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3-15 Beach and Company Hour 3

Mar 15, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I went backwards agent dominate yes yes yes it was beautiful home ice are stuck today bodes. Donald Trump of a somebody stole his tax return from a 20053. Pages of and anyway. Added if it realistically. We got into the hands of a reporter. And then Rachel madcow got a whole part of it too and what they find out is that. Trump didn't pay his fair share of taxes that year he paid than his fair share and it had a really frost them. He paid a 25%. He paid 25%. In the year that they had. Ed to give you an idea Romney paid 14%. Obama. Paid 18%. In the last one they go find them from him mid of these any members were available. And Sanders about 14%. So here. Via president Donald Trump paying much more. Then all of these others who were standing by wondering. Whether he was a tax cheat or not turns ugly anymore. I am percentage wise and they were but as usual. And dishonest in UV rarely. Buffalo News front page today. Picture of Donald Trump. And an article by Peter Baker and Susanne Craig from New York Times okay. He ends up paying a higher percentage than anybody else who's yap an atom. He is paying his taxes. A racial matter now looks like a fool and here's the headline. Trump wrote off a hundred million dollars 05 tax return shows. Now what does that mean he actually paid 38 million dollars on a 150 million dollar income. That year 20%. So if you just look at this as you're walking by a shopping center where the airport or whatever audience is he wrote off 100 million dollars. Not that he paid and 25%. Tax rate. And actually paid a 38 million dollars in taxes. A I just. This is just is honest. And so it is dishonest. But oh yeah I he paid more than Comcast did and Comcast owns NBC. Which employees. Rachel madcow. Okay he paid more than and they are times. Who probably has 500 writers trying to dig up anything they can possibly about Donald Trump. So he paid more of an emblem. And they can't give him out of his skull then they it is just ingrained that they are. They lost and they won't give it up they simply want. And that there was an or. Having won only a solemn eyes that they played him 11 o'clock knows. The reporter says can you guarantee. Can you guarantee. That and the president will keep his word that every here every American. Have health insurance. And the year that the answer was very pillar Udoka and a guarantee it. And no guarantees in life. I mean everything have to work with other people. Other thing get the ball in exchange but a big go oh is that these are trying to do that. It's asleep in the way they're asked him questions I'd never seen anything like this and it's not pretty there really is not pretty. And that a Tony do you recall and less ability. In a Washington there is now I bet there was less of I've been similar let's ability during the civil war. Maybe but that's about it no where an incredible times right now we're ER it's it's it's like we're in a mosque. We're amuck where we're in a mud were in February and the dirty politics. Politics is an urban area. Lily white or anything else is just awful now earliest. I. You really wish it would change but penalties and change in February oh by the way Lisa Kelly's partner. Thank you are forward taxing theirs was a desk award. They started the year of the trucking company there with a two of them. As Indy drivers. And he died in a plane crash a small private plane I was shocked when idea when I heard them I think it was couple years ago. Because I love vice Georgia as you are treasurer charters. And while I like to show those people are crazy yeah they are absolutely crazy. Anybody don't drive a semi truck all over a frozen like. And actually hanging part of a hangout from part of a door in case it starts ago economic and jumped free. Now look what they're after you pay you to do that job. I mean even driving them with some of the rose because. Ice or truckers as bin him a couple of places they've been in Alaska. And they've been in Canada and northern Canada and they've been and a very very cold and dangerous places to be driving an idea a big rig. And they goal for a lot of frozen lakes because the roads on veg good deserved small villages and things like that. Just amazing drivers with the amazing earth. And it's really a kind of exciting to watch them and the show are very nicely for breath and everything. But if today it shows that we're gonna have a lot of respect for people would do that whether there are two hours or just on their way to cheat go. Let's go to Dan let's senator Daniel on WB again. Hey guys how Larry where find out what's going on today. What I am truck driver heaven nor ought not and from what I wanted him Niagara Falls it is terrific. Problem. White out conditions should I would save just eyeballing national to beat and so people stay home that somebody made a good call. You have a Niagara Falls travel advisory goes still has been extended to 3 PM so is it slip or is it volume of snow is it visibility it what do you think is the main culprit. Oh well it's a combination there's not any one thing certainly it's slippery. Exactly and there's a pretty good wind velocity and the snow would still volleys so it's a combination of picking this all up the ground in the snow falling from the sky. And it's wreaking Havoc. So they absolutely did at least this way at night work out the acting responsibly. They've done a good job. Maybe I shouldn't be out here. How about death drivers not just a truck drivers vote. Regular. Car drivers and things I gotta be showing enough respect to getting amount of room to operate safely or people crazy and had to get that they're going. The volume this sparks there's there's not a lot of traffic thank god I did see a wrecked in the 19 be leaving a Grand Island bridge heading toward downtown up all. And it was extension