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3/15 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 2

Mar 15, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. Directly insult you or presidents. Come. I'm not certain however. That is maybe the only good thing as a result of this election. I don't know outline for citizens out. In two cuts all my friends and Washington said there is one thing you can do flights. Fight. I love the commercials for the local news. You'll hear things like both lose to about there is indeed ability I don't care the other channel. If you click over there a major highways closed down and I. I have a battle now it's our way and they'll be the fact that they've got careless. This source sorely. Very weigh on. Radio 930 don't. It is hourly ability it thunders radio I'm thirty WB EEN the countdown clock is on. And in two hours and 45 minutes David ability is going to uncover his 1918 and 28 dollars and 1978. Tax returns. Oh that's right you would have had an in 1978 nevermind. I had a good year that your it's always a did you seventy. Anyway what we're talking about so far on the program is Alexy the tax return. Thing pictured at to be much ado about nothing. And of the renewed attacks on Donald Trump. Four claiming to have been quote wiretapped by Barack Obama. And again folks I refer you back to the regional tweet the Donald Trump wrote on that controversial Barry. And he specifically. Put the words wideners tapped Ian. Quotes OK so this brings us David to some audio from mr. new years that you have been pulling. That's from the House Intelligence Committee. Here is number four. Today I've seen no evidence that. Sips supports the claim that president trump made that his predecessor. Have wiretapped. He and his associates at trump tower. Thus far we've seen no basis for that whatsoever. Now that is your headline on every newspaper across of the for a good plane. Representative Nunez he Republican. Is saying there's no there there and the president was out of essentially you can extrapolate. What the subtext is of what the president said but he also went on to say. We don't have any evidence of that took place. That you share would your home. Word though those phone conversations. Or in L transactions back and forth. Were they intercepted biased source but then print them out. And shared them with the members of the Obama administration yesterday now. Well there's another angle to this to edit is. Why is the surveillance of Donald Trump was done that legally and according to the law or was it quote unquote. Rogue people acting at the behest of people who've been insulated from any prosecution will always heard from GC HQ which is the basement and I say Great Britain. Is that the GC HQ. Sources close to Fox News this is where it comes from. They have told Fox News that GC HQ intercepted phone calls. Then put them into document format data that was then transcribed. Into actual transcripts of of conversations. And that was shared. With the administration of Barack Obama now it's significant. That this time for in case and because this is when the president United States. I was a little. Decided three weeks before he was leaving to sign an executive order giving foreign. Government's foreign intelligence communities the access. To our stuff before it's classified. So it was almost like you could mean if you were an intrepid independent prosecutor you can connect the dots and that women. Maybe that executive order. Was backtracking. On evidence that you gleaned that wasn't exactly. On the level of legality. Food house well again how deep is this. Investigation David. How deep is it gonna go how long is it gonna take or is it basically dead in the water. And at what point do you think Donald Trump owes it to his constituents and those of possible given him to present evidence as to why he believes that he was under surveillance. I think that's the first thing I admit I revising Donald Trump I would say look this quote. This tweet isn't going away there's still try to make hay with it just as they tried to make hay with your tax returns. Why don't you tell people without compromising national security why you reasonably believe that you were under surveillance and trump tower. That's too easy and that that is the answer is entire problem this is Donald Trump's problem this is self inflicted the president guide states made a statement to back it up. Now what's gonna be interesting is when we hear from. Dan Coates just replaced James clapper officially today and Coates former senator from Indiana. Is now the director of Nash Nash. I should say the Director of National Intelligence this is the role by the way that we had James will solely on this program. And Jeanne wolf Lee said that. If he was a director of national intelligence and Clinton. Now here's what's interesting. James told me Dan Coats is probably good test by I don't see him going long is literally on the job Monday you'll have the job for forty. But James Kobe is going to be the star witness here. I expect the genes Colby's going to say. That everything he gets her dubious. And you're gonna hear the Democrats be you're gonna have the Republicans try to have him extrapolate. I don't think James cone is going to be approach from here. And I think you're gonna start hearing a lot of conservatives saying I think I've had enough to James cone. Because widgets on the likes to do is have the politics being played and then pick the winner. And I think he did a multiple times and obviously you know as much as did the letter that he sent out for Hillary during the camp. It's still was sloppy. It's still never should have happened there's no actually no way that you re investigate. Something it would be like John Roberts went actual obamacare and say you know what. Now I think about it. I would like to rethink about obamacare and then right before the election saying wait you're right Obama gears. I think. That's your thing you mentioned of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court