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3-15 Beach and Company Hour 1

Mar 15, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello is Beijing company I'm sandy beach mortgage out of Roger I'm trying to get the Republican club Dubai all the tickets for opening night at Hamilton. What do you think happens with every grades I am aka I happen. Follow Tony was late today and that means there was probably problems on the road we'll check that out and also a mysterious thing happened in my home it's a mystery. As it is a BJ governing I'm sandy beach you couldn't be happier listening to show I'm telling you we have everything you ever need to know about the weather and sports and al-Qaeda and where they'll be a little hokey talk will be doing well today. Now tell me. Is a very very odds a timely person he comes and the exact same time every day exactly. Today no he was late. Like traffic problems no problems dollars and. Took a close to fifteen minutes to get in it was traffic was very slow. And just my luck I get behind. He. Car with two wheel drive rear real drill bitter moon and then once I hit sweet home it was wideout. C thing oh really yeah I because it's been snowing here steadily all more going on when I pulled it and we have a driveway Google's alongside the building. And that we have all of these entrances to the big parking fraud okay and when I came in which was about 6:30 this morning. I'd never seen anything like it. They had swallowed each one of the entrances to the main parking lot isn't. There are flawed and they had they have pushed theme long lived a line next of that. Annex of the radio station may apply I'll bet. But that they have plowed the entrance each of the entrances to the big part. So I had done I put him in low block and CSF the fund because there are no trees ahead no cars ahead. No pedestrians and hope that's not think and is something nice about wrote today I'll show you do here is normal blocked here as low block. And that Jeep said get a trailer let me have a baby and I went right through this kind of fun yet what will drive is nice is that. Yeah Andy you know the one thing there are more more for with killer all wheel drive vehicles out almost everybody makes one now I remember one time when I wanted and all wheel drive car. There was only one who made you could only buy one and this is before Audi. He's always been forward drive in America asbestos I know below is the rule. A super I think he was there before so I I think it wore on I could be wrong. I'd be they made their bones and in a they had a small. Always driving used to race. And they won every race it was then I can't figure a way maybe as it's called cool or something like that. A budget. Yeah so there weren't many choices now practically every manufacturer. Has a Villa as an all wheel drive and so it's got to make it a safer on the highway. One of the reasons why am late two days and equipped clear the driveway. A brush off both vehicles even though genie is home with the kids today because overall plus note and wives figured if something happens if she can easily get around it yeah I need to get them out there and who's director pat just want him out for the kids know I did January although you did you make room for her yet how you guys because I'm such a nice guy you are up and down the street. Do in the neighbors a sidewalk somewhere along the way I lost my keys. He's buried somewhere that I house of three to my house to Mike are to the station are you get your car going orchids or Jeannie had to back off I'll take her keys wow this echo gimme Paul Peterson she can priorities was on Paul Peterson had she can find her keys so if anybody on my street is caesar's etiquette. I you'll find the WG. Tag Mikey chain just put it in my mailbox with. All right well Abbie very nice maybe be a key fairy you'll find it in Denver to brag to your luck though it fell in the street and the plot took it in its long don't listen to vest this is unbelievable. Okay since I injured my knee I've not been able to sleep in my bed so I'm sleeping Hitler and the recliner chair. Downstairs. All right not sleeping upstairs and all of his downstairs. And my I think my knee is starting to show a little bit of improvement but I still have to sleep in the chair. Assuming begrudge an ICO you know I'm doing the best I can kemba it is getting a little bit better. OK I woke this morning feeling. Really good I slept all the way through didn't have any pain whatever so I get might again microchip are going to have a kitchen. Who set up a copy plot and there lies. Ladies and gentlemen I don't know how it got there. There was a rapper to an ice cream bar on big kitchen table now I slept all the ways hello I know I did. But how did it get there here's what I'm thinking hubby ice cream bar wrapper got there. I think somebody did is I disconnected my age intricate alarm system. Came in opened the freezer. Took an ice cream bar enjoyed it. And left the wrapper on my kitchen table then left my house and put the alarm back on. I don't think it was me getting up eating while I don't remember it. I don't think it was me IE I'm innocent. Can you imagine that gripping I don't have overnight guests all yes I was sleepwalking I'm sorry always heard that before I've ever done that. Have you ever done. I can't hear you it's a microphone. I said that must really be a great scoop up for a good kid here. They seriously I do not remember getting and it's in a different were home. I must have awakened. And and got out of a chair used a crotch went into the kitchen and got the ice cream bar out sat down ate it. And up into the chair fell asleep while I mean I don't warmer at all