that was multiple cars. They had a hard time responding so it. And the traffic was just sitting still and the damage looked expensive so I was kind of thankful I was coming from the other directions all. I am. Naked right the meteorologists like Paul new guys like yourself. You called this one. And the people are acting fairly responsible. Well that's good drive safely we need you folks to get home safely tonight thank you thank you very much. Oh that's the he says it's getting worsens as you know. They've extended the driving advisory for Niagara Falls. Until three via. That's about the time you only there Tony. Should be hitting their rain around that all of that after and now there. People people don't show via the big rigs and as you know a big break or straight job either. Either of those you know they take longer to stop they weigh more. And you gotta get Malone courtesy and they're trying to get goods and then the necessarily. Of their freight through. Where it has to be so maybe he'll end up in your you know on your front living in someday. Our take a break and we will be back when moral teaching company under Israeli and I'm thirty WB. We just are set to begin that call at 6 AM in the determination is made completely in effect through the morning commute at least. And again with the system wide decision you have to that's just look natural leader for you are but also realize that area as well as. Rochester or Syracuse you get it in Utica are still being severely impact. About Joseph and and then Everett and myself because none of growth in Denny moves your Fanny in the morning and hall of fame radio personality and he. We're going through a Tuscany to Spain is the name of our trip if you have nine days is a nine day trip. October 25 through November 4 and you like to join us where will we be going. Will go first of all will be on the as a Mara quest that's the name of the ship. And it is a bit Tuesday boutique ship is very very nice. Very exquisite and its smaller than the big monster. Ships because it can go to ports of the big ones cap. Will be in Rome for a couple of days rules might say guys who have of openness that we can drive the Pope mobile. As a will be in Rome and all kinds of things is see into there. Lavar no Florence. Pisa. Also going to Sam Monte Carlo. Well I I love the yachts that are high in the though I don't I don't even swam I love the look at the yachts and they're going to be in the armor obviously. And the best cars the most exotic cars in the world usually on the streets of Monte Carlo so we're going there. Going to the island of Corsica. Of course we're going to Corsica. It's her got all Barcelona Spain and how does that sound. Well barred from a triple A says we've only got a feel bookings left the message troop as does not come on to get Jim it right this second I'm just saying don't be shut out. Because on almost every one of our ships. Our trips we have had waiting lists. And barks as we navigate cancellation. As citizens that have cancellations after people make a reservation but we never get among our troops. And that's that's good it's good for everybody so you would like to go on the trip borrowers get information about this trip of 18446887477. Says a fourth or 68 days of war zones and look at your calendar October 25 through and over four. So we're going to be having a good time let's go to two oh it's Gary from Williams oh hello there Gary. They're pretty. Who appeared earlier Troy about the media and politics in the presidential election everything. Something that I may know. Is the media has changed over the last decade. Being an impartial entity to. That investigated or looked at situations. And reported. The acts. Impartially. Right they wouldn't get involved. So today. We have a media. There is actively involved in the political process. They're creating the news that they want. And putting together loosely. Knitted facts to support their case. Have you noticed that every journalism that would Bengals will tell you we don't want to beat than those. We just want to read a report this news and I don't buy that for a minute and obviously you don't either. Making the news and gender bias is is not. You know it's not questionable anymore of what they stand oral and Andrew to afford their. And you know what they keep going they keep doubling down Gary every time they they come up with something thinking this is whether it'll take to take him out and it doesn't work. Then they go to a higher degree next time and a high degree of the following and this is their running out of options and their running out of credibility I don't know. Many people who give them a lot of credibility now. What happened with that you or impeached. You know like a dynasty or at least dinosaurs turned the oil well no we could turn on the these the people and do. I think that they have gone so far over the top that they're actually doing the Republicans a favor. Because even people who bonuses like Donald Trump. Don't like on us at all like piling on. The bully pulpit used to be owned by the proud of and now all they are on the bully pulpit and they're trying to use it to better. They're trying to get the public. Perhaps by the fantastic stories in these fantastic declarations. Either that or where. As time passes and people just say look it's it's well. Q do you insist on Rachel. Just slapping her but again and we need to not. Well look what they do they throw things out. And I got a G. The U say (%expletive) that the time to implore you it's. I he's a rich guy he doesn't pay his taxes. That he's a rich guy he doesn't pay his fair share and then something like this comes on you find out he's paying more than the people accusing him. Any is paying more than his fair share so they'll go on to something else and they keep adding these. These charges every single day. Even if they're not unsubstantiated. Hoping that the sheer weight of the charges will influence