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March 14th White House Daily Briefing

Mar 14, 2017|

Tuesday's White House daily briefing

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Intergovernmental affairs and in touch with a local officials in the path of the storm to provide them guys support. Storm continues to track the East Coast. Heavy two intends no leak in strong winds could result in significant traveling back. And possible coastal flooding again the president encourages everyone to listen to their date local leaders. And public ate ya out there isn't follow their warning enclosure noted that. There are who they are working around the clock to ensure the safety. Are citizens and their families in light of the storm the schedule for today changed a bit. Obviously German chancellor Merkel as it was moved Friday. I will continue to provide you updates on on the update on the schedule that as we closer to pry it. Today the president had lunch with the deputy crown prince and minister of defense of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This afternoon the president weren't in the Burma as the administrator Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. The president looks forward to having these spectacular qualified inexperience. Administrator Burma finally on board. Especially we continue to lay the ground work for a historic reform. Our healthcare and later this afternoon president and secretary of health and human services doctor Tom price have a call with CEO. Anthem health care jokes Swedish. He will then have a phone call because Ryan majority leader McCarty. To further discuss that Republican plan to repeal and replace obamacare with the American health care act any series of much much needed regulatory reforms. To a company that. The president was glad you the National Federation of Independent Businesses announce their support the American health care act. And I'd be pretty identified health care along with small business taxes as their two biggest priority. And the president's health care agenda Willits many of their concerns. For small businesses. Yesterday of course the Congressional Budget Office released their report on the American health care act. I know that have been significant concerns about CBO report and wanna give it a little bit contact. To the numbers that have been going around. In 2013. CBO estimated 24 million people would have coverage under Obama carried twenty dean. They were way off there off like thirteen million people over 50%. In fact only ten point four million people actually covered. Reports now gets bad numbers that abduction nine million. CBO coverage estimate are consistently wrong and more importantly did not take into consideration. The three the comprehensive nature of the three pronged plan to repeal and replace obamacare the American health care act. We're working to bring real relief and better choice the American Stanley. The two other prize are playing contain several additional reforms that will further drive down cost. And increased coverage when you get down to it the Congressional Budget Office there to measure the potential impact of programs and federal budget. Attempt to estimate coverage and then shortly faulty. But in a portion of its in now that focus on what the off is really about CBO concede that the American health care act would actually reduce debt it. But over 330. Billion dollars and bring health insurance premiums down and percent. Even before many of the significant reforms. You know I promised you an authority had taken a fact. As I mentioned before some of these include expanding health care savings account streamlining the prop FDA and innovative and lower cost medicines. Can get to patients faster. Allowing health insurance to be sold across state lines which increases. Competition and decrease costs. Permitting small businesses to band together to negotiate health care rate for all their employees and reforming the medical now that doctors are spending their time. In patients money on unnecessary procedures. Beyond the number oh let's talk about real life examples. Of the cost of obamacare some actual Americans who the president heard from during this evening session yesterday. Can't hurt it a small business owner Arizona or health care costs skyrocket from 389 dollars and 79 cents a month. 889. Dollars and fifteen cents. Carry two weeks from Colorado. Mother who is younger son is autistic. Our Stanley yearly insurance go from 17100 dollars to 5200 got 52000. Dollars for lower quality plan. And all around you farmer from Tennessee saw he's catastrophic coverage costs spike in the wake of obamacare. From hundred in nineteen dollars a month. To more than 500 dollars per month. These are the stories that really matters to millions of Americans who are suffering under obamacare. And these are the stories at the top of the president's mind he works towards reforming our health care. The president is committed to working together speaker Ryan majority leader RT and majority leader McConnell created in the portable. Accessible to all Americans. When he walked through the rest of the schedule for the week. Tomorrow the president headed to Michigan to meet with auto executives and workers will discuss how it plans rolling back federal red tape. Will lead to more American jobs and higher wages specifically in the automobile sector. It's great opportunity. The president to showcase moves he's already made towards ambitious by America hire America agenda like encouraging investment when workforce training. In development that Americans are ready for the job future and removing the road block or prevent American businesses from Spain and here in the United States. The president hopes to build on the great optimism it is dealt with in the business community. In anticipation of their renewed opportunity the president's economic agenda has already created. He and his team heart it worked pretty pretty result the American people are and voted for last year. He also traveled to Nashville Tennessee where he will lay a wreath at present and Jack in on 250 birthday. Thursday the prime Eddie shake shack of Ireland's Kenny who come to the White House and traditional Saint Patrick's Day visit including a reception in honor. That shook. And Kenny. And as a mentioned German chancellor's Merck Merkel as it will resume on Friday and adopting an adult with that that take if you. Us. I'm pregnant pocket and that's. It I have to be sure and it Heidi we're eyewitnesses to his numbers look at all. Why I think there's two issues that are important. You know and Catherine number one. More more Americans have no choice though they they don't have insurance I mentioned this before having Clark and having coverage. That when you walk into a doctor's office has a deductible at 1520000. Dollars a year is coverage. That's that's a car that doesn't care you need it doesn't allow you get that each year. Reported that referral that you need from a doctor telling you what you need to happen. Vastly different than what we hope to exist which is giving people. Who