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3-15 Beach and Company Hour 2

Mar 15, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This story and it's true I am not making this up all right I'm watching TV yesterday I am one of the public officials it was probably either camp below the goal or Richard Toby whatever. And they're making a statement of from a microphone. And there's a guy he's standing right in back to them. Who looks very stern. He's got that look like he can see right through you know and and and I'm watching I'm listening to what we've public official as saying. But in the back of my mind something okay you know a query is standing right behind I'm behind the person on the left hand side. And that's what that's what this security people must look like. And then I realized it was back Herman that was our reporter it was my back Herman Tony next time you see betterment. Tell him to smile occasionally on the cameras rolling no it was my name and always campaign as I wasn't that Angel was somebody I know. It was just somebody standing there because that Yemen is. That way and officials. Elected officials especially. Have anything this day. They're surrounded by people they don't they'll bring their pomposity or whatever you know like seven married people standing in Bagram wherever they ago. And I I I was just kind of casually. Must be security. The America that are happy and I was it was a reporter. Is it for our Mike flag did that. Look for might give them my leg is out and it was it was right there okay. Oh by the way you know I'm waiting for the next shoe to drop on on is that taxes. They they took a cream pie in the face on this one you know and I loved it it was so do you have paid a higher rate. And 25%. They had no Obama did and paid a higher rate than Sanders bed and Tony says he paid a higher rate in the New York Times. And so it came out smelling like a rose here's the next shoe to drop okay why will I like to make these predictions. And came sources say yeah that was eagle five report. The real information is in the 07. That's what you go fine. We can name the sources they have to remain because it's it's highly illegal but the CO seven. I mean that's just don't know are they want to watch it where adults. Because that isn't the kind of stuff they do they are so. Oh probably desperate. And empathetic through. All right disarm was it an ovary action on and on from the school and those state whatever. Was it an under reaction where they should've done more. Was that a I'll write the date they do things mainly right now not perfect but mainly right and what would you have changed now one thing that wasn't done. That was a result of an air action and the reason you set him up in the first place you're going all the vehicles got stuck on the thruway. Because they got on them through way and then it was bumper to government couldn't get off the through way there was a big brouhaha about bets of a base of that by saying you know we'll do. In the event of an emergency we have these gates we can't put a cruiser at every entrance. But we have these electronic gates and will put them down to keep people from getting on the way okay. That was a result of something happened several years ago but I have not heard. If they if these gates were utilized that all this time around. I don't think so I think though we would've seen it reported somewhere. That they use the gates when they learned from that lesson of not let him get on the through waved and get off of it. So I had not heard that put made that he decided it was a necessary and we didn't we have those problems we had earlier. So overreaction. Under reaction about right and what would you change let's go through a jam in buffalo junior on WB again. Jim good to talk DO idea. Well yeah several weren't attacked her golfing brain than your own. Didn't have that same school year wasn't Eric welcome on the buck up a bit more thought. Yeah about the us your right to marry earlier one of few years ago where. Buffalo had school they got those kids end and then they couldn't get them home and that was a big problem or go home so like dinnertime. As a public official how much of the art band that it was going to happen did you need. You really act on this knowing that your anger enemy early. That's right I think billion number one. Overriding factors you're a public official is safety no question about it sometimes safety isn't convenient. Tryon digger airplanes on time I'm as is not coming in but it's necessary and if you don't. A look if you don't err on the side of safety is gonna to Mumbai schism that. Yes parents should always. BT. These are things can be had they should all be grateful when they look out are they the and that helped put you went our way. Yeah IV does this first Albany. The officials state officials say we're based state of emergency or can move around easier and they don't have to do some paperwork that they would have to do otherwise. Then get things done the school officials. Really them the overriding matter as we just set it should see if he's. I think basically faced so far knock on wood so far it's been okay it has an imperfect. Everybody has their own view of what firfer would be but I think they've a got a good job so far. It reminds me of that hurricane this summer that was supposed to devastate the southeast and Florida we're gonna get an Alabama or Georgia and then you're only hit the a book