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3/15 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 3

Mar 15, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And yeah. I'm a proud Democrat. But first and foremost I'm a proud Republican. And we Democrats are committed to creating the opportunity. For every American to seek. Growing our economy was good paying jobs here. Okay training our people prefer. Hitting up businesses for freedom and I'm. I. A lot of weight. We get to understand. You'll beat this. My way toward his. Anyway when David Bellamy do anything. You're both equally mercurial overly sensitive clean hysterical part bring them on July. You aren't happy time because I don't go by higher H I go by and I don't feed my dad. Which makes people identical its hourly and del via the net debt almost improvisational. Tone a news radio 930 double. And it is hourly ability under ready at 930 WPP. And so. Big for Rachel how big let down from Rachel that L and now all eyes that David will be congressman Chris Collins from buffalo or is it congressman Chris Collins from Washington like I get confused. And he is a going to be doing town hall on CNN which is really interesting because. We put up an article on be Bauer legal via FaceBook page from roll call. And I'm gonna read part of it here despite his colleagues continue to taps new York Republican congressman Chris Collins has no intention of holding a town hall meeting. Because what you get these this is in quotes because what you get are demonstrators who come and shout you down and heckling you they are not what you hoped they would be which is a give and take from people actually interested in getting some facts Collins told WG RZTV in buffalo. We did our own interview with congressman Chris Collins but despite what you had to say back then. He is doing a town hall meeting before a national TV audience tomorrow night David and I don't see the clock ticking but I'm putting one in my head. Well imaginary account. I have spoken last night if people who advised and are close to mr. cow and I can tell you. That. I don't know first of all nobody is turning anchors Collins nobody is you know this isn't. You know that his his people are very secure in the fact that Chris Collins is is a fantastic represented of twenties and testers so there's no. And did nothing is noted a mutiny Chris counts here but. They're all armed and an all advises this was a horrible idea. To the man they all said please don't do this this is a Chris Kyle's decision this is his choice he decide to do it. He's not taking if you think that Chris tells the guy that wakes up and gets a talking point oh well. And and start following it it's just not the way he's wired self. I would give him a 100% credit. For doing something that everyone has told him not to do that takes that takes some courage well I Paula encourages exactly the right word but however that being said. There is no fundamental right the congressman has to meet with constituents. But that doesn't obligation I'll look over fundamental obligation you know fundamental obligation to meet with constituents however. It makes him a bad congressman when you don't meet. With people in your district that wanna meet with period. Now you don't have this. The border wall around you that you know I don't wanna faced criticism I don't like facing criticism. I don't like talking to people that hate me I really don't I don't enjoy that I don't put out of my schedule so it does stink but you know what. You're congressman. And if their people in your district I want to meet with you that you don't like and and huge shoes to avoid them that's your prerogative but. When you make blanket statements I don't do this sort. This doesn't work out for me I don't find it effective and you do it anyway you still have to now faced criticism my concern is that the criticism Kolb is facing. Are not from the left wing radicals anymore. Did that the people that the Kurds in the count is getting from my inbox might Twitter account my FaceBook. This is this makes no sense that we or will you write I that difficult fight abuse thing you don't wanna address people don't like you and I totally throw some of the. I think that's an adequate summer and I don't I said this yesterday I don't live in congressman Collins district okay. But if I did live in that district I would want him to have town hall meetings were constituents and efforts of this want to set at a million times there's nothing wrong with a congressman having aid. Town hall meeting if you will oh. Indispensable hold a hundred maybe 150 people. And have to prove people who wanna gain entrance having to prove that you are in effect a constituent of Chris Collins that takes out the Soros factor would be you know rent a mob factory takes that largely out of the equation and of course mark politicians though that if you're gonna do a public hearing like this were a town hall like this you make sure that you work people that your supporters are the first one in line even if they've got to wait for a few hours and get jammed the place with your