don't have it let's kind of I think it's important at context he'd think about. The individual market that it is right and the individual insurance market you've got roughly thirty million people. That exist right now nine million people now or on exchanged numbers on down. Six point five million people had said they don't want any charge they're gonna pay a penalty. And and just under 149 people has that they have ever had applied for hardship. You've got almost twenty million people in America. Could add that they don't want obamacare in the either pay a penalty or apply for hardship those are people who don't have to begin. The exchange sought out to cover these people. And we're finding out the you've got nine million plus we're getting right now they have no coverage and for more more Americans they're losing their coverage their choices are gone. Tax credit in competition. There will come in these two and three in the four prongs that we talked about or further drop prices down will further increased competition. The CBO score. Didn't take any consideration and that and again if you look at their numbers you've got roughly just over nine million people on the exchange. The CBO number has fourteen million people in the first year alone will lose coverage. It doesn't take a ton of now to recognize that that doesn't make any sense logically. You can't only have nine plus million people on the exchange. In the first year alone there's no touched Medicaid or anything else he just removing the individual mandate. They forced people to buy something that they didn't want the first place is gonna leave you. Fourteen million people that people are about Medicare than authentic and what are they just got does doesn't add up in fact I would argue that you can look at the other part of the equation. That twenty million plus people who have either chosen to pay a penalty gave up of the six point five million people are saying you know the plan is too costly the plan doesn't provide coverage. I think a lot of those people actually we continue in L. Additional coverage and have more choices they complete a plan that actually fit their needs or that their budget you're gonna you more people. Want coverage who are gonna choose coverage. I think that's the CBO number eight it gave it a record doesn't match up with the ability to count people they're pretty good at dollar. Not as good at people. And I think that when you look at the additional phases. Our prong of this whole comprehensive approach. That actually change the equation a lot is looking at one piece of a three part plan. I'm and that's not the entirety of the plan will look at that that that doesn't. I'm. It. Well I can't I don't think it we've we don't do those projections. But I think if there's no question when you look at the cost there are doing just that alone just doing the first prong of this. We'll take cost down 10% in the individual market anything about it they're up 25%. Any individual market on average already. This year alone under just people who are on the exchange is a 25%. The CBO saying just with what we're doing on first prong alone 10% decline in the individual market. That's significant reduction that's what we're talking about bringing cost down in increased choice that's a big deal right now the problem you have. Currently it. Eight eight hard it doesn't get them care and that's what we need our focus. How many people are actually getting the care they need to deal with the medical concerns of famine there and not having Mike. On. As you did primary cut. Studio where does it into penalties do agree. Kate or there's this thing there in terms of the regulatory. And that's what. In. Terms of legislation would Alter that are out there and keep that as part of this is as good as you surely you know. I'm content and others are skeptical whether these. I don't. Look at the things I mentioned earlier. Allowing people that buy it like to pull their insurance. To expand at age of say oh California. All of those things I think unquestionably. Add competition and choice there's no question about it. If one plant can now. That was in Maryland into Virginia where they can additional customers that competition alone in Arab League brings cost and we seen this market after market. Where you when you allow competition. By all that will bring down caught ill bring in choice. Right now these insurance company. Have who have been mandated by the government to create certain packages that people don't need you got young people. That are being told to buy packages that have you know end of life care. That that they don't currently need you've got people who are an older phase of life. Being you know having to buy from maternity advocate Mina PIA or that they need at their stage like. But the problem is that the government got involved in health care hardy team. What need to happen instead of allowing the choice and allow people to buy it plan. That actually tailored to the need that they want those reforms in them all unquestionably bring down costs there's there's no like. But but I think one of the half to go back to overriding issue in president. It is a new murky numerous occasions. If we do nothing if we just allowed. This to continue it will collapse on its own they keep the cost of it is able. The premiums are going sky high. After stay in the choice keep going further further down and oh. This is this idea of comparing him to obamacare is awful choice because they have no choice is. The choice is going away in the cost continues to get higher every face is are you assumes that the comparison is apples to apples is a false choice. But you've been critical this podium of the Obama administration Democrats went out there. In the interest interest of transparency that you use them not well shoving it down he wrote an hour on the east L effortlessly he tells. How is working on the ice and that let him get on. And I think that's a great question Spiegel Rhine. And I know that he's been working with the team getting on and I think. And that we can get all the ones out there the better I agree with you. But I think the big difference as we're clear is it we called the bill online speaker the president tweeted out. Anyone in this country and when the world could read it that's a different approach than after being done well after we can read it which. Journey or get out there and you know speakers or with these numbers that panicking at. That's an appropriate question for speaker and for me I know that. We are trying to work with them I know that there's a lot of members there were the leader McCartney and frankly on the other and other chambers well. But I think that we continue and that's why we're talking about. All of those on all the the comprehensive nature. I think that's quite a ride in the morning after the collapse. What is the White House. Giving Hendrick. Running room. You go again and again in the media and it's denigrate how they. Without Britney has it got him what might just bring up alternatives he's suggesting. Why that's special occasion to go out. That's that's the