you. You're pro become a rich guy without making money and paying taxes that's. Just the fact of life. And you also don't have over 300 businesses going and some of them fail. They've tried to paint him in so many ways is that a failure a tax cheat a full and her this that the other thing. Because they can't believe for the first time their playbook didn't look to get Hillary a Clinton. Elected the things that they used to be able to use and count on. Didn't work would Donald Trump and they don't know how to DO. Well they're not doing until many favorite now and they're becoming a lack of. Yeah they they've gone to the point of all they need is a little red nose and we can say a little soft on a little dance a little seltzer down your pants thank you Gary thank you very much. They are they're they're practically in clown territory we have very something going our weather. Yes yes he boulevard mall on the street will be closing at noon. Really look normal closing at wow. Okay that's them 32 minutes and 55 seconds must be a pretty intense we're not far from there. You got a card here in the fields would drive to drive there only three minutes. But the boulevard in fact I wouldn't write that down thank you for that 3 PM closing. Mom my friend Betsy down there is gonna get partial day off as she is a marketing director hurry lovely woman. And does so are you surprised don't know about the look of the window and sings as he got more intense. That it's been pretty pretty bad and out. I'm hoping that the banks or hold him when I get out here you have dirt the Muslim vote yeah but I'd like to go home as I checked it. It sounds violent. Now I don't have direct deposit. In my wallet I have my Jack and I can go there and cash and go there and deposits that are drew little of each. But you know. You OVO they're always playing you have to go anyway even though you have direct deposit yes so what's the difference we both have to cash check but the difference is I it is my choice it is my choice maybe I'll catch it. Maybe I won't but you know even though you have direct deposits eight I've been trying to jetted direct deposit isn't the entire answer you're going to. Yeah I wanna eat tonight so I all the nit picker. You can merger checked into flu. And local. Doctor Germain is three and I think this is the publisher. Of your jokes are you. Chuck needs gas all you want yeah you gotta feed your drug and feed yourself. And you've got the kiddies at home and Jamie in the Truckee sports and I do. But in the snowy day aging he made via waiting for the front door and aluminum foil or something. Now. A baggy look no. Now open up the price target backed up. Okay. Oh and by the way I even said that Iraq Iran on her FaceBook page has some suggestions on how to stay healthy and get the driveway cleared. Yeah in other words every you know you're in terrible shape maybe look at hiring a neighborhood teenage partner come over and shot for you. If you were experiencing any kind of chest pains. He indoors rate way. I call mine alive and if you feel like you're having a heart attack just beasts my. Iran is a FaceBook page and has all of that I know that some guys that works though Meyer Meyer my ex wife once. I'm hired to teenage boy because she knew that it was due to job a job for me yeah. Unfortunately were on our honeymoon so I didn't take too kindly to a seem never never honeymoon where there are teenage boys step back crews ship I will be wrapped up. Well able to go after this thing and there. Back Beijing governor cares a program note destroyed lives unanswered questions today's deal today for my Volvo perk is they 100. Dollars a division. For a session with internationally renowned psychic Bernice golden. For only fifty dollars. I Camby used for a session in the operas are over the ball go to my buffalo perks dot com as I said I've done a lot of work with bernese golden over the years. In various radio stations and before we go on the air people would often come up doors that I got a reading or viewing or five years ago or six years ago and and all the things you totally happen and they're just amazed by idea how good she is what she does so. I checked out as good value right now we heard just before the break that the boulevard mall will be closing at noon today. And so we are expected today to kind of tail off and that's basically with the forecast calls for a sometime this afternoon. Where we're asking those are some basic questions regarding the storm was that an overreaction. By eight you know via the governor are declaring a state of emergency. Sometimes they're calling off school yesterday when I wasn't too bad. And you know if you are yesterday you have to be off today basically and that's what happened. Under reaction ways and I wish they had done this we haven't heard much of that. Because I think they learn when maybe once. They cars got stuck on the thruway are numbered of years ago and they put up the gates because people could get on the through evident couldn't get often and there was this kind of like gridlock there. Civilians all these gates is no indication we have not heard anything today that those gates were used at all. And so they learned their lesson would that so I don't think anybody's saying we under react didn't. And I and I think those is that we overreacted it was a matter of convenience rather than a matter safety. These decisions have to be made with a matter of safety in mind. Was it about right. I would say about looking at a jam overly broad given an overall grade I with its all right what do you have changed. I really honestly can't say there there was much I would have changed. From what we know via the forecasts were accurate. And though we I think we did err on the side of caution that's what. The governor made his decision on. Although we thought at that time and probably still do this summer effect that it was probably more influence on New York City. That was