people the Democrats do this all the time. It in a district of over 7000 people. You're going to have natural liberals that disagree with the UN are loud and her passion I don't think that there are the enemy and I don't necessarily but I don't see impolite to me. Why you're afraid. A dealing with screaming Lou lunatics. That the reality here is that you represented institution you represented those people to. And those people whether they voted for you or not year their interests are part of your job description so if they wanna scream at someone. That's what you though that's the job. Yes hey I voted today to raise taxes but missed the top 80000 people are upset with you. Well you don't want to keep away from for two X works well what I really don't understand now we we've we've I have addressed I think what I would do in congressman Collins is place and here's what I would not do David. I would not say I'm not going to do town hall meetings for people who live in my district but Josh C and called they want me Chris Collins for a town hall meeting count me. There's something about the optics of that if you use it as seem distant it makes him seem like he's out for himself and not desperate like all the is about is a bit and Chris Collins the brand and could give a rat's ass people back in buffalo now know I just want to paraphrase for anyone that's listened to this that. That was said second after we found out the news. The course councils in this town meeting it's it's from a port review of the media and optics. And at public relations if not from a political standpoint at all and honestly I don't necessarily believe any of those things are incorrect count as heart. I don't think he's an evil person that wants to take over the world. But I will say that what you said today is the same things at second after we heard this it's a very consistent message and honestly. You kind of want to hear from media you want. Media input on decisions like this you don't necessarily need political import the political story is you're gonna save district and unless you kill prostitute. You're still if you kill a prostitute you might win by two point this girl had no family. Iran over the you know she's here I mean let me ask Kathy whole goal that was one point race. That was very close it was a very close race there is no cap to Hoke on the horizon on the on the bench for the Democratic Party to Clinton. 927 near towards out so he's safe and and we although he say so my point is. You'll use takes input from people that actually care about the cause and are just saying this we defended. There are people you have loyal supporters that defended your ridiculous argument. Tell me it was ridiculous Tom Barkley. It was a ridiculous argument I don't do that they're not effective well you have done them in the past. And you claim they were effective when there are full of burns when they're full of gong supporters you love town hall. What you don't like if you don't like to look like an idiot on the news nobody dies okay. Nobody does so you've made that statement your supporters backed you up now you're saying hey I do town halls when I can get to share it. That is that is ridiculous argument you make a lot of people defend you stupid. Well yeah and again. I've already given this suggestion on how you prevent it apple town hall we can become a topsy. And on talk about is exactly which is that it's the optics of this for people who live in the district who would do anything to have a monitor to a facetime with Chris Collins are gonna have their face time via CNN. When they should have and at the local town hall both are so let's just pretend. That we just have an ounce of of savvy to us here. And let's just pretend just announce out of shape gauntlet for giggles here at the audience let's pretend that you know a little bit about politics. If you have a town hall meeting. And it erupted in hijinks and chaos what you think would happen to that Chris Collins legacy in New York twenty cent. Pitchers and how he handles well I liked I guarantee you that the 40% of people that come out and vote and electing him would become 65%. The next camera. If you would have more turnout you'd have more support you have more billboards. You know more people from outside the country. Supporting you because right now Jason shape which is getting checks. From people of Western New York because of the way he handled his temple. It'll three all right thirty is the phone number do you think Chris Collins should do this town hall meeting on CNN. And again this is a guy who said he wasn't gonna do town hall meetings for his local constituents but the egos and the gonna do when I'm CNN. And if his concern and it just follow this logically if the concern was I don't want chaos to erupt at a town hall meeting. Why would he think that CNN is not going to pick select the audience. To make sure that Chris Collins has the maximum amount of uncomfortable moments you know what CNN news and you and all the report. Absolutely comic actor Joseph regular and make sure the people there who will come Richard jugular I don't see what you gain if the thought process was I don't like chaos I don't like situations like that. Well you'd wanna do locally but too willing to do it on the cable news network does does not make sense to me David. I don't know that makes sense to people listening. 