korea any meeting between president the United States and the People's Republic of China would now cover a broad range of topics of mutual concern. Secretary tellers and traveling to the region now. I think as as we note board will have additional. Each count on it but the timing and the via the location. Start. I don't think he's in that region Hampshire day in and visited Japan South Korea and China and it. Preparations will come up wells are mutual concern. I'm here. Let's go when times opposite Brad. Yeah it is centers throughout the nation again the media center here in Cleveland's. And once or. Similar attacks that it was days in Atlanta and a New Jersey and Oklahoma. I don't like the senate and it's a dozen buttons are now with the present in the next year. And I think it I think one of the points that we've made in in them. Previous games on this is that this is not the way that we as American dollar difference we don't attack each other. We don't. Engage in this kind of behavior thing. We have the First Amendment that allow us to express ourselves. And and that you from a way to doing that we are threatening violence or destruction of vandalism is inappropriate in all forms. What can I don't believe and there is any connection between. I think it that that would be scratched it. And thanks for taking my question. I create means North Korea and he told them about the New York mayor right now I actually think this isn't going to. As I mentioned secretary Tillerson added to the region and meet. With counterparts South Korea Japan and ultimately in Beijing. That's obviously going to be at a major subject as I mentioned. When. We ultimately meet. With presents she and others about these discussions on that he talked about. Prior to the resignation of the last South Korean president on the there and impart an ongoing discussion. So that there's an alternate there's an internal review that we continue to have. But then there's obviously a geo political conversation we're having with partners in the region as we look to try to contain. North Korea's military threat yeah. And cooperation with Russian partner here guys are the people and it's fair to say that he. Or coming into and I plan does include a group cooperation with Russia. I'm not gonna get instead what the Clinton plans not done yet as I mentioned a couple days ago secretary Matta was briefing the principles and a and that plans continue and all I'm not gonna start to rule out one country but I think the president has been very clear the path and countries shares. Our commitment to eating ice and we can work them in an area shared mutual. Them. Concerned then we will do. Question I criminal spokesperson says it. Russian President Putin and president trump will meet at. Yeah I T twenty. I can confirm that and would you know what ability they meeting before that. I will follow up on that I'd I don't have it a date and no it that he was working very actively with the fact that bilateral meetings when he. I don't panic and flee on. For. Moving at age. Colonization. And manipulating the unemployment rate wandering. Presidents and what they're. Yeah I think he was clearly referring to Obama care with the number of people but I would refer you back at it image comments with respect you. How he characterized that I think he can he can discuss the precise nature of what he meant on the US. Yeah I think you know what the president is doing he's made very clear in the past comments or on how. Those numbers were where articulated in the past I think there's no question between. The total number of people that are employed the president comes at. I have reflected that he's big concern was getting to the bottom. How many people are working in the country. And that the denominator meaning that did. Percentage rate at the of the total number of people is not an accurate reflection of how many people employed in this country. How many jobs are creating how many people are getting actual work how many companies are committing to hire more people is much more accurate assessment of where and it is a country. Where arm plane and is where our economies had it but to look at it numbers we four point seven or you know four point eight year five point nine. Percent unemployment is not necessarily an accurate reflection of how many people are actually working seeking more or wanna work. And it you know how they conduct the surveys there's a lot of times when people older younger but because of how long been searching for work. Are not considered statistically viable anymore and it washed away so I think how you look at the percentage of people. Working can sometimes be manipulated number the number of people that are added to the rule every year every month rather is a much more accurate understanding of what's happening in the economy. You. It's unclear I had. Your answers your questions so thrilled DOJ and or industries and compliance deadlines entrance were remembered it. GO adding it's not. The the request was made of the DOJ though is that proper venue to. Question how is that department. As sweater and we can't you know don't you can't because. Is inching in the past whenever we have these conversations with another agency the accusation from the press corps is interfering in something. She can't have it both ways you can't say they were interfering with someone. When we talk to him and we don't talk to is Shirley my house out in a major a lot of major maker he's asking questions. So I mean I understand I on the tick tock I understand it