nation. It's a rich country can say what you want. I think our team is working with his team is they are used with center all human anyone else who has who has ideas. We've been engaging in a very very go in with members on I'm in both chambers. I'm glad idea to have in four I don't think we. We we are able to tell people what they can't cannot engage in recent siding with him that are caught and not be able to make any comment that he Ike. We obviously continue to elect work and I think he will continue to reject both he and his team to try to get his idea. On a. Spent time talking to him about his ideas and immigration. I call him how the vice president Karl. Let me let me I know that we've had a very very robust discussion with members houses and I would after it gets having details what we've done with it at the content. That. I know that I believed he I'd have to check on that and I know that there isn't a group of individuals I don't have that the economy. I I will get back on that like I promised that no storm kind of shifted a bunch of stuff up. I don't wanna start getting in front of who actually can be here and you can't but that but I will make sure that we get those details that we hope. We knew I'd be glad to get the entire pool. Party. How that there is recommending it and there's been reporting that. White House involved with someone else is involved in shipping and this is currently a major significant manager's amendment is it doesn't concern that. Keep keeping me yeah I would limit. He got angry desperate need is to raise amendment or just. Considering backing the amendment. Right now that we can go the marriage. I think it ranks Weller an adjustment. I'm. I think as we've noted multiple time the podium. When people have ideas that are constructive or support or when you heard about from different members that we have. Engage with and frankly when it how has engaged with. Who shared ideas we've always made a willingness. Director moving our secretary price the president himself the vice president. Part of the reason we're engaged in these individuals to hear their ideas talked about. Not just the content but the approach. Looking going and looking up how we deal with the different faces Mike was asking and when we go. But all of that as part of a conference strategy to engage with members who support us. Who have ideas and wanna be on board who wanna be constructed in the process and achieve the president's goal of having a patient centric. Health care is so. We are obviously in talks with how leadership about the can't mention that presently on the phone with Ryan him leader McCarthy. Later this afternoon to talk about on the ideas. Or. But part of that of the legislative front. I. But there aren't so this involved the way it is working out. Yet honest and. On thirteen. It the the crimes. Do you as a little bit more helps that involved. Constantly that well. It clearly was wrapping up as we. We're walking over here so I am I wanna make sure that I get Reid out we provide the pool as we do with all of the leader of his so. I will have more details from that one day they were concluding that then is it. Has there coming here on the train him like. You know all those goals that. Yeah. How urgently. Priority is. Concerned. Yeah I reconciliation. Act. That congress is debt authority had until March 15. He's can you notified them of that. We'll continue to work with congress as you know will be released a budget later this week that's part and parcel of our approach fiscal responsibility. To making sure that we talk about the path forward. How we addressed both the ending fiscal year seventeen. Goes to number thirty this year and in the budget which would be fiscally your eighteenth but how we address our budget. Deficit debt. Any known for something that is that is all the conversation. That the secretary in the dark from Albania and other president vice president are engaging with congress on it so that this is enough. We are job under the law we notify him of the authority that they passed when it expired and I think that this secretarial work with congress. I don't pat board as far as our situation. And let me get your actions you Jonathan Gruber. One of the architects of obamacare is called actually the plan that you put forward if it's implemented equals scam. Your reaction to that was what. I think. You know I think that is the plan he helped create hasn't done well for for Americans seeking health insurance again go to the numbers but. Think about what what Ian on out to do mean there is a pool people that needed health care. They got about nine million up from you've got fourteen point. Or plus or mine a million people who claimed hardship exemption it no insurance. I'd better not receiving Medicaid they don't qualify for any other and I am. Can't a war obamacare. And you've got another. Million plus that have chosen to pay the penalty. I'm so I would argue that just on what he shot to achieve in the plan that he helped craft. I didn't eat too many great results of the people that didn't get it. Their premiums have gone sky high the choice they've gone down and single handedly patty tremendous effect through the rest. The health care systems of people who weren't even affected by obamacare I initially. Have now higher premiums and Lester I have even for the 105 million people who get employer based health care. They felt the impact of what he sought out to do. Through higher prices fewer choices so exactly I think he should just hang out more time at MIT. And focus and and and allow I good ideas continue to come or that we can focus on achieving the president called of doing what he's not out for. You like. Health care guy right he you know or yesterday. Does it seem to indicate that that's not the case will White House and it after these fees to agree they are implemented. There are offered publicly that there will be helped everybody and if he can define that race I mean I think everybody. Who want me what you're look at what Obama carried it again I just printed numbers. He met thirty plus million people. All ugly. Obamacare mandate it. Under penalty of law had have health insurance. Nine million of the thirty plus 1000030 plus or my people got it or giant four point five said no. It will pay the penalty. And there are fourteen or so million people had that will claim hardship. So that was a government mandated him and they chose not do it. I think in many of these case is if people given the choice. And the option you to get a planet they thought their knees. Alex what they wanted it wasn't forced on their throat didn't give them their name. And brought down caught I read them the story of the individuals and we tremendous growth from people who got. Even reasonable price plans in the individual market 119150. Bucks a month. Which I think for people who aren't getting or through Medicaid because of their funny situation. For many middle class families that they'll struggle is an attainable goal in many case when you're talking about 35500. Dollars. On individual market that's a huge chunk of somebody individual