nothing. That's bad yeah that is that is really bad Lopez my firearms and a safe and technical thing if I could dial that they've Basanova I was asleep. So don't try and come into my house in middle of the night or might try. Knows that that's that as a that's going on and I have no luck no explanation for. I had an idea of something that I felt would be really cool I just idea on Susan Roche would be cool to. If if let's skilled writer took on this project. Picture today's media because we've been talking a lot about me you you're talking. At the media and the Internet. All the personalities. That are on the media all the information that eggs available and accessible on the Internet. Picture that modern. Foundation. Covering. Jesus Christ. As if Jesus were living now. And living the life he was going to live and lead the life he was going to lead but covered by today's media. We give a talk show those we've going I'm lying to a Google things and whatever. I think it would be a fascinating and a movie. But somebody would have to be really skilled to write it. Because you would have think of of them covering him not believing what he was saying cover during his travels whatever the people he knew who the background checks that they do it all the things that the modern media does good and bad. Recovering Jesus Christ I think that would be Phnom if David Milch is in town. The aria forget that it that project going because I think that could be a home run what do you think of that and it's interest when it be interesting I thought it would be my. Would you be viewed as a liberals are concerned well that's a question they'd each position him the way they want a position them. And then you have people reporting on yes I was there. Yeah with fishes and lows. You know we only had one of age and there you know Bach. Yet rarely truthfully and and you get very reporters questioning what he's claiming. And claiming there's no proof. I mean just picture of that concept. Of today's reporters with today's technology. Covering Jesus Christ I think Libya fabulous movie of course with Brian Williams was saying he was there yeah. Okay well take a break. And I go mills David Mills you know release skilled writer. Movie if he put that project together I think you Columbia home. Will be back with more on those red and I'm thirty WB yeah yeah so I got up and after I discovered the ice cream rapper turned on the big spotlight have in the backyard. And it's it's one of those a Mercury lights is or comes on sections boom boom gets wider and wider. And all I could see was snow I had anticipated just looking out of the bag because I am bench that's built into the back patio. I was guessing it was a foot and a half eighteen inches. And that I heard of them semi early morning news have locked port and have a little bit more of maps though probably as of what map on my deck or patio. So a lot more snow than note than most of us expected. And did you get as much snow is is that because I remember last night. I was though watching. TV and and one of things are said is of no unnecessary driving in Niagara Falls early in the more I thought you I think that it was after seven. And so why don't we have fourteen inches and I don't we call with the project at its projection was wrong twelve. Maybe twelve to fourteen sorely hurt or rate there. Zap to ruin and Minnesota ways so that was it I know some people who were flying out of buffalo this morning at 630. And I have no idea whether their plane was here's a bigger go. Aware of the plane was coming episodes ago. But 630 going to be at the airport about 430 and not know I think what your it's ago or not that had to be a pain I don't activists a moment I don't know ago or not we'll find out later. But a lot of things happening and I'm sure the tractor trailer drivers and a thrill of being. Off the go through that long but. Some things are beyond control I guess we'll how many basketball fans and I'd be able to get in the top four tournaments and these are the there's a bunch of men that are already here and that's good in I don't know if all the teams are here let's hope they are buds. Yeah it's at least this wasn't just dust with a lot of people. So we we had to pick a rep for. I'm a lot of the cities were mentioning a Massachusetts. Where rum a near my sister. That there is a big town that my sister she lives of fifty miles as the Boston is what's there. And I got I got an email. Chastising. Me yesterday. Because they said. We were listening all morning and now what kind of a brother Ari do you war and even Q you caring that your sister's. This was going to get snowed in August asked god be buried I if I it really is I don't think she's seen that she's in RS since Thanksgiving. As you know it all Italian families we have a cement donkey. That is pulling a cart and in the cart you would you put flowers. And that my mother. Alum I'm out of past my sister got it. My sister has it then she as the friendly gas. And there it's out there and good weather certainly she flowers and us. And then in though in the winter you can't really do it because arrest is frozen like go like a lot of other passes if you receive the marrow frozen is that they're too. Happy to bring into the house can't you can't lift him die US you really can't. And so because all the snow is coming. That close to my sister's house. The prisons that I I know you know I know the town your reference and you didn't even mention that you're you're concerned about Paris. But I'll check today maybe get a picture asking it to the picture ever yeah I think they're gonna ask picture and it's in a blizzard is very helpful because. Then again and I get the proportion. Is