that doesn't mean you get to jumping in. Our tweet from Craig. President and obligation and he does and I think we made it very. Right and we made it very clear that we expect the house and the Senate Intelligence Committee do their job I think there's a preponderance of report continues to come. About surveillance and actions that occurred during Detroit's election. Once they come up with their report was asked earlier today I think we can talk about the conclusions of that report. But at this time you can't say that we're gonna ship to hop and house senate and in common area that was the entire goal and asking them to look into the further. That I thought I. I understood my understanding is that they well but again I would ask them with their intention is and that I believe there's certain things they can't can't do in terms. Vacation is up but I would leave it up to the Department of Justice to answer for the department Kate. I. Well I think when you some of these comparisons that are current in it talk about who's gonna winning who's gonna lose. It misses a lot of competition is gonna take place it doesn't talk about the increased choice and right now. As a president is noted as secretary priced generic and a third of all carries in five HD of one choice. It doze and now they're very trying to look at how much a pain how much you while they don't take in consideration. The competition that's occurred choice can broker. Mean right now you have one choice in my and a lot like you have no decision about how much you're gonna paying what you gonna get. Choice Elijah determine what Gail health care you need what kind of package is good for you your family or your business. And when you look at a lot of these analyses when you open up varies major papers they make than a simple is it. What do you get how much it paid for in the plant how much you get paired for under the current plan. It misses an entirely out of the whole prop. Which that you don't have competition number one number two and the bigger point that I think the president and a lot of others getting to him failing on its own. In May seem like it's all rainbows and puppies at the end of the day. If you have caught a card and your getting up any but you're not getting hair you have nothing. And so walking into a doctors are we could hand him a card and got a 5000 dollar tax. If that doctor doesn't take care of the deductibles are high. And you really don't have anything and had to do an apples and apples comparison is hardly an accurate and now of what the current situation. Actually he. And yet. President of the campaign sent multiple times within thirty days one that plays and obviously it's under commas as that matched against price level. But is the president is the president so that he hasn't received it yet and that's what you difference between campaigning and governing at least it's forward and you know I. I look at their endeavors the planet been received right the issue as you correctly point out your question is. That now that becomes an aspect of the principals all discussing. Different priorities different staffing levels and funding levels. But the plan is here as we noted a few weeks ago is being reviewed and there's providing import. From different numbers and appraisals different are those security apparatus. To make sure that that the plan continues to evolve and is able to to attack I waited. Yeah but what might what is actually don't expect plenty some piece of an bar in this sense out he has taught you. Commanders on the ground we've noted before some of the military action is taken under the authority and given some of the commanders on the ground. I that is actually taking the eye to eye on it and they. I think the more holistic approach that he asked for will continue to fall through the national security process. But make no mistake we're more on it right now. Under the second quarter and you have a numeric goal for either reducing government pours it in certain amount of money. Through the end it. Oh. I don't know they try to me has it as a target for say I think that's part of it the issue is that you go through each one of these and you evaluate them. And merit of what they do or don't do or whether or not they've become to play bloated or duplicative. I'm or frankly just outdated. Orange or in need of technological advances but there is a lot. There's no that number that we're driving down you as a review government eat sometimes walking agency and you realize. Any mission is no longer relevant. I'm or that is duplicated in three other Asian. You know or that there are too many people performing a function can no longer exist for a variety of reasons but that that's why the mission critical it. Director Maureen was given the demanding to go out and yet. All of these different agencies and departments to review themselves. And to provide feedback for him as to where Ricky got Gary. Public health care and only one sign that approach. But current plan preserves Obama here health benefit from. Which. Insurance and federal level so how do you recognize its. I mean what's missing right now choice. That that's that the number one issue week we tried to solve the problem wheat government. Brown with respect to obamacare. Back in 20089. And the issue was his day in order to solve a problem for several million people being without healthcare. Wii up ended and for everybody get employer base. Health care if you try care Medicare Medicaid. And it was exactly the op approach who and and to solve a problem