like South Carolina remember. Yeah I Ricky and the national news is doing now. There were they're they're doing and Eddie a thing called. Well in the next one or more hours sixteen million Americans will be facing a fill in the blank. They now name the numbers of people ligament and a geographic range of something that could happen. And they're very promoter at the very position that and Elena doesn't happen people get angry yet. Like actuary and let them. Together. Yeah up the other what they do is they sit around and they figure out OK it's gonna give Boston. Philadelphia. Maybe New York City they take the total numbers of population. And they say they're at risk. And it's true but with the it's the number this scares you. The number wow I mean I heard a numbers guy at the beginning of this thing. As a hundred million people while a hundred million people is almost a third of our entire population. So when and when you get these calls. That's where the major part of the population is would those major those huge cities so when when somebody's as a hundred million people could be affected beg as your attention and our president. Did your not gonna. Think what maybe we well we'll see how did well when I wake up no official that'd be it. No they they've learned their lessons from the past to move from storms we've had. And it's in nobody's best interest to just take a shortcut hey thank you oh gen version. A hundred the last time I heard a Hun million Americans. Could be affected those of people who dated Madonna and high school. And that was a that was a possibility of course that only turned out to be half that number. We'll take a break and wit and the other half were dating Rachel Manuel will be back what mark and racial matter I was dating Madonna is it's a mad. Crazy showbiz this number will be back after that as Arctic. Department of public works these these types of snowstorm for breakfast and those same thing with the city of buffalo they have for lunch this is nothing out of the ordinary. When you get two to three inches overnight. In a grand total of maybe sixty users in total over 24 hour period. That's buffalo and winner we've had a very mild winter but this is just what we normally expect. I was go to Terry and current scenario overreaction on the reaction about right what would you change about the storm. Well my attitude this year and yet they they've got the ball right that I wouldn't change that. Well let's go pull once the government got a right in the administrators as well. Well I like to editors the if you wait any insurer. The safety and children. What they ought to walk for very. I think it's sad that think they call that we're. Ya they have been severe public besides I think gift especially after Andrew Cuomo declared a state remember urgency. If beta and almost salute. It would it would not look good for them in any kind of via an inquest or any kind of a trial. So I think I think you're right I think that it's so far so good thank you thank you very much. I think Tony so far so good or not. I think world kaine yesterday there was a lot of criticism because we didn't have a lot of snow here. A lot of no state but now today. Seems like we're giving them a more difficult driving so which IDs and masks at least once from becoming and the onion half do you have to woods a slowdown it is simply do. What amazes me is I drive a new road everyday and in a new road the ditches if you went into a ditch a new road. They'd have to bring in a chinook helicopter to get your other bad deeds they really are. And people go off buying a Google dry sunny day it's forty miles an hour. And no matter what you're doing they go flopping by. And I just hope that I never see somebody's tail lights sticking I don't know those ditches but they're crazy ought to gain what two minutes at work if that some guys passed me in the satellite today that it ruined my weight just amazing to me it really is people kind of lose their common sense I don't know if it's say hey I can drive better than new. This is no hill first ever what's the matter where you. Our but the bottom line is you want to be able to get there in one piece and and make sure those around you aren't suffering from your best at driving choices. Now you can go the other way. Yesterday I told goes behind a guy going twelfth. And you could easily go where we were anywhere from thirty to forty easy no problems OK is doing well. Still I I did what I've almost never go past him. Doing thirteen. And so I felt pretty comfortable that lets go to Iowa Joan in buffalo junger on WB again. By the end the loans broke him I love your sense that you. Regaining that now I I think. Probably yet today it is the key. I there's reports whatever but I think. It's it's all bail on out I mean hopefully. I live in the city as of immediately south campus area. We get between a laugh out here yet. Hopefully yesterday they were able to get it jam packed and do the plowing Ian Ian got all scenes. I think the one thing it and I know that it happened before. School bus that have been out in Viet weather and hair made it difficult. Or are people that do private pot calling to get through the streets. And they get they get the problem and then of course it emergency vehicles. But I wish it would make an announcement. Because. That he's a college campus there. I think that the Derrick. Off street parking. But if people bit heavy accent too I'll keep parakeet is they