it it was a snow up to detail. Is that up to the cause of her arrest I'm not really sure is well will be on the way him wagons the lowest point Everett's organs are you that. And it's covered with snow and we'll see if we can even see the tips of careers will check that out so I'd like to thank the person that sent me the email. To chastise me thinking I'm an uncaring brother and I'm not you know Lama scissors. Now I cannot believe that the press is on believe below. He and wedded to what it doesn't go their way. They find a way to way out let's say direct your attention to their point of view all this time. David say Donald Trump. And I dropped I don't it doesn't pay any taxes Donald Trump by Betty opposes that the other thing okay. Now when he got to really should tax dollars so well mysteriously. But he. Part of one of his a year is a tax returns. To show him it 05 it showed up. If they reporter's mailbox not know this happens to all of us. Where we go at a mailbox there there's something I didn't expect. Usually it's from viking river cruises but sometimes. It's Donald Trump's income tax report that I can't tell you how many times its enemy. So naturally. Rate show them now. All of it would yes that Ian. That's the first thing I do I I'd tell opposed mastered the interest of ash. Ice if there's anything in my mailbox that I'm not expecting. Good you'll forwarded please to Rachel man now MSNBC. And she's a little heroin that's how pathetic we are. The Rachel map now is is the supreme leader of our movement okay. Hadn't even when it doesn't show. Follow what they want they if I go away they find a way to direct it through their point of view here's an example. Okay there are going to have as Donald Trump. Paid 38 million dollars in taxes. And made a 150 million dollars that year he paid eight at 825%. Rate. Now what they'd tell you is that's bar that was paid by Mitt Romney. Who only paid 14%. What they don't tell you is that's a lot more than Obama while paid and it's a lot more of incentives paid what they say that. Ole. I heard the ABC people auto what are mourning Tuesday. They didn't mention in beta mentioned Sanders. Didn't mention Obama and hear the buffalo windows. Look at this look at the headline to headlock and isn't the Donald Trump pick these Rubin knows. It isn't Donald Trump pay heed the high rated isn't Donald Trump paid 38 million the headline. Trump wrote off. A hundred million dollars. Guys are at. LA has a New York Times story good as you know Bob does doesn't have any right or is there to write anything apparently. There's been a lot of write anything illegal was carried an area as the times but that's ahead I'd bet is that headline. Again Vega project is that as saying we were wrong that is I well it's our fault no known only find some loopholes. It's just an amazing time in our history is that. Pat what we've ever borrowed between company under his writer and I'm thirty baby via. Okay double of a taxi fare traffic is at a standstill and that's northbound at the south Grand Island bridge. All right so northbound traffic on the south Grand Island bridge is at a standstill. Also a couple more tax. Let's see they're talking about this Andy we are besieged by other cold though the millennial snowflake. Army herself would have played O guns and prepare for battle. Oh. We all of them. Held a great show mad cow yes OK there we haven't jedi the words obviously. Ended nix I think tonight she's gonna have a big announcement. That another year of Donald Trump's. Taxes were found in Al Capone safe. And and they're gonna have morale to open. So I think this could this could be the final mailed to approve of these it's actually a minister via I think they they stash him and Al Capone says. As sandy the Washington Post had an article about Trump's tax return with the headline. Very quote bad trump leaks his own tax returns these people that they were they are. And this is what we are going up when I gave my concept of today's modern. Media and what they use and their approaches. I would like to thank. That if Jesus Christ walked the earth today. It would be an out. Fascinating movie on how the today's media with today's availability. Of technical advancement men in the way they trying go after and get something nobody else has and whatever. Of them trying to cover Jesus Christ as the news story. Would be I think that will be a great movie are really really do but if you leave it up to Hollywood in the enhanced CGI explosions and things are yeah yeah they would that is a question about that everybody would want the lead to a I mean can you imagine. Trying to cast the lead. That would be interesting but I I'd like to see a model of O'Reilly. Like to see the head of a factor telling them you know he's wrong at the time and I would Rachel madcow ever go after them. And then he put her in her place I think you'll be fascinating really rarely do. Sandy remind people and it's funny that they you know semi attacks on this because I did this this morning. After I had my double property are really did except a little different. A remind people to make sure they're dryer vents are cleared of the snow before running it absolutely. We forgot about that but also what I checked it injected dry instance it was running. But I did check the furnace vents if you have a modern furnace is it is vented to the outside as the okay. Just make sure it's not cover was snow the first time that I heard this though Dominic Cortese. Said that and you'll you could die if that happens. And I had never even thought about drier about them for instance and I were required to earnings and those of his two events. When I went haul them and I looked they were