income. And and I think it. Getting a prod us that we have downed it levels the playing field allow people who aren't getting through an employer being. A tax credit. That same time lower cost. And create create more competition and choice. Is actually any of war people the option health care and get more Americans that it really mean right now they don't they're choosing not to do. Everybody over there everybody everybody has a choice get a and that's what I think we wanted you you've ever who want health care. The financial ability to get it. Is what the president is trying to achieve through it and I think this is this and that will get up there right now they're being forced to get by government run system. And in huge margins choosing not. I ain't got an and by the way they're getting system that failed. And it collapsing and it's not and it's only going in the wrong direction with higher prices. Higher premiums higher deductibles and lower short and that's what you got now you're Americans innocent. On the Obama care exchange you're paying more the higher deductible and you choices going down. And of that and on animal on the outcome for Americans who need care. Think. On immigration a group that tracks number Sanctuary Cities in the US came out there were today. Saying it is now nearly 500 Sanctuary Cities across the country. And that number has grown by about three dozen just this year of his. Does that concern the White House and there is suggest that you warnings about withholding federal funds not getting people. I think the last poll I saw on this issue on Sanctuary Cities you don't somewhere in the 80% at the American people. Don't put Sanctuary Cities and what their tax dollars used. To finance people in this country illegally I think if your main air or councilman or a representative. Or governor and state unique answer to the people that. It elected you whether or not you're gonna support from a federal perspective I think the president's been very clear. That were not any use federal taxpayer dollars to support any day. Report. Are people here in this country illegally. But any DNA that hey this is a question for mayor's account number. The local level who have to answer the people that elected them with clearly out of position that is not in keeping with. When most Americans believe in it. All you know anything else he's only what this proposal the president Pittsburgh health insurance. We'll let profits go up or down the presence. Well I don't think that's been the focus of the president's proposal is not about and it's about patient about. But I think what it means to them is that they finally get you create more choice and more plans. Allow people to choose. A plan that fits them right now they don't have that choice and frankly in more more market. Companies like anthem UnitedHealth Cigna. Are pulling out at now because they they don't have a choice and because of the government mandate I think. What we wanna do is allow competition and choice to exist and they can offer more options for American people. Make more money and I went. I don't know the answer that that's not enough focus on what we're doing now in the end of the day right now they're pulling out of market aftermarket. Leaving the American people with Q are your choices out. Rate now it's not a question out there they you know last I checked in many of doing pretty well but it the American people on its patients that are losing under the current. I'm I think that there's no way you can do a little vote. Hunter. He's you know White House and secretary. Push back on politics how are built from there does anything to change for the president to be comfortable putting his name on the belt. I don't I mean I don't think the Obama administration didn't label it obamacare. They call the yeah I mean did. This the American health care act. The president is part of it the president proud of the fact that we're working with congress. A bit of a bill that is not is it is it joint effort that we work with how senate on. He's proud of it is proud of the impact is gonna have. I'm I'm an American patience. So I don't think about labels and names and not getting the job done. John. PO. The consideration that raises two or three so people might say that the White House has been criticized. CBO for not taking into account base to go through in their scoring that first races this. How would that supposed to take into account something that doesn't yet exist. Well I think that that's that's a question how offer they're constrained it. There are on the CBO terms what they can't get there I think at the point that we wanna make is that any can orchestrate the briefing members are points you. Their boat often score they need to understand the totality and comprehensive nature. Out of the entire program to base your score. Awful one piece of information. Is literally like pull on me and I understand what I'm saying is day to question keeps being asked to see all of the reports on that about how it's gonna impact and not note I mean I don't I don't root culture money. Packages that ran on the evening news last night to me the story noting that it was one piece of a comprehend packet. Noting that it was prong one of three prong so you know respectfully I think it we'd gone out here trying to make sure that people understand. The comprehensive nature of what's happening in Wyatt has to happen. It wasn't my choice we had to do this or certain ways that it had to be conducting. Because of how what construct in the first place in terms of how gets repealed and replaced that reconciliation. Piece of this which is inside baseball and it talk. Is. May not make a lot of fuel but it the way that we have to go. That the process by which we have to achieve this because of the and it rules which is how was constructed in the first place when Democrats enacted to not that being said. Wouldn't Wheaton we talk about this again you guys went when there's a report comes out on the evening news cable news or in the paper. And it doesn't explain the comprehensive nature of and it just set the CBO says this is the impact will stop. It is incumbent upon us to make sure that people who are under trying to understand what we're doing. Understand that there are two more pieces come of this and like anything else like building a puzzle if you only put a third in on the table instead. They look at puzzles in complete we hit the other two thirds pieces. Is not explaining to people how the whole thing comes together I think. That is a very very important piece of explaining how this whole thing is going to matter impact the American people. Figures about serious he can. Think that the president called it big beautiful negotiation. People like Jim Jordan's exactly you. Is your way to hammer this thing into shape where you can ask our soldiers or or do you have to you. As has been suggest by a number of people written up and start all over because Jim Jordan news just this morning was and fundamental aspects of what was promised the American people. By house members when they re election back in ball and by