because. I heard Chuck Schumer some audio of New York's senior set is as senior citizens senator. He actually referred to John Roberts as being this right wing ideologue. And I just I found myself literally laughing. My butt off because those of us who eagerly awaited what he would have to say it obamacare. And its legality we really questioned whether judge Roberts really is a right wing ideologue and for Chuck Schumer to say that it did give me a case of the giggles I have to admit. You know it's funny but it you know John Roberts was someone that they all thought when he was going through his. His of vetting process and the senate. And then they ended up you know to a man most people you know the big conspiracy is that John Roberts was blackmailed and had a gun to his head and made stupid ruined. And really when you when you think about it the same thing has been done about James told me and call me was lionized by the left. When he basically gave the case of why Hillary should be indicted and then said no. The left ran around its advanced brilliant strategy is only. James told me mister US attorney mr. law and order Elliott asked 2.0. This guy is the greatest mind of our generation and what happened he went back it. And opened up the case and it was James Cummings of ideologue James Coleman's trying to get another job. And then it was the letter came out. But that the letter was ripped basically said you know we can't find anything in the air and the lap the right went after him again. This is going to be James Cummings finals draw one way or another he says the true the president is right. The the Democrats are gonna demand James Cummings head. If if he says. That don't trust a liar or the FBI had nothing to do with that which again the FBI probably had nothing to do it. Again it's you know his attorney general was in a plane would Bill Clinton and that was just excuse dop there's not a big deal. Yeah they're talking about soccer and yoga or 100 emails object. Birthdays in. Yeah I mean there's just something incredibly fishy about all of this but you know David I think the the bigger picture as we get back to what we have been talking about since they'll throw up on the election even before he was inaugurated. There is a multi front war against president trump he's going to face it every single day of his presidency. The Democrats are nothing if not relentless. And they will seize upon any opportunity real. Imagine the fictional world. Document Terry that Donald Trump is so well unfit to hold office that he is a criminal that he needs to be impeached he needs to resign. And I just think in Donald Trump's best interest since the wiretapping thing is now instead of the taxes going to be once again the big talking point of the Democrats I just wish that somebody. Would bag Donald Trump. And get Donald Trump to release why he made that quote on quote wires tapped tweaked. That's absolutely. The honorable thing to do for Donald Trump offering nothing about taxes that story is not gonna go away either Alabama gonna want his 2015 taxes they're gonna wanna know what he did when he was running for office. When he ran for governor. They wanna know every nothing is going to go away with the left it is they're playing whack a ball. And everytime something comes up they're gonna throw the hamper down. This is going to happen every single day for four years and it's pointless to try to get ahead of something because we're frankly they there's no substance. So do you think the truck should release the reasons why he believed that he was a big way to act if he has absolutely the moral authority. To back up a claim like that be he must do that. It's not a question of is it good politics it's a question that if he's proven to be a liar here his presidency over. It's over. I mean you can't lie about something about the question asked Donald shore up our president once he says this is why I made the tweet about my quote. Wires tapped. I was told by so and so that we discovered this. I have information here is some evidence about invasions into my electronic. I didn't think he needs to provide the physical evidence. I think he just has done a press coverage explain. That's that's that's for not your best guess but what was in the document beat but because I want president trump succeed I wanted to do this ES AP the bravest thing. But then again now it's it's kind of like Barack Obama and his perspective only did he really want a very. Or what did not use it for seven years to show people these guys are coming up will let a special guest from Kenya to talk about that. Rachel mad I had that exact same experience have been two were with the exception there was no snowblower. That's not a drug test can I get done audio clip give me number weapons number one Rachel mad out here is what she. This is her lead story that I countdown clock level and MSNBC countdown to this but because nobody is how the president access before. We don't know what to expect for the record the First Amendment gives us the right to publish this return it is not illegally published. Nor are we think. Each week. The site would ultimately take a pass and pitching Rachel. Well here is two descriptive here's the thing. A full tax return for someone like Donald Trump. Would be a lot longer than the two pages that we appear. Are all kinds of schedules and notes at the top of it could be she just said that we're not fake. But yet your reporting on Sunday when the results aren't what you want. You then fall back to the argument of but rich Matt has to vote 1040s. Unsure as to when he eighty's he has Sony's 1040s. There's want 1040 and your tax. This is what you've Germany 85 long pages of all the right outs he had. But at the end of the day those top two pages are all you need all these summarized the psalms at this with a excel document. All of the songs would go to one column there all added up there right there public out there that's what you want. After Rachel battles that were not break. It would be a lot longer