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Weather Discussion With WKBW-TV's Don Paul

Mar 15, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We are joined on the line now by John palm meteorologist over it. Channel seven Dunn thanks is always for joining us and remind askew all about. The forecasting going into the storm it seems like everyone got it. Pretty much spot on what we were able to expect yet. A Western Europe was kind of thrown off guard when all the schools closed because of a state of emergency that was declared before the storm hit. What did you think of all that. Well the night before our weigh in the governor about the state of emergency. I knew where I was in the are ordered to reduce that in the morning gesture. It would be that much snow on the ground. But I certainly. Imagined it would not have any direct contact that a lot of school superintendent realized. Well as fight showed that so called backbone. There could be. A liability issue with the tour bus accident. Because you can have. Their conditions it is a few engines and slow all until I am virtually it's not statutorily required now. Shut schools that. And as the day about the I didn't get out here over Accenture. And I was on the computer and I kept seeing FaceBook reports that the roads really were in. Lousy year and lousy or shape as the day went along about every. Game intact afternoon conditions for the school buses in the cage. Would have been. Nine I don't know that I wanted to treacherous but pretty bad and getting worse all the time achieved more the case. At least north of the southern here this morning and you mention cover that part of your studios. And the snow is definitely heavy at my house we choose a few miles north of yours goes. Visibility a quarter mile or less is what constitutes heavy snow in the urology and we've got it. And I would say. When you were kind enough to actually spot and it's not at that point in my mind will mark forecast was less since I obviously we're getting more. Except for the seventeen year we're getting more that I saw on Sunday by an eyelash work where I don't have got out measure both. We'll probably up around fifteen inches and I put an upper range of twelve engines for the city. You might forecast by mid day today I and I know I haven't seen city measurement spreads. The National Weather Service last night. I was up late measured at their office that's what it's crucial graduate from buffalo priority apple fourteen inches 1 in the morning. Bright and and and not done Andy Parker told us this morning. Central minor county already has 20 inches this morning so it's it's really stormed a kind of more than delivered. Yes and that admitted it delivered via. You know I have an article online in the Buffalo News or maybe packed and that the New York should. National Weather Service office would act which actually in New York should eat supper at. And look the blizzard warnings that have been canceled. But narrow corridor along I 95. Well physics. Doesn't care about population density that's a super tough call I grew up down there and the majority nor reactors. The rain snow line is very typical. Mattered to handle. And if if we had blown its November forecast which we didn't but we've got other electric strongly have long it would have affected. Maybe a 100000. Maybe a 150000. People. The New York City metro area has twenty million plus people so balling the forecast but there. Talk about pressure and once they had issued a blizzard warning is certainly. Which they waited until late Monday afternoon and then to cancel it later but well. If I were seeing signs of is going to be a lot of sleep it was Q but to cancel it just six hours later. The birdies that thing in the motion and it might give people. Since the security to the storm. Has been a top secret that I am less so for us and then the bigger the National Weather Service office. One. Splatter of are trained spotter coming with 41 engines and Binghamton itself there weather service says there an all time 24 hours snowfall. At all for any storm in their history. It has been recorded there. In Europe it's 31 record each and engines so this storm has not brought over there but expectations. It's been a mobster Purdue's coastal flooding and power outage in each cause we're getting. Really nasty weather but it reached for the most part it hasn't been destructive. I would act and the kind of wind and they had these coach iso one guts at Jones beach which is in the city limits and New York. Over sixty miles an hour. Move quite a few gusts over sixty out on Long Island and and that the storm. Dated mostly. Expected to do which is that skinny little Carter have to have all whole other people that live in the and I'm glad I was never worked out there. Are heard John Paul over a channel seven the meteorologists. Who's been on top of weathering Western New York for many years talking about. This storm in the forecasting ovitz.

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