that eighty small. Fraction of Americans hat we opened the entire enforcing premiums to go up and choice go down for everybody. And I think it when you can institute choice and competition back is that something this gonna benefit everybody in that. Exactly the opposite of what's happening. I think face you. The administrative fees will look at a lot of those requirements and in a hurry again they're not necessarily. They can run concurrently and I think how is looking at starting a lot of that legislation. And oh and and doctor prices are starting to look through a lot of administration and the administrative. Aspect of it as well Heidi I just think how do we start to achieve some of those unravel some of these peace that are there. But in dealing choice and competition. Allowing people divider. Insurance over state lies a lot of his will allowing the mansion of how it counts are all those kind of factors are tried down cost. But also having insurance companies. It'll frankly be able to offer additional choice and options for people is and it's all going to be a huge phone. Charlie. A lot of conservatives that are complaining that were suggesting that. The president isn't doesn't fully back to Paul Ryan health care plan that president spoke what Paul Ryan about plan invest and how they have ended. Conversation about. The they have spoken yet. The I don't know when the last and have a the president fully committed to plan I think he's a secretary priced. And drag to move dining out this weekend. They're committed to the plan and and look at me directly and any. They are very clear this weekend as well it if it through the pride that we can find some ideas that make it stronger more patient centric. Piece of legislation. I'm the only benefit Americans graduate. That is not. We're not saying this is it. This is the only way forward as it would work its way through the house and ultimately and it. Is there are ways that we can enhance the L there's a let him props were willing to you Peter. Our. Yeah account. And I thank the president spoke to you chancellor of Germany they agreed due to the current weather that the meeting because I don't. The meeting has been rescheduled to march 17 this Friday seems scheduled event on March 17. I am very odd I don't fear and consistent with him. That's. You spoke on behalf of the present him on the job for a variety they may have been filling in the past but it's very real now I guess the question airfare room. They are very real questions punishing rain went should Americans trust the president should they try the president is that on your real when he says that President Obama was wired. Well again let's get back I think there's two things important about when he said I think recognizing that if you apply it doesn't really think that President Obama went up and tapped his phone personally I think. But but I think there's a there's no question that the Obama administration. There are actions about surveillance and other activities that are Garnett went sixteen election that is he widely. Reported. Activity that occurred back and the president used the word of wiretapping quote. To mean broadly surveillance and other activities. I during that and that is again something it is interesting how many news outlets reported that this activity was taking place. During the twenty election cycle and now wondering where the proved it in his many of the aim Allen in this room they talked about. The activities that we're going on back and topic on you know report to the president think it was real event and as phony now. What CBO report on expectations of your report is coming. If you look at ego for accurate you're looking in the wrong place three years ago that the CBO report confirms. Obama here is that for the cup request was that the economy and about what this was it clear that it has been out. He says right a lot of Packers okay. Let's look at the CBO projection. It's at their projection on obamacare was and 2016. Would have 24 million people on the actual figure is ten point four million people. Less than half half the number of people that are predicted would be insured. We're on it and it declining so the only point Peters who make sure that people understand. If you're looking to get a bullseye accurate prediction towards going the CBO was off by more than half flat. So it's not this is not about what my understanding my belief that the CBO the last time they did they were wildly off and the number keeps decline. And so the question they need to get asked right now or frankly the awareness needs to be brought up right now is if you're gonna look at and number nine I think you have to look through the scope of whether or not that numbers now it was that an economy that was right that there's a that you can clean that. Further direction what the impact hat but as part of their numbers go on a number of people that they predicted back then would be covered now they were often more than. Question is when can we trust the president went wild and it says the US the question about CBO. I know you're an idea completing I don't question the front and my question is nothing earth a couple of hours ago questions over. When he says something. Everybody up and can we trust re virtually all it will be just that it's real out of it real. Well but I do not tell you that Peter and you're trying to ride and the president I ask you did. The president had a number of quality then but there are real now so how can we play alchemy I think that there's a bit later