would you pick. Rather than tact in the street because it's really hard for private politics in city power's. Yeah I don't even know how to do almighty you see them and every star more. And they have the Apollo around cars and sometimes the angles are wrong and and a tow trucks have to be called that told them away and everybody's unhappy. Yeah that's always been a problem if you if you can park off probably wrote via. Beneficial and that's good advice the advice thank you Joan. The other that's always been that way when I was going to school in Boston Massachusetts. Ghetto park. It was a true and and and we see every time we have a storm we see those of the plowed divers specially the ones and that while the city streets. Because if you have that's why they have alternate parking rules or whatever it's difficult sometimes to get your car move. If if if the cars weren't there. The plows could easily well with no problem out of the cars weren't there wouldn't need them so. You gotta be really careful. Well some people strategically parked their vehicles. So that when the plot does comedy has to go around and not buried her apron and. A way yes you know all about this stuff toning and yes I do I'm having Rachel map out to an investigation. You know parks and you know parks in the street and sometimes in these plows Donald Trump are dismayed about. A and it's amazing it's like the day of jubilation. Because they show Matt out looks like a fool and so out of the people don't have the Donald Trump all of this time and this is how they end up. No. He thinks people who have been so anti trump may start to come around as they wait a minute. Maybe the guys on the right are correct and that the media is biased and maybe trump is not as bad as they made him out to me. You have to sound byte of the woman OK you have in there. And adequacy. Because I have a little blurb on it too. The woman I hear it is there it is the woman who was harassing. John Spencer. It's a name is should have hundreds in the air and Rory. She ran into him. John Spencer is videos of Press Secretary white house Press Secretary. Are an Irish a first name ought to tell you OK your first name is sure read. SA HR. EEE that's their first name sounds so much like Sharaud then it's perfect launch event her neighbors sure rain. Sean from CH a UHA. And that's the best again doing that and she was walking around following him around. In the apple story was much adding a little business tell me how you would deal would this lovely young woman act passed. Yeah you think you're a country how do you think you have you have you how with that wraps yeah I knew a criminal as well you can entry is here. Just like I didn't. Had you committed treason if you like what can you tell me about crashed questioning country. Yeah I love you tell me about Russia and the mr. secretary thank you recognize how he he did you work past. Where are you yeah. I feel like destroying our country John. Do you feel about that yeah. Tammy yeah I became head do you feel good about flying the American people. Now you tell me if there's a thing possible. That can be done to make her a fan of Donald. That's the ladies and rest my case will be back after this. Well I won every I wondered. President Obama paid his fair share of taxes. I want to Bernie Sanders paid his fair share of taxes. However the New York Times paid their fair share of taxes they don't pay less percentage wise and Donald Trump that it's amazing event. About a woman and nagging John's by served her name is sure pre SH RZ he should count them CH UH a yen. And there when she was badgering like him like that he simply said such a great country that allows your beer. She claims to be of Indian heritage. Now that's what it says Indian heritage I don't know if that means native American or she's from Bombay I have no idea. I would think that it either of those two would go it's a notion not want us. Jays another and I always out there and she can terrorize his response. His response things such great country go largely to be here as racists. She claims he's everything on a mass murderer. And he says it's a great country a lot of nausea to be here it's these as these races and I'm unbelievable work living a very strange times. It is extremely strange. We're asking. Overreaction. And their reaction about right this is the storm and what would you do the changes. This is John would be next in Lancaster John era WB CN. You know I don't hear anybody questioning the constitutionality. Of striving and things they eject it here. Or Soviet move out here you know private place and water actors bring you know supplies your family. Next you know legalized Carolina and make a connect controlled substance. And an open Karrie lives in big gulps. Well look we elect people. Two to look after things like highways bridges. There's safety issues we don't have an inordinate rights to get a car and drive somewhere. That's that's the pro am of the privilege is the fact that. These people are allegedly women have always agree whether I'm looking out for our rub. Our health the thing that you can just go out there at any time. In. Even if the road is closed. And do what you wanna do is I'm at that he would batten down to a point where we think everything's in the constitution. I don't I don't agree with that I think we have to when the police have a road closed for us is because it might be an accident up. When the Hindus what you drive during