than the two pages that we have here. Are all kinds of schedules and notes and attachments that could be involved all containing information about the president and his money. Why will he not. Release his taxes it's all tax us. The way I'm glad that she appreciates is we just ask. For the their right that's right good way to get this that would that would ensure regular what is this this gap that wanna publicly audit you know why it's pretty obvious they want every bit of information because they wanna have a public audit of the aisle as this year and should have been red flagged by guy or you're gonna read appendix. X-Men. Out. As everybody is well yes it did there's going to be yeah why well a simple green in Moscow. You know let like that a gallon of Astro blog. That was. A shock if there's that lie something else at the but what what I get out though is that you're not going to see the smoking gun of the Russian connection in it too. 10052005. He. Wilson was alive. We allegedly. We had. State and our quarterback was it was awesome I mean so it's good to have it in in twelve years talking. But you know this gets back to one of our premises and it is they just won't stop. And it again what I infer from what Rachel Matta said is they they wanna see. Every bit. Of supporting documentary evidence that supports Donald Trump's income. And tax liability claims and are gonna probably higher budget left wing CPAs to show how Donald Trump screwed the system. They'll publicly audit and that what they do because they're left this is what they do what they do is nothing is good and I got to 2005 full taxes can I need to see 2006. And we saw 2006. We see what you made for the apprentice we need to feel. Look how how to work right off that house Q do you use that opposite Marleau Argo or you are you right obviously you were. It will never end and that is the goal today you figured it is the day after blue rags in their face. And their swat leaned her fat lipped. You would figures. Today is the day that you acknowledge our right next made up scandal let's move on not Obama. And as as far as you know James told me on Monday must see TV op would James cone was gonna say FBI had nothing to do it. We have no evidence whatsoever that President Obama issued or award to any sort of surveillance. And eat and where are sources well that GC HQ a lot of that you can say something totally different. We're aware of other stuff we're gonna get into as well including your advice to Chris Collins I think is making a huge mistake by going on CNN in so many ways. Hourly and television news radio I'm thirty WB EM IA think we have some calls the need to be taken David. Let's take care of that immediately I think we need to hear is Dominic in Erie Pennsylvania WB and welcome to show. Well a lot of I remember that that directed at the IMR we were on the board directors. HSBC. The bank that was laundering billions of dollars of job money out from men are inside very other locations. Back out either he's clueless idiot or he's culpable in massive amounts of drug problems in this country. To be fair to HSBC. Dominic and there are many people lottery money each of these. I mean I love to be honest they've they've done much more crooked things that you is that. Well actually but the point being either he's dishonest and criminal. Horry on board of directors and structured didn't know he knows I'm not. I think it's fair to say that board members are are culpable for what's going on the company I mean that the you've gotten. Look James Cummings also been on the board at Lockheed Martin Jim Thome has worked at colleges he's done. Plus there are things that James Kobe has done as US attorney and here's what I'm saying. You know you wanna connect him to being dirty in this past you know I really don't know what to say about not defend them and throw when the boss I am gonna say this though. Can you predict what he's gonna say on Monday and if you can does that not give you more evidence that he probably Greg Berger and his job. I don't ever says is I don't know anything about this I didn't know anything about it like he probably would say about HSBC we could I don't know I think about we begin to come to the bills. CEE edit or call. It's sounds like she's learned he learned how to answer questions from fox that Clinton. Well I will not for the life may be able understand why president trump did not just appoint a new FBI director when he came in given the fact that you know I suppose if you really do a great job is FBI director. And you avoid controversy you probably most Americans probably don't know usually the FBI director's name it's like if the NFL officials good you don't know there are yeah and is it with the exception of I don't wanna know my FBI director and I want to be disappeared the what. Work but let's be totally honest not only is James Komi banner of all of rock controversy he's a lightning rod for but Dominic an eerie. Jerry told me is also the guy. Who was responsible for his how many leaks are coming out via via. I mean if you can't even find the leaker is in your own department how how you gonna bust oblivion cartels. There cartel's ability. Yes there are currently sells numbers. So I'm not convinced that. Donald Trump is that playing good cop bad cop with the rest of Washington right now I'm I'm not convinced he'd wanted to dictatorship. What would it take to convince your. You know I 2008 tax. Like from dot I'm not really sure I'm so cynical that I don't know what she could deal. I think that's exactly the way he should be done and there's nothing wrong with cynicism there's nothing wrong with saying prove it to me. Government should always be proving that there. Decent and honest. And let's be honest what I mean I hate to break liberal brains here but that's really what the Second Amendment is all about. The Second Amendment is the government telling its people you need to trust me and because you should trust me I'm allowed guns. We are gonna do everything the way we should do and approve that