actually it was I thought. Paula I think the difference is the president was talking then and now. But job creation the number of job the issue that he brought up in the quote the are talking about with the percentage of people or unemployed. And there's no question that no matter how you look at their witty talk about four point at a four point eight whatever the number that number. Is fluctuate like how people actually who's in the work or kick Peter many of the question. You're not. Let me at the bottom line is the percentage of people or unemployed. Vary widely likely are asking and the way you do the now is a who's actually in the workforce. The number of people who are working receiving a paycheck is a number that we can look at secondly. When you about the validity of the CBO report again I refer you to the CBO itself the number that they issued that would be insured into seen. Was twenty million people the actual numbers and point you tweet morning. The actual numbers and point four that's not a question of our credibility question of the air. Yeah anything more. He's making currently that presence that we trust. Him if he's not joking of core. Leave it in that other equipment failure at all on our. OK you know what your point is if he beat in every time he speaks sort of he is that he speaks. That being at present Unita is a three million Americans vote illegally. And he's only joking or does he believe he does believe it. Thank you Jolie. It answer whether the president directed the department. Responds now to Dana. Answer the question and I'm not. There and nobody will be worth. Or people. We. And Paul Ryan acknowledged that Hitler. Over what is the goal here as the that your well it's not pieces of fine. Is cool that people not coverage for that we'll let. Can't give it a bit and there's a false argument there which that they have coverage people have carte. They've been told they have things that they can't keep walking the present it with 9 individuals morning. They eat your they're told they're gonna cover or something they are told that they're gonna have all of these subs they want can't they don't get covered they don't have to care that they need. There's a difference you walking around on camera card. Tonight care. And that's a big big difference right now when you have a third of the count in this country. They have one choice and going down and number opt out insurers leading market. Think it's that that that collapsed. So the question has to be everybody is not with us on this is what is your alternative because right now the current move obamacare is failing every American. Who has obamacare and frankly those who don't have Obama care for those who have employer based insurance. For those who have you know tri care Medicare is driving up the cost. In the case especially those that Medicaid Medicare tri care they're going in a doctor's office is more and more alert telling them we don't accept that. If it. That's the point is that you're missing the point if you keep talking about covering cares what matters if you can't walking and get seen. If you can't get a doctor to see if you don't have coverage. Mean that's that's what this is all about being told you have coverage became a doctor you can't afford it doctor is not coverage John gets. Thank sharp I have two questions. First. Democratic leader below. On Friday that. Democrats would vote against. The Americans call your plans plan. Backed by members Republican members of congress is administration. Of freedom caucus in the house has now more of Paul's plan. When one simply does the arithmetic democratic members briefing caucus members. That's a majority instantly. How does the administration handle one problem the arithmetic. Well we're gonna continue to work with now is how and then eventually it. I feel very good present continue to engage with members. That we will have the votes are there any speaker Ryan breaches that as well. We're gonna have the votes of at and move on the senate. This. In recent weeks there's been considerable attention on the upcoming elections in the Netherlands on Wednesday and in France the week. Candidates were fielders in the Netherlands here for the seat packed conference. Representatives of Maureen look at a grants for here. Many analogies were made between these candidates and president pro and he offered words of praise for you or did so. The representatives. Is he aware. Of these candidates in Europe we invoking his name and image and get old. What does he think of these would be Trump's trump. I don't know the answer that. I think most of these are what will allow sovereign nation at their own elections without affairs Alexa. I hope I'm here. Cater to at least do. Again. I'll ask the crowd and it's Aaron Brown director of a baby that a lot of faith in the Congressional Budget Office. Members of the and it will let Maine yeah it legislation. My question is let's try and in this case. Intend to do. Two catalyst to senators satisfaction. That the numbers coming out of the Congressional Budget Office. Which Democrats will question. Are not substantial and he's countered by other information in other words when he scored his defense line one and game. To counter yeah because I'm Anderson are already indicating that they couldn't wait yeah. And again I think this is part of an ongoing discussion with members eyes are philosophical when they believe. A lot of these aspect this plan in keeping with what they've supported in the past. I think they did they're gonna look at the