the president of what you re election is not this bill. Well actually I was jet onto duke house committees that have over fifty Republican members when you look at both committees. With union support so I get it we can't. I don't know that that's actually trapped. I know I. Use Major Garrett action. I. Say it. And oh yes John Roberts I. Now bike but my point is I think it we've got tremendous support the president. As a native wants to work with them there will be a manager's amendment and I hope that ultimately that yeah I'd love to have every member support the symbols out I think. The president's principles and goals. Are gonna benefit every American an obvious the more support we get the better. I'm an as we continue to meet with members in ops and get their ideas I think we're gonna have a phenomenal outcome of the belt. There's a lot of ways we continue. He gather input and ideas and the more that we can get it will achieve that goal great. And so I hope that he continues to provide us with constructive idea. And we look forward to getting any man's art majors. Because the manager on. Its mission that the bill that's written. You notice there are. Votes or whatnot I figured it admission of what we needed the beginning. This entire crop which is the president was engaged with numbers I hear their idea he welcomed and direct from only eight at multiple times secretary pry my friend. We're not and never many regularly and I from the podium the president talked about it as you mentioned a second ago. This is an opportunity here from individuals and groups and and an insurance and downs of obamacare doctors. Let's just not it's not about our. Operations it's not about one caucus or one member. I think no I think about bringing people together and if we have great ideas still achieve a better outcome for the American people that it won't we don't corporate and that. I don't I don't think that this is we have been very clear from the get. If you can column with a good idea. There will strengthen the bill that will benefit American patients will do what. And and so the manner as many. Votes you can struggle yeah you can absolutely you can jam through a bail. And get it out to eighteen and that over the and it. I think if we wanna get the strongest bill through this through how. With this many ideas and and Ida and opinions and Mac it will it'll help strengthen as possible so I'd rather it getting a bill through. With you know to eighteen chewing your ninety work on a process speaker and the majority leader John. It brings an additional ideas if we can get the bill higher. Are we well. Jim Collins point that you talk about it amongst you threw out. You're out of his way to describe that process process two and three because at least the third part list and require. Sixty votes yeah that's a reconciliation by definition. And as mythical imaginary and been telling Republicans. Don't buy into this third or second problem argument as a practical legislative matter don't exist and sixty votes to get them. And so if you walk the plank in his words not mine on this first initiative. You're not gonna get. It and third phase of this process that can't it is so there's a couple. First this is the only the call. To achieve what people are sadly out talking about. That yet if we don't. Get this through. The goal of repealing obamacare. And in treating them that will be patient is going to be unbelievably difficult. This is a vehicle to do and we welcome that are out ideas. But the second prong of this is administrative in nature it is something that. We Allegheny to Kathleen Sebelius who is any. In secretary and you are to do so prompts you is actually fairly easy to deal. Because this scene authorities it was granted you secretary of alias. Now has is in is in the off of doctor price. And he has the ability to implement and work and that I think minority yesterday's op has already been going through and doing. And that they he you do that that's her problem with all the things terrorists have been champion for a long time and frankly many Democrats agree with us. Is his ability to bring down cost. Through selling over state lines and allowing mall that is to group together is something that. That we've been talking about for hurt you know over a decade. And I think it we can not just gets it I think. It's something that you bring people together I think there's bipartisan. Bicameral support for almost every one of these things because they benefit there's no one it doesn't benefit. Mean who could be again allowing. Insurance be held at the state lines is something the media card shark so many I mean there's no other product that I can think of nutritional factor on the but for the most part the American consumer when you want a product. Can go on line eaten at a store your choice go to war crossing lines in the Virginia try to Marilyn in the district. You know and shop around with our assurance we don't have that ability. There's no question that increased competition drives down cost. The issue a new age in economic certainty. And allowing greater choice will do the same and so I think respectfully or any senator like that it has taken our. There is no other anti that I can think of that greater choice. Greater competition doesn't drive down cost significantly. And all we have to do is look no farther than obamacare and read off. Three of the individuals the president met with yesterday were victims of obamacare in every one of those cases the insurance premium went skyrocketing. When why. When choice and competition went away. Most any person was in the individual market. Eight or nine years ago. Let's tell you it you know depending on the plan you can get a plan for a hundred bucks and change. Now the cheapest plan you can get easily in a 300 dollar range. And so the question you have to ask yourself is what changed competition went down in choice went and I think allowing us to re enter the marketplace. Will achievement in itself that goal and going to the additional. That we can achieve greater choice and competition. It unquestionably bring down the cost of health care that benefits every American whether or not you or any changes or employer based plan. And again we we have to have this conversation. In the context of what's going on now talk to somebody it's on Medicare Medicaid. Ask them to the doctor is or is that they used to be getting are available. I know how many times now when you walk in the doctor they have a sign that we no longer accept Medicaid. I mean that that used to be at a given home and now for older Americans are firm Americans the lower end of the income scale. It's becoming harder harder on a place even eat your shirt and I think that. You you find that an acceptable income in question has to be asked to people who polls in Iowa out of the out what is your alternative. Because each the idea that they propose we can incorporate we can make this better and better. But sit back and act as though there's a choice doing nothing is not a choice that some of the president and a drag. DJ now has an additional week is evidence