us and that's as one questioner like answered I think you can polish is state of emergency for. A various counties or cities or whatever rev them whole state I think you can do that. And Adam as I said but two days ago. Is I think and they closed the schools it might have bin they reactions of the governor's. I'd be wearing a state of emergency. For legal reasons and I hurdle order is a pain you know that could occur event. Because of the schools were open after the state of emergency in a kid got hurt or worse. They might be hard pressed to explain to a jury why they decided to bring the kids is cool when the governor said. Were under state of emergency so. I think we learned when everyone these storms most of us understand that we've seen him before we'll see him again. And I think Vega is over is not over yet. A certainly we still have to vote more or go with so far. I'm not of that women let's go live a Jerry in orchard par Jerry here on WBN. Good morning hello I'm content in response to the Buffalo News. How much it reported today. Trump wrote off 1000000005. Tax return shows totally misrepresenting. What the bit just the story is yes. And you know we don't get it in part because. We cancel the Buffalo News this past year because they had so biased and liberal but I get my notes about approximately. And they reported it. Quite correctly. Sometimes I can do better than I thought I'm so glad we canceled the buffalo new. Well I'd lied to go out of people have. Idea I don't like their editorial board and their opinions. And they used they clearly marked so now what they do is they bring. And columns from out of town writers usually from the New York Times the Washington Post. And and put those in there. And those really our opinion pieces does not quite sure and that's the way they're written that not straight news so that's the way the new booze is getting around it and I think it's basically. Dishonest is the bestseller term market news. It is truly dishonest as a matter of fact we kept CNN MSNBC. And headline news opera fan favorite channel. Because we couldn't tolerate these this that news anymore. Well that's you know at least your paying attention yours does discerning a person. You know when you're being fed a line of you know watt and you've got tired of it's a good field Gerri good for you thank you. In fact I had I had a text like that. Are okay aria. President this is a prize on its excellent. President trump could have superpowers and save 900 people on a nine under through from a sinking ship. And then I would read try outlets to people dot eye on ship and that's exactly right. The example I've used is Donald Trump could cure cancer. And he could have this afternoon press conference in Nagano bully this adored him as wrong time. It is official I have cure card can that are. And the headline would read 101000. Oncologists out of work I mean that's just the way they would. And it's so you know it's I'm most grateful and it's this bad. Because when it's this bad everybody notices. Would get in trouble is a little you know a little bit. It's a little bit off it's a little bit deceptive it's Britain. Maybe it's true maybe it hasn't. That's what it's time off because it's harder spotted what does this solve perked my god how do you miss this. How do you miss this I mean they've done everything but this sort of a super super soaker during a press numbers I mean that it's at and we've got rap artists. Doing doing video is now showing a trump getting. That those snow snoop dog snoop dog. Showing somebody shooting the president live video wobbles condoms. In all our guns. So it's obviously not a real gone but we've got that we've got Madonna. At the speech would get Ashley Judd who's just play in knots. And a nothings seems to happen I have. Ashley Judd didn't threaten the president but but Donna did. And I think this video does and their positions so that if they follow logic and law. There would be prosecuted. But I can tell you what the headline would be trying to shut down freedom of expression. Artistic. Expression. And freedom of speech the constitution. That that's exactly what it would me. That's exactly what they headlines would would read so it's one of those things that them like that woman who is a bug in John Spicer. And then she claims that the ended his reply have we're in a wonderful country that you have been here OK she claims that was racists. We are what are off the deep end of this we rarely are it's you know it's it's. I'd use a term that is in a medical term. But I Welch by Ashley Judd is nuts and having some of these others Arturo. Pardon me I don't I don't mean to impugn anybody I'm just sick and she's just playing a 100% nods. I don't care what movie you electorate and I don't care if you liked it which is married to there and prevent a French TV. She he's gotten a job seriously she needs help she does it help and it's. What do you know this is that family is in trouble really is her sister and her mother. Very successful. One of the most of all times the the judge. Successful recording teams performing teams of all times. And that issue is a movie star I've seen lately but it's a boy there are always been reports that she was troubled mentally. But you never know you know I got to make up their own mind when you see more evidence by. I'm not arguing that now tea back after this. The state of emergency continues as I mentioned yesterday during our briefing this morning and evening. That the state of emergency simply allows us the ability as a state to use our resource is on man powering vehicles and then to assist. Municipalities to do I have any goes to legal barriers. A reminder they boulevard mall will close at new does that bug though when diamonds from now also all the ball a boulevard mall closed at noon. The are driving advisory for Niagara Falls extended until 3 PM aren't. So that's we're asking you to evaluate the storm was it an