803 Oda thirty. Start I'm 3180616. WB Ian it'll three all right thirty starlet 3180616. WB Ian and one of the things congressman Collins said yesterday have to laughing about. Well this is gonna be moderated so it won't get crazy that's I don't have a great operators so it's it's gonna be moderated. Okay I banjo. But the man who will with a card carrying member of the Communist Party. I think he's gonna get very hot reception. And the first question out of the box is going to be why would you hold town hall means in your district. The second question out of the box and why are you giving stock tips to your colleagues on the floor. The third question out of the box is where you ever invested in the business in Russia you're walking into an ambush and the fans Chris Collins. You're not mr. You know and went what does it into the Alan I think you miss congeniality. You're not exactly a swift won on your feet are right. You are eight political powerhouse who is very clumsy and have no lateral movement. You are who are you right tackle in the NFL that's what you are and what you need to do is play with in your wheel house which is. Standing in front of me and talking screen talking to Fox News throwing Chris Cuomo coupled badge arms back and forth but if you think. The Ben Jones is a let up I knew I know. Got news for yet you know Van Jones is in god channel four. No offense that channel. So while I think we should probably take some calls and also we will have some audio from Chris Collins from yesterday's shows what the stuff we didn't play yesterday show and that we're gonna revisit the topic that it played very very well earlier this week. A call for young lady yesterday. Can I just I wanna we teased this a story about Michael Savage you can hear Michael Savage your went ten to one every night. It's however whenever that those guys start he stops yet so recess yet so Hannity seven tenths damage here and WB and then 12 is at his favorite Italian restaurant serving our restaurant today in Khyber and we are death were rob Williams. Killed himself that's his home and size on the restaurant known at the approach I put the table he jumped off limits. So are no that's a home to over to assume to be a table for 1 I am anyway at 830 last night a guy started locking savaged by calling him by his legal last name which is Wiener. Answers on Weiner Weiner Weiner. Savage got up told to shut up the guy threw savage to the ground and then he. A salty foods savage is total caddie. How did the assault the dog he shoved the dog I guess the dog was barking that it was on the ground and they pick of the dog and through the okay that's animal cruelty you would think. The guy slams that is also punched a second person in the face and tried to get between the two men. According to rich Lieberman at 415 media. The story that's where this story broke the story to GMC anyway savage. Made the savage and this gentleman made a citizen's arrest on the Salter. Held them down the cap showed up. And they bought their released ever. On the spot where nobody faces a charge for this is now. That guy who initiated. Eight beat down of Michael Savage does not get charged for using physical force when none was called for he may have been issued citation to appear in court later he left on his own recognizance there was no rest that's that's pretty bizarre I didn't hearsay average last night that he addressed us. What would have happened after show all right that's right react to yet. While. That's very what if you ever get through on the ground and your to. Dog is a lot the restaurant. I believe he's got a special arrangement with the owners of that restaurant and you bring savage might call his dog a service animal but don't call him would you ever bring your dog to I would not I would not bring my dog or cat to a restaurant. I bet you could probably swing. If I want to I'm sure I could do next after it was say in the building or was it like a patio he was sitting I don't know but he was at a table. Now with his dog. Well I I'm assuming also had a plate between the guy who attacked and clearly is not playing with a fullback who beats up a guy's ball exactly I don't like your dogs politics. One sure Mort that before we get that to business here key Ari Harris who had her children taken away to do the press congress today. Is she not an incredibly passion articulate wonderful positive spokesperson. Option is extremely bright. I'll tell you what if I was a company out there and I wanted like someone to defend I thought the way she she could sound like a lunatic. That is what other things where you could she sounded sane. She made rational pot she platter case and was to the point and I I commander I think what if there's someone out there look at for a a PR spokesperson. Give her boss although she may need childcare because she's