we're serious about this here of an amendment to give you the right to shoot us a world. Well if she used to prosecute. A group. That's that wonderful journalistic released attacks. Report the other day. He wouldn't be nobody will be prosecuting the journal of the journalist discovered by First Amendment so that wouldn't happen it would be pretty simple from the accountant's firm. Rebuild Iraq I mean it's earned specific it's illegal to release those documents. Rev a data released them see what happened was someone broke the law released them. They hide behind the fact that you ever right to know and that this is information and that they have that in the First Amendment. That I'd it is ridiculous too quick for. But if she tries the prosecutor. Arms that might that might swing a little bit UNC racial Matalin prison. I don't wanna see the prosecution I wanna see our lives this and. Do you think racial Matta wants to be in prison. Nah I don't I don't. I don't know I would go that's gonna do exist because it's got a further show she took me guys like you are far easier to bring into the fold if your trump person. Then the far left. So what you're going to do by try to appease the people like Dominic Kinnear. Is your gonna and I've just infuriating the far left buyer were a by literally erasing what they considered to BE. There are Sean Hannity rush although thank you very much for the call although I think we've established that the the left is never going to be had so. If I'm the ultra high what I do was try to make my base happy. And by making my base happy. Hopefully I'm going to keep those independents who weren't supposed to vote for me but who voted for me anyway on my side I can stop pretend that Fox News one of let this story either. They would have let the story shot and it would say I have Donald charms tax returns. And I proven their legitimate Andy Pettitte to report the couple Brad would probably tax. And Madonna kept out of box to and it was a cat they would kind of ethnic. And it would add eagle fly in that it would set breaking news now breaking news now in eagle would would grab the tax returns. I love that. The graphics for fox Wednesday but it's the job there's a piece. Ontario under Israeli and a 30 WBZ am welcome to buy hourly ability. You guys are absolutely right ones that I wanna eat you agree with these. You wouldn't it be really productive at this point we they're being big arc on your elected. And it's not going. That overlap but let's face it they got 45%. Of the population only Ebert said about being presented a lot out. Is really grew up we can convince that there ought. Now why why is it that we don't nobody ever could prosecute nobody made it well because now government. But nothing. Ever held that any day I think we should really fight back. I think we should YOK you're up right group really to get are not gonna work but the gentleman says you Pulitzer prize in Butte. 72 hour all. Are wrapped them we didn't know we got it out about ought. Oh we ought to figure out even as we know that. That don't have been around a lot of people and they're considered good conservative American political work like we caught up. The hour. People in jail over not releasing they're sort. I think Obama's put people in jail for relief in the source at that apple is happens yeah he might I think that isn't consistent with the first statement. I don't think you should have people in jail for not revealing her source I while. I agree but I also think there there's no cold though Tom I mean these journalists have no ethic there's no. There's no compass that leads them. What would they go hey listen I'm gonna do a story have no substantiated. And I could go on the air tomorrow insane sources close to the child. And the public over their stories. You know guy all upbeat view now is we take a look at Clinton cash. We have a lot of qualified people out there we got to bully pulpit. And he got shot quite there are riding out running. You know the press corps running up regretting oppressor everyday and it could be earning a powerful. Oh look look at how awkward. It Clayton did and I know. But you know 78 you know Pete you know what would deeply concerning and there's a great article by Byron York today. You read Byron York but Byron York has an article on how congress is letting the tree is leading trumped on the wrong path. There are people this in the Washington examiner today Byron York there are people in the Republican House of Representatives. That gave Donald Trump the you know total confidence. That hey we're gonna give you were totally for failure campaign promise trust us. And then they released this coup plot on national TV of all obamacare trump care what are view on a college. But how do you trust people in the house and the senate Lindsey Graham doesn't care about Donald Trump. Anything that comes in the Senate Leadership. I evens I'm suspect of Ted Cruz and Rand Paul I don't think those guys are gonna go under Abbas for the president and. What do you fail you don't like you. Look I don't talk Obama on the three line that's true. You know I mean what trot. Out he did go on tour as soon as you've inaugural. Mark and I thought it. Eric at Hartford American people the ones that are really form and don't want. We. Shall people say I would do it Democrats are upper right now he. I'd use the Supreme Court they're kite the IA's other you know. But needless to this the peak in it what you're saying is true okay. If there is and actions are what we're seeing is true and wanted to throw you out there alone if we're saying is true. Then you have members of the Republican Party the senate that basically said. May be some new ones but said the vote for Hillary Clinton or Belcher a guy. So they're not partisans they're not party loyalists at all right. And and that they have the audacity to connect the president of the United States to some skiing with the Russian government these neo Communist. That that are still holding on to communism. Big connect the president of states to