get get into it yourself. Or if you know how sometimes as a section where are just like a skating rink and they got to go to salt year. So they closing Zoellick and get this all today you right to go there it's wrong. I mean I can I can understand truckers. I don't know if you is right I can understand truckers. Being unhappy that the Campbell alive they gambled that I'm making any money. But the the overall safety of the people on the road has to be the top considerations though I don't agree with that I'd I do think that there are many times we feel that the government. Is intruding on our private lives and we wish were different. I totally understand that but I don't agree with a on this did you go him on this that as a now doesn't make any sense. What I have rights I have rights are bride driver and a dangerous road that might endanger somebody else. Are there any guarantees of if you're on there you it won't be user gets hurt over something else. Now by our I tell me you have some of Facebook's. Breeze. Lucy says heavy snowfall. That's storm words associated with storms. Driving big hand rolled schools snowmobile transporting. Medical personnel private sector businesses closed. Plows doc he this sick pack and stay home and do feel it was appropriate for schools to be closed. Well as that though she related demographically and and Jimmy Griffin had the ultimate. Advised. Get a six back and enjoy it ago I get home in open under six back and enjoy it guys it's that. I understand it where we have places we have to be things we have to do. Things we like to do things Leo we'd like to see that we don't have to do and it all has to do we have access if everything's pervert than a beautiful sunny day. When things change they change you wanna get involved in an accident you wanted to cause somebody's accident you see some people drive and it's like. Always put it in perspective. It's always like the end of the world if this doesn't happen or it's the end of the world over does haven't. I think what you find is nothing changes. Yeah idea had to get by that aren't you sped but I even though it's of very slippery slick highway. And lo these right back you you know it's right that the light changed so intimately and in game right Polly as are we seeing that and don't you root for that. It's really root for that at your work on things if somebody is passing you you know slugger crazy crazy driver. Auckland nice beautiful sunny day you hope is a cop up there you'll never wanna see a couple of their hope is the governor did get them. And I'm sure there are times when you pass somebody that they're hoping there's a probability that you know. So what you hope for a cop on a nice day. And on a bad day you hope that the light changes so they don't make it through the lights though dating game anything as human nature's competition right. And you see it all the time and George Carlin used to have that as part of his routine. Anybody that passes Zhou is a moron OK you're driving the medal arts major driving. Bet I bet you look in the Indy 500 you don't 175. And doesn't do press zero or more. I mean. So it goes you're always driving at the optimum speed that's perfect and everybody else is a moron will be back after that at this. I think it's fair to say that what we're experiencing is what's actually called winter in buffalo. Is regionally and media was there reminded me out the the moron. That I was referring to he's Zandi the moron was anybody going slower than you anybody going faster than you was a maniac. And that then that's true that's part of Wagner George carlin's stand up the Carlo was a genius really it was unbelievably. Good. And that was part of his early stand opportunity was right. Sent a drive a truck and I can say no truck or wants to drive in this weather. Forced to by employers have though a customer orders or whatever the case you know my dad was an over the road guy for thirty something yet the I 32 years he drove. Freight and oil and cars and he had to drive all kinds of weather many times I went Wear them. And they can be a little scary at times and of people around on a big big rigs don't understand that. They can't stop on a dime you know so you have to give them up funny Rohm and give them a courtesy they deserve. And that's all there is that now Tony is that you got some. Some mud Texan there are some FaceBook actually I just gave you some tax and some of them are pretty funny. Mascots as typical buffalo winter we have stones had to change it. Of steel went on yesterday balls out gay signals you remove removed all the balls I heat the I'm sure sat down and bow out of the perfect way to phrases and vineyard just. Edited them you just in as you just cut the balls right out of it again suggests that started again. I have to ask. Typical buffalo went your way about well we have also steal what constitutional. Okay that's saying that's as did Tony a bad guys go ahead and cleanest guy you're uber guard guys. Bureau little York in our bigs and made if it by and give it a little. Let's see Williams as the B plus I haven't seen snow fall 48 hours and a long time although I have seen more and less time. And everything was still open this is western New York's no happens small DPW can't be everywhere they do the best they can. With what they have. I think that's for a national reply really do we have plenty of it as an opening of this at all. From Vera is sources they said it was coming amazed