covered. So I luckily he would not. Portrays. Could've saved my life Hogan is that. So I checked that out make sure that they are clear and that you're dryer vents same thing so we have so a lot of things going on. Do you struggle with today's unanswered questions of life. Today's deal of the day from my bubble a purchase at 100 dollar should have a dip recession where international are now owns psychic Bernice golden. For only fifty bucks a Bernie's is if you want a good reading that's the person the go to I've done lots and lots of appearances. We've Bernie she's been on many shows would medium many stations and the people who use bernese golden rave about the job she goes. And she's I never asked there for a minute for me I never I don't want and now. But every once a while she's just throw something out there and I would have to bite on it and and everything should did you write. A video city it's only fifty dollars in can be used recession in the operas are over the phone. Go to my bubble perks dot com a deal and your future zoning. I don't either because it would change your whole outlook on things. What if they found out when you're forward either you're gonna die when your hunt. Well you're might do some things that are different some things just because you know nothing's gonna happen. Or could be the opposite. Where you you know you find out that Adam and things are gonna get tough for so you may be you make it's like time travel. Religions I don't wanna know. A ticket as a as a as little ways away area describe it. Whatever it is dealer Louis there. And that's that well you do the best you can have enough that locked away no future that wasn't a bad like you have knoller and also act that would make and it's on that adds it records on actually. I got the Donald Trump over five tax return business and our children but it showed that he paid a higher percentage. Offers taxes he paid 25%. He paid. More harm than Bernie Sanders. He paid more. Then yes our former president I don't even like to mention his name but Barack Obama okay I'm and. Tony says dictate more of limiting their time this group percentage wise okay. But as you'll see that. They're leaving that out although. Be we see a woman. Did give some credits and there was going to be a good day for trump because he came around it looks like he's pays his taxes and stuff like that. And does so the buffalo knows there have on instead of yes it pays really knows yes he praised when he 5%. He says he pays that I paid 38 million dollars and that one year. They don't print any of that in the headlines headlines as trump wrote off a hundred million or five tax return shows. I was so that's very that's the approach. And keep in my spine a lot of times newspapers just sit there in the stands like this. You're walking by here at the air partner at a mall and argues he has trump wrote off 400 million. In 05 the tax return and show so that's all you don't know the rest of unless you pick up paper by agreed okay. So that that's how dishonest. It really is. As this way to describe it. Their coverage of Donald job Campbell may. Things easily. Collectible would Donald Trump the earthly things that that you could get angry over and I understand that. But there this was this honest coverage I've ever seen where even when their wrong. They won't admit it even when they're wrong they'll try and make it look like they were right. I mean what they fourteen years old. They're gonna hold your breath exactly. What do you put their hands and their ears and I'm not mad mad mad mad. Amid the supposedly grownups. It's pathetic is what it is it really really is pathetic. Blood. They're getting their hands him into them a silver platter you say it's all over the imminent and so. Oh yeah following when I get up and I go through Twitter as he was going. And and urges. And east you reach a man now in Imus and beats the good. Because today here's what they're doing obviously they're just throwing all kinds of stuff out. Hoping the hoax some thing. And just by throwing stuff out. There's enough people that that's all however here is what you threw out for bait they don't know they don't do the follow up to find out there was nothing to it. Or it was bring a greatly exaggerated. Or it was misinterpreted. Or the context was wrong all of a nosy original charge. Wouldn't it be wonderful country Lauren and I got my tongue. In my in my cheek right now. If all we had to do is be accused of somebody of something and you were guilty I mean do you do you believe that no obviously. Why would you believe the wave of the way they're covering this president is against the law to release his tax returns absolutely like absolutely what you hear anybody say of course it's against the law. Absolutely against the law if if vote well look like this. Lois Warner what she it was against the odds weren't putting capital is smarter now. OK so that's it yeah of course. How against the law as it. With a hip rule it in medicine you can't even get. You carry your erode your spouse's. Results of the last test they had without approval. They won't even give you that that's house radicalized yet you can get a hold somebody's tax return. Which would be detrimental to of them a business wise there's you know what kind of financial positions they wore. Yeah they were and what kind of vote what liquidity they have things like that. But nobody cares nobody cares if you steal something. If you're trying to steal it in the name of putting down Donald Trump and that's a pathetic it is now. Are we come back we're going to talk about. The strong arm. Yes just when you thought it was safe through drive on the road the storm some people say who we