working with rush. And now we're gonna have them carry water. I don't trust those guys to do with Andy you're you're you called him. About two weeks after the inauguration and you rightfully call for all the Obama people know basically had to go away. Get rid of all the ball of people drain the swamp coldly that the that the hurt here's the problem Pete. Do that in the Republican Party. Jerseys to be a night of that afford long knives in the Republican Party. He had John McCain and Lindsey Graham holding CNN town hall meetings. That are basically. I mean why is CNN have Republicans on if they hate trump the only the Republicans CNN puts people that are thrown trumpet of the bus let you know who. I I dis trust the most out of everybody you mentioned is the house speaker Paul Ryan I'm sorry but I just don't think I I think he's just going through the motions anytime he compliments or. That seems to be trying to augment Donald Trump's administration I don't trust the guy. I think that Paul Ryan in the back it was mine still believe keeps that the Republicans should accompaniment Cleveland. And begged him to be the nominee despite what the primary voters said I really believe he thought he was going to be crowned. In Cleveland. I I think though it if we as you know grab and get it goes there there's so many Republicans that they're so these great Americans ought to work. So people that are at their constituencies. I goaded they're scored. But here's here's the thing Pete that the people's power is over the power of the people is to get us to this point. Right now all the people can do. Is asked for watt town hall meetings. Sit outside of an office get arrested rabble Rouse burn things. There's nothing constructive that the electorate can do right now the grassroots movement the Donald Trump have egg got him into the highest seat of power in the world. What are Donald Trump supporters supposed to do other then looked back at the establishment Republican Party and say you would hope. And we have asked that they've all unilaterally told us now they're not with him they're not with him they're not for the benefit of the country there for the party as they see it. And that Republican Party as you see it it died November 8 2016 they just have yet to acknowledge that. You know packaging guy because let's face it will bite the big keepers are ecstatic that could be it. It it it all American arbitrage and what we see you were not there emotion when it bought an ideology or what we see. And get behind that. Or truck and what. Here from about Lockheed could you imagine what America would look like. Two years and now they'd be revered all over the world beat caught any people in the group. Everything would be wonderful but they're all much garbage. And you know some repeat it's it's always typical for Americans to think that the world revolves around America. But the reality is this is happening all across the globe right now Pete it's gonna happen in Canada soon it's happened in the Netherlands as we speak. It's gonna happen in France and Germany and Italy and and the whole European Union are gonna realize that this is not a truck movement to global boom. Coming up in the next hour gonna ask for your advice for Chris Collins Ross are gonna replay phone call from late yesterday which is a great back up we shall we did a few days ago which met with. Frankly stunning response but here is Randy in Cheektowaga WB and Randy. Hi. This one to say that I believe the FBI director. Is appointed partnered. Get a ten year term and he doesn't serve with the Euro. The pleasure of the president or not so easy to get rid of the eucharist resign or be impeached. I think they can fire him. I don't think you have to be impeached by congress I think. A president can fire and the director but you know what looked at operating I'm gonna I'm already out. No good luck. Of it well. I thought it was him today that I mean just my my hunch and again this is being done without any facts in front amoeba my hunch here's. The FBI would be in the executive branch of government the president is the chief of the executive branch departments and RBIs while wouldn't. But yeah it's not about executive branch right promising though as he does not. That he appoints also that the us secretary of our blood. The justice secretary it would appoint the FBI director the FBI director can. Be fired pilots here congress. He can under the law presidents may fire FBI directors so in 1968 they passed. It's Johnson passed a bill through the senate a process similar to the nomination. And basically unlike justices were appointed for life and cannot be fired. They can only be impeached by congress so in 1968 federal judges can only be peace by congress. In cabinet officials who have no set terms the FBI director is a point to a single term of ten years. And in 76. A law was passed to a man the 68 law. That changed the ten years to six years and in 214. Of us were so expert for proved. There and statutory condition of president's authority removed the FBI director there for. So indeed the president can fire the FBI director. And this was to a report to congress in 2014. By the congressional research service Vivien asked chow so my actually put it it hopefully Al. I'm impressed right. It is. One FBI director Herbert flight. But and that was in nineteen Stephanie Clarence Kelly hypothetically speaking they all can be fired. Absolutely are we are at 455 news radio 930 W beat each end and it. We. Wanna go back to a show that we do a couple of days ago about your kids and school. And basically being picked on because of their conservative beliefs we also want to talk more about Chris Collins and what I consider to be used bone headed decision to go on CNN. Instead of having a local town hall meeting I do not understand this whatsoever but we'll get into it will last for your advice for congressman Chris Collins a news radio 930 WB Ian phone number 803 on I thirty starlet thirty and 180616. WBE.

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