that president's problem wiretap I don't know why administration. How confident is president trumpet it and it's all polarized and workers claim. I think he's extremely confident there and manage this before I'll let dared them do their job all the thousands and it ought to DOJ. Report this but I have comedy in the past I think there's there's significant. Reporting about surveillance techniques and that it dropped twenty election. I'll leave it and then issued their report but I think he feels very confident there will ultimately. Accommodate will well. Vindicate him. A quick follow up there when a decision is announced whatever evidence or potentially no evidence is not released will he make a statement. About the evidence or lack of evidence. I think I think we can. And I I don't wanna pre judge what gonna come I'm assured you will do it fine job of asking the question. When there's a report to be and I'm I would not feel that if it but I don't wanna get ahead of what the president may mean. Thought I was will be presented. I I I don't wanna get a head out as an I'm not gonna. You nutrition and so on I know it's given the DOJ. And the department just again and we we covered yesterday. But I'm not gonna get ahead of what they are Mano Mano and it you know they know that I need there is at least from where we can't. We know that there's good in reporting on the on the subject. Day. Yeah I feel very confident but yeah. Follow on force on coverage. You're saying that. You know people they. I can't get access to insurance and don't have coverage but I. If you remove the individual mandate you are going to have people who were not going to fire covers are not going to fire insurance and so getting back to the Congressional Budget Office work. Would you concede that there will be soon covered losses. Perhaps in the millions. That there we millions of people who will not have health insurance as a result. What you're doing. Well again sure except you have to look at the current situation you are mandated by law to buy insurance right now under Obama care. Thirteen plus million people ask for a hardship exemption and that six point five plus million people. Happy or to pay the penalty so currently if you if we look at the universe and say roughly thirty million people. Only nine million people engaged in any changes when required by law. The majority almost two thirds might. Back then and love Matt is right about two thirds have chosen either apply for hardship exemption or pay a penalty so. People who buy insurance that they don't. Insurance and you that require problem in the system right yeah look at what's happening now so there's. And votes none of this current red amber and now here I think you're right but my point in the way that was constructed obamacare. UU 88 created a system for people to buy planes that they did not like you're remanded by the government. In terms of what was part of the plan what it had to cover the deductible. And and yet roughly two thirds of the people either paid a penalty. Or are asked hardship exemption. They didn't do and so the idea is actually if you could bring down cost and choice how people to finding planets hit their budget. That was tailored to their needs there's actually a higher likelihood. That they will find something that they want at a price they can afford. As you right now which is I get a plan that I'm forced to buy that hasn't got well I can't afford but I got a little. Plastic card can wave around cars no no no that's not true. Sure your. Pocket obstacle we've been under a parents. Were catastrophic harbors right. Fisher he insurance thank you that's. Betsy great advertisement for thank you that's exactly what the president's trying to do because right now you've got. Out of the and get 39 people covered. Fourteen point 414 point five million people applied for hearts and eggs and they're exactly the people that you're talking about another six point five million people. Have asked have paid the penalty don't have we have roughly twenty million people in this country who were mostly paying. Required to buy health care. That if chosen not to do it who fallen exactly to the category that you're talking about. The question and a new era of hers massive yours right in that we cannot hold on here but if they actually had choice. And had a plan option that was down in a budget they can report there is higher likelihood that they would buy a plan that was a tailored to them and the actually that they can report that your question a catastrophic right now that in the he's not even an option. In a third of all the county the United States they only have one choice and by eight of one Juli can you imagine if they can. Actually bite plan. Is better off coverage. It means. Right anymore you know chronicle this away under. People are states more taxes yeah. Told his work with that experts note that it does it the other well. No actually I don't emerges that a 175. Million Americans. He get their insurance through their employer and frankly right now they're the ones who keep paying higher higher premiums because it was only we'll help people get. Acts and require them getting government government mandated government Ron. Health care has actually gone amok. And so right now right here here's Kurt right and what's happening is that and more important they get they can watch it accurate I think you hit maybe get outside and talk to some of them because. More and more Medicaid recipients in fact in the more Medicare. Are actually able to get copper again wanting to have a car and walking to a doctor's office and then to tell you we no longer accept Medicaid anymore that's not care. Okay we know we already millions of people that the president's goal is to provide health care coverage. Every American and right now they're not getting. And by giving them more choice and lower cost more Americans can either by. Health care for their Stanley Wear them out or a lot of cases their business without paying the penalty. Which is what a lot of them are doing or fourteen people in it changes that are pure pure choice the dumb now is not. Working the costs are going up that choice are going down and deductibles are going up. That is not an option and for every American mentioned this earlier that it to make this look like a choice. There isn't really choice and that we have now he failed. The choice is whether we give them an opportunity. To have real care and in awaited day is it to them in their budgets Jeff. On there isn't it speed and intelligence committee today when responding you to our. Request more time basically pitches he Brett. The White House reaction to that thing about our. I nine as a and as it as noted that department ask for a an additional time and it'll be up to the intelligence community grant that time but they're there working on. You know you mentioned the presence I'll feel it yeah. Yet if this happens efforts to merge now which was challenged us department problem. I don't I'm not aware that I don't know that that would. The presence ever expect any personal view. I think that would put them cracked. As I've referring to them John. Unless all of a markers but some doubt you know that meeting was just finishing up Gandhi came out here. Can you give it hasn't what was on the agenda before in his hometown. I'd hate the president has all. Earlier with thinking. Couple weeks back and they talked about. 