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3-15 Robey Radio With Mike Robitaille

Mar 15, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's time for Roby radio micro but I sabres analysts in house this morning and sabres are sunk by the sharks last night outlast. Good thing that eichel scored because he also scored on his own net thing that ever happening you. Yet dead. We had a game in Los Angeles and I got spun around from a Manhattan. Their player passed both from the corner to one of their guys in front of the net and never got to like I got to meet or may draw over rated in the top corner my lament. And I was so attempted programs up and here I ask where you don't put the goaltender did the splits on and still mess is so I just you know. Bugged him for years for a goaltender there was Jimmy Rutherford who's now the general manager of Pittsburgh. And I used play for Detroit then but nothing that. We're not all guilty of old wooded whatever on safety after you scored them on these as laughed yeah. Anywhere you gonna do you can I mean it happens that those things happen all the time. And not all the time but enough that it's not highly unusual talks going players in the net but. Man the way I putted him was glamorous a IRS play in a Los Los Angeles Melrose Place to do it. A great deal of glamour just got after it happens Greg what happened it was like. It was in the net everywhere in my life. Yeah but Mike IDs. Well you know what you're lucky because back then they didn't have instant replay in the arena on a twenty foot Jumbotron. To show ever won eighteen times what you just did now they only did it they do on the fifteen foot Jumbotron it's definitely not bad let's tell you remember it who cares you usually are down 181000 dollar here that swearing in GO where have I got the great. They. It's speaking of Michael last night he didn't play the last five minutes of the game now because he was injured what do you think about the decision to bench him for the last part of the game. Well you're dealing with the young kid who said everything is on way and so when he's getting spank them look at them. He's not necessarily though not necessarily placating torment sides addressed him coach certainly isn't them. Annoying by it's an uphill long. Fight for me here when insane right now because Jack there's nothing you can do wrong so I am saying you as a an amazing player I think he's a great player. I'm making needs to get better defensively and having the coach should try to pin his ears down a little bit to do that not let him just get away with a it's not healthy for him it's not healthy for the overall with team as far as winning. Mean with severity scores tomb causes three eye and causes to or whatever it's all relevant. Is there a line drawn though on your best player taking him out of the game I mean there's always certain point where you can catch him for you know they don't pay him play defense I understand that but. They do pay him to at least have a modicum a little bit defense in his game. Not like an empty suit his own song I mean he's got to. Picked it up a little bit in the defense is on because you're really letting your team down by not doing great going the other way that's for all the glory is. But then in your own zone you missed your check Regis. You know logged on around you're not intense in your own zone. There's other goals scored by the other team packets through the window well that's that's different it's everything's great day. So there has been a balance your game you want a much more in the process is that has talent but. I'm liking give me 30%. In your own zone in my ass a lot but. Just enough to make a reasonable that's that's all files the strike you yeah now he's likely they'll have one guy on the team now twenty year old kid. Run the team he's that's gonna happen but after this learn from this right while you thanks Orioles learns over. But. Miles must really suck as an echo here by beating. Little problem. And to the point. Am not chummy chummy with the situation. Means then that way is all life and is this the image Olympic board your big boy pants on. And these guys only can we just go one way and you don't help out the other rim is good through. The team. You said sticking your neck out I mean that's he's the best way to put it right now because when you're going up against. Jack cycle. You know it's not only in the eyes of fans but yet to look at management the owners you know if you have to pick between the two with the choice is pretty cut and dry. It's not come down to that yet though right. Most getting close I mean there's no reason my mind to see what they should be worthy are right now I think people over assessor team. By quite a bit they're very bad defensive team. Times they can be very good offensively. You take cycle over the line up there there just like who's next to nothing there. And seems like it to do when a game it's because of Michael. But then. The win or lose it seems to beat because of Michael. Does something great offensive player does so poorly in his own zone but he's the main guy and that as a coach you better find a way to go along with them. You know I can be around long so the general manager and coach. It's on their shoulders to get this straightened out. If that's the facts and that's what to talk him outside to address in which we don't know we're not privy behind closed doors. Harry. Now that comeback game that we had here against Columbus. Did you like what you saw there they were down three nothing they can connect to land. The they show also our loved it they showed signs like that. 45 times this year. When the two since spectacular come specs I guess that's what really sticks in your crimes that you see the ability there are some times. But then most time its not there Mike comes down to. Why certain what does it take to be good player. Well the number one thing most players or most people say will be skating and after that being able. If you are good to play good consistently. He got to play that way once every three games. You're not much of a player to beat your just another player. There's 300 more like you don't there doesn't matter if you're here Joseph blows there you're all the same but to be above level above that level it's on special. You've got to show up every night. Aren't like Mike robe it's time you know the next time you come in here we're gonna do some digging trying to find it highly real goal of yours and burned and everything yeah I didn't have a good deal done a fellow. All right finally finally realized. We'll dig it out we'll dig it out whatever it takes I broke I joins us every Wednesday.