delusional well we could hire her hourly ability that's right. Did it hourly ability. Under Britney at 930 WUPE and so. Question number one your advice for Chris Collins. Should he go to CNN I think he should develop a sudden case of strep throat. I think he should call in and say you know what the other town hall as most of you guys and CNN. I've got strep throat and I'd I'd just yet I don't know what the upside is for Crisco what is the upside for Chris Collins what does he get them. National recognition all personally as a huge upsides for the without Chris Collins was outside. Of the 27 district until. It till he endorsed Donald Trump Chris Collins became national. It's a very big deal. And and you can we don't know what the road looks like on the road Desi wanna via. President of a college. Does he want our you know Collins Penske CC who knows I mean these guys they retire like dinosaurs and put him in little museums. It's a YouTube the president of the college and hope. No rape scandal. That they did. Also we've got a phone call we're gonna replay just a little bit from India young lady called in yesterday who is basically being I think. Mentally abused at school to pitch his pro trop. Here is Chris in buffalo Chris have you advice for congressman Chris Collins. Yeah I don't think you should do and it has a bigger than bad the vision. But around the one reason why I wanted to call you guys and I apologize I wanted to call an earlier when your more on the subject via PR AA. People that came out and with some of the Republican America and and that is just a thought here. That's kind of been out our. This rabbit holes although I'm wondered how much dirt that people that we have no idea who they are the government have not only congressman. And if there's any black mailing going on because. In my eyes imputed to me how popular he Greg people in the office where and why would they wanna go can't. Popular opinion because to me in that career politicians wanna pay it off why would they stick their neck felt like there. Knowing there are a lot of their constituents could turn turn around. How how does maybe a little slow how does that tie in to the SC IAEA WikiLeaks dump up some of the stuff they do or capable of doing. If the escape happened. Politicians. How many people could be into some very good thing mortar and if people are third on the people and our problem have you looked neither. All along without what Oregon trump or you're gonna be the next person of the. I spoke stranger things have happened but. I don't think and dirt is that what can dirt possibly be and we've seen so much I mean. What shocked you about. Which town are. But experts dirt I mean what would take it for for them to Alter your career captives on the horrible and that would imply that. It you know a large percent of our intelligence community have horrible things in there in the closet and I just don't know usually mean as far as dirty usually breaks Tuesday usually dirt over sex were dirt over a financial corruption in which exact Abscam Beckham with the what was the world we live today though it's it's gonna take a lot knocks went down. Especially with the way just re huge annually Ria which you know what everybody today knows Anthony Weiner how many people remember that John on the war. Which was eight basically state operational and government do it is go to goal. Cocaine to stay in Chicago Delorean had his manhood exposed to that we'd all know John glory is John Delorean sold a state of the steel car. And an iPad the wing doors like. Only. That it and it was also was made to buy back the future. But it AMC car. American motors company. I hate you know what we should wander around buffalo. Many laughed but there's a company that reforms but anyway the point is. When we can talk about scandals and history and legacy. Stuff I think to myself you know what I mean there are so many people. Crist about something percent hold eucharist. Or are you thirty okay. There are people that are 1718. I think the kids on spring break go nineteen to 21. Those kids under the rubble that we grew up with are automatically disqualified for ever running for office. Because I guarantee concerts a large percent of the kids on spring break heavy have been photographed when marijuana or art in that. Right now making a sex date. There's a large percentage of people that a film themselves doing drugs drinking all the I think that we looked at Gary Hart four instead all I. Put the kids to bed turn out that TV. Don't think they're being done by Corey Peters announced chat. And we are evolving. And a certain things to go back Chris but. That didn't deter dirt to me means something totally get caught selling uranium don't care. I hate group you talk about dirt well. If people pay attention if she also sold the bag week. But at its uranium that's it I believe that's as Oprah Winfrey admitted to buying crack and taking crack. And you still owe them one of the most blogs people in our culture. Martha Stewart did that I hitch in federal parks and every sort of people that we looked up you would think. Will Obama and