at how long it would be here and were pretty much on online the only things that were a little bit off. Were roped it didn't it went a little further roll away from New York City than they were expecting. But besides that I added the length of a storm was right. There's dump a lot of snow in his cause you know a lot of people to adapt to either drug could change the airplane plans. Or Rome or justice in the airport wait for that plane to show up and of people leaving at 6:30 this morning and they go on and on. Because the planes have to get here in government take him out there I don't know how many planes were here overnight they trying to avoid that if possible. So you have to make adjustments I think most people for irrational. And you know it's not like we all grew up in Tampa and suddenly this stuff falling out of the sky I was seeing for the first time I'm most of the third. Are pretty much you veterans of the snow and use some common sense and it usually brings out it's the worst severely brings out the best in people. People are are there pushing other cars. Bode don't have the proper tires over there off the side of Roby pushing back on the road. People I think can be very courteous. And we we've seen from any catastrophic type storms. I can be lifesaving at times so. Just you know relax get over it where were you hyper time where everything has to be. I'd take him up and and and adult that super hyper speed when Austria. So says changes. Policy my snowblower would start so I don't have to shovel in my bag shovel wouldn't break. That's right who buys a shovel a breaks. You don't hear our shovels break in the government when they go to Europe the creek right I carry a shovel in my vehicle you can carry on occasion and nice and well. Evil always a judge there aren't as United Center national you can get ice interview room available. Next winter. I oh you know what was I was sad to hear. I was gonna do a thing about the ice road truckers the I love ice road truckers you like that show resulting never show it in the winner the only short summer may get even more severe than Davis. And you know Lisa Kelly of the the hot female I throw Drucker remember she went into business I think it was two years ago. Aware of another trucker this guy was and they decided they didn't work for this big company. And they would get their own trucks ended there you roll the dice and to start their own company I can't remember his name to save me. But at least Achilles a partner and died in a crash and that was like last year. And have seen much of ice road truckers since I read about that. That was too bad and it wasn't your truck crash. Review remember him I I remember I don't we call him are remember he had a short. If you lose and he didn't like the companies that they were both working for of so they both quit. And started their own company and that's that's a tough job and any over the road driver. Tough job and even locals. That I'm over the road. You are those things and hope you know blocking somebody in need of some patience during this weather and other ways on and. Hough woods says he broke take the earth fourteen degrees. Rebalance the access and call god but yeah. I did tribe had their patrol was out of order a hall. Thank you bet it's over aero wake. Now you guys did does things differently and I do. When I had a snowblower. OK I and I'd never blow the snow out of my driveway until the storm was over now on a storm like this this is like three days right. My deal is different but usually but you know the kind you're conscientious. Why there's two is out there I'm going and even though we're gonna get another thought let me just blow this out and keep going back port. Why don't unless you have some of the important coming your house you have to be somewhere. Why would you blow it out before the. Storms over for a look at the case of emergency if we are pressure if we have to get out especially with the two little kids. Mail delivery I don't want my post man post person. Trudging through deep snow. You know that the of the pile comes by. At our house okay. If the apply Powell has before you can even get to it if the plow hasn't. Hasn't as plowed any snow. At all in any near the mailbox. The post person will not put in there it's as well. And so oftentimes. You'll get your mail for two or three days. And via apply this morning it's nice to be. They gave Ray Charles and new job even though he's passed because obviously whoever promised you this morning. Probably didn't have top vision. As I can say it's plowed it's a cul-de-sac. And his plowed civil rights. And it's plowed civil left nothing in this matter. How you missed the senator when you're going from the right. But they did not usually do their job and they do a good job America member little law. And they get rid of that and does so it's it's really good job and don't complain over anything I really don't. But it's the pattern is funny looks it looks like aliens that. And and obviously I won't be getting my mail for about a year now is that gravity get plowed in. Yellow test of one of the reasons Webb is big snow blowers because when they do vote are street. The what they mean in the apron it's huge and the boulders. Yeah now they really thank you listen I've heard. That. I will take a break and wade were overturned a the best comedy is off the air and read united thirty we are WB yet.

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