88 in Syria they talked about the threat of ice. And I expect all of those came up. But again I think I will provide read out you all one of the pool about what happened. It will more clearly define John. Thank joie. Have enough. The rest of the year par or special elections for the US House of Representatives. I'll always treasure drawn national attention. Adds venues for debate are the American health care act as president and be involved. And to have Republican candidates and perhaps. Appearance there after the districts. And this thing will you Robert rookie deal the American well there. You're gonna have elections in Virginia New Jersey as far as I'm aware and I think that as we. Get further into that schedule and closer to elections lobby and team request from from candidate. At a variety of now level today. He gave the president's support I you know he's been very supportive of candidates. The last cycle I don't see him not being continued support of people that we want to fight hard for the agenda and we're not at that point yet know. I am. I can probably give you more appoint his vehicle was in the election but a lot of cases is going to be dependent on whether or not there's a request from the can't actually. It. It. And now we don't that not only. Here. Currently eighth. In our. Athletic. You know actions are now. Well I I think that you if you look at. What what what the goal was to make health care available to every American. As an enemy you Eddie. A choice right now that you know we support a feeling and that there is no choice in that the premiums going up where you provide them with a system that where we're looking at. Which does a draw at thirty million people accuse and a tax credit he gives them greater choice and one of that issue I have with a lot of the models that Iran has ever stack. They talk about this piece this on only I think when you look at the subsidy in the cost of current plan right now without looking at. Prompts you in three and how those will additionally drive down costs. That is not a fairer now of where the plane going. But there's no question that right now there is you know what. We're in IID's a gym and we have a system that mandate that people buy health insurance. Under penalty of law and it's not working in the question is. What can we do instead. And what can we replace that with a gives people greater choice and lower cost I think in most cases of course some people are always gonna use our presiding. To not something we we live in a country 320 million people. At some point you can't force a product or good down people on every night. But I think if he can give them a quality product that serves their needs that they have at that time. And it price they can support there's a greater likely under every economic model suggests that will work. So I think it frankly I economics 101 in basic common sense. They dictate the more competition and the more choice and we institute in the system to greater likelihood of more more American. Getting health care is something that that is easy John. Lifetime I want to ask you about the American Barack when adversity you have me. An answer to a question that I asked you yesterday and it was that enough bullets to about whether there are. A repercussion. Of violations of that ice here. A blood there I'm sorry I I do owe you an explanation. I would check with counseling get back okay and only American health care act. He's language very similar to language that house speaker. All right use of them why Republicans should work that she's talking about this binary choice. It's either this. Particular legislation supported obamacare Brett you have Republicans controlled house. Edit president trump in the White House. Why do they have to put on this particular Bill White and he negotiate for something that prince is that freedom of things could be better piece of legislation. Well get back here question that major at the end of the day whatever it is pastor at least it 218 out. You lobby with a great number of pot well but you need yet you know. 218 and in the case of the senate under reconciliation only Cuba but that that your floor. And I think it what you need to do is get. I'm not members coalescing around key principle get you. That floor and I can obviously go you know high as you know for 35 in terms healing. I'm sure we'll hit that. But. We have you on the floor is what gonna coalesce the greatest number of members around a delicate act and eighteen. And so we eat we will continue to work with them provide ideas and important and regardless of what. Caucus or action your part if he had an idea that they can only make it. More pace senator centric and achieve the goals then then we're all for that. So. That that's a prop any Ryan's been talking about the 2000 and there's been a lot of idea a lot of debate a lot of he's put Florida in how to crack this so this band something that's been in the works for seven plus years in terms of getting members at least in the Republican conference. Coalesced around principles and ideas and solutions to make them more. Urgent thing just. I've got clarification and one other thing it sounded like we're calling it might. Throughout Paul Ryan REU. Entry fees annually regulatory measures. President and secretary right link would be urgently we are dealing with those from the White House. I am I will ask secretary price I know that you mention yesterday when he came out talked to thought after the score. There is also working on that I've got to I will be glad you've we have time line. On that and then and follow up with you on. Obviously you were saying it felt like how confident that you get you votes are those things in these measures actually there isn't asking where is the White House talking about. Vote. And and I'm hoping not all I need cult here well. You're right at the heat like eighty. RE BO report completely but I like what it is Mercury and what you're here aren't. You. You coverage in the art. Yeah that you are quite practical now and not just. So we clear. CBO Izzy -- budget off that's the date look at impact on the federal budget that is why they created now with the idea. And I think you look at them in terms of their budget numbers is one thing that's their job. And I think on the aspect of budget impact. It talks about how while we currently he eight point 5%. Increase in premiums this year under obamacare in the individual market. It markedly shows it under the current American health care act the V 10% decline in premium. Where I think CBO has gotten it wrong it is not a question of whether what what we characterize it is fact. BL when he tried to protect people in coverage was I was over 50% wrong the last time. And the point that I think we're trying to make is that when you look at their