the other one shot that got that. North Carolina believe that that use the N word O Paul what. We're still I've pollen baskets and sheets and cotton. Multiple it's. Say horrible things. I think dirt has changed and I just don't I don't buy when he. We've got to throw it back here though because that was the purpose or Baylor that would be the other media expect that the electorate and pick out. Does feature as we obviously people who are there are right near the you can even. Debate whose side they're on. I mean if they want to bury things that I mean the dirt I mean doesn't that they're manipulative although I would they're probably people Obama conquered the law. Our prop week you'll get a putt to blow it and who knows. These people there are understaffed put out there. We. You know it took our ability. So what your your point is that we have a shadow government or eight bought government in the United States because. The CIA has people on tape and on film duping things that they'd rather not have other people sick. I it is I would create a possibility. Well I don't I don't necessarily. I don't do that but I will tell you that I'm just fascinated by. Chris is you know if I take that point just bring it back 35000 feet I I'm just curious as to what is dirt. There are things you don't count partly talk about in your life that if you are on the radio in 1980. Your career will be six month long he. And there are things there are things that get us to get where it is because of the council. That's probably your so we put the audio do what the audience his condition to a certain that this is what you expect other got to use my depravity yes I don't think depravity Ambilight. It's the type of show once it is wickedness after alters a special place until form a quarter to. Play well but but what what you can get if you got into. Bumper to me if for example is. If they decided. If you were Michael Savage. I almost was over the winter it Michael's butchered to hawk. Or your cat or any other businesses that are didn't shoot but. That to me is is is a huge things like give it if you found that there was a need to get back at some of you work we have what you consider to be dirt. And sex tapes are a you have a financial advisor tell you Hollywood. You have a sex tape. That might be our best strategy will automated actually I've been offered a kind of material on local politicians and -- David back to the person tried to run with it without any regrets whatsoever and and always will slaughter thank you know oh well I got out it was always talking bird prominent politician photographed in September compromising. With the kind of situations absolutely legitimate. And seriously said I do swim in that and used vehicle realism for expert. And it was subsequently who is he liberal I refused to touch. Was there money involved it was obvious. To just not interest you where you work they were trying to give you money or try to get immaterial and money that is terrorism. And I said. It and the system that is politically opposed to. Is it because it goes back like ten years is this is this because the money with 20. Well it was kind of negotiating tactic yet. It was because frankly puzzled that that was an invited to the part. If there was say if there was any Howard Stern. Competition national guy that was a tacky you locally you know that happens syndicated radio people think that come into account there and hear our socks and if there was a feud going back forth with it was someone that you had animosity towards in your profession. Would you. Use with in with the offer would you would you find vindication. Or it gets back yes yes Machiavelli. Yes I'm like I I look obviously there are two ways of dealing with situations that one but you didn't we think is what you're telling number one is the job and got away OK I'm good kill Paul Costello. The other way is the Carlo Gambino wait a good output them and make sure that you long stretch in federal prison. I prefer the Carlo Gambino. Sober but Bob reference today to watch YouTube ups are a you know I wonder what would that what that says about them. Tournament yet if you ever got to wait until the time is then you have to you have something good. If you start the countdown clock on Sony's taxes you don't them. Give up tax returns with a fizzle Germany and into the movie the big state. And there's so basically the thing was you can get away without giving back at you or ultimate. Enemy but he can never know which you. That was responsible for hours down and most people would say no I don't want I want credit robbery you don't ideally though you've got two people. Papers individuals so anything you do is automatically blame on the second person that your new walk around saying to me and B if you look at. You know to take it increases count about structure. If you look at the Clinton machine and it's very similar to the Obama apparatus but there's one major difference Clinton's love to destroy your life. Don't just go after you politically they go after life. It is just a week I think probably go to Vietnam to get started I just don't believe we've ever seen anything like that. And now Chelsea wants to run for the House of Representatives. And Hillary wants to run for mayor of New York. I. We we like vampires like they must be destroyed at the molecular level it is on the re. It is. It is is. 550 the 59 for my thirty WB. And you don't 330 start at 3180616. WBBM should Chris how does do the town hall on CNN. Or should be maybe 21 in the best for people who are his constituents and who can prove his constituents I'll go with the local one thank you for 500 Alex. 8030930. Start at thirty. 