score I get it and that's part and their habits that they may you know historically. Have more weight in than others but I think he's going to be as I mentioned it on an ongoing conversation. With members and how awesome and it with respect to whatever comes up but in the same weight that members rely on the score last time. They were way off and I think that we have to remind them that you know is it what you're basing your your vote on on. The oracle context in which that information was provided I think that's important. You know aspect how they go but there's I think there's going to be a kind of factors that people rely on as they do. Yeah of course. I'm really confused about the wiretapping your answers in terms of the that's responds. The president was the one who treated. Did you learn. So he's just done an established yeah he's. The president to get to discuss what it is that he had in mind tweeted. With the Department of Justice for the department. Not and now I'm not gonna get into what the president knew it didn't know prior to I think we we've already commented on the multiple time. I don't know this was a request. Made of the House Intelligence Committee not to watch I I don't wanna get in you are and apart what we knew what we did that request did not come to us he went to the department. I mean does that apply for me but I think that you can sort of policy and he is quite. I will definitely touched the president on the back and Alex. Eyes on the back he's adamant about it you know what the president meant that he needed and I are like you explain it but an embodiment of the tree experts. When you decide when a president we work that are open to interpretation and let those words and I. I think any and he further I mean. We need them. Sorry I don't know actually. Right at. It literally had quotes. No rights and gay Alaska what are the quotes emails I. I get. He said there were quotes as referring to surveillance overall it's something that it and refer you you know there were. And eating out. I'm not as I just try to I party to click on. Yeah. Well. Are numbered. I think that's not my determination to make I'm telling. As an you know I can as I did and there are a lot of things he how he doesn't like an NBC let me. But let me answer that question. I think when you look at that whenever that number is whether budget projections or whatever I think there's a track record that goes along a lot of times with whether or not. The projections certain areas when unemployment budgetary numbers. Whenever art what the track record it all on just in. Is very clearly that the number they did the last undated health care for all by more than 50% when he came to the number of people in church. That's not my interpretation that's a fact and I think it's important for people understand. The difference Eamon. Are you. Or the other ones that didn't. For our being. Our president made that and it did the president exactly that beaver. I don't I don't think it really matters at the end of the day the attorney general all the practice. Think this is for the last several administrations and every attorney general the last administration had to submit their resignation so I mean it's. It isn't all that matters in the sense that the president made a commitment he made a commitment. Quietly changed my mind but I. Well again I as I mentioned earlier he called in to thank him for our week. You've fallen in the track practice. That last several administrations and everybody to step down and Manning got. Promising for Denver and now I just there's I calling something something you chronicle clear from our I think there to question. The first. I think especially in light of what has happened in the room today the president tweeted this morning that much of the media is you lose and that we should be nice. So my question is. Our job to be nice and do you think we're. As I've heard a thank you Brian. I want to leave it I think that I'd ask my personal opinion several times that's not my job I don't get appeared. Myself for the president. I I think he's been very clear that he doesn't believe some of the behavior and the reporting. Has been. Appropriate enough. Point elected we speak for itself. Raikkonen and ask that question. But it's about you the interaction that the house this weekend. Would be I guess your Mac needs to individuals who want you may be I've gotten with you could argue regret it. You don't wanna be aggressive and had a question for what would be you're kind of Matt you regular enough the issue. I interact with individual a long. 99% of them are pleasant even with people who may not agree. With. Our philosophy our programs wherever I am but it's a free country and the beauty of it is that people can. Act how they want and no matter how that's interpreted in on a step on the stay on the right side of the First Amendment or a French. I wouldn't credit that fires if it. It's a whole host of it and try and it could be for don't care what you write what he buried and what you. Here are that very. Planning I think there is there's a whole host of that can be used to monitor somebody and wiretap or other other ways in which you can surveil a money. It. Then I. Garrett there's a whole host of things fallen category. I'm not sure how you to game but I think there is a a wide range of ways in which somebody can be monitor our our follow up and I think it contacted. You know one of the on what's an agency it will provide you pull away. Thank you all be eight tomorrow now. Very much I care. It.