record. And you say the last time they did they were off by more than 50%. They projected 24 million people would be covered by obamacare and you exchanges in one scene in fact and number ways. Initially ten points or dropping and so the question that you have to ask yourself is if you're using that as a gauge to determine your vote. Unique question whether or not they do counting people. Like they do counting numbers I think on the budget think that's what they're we'll have that's what they do you think how. But they they look at budgetary impact on when they come to counting people they've been wrong and sell and I think it's important. For people don't understand the context in which those numbers are given. And I think that's something that Richard Jordan. Yesterday. I don't I think. The president believes that this is not a point of view that he shares he believes he's the president for all Americans. And cellular attach him. Records surfaced Friday that the president will support primary challengers. Two conservative lawmakers who. Don't square mile version the American health care. Can you confirm that report and it is true. You vs he's what president is looking more congressional candidates and 28. I'm not gonna I don't mean four and rocket. 300 pounds are now. A question first ones to believe that. And. I'm not an eye out. Say the president. As tweeting about the pretty clear that he believes there are surveillance that was conducted during the toward election. And we for the conclusion of I I think they're pretty. Sound evidence and has been in the microwave is not on the way. Savannah on I think that is being cleaned out it was me in jets. You could potentially. Are you eager. To you he should be all. You. You're a reverse again park aspects UV went to president treatment at the Al. Now I got it wrong with eerie so gallery and I'm. But I look I that's not speaker Gingrich obviously. That that. Elect him coming on how CBO is out an agreement by 94. To members died and how whether or not. They wanted us and we've got to beat it out I'm not getting it isn't telling how they score keepers should be. Our answer. Yeah there I hate it here today and say that the president keep his promise of insurance for everybody. I think the president's goal of providing charity to make insurance available to everybody yeah that's what he intends to do I think that is the goal of this is to make sure that every American. Has that choice in a word and a plan that they can afford. And that they have the choice to survive and and that's not what they have now. So. I don't think yeah. Wonderful. Do. Reports that from Bloomberg. Chart commissioners not only does the general public billion dollars from a realistically you wouldn't combined for terrorism which is linked with the Chinese Government or hospice betrays him with us. I don't I mean I need that I'd refer you back then that could accompany him to talk about their east Jarrett went to extraordinary length. As you all know that we provide a lot of documentation on this you make sure that he although he's not taking out here that he complied. As if he was in a plane went through extraordinary like. To make sure that he ET conflicting himself. And can work through the government ethics out. Jarrett currently working at all. Preparations for changing things that you do learn a lot. I'm sure he. Is involves a lot of stuff I don't know specifically is involved and as it. I mean. It is just stated president and I think that insurance before it. Everyone what's your specific responses to your business and it hurts so much as sixty years old making 20000 dollars right now under current law. They would tell us 17100 dollars in a free hand under this change anything you go up 17100 dollars to 141000. 600 dollars what an astute if I were your yet yours now faced. I think that again I will go back to the fact I don't think that I now take in consideration. That choice that they have part of the problem right he is at. It's 54 year old doesn't need certain things they don't need maternity care they don't need certain medical services that are being provided to them by the government. Product that is being forced on them right now. Number what you have a product that is being served up to older Americans. Middle aged Americans or younger Americans that doesn't get where they are live in this or is that they need. And vote number one having more choice and you billion dollar plan. Tour needs that an individual has depending on the age of life. Whether it's an individual or family. Number one number you that they don't have any competition. So when you combine both of those things together I think that camera goes way down and then the third is that they can have whatever they want now. But I need change in many case again getting a sub vitro plan. As he very high deductible that they have a card but not care and that is again not an apple Apple's. Wait you examine the current plans and that that's where the ball really. I was on the arm whose message. So he's human three come in and what I think yeah I mean I think it's not just wait it you have to look at the totality of what we're doing. You understand how it's gonna impact the planet right now. It in the air the are gaining 54 year old doesn't have choice is buying a plan that they know they don't want or need in the for the most part. And as sub is probably not giving them. The ability to go either doctors that they need you because they deductible is off the chart and that's one thing that's new in a lot of is that you can you can have a premium per month. If you're deductible is author is skyrocketing. Then again you might get an appointment but you're not getting care share. When it I think yeah coming out there. And how deep that and in the community and giving agent. I read and what are eliminated. I think I'll let director Maldini he's gonna have an entire presentation now the start Akram briefings tomorrow for for you all the walk through different aspects of the budget. I don't wanna get ahead of him on that I think. You know he held many. Let's let's figure out where we go first on the with with what he has and then on. And then what we'll have a full presentation on Thursday. Gary. Hart and I'll go to opera that is up. Yeah. 1 up front yeah negative campaign promises on immigration what's unique ID you aren't and on April. And that's music application. Can actually adding that come out or not. That's a good question I don't I think as we talked about immigration in the past and he there's an entire conference. Is being. Look at the terms of how are preventing illegal immigration. And then what we're doing about legal immigration and Wendy's K one other. Than than their entire outlook. It is being taken with respect due to visa program and and we will probably will have more for you as we we system. I'm thank you guys very much and headed off Sheila Detroit and Nashville tomorrow if you're not in the trap. We look toward you I hope everyone wears the green on Thursday and Friday at a double shot of the year. Is the visit Ankiel. And era. There.