180616. WBBM. Now I come up in the 6 o'clock hour some of you were regular listeners and by the way if you are you know you can text us at 30930. WB EN dot com. And on my my it my all break. My alt break in crime David is David at WB EN dot com let's say email us and get on board on your radio by calling 8030930. Starlet thirty and yourself 180616. WBE. And our FaceBook. Hourly and Olivia and Twitter at hourly belt Libya but if you listen a couple of days ago we did a show about. Basically being a student in the age of trop. And we heard from several millennia holes were twenty somethings that used to be called talking about the bias that they are facing in college. And it was very interesting because the date we did that showed David. I had to retreat from the microphone early because I had to go too well LensCrafters to pick up my reading glasses because they close at seven and by state until we close I would have been able to get my reading glasses so. Long story short of sitting there waiting for the reading glasses. And a woman system next to me she says you're Tom Bauerle I was in view for years and we had a nice conversation. And basically what happened is she said by the way. My husband and I. We were just listening to you and we heard you and David talking about the bias in schools and among teachers and my daughter is a victim. And I said bull in what way is she being victimized. And this woman told me that at ten more west specifically. Her daughter was actually pulled aside by a teacher. And told that somehow she was dysfunctional. Because she supports Donald Trump and use conservative. That the very act of supporting the president of the United States is somehow indicative of a mental disorder. Now I was absolutely astonished to hear that yesterday. The young lady who is victimized at school by this knob of the teacher called the show and we're gonna replay the tape starting at six Ross and as for your telephone calls. Is any of this ringing a bell now we did this show we were just jammed with calls I got tons of email tons of text. We burst absolutely stacked with people who wanted to talk about their kids or themselves. And the hurdles that have been put in their way because they support cultural they did not vote for Hillary Clinton and they happen to be in an academic environment and it's a very lovely place to be and frankly if you're a teacher. At a high school in your toe link a student that in any way shape or form she is odd or weaker for supporting the ultra I have. Believe that you are committing mental abuse on that child. And you ought to be ashamed of yourself I don't think you got any business in the teaching profession. Actually given what the teaching profession is that you every bit of business there but I find it very very disturbing. It would be and can you imagine if eight years ago somebody pulled a child aside and said. You know I think that you might be a little bit. A little bit misguided. Little bit too dysfunctional because as you voted for Barack Obama. Don't you know he was born in Kenya. Don't you know that he hangs out with Communists don't should know that there's a lot of questions about what he was doing in Pakistan. You're clearly misguided can you imagine the outrage there would have been just. And massive demands massive protest the such a teacher before. What's the difference. You know they have a lot of power and now when a teacher makes a mistake and does something. Related to into the sea with a student. That the law while your course of women than men to vote on January the such teachers. You know to a standard. You can't do certain things that teachers around young kids. And part of that has to be Shea mean part of it has to be bowling. And the idea in this politically correct world that a school board or school just tell you what. We find that guy's name out. And other white hood. I've got is that. I'll take what if other people call in and and have a history would this guy. Won't make them famous quote were given name we're gonna have callers name the guy I don't care but they wanna say this emails and at a certain teacher can more west to apparently does not like conservatives and things that people to support Donald Trump are mentally ill there's no call for that just say if you hit a transgender student. A threat or gay student and someone said you were different you're we urge your. That guy will be done. Well don't go anywhere because we've got lots coming up under Israeli thirty WB EM.

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