overreaction. Which argue about the state. And the school system and whatever wasn't an under reaction do you wish there were things they they did that that they didn't do. Is that about right air what would you have done differently let's go to heat in Ontario Peter on WB again. Didn't appear it was the worse or I like it was awful. It's you know what our guys get so much harder than we do and Rondo. It was like you know they cancel school bought through it awful and I want to ask you one quick question and one quick one up the rat. What you would agree it is up and up listeners that you'd like me that come out in upper. On the. I don't we I don't get people to come up on to our politics they're they wanna be on vacation have a good time but they do they come up and reduce spells and I think I've made friends from people who have taken these cruises and rips witnessed. Because your introduces some nice thing was in common interest and and after via law after it's over we still get together from time to time. That such a great thing I actually. Is he got against Hewitt Sheppard meant by yours I'd probably get it you know finally sounded like an open site. I they get up at each and order on ED in. Wanted one thing about the press and I think he's really important. They're really make it different up your attic because what people that won't see the fox and so and so what they only have one or. Gary you need all of which people like you know I think at this point we have no choice but to fight back from the other bullet pulpit. But papers but these are all yes. I'd like 1% or thirty million dollars above the but in the near port that did the attack and IP based. More we see Obama up. Only 70%. Now. You know we got it go out and how it's gonna reach. People that only. The real McCoy. Bully pulpit would be the only error away from regular yet and that's it would ever. But we're just announced that there will be a IA our press conference where Donald covered 2 o'clock and I would love to see him come out. With a presentation. Showing the size of the tax he paid with a picture of him and then put Obama's picture in the airport Sanders picture and there. What Romney's picture and there are new find out he paid far more percentage wise than any of them dead. And it's time to put up or shut up and it's about time we stopped at demagogue. Exactly. It back going to be like it. A particular going to be quite likely get a. Alan says is to BM presidential speech so that's the only information we have now but a believe me we will have it though for your and I think it should be interest thing because they'll probably address several things today you remember. I SS one thing was supposed to come out they would call me I assume that's still on. And applause the news broke about the taxes through it pretty good to talk to you thank you very much. Yeah regarding these questions still about on these trips that we take we never discuss politics with you we just don't. But we do discuss radio law and Dan never that I usually. Give a little informal talk about the buffalo radio minister buffalo radio on things we've done and people we've met whatever. And they can be very candid observations things that. You may not know. In their purchasing people like them you should bring pictures of beamer in the Speedo with you. This that this is what we're working with all my goodness I don't want people jumping overboard show people and other countries how we were this is not god this is here a picture of our Moline ill. He's our token millennia and they'll say and you'll you'll say you'll believe that this guy single and it'll calm ought. I. Or well oil first we'll ask if there's any Virginia Tech via people on the ship well yes in case they're the swim behind the below. OK because we don't want beamer get a big no no I I actually referred to. When it went Thursday night tomorrow 940. Nine point equivalents gamer yes and if you're going to practices today they are 640 practice OK Gil are huge project manager Fran. You often drive down to Blacksburg in a vehicle to see them waivers board. Six times success here for the home games and then we do the spring game is also seven times in a season my dad nice but the cars let's cut the same car and then on yet and let me go to three or four Wiggins. It set probably doesn't go they have such a loyal fans and observe a lot of loyal fans. But as you I mean that's great that's great in and that's Terrence on this very nice very nice I told you that when I was. My first Georgia Bob. In Radford Virginia okay WRE date we should carry the Virginia Tech basketball games. In the way it worked his they had commercials that they would do during the break and we had commercials we would do during the break. And if they when they get done they were wrong crowd noise in case we ran off. Always a John Wheeler run crowd noise. But when racism as I got bored so is that are running real crowd noise of the I'll play basketball crow I ran one of a bullfight crowd. And I did it for a year. And people because they couldn't see that they would hear the student body witted with the usual applaud and screaming or whatever but every once in Hawaii here. Hey and they eat the people in Radford Virginia thought it was a student body at Virginia Tech shouting go away and they couldn't figure out why. And I never gonna cut and I different year a fall year. Where they both our crowd was introduced to the basketball game at Virginia it's a lot better raise the one I think that's very. I'd wraps it up if you planning to go to the boulevard mall today. Your little light pollution there. Because there are close but today had Nolan. And we'll keep informed what's going on the news is coming up next then we'll see you tomorrow morning at nine under Israeli and I'm thirty WB yeah. Yeah. It's. They never have to leave it be used strictly. Have you given him.

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