overreacted. Some people say I don't know what of those roads will be under reacted. So people say well on the right. And we wanna know what you'd be saying and what you would do to change. If you thought it was just about right you probably wouldn't do anything. If you thought it was over reaction that is maybe you do less if you thought it was and maybe into tomorrow we wanna hear exactly what you would do to make it just right. It 030930180616. Sides agree sixers star nine that are well orders though it was still battling the elements here in the storm. Where I live we easily go to afoot now easily I can tell you just by eyeballing it. On a bench that I have in my back deck that it looks like that and it's usually pretty close and I find out that. 123 inches and block port OK okay. That's only an inch part of two feet outside the match. Was a good as a nominee inches in a foot. Twelve. Odds twelve. What is there were two feet that would be when he full are. But there's only eight point three. So it's only an inch short of two states shadow like I have that lightening fast computer like mine Tony. There was some little bit it was there it was accurate on the stupid snow like port as a real it's a real snowstorm. And I wanna know. In the coverage of it and the way we've had to live with it it was an overreaction. Wasn't an under reaction. Was it about right. And what would you change now the first thing happen is we've got the idea the announcement from the various weather people. Then it was coming and that was the last several days. And their right it would. As it was here we sought and has asked itself that is parts is still. Out of work has like got caught in the dark didn't quite get what that you had said they might add papaya and our page it's generally fairly accurate I think. Don't they wouldn't complain about that. Now was an overreaction. I think the biggest aspect of this is. Let's have an over reaction to call off school on the for its date that we got any snow was in an overreaction. By the governor. By making a New York State today in his state of emergency. And you know it's funny one thing that I I questioned yesterday it turns out it was a one lawyers and that they talked this morning that they had on the early morning there was. Agree with me. They're there is an element I had said. You know all part of the reason they may have closed is because they call the state of emergency. Who will vote with the the state government. And if indeed they decided to keep open as a school district and anything happen to in the of their students. As them with some of them injured or god forbid a fatality. They would be really open to a lawsuit. Because I'm thinking that any lawyer going before a judge saying that. You know all of these state and you are decided that this was a dangerous and of storm and have that potential. That they made in the state of emergency and the local school district said no now we're gonna see organism the kids to school and one of them got injured or heaven forbid. That's the way. That they would really be libel and that I heard and it was Steve Boyd said that there is that element that could it could possibly go for Ford so that might have been a lot of things if you are they have. If you just want an honest. Another day off because the Snelling avenue as many of them that's not right. We don't agree with that and you know it's money mart pulling cars said. A couple of blows school superintendents. Off the record said well we had some to burn so we're gonna use them and and then he's being criticized for that now because this thing now that's that's not true. We know we thought it was you know safety issue. So did the deadliest eight overreacted. Did the schools. Overreact. By via nobody is saying that is too dangerous to go to school and with the state with a state of emergency through. No. No semis on the throw away although there are reports that there are semis and the truth or wave him on an ounce was the big there. There was an under reaction. I don't think so I don't think it was under reaction. I don't think anything anybody's out there going well if only they had done this week could've done that now I think the reaction was okay. But it's like Al Franken uses say on Saturday Night Live. I don't know how you know it was it was about him he's how does it affect me Al Franken. So it affected you with you have a kid going to school. And you had to go to work and muted and I think it wasn't going to school and intimate arrangement that's how are affected how effective on the road. Where the roads and again I kept followed were there enough cars off the roads of applause could operate. I don't think the way you under reacted at all I think it was about right and it's still not totally done what would you have changed now it's easy to sit here. On this day by day three and say well. I wouldn't change settings for the first day because you say. We didn't have that much over while that's rolling the dice. And as Kathy vocal said and you may like what you said you may not like what you said but I think what she said makes some sense. Better to a better to be safe than sorry we've heard that all of our lives. Imagine how you would be. If they if they didn't call off school and your kid it was on the buses and off the road. Or your kid was stuck on a bus in Columbia home then you say well they shouldn't on this is the major storm. And this so it's a bitch if they do bitch if they don't but I think that they wore. Basically okay. Was it perfect now I don't think so. What would you have changed it 0309301800. To a 69236. 930 will be back after him.

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